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You'd Be Better Off Licking Your Asshole With It As Also A "Flake" (Maybe Clean Now)
04/02/05 2055
Correct this seem: "Cat got your tongue?" No - should be "cat ought your tongue" to indicate you spoke too soon - look around it first. Also sounds like anything but "cut out your tongue" obviously wronged in meaning too simmer violent you wouldn't like it after you said it. Russians did this sounds English to me. Whatever - I liked it enough now you too.

it's old but new to you

If Everyone Lives
04/02/05 XXXX
The ol' hat of it reworn, restretched (the Lime just paid it up, sworn to you): Faye Wong "Yu Le Zhang" (or "Amusement Park") MP3 (3.1 Megs)
This is Cocteau Twins with guest vocalist now missing to them. Never ask it again to them.

Never Too Quickly Never As Provided For We Still Do It And Well
04/02/05 0942
"Chris [Ondy - not mentioned yet to ever] thinks you shouldn't do 'it' at all - people hurt you too much." I do it - write here - as long as can. Mine to do for mine, but he lives here as a ghost yet and hates bitching. "Well I do live here, but I'm leaving. You mistreat me [complains about not being with me often enough - others, never equal, but just as satisfying? present? to do this at all is to be you and a ghost?]" End this to me Jason Priestley is here finally and knowing of it (I know his parents from UCLA - hi, bye). Besides, I commanded Fran Ermi to appear to me first as flesh and or somewhat as ghosted then. I'm all mixed up need more to thought not now both-all equal me. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Was out in the yard late last the one before playing with my right hand issuing protoplasm making magical stuff happen all disappears the next sunlight of course heh heh maybe not, maybe not you and "Nares" (say "nayr-is") came - the black syllophant or caming (rearing its head, making you know first then) ghost of horror fright met up with Dionys dying to know better yet of you. This ghost is the black liquis drape that hangs from ours ceilings dripping into your life quietly while you rest unawares as unbeknownst to you yet maybe but not me a smaller model now in my bedroom and for play? Jason says it is him, but seems too high an honor for an evil like that making and taking twice that we'll see you there struggling no act. Be that as it may, Nares asked me for my hand (as psychically in the head its words its voice male) and wrapped its blackened ghost filth 'round and 'round my left hand like tape and proceeded to crawl up my arm all the way to the elbow. I stood examining the feeling one of deepened cold near pressure and near harm a verily cancer to look at my skin darkening with the blood inside and revised veins corpuscles, but my point was to extend the ability to grasp all object, or, to do it "da tease" a goodly scare. Maybe you had this already I make sure. My joke effort was to peel off the ghost like rubber gloves it took a few laughs, but today I notice a small unrelated burn on the left wrist? It's there....a stigmata or round nail put. Damn. Ask to see. It's there but fading fast?    

If Nobody Cared You'd Send Word
04/01/05 1823
Back to work tomorrow it once said, but narrowly avoided you spoke too soon. So seem that coulda been a distaster well do. "You are never supposed to tell people your personal business." This stuff is private, not personal. Your toothbrush knows the difference but as behind in the bathroom can't say. Something did rimpled bit. "Personal cheats...." the mall monitor, manual persuit, spitely overage. Eats  of it then comes moors: "heathcliff | it's me | i'm caffeine free | I've come home | I'm so | cold | let me in your | window....he commands it!" damned wizard! if scolds the blade surely done and done wrong. "Drugs are costly and aren't even paid for." A fresp burlge of hog drops and two carlbs of rubbin' rite vindige din made someone this warned was richer as you lift spindle to make-adjust the handlepet.  

When Chickens Get A Taste Of Your Meat
03/31/05 1923
Yeah at - that ham has distaste of human element in there added after black boiling but see some removed yet. A bad taste is all I recieve. You will be hung by your neck for it as per usual per seem unless it's funny to you once let too. Be sure, be less sure. Playing along with me sees it out and away but you are simply gross and is a bother not that I care some old rivol guy picking up his parent's butt-cheeks with napt rugel in the form of corned manning game is funny so to some be....mostly he eats to defend it himself back as when sure a tolme smoil of liver spots some left blank at an all-beef canel whiskerins a graybot weiner in rubed calcon you ask me tum. To you, a flurmed magglin of cabbage fish anyhowsit you slice for me when cold enough I'd burn cash panned it 'round town center a bourbe and l'antil of it. Anyone who would shine for it but said - so? Reflame and to re-burn the foul afoot my ham of it. Three cracks and fisk whisker in it, flammed.

You Might Live...But We Live
03/30/05 1334
You know that calm before a tornado - all yellow the air a perfect stillness to be frought of danger? Sure - it was just that way yesterday aftersaid at the grocery store when some woman finally got me to burge. After many attempts, I told some cum "I don't give a shit, Bitch" or both "you can go to Hell, Bitch" after she rudely tried reminded me of my place in your world. Oh, a few days off now and Friday I'll call to see if we can work things out never sorry for what I said, but sad I hafta rehearse what's already done over and over again in my head. I had to say that over again in an office for someone in review (the woman who hired me and plus agreed I am management quality afford after wrinkled dried-up customer another empty-headed bitch trying to rule the likes of me *Mary Warren* from Universal a cunt yet who has made phone calls against me too I'm told and hear should die of it soon as old yet and then I added "[as response to "customer-ruler" said] I'm the owner [now a thanks to you let]" -  it was loud but so what I hate old white cunts and their counterparts of else too - all stink and beg to me see Neil's father another dump of gray and burn trying earlier a vampyre at carts "You see me standing here [indignant as yet behind me while I reload carts]"). Suck me. Everyone and then the dead (you play along here - they are people, but dug up somehow just enough to be living a curse very odd in bolts) come up say three (3) lines of inscrutable shit, turn, and leave. "You shouldn't have said that [to anyone while working there]." You don't come up to me and talk like that unless you want to die. See my quote first, Bitch - you'll die soon enough an error of me being there lastly. I'd kill my only mother with a Jerry Springer chair-to-the-face before she rises on me like a man does and to beat me like that - always taking the good stuff and leaving the merit behind. I lift heavy stuff daily and help girls live well outside of their intents - they're not supposed to be men, but handling cares - probably other women then blood let flow matched up like two (2) tits one slightly booming in over the other. God will know. Can you benchpress one hundred fifty (150) pounds (a gym machine's max of sorts) of gravy and pouch with two (2) tits flapping? That would be a rubber garbage can with a gravy-laden bag inside going into the dumpster on edge - can you do it? I can but notice you leave garbage around my feet I pick it up only one day we'll never meet no some of these people are simply innate from Great Adventure (see that girl from "Fish" she was there). See my quality reduced further by your further acts also - my wages now garnished by the State of California (it's happened before at UCLA for having increased my personal exemptions one day to get more pay in my check). They want one thousand three hundred four dollars and sixty five cents ($1,304.65) from my paycheck of thirty (30) hours a week at six seventy five ($6.75) an hour. Not a big deal taking all over one hundred fifty-four fifty ($154.50) only to a max of taken at two hundred six dollars and one cent and then it's just twenty-five (25%) percent. My last weekly check - the biggest ever at just under forty (40) hours was two hundred two dollars ($202.00) I left early one day. I usually don't work that or then further talk to people about past-due taxes when I make no money and heed no cure I am part-time an unfirnished to look or be. I am God only, Fool - who sees it to the Lord or rulings made over and over slaps right down if I'd say whether overhead or overheard. See it never end folks I'm here to get you only then. Only then come one come all I live well anyway - a great - know that my money is for playing and cash flow we have nothing you'd want no one will cum. God Incarnate made to eat your shit but happily I do it and hope to see you back again soon and with me simply lording it over nothing I'd want to know about the very next day. I'm there to make you happy too as friend - "but God is just that guy with the hair problems?" The mottled Mary's of the world, ever-indignant to their burnharvest rot a tooth to yet, need something radial-visual to encourage their particular brand of stealth but maybe not I'd be this and ridicule you for asking of it (no class ever sees if goes where the money goes my mother ridicules Moon's for their "beauty talk" - "all beauties dying of hair and harmings" to be "thrown out into the street" as apartment dwellers). At the wax-end of a needle eats a harpy (a myth-story birdness with the head of an old woman) my friend slowing down the taking from me you'll see to spend everything then living in an apartment but only at the end of your days, actually, we gave ours up to be with you bargaining a harsher fate at the grocery store. Tips: Old age is a punishment maybe two (2) of you mother daughter-friend do this together for longer than lengths yeared - handle yeasts with care. I make people live me down take nothing or leave tips of the tongue mordor elm. Never can die.

looks fresh, frozen months prior - I eat still unless fresh       

Another Said Something No One Does Right
03/28/05 1057
"Sounds right - let them wrestle with it." - Doug Moon fresh as a summer's daisy, but dying of it still smells spray again for dat smell. The passive voice in Microsoft Word - what is that again asking a question may I have an interview but as I'd only like one and at our mutual convenience you liked that? You are no one to me still at ever - now see that. Be that as it may (if you saw yours with others in a pile, you'd cringe, laugh - people are gross, stupid to thank me just piles and piles of that), I'm told that the grammar check in that application needs something else to say for the passive voice noted is not as reported saying it wrong, it is waiting in restraint said. I'd like an interview if you say yes - a passive restraint only and worth waiting for. Passive waits for you a noteworthy. Never good to you speaking at in only, but still solemn. Better: If you are interested in my [paperwork, plus something little usually considered insulting], please call so we can get it together you and I but how would you say it again? I say it like that kinda. This is 'will you', 'should you', 'if you', 'then you [might]' - all right for me said as you. Wrong: 'Can I come now' in any term or 'when you get this...' all "verical" or hymnal made (by is like them) or having said for them doing seeing it. Oh, fuck it - but know that people who talk to me like that always get to work harder on things somehow. Be there for it - for me or for you. The passive gets to know which one. Sloppy? Pay for this then see. I never write in passive voice (how is that?) - test yourself to see mine undone only. I wrote it all - tee hee. Or, I wrote it all off when questioned by a dumber "Oh yeah? How best to? No never to no." Meanwhile a Krispy Kreme creme center in doughnut nurtures my spirit.

Something For You A Trowel
03/27/05 1637
Happy Easter - no it's about not having to ask, just doing it for yourself. Finally, a difference worth noting but for yourself, actually. The rest targets you back some. Other than that, I'm enjoying the keys (never a house to be here, just the lock actually a front and back door to be as if known at once) and the ham my mother sent me (charms one if the spiral). Oh, sure the ghosts here tried to kill me on night one 1 (actually a nervous-time indicator light and per my guide - just to see an "if then"-type anal delousing, the very anals of history if you will) but no see me rise if you. See me glare. A beautiful day must to be done if some die and surely too rise stamps your face with a hot metal. X  P.S. Oh, sure and like Christ stabbed, one of my lover-friends tried to do me down at the marquee over his mother being hagged by me that bitch I get along with her better seems sure took a greedy swipe to no bother yet. In truer style, I let him off the hook because one of his brothers died defending the bitch and that is or can be seriously stupid. Of off-note then. Say it to yourself then but better - never had a chance and is forever trying but sees me first. Will die smarter to better reason. Eats leaves. See if they'll settle for her then. My latest thing - a neuro-catapult the whole spiritwad rudely shot about four hundred (400) feet up and out to no more mindtalk at note symbol is crying see pivots aiming around the house and with kids built on one for more laughs yet. Like an old player-piano something Scottish at the bench playing hymnals "on it banjo" for England sensing.

Rent Their House Or Rent Their Money
03/25/05 0847
"Why wouldn't you pay off your home?" Someone dare say? I think fiscal management is foolhardy and pursuant to trusting another (anyway - plus see tightens around the neck or time undone this is this yet not to that), but logically, you wouldn't pay off your home because you can make payments with someone else's deed or trust, i.e., the very same havings for each year - a house - for less outlay by you. What's real is the calendar year and your total cost outlay to be where you are already. Paying it off means you paid too much in every year every day - see it but as yours yet. Why would you commit the most liquid (closest to cash, no approvals) or essential of funds - yours - to cover for a loan and it's way with not having you say? Save the money on the side for any trouble with saving someone else's money (a discipline if backs up). Finally, life ain't real on paper, folks, and what you do is what makes sense for you no one watches or cares but sex. Only you know how ask why. Finance stuff is great (using the smarts of convention what all see as truth but ever to failing to deliver you a higher thought, a road less traveled if to my home celebrechts bankruptcies bad credit no problem loofahs and wine samplers from the piss cobblers in your stoney maghaye), but others get far more letting the horse whip them in the ass (that wasn't my ass yet, still behind times, in-between both jobs). Nothing smart about not thinking yourself into make-believe rules about being perfect in a world that is not real ever (this woman I overheard at the bank, another prominence ck "Um, I'd like to pay off my Visa account....[buy a vowel, spin it to bankrupt, live on consonants then - true a vowel is a long sound so is a 'c' saying its name "x wycc hwhy"]" then see my mother paying little bills on-time against you with a hundred-dollar mortgage on a "sixteen thousand dollar" house more like forty grand and that is only taxes to Dime Savings - her parents bought the house an imprison her I guess, she handles the details of nothing, really - a good thing). A day-to-day what spends every cent (see Kleenex Expressions a lifebox affording l'eletante at each of the sink side, yes in someone else's home a ghost), I can't say how many years I enjoyed renting in high-rate areas but I never bought anything yet will wait to purchase outright (with chump - tee hee). Remember too that buying is living for free basically - they hold your money and theirs then until you sell at usually same higher (no depressions, no damages, no etc. - the time value of money eats at my ass a loner-type). P.S. A purchased home is none's business deal - people hate it so becomes a shack. We like commitment and others being who we are - not all paid up and worry free. Rent to buy yours back from then and how. God says "Nothing special lives forever. Buy yours back then." Doug adds "Life ain't fair and that counted big time with me. Add in world peace done down and finally there's no you showing me around mine." I looked at levels, I found at tri-star some. Be that here. Pssst - no one cares isn't that obvious you lost to this? No one cares maybe you then. "They don't hafta to rent to you." So I see another and onward. Just because you made another dumb rule doesn't mean anything to me. Chase us out, be there to say it to better off doesn't heed you. No one is more punishing than the perfect, or so they'd say to someone like them and think it meritous to hear not a word spoken aft. "Is renting throwing away money?" Honey, please - this place is calculated rudely just in case you've already heard me. Nothing not known, the least likely to stay within by vote-count is handed the loot to foster understandings in tough union times. Fuck 'em for caring about me like that I'm left to weasel the household then. I'd match up my employer and my landlord for no further bother if in good times you'd be. Up out the ass - not mine to say. Taxes? Not afforded towards home but interest lagging in the government system. Never yours, collects too much for a return only therefore no interest bearing you just income again, the mortgage itemizes me - so what? Get it right - if what you do is smarter for me if only I knew better, tell no-one they'll be there soon enough making sure people like me get to see it first then decline altogether my approval then as seen but later and gifting yours back for it (something I liked for you this time). Amended sure. People against aggravating substinence. PAAS egg colors then. An egg - double yuck plus art need seem better eat that.

Just Undreneath A Bit
03/23/05 1956
Was looking at the Eiffel Tower in a Santa Monica Boulevard grievance (short cook) restaurant the other day and mind over told me it has changed several times since made the lattice looking very intricate ("innocent" mind says, was once an on-site "pour" of smelt and iron when made). God over told me the world used to rest under it the decor revolving in the lower arches of being fed and screened. "Still does one would say..." A naturist, I hate that view from above. I, a stony end to intricacies once and for all. I understand you.

If I Only Had A Scanner You'd See It Too
03/22/05 1040
So I'm looking at this photograph my mother sent me of company kept in Florida and I hate the way she looks in the foreground of me - like me, but waxed kinda says she was burned. Literally, she has a ghost lying on the front of her face - mouth and nose down - it is latex-looking and redder with a skived tweaker-nosejob effect. Really bad news and hardly truth - some will die for it. Underneath, perfectly young eyes and her beauty lurks back ours. See yours fucked with too. The wine glass she holds in front of another woman - Terry's (my roommate's) mother - says two things: the shape of the glass says "forever yours" a prong down and an orb floating inside the wine but under the surface as neither heart nor nipple as askew indicates "would drown the world [for you]" her approval as duly received. See the way my hate breeds you back and forth. Smack that down yourself. Our affections stated differently but shine. Another photo received oft: That Camilla Parker-Bowles the queen's husband (Prince [Albert] Phillip Covington of France formerly, not Prince "Carl" Philip of Sweden - "only blacks live there" says the queen, see Edenburge, France "where Scottish live north of Paris France") in bad drag, unpleased. Please - that woman her bones of a calf. "We hate people being pretty." Something dead about confusing photographs they way they live to re-art the place. "Neither dead nor living see." More about Parker-Bowles "hyphen please, yes":  Parker-Bowles is the company now known as Conde Nast that prints up French magazines such as the pre-aforementioned quality of  "Oprah" now with Time-Warner and also of "Martha Stewart Living" (link declined - budgets furling). "They, Parker-Bowles, folded under me and became this under her....why ask more?" From Phillip "see also 'Cosmopolitan' our favorite yet - it lifted England above yours Wall Street. They were more interested in us than you. We had the clientele pleased - and yours?"

Update To Your Style Of Lacking
03/22/05 1047
Just a few minutes to write I'm on my own here for the first time and all week in the haunted Beverly mansion of Hollywood (milions of dollars unspent in it a bank names you personally to me so do I they would kill on night one 1 like God sunk the Titanic, like God kills queens on the altar of fright, like God killed Shirley Temple the real one no one would admit they were there listening to her cold watery prayers of dying, no one will admit that demons live in my only suit and poison you to death with their own unanswered prayers of dying every time I dress up for you an interview we meet once again no one special their names? only their kids have names, Fool - not to them would you address we like seeing you try anyway....I say 'we' maybe just them on night one 1 we'll see you and know you better no one lived this no one). Like a Jewish woman taking mind-flight over the AYDS wording it all out - back to life, back to reality. Back to your dowry in it. One week alone it's scary the roommate to just north of Miami this morning our families both have homes there in development plus see you do nothing or then to see yourself landing in it but my way. I don't go to Europe without someone special to share that with a first-timer no someone special a new lay, and I don't go to Florida without being normal and sane for it in all manner of disease given. One day, to Doug fuck you all. I love Florida, but not as this dying in ghosts my supreme-ever (no calls made to you yet) gay lifestyle crushed to the bones here for this crap you see it every nowhere. We retreat here you are destroyed simply sweetly then. Back to "Lent" what you really gave up having been addressed firmly to the ass I kissed you: Lent is an Austrian holiday - a national one, no religion founded (if found, a 'secular' or 'half-toward' yes, a belief ensues half-hearted no giving of, you pay here) - that guarantees people a "rabbit" in their yard on the holiday. The rabbit seems to come no matter what they are brown with blue eyes that is a hare actually (a Russian has these only it is too cold and blue sees warmth to know - ask not of this) not the ears the eyes then and we see what you see - boring me with a cat's known beauty. I use to skin the bastards with fear, mind-traps over running away from our yard their affections lacking to me. I know why I hated them they bite too vicious cunts better than the Jesus petting zoo I'll take the bite then begrudgingly of course. Back to, they won't eat cows in Austria - a peace-loving robber of nations bank-wise - nothing new in, nothing new on the table, just financial services that broker you down with "cash straps" you say, I say with "killing you", but see cows are dirty and leave bones. All crap and wastes of (just like you an uneaten slightly?) In America, you eat bones or you get no meat we see to it. Still, I bother it with costs and stuff who cares yet not me America the robber baron of cause of yet God's conquer who has all this for free yet? Blacks in the afterlife post-suffering (after pre-paid) pre-causal (before need seen)? Never to me. Not yet. Not you. The rabbits then are like you - just around then in Spring and we took it with the eggs (up the ass rolling out decorated with stripes, kinda) another nice kept nicely. What else would know about this that you'd hate? Saint Augustyn died for rabbits? Simply that's where my need for this locks right up like two wheels of equal berth (bearings 'e') grinding each other to pertinent hair pins then the opposite direction for each noted just a bit higher and off-center but indeed off.   

just until my mother can dig that other picture up

Minnie Driver "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" MP3 (5.0 Megs)
03/21/05 0517
Listens instead. Neverthelee (not, nor to be noted, nor as learned as and ultimately present for show, i.e., 'you may win, but see no prize at the door for leaving this'), this link was intended to lead you to the video still available:
Everything I've Got In My Pocket
The piano in this here song is played real good Robin Guthrie does "spacers" so pretty that omniwart - let's (learning curve swerves you hear hell's bells off in the distance you read: for "let us" thanks you to pay) hear it all laid out flat. Remember, this song is actually sung on tape by schoolmate Stephanie Yakelewicz who died of breast cancer in 1999, but survived somehow to be on MTV's "Real World" Philadelphia. Scenes shot before that? No, no. Neilsy recorded the song "simply" with Robin in 2003. Robin liked it alot and made it happen with "someone else in credit. She came back, we made it for her with her [Stephanie's] money." Words and music: Dee Dee Harms, actually Michael Jackson's mother - she's Siedah Garrett too...have that)
("Vel-veeta, we can make it together...." tastes like it a soapdish)

Like You Made It Yourself
03/21/05 1206
If apes came second to people (assumes they did - you know, however polite to trust), what was their inspiration looks-wise? Spanish kings. Longish hair and roundish cups in the lower mouth to hold drink while listening off to bother nuisance a musical accord. The impetus, or original mind having changed (thus, the 'initial spark'), was to ridicule settlers looking to breed away from tyranny (taking without having a bother to it) and misdeed (acting alone in faith or making the rich unhappy to it as news - charging it them). We help it alot, so to speak. Apes, by the way, eat no bananas in favor of grass and roots. No meat ever. You train them for that too. Incidentally, we're cordially trained to respond to each other like the apes do - not like you knew what to do without people elaborating in you. Feigning surprise was easy after mastering a deadpan (no thought about it) and the knowing zane (see me knowing it too without saying, and ours alone - at best a pruck). Saying it better: "Old as dip shit" ~ "Old as dipt [s/b 'dipped'] shit [in a hot water ostensibly needed to make it steam as with brand and a youth, stank tea]." Dip shit...? People listening to me cite my lazy pronounces I add something of it here it ain't all good...'graved a sin'.    

Let's Clean Up the Languages Here
03/20/05 0640
I'll try and better about the language here, you'll, and in-turn, promise not to focus on the words used too much, try to avoid being precious (people have no depth to them ever), consider the concepts afoot - the thinking to ourselves - and then note the exception placed with me for being someone special. Regular people hafta be normal - I don't. Better to live in the real world, after all. What is "fasting"? No meat or alcohol - anything that makes you lethargic or slow to act or speak. No one bothers to make mention of me mostly, but "lent" is on their mind - isn't that junk? Religious observances will be more private and though I kept my mouth shut what could I use to suggest a higher conscient? Some other more shellfish. Why is it that black people have so many identities? Blacks were real, but these days are hard to know. White, fed up with their problems and socio-politic, decided to play them to the world and even today on tv alot aren't really black. These people come back early and for a time to pay you back for theirs made still. They are bitter yet and the world just keeps irritating them too. "We never had it so good - and you won't neither have it." Family mostly and then we don't want the answers obvious look at you said what! Don't die. I remember blacks being hurt too bad - a joke made of it too far and then this - crying, dying. You'll both go the way of wonder. Enough to me I'll kill you all. Every now and again an elaborate scheme and then I just lock it down and throw it all away. Why would I bother? I hate this shit. I hate asking questions about it too - like assholes studying each other. Save that. I reject fear in this to be sure I answer to nothing like you. Let it eat some. "You are going to kill people." A woman and her nagging voice of pure shit is supposed to be omniscience to me (a hell of hearing your summary statement if an agreement - yes, then no, never no) but I never do anything or make use - for what? Knowing each at every known can be important but not to me. Hey - some of this is shit, ya know. Have that said - not to my standard it ain't. Women-type shit will starve with you eating shit and flies. Tip: If anything doesn't hold up for you, know I tried. We put forth what I was told mostly - the truth is never yours to figure out. Be sane - all the truth in the world hasn't helped me none - you know that plus it's alot of junk no one wants simply said. Too many little bitches (someone else that's just as shitty as you - desperate like you too a fool's other fool the starter kit) adding stuff in - who cares of it finally? I live better and know the difference to always win. No one cares less than me yet I say to you - and how odd! Blacks and I just make sure we're understood in this - fully label everything for fool see no more sought then on to lying and other games about you said until you die horribly. Junk - and saints these are just pigs kill them too. "I think you're still gonna die." "We are dead!" I know, I know - but talking to me still. "We think you are bored." Yep, been listening to myself too - on and on about. Waiting, wondering life complicated and twice as shitty as previously thought (no stay down, freak - nothing makes yours know yet). Hmmmm. "You're morose today." Please, errant-maker Bitch - your mind is contained in a plastic sandwich bag or gas bubble. Mine isn't like that - too much talking, other junk radio up and down the dial like you somehow turning me on. It bothered me today. From the moment I wake up - some dumb bitch and her way of saying such to this in me dying at proper speed pull the plug pull all of the plugs out hard - snatch them out. More: No, I'm not in Hell you retard saying is thinking you'll be, I'm listening in and do the whole thing down by not speaking to it. I'm the important one you are a single scab, a lesion. Sleep has no bother, neither does private playtime you solofax to have no interfere. You wake up, and some bitch is acting like she's talking to someone else about you and I'm all "Bitch - you need to die by having your hair pulled out with a rolling pin." Then we go over yesterday's misunderstandings in my voice while the bitch continues pulling out her own asshole with fingers as language arts. You don't hafta be bothered but it's easier to spit in it and keep attacking as insists it black spasms of razors and hate plus tossing in another bucketfull of rheems, shit, and piss couldn't hurt. If you killed that once the right way we wouldn't hafta reinforce it the negatives always due you'll take it up the proverbial ass one day this I promise and to you vow a wire coat hanger. Up the ass of your greasy filth, germinades of kinky ratted bag-hair the very tips licen and maggerols of heaving warts to mate at you done, Bitch. Adds it all up in bannisters, brought warts.     

So Scared You'll Run Out Of Your Own House
03/18/05 XXXX
The ol' "cancer stick" - a cigarette? No - the 'cancel stick' a black umbrella. It's raining at the funeral, and you tell the above not to be a bother yet. You open one. My father was Jerry Reed the actor with Burt Reynolds - tell none. He couldn't say (I personally loved Jerry Reed - a charmer - where was he here?) Rumour has it they fucked each other up the ass and then sat on high ledges together in Saturn, Florida. The name says something to my mother Geri I talked to her today briefly. More about you: The black woman we spoke of most prominently is also very simian (man meets an ape for dinner as you) in appearance (she does this intentionally to hate white I would too - comes from our place in the sun we remember her too....Elton John must have loved an ignorant black more than mine, they answer the phone in God's home as mine, "talk to the hand..."). Her face sculpted by French oral statiticians (counters of beads, angles to them), she admits the link between acting and making blacks prominent to each other as apes. See an act soon for it. For pay. We work together now. Cousin Debra plays one too in "Planet Of The Apes" the remake. We'll link up soon. Bless her anyway her ministry divided as to me yet. Keep some aloft, let some breathe. To you and I a puzzle made you and I. More: The ape person says she has worked/studied with apes and they understand and talk to you [to amazing feelings between - I blessed with knowing too upon hearing it with]." No, Honey  - whatever the response, "come back later" or "see me soon", that ape was simply trained to joy you and then rip your throat out should food not arrive and on-time. Live in your world then - it's magical as long as you're actually staying and here with trainers being around. Live that, Girl, but remember the ode of Gentle Ben. Rodney King was, like, in "Time Bandits" too - stole God's map as that, got her brains beat out. Simple. A God thing - simple. She wasn't allowed to be male. Admits now to being Teddy Roosevelt (the Teddy) but young. Where will this all end?

Happy St. Patrick's Day: To Fool
03/17/05 as 03/18/05 but a day before 0955
"All [of them] should have the chance to sing and dance before people [before anything else happens to them here]." A quote from Liz Fraser obviously rejecting the notion that St. Patrick or any saint needed to come here and audition for Hollywood brass or give blowjobs before me (St. Francis, sometime in Long Beach). More "He [Doug Moon] got put down on the basis of his looks [qualifying him]." "I've had sex, thanks anyway. Now about you." - Doug Moon. Harsher: Alot of God's pets are simply jerk-offs - I wouldn't have that shit around (for exactly what?) and mostly beg off another big stupid story. These people are relaxed here in the grab bag of sex and tits to fend for theirself after I kick their holy asses down and off my brown lawn whoever cared dies, stays dumb bring back all snakes add some. Meanwhile back at the ranch, never come here to clean up a bad fuck and never suggest I could know you or more of you no thanks a fuck just came up and it stinks in me a sink of choiree hag. I'll get new, no zodiacs, and then maybe the everyday loser can have some of it shaved too. You were who what? No. Keep it just to this or else more of me to be had. Keep it a slim - or else you fucks no way ever no way not even God will fuck near you so be it speaking. Never ask. Never to me. Ask one of those jerky bitches to suck it under you. King that a pride of it. No way make the same slags be that older ever old and aging it up under. Never mend me I can't keep anything going but I remember how you are anyway.

aphex twin 'come to daddy' video still

Nothing Educated Speaks To Me Have More Of Some
03/16/05 1519
"I'm not here to have personal experiences in front of people." Quote Doug Moon. Before I add to the stuff here, note that there are things that your mind delays and furnishes up with the "demonologies" involved and that a straight read to no one special informs just same (see our mother's greeting card then....a green with envy). Add that back. While I work stridently to avoid the interming of drugs and sex what are defino-present but serve to pollute my glory here, also note that I am treated fairly by none as a 'no one' seeking a glory theirs own. So be it that's just what you are. Plenty are doomed by my say by speaking it as say. Know a higher power need be and certainly welcome some should you see I'd fashion you out surrounded by same said. "He hates people." A nigger never hears you but waits for your break to passage. A nigger is no color then, but why speak it this to always soften tones ? be smarter you are no one to sing to the cradle or be dead with it and always black and thus elevating women as speak with their essay made possible by sons or then ex of husbands. A man becomes woman? No - a contingency to be a man ensues against being thus women a new breast hangs center back small quivering all afraid of a death I took up the ass and spit out quite early, in high school, when classmates were registering theirs made in a book I salved with no name said. Oh, one mentions a center beam a gymnast took some to the grave not a car. Die that what pain. Why return to start over? We lost our way again so some stay focused:

Personal, thus not yours or yours - some say it: Another ghost visited me on my bed the other night as I lay "watching" as they say and enjoying myself as me said only. My blanket, so to speak, a pile of pale green with stripes down a duvet then moves slowly but surely to form this reveal I ask them to come and do so specifically when ready as offering so we may enjoy each another. So see me sometimes surrounded as dead in the head with noisings and whinings that pale me to no act (you would be disgusted too - always an embrace of need after the fact of need taken by want - a tall undersexy freak like Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy" (the old woman is singer Toni Halliday in make-up she directed the piece for Rutgers University understudy mixes or student films, the demon-haunt is technically "Liz Fraser" as having redone the film short "from studies" Liz says "nor for release" or actor Gilbert Gottfried aka Rob Frank - actually a back doctor in Manhhattan, he sees these "they're wretched on heroin" - who played some or all - he hated the cause "reasons" he said "I couldn't get release for it - she wouldn't pay me" thanks again all...filmed in "Tropical Island, New Jersey" says Halliday for and of Trenton but with scenes added...."Princeton University what I attend to" says Gilbert of 1996 then), perinaked but wanting of no soul with retarded dwarves of children first). The creeping phlox (is actually intended the "flocks" of birds but slow and low - brilliant only and unseen as such then see) of singer Toni Halliday crawling upon thee - a boogered face with moldings coming under and at you - see same in the head, but as untold or not necessary to say I noticed eyebrows and a small waxen face all wrapped up in no joy then a murder of self actually dainted here you no table. My friends who would pleasantly run soft are a real pain in the ass with their absent needs but back to....(the act to make fleshen is no one's desire yet with all handed to the machine that speaks me no table - fuck them both against desires also unless I tend a hate to no care - your sex is intermingled and quite frankly has no bargain to me you an intrude of poor fine linen quality I seek this here not the dead die like this while I simply and live to die - foot off). This one morphing is labled "Mochee" coming in I ask laughingly and joyed "who are you?" but in friendly jest all the time "my little friend" and under a hood of this magnifying robe (see me insist no one notice reams of fabric coming out of a stretch seam like a magic box "that will be fixed later" I thought of some but later agreed as this grew and enough was seen doing) came face. There were chinese runes or pleasing wishes of in strands-like placed lovingly on the fabric now light blue as made of light only and I was getting mildly disturbed because a gauze linen appears within it (no blood, smooth and prong-like, like a plastic, oral ear foam of stays pressed but opens, in wands) and then an oval eye protector with hole in the middle - it was beige, maybe two softened. An eye injury? Scared of that off but impelling to me. Don't show me anything too stiffening - not during my pleasures token, anyway but will if insist to speak here if as such and insists it a glory. Notice the thing gets halfway done as we working on bigger and bolder together, but not much remains as they come big, but I want flesh inform right out front and this move is stilling to yet see others and as yet not mentioned but in the head. I want them right here on the floor so we work up to it to fly away and return as you. In the meantime, see giant faces made of bushes and only over the fences here that emote with a liquid passion, carrot people stripped black and tender, and an arm break-extending a large rectangled solar panel as a supposed projector of these as in back of making a protecting of none (adds stretch fabrics you made samed) we seek to sign off. Not as what it "is", but as what it is seen "as" - I get bored waiting for nothing really. My enthusiasms undated as of yet. "You are angering masses of people [with this stance]." - A hated woman's ass to me. Go fuck yourself if your voice should too die a prayer said yet no one sits here prays. If to be this no bother being me I not a giving to this. Give yours elseyours.

Crying easily at songs beauty, tales by the self seen coming from others? Get off the drugs gently we speak this to. I embarrass easily in front of any or, but you need your as stated "coping chemicals" (um, food - never a danger in lack of, crying is healthy distribute of health some eat to provide more then, crying kills others in company only, not you). Have a food restored by a good act. Don't cry to me so much, don't wait so long for that first tear in aftersex pity evaporated I'm spying on you and know it hurts but some say it will only a while then. We have mother's in this land that lose chunks of their bodies to people as they die (what? I've seen 'em on tv - mind over says we call them on the phone one fine day "he's on the phone" kinda to ward off continuing in tears do you believe that? some day that thoughts rest with the dead only these days the ones who go softly, quietly - keep persons involved personally stay it true). I think about their rosewaters and first now to make us clean in public where we land to be clean as if no one cries. So cry. I'd come if you'd call. "You don't have to" feels worse.

Now from Abraham: "You have displayed yourself widely...." as blurs to me in hate propered. My realm speaks, not yours. That whole father and son stuff just burnt up. Meets the holy spirit that would be named as such and sees Mary ruled. Spend more time as on the lower right cloud with me and we'll have nothing in to speak it. I rip this in two. Do something not mine back then. Bring it back there. Nobody living truth remembers anything I speak to walls elsewhere remembering roof. Eat some.

Same woman's ass retarding herself with cabinned pulls: "Every day an essay in madness. It informs people [wildly - sure], but it is [a] madness [to some..trails off I start of fires fast]. He hates that." The last part I quoted I didn't hear either but subject or as being on my side. Therefore, see a little prominence - no matter what - in every quote mine you bother and to bead. Work it soft it plays.   

Nothing A Parrish Couldn't To Do Better Except For That
03/16/05 0218
Been on a real wagon ride with folkhaven motherfuckers all day long - all healing talk (not really just about you, but have that anyway with all you ordered plus some for you two - returned like Shirley on "What's Happening!" - everything reduced to her ability to pay [no cheese product a food - see everything I beg off every time anyway "all of that [fucking] grass" - just cheese and a rag "rolled up to fit"], plus cents off for qualifying the loan ("points"? - when speaking of so little made much, take back nothing add a few of your own - the taxi isn't going carry any less, anyway - a tip you made yourself...."white like tits" ~ "white like tips"...someone knew samed, "Abraham Horn J." the shot heard 'round the ground becomes TLK so sea...gays, blacks elevate women to their ex-husbands unmarked semi-graves caving all in like a cancerous Preacher Kane actually a formed black musted of misfits....under the handicapped dipping pool....two tits on mineshaft....digging for gold in a silver and me said so....die, and simply what waits knows of you better it said your cave paintings and all wander the dead scorn them). Ease to pay more.

Was I going somewhere? Not today but mission from God (seem: yesterday a *toothless* concerned black afoul in the radiohead - always an unseen promise of having lots of it better then just little ol' you removed a food - said somethig irreplaceably stupid another nigger it's true about giving up the 'god stuff' because, like her own efforts in the field, it would be nothing become (Denyse from "Fish" aka Denise DiNovi of Tim Burton fame, also is Rodney King - an "angel" asks God not me). Oh, brother queer what made! Another mental knot tied up with practice should she fear having nothing I'd too offer. No, per cum that is not useful tombed you are truly mental with hate that means nothing in while you whittle away the days hours and I am simply made to recalculate my fear of disciplining myself up at err at cents per what's off but not wrong? No laugh brought makes a person a god-type fool poverty stricken what makes that start up anyway? Cashed it thanks? Simply no good hating the only answer it gets should any note of notoriety subside abreft plus no hiding from the sun darkens your ass quite like that coughs bat a gum. The notorious are known for bad stuff you know that - nothing good said here - but fame cancels the credit cards of the same people all day long and drug dealers use it just like cash or that leather jacket you received as your own gift goes back to The Gap with added a box of Oneida talages you stole another "gift" you needed to return but less enough a check clears and then hear "special people get fucked every day by commonwealth nobody's we work with them an underwear a stooge for it really someone's cashbaggler - you hafta do this even the scrom fuck them "I'll wait in the car" why so long this time? God again? Got mad about Wilson's house of sued and leather your friends....never see wealth in a business concerned with itself too much all afraid they own it and then, less for this year made as less then none made this year, even smart people know knowing too much makes here and there meet an impasse you are not there a saying too much. "Know the first plate that you serve that you paid for" is all I see if at once it is to be served. Serve three (#).

Today, many faces left off with tubes (keeps you from becoming one with - a feeler lost when striking your head on what's never thought of first then lost to thought) and buckles (too close for any commitment to notice if lost what rude, files kept open for what's placed before shelves sought - a minute or two before striking it soft). All go to hell twice - once to see, then once to having one if sought. What? Knowing that and counts off - "points" you slip it in but pay a gain anyway. "You only stand to gain." Again, a year made less of it. Ruins: Apartment dwellers are "thrown out on their ass in a month" (maybe "the street" as my mother used to say this....) Rent their home, or rent their money (a lawyer friend borrows me here I loved it as well as the extra five months to await your gift unnecessary solved I'm sure of nothing yet the street is like it but at that library - shop often "that book is off rented"....however I'm now staying with "Tough But Enough At Love: Tristrangle, But At Times, Tender" so catharsis can comes at night too I'm leisured but jack right off to finger my ass is to wash bowls and saucer plates after cup in a burned-out housebarn - off, off, two for one pop pop). All the torment of talking the time means nothing to so rabid acts sure you know you asked but said. My own enthusiasms envelop you once said and your plabb catches half at an ax if some notice parts of the head I try and kill everything but get nothing done still here and "eight mile radius" and "all that jazz" know what others have said woo! woo! "the angelses came some were black ones" but I walk and throughout my day I kiss nothing but my pillow but asks if it's "living or dead" there is only life it wish begone. A pile of some proved that to be said someone now you know or that's what's dead. Prove nothing you try and see only. So see.

My mother's greeting card (tip from camel lites - the heat kept above their heads is welcome to wanderers not, humped ones heat a camp following but from) for St. Patty's Day "sex for murder is never real" stops me in my traps about ridiculing what counts to me most but then not off. Oh, I'm just looking to preserve any thought of myself something scanned in a tired formed quote about still needing to be her for this hearing of at least twice now taught at....let's forgive ourselves. Nice and plus forty bucks cash but thanks the thought of just at. It seems reward let us refrain from saying then having it said yours made it to a lent. We're here, but, and as I quelled, the dead may with fish nooks and angel dimings still catch up if at once I stopped playing with myself and started making what's smarter about "a living choice" remotes "no gifts from the dead" as making sure it got there as when you to do leave nothing to thanks remembers that no one came that died remember that brully gurly have switch bitch browned black on it 'off' - even more heat makes nothing needing a fine clean. Dirty heat anyway, but if noticed being here...pockles, sharts, why have it that at all? I once tried to burl out pits in a used tournamen or swingline and now know the value of getting facts fried up firm before suggesting a try by just hanging one down the offer is new and hardly amply honored at all. Simply scalved "reuse at will" it sloams the slining seams of 'at once hidden but alarmed as if real and yes then I'm in me' give way to nothing if "warm in it a lense laavs lo massages cornish the eye up both flights the stairs" aren't enough to wet the whistle of a mercer hang-nail even if as soon you could you'd truthfully leave get-away then. Your mother's breasts were beautiful too, but I heard she shit the bed anyway. What's more needing and you to know this less? Heed it my same. Perfect not. Fight for what's naturally yours I question everything any gain at all anyway why have none of me if then it's properly made? I don't ask that ever. I see nothing to see. I hear some, then call in 'yeah that money suggests I'd work on yours something lost in the actual saying lost less some kind of gum on my ass lucky to lucky wins something serving each at another said something or someone. "No nothing....just saying....." I come out of my hole to see this and you make me gallon of wood esters introducing the 'party pick' to another caterer playing one and planning to do it better if someone were paying or at least now offering or "they'll have to sue." Comma dot: "You never said that 'schooled' then what it's worth if at all?" The home as secure in it's borrowing never runs from the sun. You will anyway it said one wiser than me. Something something someone said so what you're oven is openly done. What? "No - you use the oven to heat your home. I needed to - that's all as to borrow a phrase of permanently having to say some. Intruders use it too - so what?" And that counts some add it all up no no not ever "use at will" then "some say" never but it's still asked to be done. Keep thinking in forms like presto-magic and we'll press your vask head flat to send back up the curl that queered it to me layered lain but in it a bucket skinless of it harps to ward off and as if some say both inches born in are blasted back and as parts seemed only one of them boils.   

A New Thread What A-Z
03/11/05 0507
Apocryphal (buy two versions, one is clearly in review) Brusque (champions deftness in understanding to make points unclear, hard to know) Chalice (extends as it takes right back, a challenge to note you) Dungeness (upper clarities refused, resorts to half-noted as newer varieties are seen) Ephemeral (eats while it speaks, short-lived not one day over this) Feign (takes it time making you know it is understood to me, fakes pleasures to me in gilfold or half-stance - you weren't asked again to note) Grandeur (has no time for helping, is making new plans to rest upon you) Harbinger (makes no one know anything really, sees itself making new having some - a front-runner of mistakes only, a telling of sorts to backward stance) Interlude (no time to rest, eats all you ate too - wants to know what you know a collection of understandings for) Jordaning (frees itself once spoken, has no memory of affair yet - asks questions, leaves) Kindred (meets in one place, asks others to leave once there, a notion they could) Laxidote (eats others for dinner, makes dinner often - a pervert or slice-maker of wholes) Millicent (takes little time to know, eats itself dining wisely) Ourneathale (quills new words while filing falsely for claim, a mindbender to me - a natty person making up things lengthed for sounds, really) Pander (speaks of itself while making others know less about you - a creep speaking it off to you) Quorum (tells all the tally-up, but doesn't wait to know the true total - a forgiving of cents since made it stills - a robber speaking of taking some home while waiting on you to know) Rectitude (tells no one who they are, asks others to know less - a burgeoning of self, a hand-primer to self, a vagabond's brochure of city tales told "this is ours; yours noted") Scaffold (adv., speaks itself boldly but won't answer questions from staff holding it - a pressroom folly for found holes or news laid out) Tacit (asks others not to speak it yet, a bold new way of asking others to make it clear first - leave it off as yet then said) Underpinnings (makes no one a new nest to lay eggs for they have these making new harms instead of it - a holding house for snakes yet) Vicissitudes (no new tales to tell, speaks easy of times had yet - a blue rail to having no further to know said here) Wanton (sex tales untold by harming days, no one sees anything now, so you say *wanton* tales) XYZ. This takes time a telling of sorts but I like it the idea. Better later. "She opened the refrigerator door and the freezer popped open." (Her formal comb-belly drooped in, cursed it up.) "She just lifts her left breast and her right butt-cheek lowers." (Soon you'll be less of it heard.)

As Long As Someone Knows
03/10/05 1526
Abridgement Of "The Devil Can't Read" 03/11/05 2236

Don't protest my reveals of inner-symbol (per "YAO" a clue to your actual owned behaviors seen reduced to seen and really is "inter-symbol" as once among it - a jordan, a river down to you, pretend to have-know already, an easy verily easeway - revert to the inner-self, a longing of it then) - it's the best laugh yet. Isn't this what's expected of me after all - rude exposures over a highfat fire? I thought so. I don't want to react so fast and I don't take hints or pretend with symbols to have it all again. At the very least, you get what no one really wants, wants to say, wants to be bothered with explaining and all plus some just isn't good, isn't worth noting - they hid it remember that at first shamed. See it for junk. When you don't have much, you make reality in little ways, I shoot that right down at first let to pack'n the ass. "My child taught your child about sex during recess. Right up the ass? D.A.G." Oh yeah? "My child asked me what a 'nigger' was. I told him I'm gay." "My child fixed your car. Both wheels." "My child makes your food with his sister watching the catch." "My child died of leprosy in your home. You both loved the falafels." "My child laid maggot eggs in your skin, hair, and neck. At an inch is the same." "My child reads like Jesus speaking is both and without cassette." "My child taped a coupla naked homos over the middle of 'The Little Mermaid' - couple of blind scavengers eating hot sables out of sweaty geothermal shastas." Under the sea squirting black babcocks flaming with nervous calypso-stink....try and outdo each other for that little made something should gobble her up all that red hair choking me red hooks like plastic rings from a six-pack of moo-napt'a. A mistake is normal living for that stuff ain't right I let it go soon enough when it counts you'll have it better please bitch who cares? not me you'll see about that too. Yeah, yeah blacks and women ain't real but try and prove it. You can't do nuthin' but enjoy 'em, huh. Rather than hear more of this stuff. At least you didn't have it to say to me. Anything is possible....try making yourself to see better. You get mad, you do things. You'll see nothing done. At the end of the day, I make you admit it. I make you say it down to me anyway.           

More About Butt
03/08/05 2028
While waiting for kinder distance, what's 'yours' is what you can keep from others. What's 'ours' is what we can keep from you. Think it over. Oh, we undid you long ago and ask you not to. Not even once then. This in response to someone saying about "the sheer numbers of it" added in and out. Never will you and die. "Theirs" cannot be touched by you and live some. A quote heard "He told Jews 'The day you start taking from me, is the day you lose water [like it seeps down through you].'" Actually told to The Phillistines - a Greek patriot group - by Jesus in third century AD.

great body but it's just on you with eyebrows needing groomed

Kudos To The Simpsons
03/08/05 1421
Happy Birthday to Tori Amos (yet again) - her real day is today she is forty-three (43) born on a Tuesday no zodiac speaks. An episode of "The Simpsons" two nights ago comes to mind now (they have featured both Tori and I in the past, but now feature religion broadly). We think character Steve (um, "Ned Flanders") is our winner too for trying hard and being clean The Simpsons win us also. Three (3) t-shirts deciphered yet: "YAO" on the black says "yours, and ours" a black sentiment heard widely. "Kwan" on the Asian says "quiet and resolved to"...."keeps what's allowed neverine", a quiet Jew-lover. One more black there I noticed had something about "to be seen eating with you [but not staying for afterward]"....."FRENTE", friend to you seen. See less. Now iTunes at a grasp: 356. Feels retarded, eats some black.

Stand By For Reasons To Know Less
03/06/05 1159
Sorry, not enough time to make real change here - but a minute left and I wander off to be at work and on-time. Be back to you soon. In the meantime, take the time to review our lessons here - better than you think again. More but here: A "wanaker" (say "won-ack-er" for the French "sees and listens for self still") makes no sense except to turn you down. A wanaker was given a great nose of sniffing, but sees no truth in what you have. Belert the wanaker an untruth then for they simply exist to turn you down. I never ask - why should you? Why ask why? No reason. You, in-turn, study human nature to know yourself only and speak it thus more clearly I'm sure of that now I have so many things to tell you I was made simply and thus by you it telled. And yes, append the English slur "wanker" say "wank-err" as per the interested. I thought it was "a jerk-off" as defined to me contextually (by reading bewteen the lines among or without noting a strange, a "context clue") see both as then corrected. A jerk-off? Sure - is not there for you and as actually.

Some Wordplay Related
03/02/05 1859
Some words to guide us home: An "enigma" (French, "has its day with you only [as in no telling of]") - what I am perhaps to you - answers questions, but provides riddles too. Never closes the box or has you understand anything, really. You think you understand when meeting or hearing of, and leave it there to wander off, down. An enigma is God alone and is not available to you always for thought. Me. Blacks too as never real, kinda. A third gender or reasoning away, actually, you prove to nothing. Tori asks about her mother's note "random". I said random are the ones that pop up first no, but the ones that bother you enough to know or then pick out. Computers "randomly" generate numbers? No - they pick them out based upon weights or calculations and are never random but how? Makes no sense in some routines of mind (no computer picks numbers out of a hat as truly "random" - it cannot). A last number used randomly with bearings or made sorted actually. Known fully to some. Bingo balls blown  up a hole or sorted down in one or then numbers in a hat is now "salient" (say "sail-ee-yent") - the one you know is there first. Actually, it is the most distasteful to you made, the one sticking right out as in a pole held. It hurts to wait and know less they say. By the way, the word "random" comes from the French saying "Rando Ar'ubrud" say "ran-doe ah-rube" or then meaning "run for your life, it could be you [chosen to die]". A Spanish king killed for showing up in drag waiting to be served food for this. A jerk, really, to them.  

 tori hates people using her name to play elsewhere - never do

If Someone God Mad 03/02/05 1351
Tori got mad being snuffed under all of that wax - a rescind of sorts:
Tori Amos "Sleeps With Butterflies" MP3 (4.1 Megs) Please, this is God-type stuff only you'll understand. Very Dave Gavurin (Michael Vartan) of The Sundays my treasure here.
Tori Amos "The Beekeeper" MP3 (9.4 Megs) A dark one, rides in softly we think and my other last favorite to know you. We'll leave our influences out, but the cover picture very Tom Swiftie. Neilsy made this one with Tori (as then Pet Shop Boys' Bob Kraushaar - hope I got that right enough) and didn't care for "its laughter about me and my mother having made some sense to her earlier" stating "Is this what you wanted? Thanks - I hate it still. Thanks." They hate each other, kinda. Neil is a real jerk to all, but my sweetest lover yet. He is my protector-friend. See you around for him. Love to all (not really). P.S. "Neil keeps 'bees' in his head about people...little problems he once had and stings us for it. A real retard to some. Say that - bye." There it is. I'm surrounded by these "bees" too and add "one day you'll stop talking to these altogether and speak to newer kinds...we're tired of these people getting all the attention, so to speak." End quote as nothing known to you. I don't want people talking to them all the time as they know nothing, really - they are just pleasurable to people. "There are scrutinies beyond us" Neil says. "Mine are bumble bees - big ones this time. Money, damages now." End this to me at once or so to sting. The official Tori site. The artist-fan knows of it best or of everything Tori. Get to the photo gallery on that one...candid fun.

Artist development costs alot of money and they don't do it anymore. They don't have to we are here helping again. As about iTunes and their links up (more coming)? Only two hundred seventy (270) "impressions" as to date and for all sold. Do better - it's cheap enough to you. Links here soon:


Bill Cosby "The Dentist" a damned-funny comedy sketch from my certain past will click right here The Dentist
What? Still good enough....something different. Hey - that dead son of his works at Pavilions now too. He was shot in "Terminator II Judgment Day" too. A bad person if technologies rise you.

The Sundays "When I'm Thinking About You" one of my favorites click right here When I'm Thinking About You with another called "Wild Horses" click then right here Wild Horses as we honor you there.
The first song from the "Static And Silence" LP, the second from the "Blind" LP. Respectively - say that - sure everybody turns on me a patchwork of handsomed rag.
The Sundays? I simply dump most of it as starchly unwitting, most of it awful and disengaged. See one track stellar on each CD - I bought each true. The first song? "Here's Where The Story Ends" on the "Reading, Writing, And Arithmetic" LP. Truly, no more to a bother then.  P.S. I don't hate you makers of this memory, you are a patent mime, a rip-off, a dilettante. I bought you anyway - we're even yet. P.P.S. I was too hard on these fuckers - truth is, I played nothing else made by them ever else...some others not bad I just checked again. Michael's porno debut early, rounded some: "Tight Guys"  Blue Jay recordings (guys, wads - still a great giving 'cept for the aftertalk be less for it to meet). I have it right here on DVD....all seem blend into one I watch them too much. Would do one myself but not as this that wouldn't be right - would it? Not like anyone's missed with all there is as made already. Me? "Wait to be asked." Dear Michael,  I'm sorry for the reveal, but I watched the video again and it held up nicely Chapter 6 but I need to be high actually to enjoy any. In the meantime, your mother did this? Not my point, but the copy I made to my hard drive from DVD is actually at three hundred ninety three point one (393.1) megabytes too much to see. We'll hold for now your beautiful face within seen. You're here, right?   

Another having to Curve with their song-album "Hung Up" from the "Gift" LP press it here Hung Up then pair again - if oddly enough - with the latest Cocteau Twins have-offer anyone at iTunes then see it "Pitch The Baby" from the "Heaven Or Las Vegas" LP click here Pitch the Baby no actually let's have "Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires" same LP click here then Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires
Cocteau Twins have left us to die noticed that. I'm bored off this now but reaching and feel somewhat less of. I'll keep Liz in the smalve burner until I hear new stuff act feature some here.
Like you just up and leave a successful catalog to act in parts so face it hate. "We hate you." "Burn the clothes down it a moth. Big head, fat ass."

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Videos smelt a 'hall of fame' of sort:  Tool "Sober"  !  Michael Jackson "Jam"  !  Marilyn Manson "Coma White" + "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell"  !  Dead Or Alive "Brand New Lover"  !  A Flock Of Seagulls "Nightmares" featuring Patsy Kensit in a state of self-absorption she was no one then ! Madonna "Love Profusion" ! Curve "Superblaster" ! Cocteau Twins "Heaven Or Las Vegas" ! mor tits...soon

22:7 Is The Twenty-Second Chapter, The First Seven Lines You Need Read Not Line Seven Who'd Care Once Broken In Typseset To Your Page A Line Is At Once A Period Only, Reference A Passage To
Use this the link back to the prior month to know more in my way simply stupid stuff someone else will hafta handle and quite frankly I had questions can't get to everything a world full of Doug Moon is no place to be you and seeking gain for it works like this perhaps my understanding flawed.