maybe you too, them? every little bit says 'can't keep from being seen can you?'
everything's poseable~
we're on the same sides in/out

ignore deadlines will you? march page soon enough (here now) - this on march 16 - struggling with living quarters and pay again...terry wants out april 3 i have nothing still...all under the guise of getting rid of him, and richard's mother...his lease until august 1?

went to 'the broad' museum (as in 'the broadway' store) downtown yesterday 03/15 tickets in-hand - excellent exhibit
ate fast at the food court nearby and split via metro rail

lots of shiny blow-up balloons for kids and other items all-in-all enjoyable and quite busy

a new trader joes in the same spot they once opened on santa monica boulevard - yes, and no walgreens to be seen yet
now accepting applications too
when you graduate it'll be from a mcdonald's hamburger school - with honors, yeah don't get mad

here is a new volkwagen as seen on the street from germany yes as assembled
they wanna make 'em from kits here in the u.s. i hear - no bargains
dusseldorf is where they are made i guess - nearly sweden that's why (price once here $36,000)

grandmother bette davis was long since rumoured living atop auturo's flower shop here in los angeles at fountain and labrea near a great big ralph's...every six days and as a ghost she now says
this is now a full-line barbershop of blacks a'clipping - imagine that - each with just the sides done as they run out midstream i've heard often before
these are ghosts who live there pick a favorite and bother them not a cut is $40 or so

re world map, the world must connect at top and bottom they are one - now see that one continent sun...see sides too no reading across ante meredian makes cross with greenwich meridian the cross is at equator a rod through as tire rolling to front on a road high of noon...jacknife? easing each other.

just in time at target the holidays moreover - a piss a day, once each month
the spencil urethra is charged with task of keeping heat as propelled out by a cold and that stinks - hurts a little too these days pinch of salt in the old vasuoule what halved
the clap? it's not the creamer 'uronol saint' the very oil of angels to trans am 'no fats, femmes, drugs' need switch or to bait

this is rick astley ('ashbury') from a recent trip to rockit ralph's on sunset - i was appalled by the piano alone maybe radiostat
i know i indulged this way back when but the christian baritone struck me as being not yet hurtful, or at least about a girl that doesn't want you -
blacks need them broken, they to see them skinned of it for no wallpaper 'eat since?'
we credit george bush junior - 'latinos' don't sing...singing? locks of nair only no shaving for to pussy, no vox too pate

'bitch, she's not that young' that renee detwilliger bit young though...not old in the sac then what??
you in trouble now: great flick on netflix called 'return to sender' some nurse gets raped in her own neighborhood 'it's like that' by some guy - by all accounts an angel - and she lives to think it over again and boom! her heart goes pitter patter really i couldn't grasp much but it was a slacer dick that cut me up inside thank you....w@@tch...lots of good more time? 'couples retreat' yoga and all...hard to get that title~

trying to get to apple itunes for some pay - nothing letter to date
as usual thanks for buying

re this great boxer movie on netflix 'stronger than the world', there was a problem with the urinals on the wall i think people don't pee next to each other one is desperate to pee if any...think not...he is getting outta having to work so he can punk the boxer...on and on a woman again as 'father' but cute enough until whacked in the back of the head they are vicious she won't die on a flight of fancy many choices as not too bright a star the girls too hard on a scented feeling 'he doesn't fuck me either'? you might wait women make him cum too soon (tate? after all that i should've left huh) and they hate 'em be gay it's better than late it's over when i go...see become them after suffering? after being cleared of charges i guess hair beauty...the problem us not ruling others 'brokeback mountain' is a woman always a scourge playing a man and doing well enough screwed from behind laterally no man gets screwed like that missionary you lay on your back first...honor her not mentioning us...i hate people bothering in quote you accused me that's too raw...a bother ignoring polites, young, destined to do well...i avoid making people know they surmise...why would i know yours? moreover, stop portraying me i'm here but elsewhere too...expectations but expected as much...don't think, know 'the more you know, the less you feel' + 'what's mine as leftover' carves the roast beast women behind bars versus 'world's toughest prisons' - they make the interviewer strip down alot not bad for an older gent...

don't think i didn't take the plunge - much to other's dismay 'pay you back, nigger'
this picture is 'hdmi locket 2' mere stings from the laptop signal yours - faithfully uses the wireless mouse same from the other side of the tv as facing back
you r in control now and you never know just how dumb with junky equipment the affords are clear 'bigger is bladder' however duct or nothing to cut out see the light cowpers calipers prostraint

this set is all gift to me and just like the smaller one in the front room but if bigger is hard to resent you regret me more back and forth
keep both rooms 'full fasci' you or me then it's not so gripping personally - one sale day left at target this is friday! next week same i keep the box to avoid salavid returns by you then dispose of my feelings 'am i an ant in winter too?' you are given in thanks, no - just yesterday i saw you out and about - you flew away
i have you back one day that night before you are christened i'll be in drag pinching your dick and placing old coconut cells in your scalp 'dandriff'
jeepers creepers where'd you get that stye - i'd have their t-shirt see it - logo for 'stye' is that a salve?

love the electric shop language if you use it never it costs $17 a year or half that yes?
whatever zap pow~ incredibly, people are all 'the lcd's burn out' - i dunno those light bulbs don't stay good who'd of ever thought you'd see that - a bumper sticker that doesn't stay put but catches hair on fire
basically it's a real threat (memory not as thought but dilutes an oft thought to a pain see if it still stings the eye too) - the energy used as lights besides you stock raving mad and tuning its balls all night - very simple to a madcap labbering - the rca cables overlap to include video yellow - nice enough as blind seeking horn or just trying to catch up with traffic out-front

carried it home a pied 'it's too big' it bitched when i returned seeking faith still it's didn't pay much, fool
piss off
gladiolas give your gift as au pair or potty-mouth funeral babkin
por vous a suis a la fordte i couldn't afford it naybe you can now i can i'm guessing ad maximus ad minimus nothing made by others for me making of it

starbucks has delicious new green tea frappucinos had one today need another choice there some say for three weeks...had my mcdonald's shamrock shake earlier this week bit elaborate and sizes for appetite or you can lose...nudes with protrudes...

our fellatio algor mortis story: charlie chan
burma is for snakes i see them quickly then not the dog scares them
very cute

wednesday march 1 for those with 'school daze' or no recollect: pu what stinks that's funny febreze odor keeper we love you and glade - who's cheaper? love the idea of hdmi in bed now the laptop computer-in back facing you with wireless mouse directing tv perfectly mirror no ass-backwards see also the 'best buy' logo as tee-pee turned sideways it's real when driving by no jingle for the pouch...seems vel to veddy our tv at target has this week's attention still...middle c...quite frankly a lasting value among bains du soliel...hurt and having out-front is decorating with what people don't buy? a boutique...six rags and no rent to move 'em on to better done...won't sleep in the back at night unless it shows 'me'...he's in there...

was thinking about the moon in the car following you on the side - special you as advance sight restating itself maybe you? what with the glass moving and rejecting alternately the window now open? a hole and a hard as clear light and mentions having said before 12:00:01 amyes the line on-top heading in...source? hong kong phooey's car a 'taipei' - i thought the propeller extended to turn above was held by a cartoon the wheels are rolling and little clout on the bottom constantly remaking itselt - strange but quite authoritative still 'it's easy to share the good times'...don't be dumdfounded us work...

you like aristotle the duck? i named and with countless ebbs from is now mostly a tabby cat or marmalade or ground fruit boxed at christmas - not only 'just like you' as common or girl 'made of spice' any sugar 'surely a spite' it says 'your heat or mine'...i stole 'socrates' from an author some creepy dog-cat cross country author who didn't mention the hours spent watching a la 'rescue 911' they hang up now like a radio station contest to win the house next door my experience says they are merely 'solemn' coming in perhaps hoping it's not true...the cat? a siamese - get it? someone's right...'ari' although rocondite, inane~

been getting things done - you gotta iron a patch then sew lines
is it worth it? women could lie here (like i do often enough and at your behest) while i toil i.e. what's worse? 'not knowing but having' see 'shit for lips' but resoundingly (asks nothing) fertile somehow
sepsi says it's me too 'how does this make you know'
i am sexy to you and you know? you do - i know you

'place blame last - never be that or wrong enough' dM plus they did it anyway so what as truth gathers it more

love this car, the rain - you better just quit so happy me
i tell the sun 'no bother - keep it coming the cold' in a drought it's just as hard to drink
'be pleased as i am to meet me' you are~
it is christ (if) that (is what) compels you - be silent


later on noting pursuit is a crime: this is supposedly $600 a month $6,000 down the car says is racy looking a honda studio type i'd say back to bitter
just so you don't hafta die asking of it 'the cooper' being right is just good enough a card read in the afterlife you don't read. no, but smell food in a new hamper
the internet? dubious 'you don't help me. i won't help you - promise that' be free leave for better honor nice people who masturbate while you peep? giggle at you through a hole tee-hee
that's no sin or single minded sent off unless erased to value
see clothes washer with no fung you think of spots on a banana - eat that as you will? you'll do for now

i don't need a loan really, but is stupid with their 'oh, poo!' submit button 'apply' is the newish thimble in the sewing-drinks out kit 'money-maitlin'..i coulda owed you a fearfull or one full years' supply of gull-wing pantie liners from the washer-dryer you've always denied having in the pantry closet 'soup starter' pile brown oomigod with eyes...hills brothers 'the mothership as ufo' may get wooden clogs back to chapped dairy hands in browns mills, but i'm unhappy right now our injured-aloe hauptline 'LYU-4SEX' while the hand is over and about - so sweetens the pot~

all bound up: with so much generosity these days (willy wonka redux), you should note target cheese namely 'market pantry' is a leader in satisfactions to me i turn to kraft often enough theirs is good - i love sharp cheddar and i want my money's worth...bound up? why offer you? recent highs at target include a white comforter for a duvet $35 queen full that was from heaven as new never wash the stuffing i say i don't...i want kinda the 55" westinghouse tv $329 today kinda 02/26 thru the 4th they say on the sales floor) i've been halting alot of needs expressed, cash conversions from plastic goods, no motors are thought of you may be poached of it as firehearth dna consecrating farts only as happy enough to be no longer employed or scared as reasoning hoping you'll be welcome with new food card the amex 'realise' with no messy credit cheques after dinner they want you out only no smokes...feathers like to cook you to death beware they survive the grave easy enough, you know...aristotle the duck died after a trap incident...the cat

stp 'glide' i liked this alot recently...the words are fun
haven't we been here before?

torment the tortured, teach me things
i'm so alive
speak to the speechless
speak the things you have inside

you can hunt for the hunter
he's got nowhere to hide
you can seek with the seeker
but hold on for the ride

keep it coming, i'm going all the way
keep it coming, i'm going all the way
give me a half a chance
i'm throwing it all away

run to the place that hides the pain
you have inside
cover my chain it hides the strain
only to glide

you can hunt for the hunter
he's got nowhere to hide
you can seek with the seeker
but hold on for the ride

there's nowhere to turn to nowhere, there's nowhere to run
you can fly with the fader, fly it.
fly it on the run.
there is nowhere to turn to nowhere
there's nowhere to run
you can fly with the faded flyer
fly it on the run

it's too late, time is gone
later on again 'cause no one's leaving

look away

no lyric yet by seuss at patrice-anvil

starting to attack chrome from the inside again (adblocker extension then relax for office depot banner, sure - you to stay put) i got it to back down shitting pages everywhere there is no 'us' in california just 'you' and the three stooges 'why you!?!' chromecast is working again i hit buttons but you made me do it 'round and 'round we go like yin and yang 'mogo nest pea'...'powla pyoor?!?' use chrome nest 'home' or whatever after you unplug it, then put it back together with power and it should be fine i think this stuff is good but it has to do always no smart tv's i sold these junkwells to people as enthusiastic only 'whirring' epilady 'pruner-burner' it's gotta hurt-smart...and they ate well...

caught up with murphy and his lover s2 on 'necros'...negros...loved the new prison stuff too on netflix (msnbc then too)...they're not all niggers, you know - plenty of women get filtered right out bride of frankenstein is shopped around town now...this is her now...she did it then no skunkbathing...

singing along with trax? someone called it a 'brouhaha' - isn't that funny? people have always hated singing with and i still do 'do i do this?/to trash' you can't just toss in an old pair of rotten legs anymore they hafta be deveined 'can't just shit beforehand, you know'...'no mere mentions'

my own valentine again year 'lyft', i paid regular price at cvs just a day later $9.99 i could've died choosing the best ones first while offering up your services 'will work for food, if at first may seize the day - really hustles for can goods' - usually they smoke 'em the candies down only theists ('but seriously, why not you getting to that nozzle?') argue by the pack
i suspect this my favorite flavor: pink ribbon, darks, nuts, chewy centers
these wouldn't fold in to be as hearts on sale the 'i love you' mix 'nut, chewy and crisp centers' whatever~ bitch threw away my 25% off coupon can you fathom it? i'll hafta pay for what's more with my new 30% printout...trying to control the urge 'oh, so what? you can handle it - just do it anyway it'll turn up soon enough' lavender now with dark centers one creme bell-button sez there were only two pinks and i took 'em both now see that...

so, the last movies watched at itunes for no bother plus success (best viewed on mac mini, ipad, and hp laptop - all three worked well enough): 'phantasm remastered', 'snitch' the full theatrical wad is more or less a known good, and 'happy birthday' woulda liked more time with that...

1) this exciting guy has two burdensome hangers-on who nearly or figuratively finish him off only to pursue more with the grave - a mother of war;
2) someone lax has a vendetta against a tell-all, but takes time off to pursue other interests - draw the line;
3) these guys - one an aspiring movie producer - are victimed by the system but one prays to see all disappear including the dead girls they made filming their own demise.

starting to play with icloud in my name to see if that's any good...

big danceoff tonight in the alley i'm supposin' - pat benatar good stuff i play often enough
'i'm gonna follow you' and i quote 'you come around here in your ballet slippers padding on my alley'
psst: per sources, that's helene fuld medical center in the background at the end - i like that name 'helene fuld'

cheap enough - and not only easier, i hear

back to oblong waits and the heresy (as a new hair or thought off with each tick of the clock as problem person) of getting something for free: in conjunction with target no doubt, has announced a march 22 deadline for inputting all cap and box codes for a june 30 deadline of indicating any rewards and plus a july 1 cessation of the program moving towards at any rate...wait see if you can even get in to redeem...conincides with the fiscal (spending) calendar at any school their intended studioguest often enough...i have 225 points currently i thought to identify distributions to the bottling company...real message 'you don't sell enough - someone else hadda come in' all is well they say...p.s. safari pokes right through for rewards you'd say with chrome overactive and on the fritz i use sea monkey...

still thinking it over?
my mind races with thoughts - when you decide, i do too
leave it to beaver

sunday, february 12: valentine's day is tuesday not today as previously's birthday card in the mail already for feb 23 [ ] the old checkbox mind has been at it...expectations the root of all evil or seeing and taking first leaving you with the scraps again - more than you should have? to thank you for your blessings...clementine's day went off well 02/14...alot of folks seem piss'd off that's what the day is for cock robbin blue in the parents kicked off their very divorce with valentine's day trust that...

this just yesterday 02/14 see the point red sheets and all (microfiber from ross? fine, but needs sewing occasionally - someone said you can bleed-crap the bed? thank lee)
my new venting hat from target is gold and blue 'miller lite' very appropriate for me
pardon - the red cb2 shelf is formica a known god of clamps and putty (for cell phone with hole a bother but respectful)

look at me: fx presents that funny bette davis joan crawford movie with jessica lange and susan sarandon 'feud' 'bette and joan' ('whatever happened to baby jane?' remember mary pickford never had a bad day)...joan insists it's about all of kindness shown as the household nut receiving adoring fans atop the stairs in the domicile where child star baby jane labors over their daily turn of fortune in wigs, a mole, and old satin doll outfits while torturing the lamed latin 'star' with taunts about her health and the 'accidents' she's suffered actually a mild stroke...should be fun alot of fun if they add a bit of dimension these b&w movies are perfect now see that...

the real deal - and why not?
it's easy to get caught up in these two - be careful with your time at the end of the day is familiar territory
a big fat judgment day of sorts, you take care of you as best can and so will i
you want that black woman between you and i? taking sides means trying to get in...they're playing you for each other

sacrilege - spitting at a gift;
heresy - hearsay, too quick to note;
blasphemy - blasts from a speaking to object loudly;
heathen - an adherent of pleasures;
pulchritude - moral failing along the lines of having preached against.
holy - olive loaf.

i won't practice my own funeral at sea and you won't count your chickens in january 2017 but you can get it all wrong any day no one hurts if you do or at all

george michael's 'praying for time' he did it all himself and that's a good pedalbox to a dying of, except paul williams
the live stuff nearly made me cry of beauty i turn it right off i don't need that day most people won't have it a 'top 40' person now a lyric bug
i have people irritate me when i perform as perhaps third person it's all real to you and you cry thinking it over like fool - that's art
you hafta plug in no bother even a great day as fool - we indulge no sad dj's here then your mother 'get a job' - for you it's even worse i just wanna be there without you commenting

mr rourke says someone old in burmuda shorts misses your tan and leather jowels the underarms you tied back for 'instant cash' with floss - any rhymes to sell back?

just for fun - the ten commandments (yes 'somebody' asked on the fly - some japanese point or understanding):

1) thou shall not take the lord god's name in vain
2) thou shall not kill
3) thou shall not steal
4) thou shall honor thy mother and thy father
5) thou shall not covet another man's wife
6) thou shall not commit adultery (shs? a common-type mistake)
7) thou shall honor the sabbath
8) thou shall not bear false witness against thee
9) thou shall not honor false gods placed before thee
10) i am the lord thy god (next up)

these are the facts - don't argue you can't be confirmed to christ without these 'what is the fifth commandment?' in that what they're easy enough 'thou should not be' + 'thou should bathe'