It's Over For Now So Enter To My Rain Unabashed Of It - On Then To April 2004

honk if you hair me

Two Times A Lime Flavors It
03/31/04 1424
Made some iced tea yesterday Lipton bags and all and I decided to milk a few limes for the having and using the individual juicing technique Martha Stewart gave to me personally - the back of a spoon in there and then a turning (a "chivole" or hand-held stem juicer from say Williams-Sonoma might be all the better, but at a price your whole kitchen full of a kit - you are bred on Madonna still trying to have it all - use the spoon in the meantime - I did). Makes it all taste and the sunnier I hardly ever bother like Grandmother Moon did from a bottle of ReaLime made to be in glass only, but boy! are limes necessary now I used two (2) for a gallon of. I also tried to find some seeds in the limes to strengthen the old follicles, so to speak, but only the single lemon of I had bore some. I was confounded (left to figure it all out on my own) but now I know limes need to have that squirt-bump at the end and as grown to make seeds happen. I ate a few of the lemon seeds but anyway. We'll see you soon enough. Oh, and kidney damage? Only if you drink liquor and substantially at that. Irradiate? Seeds are still there, right? You can't get them all. Tip: Never eat rinds - ever - as black to dark. Water loss makes these happen, not people. Eat less. Another tip:  Key lime? Lime juice with a little milk in it frozen and then thawed. Guest between you and me, I just love the tartened key lime pies from Trader Joe's freezer section a few other things too.

hello, Sister - may I?
The Quest Of A Backwards "B"
03/31/04 1101
A few days ago I saw a group called "Brides Of Destruction" on a marquee at The Rainbow on Sunset (working their way up, I supposed). They have a backwards "B" before their name and what is that about (?) I asked probably just style a yes to them. A backwards "B" followed by a "hard" or regular "B" goes in the word "herald" only and replaces the "r" to make you say it differently. With that in mind, you say "hair-rolled" and mean it then. A high English pronouncement and no other word suits. Have that then. Oh, maybe then I'm told "shippold" maybe in the place of the two (2) "p's" to render "she-volled". That means "take yours and leave us soon". Sentence? "I would ask to shippold you" or then simply make you leave us. A pronunciate, this only - never in spelling. A hide to you. A compass works by light only - there is no magnetic "north" to you. Less light coming from there and spiraling west or clockwise. Aluminum-tin foil or plastic wrap? Tin foil only for wet yet to dry. Hot never yet - keeps it in. Plastic wrap for dry and yet dryer. No meats yet as wet. Use plastic to have dry made useful and breathing. There now.   

oh oh....oh

Another Pinball Query To See The X Come And Go
03/31/04 0842
The finest pinball machine ever to made again? "Xenon" by Bally Entertainment (but England and their army of) and as featured in "Space Port" in malls around the century of the 1970's (the name means "not yours to see" in French ladings - or - an element fading for us and fast at that). Based upon German vision of and in "Metropolis", the machine would issue orgasm at two (2) quarters fifty cents ($0.50) play - "Oh...oh.....oh oh......oh"........"oh". One of the first to feature and two (2) levels to it. Fineness and I would certainly have in my home. Someone else mentioned a vile dethroning by something called "Masquerade" or "Pimpf" (the name means "takes your time" in French) as changes faces with lights on as winning at you. Who knows this for sure? I don't play video machines or pinball much - all of that coinage and for what? Still and PacMan videoshine a sure loser in my mind - nothing done or seen after. Every now to again I get pulled in, though, by mercy's sake. What's cuter than those machines that teach you dancing with lighted steps? Nothing if I like boys and all. More: A great little frockumentary right here in German-Anglais care of the BBC.

End Up
03/31/04 0840
This last day of March sees no happening yet to my banking of change: Seven seventy-one ($7.71). We're in the black.

Keep Showing Me Things Like That And We're Gonna Have To See The Others
03/30/04 1352
You like that last picture (the link all locked up like dimes in a forehead)? Try this one featuring watts of dirtiest LA.

tastiest chili burgs

Last Night's Dining Prestige
03/30/04 0939
Took the bus to Carney's last night 8351 Sunset Boulevard for a big ol' greasy double cheeseburger with chili in there and then fries with a medium Pepsi. Cheap and delicious I ate for all day while talking to singer Shirley Manson of Garbage right in the head (drummer-producer Butch Vig was inside I seen him when ordering by mine). I love Shirley but got badgered bad by my roommate for this we ate outside at the picnic tables all bolted down but you know how I am about roadside dining on Sunset ever since the Penelope Spheeris incident (me? you coulda killed people at Chin Chin with that "Mooney" Suzuki - you get there first). Carney's is elevated and blockaded nicely enough from people like her Penelope Spheeris our friend thank God in it saved for farts and "Scooby Doo" that's about it, huh. I walked west up Sunset after that passing the of course fabulous Saddle Ranch (um, "no hustlers" and they mean that apparently hurts girls so beautiful though and ever yet a quality services then and all with handy motels across the street they cater to) with its great menu (a bit weathered of) and its Gilley's-style buckmaster in the 'round for the fool of it - have that all. I'll be back never having been yet - as a new hustler. Other than that, have days here. Stopped by among other menus cited Justin Timberlake's and you-know-who Liz Fraser doing chinese-mexican at The Hyatt on Sunset. Not bad, but I was undressed citing both shorts on my friend and my baseball hat a dress code and all. I fell asleep this ain't New York on and on yet some palazzo Elton John (moribundly again the same) had made at a significant cost of eight hundred thousand dollars ($800,000) then he told me. Me: "Old looking...this looks old." By the way, Carney's? My family the Pivarniks made that happen for actor Art Carney ("The Honeymooners" with Jackie Gleason a yet Pivarnik....DiCaprio we have your mother Martha to see as ours yet too) who lost a leg in surgery in 1970. "I loved it, but hated them making me work in there [sweeping floors at night - a therapy of sorts]."  

Banking Update
03/30/04 0831
Account balance yet: Seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71). Nothing new yet. This is yours now too.

curse "ovla mcren oled" say "ola may-seen oka" for to mean "make all beneath me"

Keep Placing Bets Like That And We're Going To Have To See Your Hand
03/29/04 1158
Stopped into used CD mart Perfect Beat on Santa Monica Boulevard 8941 and the guys there say the new Madagna tour is selling for max we approve people want her to dance and sing for them so bad. I asked her in mind what if and she said "They really think I'm tops yet - we're ready." The French "Hellraiser' stuff was really about unit number four "Bloodline" considering how the box was made and clockworks within an evil French setting (a "duburke" or "all known to us now in horror", of France). See it here too with "clocks and cryptic maneuvers - an evil doing". So....but I have others to worry about. But back to and usually, I stop into Perfect Beat to pick up one of their convenient rubber and lube gift sets at the counter ("West Hollywood cares [enough to see it to you]" - one of them rainbow-colored Durex rubbers and a pillow pack of Wet light formula with insert explaining to you and why not then a drawer full of rubbers me I don't use that much of - a bareback type) after purchasing a few others pillow packs at Drakes but across the street ("oh, sure - just stopped in for some gay rags you see nothing of it"). What? They are seventy-five cents ($0.75) at the each of - no matter what bulk or shed. As a matter of fact, the ol' AYDS-mobile (the 90's plus equivalent of the suggestive-only "Planned Parenthood") was in town yesterday and we got plenty of lube now by the handfuls (brand: "ID Glide"), but I told Madonna before (who uniquely helps shelve all this) "put two (2) packs of Wet in them there and I'll mention you [in my columnals]." No bothered to yet - like Da Vinci we get back to you a God helps me and all. More about stage and related we spoke of this: Remember, a "production" is always about the audience, not the producer who works for the audience and at pay. Therefore, a "Chicago production" means something to them, mostly, and not to us in something shown by here or Los Angeles. See that. This stuff is mean to Madonna "always" she says. 'Let the show go on' she says and loosely. "I'll take anything out [of our platened show] for promoters [show producers] who only ask to pay [for] us first. Signed, sealed - now on to yours." If miffed, hear "What's left for us to do?'" she asks and once of. Then you. Nobody makes Madonna do anything, really. She says just now "Ask for Moon." P.S. All of that hair is just wool, by the way - hold the powderene. Simply evil and for laughs galore. More: I'm so excited and all with -sold out- seen everywhere like it's me. Just between you and me then, I hear "Mo" (I'm all Sharon Stone calling Robert DeNiro "Bobby" or then Madonna being Mrs. Ritchie so untaking to unhaving and most sad of and by it) is going to cover Cocteau Twins' "Heaven Or Las Vegas" the showtune in public then. I've been wrong before our friend Liz Fraser a minute pack of lies, usually. "I ride the hand of a clock 'round and 'round and on fire until someone comes to set me free." A cuckoo of sorts, then. Added tip-off:  How much does Madonna make for each showing - or - to "dance and sing" (a little joke then, and at theirs) in front of people, one of each night? Forty-six thousand two hundred dollars ($46,200) and on average to be seen (includes demanded food items and non-personal or cash demands per show). That is hers personally no staffs or bargain entered. See that and be real now. She is so magnarich (number three in the world flat and of women) she must love you to it. And all in a world where no one negotiates anything for real, really. So simply done, you take only to what you get. You take nothing.

be just like moon

See The Grove Los Angeles
03/28/04 1656
Ventured out by bus to The Grove at 3rd and Fairfax today to see the sights I like it there still (opting for this instead of the beach areas and thus slighting my lovers there with no sees - we have you in heart always and stay with us......see that leg come yet). Got rid of some old one hundred-dollar ($100.00) gift certificate at Crate & Barrel finally drinking glasses and such not. Mostly bellwater (holds stuff) and turm (eats away at taste - you try it for refresh only) now, I'm all "take the [leftover] cash" my roommate would not a prancie type (ours: always end it soon no matter what) me hauling all of that alta-glass home in a newly-handled box (that ripped once - sure - but I carry a little swiss army knife on my keys with also a mini aluminum mag-lite and no matter what, you see it done to me over again - I used to have a swiss army knife just the same with a little coke spoon or formally the "tapre" for lifting tabs on soda cans and the like - the people at the door of the Hollywood Palladium made me throw that one away before the Massive Attack show way back when no knives in the belly or lower back kidney now you just check them in by number and I may see - you hire someone first before that kind of stuff makes me mad I'll just get you up the sphinx anyway with a pearled lapel pin and from my hat). "Preparedness is half the care." We'll the find the upstairs next trip and fall down the stairs with glassware in the bag anyway now broken you see it happen enter on side. Back at home, kudos to those who air the "TV Land" awards I watched the remainders cast of "Gilligan's Island" Shubert Schwartz and all get theirs online and boy! that smarts. I like it - a kinder, gentler-type "Where are they just now?" a la the VH-1 music reunions. Have that and all real from, like, years and years ago. Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells was simply electric but dead enough to us in this - some fourteen (14) years now. More: Got that orange straw sorter at Crate & Barrel too for the summer or something else you only know. You're getting one of those bar glasses back cracked in the base already test on me cheap Libby glass made in France manufactures so many and break so many too. Also, note the arrival of Cost Plus (a grande dame of an import store) there at The Grove I love Cost Plus for value everywhere that little suede loveseat for almost nothing made to you and maybe in my bedroom. You snore because you lay on your back we didn't want people sleeping like that not healthy anyway. Blame the '50's for that and Elvis, the 40's for the lead made in your Castro convertible.

Back to The Grove: Unlike you maybe, I love Party America also there for everything gaious (that's a word, no). Along with every molor balloon and plate, a gay paradise of feather boas, cheap inflatable musical instruments like sax, guitar, fine maracas, and nasty ready-to-blow helium tanks to up-nature fifty (50) or so electric bags for about thirty bucks (~$30.00). That's about all the joy thirty bucks will buy. I asked the cashier and yes, you just toss away the eco-murder of a gas can, but okay one of them sanitation engineers may hafta step in for a back-room lift up. And why not then? I love parties and propers done well pinatas full of rubber bells and all. Just for the kids - a rubber curse of and at play (another bad idea to be coupled with that exploding hampercake: a papered one-time-only poke-through "pin the tail on the donkey" - for cheap laughs, make it count right out front - maybe a pin shocks your young child with gift from above - see some of those electric toys they'll leave you ash-blind a "pen" based upon the game "Operation" says it best or some other naked-making curiosity to sane you into knowing best about everything first - simply rude and unlawful thus and actually up to twelve (12) natty volts are safe enough I hear it fly and wait). Incidentally, you hafta wear a pointed party-it hat at my get-togethers, you know - for pictures and all. The best party store ever to me? Our Party City at Route 1 and Princeton Pike right in Lawrenceville, NJ the old Bob Lang (2970 Route #1). Lots of finer element and kitsch - a child's jewelry shop within a costume-decorations store there. When I'm home and all I shop there.

little greedy bitch just can't wait for a landing

The Trajectory Of Spacecraft Taken From Here Too
03/28/04 1640
When one takes off from the Earth, you cannot upgrade your trajectory in space - you have to aim accordingly. Aiming means getting the loft or keying toward right. When one seeks to hit Heaven or alpha centauri just behind the sun, you aim toward the sun and hope for the best. Never to actually hit the sun, we seek what's just before it then - what cannot be seen by us. More: Heading into the sun isn't the only way out - you could leave at the equator year 'round and still get there. Shearing or turning on side does not occur in space - only you think that. You have to ask to turn by moving downward and along and that means a figure-eight around the place and its perimeter. You may see this soon enough if you will, or if you will not. We do not write to please you here - it is to confound (asks you to right of) and for you only. More later and then now: No one just flies into space anyway - they hafta leap. Leaping means keeping your head up and not bogging down in the flames that ensue all around you for trying it out. Space is hostile and when you get tired of being whipped back and forth by the illustrious (missing for you) chains made to pull you apart (honey bees may help yet with their wax smoothed all about continuously) I ask you to die for it. Space is nobody's but blank and staring and I ask you to stay where I am yet of. No more to you. P.S. The only metal to fly in space is aluminum. Test that yet. Seek new round flying saucers called a "HoverDisc" all over playing with waxes and rods inside. See amusements - they are fun yet and like frisbees but large and much more graceful. About thirteen bucks (~$13.00) or less at Aah's that Spencer-like store around here and also on the road at The Grove (plus for more of "hendousi" or "spare change" in but Greek and though). Yet very cool, and by me too. I had a street demo yesterday - pull it length against your belly and fling it at. Nice.

no one does their make-up like an italian maken does it

The Da Vinci Code
03/28/04 1635
I promised my mother the code on this, and here it is all. Da Vinci, real name Joseph (no, not "Jonas") Proust of Italy and Spain both, wrote many a letter to boost his fame, but none revealed his codes or techniques ("no, neither have I read a book on me" he would say). "I paint in the middle of subject or view only" he would say. "No one would paint after me" he would say "I just do it all in black [esters or "frankincense" a liquid halving of color]." Continues "Never have I approached greatness by being great, I ask for greatness to come. It came to me I suggest to you. In each meter [about an inch - more: "all you could see with one eye without leaving it"] I make halves and then triangles within until I can see no more of them. Each one alternates light and dark until the triangles have made all dark or all light to me [in that inch of]. I color or 'molor' [actually, "molar" or "to place in rear with a dark sense about"] each of accordingly and across one." More later if. Code? There is no spellings to you within. Period on that but back for more later of. More now the next day: Da Vinci - and he is mean about this - says "no one bothered to ask me yet and I strive here - you do not yet." Then on, "First, get an artist-teacher to tell you all they know about color - there are two (2) only: red and green. The rest fade with us. Have that now." Adding to close "If you wanted to know one more thing, I painted all of those oils with horsehair brushes [no expands with paint or use] and natural styles - nothing faked. That is, nothing drawn from mind. All angles had to match and on cue. Have that. End this now. Study me better." Thank you from all. X

Madonna's cat "Mukie" means "you can't stand the sight of me" in Spanish

Had A Dream Last Night And Madonna
03/28/04 0958
I was dreaming last night that I could shine a rapidly-pulsing flashlight at my own right hand and see what's in it.  Oh, the clear skin (yes, I feared some sort of damage from this but felt nothing) revealed beautifully lain hard wires as straight from the knuckle and watercolor-size paintbrushes too along the fingers with bristles at tip. Odd the skin so clear to it must be what the dead see or sumpin'. People who help you in the innerlife - you know.  Madonna announced tickets for a new tour today in the Los Angeles Times it's called "Re-invention" all imperial class of France looks like the box that made "Hellraiser" coming. I'm supposed believe now that Madonna masquerades as one of our hagged friends kinda quiet, manly girl somewhat aggressive.  I told her as her being avoidal "You seemed a bit off - maybe even then retarded."  Just avoiding a completed view.  She seems just like that man-woman in "Hedwig". Do better. In the meantime, I talk to the Spanish cat there "Mukie" (say "mookie") with Mexican eyes for a better conversation I'll never be invited over again nobody cared less than me. Hey - this stuff gets released to me in time we talk in the head mostly only. Madonna can't just know me being God and all I won't have it. Plus then, a death or one since we last spoke me and the cat.

to fuck iTunes

Enough of our games now, we update from November 2003: Elton John "Dirty Little Girl" MP3 (3.4 Megs) + Elton John "Harmony" MP3 (2.5 Megs)
I also heartily recommend from me "Grey Seal" and "All The Girls Love Alice". Le must de "Funeral For A Friend" + "Love Lies Bleeding". No, nothing you know.

You Don't Just Announce A New Homeless Center In West Hollywood
03/27/04 2142
Went to visit my friend Dizzy at Bristol Farms on Doheny and Beverly Boulevard and then took a light tour of favorite street Robertson at night. We stopped by "The Ivy" a lovely at-night restaurant there 113 N. and plus I love the new Robert Clergerie (say "clare-zhur-ay") boutique at 108 N. Robertson and I see Kate Mantilini's (of 80's "power breakfast" fame) is now "The Newsroom" - how long now? Whatever - I never ate there but liked seeing it said.  Morton's (a fancy chivoue or then nightspot) is still full-flare - I never ate there either. What really made me angry was the new homeless center party in West Hollywood next to the Lion's Club on Robertson a known despot (retrieve) for them. Oh, you start off else - say selling econo-bed mattresses and then viola? No more sales but see the tooth and toenail hospital beneath us Level I, the makeshift basketball court on Level II at the door. Good going I may hafta be there one day and in you. A party place. "We know what we took that mattered." 

elton john traced this from a pantyhose package
Antonio Vargas Never Painted This
03/27/04 1817
In fact, his first name was "Arguello" he was from Spain (died 1972 in NYC - thanks). Quote of: "No long fingernails in the 1950's - I'd have been shot."  The Cars "Nightspots" MPEG (3.6 Megs).  What is a "nightspot" anyway (as versus a "nightclub")? A "nightspot' is private and for stars of routine or play. "Not you" it says - "just us."  To Helena Madson of Beverly Hills (see "Helena's") who deserved more than Toni Halliday and her mother remembering us. The U.S. Army (a Beverly hills staple) helps this. Toni says "She wouldn't let us in  - even as a favor to a friend - me." Toni furthers "Still, no (hearing "You bought everything with your father [his death]") so I wrote about it and in thinking of 'Helen's Face' [by anslar or not-negotiated musical group "Scylla" and then on the "Showgirls" soundtrack, 1993]. So there." By the way, I bought "Candy-O" hot off the press and had it then. Loved it too much to say just here. From the "never say never" department: What? Palladium in NYC let me in that was in 1986 and the height of kingdom I pray you. Tip: Candy-O is "Missy Newe" the "Goldfinger" girl who died just like that of "parallax" or two (2) lights combined into one (a skin condition that greets skin with light it can't remove a suffocation of vents - see gold, dust, rubber, tars external - all lethal to like this). Elton John painted the cover and rejects your notion that he "played too long for too many seen" and Ric Ocasek said die then I'm here now too. We are one of then. Play on - it never ends us. We do.

i'm gonna put this up your ass in a plastic bag and turn it add a few stretch attachments for a coupla polyps

Speaking Of Enormal Here's The Shoe Stretcher I Envisioned For Us
03/27/07 1155
This place called GreatBuyUSA has shoe stretchers I've been looking for (?) and other "as seen on tv" stuff. Check 'em out. The shoe stretcher even has little add-in plugs to enlargen the step for corns and warts and stuff others need mention. We call 'em (the warts) "wands" for you to work your particular brand of magic to.

The Root Of It All
03/27/04 1149
People say I have an interest in seeing you fail. That is but what we call "enormal". "Enormal" sits on the side and awaits good news. That is us. Never doing for the self, but waiting to see nonetheless.

Top 20 Out Of Seven Hundred Seventy-Three Thousand
03/27/04 1123
Remember, and if nothing else, the name "Doug Moon" comes up number one for me and my site on Yahoo! for days and days now. See that. A true spectacle. Lucky, I guess.

Daily Key
03/27/04 1114
Nothing new today per BofA. See that. Balance: $6.71 (an iTunes approval took a dollar for the time being - are you there?)

Your Keys For Social Successes
03/26/04 2000
An act of "ill-will" or not seeing enough from you yet lurks around every corner.  If you are "ill-fitting", you didn't make the effort to be here with us and as such. Your clothes insult us with style and fits off. If you are "improper", you seek to neglect the need in us. You beg, borrow, and steal to embarrass us as those with you. Those who make us feel "ill-needed" have nothing to say to us, but ask us to do with them anyway. "Indecent" told us that we were welcome when we were not. They came to be when they were not welcome as such and as said. "Improper" told us not to come as begging for it anyway and we did. That is "ill-sullen", but not used. "Indecent" said yes to all of us anyway. "Immoral" didn't see that none us were interested. "What's our gain in this?" in this it asks.  Our gain less this makes you "immoral" to us. "Immodest" doesn't ask you before taking his clothes off. Your clothes were "improper" - you, "immodest'. Be this for now......"immodest". For Chris, for this week. We're here. More: Hi, Chris. The "unreasonable" see no need to act. They make us do without having to do and make us see without having to see. They are far from "immodest", they are "unreasonable" or not sanctioned or sent in by us. The "ill-suit" make for us, but see it off a notch or two. They make it wrong for us and are thus the "ill-suit" theyselves.  

Home At Salem's Lot
03/26/04 1944
Just finished watching "Salem's Lot" again - still my favor for you. Quite excellent as rented in DVD format from Video West. Oh, Columbia House wrote me and said as soon as I pay for "Leprechaun" I'll see my DVD for this so I ran to rent to keep all things the same my expectations unupsetted.  Have your order back I pray we'll see you later though. Tip: When a vampire ghost rises on you for the bite, we call it the "vow" for having us.  We rise up to show you all that we are and then descend into yours for same. Real. Real to you too. Who is the vampire head? A scandanvian sailor from France who died at sea making all of yours shine like new. 1962. We use the body commanding it from steps away - the Mason character actually god-master and quite mean about things - not just a familiar. The story argues me, but I give you notice of having been shipped in ice from points anew. David Soul? An unfortunate really as just Christ bearing in me. We wrestle over people we hate. "I succumb to all I see" it says to me.

Daily Up
03/26/04 1214
I know you like knowing too - nothing new in my account today.

Of Account Interest
03/25/04 1314
Today's note sees me at seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71) - no one adding any additionals yet. Clear me.

03/24/04 2035
A hope: Maybe in hell you see a simple door marked 'exit' in your foulish own term but I let thee flee. Yours. I fear I feel it too little. Who are you?  Never mercy an exit. I'd take one still.

If Not a Tear Betrays
03/23/04 1925
Yet fool suggests "You are in hell"  though I pause briefly to speak on subject. Oh, we spire to the heavens with our winsomes and fancies on our as such since speakings but that should dry right up next to me and my conjure of being as you return your group gift with the receipt snipped off just at the store named. Your key and as never to doing your part per and as hinted at I ask to know what you meant it to be first (be less sure of me - "What does 'God' really mean anyway?" symbol to symbol said and just what I thought there's alot more to know as just me but simply words fail us):  Ours a hell of being outcast, left aside as others figure us out seeing with a taint twosome - bad enough to exruciating halved, not a good enough hear. Purgatory makes much ado about nothing your life and then throws it all away you end here and a new begins with it. You're taken to each a caring of to see how and why noting pliss-each a nuant then agree to your errant ways a reunion of sorts you held us after all now press dump. No thanks to it yet. See some. Hell - a bulb surround us - takes each of this botch you made and samples it leisurely for you the one who made me do it to you again. Yours have gotten better at it, it seemed, making the one who knew and those who do one and for the same smearing your nightmarish shit I'd never ask to review around and around now meet the neighbors just as their bargain strikes yesterday or tomorrow whatever it seems all fucked up all made to wonder no more you know it right now and that is all as if there is to know. As if I made it, press repeats galore with freshenings I'm not stupid you know you touched me I live to be that escorted to your foul analysis of it made chance-dumb and just for you one who seeks to hide truth then has you say it most to see if trued. Keep the flames roaring if seen to roar and dare not to be just one mint off so seen different and cursed with knowing of a then leads to a weak vulnerable and haves that already. I don't work for you yet. "Hell is a half-ass." Merit: A single hot rock in your pants made here sees you run right to it. Seen: I don't need the exact brand-name model, just a mock of it made to be seen. The other worked well too. We'll abuse the both of it while introducing another third off. Knowing everything makes up the whole lot shined. Seems having it all everwhere led to some things you'll never have - not just mirrors of once having held everywhere we had that and moved on. We think about top and bottom now too. No two wholes remain the same. More of a self taken aback. A hound-cake you frost yourself with message of assured to temptings that at once placed times and explodes on table with personal flannings served to no guess.  A spring-flung flower pan coiled with firecrackers craps loud to reveal yet an another unwanted to nude simply wash and re-use this with grandma's Husker-7 are-do anyway. Keep 'em coming or get it on tape.                  

Banking Center
No new contributions to note of by computer - so see my mother paying to your bills again as I walk to my next rain drugged-up and on new Skechers ......"Jesus gave his things away [God would have tapped out auto parts in Indonesia with your nipples suggesting elses of it first - or - a sandnigger's paradise at once made modern...useful "someone found the keys" rode a wooden bike on pencils right out of there you can't destroy anything like that you gotta mist to a vapor then keep it]. That's one day to put it if once twice removed to your influence contrast never once paying to comply as my job with offers of promotion to your feathers-penis (having but already earned my hart-brange in an act of cowardice my balloon hauling dirt in a basket to kidney-shaped pools full of further I'd rather not). Fledge (a yield of cornstarches lounged in daily stiffer penalties devour it): I will never honor your regard for what's yours either your account to remain unseen and unhaving but we report. Should I wonder off to see your hell timpf-proved once again (my mother's hand now to remain yet a further target?)  See my hand yet yours the sooner we begin the same you will get and to yours the same yet. See no change to the penny I leave in a soiled cup for the one who intended it. I print them up still. Pay less for it then take something of it back to notice. Once we tell you can''t see the rubble held. "We don't care - he's nobody." I get it all types somehow it seems.  I eat the good food. A poverty misses a meal or two I demand one of two (2) premium colas every day and insist upon drinking straws preferably Glad no stripes.

Words Wise
03/19/04 1900
When the "vraccidura" (say "vrak-a-durra") makes his name known, it is to say often. They challenge you in little ways and big ways to see you smile, but often create problems being just that. A barricuda of sorts (difference seen in a barricuda: this one simply takes versus asking you first) majoring towards esteem, they seek the holes of doughnut, not justice or form. Really, a challenge for a place to be in the forward manner (see racking the balls but swift at you in another manner that suggests your first shot known is to be the last given). May suggest the answer first to seize the question. A "remedial-urge" senses you and should leave before you get to an ass-kicking of minor dealt. Has no feelings for you since being burned by your trade of salt for sacks used. A bother to know you of anything new or then salty. Eats our grass rather than to learn how the mower works on it, but once helped you to prior by installing both (?) the blades backwards under hidden key. No matter what blade's shown, it's the right one to know. Prefers text-based to graphics 'til then you bothered it. Would rather praise to you that paid up.

But Out Of The Nut House
03/19/04 0956
My account today sees it plus five hundred ($500.00) from my mother. Saved by the bell - so half of that sees me. Stay in touch. By the way, a Christmas picture full lot (may I show you) sees you missing me none at Christmas. Good enough.

a turkey house to pump yours out a bads idea

Birds Of A Feather Neilsy M The Flame Of My Heart
03/18/04 1053
Neilsy's being kept in a wooden bird-box in mind all dark inside with just a hole to talk out of (his dad stopped by earlier when I talked to him). He can't see or nothing inside as he eats his favorite dust sandwiches all made with imaginary miracle whip and her favorite breads. Says there are clams in there now. He thinks to say that he is enjoying my company as such should a lover really but doesn't know for sure sitting there waiting for faces to pop by. I care for him meticulously. Will you join? His mother needed to fuck off a long time ago she can't get enough of her fat questions through the hole it seems. Try anyway, Cunt. More to your liking:  That birdhouse is made by blacks in the handy world and I like its looks. You hang high up a tree outbranched in your claspboard peccal unit from cloths a net of and wait to be heard from calling and making no more of having been seen. The upper avoils painted with cow's blood the bottom smacked with shit for calling once of. The hole your avoid if seen a monkey box. Oh, the stink of!  If the very first horror for a spirit was falling as flesh, the box annoints. Never let a spirit crawl up your ass while you rest to proclaim your havings or be here my best work yet to be seen. No matter how nimble the touch to upper decor, a bonanza of laughter awaits you below seven hundred (700) feet up a gorge. Having blacks....always too much joy to the deserving end. We'll be waiting.

My Fault If Need
03/18/04 1907
Sorry to all about linking up the ol' Tickle quiz about me wrong enough - I hate siphoning the guts out of nomenclature (words spoled or made senseless) but here goes to better. By the way - my shoe size is never stated in halves - only for socks do we apportion for thick ones. A point five (0.5 - use a leading zero for uniform entry, please) makes me feel just that much better in Skecher's. See the Moon Shop for newer frivolty too. I hate people looking in - come to sit.

If Caught Between Gears And You'd Turn
03/18/04 1642
We Moon's pride ourselves on two (2) things: Never going bald ("We Moon's thin, but never bald. See that.") If you suffer from one of our underhavings, a godot apple (yellow, red - pink then - Japanese) might help. Sliced in halves, you eat one then and feed the other but to a goat. Tap a little can too your choice - couldn't hurt me. You do it and but once to be considered for one's normal, and then twice for an extra extraordinary boneage my call. Where it all ends is just to my guess. Remember, the parts best lain are those best to not thought of. Have us think for you then a bit of an exhibitionist-type I, I asked you to look but not just as this yet. See that to more of it. In four (4) months time, you could expect to know our burden of comforting one who could not as such be comforted and as such. It was more than you cared to know of, but in an overall sense hardly the stuff priorites are made to. The mouth of it seen off is truly offensive yet - see the goat first for what is then: another Rumpelstiltskin of sorts. He'll be back to hear his name said correctly. A quote from Halliday "Your dick is the smallest ever" in reference to a little photo you've mused to me (the Internet is no bargain to me and for you yet). The French "pardone"? That was flaccid (really "flacal" or not used yet as might seeing you) and about the ornate of hair (like a spic - and almost just that little to nice....the jeans and all and pulled down). You need (a) a face, and then (b) a place to have it to know any more. And Honey, please - I've been the hand of holy trope (the one who wiped every Christ until one was found) - just ask a neighbor to know of it better. By all please, do this. No star, but no starlet either. After a bit, it gets to be a bit much you know unless you're born of something you prove. Finally, what is "indignation"? To have done against me (a new helping of cancer, your unwelcome note).   

Breath So Bad I Had To Be You
03/18/04 0939
No change to my Bank Of America account today - still an available load of $0.00 for -$251.50. Someone says in my head "A hold over reporting accounts for three (3) days for this." Someone wants to die by pinpoint. In the you know how. Honey, please no - I take my numbers online at B of A very nicely done for little or no money (um, exactly for now -$251.50). I don't go running to the ATM all hopeful each morning maybe now an eggs and croissant with bacon (cup of coffee, house blend). Thanks from nothing done yet.  

Onward Continues
03/17/04 1753
The "dondaldiff" talks to the inside of hope's coat too much and asks you not to do for them from inside a zipper - a pitiful sight best left greeting the likes of whomever greets this. An Aunt Clara-type always arriving like a bucket of hot piss in your lit fireplace. A "sakeslee" is always reminding you to do the right thing when perhaps least welcome but never when it comes to them as always the uninvited guest. At dinner exclaims "for the sakes of heaven - what is this?" while serving it. The "spintribe" takes too long to do anything good and gets rid of the impatient while you do them down, off, out. You get around to it it seems, but they never get to do it with you so hard to keep an eye on that prize going 'round and 'round yours-theirs the needle-laserium in it investigating to be there somehow. Honor a record with it. Be for it all ready, done. Some fear the fire in the belly a smelting to slag while others welcome it. A "troibhant" (say "tra-vant") is like a soibhan (say "shi-vonn") is pleasing but in little ways. That's Hindi. No one pleases the self of the troibhant like so, and then sees itself cherished of little ways or communication. Always "celibrating" the small papal win over no one noticing and yet this. If use-wearing the likes of "chablasmilts", you might assume a wine drunk of tiny stilts. Another happy enough to proclaim little done of the merit self and taking all honors up with them an inch or two. Gets it over on you by being lean in the walk and perhaps then poking small enough holes in all along the way but firmed. Start a small fire with other maybe alcohols and get this to talk about mind. Exactly three (3) college credits per semester cheers your four point oh (4.0) a triumph emerges but at forty-nine (49) years old or then a grande G.P.A. ("genera-paterna aldou" - as "meets in class") of just slightly more than two point oh (2.0). See further "retirement equals death" your G.P.A (now "geniru pat novub" Latin for "is it over for you too?" but stated in clause remove the symbol that asks) makes it all slightly newer. More talented later less now: The "songstress-thongwearer" hears her own tune ever but seeks you in kind. Knows your tastes in being different, but sees how you might fit. Her tastes in yours to be seen ever-the-slight, she sings the lived-long day in her own tune you hate it and ask her to stop. She turns as if to show you that ass delvined by string and you ask her to return but to sing one more as no one flame begs it. "Please stop if you hear me at all" it says, and of course, it's all mostly out of fluid so you thumb it to sore no one stops for this. If found to be "prindalmisce", you never chew your food - someone else does. You never get anything right, and you couldn't care more either. We cut your food for you each in a slice itself, we ask you to stay less by coming if simply to get it over with but you keep coming too and that hurts us somehow. "What are we missing" it asks? That's okay - one day we'll see the world for what it is - made of sperm. You keep breathing me in and I swear I'll replicate one day so finely as served. What does that mean? If you keep using me so well, we simply become one and another and live together happily ever after as two of one. We are this as you too. A "prindalmisce" never needs to know and never suffers an attention deficit or then to a knowing deficit (a hounding of only having enough to hurt you). They live so well having none to bear but in a shell of unknowing right with us. Have that to. See this stuff bettered, but only for you.      

My Own Doodle Off On It
03/17/04 1217
Someone said I doodle all over. I keep interest everywhere and afoot you see. Check back often. As you would might expect, a manic (all me, all the time - much like a radon or excessive terms of light push from its source) god-type person possessed by a real live daemon keeps writing something over and over. Mine simply resembles the AYDS-breast-prostate cancers ribbon of no color (a "harlot" or then signifies a special person looped - no hearts just caring by) done with a pen in lines and lines and most arted all over I love them from me only and in my own hand. Upside down and right-side up, but all over and to you notepads ever. You practice your name still. Mind said, or then delivered, "use 'subindex.html' (a programmer knows) now on servers to make a page odd-sort every three (3) or so issues out." You try that. "We may not be here for you that often" it says and not to those who've been with us already - that's a quality sort I won't just mention. Too, I loved set-issuing "MIME" (for "Masked Interface My Engine [gets steamed]") types now too to be set on server (one day to rid entirely). For mine now here, we have "audio/x" for "mp4" entered above this and frozen in time (mp4's are additional maskings - period - the quality is there, a video-type really no longer just a cartoon - QuickTime, as most arguably, has no plug-in for this yet and so results on the side by invoking the application instead). Have it better or eat text ladings of that shit. Last night as lay barely aslept, my left hand was being worked on by an invisible but quite palpable force like warmest water but better the air shone. I dare not move to possibly chase it away, but thought maybe I wake up with all missing across at the semi-finger (then a wedding band?) Little pieces being taken or lain across ways and I thought-heard my hand being made bigger (or to source powerful?) and being released to that sexiness of. All of my fingers missing this morning I only need one right index to type and then to thumb the spacebar alternating with left fore to promote or decay me. I left typing class in high school when Ignatius left no one's secretary either a hostile black to taught less. A brief aptitude (shining off) test suggests we leave no Mavis Beacon.

I Hear Ya Have Another Or Then Just Snakes Rolling In And Around On The Shore Packed With Salt And Shitwater
03/17/04 1136
Someone tells me that in response to my needs, unruly people in Bangladesh, India are putting purest gold coins in the mouths of babies and crocodiles. Please - like I care. Do your hair - it lives more. In the meantime, one of my favorite tea-tricks from the past was afrikaners (yours) putting heaps of dung in the mouths of gaboon vipers (a huge bitter snake that snaps up from the grass-tile and kills elephants that stomp around or stampede - has a normal venom of extraordinary lengths and insists upon choking you for to dead) to get rid of them "for biting us." Near the sea always, they simply immerse, cover their bodies, slurp it up, and ball around on the seashore still able to bite until you leave it alone enough to make its way around. Have it all - killing it sees it again but with you. As big as lemons already, they are now grapefruit up to basketballs in truth. And stinking the lot. Eighteen (18) feet long. Have one. I never let a mercy by you slide too far. By the way, gaboons are born of an elephant's shit in the tile there - they are one and one. Afrikaners - now "plantains" (water wells in Africa south they grow plants) - laugh and feed them small bits of shaft saying "soon enough, you get too much." Please, keep having it - then you too. Well after that, both can go to the rocky, hostile beaches for a day. From the bottom of my shiny-black worm-riddled heart, thank you for everything you will not do for me. I honor you to and of it daily. By the way, once see an elephant fly by stepping on one of the aforementioned snake's horns up from on nose - we made 'em hard enough that way. Mercifully, you have but a second or two to notice your flaw made. Discreetly, they survive it enough to know you better of this. Have a prayer once first - they will bite the shit out of you and Dumbo both for what seems a day about this forever. Another to-do for "big dumb" as enters the tent big-top or with stakes in-hand. Gaboon? Swahili ("gabon") for "grab both [as horns - and fast at that]".

Pope Ignatius 3 To Us "Nothing Roman Thanks Nothing Secular We Just Get It Done No Honor"
03/17/04 1120
They have a picture of St. Patrick on CNN but it's actually Pope Ignatius 3 (at once Chris Ondy - 1856). They never honor saints with pictures, you get their pope. Even St. Francis can't say it was him in the garden with stigmata (holes in the hand, feet) showing - all every just fakes with knives we shudder at that. He - that pope named - really did that too all crazy really with realm in the head. Not Franco, it was simply Pope Pius II who used Roman numerals to honor them at once for being there for him. So? "Ignatius" means "ignoble" - one above your tastes for it. Uninfluenced. No one lest impressed, that is you Chris Ondy and only you to took that name ever to be me. You have a meanness to be in clarity of self. You are my lover else. You tell me. Say the name "ig-nate-tee-us". What?!? Chris assures me "in mind" that we could have gone to our high school prom together. See it there. Deeply respectful and avoidant of fight I would have gone. In fact still there I sit. We had, in fact, a gay, interracial couple at our very affair - The Willises? No - a guy named David Nixon (a flamour black in powder-blue chiffon) and another named Richard Law (I love that name - Richard Law). If you know anything about Richard Law, he is gorgeous and in many a few gay pornos with dark hair. He was nothing like that at my prom (I took my girlfriend at then Sue Dombroski - Chris? not at my table) - not that yet or if for all reddish kinda hair and glasses I think. Richard Law was like the Freddy Kreuger of my childhood home as warned by my dad, a jealous wonger and police commissioner, and his fleamates. Ideally, Law drove an old blue ice cream truck around childhood town like a unseen sewer clown selling pot "and shrubs" with the likes of Neil and vary. It was mystic to me and I was daly afraid. Well done. P.S. No one I saw at the affair cared - it was lovely. Chris hated it. 1982. More: That girfriend stuff is simply a hate bag for you, I know you know. For a male to tell another male or someone "oh, my wife" (like you just found out too) is then to have great stature with us and I have this to you also and will reject it firmly besides the fact that I've never fucked one or else of you. Sue knows. So does Chris who now wants to "speak for himself" or then his mother a bitch about us at all. I'd give him dimes yet. "He's ugly now." I talk to others often about people like Chris going from parts "A" to B" - it's a long idea for that there, but okay we'll see about having better people around. If one more faggot tells me "that's pretty hot" I'll be with them. More yet: As for the pornos, see also Mark Clifford Of Cocteau Twins "Otherness" fame - he's really cute in a few of these things too. I like that one alot. No more I know of sightly.        

Back To Bank Of America
03/17/04 2130
No change yet today. You're pretty cheap as closest to the bone yet. Hold the tongue.

Random Notes To A Friend
03/16/04 2108
All tips today: Betty Ford was Betty Grable aged and decayed. Have her that. A GIF is at least to almost twice the JPEG memoried. Use less. Why pay to send the same over hills of bother? "No worse I've seen it less." Undo us then. The record store in Quakerbridge Mall (Route 1 Lawrenceville, New Jersey) owned by Warner Bros. outright and that delighted me in my youth basically with all the best was "Alsound" and looked like a crate less this end up. Every good came from here less minors sold with black dots or their vin-munchkins at Bleekers no one need mention it a thirty-one (29) flavors expanded outward now and featuring "hot toddy" the label all polka-dotted says number two (8). Note that. Wall To Wall Sound? Awful never to selling odd couplings of gear or beer plugs and then the ten (10) copies of AC/DC's "For Those About To Rock" right at the blackened hangdoor before anyone noticed the title song intro was all they really wanted (a strength sold back - have that without us). Drummer Nigel Olsson owned this shopping primarily (second only to Sears in choices already made by you for someone else making far less of it), Davey Johnstone at guitar there on (in fact, Bon Scott a prostitute-lover of Elton John's only and from deepset Philly - John wanted all of his reported "loves" to stardom with so much to spare what's just one more token ride to the top of noted by me? Another "I love people" type. "Self-made sees it - did it all he'self he did" all now living in Atlanta suburbs with their mothers - now I get "one day - you too" but I'm watching more videos on VH-1 to know more about this while I also know Elton was a skinny "friend" of mine here already young and abusing us plys nothing paid not yet). At Tower recently I made sure those bitches got that intro right live they did it too. "All on tapes" they'd say "the drums so synched to voice." You wanted to know what about your singing? Never ask - I paid you for leaving that part off already and me here. That says it. Tip: San Francisco's "About Face" china masks sold at "Oz" (namesake "odds") - a sheer vintage-candy and tees whiteness owned by Culkins yet, Cherry Hill and Deptford I've seen 'em. Hi Mac. Thanks. Update: The mother now says "I worked there for my husband only. Take my name off now." What? You simply spawned a Tobin.

one in the pot is worth two out here a Christmas dinner for Jews, really

Another Lazarus-Type From The Likes Of CNN Liked Less Of It
03/16/04 1213
This lobster came "back to life" they say after being frozen stiff. No. Please - death is the start of a happiness in disintegration and firmly then decay - a rotting stink of far beyond the havings of mere brain damage a breath (just check the eyes now conveniently snipped off but never actually real you can't see their eyes nor the real eyes of a shark up and outward around like two poles an eye is never actually never real to you - poke one to see less of it but yours still to be seen of somehow). No one emerges from a sorril (made empty to you) decay - not even to this know. Lobster facts: Has to endure great depths of stink to be made here. Icy, dark, cold - they live in it that easy. You don't know what that means (my "Tickle" test also asks me opine "rather hot or cold?" The answer is 'cold' any day - a lobster says that too. Heat (disintegrating force only) ain't living with it - that's for damned sure. Heat, in fact, changes their color for a known reason. Raised for Romans originally around beds of volcanic ash, "remove your tuna" it says "or before the meat is gone to red." See that burn right up. A lobster was not made to feed people. It was made a delicacy ("a slight having of us") to feed foreigners who catch one and may stay offshore with nets afoot there. Like frogs were. A meat made less savory and of no real staying put or effort. It says "Thanks for having us - now leave without bothering." We eat them now at Christmas Day mid it seems and honor you too. With a proper slab of steak london broil honors the queen who loved them to me. All from the freezer and on your day from it. All of this honoring (and perhaps another snort of coke). We are Jews and finally made to know you. Our evening the night before aglow and happy loving you. The turkeys and hams then with candlelight and holiest sorrow of seeing you amidst mirths and glory. A prayer. We are loveliest beauty forsaken to you a mother and child. The next day - an afterbirth of sorts. A bit humbled. Well, okay, I like to do your hair. What do you think-feel? A lobster left to see as unbroken is known to us as a carcass of one eaten by wolves. A lesson it rotted to you and back to faith. See us. A quote from you: "That is what you are - showing up on our shores to take of us and then leave to it only." I hate visitors not if beauty strikes me, but also see to me the lesson of "Rumpelstiltskin" now harmed by me (in-fact, this the first movie I ever saw in a theatre in Trenton, New Jersey or anywhere else and with my dad - it was like a Pussycat/Tomcat (now gay and somewhat profitable) theater so slimy and to him - hi to family and of John Waters). I weave the gold, you deal me your first (finest) born in exchange for vow here. Say my name (know who I am to my lonely lovely) and then undo me. You and my dad keep the others naught and at strength.

Your Clause (Um, Your Way Of Doing It To Me) 03/16/04 1016
"Oh my God - he's literally begging to us." Sweetness, I'm protecting only yours as to from - i.e., how you might with littlest bother and deed, me knowing and all (pssst...we all see it too). You are validate to be certain and verily a smart known to it, however, lean in your musings of (um, in your restraints of the self). I defeat most with sayings it first, usually seen to be but within it here - or - be that there, but not here. "For the sun saw no rousol [a reason] to be." - Virgill Ayres
What does that mean? You'll be the one to say. I know to this one already.

Is It Worth It? I Think It Sure Was
03/16/04 0929
More from my father at home largessing me "We hate what you did  - you went and razzled us" then "I asked people to die here. They won't die for this." Please, if only anything know Doug Moon - it's never worth it. Ask a Jew. Be straight first. I'll come down to it. Stay alive - be normal for it. I am not here to die for you and dread a Christ making sacrifices at my feet. I'm here to brush it all up, only, as promised. See the quality and to lard (that would be actually to "lord") it over you. "Why don't you save yourself." I do, Honey - I do. INRI. See it here crying toothless. My mother now: "This is a sacrilege - a gift ungiven to me." You demanded your gift again here it is: A "sacrilege" ("an unhand by God") is a gift by Him spit on. Me. "I gave it to you and you threw it back at me in disgust or wanting less of it." Our word first, thanks. See your nature here. Your beings-freedom at stake or warranted (made useful). Smart people scent hateful undoings back and forth too but announced. Back to largesse: "You're trying to kill me." That is lecteur (said-done) of "Act II" - see "Act I" first its twinings. Always heading toward intermission on the mezzanine or lower levels. [Now you may insert a lie or two here.] 

Status Of Account I Know You Need This
03/16/04 0906
My checking balance reported today online (I was afraid to look as God keeps me hopeful for better I'm real about this a dollar in proves it to my only checking): -251.50 (negative, yes - still all mine yet nothing new a check deposited mine and then returned still the account closed you do what you do). How am I supposed to get an ample supply of Tina ("the troubled teen")? How am I going to get in the bathhouse? I swear women hate me having a dollar to live like me with my only one lover forever. I'll write my other mother today by e-mail. A step up. I'm in Hell say it. P.S. No unemployment charities to me right now - I didn't work but exactly twenty-four point two-five (24.25) hours last year at twelve dollars ($12.00) each (grocery store strike, but stocking shelves bitterly at night until a black said). That's total in, less minor gift. That's what I lived on no zero protects. Some woman goes "That's what you make now, then. Say it." To quote Marilyn Manson's "Coma White": "All the drugs in this world won't save her from herself." Note that and I'll update your resume (what you're fed, annually) right away. Remember, we met when we both know we met. I only have it to use when I know about it and can use. Truth me: Your mind yet another bank account of sorts that releases your deposits of note to me when I think about you directly. In your voice. Just like a recording of well-timed snippets. "They [the words said] are not truth though." Truth? I'm not interested in that kind of truth. Mine is what I have. What I was able to use. That is your truth.  

What Popped Up Or The Urethra Noted
03/15/04 1959
"Why was the urethra made?" The "urethra" (overflow - French) - what removes urine from the body as sweat plus lung tissue and nerve gases - makes peeing simple and neat not. We have to conserve our body's heat or die of trying to keep warm and fed. The urethra prevents heat from escaping by rejecting its noise in the form of pured water heated. The piss is hot, sure, but does not convey but ninety percent (90%) of what was heard. The loss is minimal, but scurries us for more. We hated that. Piss is usual and urinals keep the heat for too long also melting metal lines we had. The water retained is hot until cold shows up almost never and stinking it up left to be (open windows then - enough of this). Know that the urethra is not yours to guess. Never remove our parts unless specified (an accident-illness) and you see living happening after it in routine. We kill Frankensteins thus and haveabouts talking too much about parts they miss never but keep playing. See that. The urethra's tube is coated metal, really, and stings like the ditch for too much eating and being without work or something active. The tube - what I call a "leisfors" ("not to be made of [anything you know]" in Latin-Ancient) melts inside only and so does a bladder what takes the form of Hepatitis 'A' when I need to shit yours out the back by duct every thirty years or so a dirtied web only. Remember, you know nothing of because I don't want that yet - your understandings yet mute or unspoken here. Have me first, then yours. A urethra stays to this day as yours ever. Coat inside with soap (a light lavender) if you must by brush or swipe I hate them all in there you feel that I made it happen to you. Women beware of me. Fucking is twice removed now (twice made harmful for your feat - see that in me). More later. If you, call a friend if in trouble. They'll see you. I'll see you. Salt is never the problem - you are. Eat less of it, then talk about it happening. A phone call made is less than this. You call first. I heat you up later for asking not to be me. I did that last night to you maybe. See that too. We sidestep this in favor of nothing yours. I hate you myself with heat in and around not to burn though or as showing others my game out. Show me not. After the loop backwards up then down of a females heart-locket to IUD's, "Why heat [in the body]" asks then Madonna to me. To pop bubbles in us and stop being so neat about all within. The bubbles end in pops and redistributes on conditions met me. Think of all as characters in a plot: "We are here together, right? Let's do." Nothing done until met by us with, and seen to be done this way. Do this in memory of me too. A "Claymation" of sorts (packed on you a lesser or spirit only made to move with us) as made to be then mine - not yours too. See that done. Like tears are done to you to hurt me back - but not until you cry me down over it like a firm chicken breast a truer giving sent sizzling over hottest coals made of mercy's way or givlets worth nothing to me, usually. Now, some doctor on HBO's "Autopsy" is ladling out of your opened tarsis yours a finest meal made soupy - the one I made you (yours discarded by me ever to - this one certainly not a black for having corned gravy - it would be clear of and to with their purities - but a half-lie this stunk bad though, I hear). I must leave you to be this and then no. You opened me up again. Never do this, really. It ain't there for you and says so with altastink ("leaving when you do" a sight best left, or, not taken then). Now leave it to me - a beaver (remember to and say "to be there" - honor me then again than). Be human then. Or be me.

Oh Sure Whatever Pops Up
03/15/04 1546
I was just talking-arguing with Tom Cruise fresh back from fall and spitting on people as seen on tv being ejected (spitting keeps your hands off - no? I did it to someone's feet on the street just yesterday after tossing a rented DVD in a bush and felt just that nice - I went back and got it later the DVD now returned - it is better to unhand, finally, are you spying on me?) We were talking about having to proof Tom Clancey's name now with an inner "e" (get that Scientologist-level joke - an inner "excess" of self). I noticed by God it was wrong on opening this file - see that but do not know yet. I tell him I use Yahoo! (now troubled with "streamlining" someone there notes) to search for correct spellings when in doubt my mind seems human then why work for what we have already and here? I look for commercial format to decide it all against dubious nut or simply wrong. He's all "Whatever sorts up to the top is what's right only." I said "Oh, yeah? See Michelle Pfeiffer's name with mispronounce or misspells" my perfect alloy to cap this "convo". That is experience to me talking back again. Even in mind she says to me "I settled it by making it 'i-e' like the rule says you." A jerk then. See me right enough then off and never to ask. By the way, only "i-e" is ever right ever. We change it to note of. A sounds better too? I'll kill you over feign, neighbor, weight, feign, and some others you know already by hearing it then again or a dictionary at length. "I've done what you've done ["mine" reading, etc.] for about four (4) years time." Yeah, when you were dead and in my mind only a bad flight happened to yours and not mine then. We do that to see you special here again - a Lazarus-type person for me - and a bit knowing about how it might be. Never real enough to me though. Be like me, keep talking it up. Be that there. Keep winning it. Keep hitting it with me or  "ours corrected together". I love that stuff.

You Are A Clam Dip
03/15/04 1334
That is another quote from Dad making a slyer reference to not changing for people until they are ready to change "as for you." A jerk. Steer this off to mother (then see the last question as authored by me on my little "Tickle" quiz: "Mother or father?" now then the answer: "Mother" - in deed (I tend to be caring) and in my shallows of (my havings from). See that we are humour to. Her recipe for breaded clams - unusually a fresh-water yuck to feed fish again when dead in wintertime - with oysters then being one and the same (fresh my ass). Get two (2) tuna cans of chopped clams (a yellow label sees this usually). Put in blender or the French "malamarte" (chopper) with enough seasoned Italian bread crumbs (1) one cup. Add one (1) teaspoon of lemon juice (the smell having now been put out like any small fire - a torrent of hate troubled), another one (1) teaspoon of worcestershire sauce (steaks, eggs only an unusually here may make saltier leave out if), just a bit of horseradish (that's us here), and two (2) eggs broken as if wholed fresh. Blend all with and distribute to seashells halved but a spoon in each flattened (we keep our seashells forever and then some in a bag or box cupboard - we put 'em in the dishwasher when dirty too cleans it nice). Sprinkle some paprika lightly on top of each. Makes twelve (12) halves or so hefty enough. Bake on a cookie sheet at three hundred fifty degrees (350º - an unusual symbol that of Fahrenheit simply dragged over from Apple's utility KeyCaps note that may work) for forty-five (45) minutes then serve heated with a little fork perhaps spoon to mouth. Your shells may come from once as frenched (to fresh) maybe. "Bon appertif" a beginning then only and honors Abraham who loved oysters still then of.

Oh, c'mon - everyone knows that "oysters" (loosely "a story follows" in French or "ousteres") are just clams clipped in two (2) when they are babies and left to grow as one-half spheres of being only. The portions were too big and messy for a woman plus "shells would be everywhere in every year we got rid of them China has loads of them and no beaches so." The army does it in Cape Canaveral, mostly. Check that spelling yourself. An oyster does not mean fresh, that's for sure. Some weeks old in salt tanks you have them anyway they're good not to me though see the recipe above a lemon hears your call for tub.  

I Was Just Talking To My Earthbound Father In Mind And Once Again Took Exception To His Existence Merely
03/15/04 1216
I was recapitulating my importance to people while talking to my father in mind. I continued "I am someone special. I merely prove the existence of God [to people who had nothing at all of it to speak of]. Period." That is fact and here for you. Counters "You prove the existence of higher thought only." No - I didn't prove God yet either. If you know how I work my mind, I get asked a question (most often I deny to you that I know it before you even ask me - sure, in mind only a ruse) and talk it out for you the only answers ever on-the-spot. The ones you get here. They are complicated and I beg off what you have to us I take. I have no cognition of what I'm saying at all as not thinking I'm just saying. Then, we understand together with our takings. Languages to math. That is higher thought as think it over left to be. I wasn't made to know, I was made to have knowings of you. One and the same without all that feeling good involved with me and you (think to yourself). Well, I lie sometimes to hear you know with me - a "prevaricator" if you will more at godsend know yourself I know you. I think about how good it sounds and then feels so commanding of it too just doing it to you like that and being corrected in speech on-the-thought. I think of its kindness in dealing with our truths too. Have it all. Be me first. "That's a dog's life - all feedings and getting nowhere." No. Have a thought, finally - originate it all them Tom Clancey novels stacking in here like all but yellowed newspapers. You read books to me. I think. I argue it. I know better. I know me. I know what's done about us here, too. This is done to us and you for. My head is full of switches flipping for me affirmatively (ever since that first microwaving inner-turnings at home) and little knowings of a happy maybe, maybe not you are ugly to me in truth sometimes. And I, very force-pro. I know things happen because I feel them slightly and then I reject that if as missing too. I still try to have it done for me and anyway you slice it. I rely on nothing like the likes of me. I rely on nothing yours. I have nothing for you to buy you to me (but that is not truth here - see it - I have enough for you as me knowing better for myself and then better to you - I don't always get what I don't want either). I have me. Take me first. Live in this and to my joy, or, have just yours suspicious of me and wary of death old to my decay of. That's nice too - and quite unbargained for you. The world spoke to me and I did it myself. The answers are clear - a NWO (no way out) to me without giving the likes of you Heaven and with me. No. You are not God. I am. You, always looking past me to over my shoulder yet how beautiful I may to you seem. Buy me then. Buy this. To final this crap: "You are an 'analog' - just reading it off." No - that would be noting and then reading to you. I see - or then really sight (like a black says "I looked at [a tv show]" being ever-the-proper and not paying attention really) and therefore think not to staring at it. However, I am told *what* at the same time (drugs? spare me yours a newer to used hate) as noting you. I don't think it over as I don't have to "see" (that is would be thinking) - I sight (simply then notice). I have it told to me as God and me then noting above. This, better for "not needing to" types. I adjust at my interest and not to note of yours. Test that. Be to me. "You're a monkey for it - just doing to people and then leaving [it open for further abuse for me]." I can have that having been caught and bothered (as seen to be of blacks again). Diet Schweppes anyone? Note: Diet has no fat labeled or made-added within. Non-caloric has no sugar. Be here with us one day. If you can't get help, call Carter (um, "ask for anybody else"). He knows what Madonna knows. No one wins it. Not here, anyway.

State Of The Union
03/15/04 1108
Called my accounting agency (shall remain you nameless) again today making myself available each then week like it or not. The Los Angeles Times of March 14 (a Sunday edition) has exactly twenty-eight (28) ads for accountant positions most of them agencies seeking you not. Have that and know better. A major metropolitan area says it all. There is nothing to talk about. Accountants must talk. I was a formal cost engineer by the way - you didn't have to know anything of my numeric lift up. I had that done. I was talking earlier about the "overall" beauty of making eighteen dollars ($18.00) an hour as a temp. That's just slightly more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) a week - full-time at forty (40) hours, less taxes already taken within a gross figure of seven hundred twenty dollars ($720.00). A nice check to have greet. Have I been away too long tax up? For work, I'll go down to fifteen dollars ($15.00) a hour, you know. It's not the pay, really, it's about having a good gig (!), not thinking too much, or being free of jerks. They are everywhere now commanding you just because they can. Have that with me a toast of. A loss.

Just A Bit Missing Stores Of Yesteryear I Found These Amusing The Signature Styles And All
03/15/04 1057
To Becky, um, store name "Dunham's" - you know, I still can't get that smell from the budget store beauty shop out of my mind ("We had to do that for women or they wouldn't shop here." Independence Mall on Broad Street then State Street back aways was Trenton-Whitehorse, Trenton, NJ): Gimbels, Korvettes, Grants, Jamesway (you are worthy of me), John Wanamaker, Voorhees, Hahnes, Bambergers, Pomeroy, Two Guys, Bob Lang. More I love hearing: I. Magnin, Lord & Taylor (with styles afoot), Bullocks, Kiddie City, Jay's Kiddie-rama (a Toys-R-Us but the pools), Maybe more. That one in New York City a "T" coming. No - an "F"....Fortunoff (barely alive? oh, "stately" hi 5th Avenue Patty Masgay no call thanks). Clover. Silo.     

"Market-Wise Is Sense-Wise" Or You Can't Sell What You Don't Have
03/14/04 1855
What you sell me here is important. "I don't believe any of it" resounds in me. Take less. Someone named Joel is now Chris. Hi Joel - all of those dinners as couples out and now me asking what for? Tell less to me. Hi you are the meanest ever. Chris again you are Elvis oh. Got that your dad picked you up from a train station in 1978 a student of lounge and bored to death with us young. See it. Fine. Cindy you are Marilyn Monroe reborn and to the finest cousin ever. Have it. Here soon. What you can sell is me now I sold myself to it. What you know (?-$) is what sells ($-?). Sell me (¢). Others beware. One other Neil notes "Oh, Madonna got punched in the face by her uncle and needed a facial support mask-cast then your job at risk asked you to step down I was told to die and thus did that." We are only friends now you, her, but I - and ever then before. To those who know, a death signals you all back to our homebase our club network. A death is never nice and is never desired I never have that in my head ever I never die but simply, sweetly, in my bed and come right home to tell you of. To those who deal in feeling as second-best a death for the grave-soil is but the highest compliment to someone who always gets things wrong. You either know then better or then to ask me. See yourself sold off and re-bargained to me only my further of insult I knew nothing of you here. We are friends only in this I can afford better off it seems to you. Friends forever. What you can sell is then ours together or never just to yours. Think ours upon sours of yours, then mine, then ours. Know yourself. Have to ask sometimes. Ask me not. Wait to be asked as was I a most popular and needing not to know until I was able to know. That is different and useful. A compliment ensues you then. What I can sell you to complement that guide - but a passing to feeling of. Feel less or know better. A feeling asks you not to know yet or has nothing to do. Newer yet: Peggy Sue is Queen Victoria (of Scots) re-had. I believe that only a lawyer in NYC.    

If Found Beating You To The Punch
03/14/04 1729
Someone suggests that reador-comics use my God material for stand up I believe that it's all so good (these days ending it's either a Christ or The Comedy Place). One reportedly said out-loud "Yeah, God knows who I tend to 'play to' these days most [here a hand-wink]. I went and told them first [pause] if only to beat 'im to the punch, if so to speak." No, we were already there. You are in denial (a real place - you live there with your mother at the keys playing mostly). Just ask for her next time - it's easier on me and both. Thanks, Clay. Have art. Jon Simpson feels the same yet. A red hair ain't my favorite, but may work to me from time to time a bargain.

Thought For The Day And Our Theme Alienation
03/14/04 1605
What I loved about Gary Numan records in growing up a gay (in a bush, in the dark, down in the park, hearing us said to "death death death until the sun cries morning") was the uncurrent (not newsworthy) theme of "alienation" (being rejected by me if at first, then left as yours to hastily a but confirmation of such). A scabrous worm-like existence of "I know it meant nothing to you, but it was everything to me." A shot best placed? Do we know better of ourselves with people? No, but we sense our failure. Leave it at that.  P.S. It was nothing to me too. I see that now. What were you thinking? Alienation = Selfishness. God = Love and-or is love. Love. That's me. You too. See that. You'd only be sunken half-mast in a lovegrave unwaiting on me. Love that. Love what we don't want back anyway. Huh? "Vowel Drome" (I like to see two participles here - maybe you are "voweldrome" to ask)? Having to maintain a high-note for someone, but all the time with others afoot. A bore. All of my words make sense. Even if I think I made one up or over time, God's meaning ensues. I'm better at explaining it though (I think). "Monognome" never has anything to say, but gets it done. "Technotroll" always scares you with advance and defeat. A machine-type headmask thinking about you and your future with too much as if living under a bridge balding of it. "Durlafest" endures you a lesser of in order to meet your friends so fantasies to ensue. A flatlaw ("I don't fuck my friends.") "Chatrace" pairs with a self right up the neck in order to have that said. Waits their turn, but unhastily barges in. "Rumourlge" hears that so-and-so is gay, but can't pretend for a need and then must admit or doesn't know. Likes stars practically, but preferably they are somehow dead and living to know just this much more or of you. "Givlets" knows if no one wants it, but has it for you anyway. Likes for you only in pieces if sees to an inner beauty and most naturally is unusually deboned. A gift in giving. A mere scent of. "Woundage" knows you hating seeing it, but knows it to you anyway by asking you not to. An old person (if such lying and) in wait. "Sinfle" sees no wrong and must hear of it too by word as such to said of me. No offenses or then too little interest for you and me. A gay hag. "Pornadill" has your talk in mind. Sees some litten (made from others). A sex partner gauging your own interests afoot while asking no one, really. A freak for having nothing done. A perm rotten or used. "Odiovox" makes use of filth mittan (made to your liking - German) to arouse. Says nothing people like to hear of. No bad breath, just bad vibes. Notably all wrong. A dumb known or feeling it to you. "Lamprind-ex" hates your guts as having been with you, but can't see the light of. Hates others making you known better to them, but can't say of it. A vegetable in the head of heart - makes days of it. Your barking litterbox of being known to a value. A prague or fat unwanted woman about you. "Lucrical" engages in the absurd and clings to it ever the joy of. Circular to known of numb and silly to know of anything or for with. A fool's realm-paranorm of having known it by anyway. Bark less, eat more. Bark back to shrink it off mine. I talk you listen not to hear it. "Palsidage" or "feels it first" asks you not to notice by revealing if first to form-feel, but undresses the self anyway. A strip dancer for the likes of Hume Cronyn - then a Jessica Tandy if you must. Not so much seepage seen to be with me next time you make it over and me I die. I die of this too a cry for vomit. Pluralsy. You wait for me, then. More of it maybe later.         

look - your favorite flavor again

That Was Yesterday's News
03/14/04 1157
Save Spain from crumbling with Iraq not. Back it seems, yesterday I went to the grocery store looking for "gelati" (Italian for "ice water" as with no milk or cream) really meaning to find a "neapolitan" (Italian-French for - loosely - "eyes open, then see [as a force to be reckoned with]" or flavors you never tried) and that I did. Very smart ice cream sandwiches with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry layer-inserts (see key above - no it's not real scanned but thanks I live and breathe an arting of), but all at once within - a stride if you will. It's only proper to support the right ideas (havings, then this for birthday parties and then such perhaps at bricks) at then the right times (then). I am mean about this stuff too. See that. Have a choice made every now and again not.

Think For The Day
03/14/04 1151
Why do people have plastic on their living room furniture (lampshades)? Apparently, it ain't paid for yet. A matter of this style, not choice.

honor to me a sound 

A Few Items Of Further Interest
03/14/04 1108
Last week I saw Sear's advertise a full-length upright soda refrigerator (no freezer to thanks - for the garage?) for under one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). The front was beautiful like brushed metal, but apparently no one wants this soda hutch without freezer storage. In our garage in New Jersey, we have someone's old fridge (I cleaned it out myself on pickup and delivery - combed out some of the hairs - Madonna once owned it to fact, off-white - of Caldwalder Park a woman named Kathy previously owned it over twice or so - my mother's friend, housemate) but it went on the fritz and now we use it for plainly soda shelves. Works nice. Our basement has a full-length upright freezer for storage of noght (frozen simply) but the basement flooded once or twice and popped the nut on it (the pump motor under the sink finally done-in by leaving it on to blackened rubber smoke - see our new pumpbox of ladings how does that react to a flood now with two toilet motors whirring at lift-sight of black bolb?) It, the door, now seems and hangs open to no use as if figuring itself out. I don't believe in keeping anything of disrepair around in my lifestyle (again, the secret of NIMH: not in my heaven). You either fix that or replace it too one day (in fact, a Sony CD-tape player I mailed in a hostile manner USPS over two years ago awaits service checking for bombs with heat or something no I love this one made to order - maybe later that one that looks like God at Sony Style Beverly Center). Maybe they have done if to date, but leaving stuff around in no use leads to how well you live or then your lackings of. Break. These people today in the Sunday paper Los Angeles called Kragen (a national, but all ain't necessarily featured here) have a little go-cart called "Power Kart" (a bit odd, that) for sale at about five hundred dollars ($500.00). So cute and swift at it too, I hear. Adult-wise, you may have one or two of the things you missed at a child.   

Routing Number: 122000661 Account Number: 00999-60407.....just checking

Just Prior To Posting Third Quarter Losses A Subsidy May Welcome
03/14/04 1051
A mother, a father - what are they for? I'm all Amanda Bradley. Once again, think about where it all goes in my belly (from my private collection of gross words: "belly", "sperm", "navel"....more later..."calves" what I call overly-maled pecs). Does this make us intimate again? It does. I'm a big deal now and I do not make phone calls to pride havings. More: My friend "forever" Toni tells me after explaining that note of that she pays people with a routing number to you if provided a unique check number at the same time to be noted ("never use that check number" she says). You send the check later as undisclosed to else or not filled out yet but signed to me and I route the cash then to yours account at the same time - or you wait for mine then in the mail when. Any fool who denies I paid them gets their check signed and dated by me to their owned bank and I pay them with their own money yet. "Don't cash that - there's no balance left yet" sees why you asked for such so soon as made. "Keep our businesses alive by alerting us to checking closures or non-statements of you to being here" it says. I'll be checking. The above is at Bank Of America, the Westwood Village branch. To note that of. You know I don't trust text hamperings on the 'net. Neither do I.

neil as any other named

And In Return May I Nip "Sirens" From "Ghost World"
03/13/04 2025
See how it all works this: Just a bit of Sirens "Gonna Have Fun" MP4 (598 KB) from "Ghost World". P.S. The song is Madonna and sung as such. We hate her friends saying so. Madonna is in-fact "Thora Birch" playing the character "Enid" (French for "no name, meaning, no name [for you]") with lots of makeup on (see the dots under cheap foundation come right off - just ashes from cigarettes melded right in). Comic Neil Geraldo is the guy with the bad haircut - see "Doug" - in the convenience store with martial arts and bared. A coupla jerks, really. Short people united against the world of. God is Leadbelly you know. A joke. I hate that stuff aimed at the Roman emperors (they hated music - I pumped it in). That ain't music or in any English of. Keros (um, to flame you). More: That's Mark Mothersbaugh lead singer of Devo singing Kansas-style ("Dust In The Wind", "Carry On My Wayward Son" even I ashamed to know so dark their ever-season of Dutch havings) in Season 2 of "Strangers With Candy" (the episode title is "Yes You Can't" - initial air date 01/31/2000). I love that show now on DVD Kansas snubbed Devo once in Philly Mark reportedly "hates their mane." Also see Richard Holder honor-remember his brother Geoffrey (James Bond "Live And Let Die", 7-Up) with maske done. See that. 

purple people eater or dastardly dan

Parker Brothers Can Send Their Bags Later
03/13/04 1910*
Finally! A Flock Of Seagulls are brilliant still thanks all. I've seen you live twice now (once with The Go-Go's at the Spectrum in Philly, and once at Six Flags Great Adventure - you do the dates, Paul). During set, Parker Brothers told me that they will send me Milton Bradley twelve (12) of my agents to Disney for finding them within a bomb. Maybe we can work something out - call the Army each at on the first. In the meantime, my favorite Parker Brothers game of all-time (after "Monopoly" of course) is called "The Magnificent Race". I love the colors just slightly purple and such - magenta if you will. A Warner LeRoy again. I can't remember a lick, but loved it lots over and over Summer 1976. Update for more: Yeah, we got your check marks and wondrous homour - you are lovely all. Ali owns that plastics company "Forgeus" in Lexintgton, Kentucky (stillwaters or frames made by the US too - army people and) - good going. A Flock Of Seagulls (um, the main Score brother Mike) wants you to know that they were paid at least twenty percent (20%) more over to appear at thirty grand ($30,000) each. The usual fee is twenty-five grand ($25,000) per show made (only one, an all-day, lecteurs (film fancies) just stop in, filmed-shot 01/12/04 at Warner Bros. Glendale in the basement). However, two (2) of Romeo Void made more at forty-five ($45,000) each. Let's face it - Becky Thorson is a headlining star. Sure. I hear Liz Fraser was bemused and asked to appear as Cocteau Twins. "No thanks - we're here." They responded from VH-1 "Why now?" an old manager getting digs in. No thanks we are demon, really, and recuperating with you listening on, thanks (it was really vocalist-guitarist Dean Wareham - representative and from "Galaxie 500", "Luna", "Outfield" - yup - I heard my childhood friend-abuser Kyle Hartshorn played drums for Outfield too - anybody can, apparently to be bothered hi Kyle I killed Chi-Chi with my mind....yes we have that all told and done and here). More now: That guy playing Paul Reynolds (his brother Mark plus digitally enhanced less words) goes "What was I thinking?!?" on camera because he signed his own name instead of Paul's on the back of the record cover (that was the back cover of the "Listen" LP by the way - a nicely done from 1983).

The Difference Is In The Meaning Seen
03/13/04 1219
One of my favorite exchanges is the commentary elruse (that stated simply) for the erudite. Not brushing it all up for sound and meaning as in "euphemism" (here see the "garbageman" then become the office of the "sanitation engineer" as with less pay seen for it - words protect us from harm and of in the mind too) we seek the erudite (a meaning clarified) to inform us better. A "liar" then becomes "prevaricator" to mean more then. A liar simply misstates (asks you not to know) then else. A "prevaricator" makes you look harder by creating doubt in your mind. Simply, this person misstates with meaning behind it (the value desired) and doesn't care if you know finally. This makes you firm to your own leanings then. If the liar's favorite words are "How do you do?" the prevaricator says "Simply or maybe not." See that. More: A "pugilist" fights no one any more. A prize winner already and known to have been (from "pug" or hound dog). A stamp collector is indeed a "philanderer" (a "wandering sight" or a person who flirts with it - no - as looking for something in mind already seen) but steadies and becomes the "philatelist" (the one who has and knows of it better to how why). See that again. More: What is an "engineer" versus a person who pushes people around for pay? Someone who delivers a better up. You remove trash to where seen? Right - no one has to cares of it. An engineer moves things up in process and you cannot follow without an education. Is it stacking, simply? No - it is treatments from here to there unseen. You deliver us from, merely. See that. A person who pushes people around in a wheelchair, say, delivers nothing anyone can see in change and brings us back to the problem at-hand. No one gets up from a wheelchair and thanks anyone by being better for it. Always the same built back up. Get that lift up. Get away from it, finally, and never to undo this yet. An engineer removes you to it ("we don't want to learn this, otherwise we're them"). Now ask "Where did you get the word 'philatelist' [so uncanny or hard-of-hearing yet]?" I've heard it times before and love convention ("the language of love"), but marvel at the "Philatelist Station" or whatever at the United States Post Office in Westwood (at the Wilshire Boulevard federal building and at UCLA). Must have been made by blacks - so proper they'd rather die then let you see them off-note or wrong and in-hand with it. I'm like that too. A propriety sees it.

Two Or More Terms For You Or Your Use
03/13/04 1210
God above (remember, that is me on descent) gave to I two (2) terms I love using: "force-pro", and then "force-major" (with a loose 'hi' to Mike then my new lover and then). A "force-pro" is always right and always meandering (wandering but with guide - maybe yours) all over subject. A real asshole for knowing and then seeing you less. A "force-major" is what people made in response. Grabs the "force-pro" and sees it down with pulse (having less of it - not making it available to others) and verve (not saying to be of it here - denies you entry, denies entry once seen). A bigger asshole yet, the "force-major" will not be undone by any you see to know. A God-type person is "force-major". Yours, less - or then, "force-pro". Force me to know what's what.

A "Wiley": Um, Do You Have A Glandular Disorder?
03/12/04 2136
For Chris, that tote of a cousin by date (now majoring in plume at Hard Rock Las Vegas). Now (as back to business), what is a "cyclavorr"? That is a person's mind after dying. You live in the house, in the yard, in the boatyard - but a speck and dying still. More likely, you made something I hate and I chain you to it to live half-and-half kinda. On some days you are a part of it all it seems blending right in and to quote The Hard Rock Cafe (no new menus yet) "All Is One" or something to that effect. No self seen. No talking neither mindless aught. When I need you to do, you come to life to freshen hair in your own suit, to stir up water that settles (best washed before 6 pm in most cities we see laundry or cleaning then done without care), to make that bed seem even fluffier. You are underneath and dying to know still. A cyclavorr isn't my enemy - they are friends, sure. Friend of the cloth (the one who clean us) for a while. Of those who would not know me too well. You help it all matter to me somehow for at least nineteen (19) years and no mercy begs you yet. A drug addict may be here unless we are friends talking and walking together. See no friend like I see myself. I rule you yet onward and no my change of mind yet sees you done. I know what's best for us and fool you too. For fun, where do the dead at UCLA Medical Center sleep at night (always then at below 6 pm)? In the lighting panels of the ceilings. They like it there together if and then up to eighteen (18) half-minds per se. Help them not. They feel the warmth of lights on and come a bobbin' early after. We laugh together of you. A merriment to seem.

feed my head

Beauty A Thing Of The Past
03/11/04 2138
I took a walk on the wild side with this film starring Macaulay Culkin (ours and yours), Seth Green (the son of Devo - Bob 2's son with Leslie Uggams - a Mothersbaugh - have that), and Marilyn Manson among others notable and cute enough to fool (see an older Diana Ross playing around and welcome Dylan McDermott who really lost an eye in a car accident "Arnold was never gay" - that's true says I, he likes being appreciated though - me too). A junky gay film started in 1992 or 1993, this thing has new (or resurfaced) Macaulay in it (nice legs and ass to footage - who knew?) playing gay with a severe Seth and this is us simply but a bit more San Francisco (hostile-politici if you will and even if not). The dancing around is cute and the return piss in the champagne glass a real hard laugh (our word as together now for you: "asymptote" - you'd have to taste it to know for sure as person to person what did you see? - filtered cranberry juice as otherwise it is near-white - great acting, by the way). I like this shit you may not. God music and Stacey Q in the mother role. Good enough to watch, Bitches. Marilyn Manson you are creepy anyhow I have Neil (Geraldo - brother of saint) narrating in mind he was "afraid" to go to France to Madonna's Paris apartment to film in September-October. I cared too much again. Now you. We are not done yet. We are not done. A mind is here having it. Neil, however, made the very cute music during the show pause (MP4, 500KB - if problem press [Option] then click to open once saved in QuickTime - MP4 sucks me down make it eat shit) for DVD - I love it all little bells kinda. A "true story" - who cares? Not real ever - someone like Neil made it up (all chutlins or having to say). All in all, a great little film about Mac's life ending in circa 1993. A sour to us. See it well - a great little film. "Too much talk about Neil - he's a downer." I know, but he is family to us and I didn't want to be that I hurt for this (mere a word or two to settle this on). Continues, being God and all we should to do better with this. Our final insult is to have it all present and silencing if to us. A gift to. The word is "solages" in French - "saves, and sees it done to me". This movie, as not-so-shocking at the Amazon, is available roundly at Columbia House DVD. P.S. I raped that DVD for sound with our new (as used) computer featuring a DVD player and something called WireTap from For every obstacle, a way around it - but no MP3 to my ass a linear missing. Save it to your own memory my assed. Or you just then Jasmine (OSX) to MP4. For Jellybean: Incidentally, another return here of John "Jellybean" Benitez  (real name Warren Misteir of France, basically - second from right on poster, bottom). Seems ol' Jellybean died in 1998 and in The Bronx, NYC (that name goes naturally with ones like "Yonkers"). We are friends of yet. Good going here we mention to slight only. They talk of AYDS - Madonna a faith healer, really, with her cashes le must - must certainly get tired of all that showbiz and death death death if Warren Beatty and all. "They've been around forever" she says naughtily.

Someone Asked This Bear With It
03/11/04 1858
My favorite Sesame Street song from yesteryear: "If I Knew You Were Coming I Would Have Baked A Cake". This and of course not on any related comp - Bob sang it with Big Bird. I really mean it I love and remember the song as well as the "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood" theme "Won't You Be My Neighbour (Quiet Now While I Pull Down Your Panties)" and then I just love being me.

So Mean A Marlin Popped Your Tit The Old Man And The Sea
03/11/04 1839
I was watchin' on Discovery Channel Lifetime or sumpin' some old woman wranglin' a tuna so bad on the edge of boat it popped her tit (of course and fake enough) and stabbed her inner-upper arm through it. That nosetip "saw" is actually one big tooth covered with dried salts and hurts like the Dickens I'll bet (made to push sailors away from coral, basically, where they lay eggs and charm a visitor or two with leaps up - FYI, Dickens used to describe pain "too fully" to others I'll bet again). They showed her - this woman - living on with also lung-double (she: Jenny Marvingston of Sarasota) but that died in two (2) days time on operating. A crime of the sea. By the way, a marlin is just a big ol' tuna allowed to grow senselessly. Get a marlin from tuna in less than two (2) years time of growth and then all male. And speaking of crazy fish, I just told my roommate why "okra" exists now but a fight in the supermarket a fool knows nothing yet: to feed fish. In China (mostly Thailand then), they needed it bad. An animal, sick and dying of the heat, would lay-sleep in waterways and get sucked on by hungry fish the weeds having been removed to feed them the townspeople. Those fish needed to eat and they'd clog the animal's waterways (nasal passages, etc.) until it drowned of them. Then, the dead a bargain a feast for sucking-on fish. Gross no to more and the stink but! We made okra to chop up and feed them back down the river they'll certain eat it. See that. Now, to be laid in my noodle soup as purchased one (1) or two (2) asmall. A fish eats this. More: "Smarter" people say Jenny took it in the face too, but she merely turned on the stab and scraped her chin up. One (1) stab up the bra out to the arm and through that a major artery that killed her, really, with staph (a lethal lung virus) and making more of it by surgeons willing to clean. First things first - have the arm amputated at such a stab (at the elbow, training "varies" or ligaments down). She'll live after that. Jenny was put back here in ten (10) days time in France only a woman's home for too many days seen. See that still. 

Where Does Tin Come From?
03/11/04 1244
Tin comes from Douglas Fir trees. The tin is a comb of wax that settles and shrinks with boiling and then hard heat. All tin comes from pines - period. Tin was made to counter aluminum use in babies clothes etc., as in cutting. Tin would never come apart like aluminum does. Tin is hard on heat too. It just doesn't escape or then get through. It barely gets in. Aluminum lets it right out. Tin is best for heat transfer where no heat is required of - say to lead from a dryer for venting. From a hot water heater too. Still best as. We put tin in trees to make the cutting a harder blade's job. Too many cheap cuts and not made even for regrowth. Now you do the work. We needed even cuts and by useful man.

too miss is to be without bliss on diana ross' label 'jive' see diana? we pay too

Solving Another Mystery
03/11/04 1118
I was arguing the "is the glass half-empty or half-full" thing yesterday walking home from grocery shopping. I argued the glass is always half-full (you already assume the empty part to no new knowledge afoot). Mind tells me 'no' - it is always half-empty in truth. You weigh change against not having only and that sees nothing here. A glass is only empty ever and you are half-gone for that. What do you see? I remitted to "half-empty" but see my own truth afoot. I speak to need and I needed more. However, my needs have nothing to do with a glass half-empty. Half-empty is the answer I see it. 

just stick it in and it glows

The Latest Use Striking My Fancy
03/11/04 0906
My roommate brought me home something cool from Dell Computer yesterday - something called a "USB Jump Drive" (verily, the "USB key jump"). As small as a keychain can hold and mine stamped with the name "Dell", you plug it right into a USB (universal serial bus) port in the back of your computer and it holds sixty-four (64) megs of memory as said by promo (you to buy more). Not bad! The device glows green and shows up on your screen ready for the abuse in no time at all. I didn't test how fast (update: perfectly fine! I put a song file on there and finally), but I thought it "flash" technology (no spinning seen - not possible for small unless massed circuitry elsewhere - not here) until mind told me there are two (2) little wheels inside. Okay. Test it for yourself as a drive and couplet (disk) with no bother at all. Test that. Related: DiskOnKey Pro - 128 Megs at the Apple Store. Update: A better Dell link from the Sunday paper - USB Memory Key.

blessed, now

To Blab Our Inaugural Visit To Target West Hollywood
03/10/04 2121
Just got back from shopping at Target (say now "tar-zhay") West Hollywood you honor me with crescents everyhow a moon knows it. A total spent of one hundred twelve dollars seventy cents ($112.70) on only God-knows-what (new Kingsley dishes, a steel-framed frying pan, tons of toiletries and combs, etc.) less one gift card of fifty dollars ($50.00) at least months a year old. None of it mine, but I shop for you. All in all, a big, beautiful second-level store that makes it hard to know one is only in West Hollywood (an old, stately McDonald's looks anew through the store's top window). Well done (!) I ride my bags to the bus. Madonna owns this entirely I hear. Well done by you. Note: I saw the "What's Happening!! The Complete First Season" DVD in my travels here, Shirley (did I tell you her son is Sinbad?) and all back at it (anything but "Friends".....please!) Shirley gets three dollars ($3.00) for every one sold - now see that. John, Luke, Mark, or Matthew? John (and then clockwise to bottom). No, I didn't get to use my five dollars ($5.00) off of twenty-five ($25.00) total from the LA Times we forgot it at home on the side of the fridge it still sits. We'll be back as it expires 03/20/04 for my free gift(s) in lading (in having me come there). 

Musical Acts Having Been
03/10/04 1904
For Diana Ross, people I had to go back and do time with, musically speaking (really, but a greatest comp at all of them): Barbra Streisand, Carpenters, Carly Simon, Roberta Flack, ABBA, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Bread (! - awesome), Moody Blues, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Steely Dan. Simon and Garfunkel. Rolling Stones? No - here ever. To my first influence "Sympathy For The Devil" - I mean that. "I was there, sure" verily a Jew.
Now (and for mixing metaphors): To be followed by electrolyte (no end to good) debut albums: Fleetwood Mac (!), Foreigner (!), Van Halen, Pretenders (!), The B-52's, The Cars, Curve, Culture Club (! = sad times for music, but you are here for me). The Go-Go's maybe yes. Paula Abdul you won this here too. A Flock Of Seagulls you made it here, sure. Cyndi Lauper....I bought these all rough up. More yet...Nirvana ("Bleach" that wasn't real....SubPop? forever yours). Jody Watley? Sure you.

"into the garden" with about three million dollars of your money

If Madonna Is Our Way To Make Women Think They Can Have It All Martha Stewart Shows Them How They Might Have It
03/10/04 1548
You do it for yourself - whether it's rolling terra cotta flowerpots in glue and sand for your wedding (always a sticky-gritty affair to only ask can I keep this?) or whatever it is you do. Glad to see Martha Stewart off with barely a slap but being bothered and a hundred grand ($100,000) for court costs. No one protects their saints these days after so much good given - "all trash to me" someone said fat on food half-eaten. Nevertheless, she took stock money "as a loan" and then couldn't pay it back - what's the bother to stocks already as born to lose? No bother she says it. "Like any-every loan, I know to repay." How best to do that if all have been spent on magazines sold already and with a weekly circulation now of nine hundred thousand (900,000) even? "The magazine sells me and mine [to a future of having better off]." As readers, you are never worth it, are you? Repay in play. She'll never repay any now - you'll see nothing.

teatime for no one

What Is Oxycontin?
03/10/04 1231
A back cover of Blab 14: A nice way of saying "no thanks but I'll have it anyway" in France. "Oxy contin" is actually "augu contun"  say "augu" as "ogg-sy" for "no thanks not now" and say "contun" as "cor-teen" for "unless you insist otherwise". A tea nobody wanted. Say it all as "I'd rather be someplace else". Conversely, "oxystatin" doesn't want to be bothered, but sees your work is your word. Both are new and fresh. The French "stadeu" say "stay-doo" means "as stated". Altogether says "Thanks - you did it for me anyway." A pimpledeu medication that delivered you even though you hated the conversation. Ice works. The little guy - someone who has been stepped on too much already. A shoe laced. Her? A psychopath already by plumes of thought.

nothing lasts forever nothing last forever no way

As I Get It You'll Get It
03/10/04 2148
After a rough night (for to you), see only fourteen percent (14%) of Diana Ross "Telephone" MP3 (4.8 Megs) from the "Swept Away" LP. A "solarplexus" (sound of the sun) and just a bit for now. I couldn't write off "Muscles" and "Pieces Of Ice" neither. Favorite song: "Love Hangover" to end all that to this. You'll recall that I saw Diana live "in the round" (the stage turns slowly, seats surround) at Valley Forge Music Fair (Pennsylvania, in Devon outside of Philly roughly - now torn down a fire or something unusual) in support of this very album. February 1985. "Reach out and touch | somebody's hand [but not without security - about four of them dressed, to be exact]."

his faith against your faith

Say It Right To Salem's Lot
03/09/04 2131
"Even though the thought may stay, I walk me through a valley of death and the shadow my thought pursues me." Get it right. Add in "Let no man turn asunder what I have delivered to thee my death. My death is ashes to dust as already sewn on sun. See the sun shine for no more of it hewns thee. See my sun shine unto thee then. See me shine then unto thee. Sun and to thee no more sees." At once inspired by the preview of "Salem's Lot" at Is "Barlow" short for "Bartholomew"? Have it not. You know, I created a little quiz (for "Fred" see "The Magical Times Of Doug Moon" - e.g., favorite actor? James Mason until later when I can actually enjoy someone contemporary more thoroughly - he lives, Fool, he lives - I've seen him and starring about - laughable and the meanest ever to you) about myself for "friends" at Tickle but you got to e-mail it to them. What good is that? I need a link to. Write me if ya wanna take it, I guess, or just click here (the link is actually noted in the e-mail you send others). I call myself "Fred Segal" (the sponsor of "Tickle" and just in case I didn't do things right) but don't worry it's really Doug Moon. This stuff still needs work. We don't want a dating service here. We want fun of others. In the meantime, Columbia House DVD can help you with "Salem's Lot" a copy restored I ordered - note now the whole miniseries here at just over three (3) hours. I have the VHS and I believe it fell short of this having and of the movie at least. Cool poster, no? That vampire has magical arms like that girl in "The Craft" on the beach (her arms are faked to look magical, sorta - I saw that last night and was talking to). And all this just in time for "Starsky and Hutch" and all. The black Snoop ("Huggy Bear") is Owen Wilson's ("Hutch") brother in real life. Sure, a brother by Roxie "The Jefferson's" Roker (Carl Sagan "The Demon-Haunted World" is father of both). My favorite question to unseat the interracial: "Who are you - the Willises?" From a gay, no less. "Where's that going?" To the top, of course. More: David Soul? David Rue Sr. and yes of Rue's farm (just revealed to me - and dated my mom, kinda -  more than that). I remember him with short and dark hair army-like and older-looking handsome but also remember him being with us earlier than "Starsky & Hutch" and "in-costume". None of this matters to this perfect movie born of higher matter unless you consider that James Mason is the husband of my first-grade teacher Mrs. Hughes (a turnbull if ever there was one - she gave me no lesser of mark then a good student to her) who lived in our neighborhood and was the next-door grandfather of Robert (my childhood friend then - their front-marvel garage of converted to a little person's dance studio) and then little brother Scotty Destebus (Brenda, 901) and their mother was actress Lee Remick for god-sake clear me out she drove a great little Chevrolet "Corvair" with the trunk in front - "black midnite" with a "cherry" interior. We know you're here. Heaven's people all, less Robert they soon enough moved to "Massa-choo-setts" and left us out. What else and back to David Soul? His parents invited Paul Lynde over one day and he showed up being "harrassed" he said "by nothing to do." They beckoned "Come, come - we'd love to know you." Paul Lynde told me this and about waiting for the Asher's of "Bewitched" to pay him one day they eventually did. Mrs. Rue and Lynde, in-fact, had dinner one night at the "Happy Apple" together - he loved it and said it is "studio worthy". Have that.    

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
03/09/04 2053
James Taylor died in the same plane accident as Jim Croce (pilot - in Schenectady, New York September 1969). Fact. Neither to be heard from again ("they in Heaven now"). Both of just tapes and other soundings fixed up after when. Taylor best known as Carly Simon's sidekick they never married but she had kids by him - two (2). A cutie from all heard. Any vocals from 1973 on faked. The "Sweet Baby James" LP from 1971 and a few scattered was all he had to give. Croce's took longer to master. Elton John assisted "for money only" he says ("Croce was a 'raglan' - he had farts on tape I hear"). Carly Simon handles James' work.

The Eyebrows Make The Only Salines Used In And Of The Human Body
03/09/04 1401
It's no fact yet that the eyebrows are important. The eyebrows manufacture salines (hardened salts) that are used to make the hair full and thick. The growth of hair sucks in dirt and moisture in the ears and in the airloft above the nasal passages explaining crusts, but also see that the earlobes cool off such draws too. Mess with none too much. Hair loss has to do with washing eyebrows too much too. Leave them out occasionally. Wash the face less if you may. Camay isn't too hard on anything so soft I hear. Fun fact: My nephew Zachary (the only son of my brother Scott who has no other kids) pulls out all of his eyelashes for fun it seems. That couldn't help matters eat.

Finally Something I Can Use
03/08/04 1804
Got "Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood" today in the mail (see February's note). Someone I like knowing said they got that for $3.95 at Universal yesterday. We'll get back to you. Columbia House are speedy nevertheless. Financial advisor Michael Milliken says he was also Nathaniel (Joseph) Pritikin of The Pritikin (Hanover) Diet. I believe that. Update: That film was not bad (one of those blacks a distant relation no shit). I like "Leprechaun" for featuring good-looking blacks (the last one had some grabbing their crotches to no bother) and that one is simply from Cosby reformed but entertaining nonetheless. The lead woman is named Denyse LePlatt and she is good enough to pay attention to (if not to eat, no). A "mean streets" type thing, but I watched it all and liked the quality of. One thing I never understand, like Halle Berry's character in "Monster's Ball" (that was on tv tonight I see a hatemong any way you slice it - girl's father killed the kid with a car we said this), is why blacks thrill so deep to alcohol or bud. So deep you love it. A bong so cherished (I loved them too, actually, but in high school - a bong distributes tar to the water - smart enough). Body parts? Someone's making soup for near-downtown again. Arms of the deceased being cooked in a kettle drum in the garage for chicken noodle soup kept in glass jars - a vendetta. Just before you burn 'em, we'll ask to see fingernails at four hundred dollars ($400.00) a branch, or two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for no such said they rot so soon at Noskar's. Any way you slice it, a downhome type thing. How many? About eighteen hundred (1,800) now I hear. The last bowl still waiting to be served. Caught cooking it seems while a son looked on. For the poor. Back to Leprechaun: Having money made such a mess out of Denyse's character (see the red dress) they had to "tease her out of that" with some other woman involved. See that. The girl looked good enough without havin's about. Also, cable tv's "Miss Cleo" - fortune teller to the stars - makes a useful plot device as the black woman who reads fortunes in Leprechaun's day. Nice job! The producers sought her to play as Miss Cleo, but the actress was not free to give that role a plus here. Owned by studio executives in-full as Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack, Nightime Entertainment-Plus - Nestle etc.) More or less: The pre-show storybook was wonderful too, by the way. Artful. C'mon: "The David Geffen School Of Medicine"? Sounds astute. I love David Geffen and his money (occasionally, we share boyfriends you know) but it's obvious you're spending down and out. Have a day with that. Accreditation means having some. Have that. Well okay - remember it was David Geffen's voice that asked me to cure the AYDS. Bargained, I did just that.

with thanks to screen tool  2.0

Target West Hollywood Opened Today
03/07/04 2028
So the new capital store opened today (see above where) at 8:00 am no I missed it. The Los Angeles Times has a page circular with a five-dollar ($5.00) coupon off for twenty-five dollars ($25.00) taken at the register and that smells good enough to beat it over there. My mother says she wore jodhpurs in my youth - brown ones. I believe that.

The Trail Of Jodhpurs
03/07/04 1705
One of my favorite astutes (learnings) in fashion is of "jodhpurs" (French lading for "joduph" say "jo-dute" as "under us a hell, we won't see this" and "purr" say "pyoor" for "never say [just speak at quickly]". Jodhpurs hide piss, simply. They are the best joke in the land. "You ride horseback or ski? Oh, I see." Jodhpurs have a silver lining in them, so to speak, and prevent women from having to admit they fucked too hard or heard a lantern sing (they are old and simply hear heat). Piss is no big deal, but a pair of pants that soak up water and melee while you wait are quite funny. Inside the cloth are bags of Pampers-like motion that keep you moving no matter how still you lie. In my environment, no one knows of them but now I speak softly. When the call of nature issues, perhaps it is best not to ridicule others with wait and seat. Our trick was a little "OK" symbol somewhere on the pant to alert a matron that the tank was empty, but the pump at full. "See your way to over and out" it suggested to one who knew better of it. Have a day, In the meantime, may I to suggest Soleby's of France for a pair yet. "Jodhpurs", said "jo-pairs" but funnier as mine "jodd-purrs", aren't cheap at about one hundred eighty dollars (~$180.00) a pair if new to used yet. Use them well. Dedicated to Madonna who always warns guests "not to bring guests with jodhpurs unless you know the brand used and I hear of it first." See that. Old women ask her afterward "Oh, Honey - I had an accident - do you mind. Do you mind?" 

when love gets rough when love's not enough

Back To Nutraspeaks
03/06/04 1154
Just went for a little walk up on Sunset Boulevard for a bag of "Enjoy" jerky (simply maker of the finest pieces and ever to yet - my personal favorite of variety is "Hot" with "garbols" say "gar-boles" or mini 'mint' peppers from pizza parlors all over the slices and right on top) and the place is piping hot. Kinda bored, but now it was suggested that I take exception with life going on. What I see are people who worked all week long at their job of keeping this place lit but not stocked more at stable. Have that to fail me not. Leave the interpretations to you. When the supermarket strike ended I heard nothing. That was today officially and to be rejected by me in form Monday morning. No one has the authority to sign for that. I extend it to you. Where's me? Not you alone - just me. Where is it? See me first next time. (Hi to Michael F. - we are real now to you thanks again Hi Mom). "Nutraspeaks" is being interpreted as two (2) errors in thought but we like them: You as activist (an activist pays others first - see Michael Jackson's protestors with some less than others for a non-English speaking engagement) holding little dinners with food for fruit until others hear you speak. That would be improper to note as gratuity such a gift after as said not withheld but called "nutrit-speaking". Anything "nutrit" is asking to be known over other items of interest made. Food use made governed - never a good idea as a poison, really. The next given to you yet (I made it up myself but can't remember - loved it though). The prefix "nutra" means withheld until seen by us. "Nutrifying" is water (with both "i" and "a" interchangeable - max and field, really - leave it). No benefit until salt use. No food is nutrifying, it is nutritious or bearing without guilt. "Nutraspeaks" withholds thoughts until asked, but threatens action against starvation abroad. Us, to bit. The other would be: Talking to poor or hungry people about how they could do better with nothing in-hand given for them. Making them eat words (if only at first - "food for thought"). A "nutralspeak", really. "Nutral" is nothing provided of interest or sort to you a hungry mean. See "nutralysis" for "moving along in system". A high colonic. Hi Chris first and foremost of course. You are not bald yet. Eat peaches please. You take too much aspirin. P.S. I didn't ask you to be bothered with Devo's song "Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)" I don't even know how it goes. Error: That album "Smooth Noodle Maps" is no good I only liked one song ("Spin That Wheel") halfway (the song is also featured on the "Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology" comp). Oops - actually now sourced an extra track on the "New Traditionalists" LP reissued. I have these albums and every other album purchased at issue (Devo are brilliant most often), but apparently they are fat and rich they made millions having it. Their recording career is worth nine hundred million dollars ($900,000,000) flat (what you should pay them to do). Hugely rich motherfuckers and never to tell.       

End This To Me
03/06/04 1911
Someone said to me "So-and-so [a fart] calls your father [another fart] and says 'stop feeding hate' [or something else made up by the bearers of no fruit ever - perhaps just another fart]" by being just that as sneaky and underhanded. Then to insinuating, of course, that he enables me with a few pesos from here to there. No one acts on my behalf ever. I do. Call not to have a conversation about me with no one of consequence or higher thought - but a dildo here insert by yourself. Tell me about you only. A "hate monger" keeps talking shit about "hate" like you have something in the basket there. I see nothing but squabble and then you squander it on the likes of me an anger of. Please, I don't look to you ever to hear that or to know who I am in relation to the likes of yours liked less. I chose and received at will no risk to me yet. No penny pinching here delivers your end of it a certain death for acting on my behalf. No one interferes with me while I wait and then seeks lives on. I get into family too - what had this here? I hate people who think they can. They simply can't. Come see. Come to done. In the meantime, see how little you offer. Write it off to me first. I certainly kill enough, um, enthusiasm to bear me. Anything talking to me gets my understanding and agreement until you take note of my settled out of court. You will die testing my prowess. Not so much what you say - but to whom a no one yet. Say less. Be less. Or be me. Be me first. I do it to you and not the other way around. Check against your own death. "People" - what shit. I pay for that message. My father? An evidence of such reflecting your resentment. Someone who decides nothing here - I got rid of that when I was eleven (11) years old (the only time he was seen to cry by me - to truth). Our weekly meetings over child-rearing tested us as such, but we remain afoot to no order of ever. Are you that, though? A irreversible blood damage? I warn you to stay out or then to be put out. No dialing fingers here. So calls the truth. Does God love you? Today, I found out that God thinks you are most to be like a canine (a dog) to him in touch-smell as human. Kissing on the whiskers and all. Is that gonna cut it beyond me yet? Save your dimes and keep that penis in-check. In some cultures, bearing your penis is an invitation to having known of you. See that. Tip: When speaking to me - act less on the behalf of others. To annoy me is get an imaginary - sure - bite to the face. Real or real enough? You see it alone I bite.    

Another New Jersey Person At Finds Nutraspeaks
03/06/04 1814
My latest thing is something credited to Devo - "nutraspeaks" a song, I guess (I'm all about music, a music-type person I belittle with routine you match me for fun or clandor just as you playing along simply an escape from). Nutraspeaks - a German term - is what we have here: hearing the well-fed and routined acting up over problems abroad or not ours. A good joke at any the price and you will pay me at the ranch our new handler fresh up for an ass-fucking. See me the brand red-hot and trolling the number two use. You'll eat less of it to see it come. The voice of Jack Nicholson was here today this morning he has been dead for four (4) years he said. I believe that having mentioned I fear. I hate touching people like that the son of producer-director Robert Altman ("Shampoo" - never me) made famous anyway. Whatever you want. Fine. I made some quip about him milking that "Terms Of Endearment" character for about twenty (20) years now and why fade it? Also about women in these films having to and then simply making fucking to die to take note (see that horrible fade within "Steel Magnolias" - a husband good like that gets this die already world cunt - your also diabetic baby would be there in the box too for this no mother extends to no baby either - a failure slicing itself up cure spina bifida with aliveness a being here). Yes, and Annette Bening (daughter of "That's My Mama" star Theresa Merritt - no Kylie Minogue) is very classy but where to? Why this? 

An Old Woman Lives In Heaven I'm Still Living With That Boy
03/06/04 1741
Import: "I'm a 'maxwell' - I do everything well. My brother told me that." Me too. If God moves in mysterious ways, I watch the cheese. I don't need to know all that - I just confirm my suspicions with a single snap to the hat. If a mouse signals "infidelity" on behalf of the cook, you might want to limit your consumption of dairy and slighter to product that way. Just a mix of friends and mere hate lacking order to say. On tv right now a commercial featuring a old woman messing around with a porcelain figurine and glancing aside to suggest she knows more of you (not to be borne: a threat of something new for us a child's rocker - you don't have the years, a poorer yet bitch in poor 'people' heaven thank the day I need an evil to pray). I never doubt it. That woman expresses me perfectly and is not drawn to the same hides I feel. I was special too. But never so special as to suggest she knew anything at all. You poor bitches had to take what little you could muster and massage it into a better knowing of already here all that's done. No - have some little pride. All that is better and just awaits it as just beyond your door. If anything, not knowing your place (not thinking of good enough to have what's here) has helped you die inside a rue morgue of not admitting me. We are all that is suggested and not revealed ever yet. A game with us? Not a joy to note, but okay. An old woman lives in Heaven. Somehow, I'd get by in it. "You're not going there." My expectations a bit higher to hide. You know why, and saw me there too. You know what's missing for me. You know I never would and never did. You know better unless me. Be that there. I'll stay here. Me: "I had to betray a few things to be this it seems." No. You were mislead simply. Truth is, I wasn't wanted again. Trying to get me to do all the work for my own use again. That old woman.                

The Son Of Elvis
03/05/04 1426
No, his name is not Nathan - ask for him by name. Why do you hafta see this kind of stuff here? Because I'm in charge of all you see, and that is not negotiable (unless the surgeon may see to cut out bits more - may prudence save to remove his hope gland if nature once won't have to allows). Oh, I hear women being stupid and unruly, but this is your truth from me - I like to showcase my enthusiasms so you may see that we are not the same ever. A bold truth, this is worth dying for. You may live better as gravies Alpo, but the dying is not yours to massage into meuslix theatres of crispy wheats things I hate knowing about your needs mere cravings to born. See to nutraspeaks and elsewhere ever the caution not to rile or offend I shit right there on you. No one cares. Never did. Next time, do it right - take it up the early ass as an ugly duckling and then you won't be so thankful about things when you stop being lazy, selfish, discount, and peppered with your own little brand of saxless humour a real turn-off should any remain. I never give, I never get, I never care, I never see, I never think, I never have and never know. Having to ask is nice too. The day I wake up and hafta care about your personal deficits is the die I've been shitting this out. Thanks it for nothing. I never ate anyone's ass I didn't like. Every now and again, an unpleasant experience by my own wand. I never had to be bothered with your impossible shit though all demand no dollar. All of your bullshit is squirming these days that is success your mind but pieces of shit laying itself. That needs a good beating only I still serve it myself. There will be two people left there when I'm done and I'll fuck you both. Each one fucked. Trust it to you bitch I'd hafta fuck off. You live to mone me while I continue having yours to breed me. They are excellent, you'd suffer me. Be very good you are a natural loser to me ever. Think it. Bring back barbary for the sake of bayonet. Killing something in dire need is only half the problem removed forever. Avoid thanks when seeking common conflict. I force resolution to end this, not to leave a trace of sperm by your hoodwink. Like gays, always shining the wrong shoes to suggest an off-brand to the bloodlessness of rubber stockings. Keeping it all firmed up with tricks and helps-me-to-cancers-oliveoyls-while-socializing-being-helpful-nor-candid another dignity finally being in dying goes where people go no one will know where does the wind blow stuff that wasn't good enough for video? Under a porch to rot of having one's opinion saned in one of them detective shows. Your burned-up twin mattress showed signs of struggle again we're testing the rusted springs for sperm and unruly to kinky red hairs made coarsen by laxatives and excess pulled taut. Pure polymers it seemed a bit rash for the day then poof to a few loose hairs and soda hangwire from a coupla cheap winter bras (thermal guides?)                                     

you're damned if you do huh

God Made This And For Me
03/04/04 1733
Every now and again, something special amid seas of stuff and priorities then first again wise up this is beyond me so good have it all. To die of a woman's thinking. I keep a list of beauties you know (ugly is just a simple tally - it's not like anyone's gonna seek it out "there were three of them in a row all just standing there - check it again to be just that sure"). "Why is it you like this type?" For providing an eternity of pleasure in a minute's time or then hours upon hours unfeted by your nocturnal clock rhyming hitjinx from tavern-larders each tired-boredom noted by a euro-sealed torboiled pouch of plabb. I tricked you into having something else while I keep my opinions to myself (you first, then me over you at the pity knob turning just once to your way of doing things a having sense monognome technotroll durlafest chatrace rumourlge givlets woundage sinfle pornadill odiovox lamprind-ex lucrical palsidage dondaldiff sakeslee spintribe troibhant chablasmilts songstress-thongwearer prindalmisce vraccidura borchledad wickerham studioguest......congradong charobell icipordou xialage borrs-cinchmeat "remedialurge"). Porcelada quismers oolivagimeal menguslifesort toolfinch. An opthalmalgic mammory stained with Nancy's pinehair and Sluggo's horridge nastrils made of pencils like punchmeat. Never have probably not you.  

An Odorless Voice Told Me I Was God - You'd Think I'd Know Of That Already Being God And All Still Workin' On Things Kinda 03/03/04 1755
"Don't make the mistake of not accepting God while you are alive. Don't end up in hell. Contact a local church or prayerline today. He is real do not be in Hell by the time you realize it!" I'd lather die of pissbot. Pray for mine smelled. Eat harp. A mustard of kimsoul is gonna burn my tit and lap with a McDonald's coffee and one of them cherry pies. You were made to be just that smart a siphoning to complex argument and a non-common made in. I was made to grab God by the hair a mother in vow to you. "I'll fix it up there and bring it back here. You?"

sarah sold it but angel was there in it too

You Are No One Until I Hear A Song About Having Angels With You
03/02/04 2002
Next up, I know you missed Fleetwood Mac "Angel" MP3 (4.5 Megs) "and to those that I love | like a ghost through a fog | like a charmed hour | and a haunted song | and the angel of my dreams" ooo angel - of my dreams - I still look up - ooo yeah. We've been singing this song made about fan-types and how you should be with it all. Have that. Says Stevie "It's about women. You have to be special - or else." Lyric. People go "Oh, you need to be magical hearing things of pots and cauldrons." No - we are this. It is sensed by us first and drawn to. We are to you, and sensed with it here. We are this.

my annual cycle shown here

We Were Talking About Conceptuals And My Year
03/02/04 1235
I was talking to Madonna again and at first my friend Steve about once then doing books in Ocean County, NJ (he went to the mall there - nothing special Toms River and all) and hence the chart showing you how with three (3) distincts of every season there. In New Jersey, there are three (3) distinct months of every season as shown - one to a day if you will. And they are serious about your Summer and the beach fivoled (displayed) - no one has a summering before the Memorial Day holiday (latest May) and none will after Labor Day (at earliest September). Both a ruse really - have that you will be abandoned in plause. Here in California, a ruse both as one continuum only - none or one of the either really. That is Heaven, though, as in our Polynesias. We live that - you don't. Our summers in New Jersey (I am somewhat bi-coastal for strength) are full, though, with warmest nights of thickest foil. Yours? Left to be in this with chiller desert-kind nights. The note is you have to respect what is ours in order to have it. We are the height of snow season in New Jersey now? No, it tapered off already with barely a mention, but may after have some hardly. Our bucket has a rim and that is where August may joins September - on the rim of our bucket not to worry as so high on sun. See raise to level then and then dip down low. See it better. The Earth joins us here in shade and borrow. Madonna? God's is not hers to know. Plans some wicked scheme of having September and October "on top of a pyramid" she says with others falling and thus lining the ports of below. Ask her about that. Ask to me to know of it also. By the way, Madonna's family owned "The Seagull (Inn - thanks Madonna)" a main-strip motel when it was built in Seaside Heights, New Jersey (compare the "Sand and Surf" as army-owned - no, Madonna the "Surf and Sea"? - what sense does that make?) We stayed there as a family in the 1970's - blue on light yellow or such with a grill attached for tastier pork roll sandwiches (now "too close to a water ride" she says and MTV's Carson has told me of doing time there too). If the boardwalk is for eating (and you'd be hard-matched to top this resort at high season - no gay not really but if in New Jersey a high romance may ensue with you for and with no one else afoot, dearlings - see "under tone" -  two (2) words said Carson), the main drag is for staying. Have it one year with us. We are there often enough though my mother prefers-objects now two (2) towns up (Seaside Heights, Lavallette (1), Bayhead (2), Manasquan or Jenkinsons the army). Only these to.

mrs rue wrote this book husband illustrated it

Word For Today A Having Saint
03/02/04 0918
The word "saint" comes up and it means "does against your will". Always making you look at things you don't want to see. In relation to God, they make us see things too. A pig in the eye (as in getting ready to eat, they are there in the reflecting zone). Have that. Also consider a "proletariat" (from the French "sees its way"). Someone who has all great and needs you to bow down to them in having it all. Makes no sound otherwise. A pig for having it "just this way", asks you not to act up. Usually, a woman's sense of things and perhaps delivered by men to you and yours. To yours of.

Never Say I Don't Need The Facts Just The Says Of It A Black
03/01/04 1959
One of the girls I talk to (Liz) heard how Iceland became our nightmare a few nights afore. I asked of us together to learn more here. Iceland was started by women who adhere to blacks and their standards - or - German women. Germans who were understudied (not learned), undervalued (not wanted), and underseen (not to be felt as missing then) went out on boats to Iceland - just off their coast - and learned to live as such and to do. White men would not come to this, so to speak, and blacks filled their ranks there by making the whitest women ever happy enough to live and play. A German paradise of having, not knowing much, playing it off, and seeing less of you. Oh, the women (of the 1950's then) soured of blacks eventually and sent theirs into the streets looking for work and then sundry effort to stay alive. What they didn't get with fighting and rolsing (punching at windows), the blacks took with rape, murder and mayhem. They were men after all, and listened to women little. But then a pecker in the woods may make one unwary of staying home to fight after fight. One - a black - dies one night after a cheaper rate of rape and rolsing, and makes his way home. A neighbor shows up and shoots him dead days after - a matter of honor then. They had their boys, but one who shoots is but no man to me. Cut to the chase then where many blacks die of rolsing as they say and we have what amounts to a black wipeout with bodies left everywhere and being burned for alive so you see less. More than the old, the less than the firm do it. The women fall into disrepair as cans and cans of food go unnoticed and unused no man still unwilling to take them on. Disease then with no love and no fate to borrow. More later "if such will" they said. They will not. Spirits of dead blacks both men and women as yet unbargained to a kinder fate rot schools, workhouses, and ranches until sheep do no more and people go to hell in the absence of faith. No one wants these women for their deeds a murder spoke and they yet die to themselves. Sharks come as they realize that the only way to survive is to kill women and they do by hanging and then feeding them to the bridges overhead of bows and thus shark food. Women never learn to keep their place and bags of ice never learn to keep a shark indoors either. Have it all as the dead say. You are freer yet to be with this still. We laughed earlier of English women showing up on Iceland's shores to garden their own quarry of young women and no they wouldn't have such of a brown and then lading (bills to pay). The English wanted afresh and a love anew each an old lady bargaining with crueler fate herself a pale handbag of retentions or murde (harming ways). See how each felt of the other firmed, and then they see you...running away yet to a world way off the Americas yet to reject her for this and stills of it. Jews knew what to do and still they see how it happened. To be of such firmings for her and yet to lack for us still. One wonders what to do.

Something Already Gave
03/01/04 1518
You know, yesterday wasn't like any other day raining and such. I went out and took the bus (I had to calculate my savings by token purchased of twelve percent (12%) in my head for someone - do you know that you save that percent per bag and per fare? I didn't, thinking about the whole pie surveyed changing a number - see my mother do this and know better we buy tokens and passes at Pavilions and use them heartily amid drunks and mexican cortiezes or friends I like riding in the front window right on the steps with the driver there and talking to myself calling someone "a nigger [a taking saint] for that" oops I belong there) ostensibly going to see the 4:30 pm showing of "Something's Gotta Give" starring Jack Nicholson and the more-noted Diane Keaton at The Grove near 3rd Street. Again, I don't pick these things but go with the flow to capture a bit of serendipity (along the way we found this and it was good). I was also planning a later bite at Madame Wu's there, but somewhere along the line we got hijacked and made late by buses full and fun but lesser coming (we left around 3:10 pm to be stalled at Santa Monica and Fairfax heading South). So off it was to the 99¢ Store again to see my choices raided out but coming in return - still known at forty-two dollars ($42.00) of thrift to be seen (once to again, "you can go broke saving money"). The new Target looks good. I just asked to hurry it up please I'm still waiting to know them better (update: now noted as "shipped" on 03/11/04). See that as my roommate drips a half-gallon of mexican white vinegar all through the holes and under the bench at the bus stop trying to ride with that bag ("please let that be a prior mode there" I prayed at once noting the puddle underneath...jars slapping in the bag on the cement, on the bars of the bench). Oh well, I'll eat my Good Humour ice cream on a stick and my Fiddle Faddle like the salivors ("eats in-front of", France) we are - eating on the way and licking at.

A Walk In The Woulds 03/01/04 1032
Last night during a break from the Oscars we watched on tv (I saw bits..."clown fish" thanks....Annie Lennox singing from "Lion King" then big winner "Lord Of The Rings" an Elton John composition...nice...I also channeled maudlin "Viggo" to congratulate I'll get to see that yet my roommate hates everything I like to know and yet pays for it all), I took a walk to the supermarket Pavilion's in West Hollywood and they had tons of show limos in the parking lot (parties nearby - Disney at Pacific Design Center, etc., nearby at restaurants). My roommate asked a limo driver on the way out of the parking lot to home (a woman) who she drove and he managed to get "Osbournes" out of her (Sharon and daughter I got in the head - Sharon's sister drove the enhanced utility, black). I went back to the window and said "Oh, tell Osbournes 'Doug' says hi" him the roommate getting all mad like they'd know me. One of us is a retard, basically. You name it, I'll hear it. The driver's all "See you at Ozzfest, then?" Surely not of, but perhaps you see. Quoting Ozzy, "Like me, I have my dreams." Apparently, people like meeting the young singer girl and all. A touch of class, it seems.

Lay Back And Find Yourself Among The Weeds Of February 2004
No, we didn't get very far subtining (making you special) on the way. You needed to see me for who I am: a very bargain to you. I am not here to make you know, make you have, or even to make you see. I see it. You see nothing or less of it. Let's enjoin hands and take one another about the place and see who's more interesting to each other. I win that too you see. I win every time, in-fact, as you falter where I succeed you. This is God then so say. Say me. Say that. Be with me then.