Apple iTunes
- i guess i should support you
- here it is
- you said the 'n' word nineteen (19) times the news said and got an award
- hands off ! you are niggers...wouldn't say it if i could, wants to show you i can, is against you speaking your mind often, intimidates me
- my quote: 'niggers are real, you know'
- never say say everything like me latourettes trying to be known
- 'itunes will dump you' niggers will come + i kill people for real
- never say me - or else disney
- people hate me i woulda been locked up long ago sucking dicks 'you're not good enough' and but for pay

Maybe This Is What Linkin' Parc And Is Meant...For A Better Person, No? Start All Over In April 2007 Forgive Forget Our Slowboatest Month Ever
Thank GOD they had something beautiful as new. Thank GOD! And as the rich are to fool!

Apple iTunes
 - all of the albums purchased from by you stacked and waiting again
 - you click on each cover and see all again with discount made you send less single
 - (i thought it was all about me at first...does this happen often?)
 - missing? culture club greatest hits box twat, siobhan fahey 'bad blood', matthew moon 'i thought u should know' more, less

these teslas are mine less a few others and i need the press...
get your own maybe not so pretty you

Quim: You know how I hate truth is being modeled or sculpted alway: our versus "" has a number two (2) traffic rating with and among thank you interpret say
Alexa and after that Network Solutions. It's hard to get the facts why go on. Little pieces help us see better and at quote traffic quote "6,042,849" why ask for more bother than that said dad.

BTW, Linkin Park "hates Doug Moon for being absent always and in his den" they'd say. "Thanks if you want to." All come together in something cute (darling) for me (a face in "People Magazine" page 64 April 2, 2007 and the singing is personal me and the videos, that is not James Marsden hi hi...his latest is filming "Paradise" "look it up visually, they'd say...and wish harder") and wish to stay out of the way for tougher commitments. We are small, shitsworth, and used to bits - thanks again. Be sane, Man - people know nothing, be nothing to it. Someone goes off over this like they had rules and were left out purposefully. Why is that? People need new stuff and can't be paid well. This is no time to amend ourselves. I don't put my shit before people and ask them if the want it first (again) find out later as per usual and per per then get screwed in for it - here's the tape. Other alt? Someone thinks of me sometimes and glad stones. Crimson (as in 'death') means "shielded" as in Christ colors...deeper meanings than that, a happier occasion met. Why wonder about you? Negative comments are revised next month. I'm bored and borrowed badly plus some is up. Get up with me.
New papier on or just after the 6th...I'm still waiting to think of better, excesses are not the cause for you per qeu, were they not? I'd work if only you'd OFFER me? Still no bashful ripen'd the tree up it. So we see limits to our country largesse as long as it's a simple-time drug death (no proof yet that's not filmed ever - even heroin what's what tries you best yet is no guarantee either way you see can that) and you are alone (you haven't called for me yet...I'm still asking for no change 'c' by not asking me to resist further lobbies of it -- I'd cry being you only if talking it all over all day long with improbable independent choices means you'd know you'd miss me too and still won't budge even if or it did it did I'll cry now and later even an apparent 'suicide' is no guarantee and leaves me doubly suspicious 'you didn't die here, you died at home alone in the dresser with all the drawer bottoms poked out and labled 'organize labels'). Come see, come saw...come see. Did you know Africa - the very motherland of all niggers :) - has half the blacks that the United States does (at one-third world strength their home...others yet you...China has little to none with rotten reviews...kindly is bespoken...having one is having quote)? That's me again (white and theirs near-white are talk and talk again to me, black is the hand that held it out some you, you are not "The Secret History" a group of college-age kids murder one of theirs for extortion practice in a Vermont town setting - starts with something that sounds virtually stupid: a "bacchanal" a drunken wine fest in togas a junker where a black farmer is murdered at inquiry [of some cheap sex left out and by the others] and no one wants the parents of the murdered one to know of much said afterward a theme that varies often one fabled teacher at the college folds and runs away when he finds out stuff - truly rich in tale and spend a good one what opens with a 'bang!' we sex "Henry" with a black and that blows guns backwards...but I'm "Richard" unknowing of self not that you at unmention?...another black authoress unsent...the grave beckons me in some). Sending them back home means an island the West Indies (Florida only)? No - we half as rude and twice as merry they come anyway, we'd say and hafta pull out soon enough with GOD books every step helping out. And Lord said - "[you] fuck that, Bitch...outrage." Just bought Linkin Park's little song very an elegant for my friend (much over the name sees a small place only the dead visit in Hightstown, New Jersey a smacking death ensues here - more junk less bother equals junk see me here not, better people equal better responses no one is free to say this here - people are here that's all you need know "I had all I wanted say nothing of it..." befriend each other without mother doll)...the singer at videos and one his stage bother were nearby the parking garage here a few days ago I look like no one too we are both lost in the valley of the lost (to you) angels (screwing blanks) while priests die off parting flakes real not real we seem solvate. If concerned, some of this stuff is so stupid but bother has no middle name it just says 'throw that in the water' and I do as no one you can see doing that well. You care too, be first. Charity starts at home. I spray for it to hound you better flatzing out like prayers rasp in an old age while living in your own rented home.

Get a job each one of you god bless us all. Happy week to fools everyhow. With the crimson death of porpmiester Aaron Spelling (his over-the-pill wife, the foamess bulkhead that is Tori as youthed as stalking) comes the resorting and restaging of the "Dynasty" cast somewhere in Tom's River, NJ (wait to be called - I did). Sure - the woman who plays Linda Evans wanted me to tell people that they have stuff 'out there' for you to consider 'please be nice'. I make the effort when asked and if God only knows why I would. Stay, they're always better than you - always. So it's on-again 'til your drapes 'get wiped with satiny shit' I'd say before p'anfing and the old dresses.

"He doesn't make any effort to write, so why would I read it?" To see if you can? We seek to eliminate the style you choose delivered state in favor of hacks and mindbenders. You read after crises and see nothing but bless but are cautioned that none of this is or will be essential to be what I am to you then it's vis a vis (you see, and still see...I see nothing yet you). No picture made me think well of it either - that's for sure - let's talk over hunches. I have your cheapie success already made to me - now I want mine to lose a fight. Punch you right in the ol' tit, it did, and I just paid those franks at "Men" and "Freshmen" (um, no tits but wait there's this thing...has both in mind, basically does more to it when inside wishes). Now give me free DVD plus two (2) I just bought at the liquor store near LaCienega when fuming outward onto lame $15.00 one is "B.A.L.L.S." studio five (5) hours both and all a whole hotrail of zany blacks (each, respect) in one purne. Zips edit ends my zone out. "I'd throw that shit in the garbage" after showing you off that is.

Mind over leaves me to fight you off when I disagree often using others -  I throw you all away and me. If I have all I want and with no further argument, I might rise the next day to have all once again. I don't fight my way here. Life is good, you have excess needs. You are that to me.       

What? This is what having your way at the mall proves -- you'll be back one day, Frosty The Ballman. See ya soon...see you at the downside in another scheme. Hi to new neighbors keep your woman female braccle wireless...I love retards. Instead 'you' about 1,400 as out from under the bed mapple shank. Cry not for me, weep openly. "Jesus wept"? Jesus would have wept had he heard you crying over him a guide or so put. I disintegrate in layers vapored and all for show until the front part of breathing tightens. You say first. "Can you get it back together?" Not yet I forgot something...over   

Cauliflower is broccoli, but young and disgusting? Yup. That explained it. Then cabbage from that onward? How why? To hate and to mate with pantie.   

Captain & Tennille "Muskrat Love" Captain & Tennille - Ultimate Collection: Captain & Tennille - Muskrat Love from their "Ultimate Collection" LP (um, never a better) because they are better than you still I live to point it out 'this is simply better stuff' they would never talk to me plus we like your genre, kinda - the whole 'love' thing what crap I like fewer choices, real reasons not to say you well, not knowing much and getting to learn more anyway you style it. I like 'muskrat love' when you're dead it says you will get to see nothing about me yet my terms more agreeable to who pleases me most. Never pay hate. Hate restyles you only. I let you speak it out and be that here. Hate won't say.

Love is like credit cards - pay their fees if can. Always a good seem. Rear views buy it and what more...just got me a new one with hefty interest and all that is just for 'smart' types so smart to me I have them sit still for my lengthy advice too...'never accept these terms ever - in the long run you pay too much for this here stuff you already ate it all why pay me again?' + 'i fuck over corporations (lovings from money, seeking out the money) not people - I spread the pain over this greedy types trying to make more with me here watching I'm only standing by.'

I would never ask to know your shit - I wanted mine known to me - not your junk. A real nightmare keeping me, mine - why? Dennis Miller is Toni Tennille? That's why you eat shit - you ask them to feed it to you. Whatever - never mess with perfect stuff get better for you only that is not you for me. Trade you up.

I hafta go through Linkin Park's junk -- here is "In The End" good enough is newer thanks Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Bonus Version) - In the End where the inlay make, model ends 05/02/07 anyway flask 30,256 as prices drop across yarns made and as from "Hybrid Theory (Cheepie Belit Crooked Uncut Version)" run, tell also get "Crawling" they don't get paid neither do I ever yet until your husband accepts his new flart salary at position to be upgrade that is without your muse my pussy willow I can bend no one records you ever you earn the teletype of our favours or die singing yourself as you brood no one is real enough to speak theirself aloud in a crowd we'd laugh in your fuckin' face if I'm pleased, you are no one special there now you muss sing it again that one purty part but slower or I'll shoot you full of hook pamprin and hide the sets 'what is the melody played on keyboard to vocal?' you again is not me we wind and rewind not yet young miss not yet you protest no one like me yet a singer is only selfish and you can't make me cum alone -- (supposed, a fountain place where blacks sees you and stays put - junk for the bother of it all stay out of it be that done a white junkbox of it snuffed with godstink) for Marc (their singer my perfect new lover - everyone is 'famous', sure, but can't say you can never know me either no pay to seem) South Park - alot of is pure junk we'll see more later...I'm serious minded here you hate any other fame I don't see anything about you yet except me...we'll be back you too.

"We don't make them real ever...they don't pay. We play to them, not for them." - someone who must know you too
"People would beat the shit out of that until they made sense of it a production as for - and that is never. You don't defeat people for position in their face - they wait a day. After what seen you should have said." - dM who thinks about being great enough to kill your enthusiasm only...are you me? Hardly not. Be that great and we'll have it all heard by you already. Sample to be my shit not. "We talked and stretched the vocal into being that." Do it again. Do it now. "We made curves out of dumb wordings on thumb and still I hate saying it to be heard well...a fool does this to me a ruin of hate is me made understand well. Selfish sucks on me."

"We don't make it, we play it - thanks again the same." No one said that. I can't do all of that it basically sucks after day one then two. "I can't cum tonight either." Wants to be me, is not that yet. Will not cum.

I can't believe a freak has that amount of depth any. I won't believe it either a fuckin' freak has said nothing to me I pay for you get paid to shit in it over time even. Sing it to be the sammy at home. Doug "keeps code" to avoid setting plates for everyone made all-butt and within will she and because he gave his word? No, I took that stuff out too....I fuck all to be all to you all I'd sign it right here 'moustafa'.   

Apple iTunes
i loved all of your old movies and all 'total recall' and 't2' but may have shot your load already 'never again to me skynet'...'a black made that - sure - in hell everything's real now shine my shoes'
actually, i still crack up over 't2' five minutes in - that naked biker shit is damned funny see it to you again but you've been milked right out of the hand already 'sleepy hollow' + 'basic instinct' + 'the picture of dorian gray' at behours long? read the little paperback for facts not real-time death as it usually expires interest in sense toodle be clean and outward looking there is no bladder, basically a revel paunch and tits bolt the lungs to the air and is outside with your mind plasping ambule fins
instead, we have this as instantly appealing...'til death? and not a minute longer should you see...why wait?
love means that i talent it for you as just awaiting any good news...that i never let you up...put shit in your food...doctored pictures of you to seem as blacks have it...i never sent you a picture of yourself to see with me
you see it all, i had only some then left it is better than me you are left to be loved...left to fiddle no demon no sparks neither
you play me and fair thee well god rest your hole in zanzibars offshore eating pins and stinholden for breaks
if death captured a beauty is to be wise - not as well said
we worship decay...motif, the party's over yet...if you will speak it out to me a few popped balloons and you there quiet, doleful
a real turd of it...some is hair
answer me dirt
a catalyst causes change and remains unchanged they say...not too on pee soup:
even though you may see less (until ass will admit and so befeel): we'll be back soon to plague you with more of the things you hate to luv...been visiting with marc ondy my little friend of yore...a real darlin' still you hate that and don't it chew flast....father and other maroon tried to stage a live coup...he's only a ghost (as opposed to pulling a corrected copy down for my own turn pleasure), but fags see no truth too type...quickly sealed in an invisible body bag you eat fur...they poison me, i poisoned them first we see no change for me yet...thanks again marc...forgive forget misplace stamp bother burden ship price stem reveal hamper shit wipe...wipe...we'll be here forever making it shimp...faster pussycat kill kill you bore me to death...still i must poop down...and yet you see me...see me bother too great for me come see it, you are my very nigger if you are hateful we specialize in pure dumps let me see you down to it ass-first a real beggar eating at the truss and its snap guilders full of stink...a woman barking right to be chased out but hair held tight? like fur it soothes in making sumptuous bits porping out fannies from hagging in what-mades though quite timely their bewastes.

other visitors: angus ("phantasm" - all real) scrimm...others...more soon...fuckin' women everywhere betray can't truss nuthin' neither can i sure you'll be fine after the dump chases you down the heap where you meet others just as dumb as you think...even dumber than you can think of without being a great help. we'llcome back!

'metaphor' is your name for it...that simple.    

pourdor among our scanties salva (no one really cares, this yours too)~ lockdown@be-brong camma waste (you'll be back somehow):
before befact, please (accept this as praise, you were left off recently from maxims or as having sold - sell yourselves then, we wait for better had some)
simmles, however, i hate business fact, is womanly...a man-made makes you pay it a rent...ours here just went up about three hundred cashback rewards $300 and with rent control and in-fact
you should ask owners to pay rent then to government agencies for not renting us - not taxes, rent
onward rent:

bitters news flask: the world-famous hard rock cafe at spalamart (all go with no money in-hand) beverly center closes last this week...
another horror reign finger at beverly and san vicente boulevards adds to the recent tower records outage on sunset (plith 'pay as you go'...see yet all colors of banner remain as repaint if as arch guard a mcdonald's)
where will it be and end a real princess di what sighted this particular fergie while walking to fantz this shopping
someone says a patron choked on a 'fish sandwich' c'est fin de siecle meech or other tightminn and died off and has at once to procking this the very closing of clisp
so what near? the guy - a hearty russian - was ninety-six and had a larder heart attack at home disguised marty (one eye home) feldman...says he 'the salmon was salty and dry - i fed it to me'
he was in luxembourg and is the owner there of all hard rocks and fakpart titties among sample off
so will end at be dM, end fights

"I care for you for the right way - you'd never know." - dM who thanks everyone and often to please

"Who are you (kidding)?" - dM who listens but never for me speaking a test: [ ] no [ ] no again [ ] no, not really...extra credit [  ] no

Yours, then mine ~

just got the new undergear catalog in the mail per me
thank god - whomever bothered she - this guy in is there
i need to see something a bit nicer usually...
keep you in mind too and thanks again
'people say you're nobody special'...beware of hopeful, answers that match upward mobility
pre-nuptials, speaking before saying, apologizing too much
ugly is the answer and to beautify a life made soon
a graceless lady

Forgive this slow month - I don 't really have anything to say and have been relaxing as such. Now you too March 13 the 'ides' of March, sure. My mother's last e-mail is offered:

From :     Geri Moon <>
Sent :     Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8:19 AM
To :     "Doug Moon" <>
Subject :     Thank you
I received your birthday present yesterday and I love the lights.  I will put them on the patio and also bring them back home.  Leslie, Rick and the kids were in for 5 days.  We went to Disney and had a great time.  The kids didn't want to leave.  Rick and Leslie are thinking of moving down here.  Their corporate office is in Boca Ratan which is an hour from here.  If they do I will sell the house in Jersey and maybe look to buy a villa nearer to Palm Beach and the water.  Actually I am considering selling the house in NJ anyway since we are not there much anymore.
Terry will be  coming in tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing him.  We are in a golf tournament on Sat.  I played 9 holes with Eddie yesterday and it was more fun then I thought.  Thanks again for the birthday present.  Keep in touch. We missed you when you left.  It was real quiet without you and your "friends".  Cocktail night so I have to go and make an hors devoure. Take care and enjoy your time by yourself.  Love Mom

So, there it is. She's newsworthy that's why. Only the dead talk to me cheat death. Sell nothing. (Yeah, we see the spelling errors - I don't correct 'em because I couldn't get it right either - and so? Just fuck it - like everything else you hafta eat up anyway be hard to please we see only me then me again just having and to be me with all the skimmings to take right off fix you).


Old news: It's a start /// I'm lazing about anyway with the ol' lockbox paid for.

Fergie "Glamorous" Fergie - The Dutchess - Glamorous from 'her' "The Dutchess" LP (2006) I love the pronunciation of and will pay more..."glamour-is(h)". Like a bottle of beer. "Fergie"..."like a fur - downside" - is my childhoood friend Ty Pecoraro and his sister Janine ("we adopted her in 1982") mocking Puerto Ricans in Trenton and Texas too "I travel alot there." Ty was recently seen parking cars at McCarty's in France [West Palm Beach, Florida...for jail...mocked a woman publicly again by Chester in PA] he says. Mock on. Hi to Brad also wherever where unless fool 2 be.

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Apple iTunes

So You Find A Little To Skip - Feel Well To Seem As More...This For Reconciling And With February 2007
Got my little gift off to my mother today $6.05...fuck her for this. Now see yours. Hi, Will.