advance your papoosa of causes in april 2015 or 'q: why bother living' 'd) 'cause you can't help it, i'm somewhat afraid once fleeing the flock'

all together now...

rented, under terry's guide, a dvd entitled 'the cockettes' about a san francisco drag troupe (see-feel: a 'coquette' is a flirtatious but falsely affectionate person - i myself cite gwen stefani usually as one such act stepping on people) made of many or as few mentioned in the seventies i guess - a bright cultural film maybe you wanna take a look at - has strange, god-like tones about this art-ish foolery (some visually mine - i'm there?) along with commentary about what this meant to whom and when (a pre-sexual gay sex revolution of sorts with your mother in-tow 'play more' as 'welsh witch' or old ham? the alone of cloudy skies) - one perfomer (eye spy: unwittingly having pizza with us the day i scanned it down inside me) reports receiving $45k when it was all over for 'her' rendition of ham slices held atrophe as some sort of labian discourse in a societal vacuum - the 'woman' as 'wildman' stuff may have thrilled some...l@@k for more while i honored the film with a viewing, i live and have some cash on-hand the one true call of the wild (you to sit and stare at them as savvy yet staying) and btw mammory lane trauma 'divine' is here suggesting new-found autonomy 'ate up and left' says she with $56k i steal for to hear now p.s. hillary says she could use that much signing in for a poly-synth run she has yet to recognize 'for i am not fully funded yet' i'm guessing...on the outside, me, divine still...

today's dream 04/10/15: in my childhood home, i had a small frog i kept in a cup or small container then and it was apparently opaque, a blue cup with lid on...then after placing in the sun (the cup - and why?) it grew and became a see-through plastic cup but bigger and somewhat smoked the plastic...there was rapid, centripetal (paint-like as issuing from center) spinning inside the cup on what looked like branches from a small tree shorn of leaves (four of them - maybe five on 'round?) and then a bigger being with the same skin of a frog but it had a big rounded 'dodo' head like a young t-rex it was...the end...p.s. the spinning seems like an angel i guess they do that? frog is-was a chicken as i hear it...the spinning was real to me today i felt it all as holding the'd probably get a ladyfinger (small flowered firecracker from a gloved hand) in your mouth for needle in your butt with pump...maybe fly away...

fraulein: should i reverse-mention i take wayward spirits-ghosts and shrink them down from the diaphanous (gauze-like) to be in a cup - i would sell them to niggers in haiti (as inspired by 'serpent and the rainbow') but good help is in short supply these days and i hate disagreement most often to not...

cvs will give you $3 in extra bucks for signing up with their app? maybe you
i got mine~

zip car changes to be noted: under the bruin club (um, ucla) commuter agreement, we (the household granted me) are supposed to receive four (4) free hours a calendar month and as we bait those at universal and beyond there where all stateside problems lie with showbiz junk and externally-housed (funded) production teams...annual fee, four (4) free hours a month (you can just sit, too) and we just got directly charged $22.90 for yesterday's rental of two (2) hours somewhat leaned (although quoted march 26 through april 25) our month just began on april 1 to be seen as through april 30)...although every cent made me breached and protested by such junk sitting around favoring each other, we don't mind paying such sums but i can't bear the thought of anyone profiting from me they don't ask for much but as long as there are beggars around and i'm nobody special anything goes on my bill...let's push the issue so i'm not regarded as receiving some small favor i have to see and then conceal somehow - another criminal act for beggars to scent and see...the contract was in the words of one person 'harshly negotiated' have mine there eight (8) hours a day that's good enough for the talk here...make sure a value (bailif? you are not at the end of rainbow just yet...alone, unsure) is there and all is worth fighting for and that doesn't me on the phone switched about to some fat hag working for the weekend's eats...god (or whatever you jurispare) doesn't care what you do, he just does it to you by leaving...more reveal? don't expect much handing me around as you...i don't work for that or you, ever, i can't control my excitement for life with or without you - you're here so what never die i hafta look at it expectations changed somewhat here because i'm spanish and regarded as cheap? i don't fly over that...don't exoect me to keep fending off people who never do anything right ever...i'm funded by a roth that took years off the job and now we are back to the same spot you left us in after the fall but he is here still ok computer..his father mulling over another distribution of $45k or so why the wait - don't let me interfere...i hate these mindgifts not showing up...six (6) weeks then just calm the giving feeling then or i hafta see who 'approved' it and when...that won't live in here like i do begging me or others to note...where's my money? i don't want a fuckin' watch...

women? you don't have red-hot's chance in hell of opening your swamp mouth here, and are regularly welcome as just receiving me...a man (on the offense, born with a dick, perhaps somewhat labian as no interpret for having said quietly) needs to be that in his lonely place in the world (a manger) and you merely a fellowship (fellatio, false friend - see it) cheated but up and running from, two pounds less - sperm...

nude page soon...'nude' - get it? certain curdles we hafta clear first...avril 'brown oriole' lejeune, and narasect the mayflower...'we see you'

adneen (aideen, rating, raiding - whatever felt me up) and cytoseem (seems right - where's lunch) where east meets west...i just use yours 'ogilvie' window-panprick lens cleaner...playa sharp...

update speaker box: plays for the ipad only - the mac mini 2006 refuses it fast enough for god knows what reason...i use a distant speaker for singing along

the purple magic of gandalf - ralph bakshi does the stick only - the big stick?
no small of hole...

lovingly priced this year $7 pavilions and barely shift...hydra still won't come note that duplicity
all else from last year's bounty~

needless to say i got my honeybaked tailored ham today - they showed me something pitiful or cautious then and we immediately regressed to the $60 model a flat fee (bought at the riverside location in burbank-north hollywood)
a beautiful zip car day got my own card on account to work finally was an original request as login on the account actually, so...then my chair gave out underneath me and dumped my ass on the floor with the large monitor on top of me...aluminum fights at vicious 'strontium' or heat welds - we'll fuck you back together later on
had a slice of glazed ham before or after it was wonderful anyway

your life is a bowl of cherries, this mine: taking too long, being barked out, betrayed...but by the self mostly
be honest - you haven't had a care

'i couldn't sleep at all last night | doot doot doo-doo doot' - bobby 'boris' picket's first hit back home in danforth, england - see you there

kentish town tuesday...born of the english blood royal~
who got raised there? so many questions spinning around with the glove poped upward as cupping
'she got my gum' the ceuch fairy

something sleek...or too slick? now sleep

the sunset intersecton at holloway - way up in the air, now down and around

pink pussycat: angelyne got a new car...'thanks for nuthin' she says
thanks~ and 'please, we're not you'
mangina got a new fur muff for the road 'it's all real you know'
you don't say...i love the sylvers on 8-track
you should wash your lips, only - no watchin' inside

1702 tuesday, april 7 - the rain just hitting us now the harsh of sound outside...welcome...or a pot burning leftover soup on the stove...both? both it is...

gary numan 'cry, the clock said' the studio version from 'dance' i had it the album
is thematic - your call
next up one of my faves 'crash' the dragon

03/07 i woke up to smooth legs again - you are going to die breeding...bless you, cunt now put your teeth in

witchworx: someone climbing 'north' to be a real witch says she's not actually having her favorite 'boots and carrots' (when readily available in a snowman the grass) but making water come with a lit cauldron...that's new...i dig a hole and a strain with a try it now...q: where do freckles come from? q: being a small aborigine in a penal colony - sure - on height pills...bursting from the face? you need not complain...all pills...and waking up harshly...moles from poking an eye blacks say...i spray them and cover up as enigma waking up among the eggs i eat each a day you were warned about seeing me...'you don't say?' maybe one day you bleed to death slicing one open and eating sperm...smells like your gums are rotting (the above says 'no air only' with harsh sprays i can't breathe)...nothing i do works having that you know...

cover breads with fave ayds blanket: 'finally then - so i should see~' then beneath that waking up harsh 'what - a nigger?!?' randy - didn't i blow you between six and nine in the evening only - during the 'any which way is out' hour? too much techs...join french fans...

trying to be: 'cry, the clock said - he's not coming' is poe? 'i'd cry if the clock said' me and my annabel lee not half so happy, she not so interesting after all, our heaven of sorts now halved...she's got clause, for playing it her way...

hot moneymaker estimating unnaturally the electric or natural gas is $20 a month tops (unless you pay your own): a soda machine on ebay great terms will ship i'd get one the work is hard restocking-thinking? ask yourself~

hell is the mention of you being japanese and suburban? you are the law, too the threat unseen...i thought it was bad breath...'we hafta operate'...

it's illegal to pick the state flower of v? poison sumac with wild strawberries riding in the car sitting on your prance...

'i'm not anyone special - why 'cause you're here?' - dM

go to hell~ go right now
everybody says of my banners oft 'you're not getting paid' like someone had their hand up their ass what tell 'em 'i was paid, fool''s not real yet people naked waiting for a bank to call...what are you gonna sell - your hollywood dreams? you're not the only one but you are scarce you die when all agree they don't need you i do though~

'i don't care, yet' - dM you'll try anything i'll wait

in the back of my mind, hope (hospitality, them): quarter one in 2015 notes no 'payments' whatsoever from the likes of itunes, bmg, columbia house, etc. and we're no closer to a lawyer you approve of, a junk still or to be thanking one (my father uses them and they paid nothing to me still 'you don't have the cash' paying to see what's yours a woman citing buying with 'pens')...i'm still here, now jury duty again everything you don't want and with people i don't want to be bothered with aging thinking leaving a pittance whatever nigger...remember me we're still here and it's all real i don't work (endeavor) to be you or celebrate your choices among choice...i don't care who you are...i mean that we have been waiting since 2003 and still you bother me with the above link it's fast talk...niggers

quick to remove any study of purchases from us, is anything bought on sale mine? where does it end? when we're living~

wylers: 'slide over' a reconte - ready for the world 'jherri's kids' i love the guitar solo and play this often - this is brilliant the guitar just laying around 'digital display'
relax - we use only posner products

that bluetooth speaker i showed you two (2) months ago from ebay is simply awesome i finally learned what to do just yesterday 'fuck it' - it doesn't save songs, you pair it and it streams the music to the speaker from your mac or whatever that's what i was hoping for like chromecast is my apple tv and thus is novella armin (no one's argument) - that's cool nevermind about saving songs the apple beams to it and that's cool for the money hardly any - keep it charged...'charge it' p.s. yes bluetooth works on the ipad and it plays on this speaker simply if headphones not plugged in - it's a miracle basically people get nothing of interest to them by talking it over whatever you are...p.s. naturally there's some fade (signal to noise) with power issues and the radio - something is weak in the line keep the power cords connected i'd say...i don't want fade at all...

though everyone disagrees, i'm gonna try and fit a spiral cut honeybaked ham up in-between my legs this upcoming weekend (like a sandwich a 'halfie' when you shouldn't be eating, like john candy keeping your 'strength' up) - what makes a blood orange moon more like a call to arms? 'like a pig has a parlance to paris' a way of gettin' there - maybe i get that wire stand too puttin' on the ritz 'just like gary cooper - pooper dooper' a little poopie never hurt anyone? you gonna hurt - we had short ribs ? someone spent $50 in snicks at the store for what? got some metamucil packs in my cabinet now too the last one i used was years old - too much liver for the belly to hop...each organ personified was told to go to hell but they come back 'no place for hell' make my own silver up them ribs was human i believe it scott thorson i guess to i usually say it's hard to get around the fact they were pretty good out of the rack though a warm pot...cut to order...

this on your easter people were abuzz about my condemnation of the 5th - thank u no parody of self i was measured out in it only the dead fight to be me then i tell them 'you are dead - get that?' a closer look at the eggs reveals i love deviled eggs
loinboffits when people don't have anything ready for you - was just there 'doing the do' it seems
easter (burritz) is eucemenic (no salamons, salibas) for prides see every six years or the first sunday we have in april - march is not real although internet plagues me with - mother's day is another unwanted rush-in - end the month this way like mary honored is may crowning the 25th
i used to like that small ceremony of crowning (crowing? you're not there) with flowers in grotto although bees may bother - you gotta spray with raid 'heavenly host and hinter'
no further to mercy be

a new volvo that caught my eye - i think they said $43-46 more like $46 to sling your hash around in this sport coupe

gary numan - small viola part from the wimbledon show '81...'cry the clock said' good stuff but egregious intro por length...the invisible man here is like the one in puppet master - the bandleader of the hotel only, known for being in someone's else grave - keeps you from being burned by it?

why cry now
it's over
feelings change

how are you
how am i
cry, the clock said

'do the best you can or i'll [get] help [to] you'
no cuckold? just as pretty on the inside~
p.s. this is also our douglas fairbanks jr. pictured previously - (the nostrils look right)

'a time to sell yourself, a time for asking' - talk talk (tough talk, top the top)
to sell yourself is a job~
paying, asking for a freebie

cvs has extra bucks on file now for winter quarter 2015...there's so much generosity! mine specifically? $3.50

tote: gary 'laugh-in' owens - supposed to note that's the guy who ran the grammy's when i attended in february 1985 up the red carpet i went at the shrine - did we get that yet?

when's lent? have some coke
ghosts can see theirself in my mirror - some won't look 'ornavael' even if ours look, a frankenstein

find another fool: easter previously declared april 9 by some guide of wit - only god knows why - has been revised to april 12 know that...the man died friday, march 13, and was down for sixteen (16) days now shortened for three when rose; the day i designate is april 11 officially but choose the closest sunday and stay away from march as too fuckin' early, but work with it...don't ask again sometime in april is best...anything else is junk you eat that...

thirteen (13) plus sixteen (16) is twenty-nine add fourteen (14) days for anything commemorate as chosen-not real pick closest not before, closest...the moon? whatever...april 12 holds the phone this year...and thanks again nothing for me this sunday mother was early this year with her gift i assumed just 'early'...easter lillies just went on sale for godssakes, you fuck...

sorry for the guide last month a few days early from yahoo or google - i look to see against my calendar and my mistakes for looking - versus rents due: my sister is born april 11 or easter sunday, my brother before her is born january 13 or friday the 13th as connote (1968, 1967 respectively) so without codes we seek the day april 11...i am born four (4) months prior to meeting anyone around december ('we're poor' she says now of then) and i'm 33 1/2 when i convert for the 1998 around the ides of march my head converts that is it has no bubble around it concealing my thoughts it felt like it was microwaved and turning in triangles i'd say (a broomstick in spokes is to be refuted nicely enough) my 'epiphany' unless you have a better show while here (coldplay's 'magic' promo video is a good show lifting as steadily that's good enough here)...then year two-thousand i have it all as much the family is already flying around as snuffed or going to wits end with what will follow...some don't come well let 'em work on it now...who cares? walk on water~ more like a snake crawling space-age - try to get away painted blue...

two days after rent? no way...

pet shop boys 'the theater' a bit livened

frukt? as in 'fructose' one surmises - not glad (this at pacific design center - frukt is air systems for 'old women' they say as unrelated entirely)
for the coloured fountains - confirms the choice of colors - then skeletons dancing atop each of squirt maybe

one of apple's past pro-champs resting after discourt...retail then? $2,500 it says
'i'm no better' it says - 'remember the way' all the brilliance you couldn't afford?
in ghost-sciences, all get packed away brand-new but has special markings people wanna keep handy - stickers and stuff
hoarder talk is within a very sensitive issue people dream in placement and design and are conservative in their battle to be seem
the dying - those already prefaced to be dead a burden to bear - say 'we don't care' of others made to be silt...and so is said?

this installed-type red door is grand if a bit chinese (um, 'trying eased') replacing a past one i guess - note further treatment
the owner or whatever says he had one before people broke it up and he wouldn't bother further
nice places make for incredible dramas or at least they stand out
a motif of sorts is my capture - the party's over someone missing an eye
you feel the cushion but you can't have a seat?

west hollywood installed these new recycling boxes recently - like mailboxes are everywhere, kinda
california makes people pay five cents for every can or bottle at the checkout and you get that right back if you deposit soundly with collection centers around the party pit
these newbirds don't pay you, but seem solar paneled on-top - one suggests looking closer they are just fencing or grid i think
solar power is like a bank waiting to note any gains - maybe inside you
keeping the pre-deposits around can be a real burden with little space of afford and running back and forth to is like washing dishes or loading the dishwasher right after dinner or during preparations - it becomes a focal point it's millicent and dirty too as small cleanings rushing through and that will not be here - maybe on main strips then they collect most before placed as trash
collecting trash is a glamour to me the handling and separations and all a spanish acropolis of sorts~
any the pay further incentives i used to deliver from my home in hollywood for perks only...'i was only hoping for a bit of cash' - pet shop boys (see the above)
btw those flats of art are like souls i commanded to the ground to be walked on as such while while they wait to see better - just a bit of play although god was supposed keep all special in his way as nothing provided is not gained yet a detention of sorts then what could be in-house the next day although noted as such

these white chocolates (um, cordovan, or coq au vin the white wine and chicken blood derivation) are at 7-eleven for $3 and in time for easter live-ins
when at trader joe's this brand is suggested me a melt-down of other regular chocolates to be sold at a premium quality
i buy the dark chocolate one often enough - feeds many i'd say with brips inside - the white chocolate a rarebit
makes up for the $0.99 refill i get often enough and enough on the slurpee moonshine jar i keep mine handy ('mango' is a great flavour right now to be noted against my passover walk-around last year trying out and ultimately declining flavors up the street...)

'there's always time to be who you are - as long as you don't need to know' - dM and you have a grave no rush~

'a new garbage bag of guts brings out the flaws in everything else - they don't change for anything new' - dM people try and i guess that still helps someone like me clipping it all up at greet

couldn't get mount olympus stuff - someone god-like with shoulder-tied purple drape and with shepherds cane is one flat memory
hades - not poseidon, um neptune...runs the underworld counting sheep heads
hellraiser fun tip: the blood, i reason, distorts their individual plasma or indentification method for those who would come right away and pursue you as escaped them 'we'll catch you'
'julia (the erstwhile wife of the father there) we don't pursue - is our queen'
fine, one day dissent - both her and that girl 'my father's in hell' you are that dumb yet (frank is the father having made strides)
though made to be wrong by-with 'rigorous' minds that can't live theirself a single day without bothering something over who they are `be careful who you betray - it's not all good to you'
'throw them all in the dump - who cares'
'voila' no good could comes from it 'why you!' the three stooges

nicest ever?
yeah, halfway down your throat eat shit~

mom sent a $50 cashball toward easter dinner - with zip car as furnished, maybe a honeybaked ham this year? nothing cipher can keeps you from my harms a veritable trail of tears (e.g., bee stings from picking fruit along the way - france to england mostly 'rice' not my author yet fruit on 'stolen' lands) last year ending their takes sixteen of me to kill a ham these sam and ann of programmed reading fame (only thinking too much of yourself teaches you how to cheat 'who's bladder' - a foregone conclusion is here) the real story on mount olympus apollo never stops by not ever as mirror ? 'too bright' though mars is there - truth made simple a war god stopping by to have a little snack - a sliced ham should always rest as option in my fridge never a wait or bother but see a $60 ticket once rounded it the affair to $100 as savored before any a dinner...and the dog still eats any stick-fetching ham too now even more human in decline it was never you anyway no one is that for long grow up...i might beat you again for tea service in balloon on your birthday or're still there and notice no heartbeat skipping one long russian teaneck throbbing with the 'medic alert' cameo across throat...never 'x' know, not ever 'x' off...six-pack dayminder corming 'round on tit...

'boo-hoo!' i nearly dined~

grapefruit cups resurfaced some...a little alcohol or wine within? that can spells trouble is that it? no worries yet...and you? a little mustard at the powder level helps? i never bothered ever...and now? mustard then juice let harden no harsh bothering it...

does not argue: preserving hydrogen at all costs, we note 'dna' the twisted ladder or double helix (felix? feeling first - two twists a moment after placing) thus as plants harboring and displacing hydrogen...water 'h3o' (the single oxygen then) is x'd one atop another and that is where hydrogen - made by plant life only - begins...the covalent electron is as shared, and when layered under pressure, the hydrogen or 'h4o' you speak of, constantly taking and placing with covalence or sides arguing in mind...more later...what exists unto itself is a 'ball' in theory as exerting in area or perfect (no use in-between, scissors) squares dividing a fixed-type zone - one ball unto itself then layering and pressuring with all pressuring off in layers - a balloon full of air blown or oxygen is one...gasoline is another leaving fast when pressure or the gascap is gone...

fact: the oxygen is resident ever only in helium as first; what is it that keeps winging around oxygen as in methyls? the double helix structure or twisted ladder (the twist is pressure once removed or after the fact) - there it is...

buildin' blocks of dna horaced (um, amino acids or no water just yet)
adenine - the sun's light no begging happens
quanine - more than less of what's desired it's help to sublate or leave bearing
cytosine - something dead worm's casts are good
thimine - the sun's light again to seal - uses nothing too you know anything, anyway 'site unseen'
bloub, bloub

each item, and unfortunately, houses a being birth-death and they are not to be disregarded - i ask if it's okay and wrestle with no facts
they demand 1) not to be eaten right away as food purchased 2) to be placed in the trash dutifully especially holiday-type plants as a whole world of thought would opens up
a chicken is cooked of bloods by bone so it doesn't ask if it's okay to go running back to the store - otherwise 'how are you?' to some object of incidence anything graced by you
a face is real - you don't greet a plain ol' jar or roll of toilet paper - do you? not yet...maybe in the supermarket as product representing mass effort 'and who are you?' so new but price aspoken
p.s. these lights flash red, yellow, and blue but each taking its time as showcasing kinda and then shut right off after pleasing you - they don't stay on
cvs has frogs too - for a mickey mantle-type using their livers when the other finally burns out...even when the first replacement fails is cheap enough never to say

the difference a gay makes - it's in there and possibly resting elsewhere
you can't be here as broken - a lease on life is clue
'life is reason, light is clue' - the cars
go into the light

got another free coke coupon for target from drink up

elton john's birthday tomorrow 03/26 - today celebrate, itunes has 'goodbye yellow brick road' the double lp for $6.99 right now!

got my new rubber ducky...yellow

made my cherry vanilla ice cream - microwave a bit into bowl, stir in cherries, and reset - vanilla bean haagen dazs ice cream was used - perfect, halve the cherries update: the cherry vanilla is back on the shelves at pavilions five something a pint savor the flavor the finest first but others...'game over, fat' - dM 'i refuse them their cake then' - nirvana 'dive'

this cereal is good at trader joe's - no prices today

rule 'em out before you get there - this cvs breathalizer can help

devo 'baby doll'

what - no black cherry ice cream and now grapefruit cups? ralph's is it true? luckily trader joe's had pitted black cherries in the frozen section $3.69 and buy down to haagen dazs vanilla we'll handle the rest for now...breyer's is a real buttercup these days we'll leave it at that...grapefruit slices met the hobart potato peeler with ground rinse and still the cups in a drag - always an elegant no matter what...the slices peeled of skin...

icarly 'first lady' updated: the star says of the father mia 'there's no person [portrayed] here - it's illegal' if a hero is oft mentioned or heard of but never seen...thanks

a great venn diagram from my facebook page 'noomguod' passed on - thanks joshua tate
your junk is your genitals, btw - your phaedras
twenty-five dollars ($25) an hour is my guide-to-limit - i worshipped that number once be ago
then again, i worshipped twenty-five grand a year once and ago...circa 1977

though a bit sickly, i bought this donation-type can on hollywood boulevard - a food mart with extras - about $1 to keep coins and provide a small welcome to hands off
this can's intention is to steal money largely, not just to touch for small gains afore
terry had to rob it today (the thought not so new as prior pried) for bus fare the card they use to ride and somewhat generously is between quarters at school now
whatever - you should know i get slightly nauseous-bothered just looking at it but we together will keep
the buses and train now $1.75 per ride plus any of transfer, beefs up with $2 thrown in alot with no change provided
although they claim poor (a self to be described, a truthmonger) pays for all, everyone rides these days - not true when i got here - stink is what traveled to downtown and with forebearance (mexican-type houseworkers the dream of, unmade)
massive 'omnipresent' stink, universal in its tones and a glad-happy to note with others, always turns left at fairfax and sunset you to forget the beach - note that
the beach is their home i surmise were the dead live seeking light 'it leaves there' (light is plumes of thunder they say if rolling thunder as seem says 'stay there')
now you know
p.s. the pills terry's for piss problems - drinking alot, milky...your call 'no milk with drink and...'

understanding 'ports' some: a clock behind a clock to receive 'calls' at any one moment in time to the very second as measured...the top or most forward-facing clock working on one such call received would be busy but hand off to next-nearer as such, and would receive its any the call from the bottom or back of any such bank as wired upward i think to say...the picking up of the call shortened the length upwards by circuit and then the next clock answers such until the forward moment of time moves the whole bank by any hand motion...more later...some

not so fast at&t with the extra $16 bucks now paid in-full - are these the correct wi-fi spacers for turbo-max service now if upstaged - i don't feel it all yet...delays should rest with personal and formatting-type decisions being made, a hand down to mouse at angles then...i use 'norton' on my laptop i swear it does nothing at all somehow
p.s. cable modem at $100 a month was fastest - simply, viciously fast

you lick a finger and connect the two metal-ish tonsils on the bottom for colors flashing...a cake, okay then maybe not you a hardened tit or a small shock

i dissected my blue rubber ducky with led's (light emitting diodes - note: we see the square on line in as objecting to flow galvaned? it's not vacuum tube air in the jeep after all - rough terrain versus engine stall versus hard resin ball) inside, and now another one has approached but yellow and with somewhat frogs at cvs santa monica and lacienega their counter with jars about $2.29 - i knew it wouldn't be long...and inexpensive (my $2 coupon for e-mail survey went to a bag of bounty napkins a bit premium at $4 plus) original blue ducky seen here as often now rests on flameless tealight what are real troubadours staying lit for days at a the dashboard mary and birth control of rosary (men clasp in death only for no religion - my paternal grandfather held his as boxed for the grand - all he said as stated was 'get your hands off [the box a pallbearer]' i'm only here to certify spending and to see a favorite cousin every now and again), is no reason to drive - thirteen impales a year how would she know? and you think of drunks never getting hurt much (but again, a great burden to be held)...she and i discuss the advent mary the one with her and snake i object seasonally the 'crushing the head of evil' bit i object to as interfering with a simple eagle's eye taking as already built in and a foregone conclusion - all provide really and in death further provide a crabgrass of sorts...'touched a nest' is more like it the eggs leveled toward incorrigibles 'we're here - see it' and official questions the hard part is where it comes from so shitstreaks on my eggs) who make any a gathering a fit of selves otherwise cordially welcome, etc. -- psst? god in the garden but weighed in as material good and her around is more like it...'two ideas bigger than the world'? why cartoons? anything can happen...and they show you too...

snakes and death stuff? life and egg-citing run from if normal~

as forewarned only-always, this handyman type built this whole wonderland in front of a nearby building replete with courtesy bench and then it failed out to a standish of mexi-cal workers
some city prevalence of sorts against notching in against others - a catlady and if expectations rile the feather always-only the madcap of now is born
note any positive change here as resetting the blanc - this is good as build to be noted
my little jokes passing by about a dog buried deep within notwithstanding just cleared of high stakes as i hear-form it...i like human remains pasted within mostly only after the kiwi virus does it work
'no guts' is the rule 'no milkbags' if legs saunched with therapies - makes them think it's okay to show up for dinner one night, let's them try
that stuff inside 'is not real' but brings vampires back up to date each cell with its own liver-equivalent for wastes the 'mitochondria' a phone in each house or universal access is more real than tv would have it say
any form of function (a form drawn by scope, area coverage of heats) thinking helps me know some~

'i would die for u - darlin' if you want me to, you' - the artist known as prints 'baby, i'm a star' little red cerviche with no spit this time

garbage '#1 crush' from romeo and juliet 'be so sure yourself - i am not so dead if you can know of me and be so soon'
'death is more real than taxes, and still you can't pay' - dM
'huh? never heard tell of it'
'have a nice trip, sybil' hold in yer water, sybil
the voice is from the enjoli commercial - if you like that, you gonna love this porkskins and in a hot flash
by prince bourborigamy

i would die for you, i would die for you
i've been dying just to feel you by my side
to know that you're mine

i will cry for you, i will cry for you
i will wash away your pain with all my tears
and drown your fear

i will pray for you, i will pray for you
i will sell my soul for something pure and true
someone like you

see your face every place that i walk in
hear your voice every time that i'm talking
you will believe in me and i will never be ignored

i will burn for you, feel pain for you
i would twist the knife and bleed my aching heart
and tear it apart

i will lie for you, beg and steal for you
i will crawl on hands and knees until you see
you're just like me

violate all the love that i'm missing
throw away all the pain that i'm living
you will believe in me and i can never be ignored

i would die for you, i would kill for you
i will steal for you, i'd do time for you
i will await for you, i'd make room for you

i'd sail ships for you, to be close to you
to be a part of you as i believe in you
i believe in you, i would die for you

is honey dextrose the disaccharide and simple sugar? should be - makes me hungry like there's fiber in it (bees get it from flowers you can go direct)...also doesn't need insulin - get that...more: dextrose is from wax only - flowers, all of it that's not fruit 'fructose' what is longer 'lasting'....lactose is cow's milk and some glucose there too just a bit - lactose is not sugar, but an acid it keeps sugar if can...note that...honey has no sugar but gets it from blood the problem...any '-ose' isn't sugar as thought but me it gets there with enzymes only an enzyme or 'acid call' is what i use honey has it more and gets there faster is all...all from you or not using first my index for salvation a dirty word yet saving a self as the skin has it...neil adds 'when i'm skinned i can't even think' (they don't put it on until last they'd say 'until you're done thinking about it all while here')...

down to one (1) box of kraft mac and cheese and naturally chosen among foodstuffs - one of ten purchased around 08/19 at target...but, um...the arcane parking village that is mcdonald's on century boulevard at lax had green shakes too - maybe many more was a rare afford - we stopped there yesterday 03/18 for lunch after picking terry up (he had it bought for me already when he picked me up and it rained too all was merry but late)...i wasn't that hungry having gassed up with pan-roasted turkey and alpine lace swiss on jewish rye earlier, but got the two cheeseburger meal with coke so did he but diet coke...tight-ass parking notches with drive-through crowding the place...and while me and full-on criminals black women discussed their workday...what is pan-roasted to you? mine was just a breast cooked on stovetop, really - more like sliced should be...and whoever turned me on to alpine lace swiss < $6 a pack you should be in reddened hell by now...they hate paying for it to come down...

key: 'alpine' is like 'alpine blitz', 'alpen' is like 'alpen pantry' sausage-meisters in the help ruin everything...

if you only had one for brushing your teeth in the morning, shaving your back
from flacebook - don't wanna kill the goose before it lays the golden egg
to garbage bag: can be used for trespassing - sometimes it's hard to keep your stance of 'no wit'

apple's gonna dump usb ports (even the ipad has one, kinda)? whatever you are you need to go hang yourselves promptly then the work begins...keeping you more junk you give up yours, whatever that is - you jerk each other off the news and you...all this fuckin' rail and success for no ones and nothing i can use at the store everything so fuckin' boring...each a junk...then they'll get to excel the one true misery doesn't give you skills don't worry about it the days of fat asses sitting with paper and pencil are gone gone gone unless you were murdered...your lives are so boring i'd fuckin' die laughing at it served me with shaved-down legs, being at all them fuckin' dinners, fuckin' weddings, others crapping as a show you are gross only balancing balls on the feet like an idiot nothing's i lived long enough to see bruce jenner having a 'sex' change...jim thorpe again? what would i do with that? i didn't run because like an aids test they decide a winner ahead of time with loops and danger zones good luck you fuckers~ if you live long enough you'll see everything in the 80's was real only and they would have snuffed you knowing what human garbage you are an armpit to the gods a nigger another grimace with eight cups a'sucking...but with junkbags who cheat value of others and close a mcdonald's while i'm still thinking it over for the nine-hundreth time - look at your body the whole story's there people run from it...god bless you, a cunt don't you care for me, nigger p.s. this is god's work while i sleep fucking excusing women? i don't need anything from that...trying to use their own death cheaped as a playing card what junk their heads pile up around me in the street self-given why they try to use theirs, their freckly junk to know of my psycho-sexual circus of scares and a single pleasure - i don't care fuckin' crazy human junk...let's see it. you keep the new knit cap that makes you seem...

2007's 'death sentence' - all here - kevin bacon stars in a film that makes him old and young too...what to do?

terry back at work today 03/19...and you?

new you can use: at i took u-verse 300 (a level of viewing given a grant) and shipped it back down to u-verse 200 and booked it in at $59 a month (sixty bucks like years ago at comcast-sammons for basic cable - internet turbo max same price even though the bill rang in at $134 this month s/b $118 as booked with no late payment afoot - no, none - is due tomorrow 03/18 now is maybe gonna be late 'taxes' new costs explained some asian to me yeah yeah) notable channel on u-verse 300 is 'smithsonian' - not enough to keep, but more in-depth than anything i've seen - things like french people their chefs hunting-capturing birds afield and running these socialist supper clubs each night you eat here kinda with obligatory french wines toasting each other - you eat whatever they serve and enjoy with many others mostly men...more later maybe if i remember...another was on lockerbie someone interviewed by me said all dead were on the ground in the surrounding area...heart attacks, whatever...perpetrators said it tooks years to get the queen their target who was riding on it and sought by radio guest they said...dragging her ass over us while landing...'ruined our lives'...'noise' she heading to 'house of fraser' when threatened sufficiently sewing in a group...'too nervous'...

so cares the thought: the iphone 6 is running at $600 the each on ebay....what the hell is that? they start retail $199...was it in the urinal? 'real-ly?' next up, more 03/23/15 a month past mother tonight: the iphone price $199 is under two-year contract - at&t 'next' is $24.95 a month my target price then...what i pay now for a plain there...

david bowie 'space oddity' by any a request

here's the response from .mp3 headquarters - the itunes stuff gives me a headache as mutually exclusive
w/o a card is cheapest new battery for an in-house disk player - mine has no such card or slot tee hee (view cards at walmart)
i could be left to make a case for it all, i could've made all them songs too and be made to listen to derisive behavior (new thoughts on different purposes)
what's mine is what excites me - don't listen too much people don't wanna feel unless the charmin is yours...'you don't need to understand me' yet
what hurts you is ours alone - what you run from
favorite lyric 'run [right] home' it's in everything if you listen

happy st. patrick's day - we're still here 'let the little ones play' he says...that'll be a quick sale of the self seen for something small and attentive...terry's back tomorrow says his job left him with a sour note anyway...and why not? went to mcdonald's last evening for a big mac meal and leprechaun shake...not bad...gassed up the zip car at chevron too...this one model lets us plug in an .mp3 player as 'aux' easily enough and although others frown (no it doesn't drain anything down - check elsewhere), i don't want 'em around at all unless there's some stricture to the dawnings of the mouth and without the cooldowns and letters to no one...all and all a good-enough week...

made a good ring of dirt-brown clouds last night, night before while trying to astate klieg hollywood lights nearby...left to my own function they meeting directly overhead here a diamond dave or appreciate no further labor for or ever, i disease the results talking to no eyes present but seeming, but we believe the blackish lens block nearest the glass issuing did the best although flutter near zeniths was coming and going halfway down refocusing efforts merrily and situation blindness helped or intermittant halo effect from staring at for too long...nobody with but claiming me off pulls me down...singing a little in the hot tub with my mp3 player mocking women who harbour nothing of seem without seeing me with you seeming...i lock up the performance when others sit or sing-sing...while i dissect my little ipod shuffle for battery lengths an .mp3 model only, i ask ebay how much memory base of the one to eight gigs model under two bucks but no sd card says nothing yet....

the real battery - a gummy bomb maker stench inside like the tar pits of uranus - is left to chinese importers the language conversions these days like anything point only to no sale get over it alibaba chinese techs - just playin' - i can't wait 'til my liver stops achin' so i can use my new flamethrower soldering stick bought while in florida what uses lighter fluid - no instant of fun, it's like it's missing parts a gas grill with no tank or meat kinda we'll get bought a webcam and so what now? an apple application that does absolutely nothing is in order...

choose your weapon while i continue burning you (see at ebay ad if)
there is no lighter flint just you and the gas fluid hissing...
the eurosealer minus the switch (another such effort) will burn your fuckin' house down battery terminal to battery terminal a red hot wire only almost as bright a glass bulb
the meat is chilled, but the grass is gone
people in prison make remote controls like this 'it won't be long 'til shirley's on'

someone's note to the supermarket found outside pavilions today 03/15 with two weiner-long dogs chained up near the flowers and fruit carts
looks like terry's mother did it at home - 'orangina' - a lovely barstand - removes all plastic of junk in the tooth - now get that 'ollie'
ollie is the dog?
terry's trying to stay in florida for bits more the weekend and thank you delta for not working on it today a sunday?
his job hagged him on his last day there he took no day off just before a grant of mine seen
terry files for federal grants for doctors testing newer radiological devices at every angle and seem while they supress much seen outward i'd say...grants are for activities not cherished by government or grace - money-makers promised a break or 'go to hell' they say 'we can't be here doing for less and win together'
god stuff...'we don't want god - god hates people'
chinese dissidents (dissonance - doesn't come when called)? anyone lacking the patience of a saint ('three years a button' pushed one says) but having foodstuffs aplore
one hopes not with too much nutrition or health for its own sakes (helter skelter - death in review but beforehand and how cheap the box?) a common legitmacy of floodlands and pharmceuticals who don't rage out to be with me
p.s. is a post-it product by the way best adhered to paper...and you?

'unfinished sympathy' (the song)? i feel bad for you and all your 'losses' as perceived, but you still live and you might get what you want one day only to see you with it asking me to know why not, why it shouldn't ever be...prefix 'un' means never true or concluded to me then...get that...btw, it's proper to inform others after-the-fact when you know more than they do it's only then proper to offer your notes the rest hoping to know...what hurts is what makes me know value...what's worth fighting for...'oh'

btw - your candors don't-shouldn't extend to others though bravado beckons - no notes, sharings with others beyond the grave welcome ever - can't you see someone is uncomfortable...better to yourself...americans love this stuff it seems but i don't ever - see it...i worry about you doing things people hate, but ok in some hardship of mine understanding...'i, love a parade' p.s. i never stole more than $5 it makes the quest kinda silly (guest listener by grace: 'here, let me pay you') besides i never steal - is too much to ask...i might wait 'til morning to pay a supermarket for a bottle some the honor method rapes people with trust issues that pay more, but do pay i wanna see claims or say 'until there's a law'...

'god bless everyone' - tiny tim? if i think of it i will...and pressure to pack might discount but see immediate to feed?

'she got my dander up...' a favorite saying from an older-type woman, gentleperson, people who love cats...btw, is shapeshifting real? yep, but you gotta have a kit, kinda - no work, no pleasuring to it...we hafta be very careful not to speak to or for nature while you sleep (my rule) and i'm hardly immersed in it yet (think of me landing and welcoming first an angel or earthbound yet though not apparent we guive and shift among...or you have it anyway and greet? yeah, with pliers on the back of your neck...a pogrom-pilgrims at your front door with masks)...'what - me a vite?'

went to itunes and bought the first lady episode of 'icarly' finally (season 5, episode 9) - i need to watch again thought michelle obama is clearly perfect (no, thank says her nickname is 'pearly' i don't have one as not cute ever 'moon' but i make 'em cute 'cassa' (not served yet), would not have 'frenchie' but 'vfrench' if 'givaunchy' became 'vaunchy' a burlesque? givaunchy is 'the made-machine' (always pleasing to the eye)...the episode, an ultra-stupid plot about their dad's birthday - he can't come (weak trashy military goyna stuff - all balled up in meanings like turds in soft water and sandals) plus todd bridges is there white as dice and cute older-ish federal guy - the woman, while obviously 'a negro' (the black woman with short hair james bond fucked in the grass in 'live and let die' 'you used to say live and let live') is classically 'negro' or short of hair, or, is simply a 'negro' - how does hillary say it per such 'scathing' letters to god 'druid' (prefer 'necro' as tele-massis)? a 'negroid mothersumpin' but '-oid' is dead like a 'rrhoid' - 'o baby just you shut your mouse' - david 'live' bowie 'china girl' she'll kill to you trust that, laughing) the girl is simply 'innate' (has it) a star if others fail to be more provident (sees me 'nattering' - is it filching night at bodego inn? well, then i'll hafta shit in the drinks)...the ipad is glorious color you can't just play it the show anywhere either, also use apple tv for 'hd' it's the same $3 and we have it all to talk about and learn, nigger, and it ain't worth sellin' off (buy it again and get the receipt anyway? some screens are not good enough of course in a step-down language but we don't give a shit about that junk you hafta pay cable extra what are you nuts, bitch? play on we now have turbo max internet waiting some), that's not for you...'to fool'...' look at the fool | made up to go out | she's desperate and lonely | and she's puttin' it about | look at the spinster~ | comin' down off the shelf | she's 'old maid' and she hates herself ' - pretenders 'the adultress' i'd still have if so many did give me~ ' i'm the adultress | i didn't want to be ' words to live by, to bury you...simply...'please, i'm not you~'

'truly scrumptious' the kids eating her out in the back seat shitty shitty bang! bang! pu!
'not bad - fast actin' thoractin'
the irish hello kitty touchin' my renis 'blessed be a saint'
where's anthony newley when you need him to shrine a foodstuff burr-whip!
a cupcake strikes up the band - you could get bit

gay top-man's chorus (alto-mangina or not so much music but chair): 'they're all red ready and they're all red hot - fish in the middle and relish on top'...sing!

success: i searched high and low for this puzzle piece found on the street days ago i blame you all - like dead stuff, can't enthuse if there are too many special things

the eyes of naomi pluss~ blue, mostly unremarkable...stye
the eyes of [iliana] march, heroin brown almost blaque...cigars, second hand smoke 'ambidextrous' gloucester free 'no fishing'

have a contest 'shittiest ever by you~'
'that stunk'
winner, 'piss painting' grant by andy 'gump' warhol and crisco chicken flavour in the can 'you just blew it - and why waste good food on that kind of dressing in-fact it's almost free downtown where they skin 'em out back like bears'

j'nais (for 'i never' - how about 'you never'? j'nait) fevrier 2015 - that's french, you know correct me again: 'mssrs' monsieurs 'we presume' sarcastic but unfriendly too 'i'm sure' + 'but of course, monsieur' (or the small-ish offend 'mademoiselle' or 'mad as hell, but noisy' fit to be tied)...magna cum laude we heard her doing it often, we saw her doing it, we heard about it...sum

note: the statue of liberty has three focal points to meet in the face - fourteen at a glance:

my bathing suit (and below) - for the ladies they hate stealth