how do i know they don't want me anymore?
because someone who received one writes back to me with proper logos included?
because the sight-center reports won't honor my logon and passwords?
someone improper interferes from here to there is all i might say...
who asked of you anyway...i don't know anything for sure yet
and the languages used assume it is less from heard again
i'd kill that along with whomever alters my end product for a put-down against having me said it first
i'd kill that only
and put it in hell too
you'd think they'd make me special with all due consideration
they do not
and neither do i...ever

Sure, There's A May 2006 - Just Note For You
"You're reaching your apex [final height of present]..."
Thanks, Queer.
"You're chop suey, Boy."
A fight ensues, Kim Chee [korean cabbage as "cabbage bowl"].

I'd still be around if I let my love show? I didn't love you, so I left.
Truth is, it's just as bad as I thought....even worse.
Show someone else.

"You eat with food stamps, I eat with money."
I use food stamps of others to insinuate you - flecks right out like one of your credit cards ("butt, of course...").
Food is priced to sell, not to save - noting it, you'll be first up in the morning.

That was made for people I hate knowing of - not for me.
Thanks again. Ours is a cherish.
Now eat that.


Skye "Love Show" MP3 (5.5 Megs)

Blondie "Accidents Never Happen" Blondie - Eat to the Beat - Accidents Never Happen from the "Eat To The Beat" LP (1979) what also sports the big hit "Dreaming" and "The Hardest Part". Remember also the overall goodness of "Heart Of Glass"....this is here because the latest greatest hits issued still ignores me some.

I also wanted "Only Words (Jellybean Remix)" by Deborah "Debbie" Gibson now on Fox 11 tv zesting with mole her father Hal Fishman seem. Also heard "Someday" by Glass Tiger too now that sucks at the heart. Then "It Must Have Been Love" Roxette and all, Men At Work "Everything I Need". Gets Lime.

Watched Pearl Jam's new video for the single "Life Wasted" (with bits about me in there "Douglas comes anyway" or something like that not just another tivoli or light over you - Eddie's my cousin Eddie Moon) at the Amazon site front page - pretty good. No iTunes links yet....I like the song too...good shifts. Or, go the record at Amazon right here.

Pearl Jam "Life Wasted" Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam - Life Wasted ...there, now.

You may have missed this, she said - Barbra Streisand "Songbird" Barbra Streisand - Songbird - Songbird from the LP of the same name 1978. The original Admiral stereo page then.

"C'mon, NOW!"
A black man - Morgan Freeman - wrestles with fate or another woman in the vicious movie "Along Came A Spider"...I use it often enough as harrowed black myself. Meanwhile, sand in the bottom of a glass jar or sconce then keeps candles from a making a mess - saw it in a coffee shop today - "The Grounds" 8543 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Madonna's dance studio the old Pacific Bell building at Hancock on Santa Monica finally pulled down today for condos coming. Elton John built three (3) ice skating palaces in the area all diving down right now. Larrabee Studios was another rink and is being remodeled right now too into a restaurant coming called Eleven 11. I show Madonna - a deep-well - in the head whenever things of hers change for the better us - it's like God dying it's that good to me.

Heart "Dog And Butterfly" Heart - Dog & Butterfly - Dog & Butterfly the title track from the 1978 LP of the same name. Also see "Straight On" another great song here.

1, 2, 8...ah hah ha!

Recipe Idea Confirm This To Me 04/24/06 2110
Get the traditional mexican pork "carnitas" at Trader Joe's in the meat and produce section refrigerators (@ $3.99 a pound is twelve 12 ounces or then three bucks $3.00) and heat once their way to place on a bed of mashed potatoes in a bowl and as from the freezer section elsewhere (like Pavilions they have 'em for about two bucks $2.00 - make instant here if not) and then place with cuban mojito sauce also at Trader Joe's in a jar (about two dollars $2.00 at the each of). Simply splendid ("no one makes me any happier" it said in english pronoun, pronounce, where is this now with you seeing it?) I've had this six (6) to seven (6) times easily as suggest by them an in-house cooking so good to me.

The whole meal? About seven dollars ($7.00) feeds six (6)....the meat itself cooks in three (3) minutes in the microwave right in its own vacuum pak. The potatoes are already made and fashioned like ice cubes - you add a little water in a bowl and heat for three (3) or four (4) minutes basically. Do not bother making without the sauce, please. I tried that is no good. Put that further on cornmeal and chicken tamales....what are a favorite of mine too.

edith head was my grandmother in make-up
she got cut out for making obscene gestures (a fist up to jews) and pissing off my grandfather...then he died and that's all
the name 'head' - really a nickname for her, johanna - was bestowed because she "always wants to think about things" for a long time "before doing" he said
her twelve 12 oscars "means nothing i know" no speeches either went to amnesty international one day she said then absconded to her uncle for sale
sorry...oops neil oops

note more: my mother was singer connie francis too - she won't admit it
her father is ballroom entertainer max steinman (um, steiner...wyman too i guess) or my grandfather in cloak
'some polish [as being too snotty, knowing all] girl' - they say 'slovak' in her house as slow to answer
the army certified her gold for four (4) years and she dropped out sinking bad 1957...'sad' she says
lesley gore carried on with her some real name marie lesley gore

hey - why not know more better? lesley gore "it's my party" Lesley Gore - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Lesley Gore - It's My Party
no, 'the family' does not notice returns, but thanks for asking - still here noting it though
we do nothing shitty (at least not until having sufficient funds to cover any asking of...but um)

the oscar has a gold coin folded up in the head on a little string to be melted off and inside palm
it's worth about four hundred $400 bucks today
"[we wanted the statuette] to have worth"
'oscar' is for 'oscar de la renta' clothesmaker to the stars

but back to, you could've lived in johanna's basement with pool table, stove kitchen, dressform, and sewing machines...
smells though

presenting my favorite object-sense from pottery barn at request...
my grandparents had this type in the backyard but green canvas, green metal poles interlocking
hope the wood here holds up some..."three (3) years" they say to me in the head
the braid of rope ones oft seen leave an impression in your back for days
these, better - get the pillow matters some
don't be cheap

Pat Benatar "Strawberry Wine" Pat Benatar - Innamorata - Strawberry Wine from the "Innamorata" LP (1997)...perhaps if the simple restyling of big immaculate hit "We Live For Love" but for you made. Saw this on Ru Paul.

Now This Is What People Complain About
04/23/06 1519
My roommate just got a late-announced performance "award" from his job in the annualized (one every now and then), nominal (named - no percent of such seen) amount of one thousand two hundred fifty dollars ($1,250) the amount to be paid as a letter compliment said on the nineteeth - expect this to be as usual direct deposit no stub as yet. So, we argue how much it's gonna be - no matter what I said, should be no more than a third taken by taxes at the time be taken (really, I think of twenty-eight 28% percent federal if include all, two 2% percent state making thirty percent 30% down and out never yours - no, no monies extra to be taken as a gift made to you or whatever makes higher tax bracket). He's all - and making me fucking mad about it walking down the street and having to hear this - "no, six hundred only" and argued bad I never trust the fool, but is always seems right somehow like niggers make it true anyway no matter how dumb my mind taxed to death with ignorance made flesh with things to be unknown or never thought of by you and said as some sort of violating you are. The actual amount placed? Six hundred eighty-three dollars ($683.00) or only fifty-four percent given (54% - or .5464 as 683 divided by 1,250) the rest taken from tax stands. Now that is horace bullshit cover your ass then. As monthly paid to announce in advance (every pay on month day 1 only), are the bi-weekly processes higher taxed as withheld? Makes no sense to me. See me in error then, no business querying here myself or through that mind. Lesser expectations my father or other nonesuch gravy boat think I'm crazy questioning a gift horse and think "more than you had...[yes querels....another maddening simp to sucking dicks, perhaps thinking about it]." I hate fraud of any type (you, made to believe and loosely - winds up less than thought ever only with explains, of course, and against drug addicts just having-doing, but in the rear of it to you as trick or trade) and being wrong in my assumptions-statements forth, not necessarily in that order made - at once particularly nuisant as your very God not wanting to know of else ever made and my law of it. Together and with this notice, you are wrong with me, I lessened - see maybe more explain later. Money back at the end of the year? I save my own money thanks and expect you to know by computer how all fits in for me. Someone made extra gift here it seems not mine to be made. We hate this not my business though...keep little quiet as me yet yearning for pay something stinks here.

By the way, mind over or "God" pre-quoted to me the amount to be placed as then as nine hundred twelve dollars ($912) once calculated to me. I myself would expect around eight hundred seventy-five ($875) and safely.

The actual amount of this award here is would be $975 - my figure once taxed down and a cruel joke. How? Use $1,250 less all taken -$567 divided by 70% or then .7 the reduced amount to get the full amount pre-tax issue. Cruel - they start with what should have paid to him cash then - my figure of $875 is nothing nor near this. A tax fraud is here...we escheat (ask others to note also "if you were cheated, we were cheated too [it seemed]").   

CNN Dubs It Again - The Worst Songs Ever I Argue
04/23/06 1438
A list of the worst songs that include "Laughter In The Rain" by Neil Sedaka, "Muskrat Love", and Air Supply? Be sensible your opinion has been simply switched to off - these were magical when issued now out of context you fool. You couldn't do it with a gun to your head - haves now admits that. That first one - insanely good. My all time stink bombs (while you're in the car with someone unusually accepting, brisk, at once bristling over your autobiographical stylings of affair perhaps among snap-tite farts - even if you died I'd offer to not say):

"Seasons In The Sun" Terry Jacks...another bungling of aging graybelt simp warlord crying messily at someone's grave another bupple latency - "who is that?" asks the war dead, signals it off, silent night; French? probably;
"Cats In The Cradle" Harry untalented as country ever gets, simply a noise of crap a loser - unholy speakings of father and sons a loser telling tale cheap forebodings again? I hated you only - now see that;
"American Pie" Don McLean...simply shit for people who need a label and choose dark meat, fat-free, skin-tight nylons, diet soda, alternative lifestyles, each other, and fault bearing - a whole turd of it eating here;
"Mockingbird" Carly Simon and James Taylor...a reward for telling us about you;
"Sometimes When We Touch" Dan Hill...babyfat coming undone again thinking everything needs to be said again to be sure...lastice, cheap vows, our day rising, primitives grooming with sticks a lice versus it a harshen shampoo;
"[You're] Having My Baby" Paul Anka...this one question kills you dead like a U-haul behind your car - why ask to know? Only Jennifer Aniston would offer to bear that one - the fucks on the side must be amazing, Bitch...that mole is real I've seen it on the street myself right in back of...gross...see me no more.

I'm very personal but not broadcasting it...these are loser-types being heard...a naughty joke of probably...I hate losers being heard of...cry, die.

Honorable mentions it must de stink:

"Watching Scotty Grow" Bobby Goldsboro or Bobby Sherman unpaid kinda (btw, you hafta know these the songs at touch-mention, Bitch - and ask it not to be out loud) seems aloud about Scott Moon yupp;
"Into The Night" Benny Mardones...bleeding, but okay;
"Gangsta's Paradise" Coolio...niggers kill just one more for me they never speak of it*
"Sylvia's Mother" Dr. Hook...again restyle - someone's mother dying at childbirth or nearby, bloody bad news of organs, cut that down...that phone call? this song should be in jail as too real for me heard again;
"The Streak" Ray Stevens...higher knowing of a junk I attack it - ridicule, invectives in song by unsuch and they have any money? they ain't got no body that's for sure.

*My friend Byron Patterson is Biggie Smalls in make-up shots and was shot in the upper thigh only - died, returned black but stable - "an infection" he said to me then...the mother mad over money again and at home...the other one shot by the mother too while on her plane in Vegas if also seen by me else;

We don't hate people - we hate their restylings of truth we all see it at first glance up, Nigger.
Think off - more about you not making the grade.
Knowing why you had it not.
We are not fueled for the same, barges.

God bless America - you lived so fucking good as mutts you should die a dog's death. What do we miss often enough? Niggers again?
"The first thing you get rid of, the first thing you bring back." - quote me - "they get up in about three days 'cause no one cared - might as well live..."
Anything but you and me.

More on 04/26/06: Ugh! I definitely agree with new adds at CNN The Archies "Sugar, Sugar" no way will you play that here (Josie And The Pussycats had the best songs, and however) and Charlene "I've Never Been To Me" that's gross too. Meanwhile, there is no way Debby Boone failed us with "You Light Up My Life" simply a beauty taken out of context you heard that too much already and we're gonna put the song "Feelings" at-with student dances and with Chicago's "Colour My World", The Four Seasons "My Eyes Adored You", and Heatwave's "Always And Forever". Not bad as a package deal.

Debby's one thought Debby Boone - The Best of Debby Boone - You Light Up My Life
"I sang the track - she [Olivia Newton-John] just sang over me a bit, if seems..."
"No, she sang all and aloud - nauseatingly, they'd say." - Elton John who is Oscar de la Renta remade somehow, no

Adds: Shonen Knife? Means "showing it off [all we have for you]" in Japanese - "shikoni" say "showi-ni".

Nevermind Prince 3121 his locker in France port - this is what I've been looking for: Macy Gray "I Try" Macy Gray - The Very Best of Macy Gray - I Try from "The Very Best Of Macy Gray" LP (2004) - have that and at the same time it's off. A "drunken piano" - thought this was new from "Rent" or something they'd need it to hear. Heard it one or two nights out ago caught it just now listening to a compilation suit.

And the iDog song? Black Eyed Peas "Don't Phunk With My Heart"
Black Eyed Peas - iTunes Originals - Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart....left noise, right noise some. The best moves made to the dog (try it on your own - fuckin' magical u may see nothing as just u again...would I steer u wrong? of course as so often I have from dumb to dumber are my victim still and a ruse of you)...[your thinking off is here lying around].

The best video is at the iDOg Sega site - watch it as it captures all you may need to know. You can buy iDog most notably at Amazon or then

Requests for attention now added in by bit with neurotoxins, half-sense:

Angie Stone Angie Stone - Stone Hits: The Very Best of Angie Stone
Somebody said just puttin' a song on my site is worth forty grand (40K)! I'd have to sell one million songs to make fifty grand ($50K). No problem - I've sold four million copies of one song and up to eight thousand (8,000) less. We're seriously potent here...even if not mentioned your crap bleeds this way the rich get richer no one knows how you do it but you do. Tip: Sell them whatever they like - how hard could it be? Making them think they could do it like Zion Baroen your own crapmeister - just that awkward, just as bad. You'd be just as shitty as Cher or Yeth I Am Why Live - trust that your fishhead of baroque farts will go on, under the cushions. "My fart will go on old lacey slexatrim hormel" come up in my window, you fuckin' slag. Bring the pickles them pibbly nancy gershwins so cold to the hankie in my pimpled heart you never loved me either you said this why bother I'll never do that no matter how many times you lick around it darting in and out so wicked the fleshens of just the tip but a bit swift no - "nobody does that!"

Song here to note? "Bottles and Cans"..." i'd rather be homeless in the streets | with no food to eat "

Cher "Believe" Cher - The Very Best of Cher - Believe
You know, I can't play Carpenters bedtime "in your mind there are realities you know..." (yeah - we placed just about all of them to make sure it's a no-go, a no-show, etc.) but Cher's old stuff rages on - gypsies, tramps, and half-breeds stuff. We made that stuff to riducle losers who like common bond that stuff is so stinky I die the head who is that anyway? Faggots and hate crimes play that stuff. Making you feel so good we take your money and leave you down. Indians, by the way, were notorious homosexuals. They lived well, and scalped assholes they were so fuckin' mean. Killed ten (10) for every one (1) of them....cut your belly open always and for a talk. Interrupt one 'peace-pipe' session - you'll see. We made indians to help Europe off and down...wake up with them on your boat your wife dead and being fellated (blown? HOW!) by them. Your wife died - you swam home in a flash seeing them come. "They came in peace and raped us." My token is that everyone is a beauty until you see something new - stay sharp. People don't come to gift you - that's for sure - but still I manage to gift the self somehow like picking through the dead's junk...borrow sums only you can't be bought but issue receipts to counter the once thought of oft but virtually smil another self-made coinstar we took the box back with a used toaster oven in it crumbs and all. Merry Christmas, you old carb-wise magic condom eatin' motherfucker so scold to the touch biggled icy stare loora 'why that lil' piece of shit' plumber.

Thanks, Cher - no one made more hate than you. Bless it. P.S. Your son - Elijah, "Parker" - whatever farm fresh - a gifted beauty. Yes, he was here come to be again. A beauty...thanks. Keep the wad (yes! no). Allman made that (it wasn't Gene Simmons - was it "no he fucked my ass - only")? Hrrrmph.

My favorite song by Cher is "If I Could Turn Back Time"...if I could find a way. 

The B-52's "Loveland" The B-52's - Party Mix / Mesopotamia - Loveland a rowdy one originally from 1982's "Mesopotamia" EP, this remixed is slight (the original matter rules us down here) ..." love power is the power of the hour ! "

loveland loveland
i got a searchlight
i got a lovelight...loveland
beauteous isle of loveland
i don't care about...
love power is the power of the hour

not like you can just that
no, my favorite song by them by sheer plays was "private idaho" i go back burned out but see some new..."private idaho"...only ever powerful and "mesopotamia" - we got it bad for these and "whammy kiss"

Visiting the Rio Grande stateside? We recommend only Laredo, Texas and Neuvo Laredo (as "laughing man" so happy and free), Mexico and as from Houston driving down. Looks like Six Flags made it. Very sunny and warm. Boystown? OK! Sent in my state taxes yesterday they owed me add to the trapp. On top of my form I noted "Is the CHRIST"..."thanks again!" Put my name on your return for fucks. Otherwise, about eighteen fifty-six ($18.56) paid is to be given back (but kept to) and now, I run my application up to a local coffee shop for another neighborhood (job) at minimum wages met. For signs in the window only.

Cat Power "Willie" Cat Power - The Greatest - Willie from the new "The Greatest" LP (2006) - heard it in Tower Records yesterday. We liked the title track too and those are "Golden Gloves" on the cover what my grandfather Clement won. "Hangs just like two front teeth" he said. Again, is Mary Lou Lord singing Kurt Cobain's stuff. More: Mary Lou is actually Chan Marshall who is an old woman, basically, that dresses somewhat like Stevie Nicks. Terry and I met "Chan" one night sitting next to on the bus not too many nights ago and she told us after introductions that she recites poetry in clubhouses and she did one poem - or recite then - for us and it wasn't short. I like elocutions of any type, but this woman who lived in LA since the 1940's seemed really familiar. Is my grandmother's sister, apparently, and is in truth named Dourla. I'm the one called "Doug" I'd say. Who is Willie? Willie Majors a friend of the cloth to her and living in San Francisco and starving again now?

Met Richard Dicky finally at the burger hut up the street the other night wearing a cocoa puffs t-shirt hi you're cute and who else? Greg Gorman's brother (with ID) one night on the bus too.

Nu Shooz and "I Can't Wait" Nu Shooz - Hit Singles 1980-1988 - I Can't Wait and as originally from the "Poolside" LP (1990) with its good strokings - they didn't have the "Point Of No Return" single available as of yet. This just as good.

For upcoming fashion fall-winter net? Tropicari

Hall and Oates "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid" Neilsy-Doug Daryl Hall & John Oates - Big Bam Boom - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid the great of guitar riffs from 1984's "Big Bam Boom" LP.

stop-buy at alessi-diva furniture at 301 n. roberston in west hollywood-la
and some of the most colorful fun playthings not seen here
'alessi' means 'all you don't see yet [as above us]' in israeli or something french
e.g., a chrome easter egg two (2) parts as shaker with plastic handle top $101
a dull plastic fly swatter with picto-gram of half face on mat that stands on end, three (3) little legs
(at-once better than the left or right flip-flop i saw at lemon tree bungalow mounted on a white pole drilled into heel with screws in for steppin' out...$8.95)
these, ice cubes - and will ship and at call

yesterday, watched 'the ten commandments' on tv some - abraham-moises or 'speaks above others' died in the basket floating as fishes ate most of him
he re-appeared shortly without drowning injuries or staph infection given
he was nineteen (19) at the time and this time
those three (3) tall eqyptian pillars by bathing?
to burn woods to draw in heat below - make as six (6) or seven (7) feet high with a duraflame log on-top, sure, or as cap

Our Easter Sunday As No Longer To Pray Me 04/17/06 0807
Ventured out about noon to the Hollywood Farmer's Market  on Ivar and (about) Sunset (and Vine) and walked through casually sampling some (after an earlier walk solo yielded a Frawg Slurpee from 7 Eleven), then it was on to electrical supplies genius (more toward sounds) Ametron for a shorter phone cable ours with too much static, and then me solo to the dollar menu at McDonald's and two (2) double cheeseburgers for one dollar ($1.00) at the each (noting also the famed McChicken sandwich is available here at same and price). Thanks, McDonalds! We made a pot of soup yesterday with a whole fryer chicken cut up with celery, carrots, white rice, and whole tomatoes we'll be eating all week. Then watched bits of "What's Happening!!" here and there on TV Land all day yesterday.

Promise Circle "Be Mine Tonight" Promise Circle - Ishology - Be Mine Tonight from the "Ishology" LP (2005) the track is dance is a favorite from the late eighties. At about 1989, I loved dancing to this at The Palace in Hollywood (just passed this yesterday Club Avalon and all) the 12-inch is on Atlantic Records I bought it of course. Very little a cha-cha with "Little Me" singing "give me your luv"'s her day too. Also notes Company B and their "Fascinated".


Gorillaz "Dare" Gorillaz - Demon Days - Dare from the "Demon Days" LP (2005). See the video for this at

That was cool - two or three weekends ago TV Land showed the two or three "Dirty Sally" episodes from "Gunsmoke". In truth, Beverly Hillbillies' Irene Ryan (Granny) played Sally with Gregory Harrison (aka "Dack Rambo") as the guy she rescues from the law - "she nursed him and she cursed him" and lied about his whereabouts for being generally left out anyway o'er the hills. The acting and dialogue were fascinating (and without having to go through the whole of Fess Parker the sheriff to get there...Gilligan's Isle's Tina Louise is Miss Kitty, meow). Supposedly, Brenda Vaccaro takes over after Ryan dies here. Also, watched most of "Capote" on DVD before having to take that back - was good too.

Sent that dead "vaginal" rabbit ("ashamed of us") for two-day delivery on Thursday by USPS priority six bucks five cents ($6.05)....and, I highly recommend drives as in the car to and from the southern parts from New Jersey or wherever...bliss! bliss!

Easter Holiday Read On 04/15/06 1109
We got home last evening.  Not sure I like to drive home or to Florida.
Spent three hours in gridlock around Maryland and DC. The beginning of the trip
from Fl was great and had lunch and walked the river walk in Savannah.  That
was cool and saw the house where the "Garden of Good and Evil" was filmed.
Beautiful city and the River Boats are spectacular.  Anyway I agree with you
about "the people"  who cares.  Happy about your job.  I love dealing with
gay guys when I am shopping in Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, etc.  They
really know how to deal with the customer needs.  Hope you have a great
Easter, and we can  call later in the day.  Leslie is coming for dessert,
and Chris and Scott will be here for dinner.  Love Momma

----- Original Message -----
From: "Doug Moon" <>
To: <gerimoon@net>
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 5:06 AM
Subject: Sorry We Missed Ya Well, Not Really We Ran Out Too

> Been wundrin' about that - you'll have a little something heading your way
> too later in the week. I may be working soon in a little copy shop on Sunset
> so that will offer some change....we'll see. Have a safe trip home with
> thanks for whatever sent. Money sum talks.
> You don't need to get together with people every time you show up - fuck
> 'em. Do you enjoy each other? I get the feeling everyone goes through the
> motions and we don't care that much. Make it for you...still planning my
> own escapes down and how out. Fuck 'em.
> Thanks. Doug
> >From: gerimoon@net
> >To:
> >Subject: Mail
> >Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 18:23:33 +0000
> >
> >We are leaving in the morning and stopping overnight in Savannah so we
> >should be back in Jersey on Weds. evening.  Look for express mail around
> >noon tomorrow.  Sent you some green Easter cheer.  Never heard from Terry's
> >parents.  Will keep in touch.  Love Momma

Dave Gahan "I Need You" Dave Gahan - Paper Monsters - I Need You from the "Paper Monsters" LP (2003)

Heard this great song called "Love Show" by Skye...(you'd still be around if you let your let show....) seems of Sirens, Cathy Dennis. We're waiting some.

Pet Shop Boys "Dreaming Of The Queen" Pet Shop Boys - Very - Dreaming of the Queen with " for there are no more lovers left alive [no not AYDS - you are just dreaming of the queen, an old cancer] " from 1993's "Very" LP and also do "The Theatre" a heartbreaker from that " we're the ones you step over on the way to the theatre "...

1st $900,000 "Please"
2nd $500,000 "Actually"
3rd $400,000 "Behavior"
4th $1,000,000..."Very"
5th $2,000,000 "Nightlife" and for now "Introspective" $600,000 a "harmony record"

Ferry Corsten "Fire" Ferry Corsten - Fire - Fire (Radio Edit) with " oh woman! you make me feel " a great hook if indeed 4/5 (um, 0.8) hetero...from the "Fire" EP (2006). Yes, we know who sings - Dicky Betts - just saw him in a commercial "directing" a "race car driver" called Stanley Wattes of Spain. Jack In The Box I guess. "My mother is Foodmaker [owner-maker of JIB's everywhere]." For the director, when you wear a scarf with a ring around it on your neck it is called a "broccolade" or broken wind. "They snap too." Is a "broccol", only. To honor their women.

Maybe You Noticed As Some Government Bureau That Monitors Clouds No Scare
04/13/06 1028
Happy belated birthday to my sister Leslie (the 11th 1968) we never send cards or call for this (once having done to no further see for ourselves in properly lit tongue in cheek). As someone who still endures petty arguments in the morning and at work we'll see, I willed mind over (a respond at once for me to retort "I [as the higher knowing you] hate that bitch" no, you are simply not me) to deliver something special and to your note of me. You'll note further how this might or might not have happened to fill in the blank ______________________________________________ just loved it some while I trust and then still compliment it. So, and along themes, two (2) days ago while maintaining household and/or filming myself, I decided to write my name "Doug" (still made a mystery to onlookers speaking with me) in the clouds in front of me looking out over West Hollywood southerly from our terrace. How do we get here? Somebody a ghost not necessary seen but heard by me in group of gets, arts me with talk to be fluffier and I offer to demonstate on-the-spot though I liken it to holding just one (1) thought continuously onward - a burden with the rest of the day calling it's that lame as 'muscles in the head' tightened. So the white, fluffy clouds present everywhere start coming in from all directions as I hold it - some expanding wickedly with gases and to black - and I keep asking them to say when you see a name as I see it come and go in parts one slight offering made "DAWG" - the best at first but incomplete to me as not the judge here you may see with wider view was as lying on your back and darkened and as I refuse to direct its hand (though I tried later each big dumb letter how big what font that first one kinda cool yet so grueling to wait for and hold on to as not each one coming in but all at once as pens shape, my simultaneous 'command' was to do something more artful than me doing, to simply get it the fuck done and at whim - or I try directing some if slower than anticpated). It came then in other places suggest upper left smaller some and to some a distraction really and I looked around the wall left to the sides kinda quickly as better done might lie there - I, always appreciative of the effort don't kill yourself as my hand is extended lightly. Did you see? They present wouldn't say (?) and I got bored after making a huge mess right there who knows how it works? Disappointed, but way out of line another drawn out affair I could pleasure myself again before the clock strikes to damn with other personages about. In the meantime, these huge scowls being uncovered as corpses rotting but beautiful to me in decay almost sexual yell at me scantily for messing things up in the sky fuck you. So what I play some, but who are you? "Go to Hell" I'm supposed to be asked nicely and in advance of you not to for reasons held, but you guide as self made it to special. Too bad a car or refrigerator to you and on your head down. The name probably came well, but I tire of you easily. Mine to be done as mine when and when as if - this is not mine yet as instant glory. But if you overly act up as this and I can't just go to the store as naturally not known, I'm gonna get scared and 'what did I do, oh?' and then pissed. No, that's no rationale for me I'll kill you at home for saying it twice. And wait for it to see.

God OVER (SPOKEN TO ME AS ABRAHAM, A SORROW STILL FELT, IS AS MY SON) wants to honor PASSOVER because he finally got something to work for HIM that night by 'thinking of it [that certain held chill at night] every day [until made]" or was 'beating his head' against rocks to get (my) attention? It was a small person then a bigger feat. He honors himself then....who knows what that was about. I feel bad for me sitting here ignored and without some...a rock to my head to get something done better for me? I am playing both of these parts now for you - yes and no. What the hell are you doing now? No, no. This hurts still.

"You should be disbanded if you don't know what to do" is quoted now to my mother. Come done to this as fool. To bitch, you are the last shred of evidence of this in a crime against you. No one cares if to live or die of you we are not questioning ourselves. We don't give a shit either way - you will and we hate being bothered at all. In any harrassing voice as of what female, you are ever unpleasant to me as the female and as such beggar - a touch removed once to sight and not of me what's held. Know your place is not mine then. I'm trying to avoid working too hard for people who do not matter as such touched, but challenge you just one more time and as if to monkey you onward among tests. I need to live as this, not as this working on your approval. You run from me if seen then as me. ThaT IS THE ANSWER YOUR COMMENT UNCALLED TO.

See how the little stories (all true) come together for a little wit and divide? The world is very expensive and complex, but my attention is short. The lamb's blood is my feeling against hurting little seen of spoken - maybe not you then. "Feelings fade" I add and are worth nothing to you as being held out from something maybe greater less. Stick with it - they go away soon enough and I can't say that video hurts you any less but I enjoy greatly as having rejected my earlier selves and to wit. We know you hate it some, but me added is. There is no way I didn't gain much over else felt. Just stop by to say it, but thanks it less once said.


while we seemingly struggle to be heard with data noise, a friend emits
one hundred dollars cash received a la the mother's hand soint releases hers yet to the wind of besent
the day someone might rose without asking mund first but 'oh, i could have stayed lit?'
return harken to the day of, falcon studios then of jocks for an excellent quality yet heard of
we can't let those previous notes of be all that i've endorsed this was as excellent only too
now see be with somehow
or be else of and with
who knows how little you've gained?
that cover is very fey...much better work is inside him
what was i thinking then rent? the first but touched of?
the back cover, darling, the back cover is with
chi chi larue directs, then poses here?
chi chi is supposed to be ryan yaeger's - a favorite - twin in makeup

been learning how to capture video from dvd and as remains unpaid using something called xray4 (osx) - still no good, but see some 'for the kids' sure
what? for 'the family'...'the family' is sensed we our knowings are not free
you'll see - most stuff is quite unremarkable
i live in hell too
one voice of it sends me through the'll pay for this...again
a bodyshame is no one to know of

Note This Too 04/10/06 1432
As noted to you earlier on my independent message board, we've run outta "traffic" or memory sent to you and the website locks right up when you've gone over the max of 400 gigs (traffic slows down, off come the safety devices to protect flow - you know niggers - always having the last word with unsuspecting, unhappy - see ya day, you too oh, how they scream in disbelief! the slag always gets wiped right off it - maybe me? does anyone know anything that well?) Doubt an extra hundred will matter, but see a few more cents added to jukebox to play your song it won't last. Five dollars ($5.00) for five (5) gigs just to annoy your ass here and there! There's ten bucks ($10.00) for ya. Meanwhile, see someone beautiful has put up archives from this site among others I could cry over the generosity of...fuckin' pigs nickel and dime you death like it costs you something got your kids pregnant drunk doped up jailed unisbomber. A failure delivers me sometimes..."you can't pay to deliver yours". It's free to the loser.

Thanks, friend. X

Can you believe how little it sent? Better to save it yourself.   

Alisha "All Night Passion" Alisha - Alisha - All Night Passion from her - the Jewish girl that would be Madonna - self-titled debut LP released in 1987.
The only serious compete for her crown it said "please don't touch me again" she is reported as having said to her once.
Is Carole Bayer Sager born again and then Celine Dion more on.
I had "Baby Love" on 12-inch mortar too the "Vanguard" label.
I had to special order "All Night Passion" from Rock Dreams as heard at the Granada - a nightclub in Hamilton, New Jersey circa 1985-1987.
Other special orders there by me? Expose "Point Of No Return" the original issue on Arista - the vocal is simply not the same. Gary Numan "Replicas" LP....that's three (3) times so moved.

Pink "Who Knew" P!nk - I&#39;m Not Dead - Who Knew from the new and horny "I'm Not Dead" LP (2006).

Elton John "The Last Song" Elton John - The One - The Last Song from 1992's "The One" LP. About the unholy, unspoken love between father and son as until after death - The AYDS came for it by self. Good song, we saw him perform this at the APLA-GLAD ("as parts lengthen adword - gee, let's also do") awards a paid ticket at Universal Studios to benefit the AYDS David Geffen came out to the world in front of us (a mogul who defeated the world? no thanks - go back inside wealth and affluence...our inside joke? they all suck dicks teaches no one), Barbra was there to no song needed and is the second time now in the same building for me once before as Grammy's 1985, great stuff from Liza and Shirley Maclaine as fabulous little dance numbers from the old can. Then onward to almost see "Simple Life" and the title song.

At the Cocteau Twins site news section I see that there is now another edition of "Lullabies To Violaine" (their singles comp) with other songs on it and some samed, but is now unavailable to us in the US store as import. You can't get it at the US store anymore or then through us. What gives? Using their link for iTunes switches you to the England UK store and it is different and unavailable for sale. You shouldn't be selling anything here first rate (not imported and charging of it) that is England's - know that. Where is ours? We demand better - we pay more.

"You should go to England if you want to shop there" someone says. No, I need to buy Aapri facial scrub from Academy Health UK at international exchange rates and thanks, no. I don't want the medicinals of St. Ives, thanks.

Curses! It's The Bradley GT 04/05/06 1119
Since the Volkswagen Bug has been reintroduced to an unhealthy market, I thought we might mention its sleek counterpart the Bradley GT. If you had a Bug, you might have also known about the kits for this car that convert the lowly stature of one's knelt to a fancier vehicle with a few snaps and pins. They made one - a brown low-slung car with gull wings - at our high school garage and metal shops and ultimately was sold back to owner in care. Looked great, but in conversations yesterday leading from Chevrolet's French model the "Corvair", I was horrified to find out the kit conversion includes more than plastic or fiberglass body parts to be bolted on frame with engine and drivetrain switchouts - seems ridiculous then using but a leftover frame and shocks? Why bother it? "It's to teach you how to build a car" it said. Like blacks build things - half a bottle of Windex and half a bottle of water - uses your work to be half as well. Leaves nuts and bolts behind you complaint. These conversations arise from how nice it is to flip open the VW Bug and see nothing but the woolen felt lining a grey or full of clothes then or other cares as perhaps rear-powered like the Corvair was. The name Corvair means "curses you [and as it passes by]". Check eBay for any claims to and kits.

Nine Inch Nails "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Remixes) - Every Day Is Exactly the Same from the EP of the same name (brand new for 1996 - see no other then). Also, the "PRETTY HATE MACHINE" LP (1989) is finally here!!!! Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine - Sin
Almost every track is savor, but use my link to my favorite "Sin" then follows "Terrible Lie" no I'm here and the seething "Something I Can Never Have" among others heard off.

P.S. Toni Halliday of Curve remixed the featured song along - love that.

From Fear To Fear 04/04/06 1626
You know, at last thought I placed that gigabyte quote of five hundred (500) at
"524,288,000 megs" because I thought it was off, but not that bad. I even checked the bitch in Microsoft Excel again having to back out some of the computation returning that "E" quote crap and divide it up into ten things to sum because the number is so large with a single megabyte being a million over (>1,000,000) or so and single gigabyte being over a billion (>1,000,000,000) at one. Now see that I agreed so dumbly with too as having bothered. Dumb! See that:

K, Kilobyte = 1,024 bytes (256 or 2^8 x 4 in a row as a single saved unit of memory, a small word then)
Megabyte = 1,024 x 1,024 or then 1,048,576 bytes
Gigabyte = 1,024 x 1,024 (is actually the previous 1,048,576) x 1,024 or then 1,173,741,824 (my hand error - is actually 1,073,741,824 now computed again by hand, but twice now to their way my other test)

Five hundred (500) times that is at least five hundred billion (500,000,000,000) bytes - nearly dumb to know as a percent to report.
There is no way I will offer to compute that by hand without pay.
But we endure you.  
Reporting megs is flaw - use some megs then some more. Be Roman - add piles of smaller at one hand to another (columns, if you will).

Huh? What music I got from WMMR? To be here: Tears For Fears, Lene Lovich, Pete Shelley (major find here, Arista), Kraftwerk, Pretenders some. Eye To Eye (um, or "Eye 2 Eye") with song of same name like "Talk Talk" by Talk Talk not "In The Eye" - where is that (update 05/30/06: iTunes has the demo for this: "Eye 2 Eye" by Journey Blue Heaven...this is acoustic set or not done yet, but this is the song awaiting us). To them - "those other [pirate radio station] names we do not know - do you make them up?" Never, but they are not mine. I get interrupted in mine known and to be delivered simply to deliver these too as adjunct and not very interesting unless I see it too and readily. Is but for others and to be more than what we are to each other as people. A god thing making me know. I trust all makes right. Even if a clever lie, is healthfully entertaining to me alone. Not to wit (my interest) or to prove off easily. No matter what - a bargain you see.

Moby "New Dawn Fades" Moby - I Like to Score - New Dawn Fades from something new, artful called "I Like To Score" (LP - some say 1997) or mine then "I like to fuck" (say it "I [really] like to fuck" with be-bright upswing) and with three (3) out of ten (10) against me. All go - we talk later to seven (7) more. Good stuff, thanks. Adds from 1999's "Play" LP, I'd get "Porcelain" too it's like this in drama you've heard it perhaps, again not.

after fourteen years bitch, it's good enough
trust that
boy george tried to drown her in a jacuzzi...a bit weathered, but regaining her composure she adds to him
she lives in the queen's constabulary beneath kensington palace

Include My Notes For "Basic Instinct 2" 04/04/06 1050
"Yeah - I hope to be paid for the things I'm doing to avoid a job too. You lead me to believe - I can't know (fly overhead to and inquire about lifting the layers of meat myself with a dainted fork to a certain of reveal and then speak it clearly to no vow - these are not "mine"? translated immediately by me to "not viable" or "not capable of sustaining itself" uses nothing of it to be as mine - period) anything and neither then will you. I don't necessarily benefit from anything I don't know of - I'm certain of that, hand and horn. Let's see if I can get by doing nothing I don't want to do."

Catherine is an angel or dead person revived for purpose (the existence God as not stated to you - you don't have anyone's certain attention but life has informed itself backwards, or the mother of no certain need know no tragedy but what's sold in to it and to be...) - she delivers people propered for it perhaps in advance to their awaiting of death. The accident at first is to be avoided entirely then - junky sex led to this? Is that real for you? An elding white woman getting her clit played with by a drunk negro-type face is bulbous from star acclaim a maybe 'just to have' seen and doing (now based upon real-life actor-soccer star Rick St. Charles who killed his baby by choking it to death with towels one day at ten [10] months old and died on heroin one day other off drowning in the tub)? Not me - the accident pissed me off and then being set up with drugs too? A woman's junk - but not if you consider us both. We like good-looking people no matter what they are (I tried to see if that guy was just being slighted at the side view by looking real hard - it wouldn't say to me), we like driving their car home from clubs a loving offered to me like we like them taking their pants off in front us privately. We are drunk of and perhaps happy enough to risk die. I guess if it were me the hand over is very sexually prominent, but in review, I hafta plug in my own goodnesses received past (and don't I do that substituting enough for an all-embracing Hollywood, don't I? that forty-one year old gay I never need to see is here again with money I need to do mine n.w.o. I see the future clearly, and as only I do, I'll just blow him actor is sexy anyway always talking shit? who - Bruce Willis?), but I don't get what I saw too loudly as sincerely lame to a faggot and then over the bridge? Never! and that car just waits to blame anyone - just go the fuck home alone no he is some sports star getting killed but benignly as smiling under freshwater eyes open and blinking gently as she leaves him ostensibly to save her own ass but not so fast we learned to float a bit and feel our way home the top now lines its surface with glass I'd say once and then see it for myself. I was told in the head they are drunk only for this. Whatever - one day coming down from meth and heading west, I side-bumped my Jeep up the curb and onto the center median in Beverly Hills for a bit. These things are to happen a partial false memory for you too eat peaches for a better next day off.

Who killed who? The journalist was killed by women - three (3) of them visiting a scumbag who had his day named with drugs and friendliness among flurry. A worm-like being who rots people by acting like they are a similar and equally established the queen's organisation feeds on that and in-time never admit. Everybody hates the inferences given by such to people who work hard risking life and bone. The cop - we like him anyway - cut all other throat by being particularly nasty about threats from rich or wily and people just doing what they want anyway. See me - she fucked up bad to a rogue cop. See me again - she is my devil always getting intimate with yours cleanly with truest love to wound you twice now at once appearing to have been bothered by a laughable introduction and kills you at mention for bothering her at all her threat received once and cleanly - no future seen yet by us all. Sure, he cut that girl's throat open in the bathroom once dragged in as no bother in loss at all to him a no-nonsense homo seeing many come and go without, and then he also killed that male prostitute she did tracing her. Why? For being good-looking and abusive to his sense of things - why would he fuck her with her legs up like that a maternity? How did I get paid here? In sex, Catherine has talk about shit-eating and perhaps scare people with suffocation to get the sandbag off-topic and the catharsis or release of tension makes ease toward a dominant woman seeking same I guess what do I know? Nothing for me yet but the men, maybe she could do as properly aggressive toward me that is there somehow. The cop (who is Neil in makeup - the real guy was asked to pose naked having sex the first day, and let them keep the $40K paid for no bother when all got busy, the $40K was ultimately returned and his wife some woman else named got to pose naked for cameras in some sort of apology then too - see ya both later) and the doctor have had relations, but are not talking about it. Not fruitive - the doctor played by Boy George and with his real-life mother (your ass is at least as nice as Michael Douglas' is all I'd say, yes then fine - I feared big leg bones, post shavings - thank god!) is a living piece of shit - a mama's boy draining the life outta everyone with half-heart and burden thought. She should've been arrested - i.e., properly arraigned - again simply for showing up in drag - scary fucking witch - only one way to see, but homoset feels maybe I'm rejecting the wrong offers but yet. He likes her? No. Never no. That is his real office in Montreal (in "5th Plaza") that building is faked with balloons a teflon of cellophane same place once a year to sell cigars it said not to say and is what I received. His for talking over issues regarding "Heaven's Children" no doubt.

The picture smashed by Boy George (completely viable as character plate here, but seen as the singer still if you look easily enough)? Says "I smell blood?" or whatever else? No. It uses an ancient Greek dialogue to say "is this real to us, you yet" - "is this ours?" as what looks to me like a heavy-dark cross forming in a pane of some sort a skeleton or something points in. The last word what looks German speaks to blight or having too much to see, too much light delivering else you - you keep pointing to other things maybe seen in a convenience stance. "Will I [really do this to you]?" it asks you yet on. We as wisdom, erudite or book-smart type persons keep these around to help people on their way to our home of it, then you yourself feel somehow it is ridiculing you as delivered just once in a step before to yours and in-fact. Who cares ! I don't see anything for you at all.

The "Douglas Chair" mentions by officers? To honor me for being the one who sends for, not who receives you. Is English, but never used - remembered by the queen from 1972 in charges against her house. "You cannot know who calls for you in court or deed. They won't tell you who to hit later - you find out anyway when someone new objects yet." The queen is most of these in name. "No one charges Douglas" she says. How did this movie honor me? Why note it backwards - it's all in there. The little vial of medicine drawn? Medical insulin not labled for sale in England ("it helps us have us soon" as is stacked cocaine in the wax of Big Ben a key of sorts...a matter of time says come now to my hotel this stuff is inside if you at all - others why ask ? did you see something new? friends of friends, x: no institutions, please just us friends of friends, kinder thoughts, having is having some but one or another keeping it light in affair some). It comes from France and is drawn without telling you why or how England says 'know or leave it off'. No one uses syringes for drugs ever you say - not here. A physician abuses this to avoid wolmarts or nose burns checked for.

What did I get as the meaning of "Douglas Chair" in the theater just watching this (as I had to ask mind over)? It said then "Speaks without having to know. Has the final answer as unimprovable"...kinda. The queen says the "Douglass" Chair has "just one theme - no more to be said." I thought it meant an electric chair as n.w.o. new world order no way out.

My guides to this junk in order of receive how:

Pot...a friend...smoked in bong or rolled in papers licked...bonding only, temporals* commit to further seen without another present...I never bought this but would use some as present and accounted for;
Coke...a friend...snorted up the nose...very pleasing...numb upper lip, tooth...a short-lived euphoria...hates you the very next day like alcohol with its face mackle of baking powders...use often delivers rotted teeth xx;
Heroin...we call it ketamine 'vitamin k' greasepowder...will kill you with the room spinning the very first time, says so...snorted some...junk...know better every day...for serious injury to the dying...provides out-of-body;
Meth...a beyond a having...must you be late? the true meaning of euphoria given stance...just one look....will make you know crisis only while others adult's, really...unkind to me;
Ecstacy...a friendsome...not worth paying for...not felt by this yours? nothing new...combine nothing new...why look here?...half a tablet said so;
Alcohol...a mother knows...the worst ever to place with.

*The things we both see as unspoken and sought between us - no value as said. "The things nobody wants to hear from you [as ending in no affair or right as to be done]."

Note: Vitamin K is the one vitamin you don't ever need to take - your body "synthesizes" it from the sunlight you get on your skin. Know that. How much profit to date this movie 04/16? Ninety million ($90M) - that's profit.

she ripped the bottle from the genie or clipped it with fingers because she is 'sad' she says
she tries to give it back because it does not 'work anymore' she says like she just found it
he says 'i can't use it anymore' this is all i could make out of what i am - a 'reserve shell', sort of
what to do?
'collect yours - keep yours' she says to him backwards somehow

line to #2
she is sad because no one comes with something squat and high yet - a food perhaps, a cupcake of sorts
something fancy
she offers then to blow you off with her fans of hand if you approach without hers being
'you'll never fit' she says then - 'look at the shape of you' if to enter me
she keeps jello - a rarer yet food - in her hair with yet another mask for royals only, and to see if you'll come
she is hungry yet
'the saddest place on earth' is 'where people starve' to death, we'd say

"camille rose garcia is someone i hated for being bulbous and stupid too...
i hated her, so i made the name up...
i hate her name, so i use it too"

Download iTunes
don't desert me just this yet
i have a little list of things you see
but you have that somehow...
that new song by prince is still waited on
then i can get rid of that again

who made who?
it wasn't you.

get yourself up to speed by using the technologies i noted to you and cheap
get here, be with
how can i pleasure you afford?

no i don't have an ipod yet, why?
the jags in mpegs do hurt the heart it's sure
pay for yours much heeded
it's health itself

maybe you know of better how some
maybe you have better environment than i do
nicer thoughts towards it and enjoy me more

don't be a jerk
that's what we are in truth
you could put an end to it you won't
"then i'd be free of this, finally"

k. cobain

Rip Your Ass In-Half Hitting The Further Shore Bunt Aloft? Turns Out More Than Man-Made Marples Meets With It In The Middle - Bucks It Back To March 2006

edges in tinklebot

more of the texts

buttress sholve lightener have

[feed me titmaker be it canned of glove]

[a perjury yourself]

[loads issues up with krantz and mottle - schwip, pins afore, sst-obr]