okay, that's enough of that - have all indicators point to march 2015 'gee, our old lasalle ran great' phrmph and run right off

featuring rihanna 'princess of china' coldplay

another liability comes to roost: finally used $123.63 of that parent-provided gap gift card he did - the card army-style was $130 back around christmas (may 5, it seems you may order now)...the card cash machine would provide just that too...and maybe a note of return to regional levels...

take them and kill them: the apple watch was to be available today? sold to distributions at supermarkets in the us only (um, shop-rite..grand union et al) for $300 max at the each of (with two-for if you win raffle there at night, you to outfit differently)...if so, starts at $349...none balks yet...the watch's face is all screen-made and competitors seen have demonstrated it mostly...'one insider says they don't dial, they wait to dial' but, um...

douglas fairbanks? fine.

someone succeeded taking a page here at whim the backup pages photographed for being ever or once fail around the dates, times taken don't blame us#1 the backbone for heavy traffic - just you and my $12.95 a month unlimited nexus-vexus while providing newcomers any a spore of burdens held awaiting mention of contract and pay $0.05 on the dollar, usually while you make the bags in my name 'the cellar' at macy's, 'john wanamaker' (pregnant?) in scripts upward ('hell to them - by the way ramadan has lapsed last xmas now paid for then per tehran...producers of hate they 'buy us out too much taking too much in advance' of selling we'd say...btw, keep rain cozies in mind through easter and passover my memories of working supermarket to sustain the act through april) - while every canned (each entry purely indelible) system accounting or otherwise hires a handicapped mess with no prospects or even a flight plan to debone finer points and now see it come home with me - remember that again, die off in the distance with loving family now surround, nose cone: 'yahoo small business' your passwords don't need to be seen by inquiring minds while being typed remade to the canned system you unleash on me; i'm not that busy to stop here and say my password can't be cited with ease that's true although a real person is always at hand majoring at us - when signing in, make sure the complete yahoo e-mail address is evident makes you go 'round and thus keeps numbers down then for an idyllic thought? i don't like my attention being sought usually, in work or weiss every little success against goes right to hillary clinton's desk 'niggers' again...'see this'...notes? 'if you knew anything, i'd know it too...' - cherrelle p.s. 'you know'

john don't want her working with him~

threatening folks verbally is not good sense - back to knowing not to, not ever

phew that's great~ so much sucks (is unhappy, is mending) these days, why say it to me?

the general feel is good around town but is auto-sure and that lacks esteem, but i failed to vote the other night (each candidate refusing you any wealths held and being reflected nicely enough in the stated reverbs one and another - the heilman commission and then again heilman with only 'ten percent' of the vote turning out you need 14% usually absent voters queers again citing their hate the number is twelve percent now no hate) with one of my lays (layovers, hurt being eaten next day - the #1 shelf to be chip frito-lay a brilliant bean frijoles) knocking too much for things we hide silent some - richard and family...the law laid down for the upcoming trip tomorrow - is always the same person like you can just come here and shit in my toilet while you think about things after a casual meal army types no little girls...just reviewed the annual review of the roommate of mine pre-press a clerk locked in spades the pay range given to a fault no ester - everything was fine in my words, kinda...mcdonald's asks what would life be like without burger king and 'olestra' fries their tacit 'no-further-slip' guarantee? seek to be no dirty aprons ever or burgers over half a cup meat - like a man's underwear only second to a fuckin' hankie in the 70's 'what - you need to go?' water and the grave are 'colloidal' (jello-like) not actually a part of it but caught as in-between a silt of some kind no, a vacuum bag once aired out - then i just found bk's old logo on the mcdonald's cup thumbnail section - almost verboten...a 70's glamourpluss...you teach me nothing, you show me how...i watch you like it or not...bowls in spoons get louder, scrubbing gets harder, and there you are wondering again...i do sure unless i feel like a softie...i'll be back..and you die like the woman in terminator agreeing to everything sweetly no burns no blowing all away we can undo this little simply but not being there with you ever...'phantasm v' now recapped 'who are you to question one of god's servants?' - tee hee hee you in trouble girl i have it every day to give something back...'people think that when they die they 'go to heaven'...you come to us.' - someone you might get to know better one day...

look darrin #1 - like the movie, you're not seen at all~
i like the tied scarve look - simple, be well with it

what was samantha's little gas box in the sky called (is 'salem' for now, islam 'is law') with dr. bombay and all? gas-x? red - moridae (modern day?) bensalem? bala cynwyd? then sell them~ 'still waiting for sense' fact: real nice pictures of her on google images, some boxes

lemke has graphic converter gain number 9 - an adobe photoshop-type clarity for mac while microsoft is limping around bill gates...the work done and now dealing with a bad hand - cash is not what you sell - there is no value in cash they don't meet just product and so cutthroat to be lesser objects...we pay 'cause we want to so gifting, so astute to be helpful types

three pictures plus 'the moon' was big big big big last evening march 5 - bigger than big...hotter than hell, too i'll bet...like nevada no water, fool - next of kin, 'hetero'...

see, feel - the latest display at moca pacific design center a shampoo bottle and soap scene - super strange
the lack of saying to an extending in a taking environment

you're big in japan...the asian maggie may 'throw her out now - be real and see me then a hopper of others' that's bouncer, lovefool
'have a drash'
this display on sunset around past highland 'future corpse' good look - showcases suitcases from car accidents and stuff

give some, get some - get some first then you give some back
6464 'six feet under'
'pick through your past and i'll play'
the moon center cannot be photographed well and we tried biggest ever
i call or warn to be us 'keystone cops' all the time so stupid changing places and fucking around like we don't care about anything
the major of anti-thought - no listening just talking

great video - coldplay 'magic' love it bad - todd terry
'princess of china' sounds good too~
showing others isn't enough there are no eyes present ever but calls for great fears being alone they need nothing in sight - i believe you, too
i do

easter is april 9: went to city target beverly connection today to redeem a mobile or cell phone coupon from mycokerewards.com fifty (50) points and reworked to a hate of it and although they stuttered it came free - the clerk scanned my mobile screen and it rang up but she called over another guy and he quickly said 'we don't do that here' but it was already on the screen -$1.69 against the price having to earn mine twice all the time like at itunes...i paid just $0.05 and left it at that with two coupons on the way probably and i alone drink the stuff...then it was just $0.19 at cvs for valentines conversation hearts left over a big bag just $0.19! brach's and a bit soft too - others in back near the photo lounge...lots of them bags...colored egg wreaths just $9.99!

the bottle cap service alone is a big deal for coke - they see where it all goes and when...the atlanta and los angeles bottlers notwithstanding...

fed the fish at greystone today 03/04 and new volume bathrooms are open in the old horse stable - handi ramps and all - the theme is black and white...new page soon...p.s. the fish loved that cake one turtle inspected at large and bit some - they weren't real hungry yesterday, so good going...

not too long ago, i was driving a bmw mid-size type van via zip car (i have my own card vested on terry's account - this model much like my mother's cadillac sedan) and it shuts down the engine at every stoplight to quickly start and roll again - strange that - although remorse, this is supposed to be my rolls royce in hiding while it waits and incidentally the hearse we spoke of out-front...

someone said something to the effect of being 'half-monk' about sensing loss - i liked it - i'd have to be half stored away just to feel like something's missing in my life~

here's the rest of that pacific palisades picture - someone cares
i imagine cliffs like this but on the east coast - a big glamour, bike riding skating
as for the picture, and contrary to popular belief, everyone great unlocks a knee

isis you stop playin' from snl: truly funny clip '50 shapes' being roasted out and plus 'if you all die, i won't die still' on white fabrica...

one day i was told in this severe hairdryer-blowing vision to shove these black ribbons twisting around and blowing around the corner of my mattress with spangles to place as blowing too - the ribbon now finded is 'light' not dark but that is ok the light as oval (the top or crest to the bottom or trough diagonal as the flatted curve) has all dark or no colors evident capping with the largest dark oval as 'dark' no light radiant...add to the light lateralus discussion 245 distributed lengths and the extra 11 lengths to smooth to 256 or 2^8 power...half the whole cycle or clock then uses only 6 added discretes (dividing lines) either side of curve with one atop as neutral then or no colors 'white', but the whole forward spin is a gigabyte repeating halves or ovals over and over again...some say...extrapolates or analysis delivers more bang for the buck out...and up the memory goes...writing is reading too in and out...

mcdonald's - headquarters of the shamrock shake (is now and again available on sunset boulevard at crescent heights) has a new cup that says 'half-full' and 'half-empty' in moonface blue to honor me one surmises...go with the expectation i'm taught firmly - 'this glass is half full' for asking a clean cup and is 'half empty' for not enough soda to take out...take a tip and before you leave any size is still $1 with refills afoot...

'forever' is leading up to this only - what we waited for; to 'forget' is to go back to just prior and not mention it again, to 'forgive' is to provide as if nothing ever happened - not even once...bring that up.

sexplosion from 11/09/14: just seven (7) boxes of kraft macaroni and cheese or (3) three left to date - that's thought-free and regular easy-going consumption of ten (10) boxes purchased from target way back when...mid-august...the 19th about...more: two (2) boxes left right now from 08/19/14...so, add it up and with other food choices afoot may be a significant delay to enjoy them at all...this on 03/03/15...

fuck that $1.50 coupon your call was heard marlboro - i went to 7 eleven a friendly face - even in the imperial 'inland' empire where coupons are sold - and bought a pack of marlboro lights for the every now and again asking by so some - $7 is alot to pay but they're worth it even though some hag here is drowning me in requests for one - 'two if you'll just get out now'...god (you fagging me with anti-thought you don't listen) shows us how hard it is to take up even one more person eating the dog's food with a woman involved hanging around inside or out her only point i guess...like a faggot around with men in a group won't go away now won't stop asking to repay the $1 they just borrowed a minute earlier...is it love? not until they see who it is...you may hafta get a loan if they meet in your home (caveat: where you usually live) - thank fuck i'm a man you paid up, bitch...p.s. the ghosts were grander in their part of it some girl murdered 'by him' in the closet behind a ladder we got along richard's mother and i plus other gift the bathroom now done in mahogany a library paradise with some kind of tall clothing machine next to the tub on right corner...dry cleaning?

as i eat the cake i bade home, you should know i ate all of my chin chin chicken rolls the outside excellent but egg salad-tasting inside i put cilantro and chicken in the la machine but also a smadge of mayonnaise leave it out another stupid (stool pigeon chased away - stooge) suggestion from someone just here...onion or then the little reddish one again a 'shallot' and canned white breastmeat chicken is my firm resolve to be in a plum sauce dipped...'no one said you could either' wolfgang puck...a right to know is being made sure so we don't question ourselves further...butter added on the bread inside and vegetable oil, sure...p.s. it's the simple stuff that's hard to make i still melt provolone in a skillet though the restaurant's long gone 'tango grill' some white sauce greek stuff now - after the doughnut shop split in two i'd still drive to santa monica wilshire and 15th street for krispy kreme...

i learned about a 'value judgment' in third grade - an opinion stated 'i like this' versus a fact 'what, when' *here* a cross of sorts then perhaps in your garden 'pure shit' that's all i grow apparently at enter 'peas' as better said 'this, here' an arrow down...'interdependency' or labor division though argued is good too (henry ford needs parts promised only - and when?) 'staples' of your diet as group on a mesa eskimos their mainstays 'corn, rice'...an egg (in england)...our own neuroprotein before the developing mind shuts down and makes you gather them as intestines...a bird...

maybe eighty bucks on the dollar if seem: ebay for savings bonds uncancelled (no dots drilled 1950's issues)? people finding old bonds don't wanna be bothered at the mint in philly (i've seen cash made there - mostly coins how sculpted 'conshohauken' proudknit) for too old, bank left open for no guide...the bigger the burden...neil looks to buy them earlier than due date and then make a few bucks without hounding for some stinky job...too happy i note for the little given me a few minutes off...you had a new lay ('layover' then, the next day's reference for unkind, a call from the free health clinic - countywide at carter) enter your sights...

'and all so you can't say - not well anyway' - dM the joke is being heard same

recent: 'each day made me someone better to me' - dM i trust that

madonna confesses 'i'm no fool' - and jesus knows i'm not madonna's press pack
this as sincerely unwanted (not noted yet without fine tunings, that is at xmas, so...) is actually good enough now~
the catholic confession was stilled for a minute for reflection by me - i heard it once a 'man' in vinyl feeling his balls as intercut says how long it has been (the ritual itself in church)
as for confession - each one for me a beautiful saturday maybe at dusk one a month, a middle booth with priest turning to hear one each of both sides at a time through a screen what darks but hears solemnly...wait your turn in pews empty but waiting with ('funerals' are like this during the week every how and again - very dark, incense pot waving around sprinkles of holy water, in the middle lane up front dark no people but altar boy too...)
i hated it the pressure keeping your soul (now the teleport lifting around point death - a simply crude if said simply by return almost to it - a bed then) clean and assumed christ 'would understand' not at jewish display but i don't live to think about the odds and ends of my brothers and sister 'i cursed' + 'hit my brother'
another investment rarely seen as an unpaid value - now they speak through the mother's touch only aunts, uncles...the fear of any loss rests right here
as for 'am i hungry?' my guide to the heavenly host at the rail 'no touching it' play along tongue out plate under it the crumb i held
'body of christ'...'amen' for all men i was serving it most just as little ol' me and priest apportioning a single round serving i warned blacks not to ruin but see then as nothing you would steal although locked at the safe where it's kept in front back (i love their playtime of sacraments witched around with clothsheld, a little bell ringing, and a raised couplet for the large host as starshine n-e-s-w)
litte ol' me hated hand touching at mass but then again is fun kinda that old claw coming in for a little fresh then the money basket before is paid down
the church then - any church each a little bit of the true cross in the altar table and a full half here and i make dead people lay on it with blood and piss seen by me - is ours alone its people tax not - it's named to us each ours little showing off
so i can't be buried there hardly at all then see it a little band box of a place they know much but do not bother us as such delivered quickly with all of sense taken
so be that loud i don't know what you're talking when about you disagree i hate that and my tone is faggot, a didact, and harsh sometimes like a preacher's son not so trying of it...who am i again - the devil? the stunt double? aphex 'effects' twin? autodidact? autonym.

'mad dog' madonna is saying the catholic 'act of contrition' - my favorite prayer before and after silts - 'oh my god i am heartily sorry for having offended thee (you, kinda)...' you will usually be saddled with having to say something like three 'hail mary's' and four 'our fathers' for having confessed as nonesuch and i question that - is the last one better-sounding than the first? we don't want personal or personally composed stuff in this direction it seems better to be saying it...like playing music should be familiar and not too arousing in the way you hear a bad news...let the music play...the 'our father'? please give something more in my day than what it takes to get to the next one...'hail mary'? thanks for helping deliver this to me + pray for us (are you us? not if you did the job)...the whole inside-track thing...

duran duran 'view to a kill' one of many great james bond alto-throids
okay others to be seen: arcadia 'goodbye is forever'

'ichi ni san chi' - kraftwerk 'eats me to sunshine'

l'enfer du nord paris-roubaix, i don't know you but i want to
la cote d'azur et saint tropez, san tropez isn't great this time of year
es alpes et les pyrennees, neither are the mountains or the sea
derniere etape champs-elysees, i would climb every hill and lower to every valley
galibier et tourmalet, you wouls have to follow me home
en danseuse jusqu'au sommet, make me your song and have one a day
pedaler en grand braquet
sprint final a l'arrivee
crevaison sur les paves
le velo vite repare
le peloton est regroupe
camarades et amitie

of course, i see the recent bevy of spelling errors and you get some to see too...very logo or seeing for believing then relieve the possguard's guess after many such dubious references to eliminate a guess and 'no' i don't share my burdens if so and everyone sees it...

'while you garden this, the other stuff grows' - dM you can't cupboard it all

'when the grass is always greener on the underside' - sep stu - you should leave to be volcano

rent's due tomorrow march 1 - to be, or not to be - that is the answer 'be black' maya angelou
'i've tried' - dM + adds lesson #1 'there are people who hurt people' - dM
'is that you?' - dM 'that's all real~'
the handsome man as previously or thought me french looks through the at&t calendar photo as punishment for disagreeing - through an aperture, only
q: would i wear a wig? a: if it's all wool, colonial
wool? 'til you get home attracts the 'opposite sex' so to speak - up north, parts of rio that is...is almost fur meat nothing makes more moles other than sincere heredity or nothing doing...'we all have them'...but eat at wendy's

dry run so to speak three egg whites some extra color maybe not or about right - me sloppy ('she was sloppy - yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!' - devo 'sloppy'
bion, we bungled a three piece layer - to see-feel (believe it or noth)
know it's more than marble cake 'ebony and ivory' and very tempera 'chalk and a dried white shoepeg corn' in feel 'boing boom tschak' is 'boring me better [this time]' carhaat estim zinf poof gongh...
success (not having to ask, ignoring but adjuring too) might mean frozen rings of batter in advance...so both parried the seeds sewn of hay

the instructions, loosely applied - recommend a height of care - more batter is better too 'the bigger the bundt'
the icing is wet and off-flavor as cream cheese-petrol i eat it anyway - try another brand add if...no little girl stuff making do without, your most recent promise-vow
no titty need point to stuff here - be a pork the other swap meet

for those 'do-it-to-yourself' types - hell's fruit-bearing seedling - is one of many and still an option
e.g., charlie brown's xmas tree with grapefruit hanging 'like great balls of fire' - left or right, is flaming left
next to be cut: see cacuss blackshaur 'ubuntoo' sticks for under 2% bodyfat, rear portion thighmeat, exxus skin marple and abel neutrotty, and for warths of part-grapple hair needing volume control whether vess or just tansit wreed
no flair! 'the button on shoes' - verna deluit 'eximer' miss fanpleuss mag by corton and semi-blanc waste-cottage industries 'it trapes a pillage'

put it there~

...was looking at the hawking movie - is attractive the women astute and mean...attractive...tip: how the world looks outside half moon partially white upper, nothing from below as dark of space...see it...'the moon' shows us 'the moonjean' with an atmosphere-reducing hair dryer kinda 'eurohair buttocks-b9...the sticks between atoms there's like one atom only, in theory - are a clock shedding itself constantly as fast as can 'lotus' encephalo-pod 'lotus' the japanese beetle a copper and green copenhagen as hen with hooks for hands 'wings to them' you can still fly beating eggs - they don't operate them? back to black and white a direct pull not or off to the side they come off...is a firm grip and then the seemingly impossible as the windows close interminable the make and measure no ruling it if...snapping turtle jaw that melts with quick spring 'snap!' black rises right...

'is like, nuts' - joey 'dickface' demille a patron of the arts in sizes too small 'to lean in' and 'pantries' his fat woman scantily-clad 'pussy wilnos' in 'skin growth' sizes - why dander? 'too feld' - maraquette lemon 'before the same one said it again'

we here are 'mantra' - saying 'til it's true...not whatever you said if i can't remember it's because somebody cares~ few rewards as my mind is like me 'waits 'til you're gone'...know it's faults as saying without discipline (a way of using me as you trying) having in-hand is to say more surely 'i had that type cancer...' can't serve people bad breath with 'voulchers' or white gunk below par (i call it 'semile' for cedilles~~) can't stay long but there's 'no hate in the face' - dM for you, that is...hate the long russian teaneck...campbell's beans, vodka, and lemon zest - wash your mouth out at plabe...'and you know, you can't hide beat'...'aw, you doh ahni' - by pitted fountain growth and sunbrown barkeep 'sashimi'

next week: clasp artist 'collard' on pulling the cord in france 'keep another eye lazy, llold pen'

endless rewrites? 'grease' is on tv again 'if you hurt her one more time will it matter?' my quote for rizzo who says she feels bad hurting sandy (olivia newton-john, god's child turning, choosing ...says the name is not rooted in chewy wholesome fig newtons what comes to mind, but orch master howard newton under her ruse she says her father helped...see elton john band...as for her add red soils, horses, melbourne...her bones or fossil record at tower records one day - see way back - here - a real rough-one there) i'm trying get sandy to stop looking like an older woman preying upon it's over now a billy mumy thing older-younger and if cher's mom gave her thirty years easy...'doesn't look old - is old' is onj's mother judith ivey)...california backdrop at the end is heaven they say but also note when it was over, it was over - robert stigwood productions...focus...a new recast? on computer that assembly took $19M back in 1976 (country etiquette) ...birthplace of a nation or heredity...jewish...again...judeo-christian no blacks? no mere mention of having much to say...

re 'journey to the west' a hard question (trying to be) solved): what did buddha do to his little friend a vicious version of him? judging by the jawbone-type act a slam down of mine, he is in a bulb an alternate universe what sucks on the major dome but is their respite - the jawbone my attention getter for outlying act from the top down...not really a hurt but stop doing right now...and they stay right there...perhaps a numbered hell on exit-aperture? yes/no...not mine yet

note: this is the last day or so for ralph's sale on jennie o turkey meat $2.99 a platt - 'til tuesday 02/24 the sale-circular

the cult 'wildflower' - i tell people it's about a boy~
rsvp 'i doubt you' - be sure to check out the playing riff, same page

much like the godzilla-gondola experience of late, is from july 2014's note of such earlier here

pavilions has those tie dye cakes and icings by cakemaster 'duff' on sale at least until tomorrow night $2.50 - as opposed to baby blue and zebra marble, i chose the tie dye one and will use cream cheese icing after much deliberation on the tye die cake's frosting...lemon cream by betty crocker?

madonna's full-length performance from this year's grammy awards
i'm proud...mom's birthday is today february 23 otherwise is mine - august 16
she's still reeling from christmas~
mine is real too - just paid my safe deposit box to keep it clean of fingers one coffee stain later...and neil around with richard crossing lines

to the la times this morning 'that's not him!' michael keaton best known for 'beetlejuice' or playing god his best jokes as using-suing others too much 'we're the same - see?' ('betelgeuse' makes reference to a fake diamond or beelzebub the devil-double who can do what you do as cheaper the 'doublet' - a bug's nonsense juice of extending the self by mind's limits the arms vocal as not too far to reach or extend - 'where do you sleep at night?') just dropped off the map one day - has to be made up? the guy accepting the award is richard and that's nearly who i flew home with from florida 'heading to bali' i knew to ask enough he said in my head as walking to baggage 'just put the word 'hour' in pronunciations'...clam choudhury...

we see bob hope back at the oscars we heard he wasn't doing well (as 'herrmann' kinda) we sat at breakfast when i was in florida that statue place - people hate talk though...we worry some...and hardly ever...joan rivers no mention my roommate said (but was too clocked by monday coming? he hated something - i was sure it was the night before i woke up ? happy to see it go but not pre-empted my little trick when andie mcdowell hosted) she was there 'and don't ask for anything else' she notes then and now...is always there somehow...

hot in the scotch? aspirin or even better tylenol brings it back to be same - hot flashes look bad too in the mirror where good sense begs to be in the mirror again...no one sees but feels bad...end the pain as it agrees to be me...

eddie redmayne's sex-wife or black singing act 'the trammps' (sic - 'just say it' tower of power - disco inferno 'you'd think it was hot' just bound up with feelings, cheese puffs) says she bequeathed him a hot red brick while he schlept and all drove into place that way finger-free handling peg on the steering wheel feels like space but with carnival cruise's 'there's no toilet too' towel clause 'it'll sell' - to be glare, i didn't see much this year 'gondola' took the robe and wig for this partnering or out-and-out rigging of gloussames but i know you're out there can you imagine steven-ph hawking selling a good time the apple computer man? let's just say it was that good but that 'free' mailbox copy of 'moonrise kingdom' isn't forking over the meat...'don't use me' - we fuck and hate pre-mature death with best wishes from the wishbox or ultra lummox...have some...'sheriff don't like it - rock the cashbox'...huh?

re-tip the scale: you can reload a green dot card at pavilions it's true but is as yet untested rite-aid was fast fast fast we'll see about that - from sweatshop to fashion plate and back to fashion 'this old thong?'...it ain't enough to cover your hole, you've got to wisk throughout with a charcoal layer 'vaginal mesh' and it pads scoffold...schafly...oscars tonight 02/22 though in my particular loom of things it was last night for sure and that is extra time mom's birthday tomorrow 'don't get me nothing' who are you kidding? i need to keep up appearances 'it wasn't for me' i'm on everyone's bread small pit-a-pat of pure butter or plant avocado no promises but 'ok' egg of the desert no water no farts either it mattered but see hash browns 'it ain't the turkey - it's not the table grapes from penn-fruit neither'...while me and tom-bone hanks figure out why anyone would pay for this? i leave after a loose segue from dinner and cocktails earlier 'i don't do dishes' but stuff napkins too tight 'don't try to cheat death by living first' - noting 'they don't make life cereal outta diapers' - do they? i just had a bowl this fabulous wonder-bade-me of a weekend but flab (my homemade chicken rolls not perfect like egg salad kinda needs onion only they cooked up great wonder bread $4 a loaf like suzie q's 'will be here long after you're gone' dear shemp the mother got upscale pink marshmallows from tj's her own favorite - my 'chocodile') here comes one now from moon central floating down the river kwai 'someone has red hair'...or you was pullin' on it too much...still legal in tosh and trades...'get here'...'sells herself as skin and bones'...old fan-type richard pryor cracks another code of silence by saying he was greasy-unbathed for days for days and days with olfit powders setting in pores then ignited with little coals embedded as such - use sand mind over says water won't do 'it still burns' i know people hide in the tub my wish for you when i send sames around you can't just put it out ain't burning no smoke as such...the helpin' hand is the hurtin' hand...the above says use mustard for poop stains - as usual nothing i know - it's blood i can't get out of my 'ramones'...'you're so right' you needed to know...

'i've been flicking the fingers on my right hand harshly to the left of my head as no more talk to me - is from the french bitch video...' - dM

if you need images, use google (or yahoo for buying) to search on a word-topic and then select 'images' from the line above - gives a whole panoply of choices then pursue needs from the basket seen of available - also helps with narrowing down words too if unsure what to ask for... recent one for me is 'garbage chute' the door in apartments that drops trash down to a bin below...i like to see diagrams of such and said first how it works as usual 'that spends money' more like what's missing here perhaps a spring but noise closing harshly?

rise above to be with me - is bad for you? it's hard to get the real stuff these days 'two for the green' good enough but is not 'propitious' advancing of us as with scutiny
i call this 'chien' cheyenne, hot wind, silent - the french cat skull kinda friendly on the phone...
i tell people if ya didn't eat cows you'd come home and one would be on the phone with udders out asking you not to be all the time - like some bitch
'eat more bitches' - never think - is living as burden, as temp worker
at the very least i make my own lines in photographs one points to another crudely - someone abhorrant in the way, too much noise you're shy of speak
like anyone knows you
p.s. marlboro tried to give us $1.50 toward a pack of cigs at stores like in the imperial valley we should never meet 'smokeless' is firmly a 'communism' columnists noting you - you don't make it you have it covered up like liver spots or monogrammed towels
i don't go broke trying to guest a pack 'drives across town to save ten cents' - my mother (but doesn't offer their electronic cigs, you sample their aids vaccines and pills - 'not bad' for old folks nothing works on a life unwanted it comes and goes the old hot potato the last trick 'claim jumper' worked 'even bigger' the spuds...)

since nobody gives a shit, here are the finer points from the robin guthrie interview taken last month (we'll up you yet - see it comes):

- he says the album remasters are a boon to their network;
- i ignored these largely only, but agreed they returned me instantly to the very first listen in someone's bedroom way back when - the feelings surged;
- he is a euro and bothers me distinctly with poor people junk (having versus not having but in my american home of simply having*), but is rich (for them) somehow and on and on;
- i surmised a running bath pipe as not being part of our low volume listen though we discussed it broadly a home on the sea or a raoul for one song 'for phoebe' a german lullaby.

* i didn't bring anyone special to crackerbox england with no money (liked the russian storybook stuff at the olympics thanks again handle with care)...i wouldn't, either...remasters are like the gains made of lp's to cd's in 1987 or so...an error free lift of the tape layers to press back down into one experience somehow like adobe photoshop stuffs down layers into a jpeg file, and pays for fresh listens it's a mind layer of some sort considering new money or pay for though some people hate the idea...'brills better' new money also means clasping down somehow as the market crowds in 'people are so fuckin' gross' - dM and p.s. where's my pay for seeing this stuff (all doa and in flea markets only) back to top dogs we hate box sets and directionless update releases too for ignoring the fact a fan promo only but ok some new held...we reject your ideas for no new art but i paid everyone for getting rid of lp's forever the art too small somehow or not included again...pure shit...dat's are itunes and somewhat better, i think...more sampling of or photographs of sound is it the sound embedded in videos with codecs or images somehow not so much as pure audio...

**if you are a crackerbox type, spotify - what bother with ads sometimes, never and publicly decry others for not being paid like the starbucks app what leaves their logo out on my ipad but still functions me and however a cup of coffee is not cash what opens worlds of wonder - will provide these things unless curve the philadelphia banker toni halliday makes it or you excluded by technology - people pay itunes and they deaden cash the way i told you to avoid paying them as gutter 'one night off is another night's pleasure' saving exactly one half 'but you sleep' a bankers major holiday is president's day weekend...'people who live shouldn't just not have' they have other talents, mind you...in interviews i conduct silently i ask 'what was the last thing that made you know what to do?'...ask yourself it wasn't spotify was it? eddie redmayne's assailant said 'he left me for four days' he swells 'i had a hell of a good time, too'...there was nothing you could do, spotify...the devil's (mine) and angels (yours somewhat but as being sharper one point to be made up a pole) on my shoulder didn't sway me....

fearbot: walking down my street a four-car pileup? maybe just poised to strike~
this is a part-time job for unsuspecting folks after all 'i see your credit's still good'...someone said a garbage truck (athens-ass cams)
you can see that ain't true 'with sperm-hair is actually reddish'
watch out!

this last weekend at our above ground pool...hardly postcards from the edge
something's been eating the hair off my legs - why the fuck would anyone want that - to be plebe? if you have hair maybe - my wish-dream, my succotash wish
i work to keep depilatory off of my asshole is for shame - stubble with shit in it? so, what's new
jacuzzi should make you white like a ringed mallard and no is not required of you melanin (maybe not you, i get sad)
sow, there were so many blacks late at night at k24 i thought i'd stop in for a burger safe harbour i hate a bullshit and standards alive and with me - they protest me imagine that in pantyhose and poor enough - usually they wanna know whose credit card you're using - who cares more than me?
one day i saw blacks issuing credit cards in a mall at christmas - all of creation began to unravel...friends we are still doing the right things but you know is not fair enough to us

the same day view at left monday you can't see downtown behind palms
maid of the mist says 'keep your inelegant hot' or i'll tell you something you'll hate
all i get are seemingly sweet twenty-questions leading to your mother in the sea a pile of turds with eyes fighting off plants in a cloud of hot salty piss
don't you get it? life's good to you tubed

green dot semi-alert: rite-aid was lickety split with adding cash to any green dot card - simply a marvel same price, nigger...more to think about

joy, joy!

'her ass it rang' s/b 'her acid rain' front 242 'tragedy [for you]'
to get it yourself~ cut down alotta trees snakes too

a meat heart for last night? why not~
you might need it - see pavilions while the sun is still up

sometimes, someone is in my zip spot i call it in and park 'round front
maybe i should rent again to move it? usually about $10 an hour most cars, we were just $9 over 'til they tried to bill - now paid up through 02/25
note flat wall just above on left...

at night is simply a standout sign being held up to protest me being? my first thought - nothing specific just a person holding it up as i threaten them (the sign is perfectly perpendicular or as cornered is 't' shaped - now get that)
recently, a guy without legs up to his waist in dirt i help him out - like the morgana in michael jackson's 'captain eo' he don't have 'em yet - nice enough though

that sign isn't just illumination but you may want see for yourself how-why - is die cut simply but plain ol' stucco during the day...don't bother it
good reception for mobile phones here too at the front sign
take a tip~

'she eyes me like a pisces when i am weak
i've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
i've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
i wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black
hey, wait - i've got a new complaint
forever in debt to your priceless advice' - nirvana 'heart-shaped box' (like prince mocking with fingers pulled open between the legs...swims to, and away, and back again...is a bag, not a box)

'water, salt, urea - what is that ice cream?' salt is for cranking in ice, only - now see that 'a touch of sugar' can be a glamour

'is is, and isn't, isn't' - from time to time or every now and again (pet shop boys 'miserablism' b/w of the 'always on my mind' ep)

bloody talented i'd say (c/o 1-800-flowers)
plus you can eat its straps~ ('can ya eat it?' just playin' $$$)
yes - the legs are high in acid keratonin (sss-sssss)

so enters schmidt 02/12, or so said

'we'll bring it back there, and fix it up here~' he thought up a lie and thought it up quick 'of course, i'd love too' blecch!

'my baby took our love and then she rolled it up
rolled it up a hill like a pile of snow
like a snowball grows
until it gets too big
until she lost control
and it rolled back down
and it rolled back down
and it rolled back down'
- devo 'snowball'

devo 'that's good' from the 'oh, no! it's devo' lp
their equivalent of 'louie louie' a rite of passage for any band (kingsmen 'louie louie' syncopy 'louie lou-eye oh-oh badum dum ba dum ba ba dah da dum' n/g)
the cups - from france, one milieus - are for senior year pictures - there was fake garlic 'god pray gilroy' with each cup, too
vampires everywhere here and there

play sparingly - rings with drunks

no younger fifty shades of gray in-fact there are two one greater than the other: this older guy goes on a manhunt to see his 'ex-lover' (frankly?) jealous and gray too - she is half his age but has kids and he thinks she adds something romantic to a fizzled �fantastical� life - they are not rich. mind you, just well-chosen and they find each other in the nick of time to save his ass from getting in more trouble - the trouble he seeks is to be with her pregnant and he is deceased - that cute and moribund too - she gives him an ultimatum and she doesn�t get he is gay (would i never see?) and fully resigned to it �as god� he say - a wonder anyone cared to bite - this guy lives and lives helmet newton but prettier they are here - see it and let it go - another good one is a boat of guys trying to survive intact and what about that coming up, wildly indiscreet - �hey isn�t your turn to eat me?� p.s. there is nothing to be at a secondary sense both same contribution? no blends - i dunno one day it mattered - btw there is 98 shades if you think about it? all white all black - poles - i watched you age, nothing - bondage? to the dump~

'she's my little rock 'n' roll, ah-hah
her tits her ass - they're so old, baby'
...'you gotta shuck them shoulders' - 'little t&a' rolling stones 'tattoo you'

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