you'll might see this flag right after you get slapped
maybe you're the hole in middle too


office depot and office max keep on offering us top-quality sales and service
you can buy with confidence from here no matter what!
free shipping? you better ask about that~
new sale item 'da tease': 'just basics' paper $29.99 limit 5 boxes! 10-ream case or box

'beep-beep beep-beep' a drunk playing space alien: we've finally moved on to the march 2020 page at dougmoon.com keeping in mind a new month is no reason to get up in the morning 'june --- great' but i like to appeal to your good sense when the respects are cheap perhaps there's a little meal ('made with love' my prayer before serving myself) or small giving requested of you...imagine the sheer horror of being praised for it? 'no -- thank you'...you know what to do and when you're not all locked up over illegal behavior...over being seen...'there's no guilt, and there's no shame' what would i do if i weren't such a point of interest (a caveat - or exception to the rule)? that's a song 'google it'...maybe i'm wrong you'll see that....

the latest prices on the most basic of apple watch entries - series 3
$299 cellular/$199 gps or geo positioning system
see target clearly a cohort in crimes
no, nobody paid anything yet

'purely, they're just a bit good, here' - pet shop boys 'the resurrectionist'
live each day better!

looking north towards sausalito end to end, you gotta be real careful with this bridge anyway - front page, los angeles times march 10, 2020
maybe revised as yet?

news about the behemoth target near home depot on sunset and the 101 freeway! last checked with christmas tree shoppiing....

stevie wonder...this record-lp is oppressive with our choice 'higher ground'
'living for the city' and 'don't you worry about a thing'

don't forget your shamrock shake at mcdonald's this year
alternately, get a white cone $1+
the spicy mcchicken from the $1 is quite snappy still

new movie soon, i suppose...new dougmoon.com page for march 2020 > >

monday, march 9 stlll a bit chilly and applying of heat in my apartment: this week to end up with friday the 13th and that's useful if not helping out with the penny-pinching and all some rain? st. patrick' s next tuesday we'll see we'll keep you posted otherwise, these dark months ensue april 12 is easter of all things...each early and in its way....


tuesday, march 3: rounded out the whole cavalcade of paying the rent, my health insurance, and voting by mail packet so now we wait...all that verbage! got some rice at chin-chin sunset plaza to try and quell my stomach finally and here we are dumped off...more later....

interesting new spa ad at mta north hollywood

i wanted two sides that push together for cheap ross seat cushions - they have them nowhere, off the boats nearby
look what i got to work with i don't want sewing

flacebook doug moon style: http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92

maybe it's just me or you just slighted me sugar sweet naturally enough - an ongoing look at hateful practices:
coca-cola - tastes like all saline here in the 2-liter bottle
c'pn crunch with crunch berries - not sweet where's the sugar?
white cheddar cheezits lamed with no cheese taste
sun ships garden salsa hot with no spice as usual - is abusive
orange chicken trader joe's no tamarind sauce but another store's blend and flour taste
sea salt chips trader joe's light salt plus flour taste
lay's potato chips flour taste

be on your mark - making up for christmas results
don't keep playing around

sunday, february 23 - mom's birthday had she lived - and a nice seque into black history month 'nigger' and civil rights talk 'i want money' or 'symbol' $ rights the paper and the flow done for yourself...you know what you did here you'll do over there too - make it fit...a while ago i learned some dumb bitch was keeping a live four-foot shark in a tank here in my very bedroom...and yes, they eventually got bit with its suez-like yuck mouth the teeth curved and small imagine what memories i leave behind! anyway, in keeping with the vast fortunes due me by word of mouth i myself have received only about 100k for two years now and you need know that before trouble in mind reminds me i hate asking you for what's mine we've got enough for now i'd add before getting slapped with any bills that have thus far failed to materialize...like her, i coulda been wiped out many times over facing facts no one need hear just yet...what peeves are the celebrity connections that reward only jailbirds and talkshow hosts with no perception of time or space my head like a tight little church bell the clapper my own voice plus vibraspeak from others, laments...keep playing i don't have alot to say yet...happy birthday mom is it all you thought it would be? god is mean if not there at all i said 'no' to this stuff but who listens to me living beyond the past us somewhere why know how it all works just yet...trust some kids get nothing! some mom gets doped up all by theirselves and the kids go to jail...was she really sick? i'm gonna live in someone's asshole over that? what do i owe you? more time?

alanis is new here on or about february 20...thanks

insert tiddlywinks here it's just february 10 the deadlines self-imposed always

target - as reputable as any retailer - has brand-new ipads for $100 off ($255) for valentine's day february 14 - a brand new one is $355 here with no minis at that price....

here is an excellent recap of the darkly writ 'joker' despite being passed over with other great stuff
china doesn't like jokers - no one does
this one is pretty enough with your submissions being easy to take too
not a lick of english directs~
it might have dawned on you the pretty dancing clown is not joaquin - get that - a real hag now, ballet

you hafta call amazon on the phone to get a refund or exchange on goods delivered somewhere else - remember that...they were nice enough but i couldn't figure it out....

go back and check the facts in january 2020
we'll get ya new stuff right here

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?