Eiyyel B'yore Exsprucive Link To The Very Next Month 'April 2006' We Thank Of No One By Mention
"Those are penises"...that's your penis, I see nothing but if that's yours yes of course I've seen it at least once over.
"Fangsx" tells you slyly not to ask in that stupid way of yours or else get bit on hatchet its lip.
Thanks you - electorally a dipshit female - and in advance of you for having to fuck it yourself up the wire.
Let love rule (starve you to a proper death with declines of your hosted affair - see you at the cunt, studying at its pre-major 'one-one home invasion: basically backs a license to circle and then enfraud').

Pavilions of West Hollywood has these great ceramic bunnies (Easter Sunday is slated for April 16 as usual you wear the clothes of the dead fresh outta the box) in three (3) sizes at price cheap but in ivory and mocha that mock the dead - no facial features just odd funeral-like oval heads. Sure, all bunned up one ear askew as if to say "listening some anyway." We bought two (2) mid-size models in ivory to send to the mothers at and in time. You? About $3, $5, $7 maybe you now as correct - a bit dusty yet, and in the floral section of on cart. Thanks for those round numbers on the floor, by the way 8, 16...something to off you...we see you too.

If people hate you with baskin breath back to, simply undo what you've done then return to same - I'll work on my end of things right here in the hitbarn and aflock.
Shoo! shoo! said the street to the shoe.
How long could it be-take? If heated-up once and properly then but placed up in you storms?

"Fuck them, or fuck them and you. Fuck them both."

"Hates it at-once, even as though having heard."

"The family that lays together, stays together."

"Pay the man, Clarice. No two will you both like cut off at the past." 

how to do you is all i say
thanks again to budweiser select private collection a horny subway ride....if and every little bit hurts
big people little people
good times bad times
1 - pray for us, more about with you
2 -  let me say it best, think off in parts about you again
3 - the day before you came

The B-52's "Channel Z" The B-52's - Cosmic Thing - Channel Z the one that went with me from 1989's "Cosmic Thing" LP the first album without Ricky a triumph but still. "A person who doesn't think [at all - just eats]." No needs yet stated, happy enough thanks.

Gerry Rafferty "Get It Right Next Time" Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line - The Best of Gerry Rafferty - Get It Right Next Time and with a host of others "Baker Street" and all from "Right Down The Line - The Best Of Gerry Rafferty" LP (1989). I have this CD also this guy who became Elvis Costello captures something about me my past.

Steps On Horn 04/01/06 1136
Gonna try and see "Basic Instinct 2" today (now with reserved seats between M14-M17 and ghosts, the 8:05 p.m. showing at the Arclight it the dome on Sunset...those are 8-balls on the crown of course you) - by all accounts very funny and very fast. We'll see this - they made forty million ($40M) already in one night's take. Meanwhile, VH-1 featured this hilarious segment about people having hot whistles installed forcefully in their tailpipes with suspicious glues and hot-type weldings then simply rushing across town. I love that stuff - looks like a metal bar with a simple diameter (big as can hold on to) hole in it and does not obscure the entire pipe but as goes across its width and simply. People hate being noticed so. I think of a simple hotwire running from rear tail light or red stop but under it car to the horn and every stop yells out for to move. Now that's funny. Something counting dots delays until on the move, of course...cracking some eggs in your heater vents? Abject, or not healthfully related: The other night we were out of my favorite brand of dishwasher detergent Cascade (ne also Electrasol) and I just run the washer for rinse then and maybe more seen and with-just heatbath. Someone in my head (no names - from the top on down, you should ask a question first I'd say of the above) goes 'just use powder [laundry] detergent' and I said 'no' flatly off the mutt "will foam all over the fucking floor" as if from some sort of experience I had but can't remember knowing and why. But then I went "oh, alright - fuck it" with "their" half-assed assurances and a little added some and sure enough and but moments later, the roommate comes out of his room and goes "oh, no! what happened?!?" with suds and foam all over the fucking floor and coming right out over the lower machine panel as intended to. So now you may know better never to do but no real harm done unless noting a hot of moist below - or maybe just a little a teaspoon you use a find out again anyway not to. These machines were made to do this to you and some die over the wrong liquid mixes measured in fear that once twice always (.e.g., a carpet "steemer" using butanes and mixes of will fuck you simply with replacement of parts - I had this done with me involved). By the way, nothing boils shit faster than an electric range used here for the first time my uncle in rural, hilly Califon, New Jersey had one. That's all they have here - my very first experience with these - but will certainly burn the pickle out of you with what's no doubt a glamour at sight. In conversations with me about this fuck palace and onward with problem blacks making trouble here, and in an earthquake country, the queen's all a "radar range is it" with its telemetries (no visible heat or burn - just glass with spiky painted grills on it). Nobody in the world has one like this but you do somehow.

Update, turn the clock up this morning 04/02/06 0042:
"Basic Instinct 2" gets nine (9) out of ten (10) stars (Madonna culture and its youth of hate are missing and with music), but my preview voices missing in action. Will review. In the meantime, this movie was very somber yet very well done, and lets few minutes hit the bottom for a good enough over all. As usual, faggots working overtime on their sense of justice taken aview and being their own worst enemies in token and shape no boner too easy to hang yet. Good enough during these times more crimes later. The language in this film (says her "do you want me to cum in your mouth?" or something else oddly earned) now reverses to me a sneak preview from the days of King Kong (warning: a jacuzzzi room).

Remember, a cordflasher or properly "flasherplug" helps destroy electrical consumptions. A simple outlet will do for the brown heatplug added on. "Fourteen (14) to twenty (20) [hot] flashes per minute" it says to me and plus be artful with other nuisant-type uses.  

Master That Bullshit
03/31/06 1748
It's no secret that people hate what I am - so? - all of their little stories freak-beliefs down the drain with them but I stay. How can you argue that I am not more special to you? You can, I guess, but now I grow tired of your issue and hope someone like you dies reading of it. Gay again? I hate being things people don't care for (more shit - why not you plagueing me again?), but who better in the world to make you know nothing of it? Says one bitch "You're gonna be married [to a woman by order of one]" and I doubt that like I doubt you're heterosexual and doubt you like yourself at all or much. I haven't been with a woman to date and that's funny - a grown man getting away with that but no one cares like no one cares about you at all bran acid hatecock in your ass. I stopped all fucking when you made me die of hearing wishes from this. I took away alot, Pig. Cheap shots again from people who have nothing to say, nothing to win, no chance of winning...I love to talk, so you favor me. Yuck - gay and forty-one...I should be on tv, huh. Instead, I live what's least likely to be - gay - and laugh in your face every day if you can't seem to win anything at all another gay. Look at all you are already - and besides that! Who's gonna care about me so much we'll make us starve together? Not you, Corndog. You'll get a knife in that belly inner-thigh soon enough - see me win that up in you first Jesus stabbed people too.

Talk to me about sex, lose yours. The dead bother me with it all but no one knows much or else. How are you doing? Not well enough...I'm still waiting to note you at all.

Jesus ran. You try and come - no one protects me at all, either. Say nothing.

"If you hate people you should shut the fuck up." Poor Bitch, you sucked that up along time ago now eat shit. At most you'll go to Hell.

End note.     

Basic Instinct II opens everywhere tomorrow March 31...be there, make it an event for me.

Watched Neilsy in a fake boxing match this past weekend on tv face all bloodied running around like my beloved Ronald McDonald (red wig and knives) and as opposing the slendered-but-white bald "Lex Luthor" guy from "Smallville" (John Ondy? better not be - better get a clue, Bitch). Thank you, Neilsy. The legs we buried already?

Remy Zero "Save Me" Remy Zero - Smallville: The Talon Mix (Original Soundtrack) - Save Me the can opener from the "Smallville Soundtrack" (2003)...better to save yourself.

Stevie Wonder "You Haven't Done Nothin'" Stevie Wonder - Original Musiquarium I - You Haven't Done Nothin' and as from "Original Musicquarium" LP (1982) as suggested by being in Trader Joe's last light (mini-slice of barbeque chicken pizza, little juice - that Vitamin Water 'C' as red so good to me too) a lost one to us. I had the vinyl of this sure on Tamla Records, and loved "Superstition" and "Living For The City" too.

Vitamins? What do you mean? There's no vitamin in there...tasty though.

"Google's Earth" Is Thirty-Five Point Nine MegaVolts To Save Yourself But Spins 'Round And Lays It All Flat 03/28/06 1855
Looking in as sailing from space, you see North America and France-Africa are actually joined - thus, that is not South America at all. God ruined rails to France repeatedly - a hop skip and a jump - many times in favor of boats, but saw the queen's new bridges rise from dirts anyway and on contact (the route is called "the serveille" or sending coach - six (6) hours from Paris to the Florida Keys they are French actually. Study our world and turn it slightly if counter-clockwise to see ours some in a black dots. Google's site is here.

Bombing yet? Officially, our new address is 930 Palm Avenue #146, West Hollywood, CA 90069 - feel free to drop by, but if we don't know each other, why expect me much? To boys like me everywhere...
Put in "890" as the correcting address to get ours a building located almost exactly but way off - amazingly, I was forcing two steps up to fit the order but with intentional "blips" - and you?
Our building has a pool on-top and fits the bill - merci-forgive.
We are directly behind the one or two army houses sandwiched between building and road as ghouls...we are the one (1) added-on part in back of almost looking odd.
The other odd building even between all this and looks like all lacings is a private condo complex however ornate - go pork.
These buildings are hallowed with ghosts who take shape just to say 'hi' and then leave you. Full of ghosts and Dionys has moved nearby by too.
Imagine a whole choo-choo train of bush moving creepy green up the alley between us buildings...a happy little soldier in face and I apologized for being so demanding of.
Either that, or a black hymie balloon blown up in your mouth - a la the dentist and while sleeping - for speaking of me so harshly and dealt of by black-drip syllophant.

Key: The apparently mislabled "+" zooms you in, the "-" takes you out; the map tilts are on the other side.

Another tip: Enlarge the screen fully to get details once if missing.

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "The Lonely Bull" LP (1962) Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - The Lonely Bull
One of two (2) records we had in the house when I was little - loved it playing some. On A&M Records (The Police, Carpenters, Carole King, Peter Frampton, etc.) of course, Alpert is the "A".
I recommend the first song heartily..."el solo toro"? Literally, "the one you wait for".

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Herb Alpert's Ninth" LP (1967) Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Herb Alpert's Ninth
Play it for alternate cultures, please.

frawg is king - now see that
a dingbat or crown of thorns and of sorts is seen here

From 7-Eleven the other day an inspiration: the shimmering brilliant of Air Supply "Lost In Love" Air Supply - Ultimate Air Supply - Lost in Love - so good to me " we started so easy | you want to carry on (carry on...)" in dreams way off center faggots love this stuff (John Denver-Dan Moon sings the whole thing in womanly and manly parts - his father and actor Burt Reynolds-Clifford Moon made him do it...some guy from Trenton plays the singer, Chris Ondy's father, um Gordon Lightfoot and "Randy" from Village People is the tall one in mask -- look at the little video page too). From the "Ultimate Air Supply" LP released 2003. Got me a new "frawg" Slurpee after that what is actually green tea not apple in taste a mere soda felt for, but again not mentioned - odd lang. A thai iced tea flavor of sorts.

Al Stewart "Time Passages" Al Stewart - Time Passages - Time Passages from the album of the same name (1978 - guessed that right trips to the orthodontist Princeton-Hightstown witheld just the way you are) we feel it beats "year of the cat" hands me down. Now remember, John Lennon came back from the dead to play himself flawlessly while you became old women following in his footsteps of course your erstwhile lover will die by murdering you in some shell way. You both should go - and they do. Back to life and style, John went on some with Yoko to hit it with Geffen kiss kiss kiss, made this stuff prior working as slave for Elton John playing keys trumpet slowed down "we're losing money bad nothing's selling us", and then faking with his son ("damn that bitch is talented just like Michael Douglas more than his father saw - even better than you can know as the mother enraged with half-feelings of grandeur-delight"...save face the pits of the world still shine somehow long over done zist gone what one song to learn if only what wed to turn your tit in the napals of shower). Hate the comment section? Just for our readers a flurry of nonesuch noted then cold grip of suspicious lump between it breast valves "scurrilous"..."myola"...bit of the pim-pickle but just, gangrous belly, pea-leaf. Parents the antifame.

We are not crazy - we feel obligated to entertain you some. Befallen to it be.

What? Who do think did you up the first time? Next time, run like a scrambled pussy - that lives on for being so funny to me you were never a man would make cuts in your throat so fast you'd only come back 'just this once' they say all so crazy to me the damage is done but not well enough. They come back for more so weird to me. 

Christmas Dinner 2005
03/24/06 1311
With all the moving and such, just ate my Christmas dinner of lobster tails and filet mignon from Omaha Steaks last night - a full three (3) months later and nearly to the day, Tweaker (the combo as-sent is called "Elegant Anniversary"). Was thinkin' and thinkin' about how to stir-fry what vegetables ? for the skibbed lobster like last time, but decided to broil all to perfection again lemon, butter. Thanks Mom a little late still have the asparagus dishes with hollandaise frozen up home.

Alphaville "Dance With Me (12th Version 1998)" Alphaville - Dreamscapes Revisited - Dance With Me (12th Version 1998) from "Dreamscapes Revisited" (1999) the single was good enough. Also get their "Big In Japan" Alphaville - Forever Young - Big In Japan (Original)...from the "Forever Young" LP (1984) and that song about the AYDS.

heavy block furniture is for the beach pillows from 'bangladesh' where snakes eat popcorn

Pottery Barn "Spring 2006" Catalog, Page 68 03/24/06 0953
On blackboard, we transcribe for you:

Moules (cupcakes, no frosting yet)
Molinieres (half-full, little children size)  1.5 pounds sterling
Ail (all above but for adult only) 1.6 pounds sterling
Vin Blanc (all above implied, with "wine of your choice") 1.6 pounds sterling
Creme (all and with icing) 1.7 pounds sterling

Taco "Puttin' On the Ritz" TACO - After Eight - Puttin' On the Ritz from the "After Eight" LP (1983)...for Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe his birthday today 48. My roommate's father gave him a huge list of songs to get from iTunes soon enough. Will go through my little site, no doubt.

Coldplay "Talk" Coldplay - X & Y - Talk from the "X&Y" LP (2005)....my roommate brought this back to my attention with repeat plays - makes sense is no funeral chapel like "Fix You" nor the religion of "Clocks", "Speed". Good enough though.

FYI - just finished our move from ValueWeb (two thumbs down) to Yahoo! Small Business internet services - and to fare thee well. For about thirty bucks cheaper (>$30) a month, too, our level of volumes and such. It's that simple. "You're asking people to hurt you." We don't care - we hate 'em.

How do you do this? You've gotta download (in FTP say "get") all of your files from the original server into a local folder on your desktop or computer, and then upload (FTP says "put") them again to your new server destination such as Yahoo! Then you hafta repoint your domain name such as "dougmoon.com" to your new server or hub or serving plate. Not easy - I had twelve hundred (1,200) files myself alot of songs but DSL.


This just in: VaLUE WeB-3B just notified me that my "account" has been suspended pending payment of false amounts. What to do? We'll wait it out the storm here. And so much for being an affiliate - not one cent from that seen....

Rod Stewart "You Wear It Well" Rod Stewart - Gold (Remastered) - You Wear It Well from the "Rod Stewart Gold" LP (2005) remastered and all. Heard this in Ralph's today...loved it some. Billy Squier sings no such person acts yet. What happened to that song "If I Knew Then..."

thanks you kindly
my favorite brand is heinz, in-fact
bring me no other
shop-rite 'catsup' is okay too
'catsup' - i love that stuff 'catsup'

Eats me to be of shaved nuts winter-forest, a helm of your berrylang "she hates you" if never again to me:
Scattered notes away a filesharing - thanks to WMMR for a five-minute listen online and as including their recipe for a hand-held ketchup bomb (one bottle emptied to neck with two tablespoons of baking powder added up - see my witless claymund volcano of earlier unsheathed and given great mind...note about six [6] days in jail "hampering trust" polymorgism or many ways of seeing you had to it -- your name here if baking soda). Better to know you? The music sure "music is our freedom to our express." Adds timely "We don't listen to people ever like you - we've had that." We note your success instantly thank god tits divine and you got paid to it too we hate dilettantes your way with it seemed. We hate you with yours in it - quote that cheaply, be better for it. What with no fang gets bit bad too. The books and music you as else in noted to be recommend to my hatebag made me cheap to hear it all again (to anyone you fear leaving it with play misty for me a rummy bit from the spine held a tooth at sway be me offering up to some less known for it).

One more song for right now: Stevie Nicks "Two Kinds Of Love" Stevie Nicks & Bruce Hornsby - The Other Side of the Mirror - Two Kinds of Love if when having both, tastes the same one is grabbing at in the ass is that for us to give but from you ? ("one for the way you want, one for the way you love me - you never loved one or another be it for asking yourself...okay perm "one for the way you walk, one for the way you loved me back" other people do not matter as so seem a praise - a lament only you hate what you get from feeding at basically and see what nothing more made in advance - you eat that only for you and wait to be hungry at it too, others would ask of it only, perhaps beg off...unseen forces what could that be loam-growing in what's surely a restyle of the whole masses made merde?) From 1989's "The Other Side Of The Mirror" and with Bruce Formsby, jiminy bits of Kenny G. clarinet. This whole album is pretty good.

I loved you some, sure. Love lets you fuck other people - remember that. Ours is something less here you know nothing works out I hadda accept this, companionship, sure.

Bruce Hornsby "The Valley Road" Bruce Hornsby - Scenes from the Southside - The Valley Road from the "Scenes From The Southside" LP (1988) - "walk on, walk on" I had the 45.

More Than Mystery Made Me Look Again 03/15/06 1944
Was in Virgin Megastore today on Sunset after dining at McDonald's - #2 with substituting shamrock shake, thanks yes, payroll advance club - and overhead played this 80's pop-sounding and playful girl vocal (donate, Chrissie Hynde) with catchy little hooks about a novel keyboard. I thought to myself "a retro-type stance - going back for what made sense in enduring quality kinda, and finally" but noted to myself "oh yeah - that's Kim Wilde's voice" at once off and confirming in the dj booth window "yes, Kim Wilde 'The Collection' and notes an the import if actually" - a blue 'x' says "halt yours a moment feel nothing yet, know more") something about "dot dot boys" and that title matched up to what's seen then "Boys" (um, written in '86 never distributed - "...they didn't like her - snotty" your guide is off). You can't get this shit anywhere, but apparently it's being slipped in as new somehow with older tapes being remade by Curve or then Toni Halliday as per her take these days on no such schedule when we get to it a master of takes then and now. Take your time getting to it, but I'd like to hear again somehow to be more sure of ourselves but hey I looked up for sure thinking then name curses it's not Madonna pet-project "Sirens" yet. Note the comings and goings of one song however on these CD's and thanks fuck - it's good enough. "Don't go riding it around town." Sound sample at Amazon while it lasts online...switchbaiting with me. The sample is sound itself - three plusses +++.

More on 03/17/06: Saw Dicky Betts (um, Getz) on the bus as entered I from across the street at Virgin Megastore then ("take the bus northbound..." someone said to him - that was westbound) - hi Dicky sitting behind the rear exit on left  - thought you were Mochee for a minute handsome hi. Meanwhile, was unceremoniously removed from trailer park today at Universal sassing someone your time up no worry powerful to friends.

Back to Kim Wilde: This one song above was left on the side because she Kim and company does pre-cancelled measures with chinashops - in other words, buys a master tape where you cancel down dots to make your sounds on a tape already mastered then - a real headbanger or trauma to mess up. Someone dumb cancelled the "timbre" or knocks out, down too far on this one ("they rushed us and just wanted a hit...'set me free' was it") and they wouldn't remake it. About four hundred ($400) a tape plus extras of nine hundred ($900) for voice. Toni re-recorded the whole thing and mastered it too sing templates also a real drag but gets it done! By the way, who is cohort Danny Wilde producer? Fats lovemaker Ralph Tresvant of "Ready For The World" fame he is white and slovenly, but very talented we'd add. Slide over. Plays Van Morrison now too. Oh.

Kim Wilde "Boys" MP3 (2.9 Megs) you hadda have better soon to me. I have a few more notes from my Kim interviews soon to you (the queen made her - born 1962 - sit in an egg-like chaircover purple with radio contacts left and right hearing notes before an appearance in New Jersey as English subject..."we paid you dearly - remember us too" like she was royal and dead or noting death to no one special - any further comment said by a smarter-yet-girl about 'not being paid to appear' for study of any type yields her pre-taped note of not having to 'know more about us either' suspects it live in advance a ruse. Then a halfway visit to see you somehow then playing at sharks as in and out "tits" (some 'rude...and who cares less I'm a star too...' bag it bother together a milk and dairy co wipes the glass an ether). Meanwhile, sees it I'm busy enough having doing else. Something to be from iTunes? Recommends you "You Came" or Supremes cover "You Keep Me Hangin' On"...other of note. Is this song about me here? It is and loosely phrased for fools-in a real beauty to me thanks. "Can you prove it?" I asked you not to also see. Meanwhile back at tits, see how a girl-on-the-go goes up against shirtless boys like me in success and no further bother I'm only proud of it, no nigger "Say You Really Want Me" (see a performance video of that single right here now). May all your CD's pay for further interest seen with 'seed moneys' received by you for better sent.
Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde: The Singles Collection (1981 - 1993) - You Came

Toni Halliday Curve - that Ken Wilson I mentioned here earlier is your father put back here after plane crash - loves Curve.

k.d. Lang "Summer Fling" k.d. lang - Invincible Summer - Summer Fling or then "The Consequences Of Falling" this record "Invincible Summer" (2000) not bad at all.

Is junk? Please, Kimwitch - no matter what brilliance that should be and supercedes you. With a gun to your head (my test at the initial curb, skin-cover pulled around the masser-hot springs of a spinning band-barrel), you'd fail to see instead in a flattery. Choose the same old fuck spat up in you, I'll mind the gint shop.

k.d. Lang "Theme From Valley Of The Dolls" k.d. lang - Drag - Theme from Valley of the Dolls from the "Drag" LP (1997) about smoking and its costs to your pansal tribute - not very interesting yet the 'dolls' smoked or had pipe-dreams ('up in smoke', add all filmers right down the drain no). A cover-type LP usually spells death-upon-death (DOA, PU!X2, MCCP, ROS...NNT, PPU, VDO) - hear this a brief reprieve only we mentioned before so what eat back at the egg. People hate my overall success in a similar-type edouval fashion, a living being under Madonna and all a life told of it...thinking it all through...but in front of people...reading the talmud scrolls again for clarity's sake, possible vagues left at a paid-to-dine lecture series. She looked fabulous to me on tv the other night...we talk sometimes...like old times, she is real to me somehow and not just me or Neilsy in make-up. Back to vow, then...I love Madonna jokes. Sorry...so in we live the dream nothing really matters you didn't mean to be cruel somebody hurt you too. Musta been real bad to me a heart that will not harden in our secret garden a rose without a thorn.

*Make sure you watch the movie with Dionne Warwick singing the opening theme as a train moves through a snowy Lawrenceville, NJ....

Eye-found a select bit of Madonna's latest-worn costume (color burgundy, with featuring larger burnt-in sequins) on the sidewalk of gaymer street "Han[d]cock"...a closure of sorts, left it there, "Sorry" CD premiered of late:
dead on arrival - you can see if no good
pu!x2 is something like don mclean's shitwipe 'american pie' complete dogshit now madonna does it to me again all over
mccp looks russian is not - mostly complains copies present (not ours, see it come done a fake work to me doubt origin of artist work)
ros - read only says no meaning no value to me junk an artist lending words to us political
nnt - not traditional or noted, a junker from another country being made of fools feeling nice about things a danger to know more cap this
ppu - personally produces sad moments or urinalysis or over-looking at one's self or life, hates friends having same about them
vdo - visually deterring or origin work nothing for us seen, warns others not to bother in-kind - asks us not to note flags or hateful noises and bother back at us for sales made you in no interest further

bonus at penis:
ccpu - calls previously owned order back - not for sale, but ridicules us with mind games reject as please
xymd - overly describes self back at public with penises and other larb, has no faith in me - reject please in orders seen
witless? not mine or made to be seen - another mine? xlmd or "extra large made [us a] diamond" a cancer asks 'did you get it all?' from labouring with inside their ass.


simply fabulous and about us, me - who rubbed for you?
columbia house dvd finally billed me for such a future of purchase maybe this - a nominal amount, sure
they won't send for me on credit, you know
just got another reminder from capital one
we see you've moved again...any nudes?
one day you'll see with me - nothing but casual politenesses slimmed in a barn-rubber sock
you two should meet one day over your lunch brought in a catch-knob dome
i'll rub it right in for ya...

I Dream Of Jeannie And Just This Yet 03/12/06 1718
"It came in the can - one season. I didn't get pregnant - or else." We think Barbara Eden is real too (of tv circles 1965-66) the bottled smoke in the series just too good to knowreading along with a new release not yet seen here 'out of the bottle' and all. This, and along with "Bewitched", was simply great as the women rose in life, if so to speak, and others finally were let in the joke be it Major Healy getting a clue, or Darrin finally giving in to what's simply good sense - not just being soured. "Jeannie" sent me soaring with Bill Daly (Healy) now in tow and all of those trips to Baghdad back when it was fashionable and all the genie curses (reduces only what you have) and rules (or 'bellums' in genie talk "why we are here [as together genie and man made]" he is blessed only) you had to know. Samantha took Hepzibah's place in the ether above and on "black wing" (without asking anyone first...the name, really spelled "Jewbuh", means "hates being bothered at all" - and is dead really, a project forth for us). Both good stuff Tabitha and all, but show me no more. Replica bottles anyone? See Amazon for a hand blow-up model. My friend Dizzy (Ben Gazzarri - peek-a-boo with oldened finger at you) has a glass one.

If to 'pretend' is to agree and with others about where it's all been and then where it's going, what is it to 'portend'? To see for oneself the portrayal forth and back and is mine alone. We portend on our own and allude to merely as if. To pretend is to see as no others follow us here. To portend is to see no other will know just yet.

Check out Pretenders' cover of Morrissey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" MP3 (3.4 Megs) as their new box set from Rhino and all "Pirate Radio" is released...pretend if you will. "A pirate radio [not operated by interests] makes sense. You play what you will, we reap the rewards handsomely. Otherwise, you hear yours made already. We need a breath from young women and their needs at me." - Chrissie Hynde et al or at lawyers through us. I simply disagree you are greatness - greatness needs to trounce others willing until they die of being had. I got you first through Columbia House (um, really found then within the opportunistic limits of the RCA Music Service, then and now BMG) unsure tetramix trying all somehow no actually very potent in staple as heard then elsewhere no one makes a wonder on "Brass In Pocket" okay we thought Alicia Bridges I love the nightlife - your look helps those marvelous french handgloves and severely nasty attitude helped conquer you are a big winner a geek if we met. Very expensive for rich (in life) people. Back to what saves lives that jangly guitar sound and vocal-voice go back go back much to miss over and over again while radio dies making feel too much too little for spent and gets sent along the way each time of. Mercy me here. Thanks for playing to everything I love twice the needle and the damage done is waiting on you here too (short and dumb: "it's about records and starving to death" - no one extracts that meaning ever no...there should be a law against you in hope of doing this or else, your money of course never used on smart buys or a&r to pay for it all - only boston-bon jovi turns in finished music from their garage already mastered to pay for it all - the actual meaning "we know people die on heroin thanks - it all works out somehow for you too" alts to "they died for this sex?" have someone to blame). P.S. A box set for what song needs to be paid for still ? - never to me. A culling, a career retrospective for what must not be missed twice. You need to know in order to speak of fondly. Pictures from you of this something new to be heard make this it great only. The "R" is for "Real" Records their label was Sire....Madonna, Tom Tom Club, Yaz, some other.

Now at iTunes - check out favorably all songs and mostly "Cuban Slide" and "Porcelain" as new on digital The Pretenders - Pirate Radio (Digital Version)

Pirate radio - who in her (lead singer Chrissie's) mind? "WMMR in Philly, mostly - TRAJ [said "tee-rak"] in Denver...CYML in Florida somewhere [that would be Atlanta Sound]" (?) We had MMR in Allentown (NJ) in and out fades. She notes (with after living some in Hamilton, New Jersey everyall and Apartment #203 here in this building for three [3] years [I'm in #146] coming and going sadly among from harsh gigs to this one room-plus here) its centrals off the coast in the waters where burning up the antenna is less with moistes around (who knew this? we thought an old tuna boat like Greenpeace but in hostile waters struggling to be with car batteries and steams perhaps drowning). For WMMR, I thought a little town station there in Upper Darby, Bala Cynwyd (said "balla kin-wood"), something (?) or something around. "It's on the beach in Camdentown, really." Oh - fuck them then with poor reception to us but we got some most very elegant always. Then "sister station" KROQ here a more very frat house boy-type lang - not a sister actually. A sold format from NYC - Kupper's Dave Knel (?) So see.

Theirs the Pretenders summary statements to us via Chrissie Hynde:
1-a. "Nobody needs to so effluent about people who die. Live us more please some."

That's all?
2-c "My list of songs from you? Answered, and I mean it."

The Phone Call
Up The Neck
Tattooed Love Boys
The Wait
Stop Your Sobbing
Private Life
Lovers Of Today
Mystery Achievement
The Adultress
Bad Boys Get Spanked
Message Of Love
Cuban Slide
Talk Of the Town
Pack It Up
Birds Of Paradise
Waste Not Want Not
Day After Day
Jealous Dogs
The English Roses
Middle Of The Road
Back On The Chain Gang
Time The Avenger
Watching The Clothes
Show Me
My City Was Gone
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
I Hurt You
My Baby
When I Change My Life
(this has changed - use from "Get Close" only)
Tradition Of Love
Don't Get Me Wrong
Room Full Of Mirrors
Never Do That
I'll Stand By You
I'm Not In Love
Everyday Is Like Sunday
(The Needle And The Damage Done - sure)

Others? Yeah - like I'm missing songs by Elton John.
I promised to note them all one day, Honky Cat.

See a brief photo essay and about "Pirate Radio" complementing a photohost from Entertainment Weekly of March 31, 2006 "TV Is asKing!"
Quote in sanskrit: "every day you eat something that someone else could eat too - why don't you wait a day?"
Otherwise, see it start Page 61.

this guy's name is "reichpirt" (say "rike-a-purt") and then from the movie "v for vendetta" opening nationally march 17
he was a third and fourth-century dynasty king or else nineteeth-century murderer of women and their saints
he'd cut you to bare and on the breast and on the dick for having him meet you in france one day over kings and their sallows of it
the ghost was noneother than fran ermi [his dad says from "hermit", his older brother is 'i married raymond' on tv] - um, john the baptist - making women eat shit again
the blades weren't there - they were hooks two (2) of them with blades on and still
now you know nothing, right?
his name means "pleased to see you" or "pleasantly reminded of you what's reminded"

reichpirt is also 'blade' in the brilliant 'puppet master' series from full moon productions starring professional old crabbe william hickey and all

We've been waiting for this one - Massive Attack "Protection" Massive Attack - Protection - Protection featuring Everything But The Girl's vocalist Tracey Thorn...from the 1995 album of the same title-name. Their videos at iTunes for "Angel", "Teardrop", and this particular cut "Protection", are noteworthy also...as usual, go to the artist summary page, then click the "Videos" header on top and under the name and boldfaced for a limited view of.

Is Hillary Swank Jessica Simpson? Is Carl Sagan P. Diddy? For thought pieces.

bartholomew notes you...  

Fourteen Gay Babies Eat Poo 03/11/06 0929
All fourteen (14) piglets eat me some too - each a mock of behaviors around me:

Baby La'Morde: "Eats with his mouth open, and closes it shut too. Shows you how."
Baby Schmetz: "Laughs out loud beyond others laughing."
Baby La'Verde:  "Makes many noises no one comes to see. Huffing, puffing...drabs."
Baby Lamour: "Kisses everyone twice to see if they are real to me. No one is pleased."
Baby Laforges: "Says it your way and asks if it's true to me."
Baby Lamount: "Opens and closes arms to you to see if you'll come."
Baby Tantra: "Opens and closes lips to see teeth, gnarling."
Baby Tamlat: "Makes loud noises in the background to see if you're hearing well."
Baby Hamma: "Takes too many things back to his room to see if you'll have some there."
Baby Tourlette: "Turns knobs on everything to see how it works and if you'll see too."
Baby Sourlits: "Makes a mess with poo to see you will help too."
Baby Camile (alt say "shih-meel"): "Brushes everything gently to see if anyone is as pretty to me too."
Baby Stoulper (say "sol-chers"): "Makes his way around the table to see you personally."
Baby Holepert: "Opens and closes drawers to see if you'll have something too."

The Tale Of Attila The Hun 03/10/06 0928
When people say you're like 'attila the hun', would sounds like you're a great oppressor, huh. A "ruthless barbarian"? As idea, Richard, and as below, hails from "The Hun" School in Princeton and we assume that is where great oppressors are going to be taught or so is surmised as with Princeton Day School (one is college-prep or high school then, the other grammar school and in that order). The Hun School, however, is really for Hunterdon county schools just nearby at Princeton and the queen loves the mistake her having named. Attila the Hun, and however, was really called "Atil A'hun" - a French philosopher who told people to "wait for death" before seeing them come in-person. A black who taught people to hide in trees and other nonesuch after poisoning you, and made you come to us sour and old to a defeat. A poisoner of sixteenth century France only. His name means "over the edge for you" or something. Note: We are in the twenty-first century right now.

We here think of 'Attila the Hun' as someone who sits and waits in a steadfast manner while we progress or fail ourselves - always there and poisoning our lives with standby behaviors as we fail to ourselves and miserably. Some use accordingly. After all, you're always addressing this person in-form as he who awaits you.

Richard is noneother than Richard Paul Vanderbilt who murdered his nineteen year-old son (Mochee, then Richard Jr.) in Greystone Manor and buried him in the laundry floor. Still there is his need to be. Both are here to stay somehow then. See me here. Richard ("Detz" says Madonna, "Dicky Betts"...other such nonsense) also started New York city nightclubs "Area" and "Danceteria" on his own - "both junky" he says, but I was inspired to try it myself loosely another jerk-off of type and form (note my mother had one Jewish ne Catholic boyfriend I loved - Cliff Vermont actually is known to you as Steve Rubell
...was with us forever around the time Donna Summer was hittin' it big....a guy named Alex Winter is pictured often and died of AYDS in 1986). In another such vision, a man sits in Greystone getting the fuck beaten out of him by other men blood spits and all. A servant accused of firing guns, it said. Are we in love? Nobody loves me, nor will try. You?

Attila (1512-1543) is someone's husband local - doctor-surgeon now. Speak it not.

Saint Etienne "Join Our Club" Saint Etienne - So Tough - Join Our Club from 1993's eighteen-dollar album "So Tough". A big favorite of mine "do you believe in magic?" and all, remembers "Mario's Cafe", "Avenue" and 'ooo the clown's no good', and "Nothing Can Stop Us Now" from somewhere else only love can break your heart. The video for that here at iTunes is odd enough.

Pet Shop Boys "Where The Streets Have No Name (Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You)" Pet Shop Boys - The Pet Shop Boys: Discography - The Complete Singles Collection - Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You) as now from their "Discography: The Complete Singles Collection" (1991). I also heavily recommend "DJ Culture" living a satellite fantasy and all after "Love Comes Quickly" the hardest to keep it down and plus the greater beauty of "Rent"...Liza with a "Z" does this well also...she's been making the tele-rounds with my money I made her that old bit from "Cabaret" so good to me on tv, she and all said to me in recent talks about her possibly being a man and marrying Elton John's David Furnish ("...did it all to heself too, he did") in make-up (okay - not really).

thanks to at&t for showcasing our new friend richard linklatter 'from France'  - this lastly from "entertainment weekly" first inside of feb 24, 2006
richard is designer gloria vanderbilt's son who 'fell' out of a high-rise window in nyc 1987 and was ruled a 'suicide'
"actually i was partying for gay pride and fell out of a car seat driving around town they found nothing right"
is comic art linkletter's bastard son with her - changed his name to avoid further noise he says
i loved the picture is my new friend now by unseen contacts...
'the world according to trent' makes fun of me as from trenton, nj - richard or 'dicky' as he says is from princeton, nj in-total
looks like someone from france here

All still pending in proper usages of me...dollars, cents off.

U2 "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" U2 - The Complete U2 - The Best Of 1990-2000 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me from the "Batman Returns" soundtrack (1995) and now their greatest hits type-thing many others to use and say.

Saint Etienne "Dance Remixes, Vol. 1: Stars Above Us" Saint Etienne - Dance Remixes, Vol. 1:  Stars Above Us Saint Etienne has new dance remixes out and requested our attention here we love the music habfour of Saint Etienne.

Download iTunes
be a part of it all better than napster
he who apardons awaits
your excel to their lotus 1-2-3

somehow, you still know wordperfect
require of quattro pro

Introducing The Three-Hour Time Chest 03/08/06 1502
Been wundrin' were I've been? Steaming my coats off, basically, a vest of it. Anyway, I put together this 5-drawer "chest" (anything up and down with drawers showing) we ordered online from Target and because the stores have scattered wares we just sat and waited for delivery on any one day. Sure, I just missed delivery by the UPS guy while shopping at the grocery store as it was raining out - a fresh note placed on our door at home but a little too quip 'so sorry you said...we'll see ya tomorrow between two and five' - but I ran up the street and caught him nearby for a return visit on that day since seeing him out front ("is finally here for us yet?" nah - and still you will wait even though they said sometime today and yet again you may wait). Moving this in our door from cart-handle, this thing was so heavy in the simple upright box and with wood glues of particle board (no problem with well-made veneers, and no does not bend with proper supports), I nearly died. Then, I opened up the box and died again of parts lading or entered counting them all out beforehand as per usual, but not to be tortured with it like this - I couldn't fucking believe it all of the little pieces and other junk some damage and but easily forgotten when structured back together - and all at a total cost of one hundred seventy-three dollars nineteen cents ($173.19) to us, no freight on-board or shipping added is free (also see now is on sale...my new total thus? $182.92). This took three (3) hours from me, but was gracious with extra parts (like a small brown magic marker to pen scratch holes, small round adhesive coverings, a bag and of duplicate hardware of pieces, etc.) the surface damages light enough but expect yet and misplaced to me intentionally for fit of price I'd assume, but the glue you must use inside (I substituted theirs provided in a small tube of white glue with ours - Elmer's carpenter's wood glue, a premium stain) dries and eventually then comes something you would never have for the price - a bit flimsy at total is all I'd say "but is for storage" or infrequent-type use. So, I'd advise shopping online some rather than use the store and know it looks far better in-person than on the screen if here. Will one day not matter at all no heirloom need fit, but perhaps you'll still have a hard enough time getting that body out in this with the bottom of drawers poked free of. To wait with you.   

More Than A Ridicule, We Make The Effort To See If You Can Be Better Just A Bit Nicer For Me 03/05/06 1317
As your savior (more importantly, having contained this filth within me and as sufficiently for my purposes - you left to guess or know nothing with me), I'm ever trying to improve myself - my appearance - for having been left to work it all out kinda among failed bids to be that a king to it "we're not paying for that" and no, you won't be charged for this either. Nothing is ever just for me mind you what I can truly keep from you if at-first - not with you here always looking on and for your own benefit - thank fuck who is it anyway someone among us will each of us and give it back and as my gift? With this guide comes a new oint-salve called Mederma for getting rid of scars - and sure, why not it's quite expensive though. In the little medicine tube I bought with someone else's money for about twenty bucks ($20.00) - a regular size is like thirty-five dollars ($35.00) - is a clear-type watery gel that promises somewhat and with exhorbitant price to rid me of noticeable filths leftover from minor surgeries or what alter-incidents have you. Sure - four (4) times a day like the Helsinki formula just rubs it right in six (6) weeks maybe nothing if will seen. I'm gonna try it on a simply-disgusting round dot punched on my upper torso what was left by a vicious hole punch done but professionally to remove something even more disgusting if hereditary in nature. A supreme filth done to by blacks, I'm sure - you better bio-package and send that right off to the lab to be looked it over carefully pre-cancerous growthings sure is disgusting little roots and all sandwiched between each of a glass lead nothing came back yet is bad to me then, Doctor? I know you think about it what's seen on me and I'm hyper-aware if so to be myself if not a plus to you I was to improve the place not accept it as just with you for now too and tells no one. So - be on the lookout for products that help ease your mind from that of others back to you and what you see coming into view the finest of vengeances yet you just don't see it anywhere you look at you I love my own ass in the mirror true enough. "We don't pay for that." You are fruitless, but we pick at your leaves still. If seem, we work together to spare others our thoughts alone. No one has the right to scan you down and comment, you know, but I look at people over-all and think "damn...you're gonna get naked? here? you? right now?" Rooms to improve. I'll see how this stuff works, but love the effort made anyway. To be less to you - what could that mean? Starts right here.

By the way, I tell you disgusting things about myself while you assist to crap in front of me you're still dilating because it's simply funny. I am that. I tell people often "No matter what, there's moles in my sperm - all of the code is still in there, Prego, with blue eyes that are generally unremarkable and bits of an old nigger ('old nigger west' is his name)." That's my whole thing and who cures that the way I feel is forever ruined not really? Oh, you have your mother's eyes.     

Down And Out 03/05/06 1241
You know, I don't get paid for nuthin' out of the way, but damn if people don't rush right in with every fucking thing I hate getting - even once. To fuck you. This website costs me forty-nine ninety-five ($49.95) a month for this crap, and somehow we get that there (yeah, sure - even with my right to publish if but seem not work). Twenty (20) gigs of memory, with five hundred (500) gigs of traffic (um, that's "524,288,000 megs" - seems like nothing to me...almost probable you'd hit that soon enough making and with it songs - jerks this stuff isn't even real but an allocation of against senselessness to you per with - prove it to me befool) and still I get a bill-invoice just now for "excess traffic" - sure - two thousand five hundred thirty-seven dollars eighty-nine cents ($2,537.89). Oh, sure - that's gotta be right and again just doing it no notice like a woman had. Keeping with my threat to dump this shit flatly and then nothing to you, somebody better get fucking smart or eat my shit may to come. Signed it yet. Niggers to me everywhere you look - a failed strategy of pairing your least-likely to be loved to your least likely to leave is no bother to me yet. We are excess cruel to you, only. Thanks again - more junk to eat and have know thanks again, Fucks. Marry you.

Am I you? Not while I still live to make this the difference known. Trust that I'll clip you up. "You're in trouble." Wait see is my guide to be off. The way I live? Nothing's to good for you yet, Bitch.

"We do it because we need to him to know niggers hate him. That's a fact and in his day." - Marie Tomlin, ValueNet. Marie - you are just like a nigger to me. He speaks clearly then. A brown and so mad for being so close, yet so far away yet. For sure to test, we got the right ones only. I never honor people who simply want to be on-top only and deciding of others. That's just who you are - wanting it so bad checking to see if the coast is clear for half-about-act am I that fat and bald yet?

"You're really a fucking jerk-off." Quote that - someone else is impressed enough to speak.


If Recidivism Lapses Back Into Prior Behaviors, You'd Still Be The Same To Me Awaiting Yet Further Opportunity To Stripe - Some Of You Lies Waiting In February 2006
As the predator that will becomes prey most often, you need to be most or different, seen as foodstuffs then. No one covers their tracks as well up in the belly while seeing how it all works. Always incredulous, I tell people we make you evidence yourself because otherwise you hide and secret yourself about. Not true - you are probably owned outright, took years to fashion your fancy, and have been copied and pasted all over the world as just that willing to fight and then flee at once if the bargain is seen. Tells no one what they saw, calls 1-800 numbers to complain and at-length to people who must care or then flee with from you (me? only one call placed to the folks at Jello-O puddin' - where is the cook and serve butterscotch flavour at stores west? seems people put poop in there or sumpin'...believe that? you'd make it with your own poop, wouldn't you? you would, and in the instant mix I never got anything in food I didn't want except one day faggots who'd I never have poisoned me again - every now and how a faggot is still economical not to bother it all those unwanted dicks in the world and only one incident really I never please anyone either is nothing to me thanks it again you'd hafta risk all and at risk it is always sent). Keeps a tight lid on it with marked weight gain, an unpleasant odor. Don't stop making but a branch to me if will should pray see. The water if runs to tight. You heard something too many times? So what - die. Then we'll rape you and proper to it and for no claws...no flapping of wings.

God (or someone who uses God's wire to me heaven on fire) says "you're going to Hell" with an utmost of living'd furmoat. Can you believe what became is that? Coming all the way down here to speak to the likes of me per crumb. The poorest bitch is simply this and made to be as me. I tell people who are in the 'god' business not to be shy - pull over for that dick. At least that can make sense somewhere you are bewarted. I don't live to impress you as less than I'd select to myself as your showblind nigger. Good for the eats and if to please myself and at once had just the bits off not all that weigh-in. All of that fucking pigment - what are you crazy-nuts?