If The First Mistake Is Making Yourself Someone Special To Be Regarded To But As First By Others, The Second One Wouldn't Be Yours Yet - The Vulnerable Must Click Here Or May 2005 Be Not As Seem

Um, (and with an honest disflavor as delivered to me an unmeaning, I never ask, but learn more from this if as held - p.s. a woman lair learn "I don't want to feed the dogs..." a peerless): Oxy what?
Mind camps down on recall when you go running from first to complete the act.  A to Z is known, thanklit. Provide the next "X" unneeded as to yet this and we'll see my name or just something as quickly cropped to one hairbeing. Signed by yours at Emperal Vital - one hairbeing with as by under a god said one who lessened to have all yet some said. Overheard this realm: "Him here." "That there." "Hey, how ya doin?" Judged in my sleep I was but while slept. Said he. No one would come as long as the words came before anything I could know as my own or in a word shown to someone else I can recall as theirs that one you'd use first.

Never One To Trust I Sanction It Twice If One Must Eat Shit A La Liz Fraser Scotland Yeard 05/02/05 1434
Oh, Levi (spell off as "Levt" and um, now enter as also Kevin Shields My Bloody Valentine 4AD - for misfits, shit with or be heard talking to you again - see this is at "The Dragonfly" in LA as Cuban a "hostile") with the tattoos all over works with Dizzy may live with him too - there is avoidance suggesting mirth, caraways - we missed you in that hurrible DVD from Albertson's [bear edit downheart: about me leaving the company without having guilt so far no good - to brighten no flame!] that singing and dancing was frightening me with dual reality shifts back and forth what's that all about? Drug hauls on people coming - see ya then bark long. Feighbors like tabinthin (Creole hate - Islam puncture at heart, a recent mature seen twice) John "Jim" Neighjors across the street and Dizzy smiling like the dead might know all weird about food and a deeper meant-meaning for commercial appeal - - simply gross -- those people were abused so bizarre other oddballs showing us their stuff (no thanks I thought it porno when I agreed - Army weirdos again all corpspeak about motivational stuff people hate "titsoap" - "their inspections tainted secures our asking price" and as "taken in time, skips other automated pricings". See "starg" for "stargate" mean "similarly targets any reductions given". Anyway we get "Nantucket Suicide" (retold a mother's - his own mother's - tearful gunpoint suicide at the beach in 1978 he ten (10); the picture is otherworldly thanks - Robert will love it I heard him he did) from scrambling masses in the dextral layers and making shittoast read hornvelvet backwards up the desire done. Say hi, Butch - the tattoos are great and you were "Rod"[ney right? who fucked me over so bad being better for my then boyfriend Robert Cooper (no tale too involved for the unindated of us - you will also be learning of me here) no one cares still trust that to me. Have some back.] Now we know I hate faggots making me stretch my lunge-budget so complicating me a guest with you yet the woman in hind cast off like berries in billfolds burying tooth enamel and hard takes from the burn center epilepsy wing. Targets fat, smells set off bunger loops - use no oils in hair, Holive Pan. I don't go asking anyone anything - let them accuse me of everything you and I both knew. Undone. Faggots will never stop making me eat their shit and I'll never stop making them nominate the top-ten foot sizes of all-time for Sally Ride. Boom! Clip. New for Spring sharpens: Open your mailbox one step later and someone's fat, surly head bounces out as retold twice. B-52's Ricky Wilson beige bomberu brown-eyed cowballs freezer's touch - you're cute, your friend sucks shrimps asses in DelRoy for the next twelve (12) years for this counter. A jerk on any time will eat fish twice for seeing me and then saying why the dead concentrate their efforts on being that all boiled off in powdered gegg yolks and hard to combs through its use. Dead now all wide who lost any takers? Freebird a shot bring. Close your ass all that farting since wine made drop too vin tart. Fucking gross: Silm never mixes with gargoyles or manholes. Sewer then. See you soon, a dartpipe. Fucking gross meets same as if none knew wait this isn't me having you over it's me having me in. Yuck. Save a thousand faces I'd fly right off the barge eat Greek once then off and die I'm no sailor I'm Doug Moon that fag who eats asses but never asks you to do so but won't eat mine. Who's then? No one talks to me without eating my shit - fact to the day. I'd eat yours talking to that what said last. Another crapped-out woman writes me on a paper bag shows us lipids and leaves with something old from her home a ground fruit. Her way in a jam? Cheap and defeating me price-wise with snack cakes and social comptons. Little Debbie found down rolled in bunned sugar and tappan grease. Someone stopped and sawed off the horns as "it wasn't too late to go broke saving money" she'd say licking her fingers for food finishes first. Now then: "We think your stuff is junky." Our love 'til then was only doomed by your guide to mention all that satisfies us once told again by himafter. These gameplayers won't recognize the position of the clock until it sends back time to make it yours again. That counts hard and cold it's yours with any lip at twelve nineteen ninety-five - you eat morning shit every day you wait to make me yours in the head. A morning job murdered my heart and lungs because no one drives home happy unless it's early in the evening it said. No - I hate waking up and being there then this raunchy letter in bold: no one goes home early either - now see that first. You get up and get busy then we talk about the next day fast the clock is rising and I plan to work you with snaps to the back and two large bulletholes over the heart. Hers once lain. No one knows why I never care. I do what I'm asked to do and sometimes say no to your request to alter my way. No bother!

bitter biting through plastic one wrap
hyw hywh ywhywh ywh ywh wysiwyg ' never get bummed, never grow old, hardly achieved, and just barely I'm told: inspire - me: I'm not you winking at half to be passed, "just copies and paints"

No Cover Shown For One Color Shats Marked By If Addles In Acting A Word Don't Say It Indicate You Would Know Only
Never To Teach Meaning Since None Once Asked But Both Having Yours Culled
05/02/05 0436
wee wigglin' hours of the misk-morning marked by a blackest o' night, splenshelved a new vodio wrak ~ a verse so cheapens it one viddles up or shifts it out to both balked when one asked 

Do you up the ass with new tunes whether you need them or not, since it approved won: Coldplay "Speed Of Sound" MP3 (6.6 Megs) Speed of Sound pretty tit just pit it against this locum here no one need 
to get your own official copy moroned by a sea of vasting textiles worded off to waste and buy-products of what's worse than wasted: wanted as one went. A rib meat. The song is great I'm learning my new vocal to cheese your stafford (your only way of doing - no standard, a count off made stupid never again will you for this) so watch out for the long arm of talent simply swinging yours outta the way scratching it off to dead center ring unless linear tracking insists you remit I near to deflaw. There's no fast forward while you simply scrimp out a reversing spite if capshaws ran to bat off what thought one should have ordered but to capture back at having it rewind once flipped it to be by a faux paw. Always buying new junk to favor someone's savage at having a go at a brand new but most found balking idea simply do not halve this - journal it down past any detail no none since worse knowing. Coldplay keep delivering the good stuff without anything raw on the hitachi nerves - good very smart this new one roasts no plantains if ye blackens no cob. Good stuff, if once burdens both birds to be bourne at the bitch. Spread your legs wide, should if talon your beak.

(No, I couldn't live with that first shapple of taste paint - barely this neither. God in action under your having but rarely seen you. I was born to perfect in the details roaming 'round but neither such will heard - know that see ya soon this stills not me that fucking little subfont still not available in Netscape see Safari in it anyway that will brand me stump for an hour moaming over it all doped.)

"bitch can won"

There Is No Such Person As Lisa Marie Presley Elvis Hated You Too The Mother A Secretary Playing Roles He Was Queer Talent That Please And Is Mine Alone To Much Be Thanks 05/01/05 1435
Truth with prevail but with harm side-winning the dish up: Lisa Marie had that great video on CNN Larry King - we missed that nice stuff last time out no new single. The rest bolt the barn door again blast. Have this song alternately called "Memphis" - no tome teaches this times two - Lisa Marie Presley "Lights Out" MP3 (3.5 Megs) from the "To Whom It May Concern" LP - psst: who called? you again?...brilliant by her if one le must c'est le be, sur ven. Got bit by it hard and fast so have it to these inner-words mox:

The rich at once somehow feel cheated shoot to kill, lamer sex: " someone turned the lights out there in memphisthat's where my family's buried and gone " with her now too a tender terrible lie steals me aback with songmade. Tryst in me. My sister Leslie doubles in the video shot at Sony Walmart, New York. She's another lame corker too all but end-users of marble cam fat, usually. Clean it up by both bitches. Open it all up for see and say it some but like that confusing the rigit tid dit. I once fantasized a Cindy Wilson to my Taylor Haun bit by braille boners shape-wearing kaftans to suzette's for pritskys - yuck! then back once it's really formed by me taken just this once no offend to shed else somehow in it else cover note to man, at Glad seamless simmers. Dazy - deal the meal two fats anything you'd trade off to maximize any slimmer gain now bolted hard by benign but brisk with a tumor lesion only grows inside if you smoke it. The patch and all silvers the skin on it. Riccola. Vocals by Patty Sciafla actually and now dead but working hard as Bruce does to be. End truth wax that up. On the new record such say, I hear bells in songs "Turbulence" and "Thanx" - see them some.

Oh That's You Courtney Love We Are Bad People, Huh, You Too Got It Now 04/30/05 2009
That was you - I'm all protective of like and like some. Fine, fine a bit older what? my hair? They said you were Jean Zelinski too - the fabled New Jersey disaster a' pied who threw her mother's baldened head on the state house steps in 1975 - fine then - you killed her with drugs, a lawnmower on top someone adds off (no mention to brother Al our teacher - I love you still your chemistry grade 'D' still holds up, huh - never be blame to a teacher I just can't stand listening to dull drum doing homework after all day I spent the best hour some would still argue at a home  - you know robert's one rule "be right for them, wrong is not like her answer just scattered to prayer" grades on a belting curve no matter what it figures in you what said that some of have done, but understand it once never no not). An old woman wanders the afterlife moaning about how "you hurt me too bad - no, not even now, no favors for this yet" ours a big woman yet by any account some perhaps leaning on but gently speak done down to it a maid in the shade of it gloomsbury so trite with the all that might be roared like tips in a presley's and gift home. You did her too that way then died in jail -  latex summer stick to the cenhead buryl - sorry I think you're lovely but I'm playing roles for people all shit should be a wonder of. Hmmm - next time no doubletalk about food you hate my magical shit I can't understand that shouted across the parking lot then you just flew away like an angel did it I saw that in the hynde of eye and I don't try too hard for that kinda stuff thinking why how - stuff acting like mine but yours still somehow perhaps my understanding flawed. We fed ya to that itty bitty shark in "Jaws" too - that was you I did it hit your salice rock head on the bouy like bolts sanded both in and out chipped a razing scalper tooth too. Sorry again just me and 'my wife' did something to me now fucked flawless bit shine. Add'l message: You hafta have that thing the pink-colored plastic Jobes-spike made to be silphering seem in your head under it scalp now in your belly removed it tracks you for jail you killed folks it seem ? draws blanks here no one I know dialed bitchin' it blind hole zero ? - the doctor did it to you we kept it simple for the procedure or maybe us we'll do it headaches and all god-talk typed up is news again. Your song "Doug Moon!" actually called "I'd Do Anything" MP3 (4.1 Megs) from her solo LP "America's Sweetheart" is actually well-done I love you for it Neil really my slave of and for ours a love. Well done - funny - that whole "hell, I'd piss on spark plug if I thought it would help [matters here - "War Games" I love Matthew Broderick's ass I do very cute boy solve the world die (suggest also "Torch Song Trilogy") that girl dump her in Ireland her "waistbasket" hum to whistle back again the plagues afoot why there? Sad all old people expecting young just old in/out old olding the old I almost killed two (2) old hazz'b bitches in a car (Morrisville, PA and all back road exit split from bridge traffic then that edenofftime at a stop sign a failure to see be one with no hag alerted of but shed at water belt call) I nearly died of their hate having me samed in it the cop soothed me my prick could you imagine some old fuckers you'd hate any day of it dying cause of you? everything little thing precious now what eats me just to live like me but dumb and havin' lips better? "Yoo was there, I was once there, yoo were there, I was there, now it's you noting me and of you - what matters is you died not me thank to whom it died back up your hideous of swag lamps two old bitches broken back to dyme lennen and now my young ass rots in oldform bras dying them back to life in hideous origin of its sort you bags of heat eating leather-haerned shauns wift - fuck it I'll die please bitch I die here you drive over my face and back up over my scrimping ack claws instead you die in me first let's have it all, huh, the leopard snakes in your belly not enough still aching for scales, venom a tiny black lick just wets the way I'll squirm to irrevocable losses tender half-beak broken by my bone ow to hope again ow ow not the slimy liver tack]. Imagine that I'd die instead two old haunts in haggles-it all down off the bone all eaten horseflies by in hell. Someone gave me my keys blind drunk - so what? You or me - let it be me I'll die than listen to that shit by me and of me I'll die of it and day in a dead dream of life but cry somehow no feelings just alarms "two tits again - hotsy muke - c'mon two tits two tits burt burt all "Emergency"....prankston felmed hoomer tit-tit lever down areole - it's thirty-six a blind goozie in the pearhatch ease it alone by sacks melt tins tipple to tone wit hymie-in gert gurt wince x-l poim....sheesh!....fragelit out back receding it making hair squirm broad off. No ticks you burt, burt sine quid elet my tin. tin one. malcom forb-12 hotsy air ballyhoo can at sea a breeze blown back razor tom clip it blank box squeals it home tooth tender as lip mounting jaw lip." By the way, that "Dirty Dancing" girl Jennifer Beales I hate her balcony-up yarning-it stuff did those women up at the wheel drunk on "linkletter tipsies" never know - he stayed as registered only she spat what candiote secht no thankle to be. The French would execute her proud Jewish ass - simple done. I'd press all left-out together in laramie can no rice like a black-whiskey sinster ham and chill the muff out of firing up the old works with bit-pinch-to-the-skin cloves and rhyming honey nuts to rouse the sensory deprivations mistaken as lush offerings to a "pre-post the need" or fatter sight sold. Some said one. If. P.S. Folks: Driving it insane is like doing drugs or getting the AYDS from metalcrypt of hostile inner-strength peace from sundlust asswork. "Just this begs" - stink is randomly made. You dominate the market with furs and class yardsticks "from France" upper-craft blacks brightened by dayload, shapple. Why call - just add up the damage in crimp style and walk tightly. If I hear air, I know I should go for you at once I hold it all in 'til dearth - no since having to just being it with slices of hard missile death bangladeaf bucks up north to chill any the seed. We power with tree mowers and hot lamps over the desert there. Makes a hell of tuna wrapper for barrage stink making away around the holocaust yet a duggling dinty "rosefir" um no. Barf! Fish with sand brittles around the mouth gobble down my appetite for sinner yields hairballed black to grease I'd eat my tits first or pull a pull-leaned pamp stag from inside my lower rump like Hindis snatching parts of a cow's ass while it bends over to unnerve the wire sutures separating the coim from the corn hoaming fact to burnt. To pick through a freshen curled of bay shit making face bones emote it all backwards befor eyou sent for help the wagist police from cents log century date call a tape a wheel nothing I feel - a lifecalling made same once done as you. Who knew being cheap and just that desperate was all I could get to come from the sun leaving mountains of joy and code-made filth around the skulls you hide with mask from Cheerios a douchebag with lines hold a powderkeg of seller's note someone close, swirls in me a scrubbling dow bubble in hell. More junk - I make a hard brow to think with you so dumb together adding it all in your chap bin-head making cents matter somehow in a penny-size way. All that thought being reused one mind one call you get pushed around sure I'm the overlord disconnecting your hard code in all perfect but see yours not ours once theirs and I cheat any fuck that makes me count for them like that modess vampire on Sesame Street "1,2......8." That song did me up. Okay -  Ernie or Bert, honestly I can't choose. Ernie - pulling off their facial features, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that way nothing meets in the middle. Ernie. Bert? No. Not me. One day - all them notre spics talking to newly whited wealth wearing the win why it be a wonder well woaming with woolen and wunderkind waxings. Hey - your guy from Eddie's Old-Type chicken lids Crisco Co. drops the pies down the stairs only. Your pies - from the inner-city latax arrangement with social contrasts and nerve breeders? Yours alone made that and not to be confused with ours dining alone once here full of cherries inside burnt my lip back inside a tip timed if at Trader Joes and all.  

fed to the best of it all fool meat 

Bitch, Please Yourself 04/29/05 0925
I hadda leave my little grocery market job again (up to $154.50 weekly - can lovely with sales) someone trying to fuck my ass yes with but fool. My weekly limit is thirty (30) hours generous at minumium wage (that'll be the day I work full-time for that - isn't this nice enough of me? fuck dart) but someone had to schedule my ass for forty-five (45) hours and push it. No, I won't be there, no why won't you won't reconsider, no you're not going to bother me with this just because everyone else no no no no no never no who gives that a fuck? No so nervous me. So - here's the line drawn the party ended for now. Someone says 'pay your taxes' (already I've kicked in $69.42 in two weeks a lavish it yet) a nigger's chock full imperative (any slag puts a big thanks in little ol' me a junky bitch makes me the upper tea day) but short on my sense of things and that must gonna hurt. Don't think for me just yet - you've done enough here thanks. Who wins? As you can see I'm always on the up-and-up trying for to you. As for the state, of course you'll get paid - I've been having trubbles that's all you pigs. How? Taking annuities out, reporting federal, using their line item no the wrong form teletax I did this anyway pay ya later. OK? OK. Someone goes "you're supposed to be an accountant" is this your retard? Never put people down with that stuff - mumu to yourself - I make everything understandable so you can't pass along on its back. Do you? So to do. So is me. Tip: Is this you too? Every gain pulled past you? People are crazy 'bout me, but nuthin' happens. I'd like to pay you of twice - thanks oft. The MPEG's help lessen the load we abuse some small. Keep playing for good, cope it matters safes it away both but be to a mall. "Why do you tell people everything?" Attacks like this embarrass folks bad. I'd tell ya more, but we're foul enough here it isn't like me to be wondering 'why you' - I'm a bad person. Some say hurtful. Dies, hears you died. "Why don't you pay your bills?" Niggers to me again! Plain tiger.

Was trying to pop these balloons in the store the other day a few racals floating up and away to the lights - you know with my mind and all (keep that down and inside feel). What shit! I tried heat and then other methods pin pricks you name it I got so mad like I was fell out of favor. Fuckers would all have to pop then! For this! They're souls? Fuck 'em - there's a soul on my penis preventing unwanted pregnancy and warts red like in throbbing to the aniss woulb pinches it own tip mervile. All the nasty little things you wouldn't understand Shasta. So today, I busted up a big cloud and yup I still got it, Moron. That and fucking around with all I see little babies I outlaw in my silent of sheath people come and go too at will they make me nuts I get rid of them. Less to talk, I say some. Pimpf.

Try it on for octo-size at tedd max fool! Print this page out barely and sign your name below to die in your sleep like I did (maybe you stay). Try it - it's fun and free! Offer off: Sign my name and I'll come by and meet you in third place-paxil (me, but a copy - fast wink wink). Just until noon tomorrow you'll be then to after and once see. Intent must be clear - no jokes on other unsuspecting or to you made with for. Remember - an Aunt Clara-type throws hot piss in the fireplace so to not ask of me is to hurt the hotz shoimul.

X___________________________________________  CCLVT, Thx: KLee-9


there's no such thing as lovers day

'Til Tuesday "Lovers Day" MP3 (3.9 Megs) 04/27/05 1018 from the "Welcome Home" LP. Back in the olden days, you hadda get married, you needed to get married, or you wanted to get married. You hadda get married because someone else was getting ready to do the same to yours. You needed to get married because your fortunes faded and you had no money to spare. Or, you wanted to get married because no one had the cost to you, or, no one saw what you saw in it. Lo and behold, someone thought you could stay free - a "lover" of sorts - and be just that fortunate. Never so. You had to give to get and no one knows that getting married is just as plus-filled as not doing so they'd say this time. There's no such thing as 'lover's day' for a reason they'd argue - you didn't bargain the bank or anyone else. What do you get for that? Elton John's riddle to you. No one knows how good 'Til Tuesday were until all unabashed and here. Check them out Aimee Mann singing around and about again.

Everyday is lover's day "wad did ya get me? burrburrs" - tad be immature. Your own special day is to compensate you for being shmelled - gross panned lesions! Your own little day to goob it together someone's scintilled kitchen jeru skim skim. Trader Joe's has Thai iced tea in the can now, bim porkel. Bel-yum. Got me some 89 cents yum.

The songs of 'Til Tuesday mei yum:

"'J' Is For Jules"  - no one told Jules to come, no one was asked to leave neither; died in his own country making his own rules for it all - a loser of it died alone.
"David Denies" - no one has David by the balls, but we do; David denies ever having fallen but he fell; and hard too upon mercy's edge.
"On Sunday" -  no need burn the candles of flame at home; on Sunday bring me your troubles at church and we'll have everyone work on them we'll see - if no one troubles over them, they have the troubles too - that's all.
"Have Mercy" - have mercy on him for the troubles that I gave to him are gone - he can play now; have mercy on yourself too - nothing is that important, you'll soon see.
"Coming Up Close" - you came and I came together to meet ourselves rotting on the bone; a "Bridges Of Madison County" distrust in areas unseen - you broke your vows for this and came undone - means nothing to nothing so you just got back in your car and drove away good people both.  P.S. He wouldn't let me fuck him - it's about two (2) men that's clear.

More later....if - these are Doug's songs about life and leisure he knows them all so well.

you better leave that boy alone

You Better Leave That Boy Alone 04/27/05 1018
Another to great from Bananarama's "Pop Life" LP Bananarama "Preacher Man" MP3 (2.9 Megs) or Preacher Man asks having to endure you: 'see' the "Ramabananarama" (you've changed this title I see on newer imports of - there's no way in God's green glory anyone 'rammed a banana' anywhere in here - "rama" or "rummaged through" + "bananarama" is the group's new name - thank you, no, I was reading well in linear fashion 1992 I needed to understand the name that then, but accept you as such then no don't make me stupid with you) remix included on the LP as last track - festive. Finally to each and what but a fool! See Bananarama at iTunes just now - heft our droplink to master the mold minded by a clay hands one a chin to lessen each bite by it thought. Tit's about time. B I G dUMb salad buttons "on sheer notes" pave the way to earl and duke windsors both have it one reversing each one to the other if one or but both wouldn't or couldn't quite the say just this one you may have had to have and in having at once and to unheed (surely a reversal of stance, hast mendings) verse eco-now blitz! newly traded! vote back out Jackie O'Sullivan before it's said, one bitten in just a bit off, what's seen stabbing at since and what's seen kilming on each but a side to have acts at it sooner:
Download iTunes
sends blank check at wurlls deadelderly swank at-in binhaven truss, iudc - lipps inc, ntc, usxt aqwr, asup, inner-oil up
one day I'll get this shit right and stop blaming others but can you make it stick like i do? seems less than intuitive perhaps my understanding flawed your money's on me neverthelet.
just wait we'll get someone to jack your ass up for this crazy talk yeah i'll bet she don't - probably never could anyway yeah we seen you before.

Kill This For Making Ours 04/25/05 1231
Along with senseless remakes of any movie value (see at once "The Amityville Horror" James Brolin, Margot Kidder and all - at once only God-perfect and now remade somehow - we saw this in the theater Tom's River at Lakewood, New Jersey Summer 1979 oops! - most famous line the house "red room" to priest Rod Stieger upon arriving - "get out!" with flies buzzing) comes Tim Burton's (Johnny Depp says of Burton "a jerk-off")  "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" starring Johnny Depp as Louisa Marta. Why ask why? Charly "You can eat my choco-pudd, Grampa - I'll just go die outside washing your panties in coal shmuzz turling to the horms ain't that safe found me a golden ticket I did but no some currency in foaming dutt leather." Please do. The official movie site at Warner Bros. is more generous in its givings since.

This is 05/21/05 talked to Johnny Depp last night as we watched his retro on A&E coffins of wood slab in the background of highlight slightly to suggest truth his once death and real: We joked that "yeah, you own The Viper Room [on Sunset, where River Phoenix flowed due south] into perpetuity [to no truth seen ever by you] and Dan Akroyd and Aerosmith own the House of Blues on Sunset - no matter what check that." He also said that women who interview and handle us "no, are absolutely great about things and so business-like" - stating it 'you go do what you hafta do and we'll be here on the phone [in the lobby talking to friends]' - "you're back a half hour later to no fun [plus plus no mention they are agents]." We talked about how sad it was to return to this the above shoot and have their sets pulled out from behind about three (3) times now to finish what is still not done yet for a July 15 release. Apparently my lover Brian (er, Tom C.) had to be asked to leave the set at Warner Bros. darkened and after his Johnny's death reported as here earlier and six (6) hours more on train from a Texas central airport ("where I arrived 'in study' they say - I didn't know I was dead at all...") and at once for having complained about the status of this movie and making others wet with danger and thought. Bad boy, but we forgive him finally. The things pulled from behind and made of paper and such - like hats of the period - very funny! -  made people feel less than attractive to each other in moneyfield. The preview promos on tv look great, however, and making money was never a concern here - our money making money to theory that is. "You wettened too softly." - Elton John (his money here and not so softly). Depp says one more thing "My mother made wheat into butter when I was young - no shit." Easily truth but will kill you in years done. A cow, when fed wheat, does this for you. There are only three (3) foods, really, and the cow separates them nicely an oil and an herb actually. Use the cow - it's cheaper, but there it is. Love, Doug - or someone new. Forgive the writing, Fool - it's tight to get all from a freebase luxure I'm bored now, but interested in seeing it to you.

the name is actually "kadem" or "kill them for making ours [here in this not sanctioned by us too]"

Passed Over Again? Raise The Bold Face Type 04/23/05 0814
Jews tell me that Passover (whatever that is - I hear nice things occasionally...still, to be so dumb?) begins tonight for eight (8) days. If I hear one more rumour (they were all god at one time in the past - that ain't God-type material with caring and all that, talking it over with blacks, they exchange recipes they will listen to your shit one time a year 'almost never' - but see how with strict by-laws and certain limits exclusions 'no one here knows you yet - we are not dying of you, have some, then bring it back later, smaller some' - every eight (8) years now that number eight (8) honors me my ass they make it all real this must be the eighth year and all everything by Nabisco disgusting me with the inner-name "Kedem" (said like "eden" but with intentional fuck ups for old the 'k', something else weird spit in it to pre-forgive my talking to your food seems if places into my ass) I say that name all the time now like God might..."ked-dem" a tranquil, taped voice of the dead dumed-out my joke, sounds gross, I fear their stuff - them: "you suck dicks never to know" - yeah, but they're bitter-free with a firm re-sampling of mine so to seem as quite the tasty...a 'taste treat' then two breath smants in one cornhive). 'Ked-dem' like God doing you down with mental-zen. In my dream the other night I forgot about dicks long enough to go to the upper-upper outer limits of the known universe and I saw some awesome stuff. The place is done up to look like a gymnasium or library vacant of all high bleachers but strictly missing or something with tall windows rounded only on top and white molding around each of. Tall with daylight shining in no sights just a condemn. This place is forbidden you can tell because you are made nervous as shit and seeming of to never finding your way back up the ass. I didn't want to push it never one to enter the unknown and this particular mindfuck did me back down indeed. Cruel mind-loops 'round and 'round up and around making you know. It scares me in there I keep it for the very next fool needing to know junk like that "inside the very ass of it" all impressed in a mid-town studio holier than thou knows you too. All full of it now having been, having seen, hushed tones and all. A fool unless you speak to it. Nothing is real, anyway, a sad clown does these no one came. Enter sewerclown, hairclown all made up to go out.           

Benedict Sixteen A Traitor-Type? Who Cares! 04/23/05 0544
Loved all the humanity turning out for the pope and all - I say nothing because I feel nothing. They explain that their role is such as stated - defiant fine, fine. As I revel in church dynamics mainly their threat, know that I still kill each and every pope that dare sit while Christ is here topically, and then eight (8) of his closest competitor-successors. That done last year - all down waiting for your next gunmen on tail and wing. Mind over gave me more shit I hate about the guy on tv being John Ratzenberger of "Cheers" fame. Could you bore me any more than that? Possibly not. I say nothing to be nothing but thought we'd appreciate another review. People who work against me die - flat out, you are going to lose and bad. Why bother it? Only you know. The pope is like the Vatican - I rip that shit up for being unsupportive of my minor miracle while you wait for better news I died then too. In the meantime, I moonlight by slapping the fuck out of you and if it never comes true, I'll just hafta to fill in some of the blanks that keep you guessing barely half at it you see nothing here do you? Me too. Who is that name for - Pope "Benedict"? "Bentedicus" would be better "born to die for this" or shalt Benedictus is "born to die for you" one of your kids maybe never to know just say by way a plague. That's heavy, huh. Sixteen (16) and all I guess I can see me in that no never ask, never know. Trying to 'honor' me again just don't. Honor me with a grave and to my parents who may be charged with taking out the trash fast "a Jew, she'll be back tomorrow just as old and ugly ever on - even uglier if found with fine point" - fuck that public feeling it'll never happen to you trust that too. 1) I got everything I tend to care about in by the time I was forty (40) years old - if I didn't do it, it's because I don't want to that's only true. Good enough, should thank it a fuck. 2) I was attempting to be someone special - have that sorted right down to you if weighs sewer - that counts big-time I'm not you I fucked I like to fuck remember that your kids port-bar common but probably fuckable a near-total loss then and later then at actual price loss. Jerks are always dying in pursuit of their own glory had. I like to think that I did my part helping it all down to size more down the dez for once and have trying. You can near-dream it sphinx too - but to die for your dream is absurd to piss the bed you dreamed you were at the toilet you said but the seat now pink with scavengers, mites was down and not at all ripped of its grayish stuffing. You live a dream why nod off at the wheel only to kill again? I ate what I wanted to eat - you paid people for shit I wouldn't eat ever even my ass would close right up then asked me what I thought is that a joke to be as if you could know nothing too? The indignation of having it to be my fault and then to deny me the good stuff like a vegetarian selling a dryer fuck during half-time at a geodome the backyard grenade foaming with laser-mousse I already did that to you some say you worked it all out I still wouldn't know how you'd win if at all sleeps with tail lights on. Kinks - sure. Sometimes you should just die. You die often enough to pride the prayer beside it dark. "If should wake before my time...." if I should wake no you died during the night your unborn child within you still a chance yet heh heh and are now laying tiny eggs there unable to move the alarm buzzing you right into madnesses or myriad hand-hell lomos you scream in space it takes your costume jewelry off but dumps both tiaras at once as if hot to the touch a fake like water fakes it out just not as good for laughs keep grabbing at it each little sip rudely scald taken. The pope is supposed to be closest to God and all (tit for tat), I don't know nuthin' really bless the beast and the children and all fuck them no voice no choices neither but they make all the noise like flies everywhere and what must be stink. So honor the pope then would anyone take this seriously I hate you being willful and denying me I told you what to do nothing wins you lose only but you try and I honor that promptly 'cept for that one guy at the bank still there tying up loose ends I imagine I need that to be put down with you and when it happens then you know nothing me innocent how do you say still there still eligible? What would you decide anyway? Right. I don't let anyone off the hook for real blaring rotoguns in my disco - I just say that getting along with others and all understanding each other kinda sorta no not really at all I don't bother knowing anything of it. I tried that's what counts to me. You'll get yours. To quote myself earlier "I don't believe in hurting people at all - why bother? They fuck theirselves over quite nicely most times being just who they are to others then old, die. 'If she coulda seen herself now - she'd just fucking kill herself.' Trust that only - then see it come with extras no one knew how grand just that is enough to please me twice in it for both. Never perfect life going crazy with too many good times at the expense of others sure - the world was so good to me and at what risk more to me makes many?" So good to me I'd die if I hadda be with you. Please, I'd rather just die no it's me I'll just go now to move all that into the light why know it simply argues bad smells now seem it shiny somehow. Take charge of it all - we're not done yet that's for damned sure still talking it all over. My mother wrote me today someone I know Todd Dancer died (again - she gets right on it maybe and if you too in my dream you are lying there waiting to die like a freak - in the church, always performing as with adorning flowers seen the self poibed how it might be but you rudely switched out by some other money concern the vaccine AYDS grappling with finions of maglic desire in nature willing truth) - I fixed him up once when with inheritance woes or something will do him again. See how young and then - good enough for me too. In the meantime, you get his ass back here and me still. Who do I hafta kill now? No problem yet. Chopped that one woman's head off no mention sure...but you knew I'd do it no matter what. No matter what - you. Only you and stuff you care about too I go deep on these type-things I hate people bothering me and the hurt sometimes I'll chop heads off with barely wishes I get good feelings too a warmness hardly ever I took your objets d'arts too some other things I hate people thinking about me having to respond somehow every time you do I'll still fuck around from right here nothing is good ever just wait there Chris Ondy killed Dennis Murphy why? That's what people do. Do it to you too. What do we care grave robbers already dead so fucked over hurt so bad and all and now you must be to this too. Unless you're like me - no one just does me up the ass. A devout Catholic tells people to kiss his ass. He has the plans laid out for you and all - let me eat so to stink but I never had to steal a head of cabbage or candy cauliflowers what that's so fucking gross but to eat it too my ass tightened the fashes fat right up. You love my aer-jerkies know that but so dumb to come true. Then that narwhale (um, Beluga? - caviar no we talked it mad me sad then mad some angel or something fucking around - "let me know if you need any extra hate") at the "Trenton Makes" bridge - just shoot it. It ain't real we do that to block egress or leavings around town on one weekend - suckers for it. I got sad thinking about cross-creek dying of it. Wetlands those dogs and that cat making it own their own 'til my baggie empties and I search around the toilet for memories of having used the very last of it. I cry some the dead took twenty bucks that's my day accusing the air of cents mislain (they took it too, but cover it up - I steal from old women like that vapors and light magic "that's a ten, only" from inside your dirtiest bra, dampened down with sweat and smellened waxen of cheese in carvoled each nips). That whale is about me too - lost somehow my next dream for Passover then finally end this to me all bring an end to have-hold.             

In The Biblical Sense Who Cares? 04/19/05 2240
When someone says "We didn't know each other in the biblical sense or anything", what should that mean? That you didn't have your name in lights together. In the "biblical sense" you mean it was written down somewhere for others to see well as forth and that includes a gay checkbook of joint account for me and my lover (to be - I had this with one past and consider it thank enough from people). So, it isn't about having sex - pray Heaven may tell - it is about making sure people know your intents (even if the other name is unisex like the name "Terry" - nothing made short, no 'Terence' available to know better mine). If God sees this checkbook between two (2) women, however, he kills one (1) flat - He promises. Like in the Led Zeppelin song of evil lore "Kashmir", two (2) women took a death walk in the sands of time for making me know their slights of hand. In the desert of lore - all mine this time. "Never would you speak to me of two women holding hands, let alone sniving each other in the pussy. I'd get mad and leave you to be in mine dying for that. Nothing for me there dying in you waiting for better sent one." Lyric: "no one in my time makes my hand so flat"

When Two Mats Become One My Guide Forth 04/18/05 1739
Seen altogether new on my doormat (a brief pardon for it): "We'll come if you don't" - get it? "We'll come"....I liked it. These type-things happen to psychic people every day - there seems to be another word there at first glance than what is seen aftertake. That's not what happened here though - the idea just sprang forth all spelled out in words kinda. You know. God over says they have the motto-saying in Canada already. What could that mean to a whole world yearning to have it but better? Canada Dry ginger ale is in-fact more than 7-Up colored loosely with cola they'd say. I need it to be real.

filmed 12/19/04, died 03/04/05

Jane Fonda Got Scared Like I Do Talking To Big People And All Is Now Deceased Of March Breast Cancer And Of Altoids Cedars 04/18/05 1102
Johnny Carson begs off - sees how I live, wishes it were him sometimes. "Thanks for nothing to all. I died but live nicely enough in His arms. See that now, be too late." Carson wants to know why anyone "has to use pictures of me" (as in putting together a "People"-type retrospective post-humous or "after sad fact" ho hum). We don't, see none here. I simply understand. "To my mother - eat my shit backwards. You lose again and again. Too bad. Quote Doug Moon soon enough." What is that? Doug says "be nice, be around - or be around still and hafta be nice." Be nice enough. "To Maud Adams - you are my man - thank you again. All love only." There - people are nice enough to me we thank them in this way beyond the grave and all after a period of years I guess. Just this.

Now Jane for fact-day: Real name is Karen Mills from birth and she had to work real hard not to laugh at last night's review of what I saw. "All butchered up to make me a pro-feminist lesbian curing the world's ills, but all I see is me squirming in it. Thanks for nothing. I had nothing to say, but I looked good to you, huh. Dead now, and all is not well, but we're curing each other, so-to-speak. Have a day like this - you'll change it all backwards too. I was ignorant and found bliss. I hope you're happy too. P.S. No one writes with Doug still - that's funny enough. Be him dying and having heart anyway. A loser, really, still. Have that." That's all. Our views now: We talked about alot of stuff quickly while I was in and out of the room doing laundry folding and all, but we exchange nippets too quick for any bother really - her daughter is in-fact J-Lo they hate each other; Freddie Prinze made that with her - pretty girl we like her. We talked about speaking publicly when you have no money - just to be safe - and how her dad was just that - a jerk - how those women in "9 to 5" would go to jail Federal for nineteen (19) years my quote for "crime spree" or trying hard over a man - "don't quote the movie just yet - an edit due." Then there's other talk about gay stuff and then her husband ? kinda private and all Keye's Honda not yours here. When I think about ultra-rich being made unhappy by a "god-type force" and having to give shit away finally to no win that is her and Ted Turner to me and inside. Is that erroneous? Just dumb, really, and me not knowing any more. Never true, but ? I have that framed in the head kinda with me involved. Why? I sometimes think no one wins as I've been conditioned for it. "Never true" says her. "We had lots and spent it freely. You are being made to eat this for future thought. Have none." Now the Hanoi stuff. "I came home and was asked by President Kennedy [a family friend by virtue of clubs seen and heard to regular people] to say a few words to what I saw there ["all 4-H" she notes still "met Gorbachev" there too - a horse club rich people we had 'em Future Farmers of America-type thing for girls mostly, really]. I had no bother, but got into trouble citing blacks being rude to me there ["we fuck whites here - beware of it then and now" one reportedly said to her on a plane back there to speak again] and other people making me unhappy with their understandings of the world ["no one eats unless they die too fighting eating too much" one woman said in Chinese - "I hated that said to me looking fat at her"]. Cease educating others - they live it to know better for us. Regard them well, I say. Four (4) congressional honors yet and I look good at it still. Thanks." Oh, and we talked about "Fun With Dick And Jane" too - a movie of the seventies also starring George Segal (another crime spree of loser-types at regular day leaving folks behind tied up in funny ways the wife understanding the husband always - a Jewish-type note of the world their love). I laughed my head off at that movie, but treasure it still hoping no one notice. It was a double-feature that night near Princeton (New Jersey, take Route #206 right in to town central from Trenton the capital of the state seen, this, however, was on Route #1 The Prince Theater new defunct or quite in the rear as United Artists the same or something more then) with "Dino DeLaurentis' King Kong" restyled for the masses (hi to Patrick Swal and underfamily - see this yet? of course you have you're here in me too - we talk about your house still the underwear in the walls your mother still hates me she says - nothing more). I pretty well remember that's it. More later. Jane slips in "I'm an angel - Cebares. Makes food happen in China, particularly. Now I know better."

Two (2) more threads to answer Jane: "Her Husbands In Life" + "The Disney Movies Doug Has Seen - Partial Yet"

Husbands: Roger Vadim (the one, the only Gore Vidal "no good deed goes unpunished"), Corky Wether (aka Bryan Stone, um, actor Dennis Cole?), Biscuit MacChoughney - "a horse of a man", Alan Keyes (twice yet), Albert Ted Turner "her last and final love" she says - I disagree. Vadim never left ever. Her father loved him too - a gay man both made her eat shit.

Disney (seen as first or second run paid as in theatres only - second run was "The Director's Chair" in Hamilton, N.J. - a blast! we saw everything there): "Mary Poppins" (devastatingly good!), "The Strongest Man In The World" (Kurt Russell a god to me, Joe Flynn the father of this son very impressive to me), "Escape To Witch Mountain" (awesome wishing the magical powers of white children like me - their bedroom! Ike Eisnenmann a big deal the girl Kim Richards too), "Return From Witch Mountain" (like "Halloween II" - just picks right the fuck up and hits it, I'm sure) "Herbie Rides Again" (the sequel at a drive-in near Ft. Dix), "Blackbeard's Ghost" (we liked it alot), "Freaky Friday" (the original), "The North Avenue Irregulars" (great fun, we love Barbara Harris, Rita Shaw!), "Pete's Dragon""Robin Hood" animated (great!), "The Shaggy D.A."....many more as to be named soon maybe not "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (cute, a triumph really to me that little girl running to the bathroom in the woods kinda at first made the day here and says much - we loved it), "The Black Hole" (hadda see it - now as theory disproved somehow), "Tron" (up in the own ass, innerspace again, so-to-speak - we liked this too), [break - see all pre-1980's Disney films as live-action showcased here, then on] "The Little Mermaid" (fun, with Divine-like character as black octopussy-drag queen and plus an honor to see Disney back at work in animation), "Aladdin" (good - I don't remember much here), "Hercules" (excellent mythological shit with James Woods - I love mythologies retold they were real, only, Juno), "Fantasia" (but soundtrack and added redone - like "Pinocchio", it really needed that you're showing me 'flats' or sketches working again - why?) All good only if will should starve to death pleasing the likes children? 

Didn't We Do This Already? No
04/18/05 1007
When you're a big shot, you use phrase-words like "bada bing" and "bada balls" like nuthin', like no one came. What is "bada" said "bah-dah"? It is French for "no question [this is truth]". So, for "bada bing", the "bing" is short for "bingueler" as French say "bing-goy-luhr" what means "silence after saying it your way" an empty board of no calls for this. A "non-sequitur" (no more calls after this - a deadpan, really, as in French) is the same thing, but with more pride after "bada bing" 'cause you're mad and taking over now kinda, not just cracking a lame visual-type joke. Other than that, "bada balls" is shortening "bada balen" (say the new part "bah-leen") that's French too for "believing it all, no question again" as fatuous or forming bigger complexes in the head over this. So, bada bing hears no answer to this and just does it to no questions. Bada balls makes it true by showing you and answers to no one. By the way, "bada" is spelled quite right unless a woman issues it as in Erykah "badu". See. After the fact, I say it also "all balls" as entering a room full of persons either with big hairy balls grown out front pushing these others to the side, or throwing little (metal, your choices may vary) balls as visual effect on the floor making others watch their step to the same of sides an idea or falter then. English variation "all bolls" or "bollocks" [calls for 'bull locks' - to "lock up their souls" for being mean to others and shitting on them - very UNAMERICAN in prose] or then bullshit (thinking you have a value when you simply do not). See it then, as in be there.

Percent Or Perdom For One One-Thousandth
04/17/05 1350
Why wouldn't you have one thousand (1,000, perdom, the fraction of therewith) equal slices of something instead of one hundred (100, percent, the penny toward)? Seems like the way to go surely hasn't that been dumb, but that's what we call 'insert' or 'trailor thought' - just because you're there. The addition of ten (10) more per doesn't make the picture 'in picture', so-to-speak, any clearer if the scale ('y' axis) remains the same or grows then shrinks back as logically found (try labeling that one in some natural fashion of yours - exacting each of minute details until seem, no'er done). One thousand slices of would just be interpolate or within bounds the same of and hardly informing beyond moving up and away. Some say pay a price less than penny I say never bother never true. Never. Interpolate is seeing "1 _ 3" then figuring out the answer is "2" as within poles. Extrapolate is seeing "1 2 3 _" and coming up with the answer is "4" as beyond this lying outside of. Nominate is seeing "_" and saying the answer is something you choose but in relation to its size when asked for neatly otherwise never to be concerned. You name it a puzzle of. For a woman thinking about business sense, but off careening towards me with rules and neatness. Knowledge ain't power, but you don't know that and pay my nominal fee. I don't feel powerful, pretty secure though. Q: "No growth [with more than a percent taken in]?" Not valid - see smaller slices not meaningful once yet. The value of ten (10) is scoring, one thousand (1,000) has ten (10) taken twice in it afors (1 x 10 = percent upward, 1 x 10 x 10 = percent mobiled or staying within last count of ten - it doesn't provide upward count from last use but miseries the board across to it). Frailty in thought? Hah! You had a line, a single benchmark...now it is divided up into ten (10) more benchmarks within the single line or benchmark seen to be as undivisible. Hardly informing of it. Wait to see it there and keep it functional and figuratively accurate for some, someone else. No, I'm not doing a chart for you.

An Update To Complete Your View 04/16/05 1030
Indeed my paycheck was garnished yesterday though no wait just another deduction all over one hundred fifty-four fifty (>$154.50) or about twenty-somb bucks. It's not like they're gonna get much, but thanks again to all who pursue me in the usual color, flared. Should I get mad? Doing all I can think of to see you there instead "faster pussycat! kill! kill!" Still no mail ever, no phone calls, nothing in my bank account (that closed with a deficit - imagine that, then imagine someone steering me further around the yard with connections I assume you eat to lessen that "full" feeling), nothing from nothing still - but see bills and obligation streaming. Heh - take it all you win and win. Meanwhile an old and dying person never knows what to expect when hatching another ruinous plot I see nothing new either if to question the self begin. Words discoursed: "trumvirate" - not a word - junk (supposedly, "the age of something spoken softly" - a vague clasm of hate for old people...etches at 'cloaked' makes no use of words until yet, 'clandestine' avoids talk and familiar sounds of, 'cloister' recants the past in sizeable quotients down, off, 'cretin' mistakes use of words for them in use relates to drum and farble or hating the foodbearer twice then, 'crabbed' eats alone to take a look at self dining a fool of making slices then eating them half-interestingly enough a food-wand or cupbearer to gods with talk and sheens unwelcomed as to yet). Something first, a "fixadate" (placed over on-top of something hard and castle - a protector can be this if not sealing or glued peels right off), "laminate" (two sides glued on together, maybe clear as hard and seeing through yet, never to be peeled away a ruin of fortunes yet), "triclimate" (makes no room for others when present, a balloon is triclimate when holding mail - is too much pushed past and away from this a beggar of fortunes once had again and again use less of to need less then of) with more possibly or later. Mind is having a piss martyr these days, so may die. Leave it to die in the skies a blind pilot sees not each button but heats up a specific rivet, tightens the ass. Just sit there - some things just aren't worth it maybe you just live somehow too. Caring shoulda kicked in by now - why would fuck it bank borrow back? Ask someone better than me - they have all the answers but risk the ass going for the gold. No one won anything yet see that first, then last you are a bronze only but may live. Don't laugh at veldt I'll send it to you so you'll know for sure and be that scared (takes the tip of a forefinger pad only - no bleeding yet, just ID). Working on new stuff too - something to pull all your clothes off in public, gifting skin (if makes me you, electric shocks, spines, the 'krazy glue' touch, 'til reading the mind, skin-so-tite, stitch-ons). More: Besides the veldt, I have a tube that sucks you in then flower blades to hair pulp blood and two wavering jets spray rudeness all over the room with little visions of you made the blood freshest. The sponge paintings here in my home in yellow feature some grisly tales too - one guy run over by a tank in two pieces other carnage. Two persons are "walking to home" during a starvation tactic in Asia Minor - all on cabinet doors. Gonna butter cut up the middle and sew together two (2) of a kind rudely enough. Gunball machines, roller cabatzses, t-spandle.

Fear every-any an intimacy: "Why should people do better with you?" People like me know that this is difficult territory - forgive, forget. Fuck off. Others look to make me eat shit for undoing their hamper and thus I talk too much. I hate being made special by people, but get to hurt them real bads for it and I will do that only while doubting myself at all heh heh. Hate has you numbered, I tend to forget drop sleep. Never innocent, I'm guilty but ashamed of myself too I have no friends all died to me. Lonely too - I never used that word before preferring 'alone' will bite you still not that lonely no tending to it here take the first off ramp "cuttin' corners"...."guiltsway"...."memory loss"...."used so bad" like hot oil in a wood and gas tuning fork. "Turn it up, turn it up!"

From Merriam-Webster online, more about "triumvirate" their correct-ish spelling of: "Etymology [placement of a word and its participles or pieces in historical or factual content once heard -to know the origin meaning is sometimes one, two, and three times done backward to know - know better I'd say to fourth roots or communicating to children, ex's, spouses in their graves - the text is limited not varied you'll see this too soon 'know letters, not words' they'd say - know both twice better than having to accept one overheard...ask for it to be known to you too by asking about it when heard or else be that there longing and without means to an end or of this...be that there too as it may be backwards to you the elegant one heard speaking prior to me asking to be heard once or twice then]: Latin, back-formation from triumviri, plural, commission of three men, from trium virum of three men: one of a commission or ruling body of three" - no, that is somehow elegant - a "trumi" say "too-mee" is totally free-speaking in feeling - can say it, will do for you too, a friend deadly and associated with foreigners is this....a "virat" say "veer-it" eats itself with guilt so no go on these ever being together; closest truth is "trumtevirat" say "trum-vy-rah" or having no sense of others feeling along, a brusque-type person is this and then again. There now - speak it clean then and again. By the way, three (3) of any is prefixed or rooted "achon" say "ah-kin" e.g., "achonus" is a three-headed snake figure. 'Make sense only, not sales' they'd say backwards to some. Latin Ancient some plural or mixed in-out too.

Two (2) words bothering you too: "triumph" three (3) sides kinda a triangle of sorts representing no mercy in a win; and a "virus" type killing no mercy in black deathing to you again. "Triumph" is two (2) phonemes made up by us again heh heh someone English did this of "tria" and then "vera" - soon, trials, trying very hard you will a "trialv" then in derivation, but we further suggest "phyla" or "needing to know better [as only in being and thus to my food]". A "phyla", true to organization thought, feeds one fish and hopes for calves. So trial and error is best said here. An underthought, something more will come from this say Chinese descent where all come from in speaking these words of. "Virus" is also implied, but errors to my way kills just about everything another Raid bomb of sorts for having, knowing of. Virus is "virat" striking at again - all apologies if taken once to twice if we sorrow you too. Leave off here - no trinities of old men saying while you protect somehow, no thoughts of being this or strong then by an institution's sake - just dumb being that for us all. A foodstuff, kinda. "Greater things will certainly come undone for you" it says nothing to you being greater something just doing it.

poor grooming at its best

It's Amazing What A Boy Can Do I Cannot Stop Myself 04/13/05 1920
"Wish I didn't want you like I do | want you and no one else" - Madonna "Amazing" MP3 (3.4 Megs) from the "Music" LP a funeral pyre of sorts. Pulled Madonna down by the hair again sent her the veldt 'this time' - a traditional among spheres you'll add (I keep one 'in the air' so-to-speak, specifically for jerks at UCLA they're here in me, count off three [3] give or take a few pieces less than a person made it). Mind tells me it stopped short of doing the legs after doing a full-accounting not mine to do less offers and caught her waving armless only at a bank in Delaware simply having a day. "Felt real just like it was said a buzzing it was awful..." Who cared less than her? "We were able to look at her [if we wanted to] - just two (2) arms [in the casket]...they looked like a child's arms....stitched up the back they said maybe something removed. They were scary." Yeah, and they stunk so had tissue removed for your flattery negrot. That's quote from Neil attending another freak funeral - this time at Universal's lot in Covington, Arizona at yesterday. Who cares? You knew the hands, right? Apparently, she was sitting there silent and still aching from a terrible trauma of some sort you'd have to ask her I wouldn't know that. Neil says he's a spirit now too (can change back and forth usually my gift for too many dyings held, but I think I hold him out yet - I got mad one day a few ago fuck him too we are in love also) and had to sit there making remark to favor her yet. They are asked to note of other somehow in the afterlife, sort of speaking, no matter unwelcome to said. He referred to going against 'us' in this happening all shorttalk. I still wait to see better done not you again telling me what you're going to do. Maybe all a morbid fantasy still but know this fits my try I don't give a fuck and wait to hear of news bittled in pieces of you. Fuck Madonna you ain't off the hook yet my story I blab her mother reborn to here full-grown as Ingrid Cesares another bitch. Her mother was the painter of that Frida Kahlo junk too with her father - all of her surgeries in oil color could be cured by working in a hospital. I was that around age five (5) or ten (10) and cured myself of poor grooming (eyebrows joined) and talents I fear made mine for study. Fact is, celebrities get much in this world (we cover up with Hollywood leanings or flaws and the dead in voice such who bark at you to do or "we'll kill you" and they mean it...no one meets God for that stuff singing and dancing, acting out like rich bitch to no one speaks all over Monsanto a farmer of basic greens held now), but the resultant pain-in-the-ass still burns my hide. I need to brag to friends this will do for now. It said to me before I took this all on "amaze your friends" I said okay. It was more than the dead speaking in threats too. "Now fact, tie her up with her head missing down two steps or we'll kill you like her....what'yre gonna do now for this is fate. Your fate is in numbers, not plans and in play. The tape on the floor is where we meet pour her racy blood down the hole in you on the floor it's in me I feel light some seeds yet."

Yes, I talk to these women in the head including Ingrid all real and a pain in the ass to me too nagging complaining wanting this needing that never anything nice to me - all ignorant assholes made by and with you, pretty much. Like nuthin' - who's the dumb one? I hadda know more. Stuff is so stupid sounding, what could it be? All real, I run from it mostly. There ain't no one I can't know, but some of this stuff is bothersome as shit making feelings real for me - no one needed to know anything, most are piss-poor and ignorant as left-hand shit. Keep that crap for another celebrity shithead fed razors and fire ants. Dan Moon was also Andy Warhol...a fake too my family makes me proud as cum botho. Madonna - with that one dot like I don't see (we cut that off too - a joke I love "cleaning the shrimp" retouching photos myself bit of a wand). It's so easy to crime them I'd hafta puke in your blood are you that pretty? Are you? Never ask me so I can admire my own beauty to you.

Fine, As There Are Alternatives You Select Yourself But To You Maybe They Know Better I Did Nothing In The Way 04/13/05 0759
Happy belated birthday to my sister Leslie (April 11) - it's late, but we never bother to be the mention, do we? We do. Talk to you soon...and so much? Remember - no matter what, split everything received four (4) ways and you're mine. Pay to an older lie, and if necessary, to know me better. Blessed be. One person mentioned in the furloughs (the low points, "the things no one need bother with [as saying nothing to them as in capacity or soldiering]") of my site died when her mother popped a water balloon full of hot tea in her lap while in a privateness, a burr of heroin choutique (ostensibly, when you as preparer can hold the hot balloon long enough to say it's yours, it's okay to shield, send - count on no rule counting here on the receiver end be that dumb for it or lock a door out some sex is that good I guess a black um, figure crawling in your window at night still begs it a thought but see no balls to speak of handling just ass a tiny bell in back to signal start). That scares her to death then and while I'd say see also rising to fade this out permanance I never get what I want but you seem do. A girl at the supermarket that I brought back earlier reminded me of this unerring technique just now. Hi - you're cute. Just for girls...let's keep our crises small, afforded by us. To us. Then you alone may see better down, out, off.

obviously famished  

In Support Of Everything Purposeful Yet Meaningless 04/10/05 2101
Last month's link from the front 'index' page "March 2005 Your Garbage Gift-Wrapped In The Backseat" meant something to me only: not so much clever, but an homage to greatness as seen by a great then. On one episode of "Phyllis" starring Cloris Leachman (my favorite person on "Mary Tyler Moore" now spun-off with husband as Hillman to be her own show) she and her live-in, really, gift-wrap their household garbage ostensibly to be stolen from the rear seat of their unlocked car during a particularly nasty garbage strike. Find out what you get when you get there - sure - an 'in your own time, in your own way' kinda thing. You receive much in same here I honor that to those who may get something less than governed their way. Do you know me? Each have meaning to say back to no meaning or otherwise. I would know only you. To respond is to be you. Never to me. Never see beyond this.

Listen to the "Mary Tyler Moore" theme song from seasons 2-7 here - still reeks of quality the horns by Tavares styled as by Chopin. Elton John sings. I just sang it for myself. Then the theme from "Maude" WAV (124 KB) my favorite (after the "Alice" and "Fish" bangers, that is).

Others slept:

The word "famish" - I was "famished" or hungry then. How is it then that I am also "famished" when someone is now revealed in face as to be greater than me I all impressed as possibly seen lips pulled flat by the ears (my acting seen first by me in the head). "Famish" is French for "found this again and used it like twice [no one will know]". If someone is famished, they need it bad to use, so they seek it out again. If being presented with "famished", use "famishing" instead. "I was 'famishing' this load of laundry and just got it done." I was needing it bad. Were you impressed with someone's aftertale and found yourself "simply famished" by it told? You couldn't believe your good fortune and needed to know more badly and soon enough. So see some - a word worth taking for comedy and sense.

"The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" by "Vicki Lawrence" the comedienne (Carol Burnett's first daughter now yes)? It visited today for clarities mine Diana Ross is singing that I heard it today after seeing her (the roommate dragged it out for her on the computer my stylus). Why how? Blecch - this noise is truly squealmed by god over "play this to me no more" it says never again will you play this to me a threat vacuums up the room of it backwards and out. The 70's - a pure shit should ever die asong abroken. The song was indeed recorded by Carol's daughter in 1973, but someone lost the tape (her - forty bucks $40 over a bill at Samzie's liquor mart in Tuskagee, Virginia) and it was thrown together simply again by Elton John who heard a limerick of it and thought it should be out there... so sad so sad it's sad sad situation sorry seems to be the hardest word a single man. The song is about a black woman who made the day in 1953 when she tossed a baton up in the air and broke barriers across lands by being the first to get blacks on tv shouting and screaming somehow (edit out for black history month "Teeves" or October: popularize your heinous of crimes lain instead - funnier, more noteworthy). "[Nothing is sold to as] For children [to buy, ansem]" they'd say and get it done to you (whites hate black disturbance and discord -"we let them leave once, they'd say, and it got back somehow that we was in for a bitch fight. Let them come to their own version of truth restyled for the masses like two (2) white totem poles bread and baker.") Blacks had a hissy fit and tossed out major salts in the air creating an electrical storm and downing power lines - two (2) unfits. No black in life did this, blacks in the afterlife did. "Calm down" I said - "get it out now." They spent six (6) long years making amends and still I warn them to never see anything mine or die of in fits we hate it there are no blacks in the afterlife so I say - no skin is no black or condemn to be (I know a black for fack on the phone, however - "Dad?") A black threatening my white life (a premium paid - no harm, no guns, enter conversation same - not halfway through a justice people will find mistakingly) is like this song: no one cared, ever, but confusion arose over names and places. Blacks have been warned - ? ! never fuck me ! ? - or else power off for days and then some. Deal white that card and die like pigs fool yourselves an internal crushing of fifth rations there is no reason to seem. We don't live for retribune by groups state it cleanly again. For the record, Burnett's first husband was jewdipole Sammy Davis Jr. ("the candy man can" with lid, a jew handles an incoming black like a dirty diaper, then sees a wetness struggling inside but only after hearing coos coming from the neighbor's dumpster) who filed for divorce from her when he became her mother's lover (her mother was Francine Arnold, the prodigy child is theirs a black and white they'd say, white only enough who'd say it anyway? not those two black antichrists of fame both died at home loving kittens and furry spices I made in their homes mixed breed dies up to long ventures south you'd enter dead be white be black be nothing of it then, take yours back, be done with it). By the way, George Gershwin - another black-vetrusts-white wrote the song on paper and handed it in with Queen's first record amply titled..."Queen" at a "hot space" they'd say (they had to have the recording by Diana sent right in for Elton to sell all at once - nevermind Queen "who weren't good yet" Doug adds and about "[first hit song] 'Killer Queen' is Davey Johnstone on talkie]"). No one records with Queen, "they staple theirs shut" says a black (meaning they just throw it out there - Mercury's dad as Gershwin made it and says it's done yet). A racist underbelly in fogue (focusing on negative aspects) and hate (empty-headed bottling of such said over and over - hate is like the French "haute" or "hot space" excluding all else air but heat). See them shine yet. "A black does my dishes once Freddie Mercury is done dining" [the above said that, Doug adds "with navy boy battle outfits on seer" - "Freddie loves to swish roses during business meetings" - a fanzine I had specifically on his ruins - Elton, Bowie, Freddie and only them a queer is bought often of them]. Pay that again, Sam (the one who gets towels ready is the one who washes them first, you'd say - I leave it to you to die of one done again - so see yourself dead with this forever and black reigns on no one and sheltered a bit white come down from on-high uses blacks to help a hurtin' and hide home). A black has so many questions made - ? ? ? ? (just like their hair unrolled). Pubes? @@@@@

Overslept From Saturday Naught Woke Up Hours Late For Work Then Worked Two Grueling Hours Shopped Some For Sweets With Diana Ross Keep Me Small Be Small For It My Only Guide 04/10/05 1413
Sure, Diana Ross herself found me cherry vanilla Haagen Dazs if thanks you again. I was about to settle for plain ol' vanilla - imagine having it this but all at once as that much better your day. Now for the news but unseemly, our usual of disfavor and in but disclosures:

while we slept that is

(Nipped from the official Cocteau Twins site the news area mobile - mostly an ex-post facto says it this 'who knew better?')

March 2005


It is with deep regret that we confirm the news that Cocteau Twins, at the request of vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, have cancelled the planned reunion performance at this year's Coachella Festival on 30 April. No future plans for any reunion are currently being made. Our sincere thanks and apologies to all the fans and media who wrote to us expressing your enthusiasm and support.

Back to what's actually mine, my updated notes to you a significant:

Coachella is varied and involving personal expenses for bands - no pay, big names striving again. Seems hurt, not mine to pain out to you - I would go anyway and to yours. Remember, no one goes. No one knows. I don't actually know. Do you? I don't.

Cocteau Twins, while originally giving beyond my norm seen, and my point, have failed the family in ten (10) years given to naught this makes me sick.
Each new release takes me heaven with wonder about them, they haven't taken me anywhere to hope for new listeners who can enjoy this for same an evolution I refuse to participate this further.
They'll be back ever to see no one walks away from catalog success on their back you fake them brilliantly first but they record nothing for me who cared for this to me?
You come my way or I'll simply produce your next album of my own tunings co-written by me maybe a duet with myself my latest theory sees you delivering my vocals only with you in it somehow my favor to the unworthy end at all.
Finally, Liz's quote to me as stolen "No one does Coachella for pay. We get paid. I'm coming soon - have me back. I'm still greatness, you somehow less then. Cheers."
Fuck her. Elizabeth lives in my seeings of darkness but an unruly angel this ghost trapped by my lines down if at once waiting to recognize her god of freedoms taken literally by hand and filthings forth from this - not one to me if known. She is available for professional engagement as seen to be this fit, but bothers no one in her comings and goings of it. Be bothered by this not. Have all taken if slightly while she reconciles with saint a someone pulpit the words I set aside but as an eat to be with fish and chips hoping for something wordless if and to be done by you. I see her as only perfect but as seen by me as perfect then to and by me. That voice like a bell even as to be giggle but somehow trapped in an unknown and casually unknowing hell without me seeing or then having to be with or with this. I cherish nothing this way. We welcome you in return. Massive Attack - fine, have your reasons. Resoup? Isn't the fresh stuff being issued to wander bad enough? I remit you first. Pray no feeling from mine you must live this. To be without me is to be this finally. Be for your reasons unsound. This the difference that made you only me if you so should require it of us'd.

End this to me (not really). It is my will done.

plumbing model: house of hope your drain my seal of approval 

Wasabi On A Bag Of Funyuns What? 04/06/05 2009
Wasabi is a burned oil of lemon only. A burned, ragged lemon then. Funyuns, a favorite hear, are actually rice powder and corn flavors - a fake onion-looking ring with garlic and onion powders. A delight yet we have them in our upper-drawer ghost cabinet even as we speak (further, see the cabinet interiors 'gift wrapped' in paken or 'not worthy of us' florals for perhaps head or hand severed as to yours given it). I buy the garden bags of child-size snacks these to deny a family their propers and to have for myself plainly if (I'm a sporn in someone's family propered down-rope even as a gay then you made this happen in us - you see this secondly, first token a major of it then aseeming a less to you). The family at once graced backwards for using brown kraft bags to package their mixmeals taken from home. See that white bread on store shelves even yet with all the crust cut off? Not just for kids anymore, each predilect seemed already. Looks really indulged - have that to see, show. More 04/20/05: Had the "wasabi" Funyuns at Bristol Farms yesterday (I take my breaks there oft eating $$$) - tastes like the high-end of a shrimp cocktail. Not the fishy part, but of horseradish and lemon. Great.

We Honor Frasier For Honoring The Pope I Visited In 3-D Today 04/06/05 1958
The Pope dead for twenty-six (26) months now, we see beatification or sorrowings complete with us visiting Him. For Frasier who undertook hiatus of sorts underthis we add "Seems awfully 'chimpanzee' of her not to adjust her strap on her purseling." (Miles - or then Charles - re-educating on what it means not to know why.)  "That would be 'simian', Miles - we see ourselves [as edit or out: blankly and staring at it yet]." (Dr. Frasier Crane at Miles then.) See some more or then less. Why this show? I love battlespeak or getting more for less of it said. To and from Diane Chambers. Minor newt: Stole the pope's body for the ghosts here the other night - looked like just blackened pieces really a blackish head some regal dress a few junky parts. "What?" I said to them "It's right there...in the dirt there, but rising through almost on top - just enough to see." Here, there, somewhere out there I'm a mean one. I love making my friends happy no matter what that's why I'm here so mean and a bad boy to live me. The pope - not a bad guy, we redress ourselves thanks. Theirs? A waxen stuff not ours to know they chew and burn it up with religious knowings afoot. He's in Warsaw, plainly, and speaking of it we await. Twenty-six (26) years old.

to be thrown one day

Ellis Island Sees Much You May Miss 04/06/05 1421
Oh, sure - I went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island way back in Spring 1978. Saw the World Trade Center (huge city squares of at bottom - now being rebuilt and some to smoke bombs I hear) up close and personal then too - it's right across the street from The Bowery (the blade of grass is such running along mills - "do not cross" it said or "to punch you back [as in time so hard to me hit]") and its ferries across the river(s). No one built Ellis island to house immigration - it was the old Edsel plant from scratch and moved to Detroit once blacks took over (ironic and to get away? no - blacks had it done with them in the 1950's then). They made every Edsel there at Ellis Island until they went bankrupt and finally moved in 1955. What remains was rebuilt but has no history from prior to 1922 - a campground for looking only (the statue installed 1912 only - one year about). You didn't come through there - you died there but of immigration woes and working there long hours only. Greatest port? San Vicente of Mexico at North Carolina what extended backwards through New Jersey then in 1853. A trick of trades.

Didn't We Speak Of It? 04/05/05 2024
DAG! Was just watchin' "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" London or sumpin' and this guy with hairy brown-ish bleebs all over his face - on his nose - is testing out the queen's cheese. What's wrong with you gross fucking pigs?!? I had to leave New Jersey behind "I eat lamb sometimes." Never eat the baby lambs or get boilbes. Gross!

Two Ways Around A Harness 04/05/05 1917
The Pope - there. More on Johnny Carson and Art Linkletter later. To "codify" is to make one know one's own folly. I codified you or sent you code indicating I'm in on the joke too - your false credentials so to speak. To edify you, I build it or speak of such in public. To edify is to tear you down making myself bigger then - a huge profit sometimes. Use both willingly, both sting me harmingly.

okay, like sure

A Better Song To Start You Off I've Been Having Dreams Of Garbage Their Waking Days Too 04/05/05 XXXX
Back to business: Garbage "Breaking Up The Girl" MP3 (3.2 Megs). I know the album title is from Dolce & Gabbana or "beautiful garbage" in Italianesque I know it is. In the movie of this past weekend on tv Road Trip, Butch Vig is both Paulo Costanzo and Tom Green actors both in makeup seen. The super-gross DJ Qualls (ne ne 'nobody knows, nobody says' Whalley for "wall-eye") is also Amy Smart - see them both herein. Butch Vig (Matt Hanson - an older brother of super undergroup "Hanson") is in Garbage and is honored here both too. You'll remember ante, Vig produced Nirvana's "Nevermind" LP and Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" LP plus others I to guess. In the meantime, Garbage "Special" MP3 (4.2 Megs) from the "Version 2.0" LP. New album in stores! So what? "Bleed Like Me" an LP. I highly recommend the song "Run Baby Run" MP3 (3.6 Megs) with its eerie-as-shit intro sounds. Goodly good.

bleed like i do for people then talk yours over me like usual

Yeah, do it like and as much this, then talk it over with your damned yourself. Thanklet again. The problished lyric is settled your suit - easy enough for dumb now citing "splendors" to receive parent advisories as such and as said. Listen carefully - no song is sung here by Shirley Manson - all tapes yet she is with us, not you. Heard a bit of "Across The Universe" to face us - a brilliant gothic blend. I'll wait with no word yet. I hate people asking about when stuff is gonna be here with a new release in-hand.

The band invite me in - an interview of sorts with GARBAGE my love:

Dear god incarnate (all lowers, thanks),

Our letter today begins with Madonna. You must be feeling bad, but that bitch needs to be cooled for a while - you can help that often enough. "She hurts us more than both can say." - Shirley Manson, the group's singer.  Continues "Ours was never a friendship anyway - she fucked me with a rod not hers and I kid you not my love squandered. Do you care? Of course you do. We knew each other in grade school as Becky Horner was my friend too and guided well but at Cholosas a school for the deaf or hearing mute in West Trenton. She went there early and recovered nicely. I didn't as well. Kathy Cramer (an out-and-out cerebral palsy victim, was in my elementary school) is my sister and that was an invalid there too. Do you believe these things? We don't, but they are nearly true. My life is about having sane and here goes: No one here recognizes your name as anything but fabulously funny and stupid too - your whining - can I say that [yes no my belief is]? No one expects class, but you have some let's fuck sometime. Yours truly, Nancy K." [ne Shirley, also says her name was Karen Johnson "like Whoopi Goldberg, I said upon hearing spelled 'Caryn Johnson'"]. Butch Vig [his name is "Scott Albert" + Kevin Mantaling...Manchester...you word this out by self...hi, bye you know Clay Callendar kinda his last name I do not spell ever is that right no my preferred spelling] says "Nothing natural happens between us and fans we are not real, really. This group was made by God, usually [and that is with a 'capital', he says] and has no forbears for you unless you want dirt. You do. We meet with music producers - usually a Robin Guthrie-type not real either - and he makes the music happen with snippets, but can't do much now. He makes his music and we play it flat when necessary. The girl has a great voice, but hates Elizabeth Fraser for trying to eat her pussy all night one night - like you [do as] I understand [it] - all nighters all at once or so you say. We are dead, kinda, and make no bones about it. We like being dead both of us killed in car crash years ago [the same crash, Darby, PA 1986] and that still befits us nicely in a world that hates us and you so much. What do you say to that? Nothing I'd guess or "I'll kill you" you'd say. Explain that. Enough for now."

I bothered making a nice-enough person but now let people inside to hurt me for point and product. I hate that bother and strive to avoid unnecessary touch and feel. I am no-one usually, but altogether lovely for it. Now this. When I say 'I'll kill you' listen to it or I'll do you up real good. See what a jerk? Pull the cork. Toast bud. Never talk about sex stuff - are we getting close or providing coverage? I hate world peace and think I have it to give. Who did this to me? Care not - I'm real and so are you dying though means nothing yet I have no reason to believe I die. Do you believe? Good [manic freezing you out] I have no mind left - will do better for better done. Add as natural I'll pick it up. P.S. I fixed Kathy Cramer she was so gross! on the floor flapping around all the time art class, the cafeteria during their 'family style' programs (not served as individually by tray, instead see bowls of food placed on a round table of seating to six - a turkey kinda, for bully's to eat mostly the women working there monitoring the exchange are like bully's too joyless and probably their mothers bully sr.) I wasn't in her family thank lot chewing her food over and over spitting it out - I fixed her after talking to her again poor thing I'd rather fucking die than live that. Shirley your fucking voice is excellent a rock godness - too good for people eating it up these days. Who?

"We hate being quoted like that. So scary."

 Enjoy me....it all leisures to yourselves.
 p.s. (no loving out loud....it guides the self by off-topic)

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