you can't catch me
i'm the gingerbread man
but what's this taste?
'i'm just trying not to
die like a dog
living alone
wheezing from the smog
i'm just trying not to
die in vain
help me no more
stake my claim'
- t. halliday, curve
a shot in the head
two shits in front of you

The More You Give, The Less You Receive In March 2012
The harder you run...

curve 'nowhere' from the gregg araki movie of the same name - for and about your right to know of better

'the harder you run
the less you achieve
the more that you give
the less you receive

the less you achieve -
the less you receive - '

a dream come true for readers - per diem cars a hugo or whatever at zipcar
hourly rates? use code 'LATreaT' and-or '75GCF12'
thanks for the rice krispy treat sealed with a business ad sticker - smart to key
p.s. maybe you know better at enterprise - always there - this is just a pet idea of mine
never to think - you know why not now, you have your own statistics and are flagrant with it

the food empire known as 'koo koo roo' on santa monica - glass-salt fire pits at night

westwood aka ucla's village today 03/01 - i had lunch at acapulco on glendon ave (a chimichanga - it was great as no home will do this)
their tabletop buffet is $8.99 daily...includes tips (our bill? $33.34 with tip and ucla discount 20%...$32.17-$4.73+$2.40 tax+$4.50 tip)

westwood: le conte avenue down broxton
they got rid of a cheesy italian fare on the corner and made a shining california pizza kitchen - great

this empire of a candy shop 'rocket fizz' with bits nostalgia on broxton avenue is trying real hard to have it all - aah's has it all
what they do have is every reminisce of a soda bottle ever made - they are not cheap, but keep going, girl - find your niche
blessed be...has every flavour of salt water taffy trying to

new-style target is not 'target max(e)' but 'city target' in the old bullock's-macy's building
ralph's is in there bring back beverly connection's ralph's and build my bridge to the sofitel across beverly
i was looking in the beverly connection parking days ago and thought 'how clever - them digging out subterranean layers for parking now'
however, they were just the entrance ramps from lacienega as redone

they better watch these bricks and color - these are vintage as well
so what

crossing diagonally and formally - that was a fun first today westwood (goes right down ucla's middle) and le conte (hospital access, avenue)
bought some kitchen fruit from a street vendor $3 a pick - simply gross (not really?)

another rolls - i liked its color scheme (mick jagger's, i hear...wife)

Reach the beach:

Will work for food: "Family enslaves [without asking me, slings food at] master servant for years..." - CNN (um, 'see it now', 'can not know')

"There's nothing you don't save." - dM for overeaters and of the ear

"Like two ball-points going up and down on a go-round see saw - both [boat] learning how to write [right]." - dM yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

T'is March 2012 Subdirect Your Attention To Our New Page "Who's Eating Me Out Of House And Home?" Soon you see nothing...

To subdirect is to drive over or to see it there your way...

Real italian ices...the ones from my childhood, the ice cream man would bring to me for ten cents ($0.10). The blue ones will dye your crap - no light necessary. Place an order...when can...I wrote the company about this. Marinos is part of the Hershey family and they make great (spelled syrupy) frozen treats. Highly recommended are their orange and rootbeer popsicles...alternate with Popsicle brand always...

Someone wanted to know how to spell "cockeye" (say 'cocki') - there it is. Dried poop or "coffee"...

sunset and san vicente '76 i'm told (by camelot-caveat, cares alot)

koontz on roberston at 'the backlot' in '84-85 i'm told - there was a fire at the current location or just so
the backlot is in the rear of what was 'studio one' or now 'axis' (of evil?) a huge gay dance club on weekends and thursdays too...

arthouse mania strikes again
doors-related stuff

To Fool - Happy Leap Year 2012 February 29...enjoy your shelf!

Last night 02/28 my sister said there was no significant snow at all this year in New Jersey. What - are you paying for it? The surest way of not having it to see? Too many heaters in Spring last year it said. I can't get any fucking rain, why should you have snow? Have it cold some...

netflix reacts to doug moon

carol channing for a bit...92 years old
phyllis diller's next

the black crew socks i like wearing $12.99 for six pair at the athlete's foot beverly center

marshalls still has white calvin klein briefs on sale this week - all sizes regular $12.99

i loved these coconut patties at marshalls and by 'anastasia'
growing up, my mother loved those pink snowballs by hostess - see her now

colorful metal easter buckets at ross $24.99 - for drinks on the patio or whatever

what? it's lent...these the first california poppies seen this am

a great value roast or beans

gevalia (um, nestle) has their free coffee maker again...all-told, is $30 for four (4) boxes of their coffee chosen by you with maker, spoon, shipping and handling will need a credit card to start the process and to avoid the cheat...
p.s. i equate their 8 oz. coffee packs with a regular 11 oz. can any way you slice it - they are pressure packed and when relieved fill an individual can easily enough...
sight makes use and anticipates pain, but don't be square jaw here the quality and deal is very nice...water is in the can too, maxwell house has milk in there
i like anything dark and pressure-court

sneaker pimps 'low five'

underwood deviled ham my new tattoo?
six pack at amazon $1.50 each can (24/$36)

converse opened a new shop at the 3rd street promenade in santa monica - they gave us white t-shirts here on sunset near hustler a few days ago...and thanks again! lots of sub-zero types (blacks) were waiting for a new sneaker at beverly center lately - nike air jordans - i saw green leather ones for $70 in foot locker i liked alot...whitney as her male counterpart was on the street yesterday again i saw him...fear not

get your own these are probably going to be mine

i wanted rain today so bad but mind over says 'it screws up my mood for wednesday or payday in france'

'no rain today, maybe tomorrow' - rain equals comfort to me like sugar equals food
do you think jodie foster drugged herself in preparation for and was mismatched anyway?
enjoying the joan rivers stuff now - joan is also most nearly my aunt jeannie and my cousin cindy, apparently, as melissa (another cousin is named that - pink and scarlett)

She says about Thanksgiving "AIDS is chronic today, but I'm still delivering the food. 'Just leave it over there' he says 'I'm going to the gym...'" - Joan Rivers

Microwave popcorn: "I was all ready to eat some popcorn when I got to the microwave and saw the door was open and there was a pair of glasses in there. I said 'What are you doing? I'm hungry again...' and he said "I'm cleaning my glasses.'"

"I woke up at 9:45 in the morning and thought to myself 'Oh, I've got a few minutes..' and then he farted. I tell people I jumped right outta bed and said 'What was that?' and he said his watch was fast."

"I always wrap my fruit at the market, but this cashier said I should be more ecologically-minded and not wrap my fruit so much. I told him I don't like people touching my fruit and he said as a matter fact 'We touched it all day long.' I told him 'Not this fruit - I took it out of the box.' He immediately took my bag by the hand and untied it and said while holding one up 'These are sold by the each. I had one.'"

saw these stockings on a mannequin at hustler and also at the bus stop some rugby kid i lusted over
about $6 a pair male-female they look great - by leg avenue

People wanna know if those three (3) potluck bakers (now in different colors and roughly the same price at Crate & Barrel - colored for Easter $29.95) ever break (like their towel-wrapped glasses do when mixing up ice tea from powder) and one of them just broke last night the biggest one the handle (we've had 'em on-the-go since September 2010). Not a big deal, but the handle succumbed with a dishtowel accident - so there - it ain't Corningware.

Ever see people laughing well and out-loud and you see their upper teeth in a still shaped like an upside-down 'u'? We'll call that 'galapagan' (after "Galapagos" say 'gah-lap-a-gose' island and evolution and all, sure) for 'go laugh again' for us having seen. A bright merry. Cirque du Soliel you were stunning and sexy last night...Oscars. You see "ovo" and "evo" around one is "oslo" or the egg shape of Norwegia fame...and the other is for seeing and choosing well over time, a local mart too. Evolution is the sun and the moon both together or think of waiting for better most opening your eyes in the morning. R(evolution) the world and the sun as clock together the world is the minute hand to the sun is hours both achieving as one (the meaning 'is one sun one day' whatever 'heading to the center' is more clear).

"Scared of you." - dM

"The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane" was beautiful last night - Richard's in that. The tv and the system come together to make pre-release beauty all over adds "Lady Jane"...

they have the red shelves again in west hollywood 'sunset 5'

CB2 is rolling with really nice stuff again...Target's ad was lackluster this week but I provide you some...anyway. Psst: That was Neil with me at the beginning of the month, you know. Same time, same place. Whitney too.

sneaker pimps 'unattach' from 'low five'
itunes has the action pack still with aberrings or that wakeling sound of the sun rising across the land but as on tv i say

that radio shack laptop computer by hp jumped back up to $399 - see best buy comparable at $329

elton john aids foundation viewing party (to no attend) on san vicente today 02/26
you hadda drive up and make a 'u' turn to valet near citibank
we're on the sheriff's center lawn right across the street

"Whatever you get, it ain't good - but you couldn't enjoy it more." - dM

the real win at pavilion's entry

roadside santa monica boulevard this am

naked juice - they're better in-person

geovanny (say 'geo d'vahny-dah') pantidids - 'when you know what to know'

this is loving stuff to me - paul morris xo from doug moon himself

matthew marks gallery is next to a mortuary - you don't color my world

deep of shelves dolphin pool and spa supplies store on santa monica

there's the 'goodyear' blimp somewhat...santa monica boulevard

cranes at cj's on oscar day

cement stack in the daylight

target tv sale the westinghouse is simply beautiful with proper non-convex or non-tv inputs

our receipt for the westinghouse tv with $40 cash back for cash only
note our is 'lcd' hdtv...a bit more expensive to the tooth

a replacement futon sofa is $99.99 at target and it seems

these aren't for kids chenile rugs $20.89 at target 'circo' brand

great elmer's three-way or vanity display boards for science fairs, bedroom montages - whatever
roughly $2.89 for plain, $2.99 for white, $10.69 for foam board - it's like that
'it's never too late and to create' - dM

'bout time: egg lights for easter $2.50 at target entrance

the hollywood hills on oscar day

ice currents at pavilions: tide liquid on sale through tomorrow 02/27 $5...they now have tide and ultra detergent pellets on the shelf too...kellogg's 'eggo' waffles $2.50...starbucks ice cream pints $3 or 2/$6...hostess doughnuts minis $2.50...

for my mother's birthday she said she got a bill for $2,500 for a 'pool heater'...i haven't been billed that much since the planet gears in my '88 jeep wrangler popped...

pet shop boys 'dj culture'...

'dj culture' from their 'discography' lp 1991
(attention! attention!)

imagine a war
which everyone won
permanent holiday
in endless sun
peace without wisdom
one steals to achieve
pretending to believe
attitudes are materialistic
positive effect
or realistic
which is terribly old-fashioned
isn't it -
or isn't it?

(dj culture)
dance with me
(dj culture)
let's pretend
living a satellite fantasy
waiting for night to end
(dj culture)

let's pretend
we won the war
like a football match
tell me of the score
anything's possible
we're on the same side
or otherwise
on trial for our lives
i've been around the world
for a number of reasons
i've seen it all
the change of seasons
and i, my lord, may i say nothing?

(dj culture)
dance with me
(dj culture)
let's pretend
living a satellite fantasy
waiting for night to end
(dj culture)
(dj culture)
dance with me
(dj culture)
let's pretend
living a satellite fantasy
wondering who's your friend
(better button up)

as a matter of pride
indulge yourself
in your every mood
no feast-days
or fast-days
or days of abstinence can intrude

consider for a minute
who you are
what you'd like to change
never mind the scars
bury the past
empty the shelf
decide it's time
to reinvent yourself
like lisbon before bethlehem
shore to shore
suddenly you're missing
then you're reborn
and i, my lord, may i say nothing?

when i speak they speak
they can't take anything from me
the gulf war on tv as watched in relative opulence
no one said we couldn't
hope someone's there taking care of it all
i been everywhere and have been eaten alive on african safari too
i can't believe it still
sexy (...says it's me)
solemn (one to another, and as afoot only...)

'be, and be again - or i'll be' - noel coward

google tv: the folks at sony style have this fascinating internet tv device now for just $229 no computer
i used sony internet tv with its fat remote and it's pretty slick (though they block most use in the store)

st patty's day irish ball on lacienega north - and that's no small potatoes

backgammon suite as mentioned before - see the truth

kinesis (end to end, moving) lamp on north lacienega

surveying: netflix has 'caligula' for immediate play - 'circus world' is dvd by mail and return only - alot of titles are dvd only but preserve the medium...still, is very generous everyhow...we watched 'cliffhanger' again...

others, immediate play:
the little girl who lives down the lane
basic instinct 2
john carpenter's escape from new york
big trouble in little china
hanna montana
all about eve
joan rivers: a piece of work
jingle all the way
elvira mistress of the dark
madonna: truth or dare
the majestic
step up 3
african queen
mr. magoo's christmas carol
the howling
margaret cho: beautiful
the iron giant
spiderman '67 collection (the cartoon champ - remember the dark shroud with turning diamond eyes is 'mirlo', murder)
the car
twin peaks (david lynch tv)
diehard (we wanna avoid heavy fanships here for nbs...academics then)
the grifters (terry's #1 - why?)
kissed (simply gross - is ours to admire)
batman forever
wizards of waverly place
suite life of zack and cody
baghdad cafe
american werewolf in london
being elmo (sesame street)
ren and stimpy adult party
billy elliot
sordid lives (olivia newton-john)
burnt offerings
harlem nights
mo' money
friday the 13th part 7
peggy sue got married
red riding hood
breakfast at tiffany's
a clockwork orange
the seventh sign
under the cherry moon
dirty dancing
jason goes to hell
jesus' son
lady jane
the girl with the dragon tattoo (there are two?)
aeon flux?
sandra bernhard (various)
grease 2
scrubs tv
kolchak: night stalker
universe of keith haring
scary movie
st. elmo's fire
party monster
lost boys
puppet master 2
iron man 2
serpent and the rainbow
paris is burning
edward scissorhands
license to drive (corey haim)
the edge (looks fun)
dolores claiborne
cool world
lord of illusions
true grit
peter pan
valley of the dolls (is now dvd only - someone bitched at it)
dark shadows, house of
roller boogie
return of the pink panther
prelude to a kiss
evil dead
child's play
the langoliers
panic room
howard the duck
the good son
halloween: resurrection
halloween h20
ghost story (fred astaire)
creepshow 2
the fog
the towering inferno
the exorcist
hunt for red october
time bandits

mason reese = bruce vilanch

koontz has everything

still they have it all

the rifle-lighter has a scope on it now $11.99

garage door on harratt with lock way up center
like a bra with a bow - you're just gonna get in there anyway

this is wisteria from gravestone (greystoke) manor

greystone court today 02/25

greystone staff

stone mallett or driveway

parquet or checkerboard floor within the main entrance
'a bleeding on the parquet | whatever has gone wrong | a fear of feeling hopelessness | i don't want to belong' - pet shop boys 'this must be the place'
hopelessness = no way i can stay here then

pet shop boys 'this must be the place i waited years to leave'
each morning
after sunblessed
feel the benefit
and so i go walking
i waited by the staff room
in time for benediction

living all alone
just short of delusion
when we fall in love
there's confusion
this must be the place
i waited years to leave

to our voices
nobody's listening
we shiver in the rain
by the touchline
then a coach ride
to the station
my lord's
the carriage awaiting?

living all alone
just short of delusion
when we fall in love
there's confusion
this must be the place
i waited years to leave
this must be the place
i waited years to leave
and how -
how long?

i'm listening to the words
i thought i'd never hear again
a litany of saints
and other ordinary men
a bleeding on the parquet
whatever has gone wrong?
a fear of feeling hopelessness
i don't want to belong (alts 'be long')

i dreamt i was back in uniform
and a candidate for examination
history someone other blundered
and a voice rang out 'aye caramba!'

living all alone
just short of delusion
when we fall in love
there's confusion
this must be the place
i waited years to leave
this must be the place
i waited years to leave
and how -
how long?

'every time i get upsetů'

circle fixteture at stone canyon guild?

pool trellis...overview

picnic tables afore above the pool yard at parking level - watch for bees they say

eucalyptus trees in the park west

oval fixture drives light from a pool and electrocutions of still

gables or horse stables west of

lamplights along the walk from parking - great style

i asked terry to make a turkey pie again today - i like it alot
'jennie o' turkey store is $3.99 a pack today at pavilions
green peppers are $0.69 a piece at ralph's this week - i'm trying to get my mom to confirm her recipes in the meantime - stuffed peppers, cabbage, etc. - our home staples
a two (2) pound bar of lucerne mozzarella is $5.99 at pavilions this week - i got one
no skimping!
p.s. put recipe in an oblong pan - a poor man's lasagne is all i see tangy, sweet

the only 'angry birds' i ever loved: at devo's mutato site - the very last segment of the commercial film, still a great thing...rock singing redbirds-bluebirds on stage...angry...the kevin bacon schmaltz is good too...moon as big swiss cheese light deflects as in a box as time is turning with...

local ebay sale of cool shelves

movie tip #1: 'all good things' - right up my alley a+ ryan gosling stars with kirsten dunst (both were real good)

they're gonna turn this back into a roller rink on labrea across from target and near the cement shop
the south side windows all have jack boards (opposing plywood sheets and reinforcements with stem bolts) in them

sidewalk talk 'go east man beast' me?

the '99 only' store on labrea at willoughby shines on - was 'labrea circus' with striped loinfelds but no perishables were sold...blankets, soft cotts

not a ketchup keychain, but just as cruel is a mini ant farm with old-spice gel as lure...
i loved ant farms in my youth...teachers secular always explained they don't know what they do it's in their head 'round and 'round they go laying eggs
'99 only' store


new awnings across the sidewalk on palm avenue 02/24...

very 5th avenue...the most expensive real estate in the world - period
'because nobody's there' he says 'very exchange - you hafta know people and they're mean'
my mother's father...

this clown set makes me happy each time i see it on sunset 'the body shop' a strip lounge
very clown - should have plastic and lights from its center being

st. patty's melt good through 05/20 - our film

The films of Carolco -- a TNT company
Cutthroat Island (1995) ... Production Company
Showgirls (1995) ... Production Company
Last of the Dogmen (1995) ... Production Company (in association with)
Stargate (1994) ... Production Company (in association with)
Wagons East (1994) ... Production Company
The High Crusade (1994) ... Production Company
Mona Must Die (1994) ... Production Company
Cliffhanger (1993) ... Production Company
Chaplin (1992) ... Production Company
Making of 'Universal Soldier' (1992) (TV) ... Production Company
Universal Soldier (1992) ... Production Company
Basic Instinct (1992) ... Production Company (producer) (as Carolco)
Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992) ... Production Company
The Dark Wind (1991) ... Production Company
Get Back (1991) ... Production Company
Rambling Rose (1991) ... Production Company
Defenseless (1991) ... Production Company (in association with)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) ... Production Company
Sweet Talker (1991) ... Production Company (participation)
Chernobyl: The Final Warning (1991) (TV) ... Production Company (as Carolco Television Productions)
The Doors (1991) ... Production Company
L.A. Story (1991) ... Production Company
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The Making of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (1991) (TV) ... Production Company
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Jacob's Ladder (1990/I) ... Production Company
Narrow Margin (1990) ... Production Company
Babies (1990) (TV) ... Production Company
Repossessed (1990) ... Production Company
Air America (1990) ... Production Company
Total Recall (1990) ... Production Company
Shattered Dreams (1990) (TV) ... Production Company
Dangerous Passion (1990) (TV) ... Production Company
Mountains of the Moon (1990) ... Production Company
Music Box (1989) ... Production Company
Shocker (1989) ... Production Company
Johnny Handsome (1989) ... Production Company
Lock Up (1989) ... Production Company
Food of the Gods II (1989) ... Production Company
DeepStar Six (1989) ... Production Company
Watchers (1988) ... Production Company
Iron Eagle II (1988) ... Production Company
Red Heat (1988) ... Production Company
Rambo III (1988) ... Production Company
Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw (1988) ... Production Company
Filmography as: Production Company, Miscellaneous Company, Distributor
Source if all: IMDb

if you have paypal (or then credit card) and apple tv (computer then - whatever i don't want computers for watching), you can sign up to watch movies for free for one month at netflix for no pay at all - i did...$7.99 each month thereafter, cancel at any time...ignore them no more...$7.99 more for dvd titles delivered in the mail beyond instant play on apple tv...nice...i'm watching 'interview with the vampire' a howling great, 'narrow margin' is only on dvd at this time they say...movies are under 'genre'...come alive... sampling their wares, all of 'hellraiser' is there, 'phantasm ii' is here, and so is 'leprechaun in the hood', 'all about eve', and with others seem...

david geffen says it pays him to run the fifty (50) machines that pump the vampire movie "every thirty (30) seconds it starts [and then ends]" he says...usually only ten (10) machines run, but it pays us well here he said to keep playing it..."all films" he says...

was gonna tell you about the great sale on fiskars shears at pavilions $2.44
then i checked my receipt and they were $9.99 anyway...the sale was on a 'miracle grow' product, apparently
went and got me ten dollars back...already hadda return my frozen chicken empanadas (8 in a box now) for a bottle of honey over ensuing fights
every time we have shrimp on the barbie a fight ensues
they had shrimp with the heads still on and we hesitated on that note though i would buy and clasp
i love shrimp is simply poison with retrogrades or salts inside already (potassium sulfas or grass waters very toxic to kids - eat water alot it'll help i eat)

coke points are now on cups at mcdonald's but cost you ten (10) yen more for a chilled 20 oz. sparkling bottle of coke - i got one of their coupons (you pay tax, and any deposit $0.19 here) in the mail today, and in-fact....sweet sipping!

a mouse pad it seems keeps the table veneers from cracking from light and thus heat - use it well
the recently schmutzed bodhi tree had great pads of religious and cultural theme (see one similar at amazon)

calla lillies at pavilions say i'm finally getting it right as funeral pyre, but they're not that beautiful
lily of the valley, sure

pavilions now has fruit trees for $10.99 including!

the proof is in the pissing - great values to be had on their 'just for u' coupons - don't miss out
i love being rewarded for prior spending - it's in my key
never forget large hershey bars (hershey bar, and with almonds, mr. goodbar, special dark, etc.) are just $1.50 right now as 2/$3

Pay: There's 'culture' (arts, science, foam) what is always found within someone's home (or what is never itself lifted to the world) and 'country' - where the food is grown (the sun, the sea - to have food on-hand, you have to have food - no food means no food - you don't have any food on-hand in a city-type place (basically a cemetery - the holy have no needs outspoken) and you always need to have some around to have any at all and that is food and where it comes from). Let's say north and south. The big "c" with a line through it is as our place to be in it (with, or without). When you step out of your home, city, or culture, you may encounter the animals or beings you have kept as crucible - none of them are theirs as you approach. They are yours always and near a home. Beyond your homes and keepings of cultured flesh are the farmlands or the food you must have in order to have any of and at all. Food is where all food comes from and what joins us too - not animals, not your fleshed way - but food outlying. The in-between gathering and around is what prevents wars and people from having-meeting in hostile tones. Never let the absence of food or its stills of life tell you what to do - it is your keepings beyond having food that irritate the flesh and make it want to leave. Don't tell people animals live in the wild for it is never true they are always crucible and don't necessarily need to eat, but are told to do so anyway some ('if fish don't eat of it, you shouldn't either' one says - so better the fish to live). I hate anything immortal (immoral - won't show you how) and unloving (entering too fast to only leave past) but they are not yours to keep at home or in a world of keepings - they are a food too as best left some. They are your beggings to me and I love them for saying so ever the more. "There is no beauty in struggle." + "Beauty is beneath me [that means 'it is humbling to me', Fool)." - dM

"I had a severe dream-death last night that I was dropped across the country on a street called Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey (actually where Casinos [a deli that sold hot pencil points or 'mastaccioli' most famously in a plastic ice cream bucket] was - see it yourself) where I was looking for this very same apartment door and number but in places I've had trouble with before (smacks of pasts developed in these dreams a bit - of guilts). Sure - up and down front street elevators trying to get to a back part where the apartment was and to no avail. Is sloppy work and I awoke upon beggings to God, but the words were never mine as I pantomimed all here. I'll make you eat shit for playing me this junk. My favorite punishment for those assessing cost-leisure in my face is to put a tree inside you and have it grow fast and that really stinks (redwoods here have grown tall in six minutes - trust that). See it here I'm very cruel, very sure - and no telling of the leaves as they turn. My model out back here shows me it's very cruel with you shaking of as bush, but I do it anyway like all women in my family react of a fear mostly, not a stabile of hate. In that dream, I came down trees in the beginning really fast like brass monkey - I could float and take each branch down at my leisure as if I were very strong. It was cool. No frights or heights, but the rest of as the inability to find my own was very heroin day out. So what? One down, two more to go." - dM who also hopes you like a hot wicked needle behind the ear...and as we discuss what I and women at-large want for you at lunch during the day while they work and no cabs are called in that frequently - is it still this? Mine alone?

"The law is the lay of the land - and it ain't in pewter." - dM you cast yourself bald

"Plentiful with 'p' - playing with your pee pee." - dM you're playing the fool, krazy with 'k' or approvals in tow

"Note for the first time ever the feds soaked my return for the state in some quasi using ACH that virtually permits no pay (there's no money back from the state if they decline head of household conveniently using their own standards - is against gay by lonely uninhabited gay every extreme unglued). Now that's a cock in the works." - dM...file feds first no state they can't pay me it said I'm gonna hold onto yours waiting for mine twelve weeks out of my own cunt

"God's mercy is everywhere." - dM who is usually referring to the plasmas (heats) in the teeth of sharks...thank Peter Benchley

"Don't write off that kiwi fruit - plenty of fur to transfer in saline waters (some getting scarce again) among no ease of peel, lots of green mucous or water without the water vapor (mucous ain't hot either) for the black round (light gets batted away by heat on ends and says nothing but and obstacles) eggs of heat inside that are dipolar or on ends moving like the vanity shelves in a porno shop all turning on ends by motor but jagged (actually just two widths do it all for now the rest water it some). The center part a hydrol (or corn then) sends the heat back out if not able to spend the time freeing hygrogen and its nasty way of getting things to come with little or no giving outward. See the mercy again." - dM who writes these edolfphs (half notes or nazi tenderizers) walking down the street thinking along lines (if I made moles with you by not scrubbing well the one on your thigh while initially repugnant is on you and is nice for that, I guess before I have a nigger burn your cheek with a hot cameo ring held in ceramic or wil have your head fall off in a downtown mall a little machine taking up electrical-type cable does it this well - virtually bloodless and psst: it's 'sinfully spirit')...and remember women always give gifts of kiwi or tarts for your birthday they hope you die too...both are stale I'd eat your ass still (um, I think I would stare some though...)

"I eat your ass if it were cleaner." Erstwhile friend Robert Cooper to another bathhouse patron on Christmas Day in 1993 - no one was there, but we were and so was to you, Neil

'narrow margin' is hard to know again...
amazon has it to buy $9.99
the feds shoot the fuck outta her cabin in the woods...all toothpicks...released by carolco
you approved a payment - wow - i gotta know more about you

Happy Birthday To Mom ! February 23 xop

another toy story - the play family sets we grew up with
bells? a ball rang a when the car in the elevator got to the top of the garage, and when you flicked the doorbell on the house a little white lever
the top of the garage has a cool teledyne (turntable) for turning the car around with a small hand crank above or below...

the ones i wanted to play with more often than not
the barn moo'ed when you opened the door...the airport was 'sinfully spirit' with a helicopter and spinning blade on a remote hand crank
the barn is woefully overstocked with seconds - one of each animal piece, i'd say
you could lose pieces, but you couldn't break this stuff, really
estimated priced are $18 or maybe $15

honorable mentions (maybe not the in the castle so much i love the camper still):


these are hard to get to know now i'm not even sure this is real around 1974 - there's a skeleton one too
by mattel's hot wheels...'rumblers'? the axle must be wire only

pavilions has a patriotic 'tide' liquid now cheap enough $5.99 - i'm using my box of 'bold plus' from gelson's right now less it $2
let wednesday's sale items begin and check for your pay - i love the loyalty cut of it products versus price

'but being is for the grace of god' - i will never care if you're here or not you need to care - i work about me (mine: except for being here, you need to thank me for everything else);
'first things first' - tell me what's important to you - i'll care too (mine: if it's urgent to you, get it to someone first don't hold it all in);
'easy and does it' - someone already is doing it if it's easy - get to the harder stuff first (mine: stick with what pays-plays over time not just for the thought at-hand);
'live and let it live' - don't make me run away (mine: stop scaring everything with touches or grab on at-first - no walking to, no change of venue, no backroads).

our lunches at school (hours daily 8 am - 3:30 pm, high school has one (1) hour lunches and stays a bit later) are best remembered as being $0.45 - a quarter (1) and two (2) dimes always every could go to the office and get a slip for lunch if you forgot or lost your money and they'll hold your report card from your parents for no pay...after calling about it some...i asked for slips always if need be and never pushed it...high school may have been $0.55 cents...i don't remember as money flowed better a thousand bucks a semester all-told tuition...the rest is paid by me and i couldn't say well without my files...fifteen (15) credits at full matric...

grace jones 'slave to the rhythm' or then 'it's the same to the rhythm' or time outward don't talk so fast no dancing here
'pull up to the bumper' + 'la vie en rose'

i told lincoln (feb 10) you gave away your holiday for blacks to 'mlk' (lincoln = anglican, angel)
he says he didn't want to care anyway - 'too many reserves here against us ['too many blacks - i hate 'em'] he says
my mother says 'one for the blacks' - all movement with high prices, one versus world
she said 'you'd drive across town to save ten cents'
to get around you or avoid your high prices is more like it
i'm not cheap. i'm cheated...'i'm not cheated, i'm cheap' - lincoln
go with the flow...coin from cnn on 02/22/12
four years after death 1816 was worth $100 on issue...$8,000 now they say
p.s. a coin isn't supposed to be worth more than $100 is rare value anyway
p.p.s. the high gas prices (>$4) are keeping planes flying routinely, like it or not - keeps it on the shelf for on-demand, cash
you don't make me look bad

this is a rolls-royce 'camargue' it said - the one that gets straight lined in the back like a maserati
at a shop on santa monica between robertson and melrose

like a rocket ship it is - i love their interiors no matter what
did i mention the faceboard-mounted toggle switch for headlights is exciting?

i like these new tees for $15 a pop, but i hadda make my own raspberry and kiwi shake last night vanilla ice cream and all
the instant flu at millions of milkshakes
i think the kiwi represents the aids virus too...besides being a baby pomegranate
p.s. the shirt's fabric is 'veldien' for tucking well with belt hand - it keeps light flowing softly down and around the shoe so not so talk with the waist
i nonplussed thought 'wool - ' - the nipples won't show

brass monkey - the one sitting in band stripes that keeps clapping its cymbals together and pops its eyes and teeth to music...i had one 'brass monkey!' brass (a whole basket or bushel basket) is a whole apple tree trunk and branches plus its fruit we say a warm nut of a metal, is pewter too? swings from ring to ring takes nothing...likes being there...

leap year (adds a whole day every four years for 365.25 days a year the partial day) is wednesday, february 29, 2012
fat tuesday is february 21, 2012 (today) start lenten observance but late we like right after january a dread? a leavening of spirit...fasting is lighthearted too to avoid crucifixion of me or a keeping in a bowl as odd - three (3) fucking nights, days and certainly as much dying of snakes while he-it above a black-ish ball of great woven silks and waves - like a 'top ramen' where it touches matters it most - cleans his loins as scared (he is daedalus the dead of us and entered heaven to hide of at highest north plane as i watched it too - two (2) angels on either side closed the darkened gates like madonna's golden-leaf album cover they were the two m's with 'z' in the middle....i brought clouds down in a funnel to make me see it of no time, no place...there's only one thing i come for: a dead son (i make)...all i make...
i won it for you...
easter sunday is april 8, 2012 (thanks for the error - my perfect day is april 11 my sisters, is close this year)
fyi: jesus died on march 13...was down for sixteen (16) days and rose from the dead on march 29 and april 5 too to try again...the ides are then, you vary days...

adele = kelly osbourne (see video by pet shop boys production team)
welcome home!

telescoping back scratchers window-grabbers at cvs santa monica and lacienega $3.99
$0.99 coke and dr. pepper 2-liters all this week...cherry dr. pepper

methodist temple of love - fairfax and fountain
pretty on the inside for meetings is the point

rite aid sunset and fairfax has its cheapest of liquors now $8.99 a port of cane
they don't hafta unlock the liquor cabinet if you go to the register and see first

a bit social at rite aid is seven and seven (royal crown + 7-up, mit ice...'omit' is over ice ask us first)

these light up with a button on the bottom and are solar winded $5.99
my chinese lantern is doing much better now with it skin change and battery outlet

my big easter basket - mia missing in action i'd still like a picture of it - was like this with fat bands

not so much vertical lines up sides, but fat watercolor bands and band rings top and bottom with arch hand - red, yellow, green no blue
we dyed eggs traditionally the night before...

New "Phantasm" news: Change working title review "Antwerp" to "Tetris" (or "Tantrist") or then taking too little again. Olivia Newton-John a top producer has seen much and says Coscarelli beheads some girl over argument and she "hated that again and again." Says Coscarelli "She died, and you could too." Says the producer "We have the film, we're still funding again and again to make it this time." + "No buys outward" he says (um, none can just buy in). Dimension Films stars.

Brand-new quote from P-5: "You're here again. Should I leave?" - 'the tall man' played by Angus Scrimm

alpinestars 'burning up' from 2002's 'white noise' lp - um, very peter hook (new order)
i'm very gillian gilbert...
'throw the world into the sun' as they try an get away by hang glider
i found myself to be my only friend here again...
the girl represents all that is gentle in species used and abused too and she is no bother either
he tells her 'drug your mind' to hot deaths and quick decisions again - we all exist as somewhere anyway bald and used up
director ridley scott a priest 'max von sydow' is featured - this was made for 'moon' something he was developing when he died in 1983 of overdoses etc.
p.s. i asked about her living in light - a projector down and one at - still. 'you see the light' they say

"It's like a fart [fight] in the shower - you hafta do everything over." - dM

Ridley Scott notes further on this day:
1) I'm not real.
2) Princeton is real.
3) They killed me with drugs [prostate problems - "I can't drink, and eat too" he says].

Noted as "The Howling" director Joe Dante (as Rob Bottin too) he is also James Cameron - France and England respectively. "The Howling" (1981, another "Fangoria" first with "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane" and "Scanners") noted for vicious attacks on porno freaks as being a sheer bother and also for having-knowing a silver bullet no matter how special you think you are. Being inviolate and with power struggles within a no man's land...come see.

olivia newton-john 'the promise (dolphin song)' from 1981's 'physical' lp

i asked myself why would anyone have a redundancy like this on a room divider or shutters?
reinforces the extend from wall i'm told...oh...there's a place for a tabletop or rounded-top screw to submerge on each side as diagonal, but why over a flathead ? i didn't know
because it has certain charm, that's why

special franks from the ahmanson (anheuser-busch) building at lacma
by marc chagall it's called 'peit' or 'perfect person'
he's a man who doesn't like women and tries to get away alot - his little self is leaving with while he the old man sits and plays douly
like any a song, chosen for a simple beauty held

this paulo picasso and is called 'anit' or 'andrews' then - a little hard black man he doesn't like
p.s. you can't just see frida kahlo's junk - you hadda pay target to show you
i saw enough kahlo on the street signs - more later the grounds were beautiful

san vicente looking south towards cedars and their new building at beverly center - note the landscape is all pear trees

johnny rockets will spot you a mini meal for kids they say...

spotted dick? i ain't never had one of them (try me with a side of pickled and flaked asshole?) now pull my finger you wartmonger

npr - great logo on 3rd street for 'persona nonger rata' (persona non grata unwelcome this one doesn't rate with you the work is too easy) french again for great art
larger than life - fewer details

joan's (jones) on 3rd has great fete

more or less of joan's - don't enthuse too much see it great

great address on 3rd street reminds me of 08/16/64
my own mother's birthday is thursday the 23rd 02/23/41

this is park labrea on fairfax east side - we walk to 6th and past that to be on wilshire left where the museum is

near wilshire on fairfax the back of the museum complex is center and left

the original '99 only' store and at 6th street by my keeping - their stuff has come a long way - enrich you here

we argued down to wilshire harshly about 'johnie's' not being johnny rockets, but of course there's one across the street at wilshire and fairfax
every worthless freak has to be right about nothing i too care about
'you don't win here, nigger' - dM

the petersen auto museum on wilshire - i myself have never had the distinct pleasure...

a fisk (unsure, and conservative too) collection of retro lamp posts at lacma - there's more to say here

la brea tarpits on wilshire boulevard is always a must see - don't let the picture betray you...
the surrounds are always breathtaking ('i like money in me' - dM) and the exhibits hard to know so well

enter the art museums sake or water halls - they said the guggenheim is coming 'um, no' west hollywood gets that
exhibits will travel around we get the smithsonian back too - new york is never matched about (um, 'asked to speak') twice

target sponsored our day here i didn't pay one cent - note that holiday 'bonjour'
my french name is 'dominique' by the way that means something to me only
if you're 'christophe' you can expect to be buried alive by my favor

our tickets were issued at the window and were nicely enough provided
me and my consort parted ways for an ensuing argument over a big brass feather in the middle of a thoroughfare in the museum itself
i touched the piece roundly and enough as though i were writing something a 'nom de plume' is my quote
dear fagot (um, 'spigot' as ass wide open downwater) took yet another opportunity to chastise me with a guard and i decided not to be with
'i'm god' i told him as every fool benotes and i'll have that french piece of shit thrown in the ocean one day without touching the truth a larger one made of female
alot of human remains are in here, but the exhibit is smallish and great of arts - see it only, only
and thank god ! for the natural histories of countless talentless indigenous people not unlike my roommate - not theirs really, but forced studys of them
the white man made delgrade drugs and be-sciences (criminal justice-type junks like 'burglary' as seen on a version of 'mr. ed') too with the sci-fi casualty of blacks who watched things and of having me and then dying to be not
yes, when you get your head cut off it's just like mirror-halls - i know because i made it happen myself
p.s. the white man made vikings too, because nobody wants that

me remind at the spot by them again but me...i'm charming only this their actual fudge of unliving me not even a change of clothes in heaven would speak of it
crap garbageheads everywhere (salvos - do not touch me)

according to lincoln, presidents day is when the president pays people (federal) he opens the can when...'when and if' he says

cvs has cans of arizona tea on sale this week through sunday - $0.50 each at 23 oz. - a tall can
a regular can of soda is 12 oz - i just had their watermelon juice can - not bad
get the tea....regularly $0.99 is the point you may see

i was in target the other day and saw their whole array of seuss titles in panaform - this one caught my eye
'i can read with my eyes shut' i thought like taking the 'sat' you read a little and sit and think about it, put it together for yourself
sure - or look at pictures some
this book wants you to actually try and dissuade as though you can read through your eyelids...simply wonderful at it

"Be my friend - the hardest part. Someone who likes me." - dM who thinks the rest is shit

watts? always a light, or some of heat then, and how many feet from the lightbulb you are helped in seeing something facing outward (or how many new 'whats' you can see) hundred twenty (120) watts is one-hundred twenty (120) feet the highest tree (< 75') plus about one-half of or's that bright and helps with light that far...and remember light pressure dictates the way or sight - the source outside during the day the sun delivers sight or light pressure to the inside through glass and at night a lightbulb delivers sight back outside again unless interfering light in the window a lamp at night a one hundred twenty (120) foot blast maybe and is greater than other bulbs - no sight goes around a lamp like that and it looks like no one is home when they are...calories? a flame held according to me or counts by me of flame in seconds or instances outward...

at&t $86, $89 will round right and fall back to - buy at night, is heavily franchised too
mcdonald's $92...$93 and it options or splits (cuts price and one hundred max shares in-half and earns itself again slowly) no one sells...leave mcdonald's your money it it a week

clementines or juicy tangerines with no seeds are $5 a box now at pavilions

lasc next to and at la fitness on santa monica boulevard is shooting back with new parke & ronen $85-$105 still a shrill

lacma is free today all day 02/20...frida kahlo art and such

instruments used on gary numan's 'telekon' and listed on the original vinyl insert: all roland (i myself only bought the 'rd-300s' weighted-key digital piano for $2k exactly) - prophet, juno, synclavier, jupiter...the first person to do fairlight (computer planning or gantt for a song, planing)? phil collins with hugh padgham...working with howard jones...peter gabriel _ producer daniel lanois

Something for everyone: "There's someone for everyone? There's nothing for no one - you get something nice, you better fight to keep it." - dM who hates being on loan

God over says the human fetus is attached at the lips all around and they flake off and open up in time. We were talking about what we would do as midwife as prompted by audit view they said cut the cord as close as possible to the woman up in-between her legs (you bend the cord over a stick one options to me) and cut across once top and bottom with a razor, but he says the baby dies being mishandled with an electrical kill. The part up in the woman is just like a balloon and when it comes down, the baby is shrouded this way bulb to bulb you wait a bit and the lips powder right off. I think life's a threat, not a promise and you lived anyway and I would just cut the baby's cord at about an inch off the bellybutton or navel what is inside the exit bulb (from the top near the lips) anyway, but it shocks the heartbeat and you gotta be careful. Wait until powder what happens within five (5) minutes, then smack the butt...cut all off then. The woman should be made to wait with the afterbirth hanging out as long as possible it'll come out, or, cut off an inch each minute or so with hot water and scissors dipped I'd say as it's cold feeling to her the mother. No bargains for rich people - do what they tell you to do.

' there's a lady who's sure | all that glitters is gold | and she's buying a stairway to heaven | when she gets there she knows | if the stores are all closed | with a word she can get what she came for ' - led zeppelin

radio shack presidents day sale: hp 15.6" laptop $299.99 3g memory 320g hard drive...maybe you? dual core e-300 processor...
a tower is sixty (60) seconds or writes of in a second spiraling up and down -- two towers throttling a third for handoff is a virtual five (5) or three hundred (300) then...

look at that fancy formwork and hand bridge up off sunset north...

john lennon edition steinway for 'imagine' - imagine there's no money
you take that book marker off now...
in new jersey, i was gonna buy a steinway used $5k, but took different directions and i would go to trenton state college to use theirs in the music dept.

fake grass and rug-like fake grass at ralph's fresh fare beverly and doheny - $15 with your ralph's card a 6' x 4' mat of it

couple kelly wearstler with sally hershberger - both have active offices now nearby on lacienega
they call you to come back to work (stylists 'on remorse' she says living in 'outlands') in la in six (6) weeks time or you're out, one says

helmut lang...melrose across from kelly wearstler

mcdonald's at sunset and crescent heights has delicious shamrock shakes again starting at $1.89 with a cherry on-top...540 calories for calorie lickers...we decided a calorie is what keeps a pilot light in a gas oven for one note of when dried out...

just like xusia's (um, 'sword and the sorcerer') sarcophagan 'douglas moon!' - at a local make-up hut melrose and lacienega
douglas = dionys
bartholomew = douglas moon
camelot = caveat 'everything with underwriting, reasons not to'
p.s. moon recommends white gauze dipped in watery plaster and applied over tin foil placed on the face...lightly...we did 'em in school

you're gonna hafta 'russell' up some white chocolate (cordovan) for me soon

up an alley from melrose 'round the corner from melrose place

farmer market at melrose place looking east

farmer's market looking westerly toward lacienega

there's a sunday morning farmers market at the fig and olive at melrose place on lacienega...8-2 p.m. each sunday with full fare...that and a great big one in hollywood at sunset and ivar one block west of vine near the jack in the box it starts...amoeba records is still kickin' too...they had curve cd's 'cuckoo' and all...lots of paraphernalia [over and above the basic needs] too...

derek's underall message translated here and there (see etc. trade or then things remembered for similar affair and style):

go: have me over [again and again]
n-eiri: make me special [over others and to this day]
an t-adh: every day you live [i live with you in my heart]
leat: leave it at that [and let us be this without guide]

pronounce: 'gay-vah enday-vah'
make stuffed cabbage for st. patty's day: press uncooked rice into ground beef, wrap in cabbage leaves and fold under, cook in a pot with condensed tomato soup - add an extra can of water for no pure and cook until solved...add mashed potatoes and corn to plate...soup is gravy then...season all to taste...

whitney houston 'thinking about you (remix)'
i looked in her coffin - head lying to the right and two dark stockings hanging for legs like the wicked witch of the west...
an earlier look had a plain bowling ball making a straight line up in-between her legs (it was moving on a white line) - a threat to a quick look, they'll put it in your belly, it said

all at once - pamela stanley 'coming out of hiding' same girl same day 'i recorded everything at once'
early pet shop boys made this

"Boy, they punked that casket..." - dM, who knows a showstopper...she's gonna keep it in my room for a while...someone said to it "thanks, bitch"

bacon jaw: you can buy bacon by the slice in the fish and fresh meat center of pavilions and else - don't be discouraged by high prices, buy deli by the slice...feed your family...we got 0.25 pounds for like $

we made this - not bad - usually we buy the trader joe's version with gruyere 'tarte d'alsace' $4.49
fleur de sel is sea salt 'flower of the sea' (usually found on woods under a boat's mast the sea water there..)
whitney says to 'eat that first, then fingers' - 'isn't it your turn to eat me?' - sam gross

in back of west hollywood trader joe's on santa monica with the pink ramada in the background

circus-type tent at pavilions parking lot aka 'four gables' - some say whitney's funeral is body yet

the closer i get to used...pre-owned
i hear cirque du soliel (um, 'what's that smell?'...canadian french-euros, usually near the beach) use a tent like this a par-flume, really (not one, but two pumps)

the 'beetles' pay for everything she says...
she told kevin costner 'you weren't that good to good for me now'
...'and he will' she says
she says "i had to lay there for three minutes while people wiped make-up on my face - and they loved it too'

the view on loma vista leaving greystone at closing time today - century city (twentieth century fox 'star wars') is in the background

a tiger moth at our front door this a.m. 02/18

he came in for a bit?

fingerbolts in a sidewalk on robertson at santa monica near hamburger haven-habit - 'what tripped me when i walked?' i asked
miss grace...their burgers and fries are the best, really - costly

small green version of our fruit stand - the one that is thirty-five dollars measures nine (9) centimeters (um, inches) in height - is not this

you see a frame for a horse topiary on beverly at roberston, roughly

you note the frame again

sun and planets on wires you see

and go blind to see a clock of some sort moving slowly enough
you arrive at a day in the year always...a traffic, a transport

specialty speakers on beverly aren't the point - we'd love to someday get paid and know your technologies better
excluded by technologies? by no pay, technologically speaking
use savings bonds - as usual, buy at half the face and wait for mature - it fools the likes of me too

cappellini is the store name on beverly - use it all

this mondrian or partridge family-type table strikes me
let yourself in - entre nous

the aforementioned wicker chairs and their cushions formally noted as by us

anna's linens on beverly has those round chairs seen earlier at ross - lots of them too but in black, no price yet

design within reach get cataloged - lots of hanging wire-frame (sosoki) lamps

aaa coffee shop 'swingers' on beverly connected to a $109-a-night motel called 'beverly laurel' pool in center

bitter root (corn what makes plaster from lime won't grow again as cut off) ceramics on beverly boulevard is always on my mind...

say hello to 'el coyote' again cheap and neat mexican food on beverly - a whole parking lot of faggots i presume

the last time i ate there with terry our old studio-lot waitress chased us down the street in a aqua-marine flamenco dress saying i didn't pay my bill
i didn't - but she don't know that for sure (i really paid for everything, i swear it - a crime is too much to ask for these days)
freaks at my linguist say obsequiously (without asking me too) the valley has a 99% conviction rate and i'm supposed to take this all in?
all are quite guilty until proven innocent and nobody cares at all
mind says nobody works and can't pay anyone anything that's guilty too

easy bake styles at 99 only stores on labrea

my take today included coffee filters and a modest box of luigi's italian ices - usually $4.29 a light at gelson's (the '99 only' store has cherry too...)

soda stream is at target now for about $80

this tree root poured like water down a fence...on santa monica at crescent heights or thereabouts

mark ryden has thorough book at book soup acknowledging his sense now - 'pinxit'
amazon has a copy $1,000

someone on palm discarded this body-length ikea-like add-on closet with rack and curtain...
and you?

she & him - for bars with no one in them it seems
from: too little
to: late

someone said 'why 'ready for the world' [in last month's feature]?' ready for the world do one thing - they deliver jherri curl to your pillow, and for trying too hard...we still listening to 'slide over', defaming is you lying naked on the road ass up - that is defaming...'an ass is ruinous' - dM i've seen alot of dicks, girl, but an ass i don't talk about...

just ordered and received two (2) more lysol cling 2-in-1 swirl cups from kill a piss, girl...sometimes a cleaning stinks bad, too, the bacteria dying...$5 to ship all to you now via ups...

another recipe great from country cook 'cook's country' - homemade mustard
you hafta microwave for ten (10) seconds at a time for up to one minute whisking in-between (see the feb-march 2012 issue)
we used apple cider vinegar instead - i don't buy white wine vinegar to make a mustard, i don't want a grey poupon - this is a bit spicy, though
my favorite is gulden's spicy brown and i swear they put mayo in there now...$2.79 a regular bottle
and remember ranch dressing is just mayo and sour cream - some garlic
we make peanut butter sauce for broccoli and i love hollandaise sauce too for that...
sure - eggs yolks, lemon juice, water, and salt stirred in a double boiler to no direct heat
just ate some lemonheads
a single egg white in peach juice too is good for the skin? maybe...

broccoli and peanut sauce:
one (1) tablespoon soy sauce
one (1) heaping teaspoon of regular or smooth peanut butter
one (1) teaspoon brown sugar (um, granule sugar with butter in it heated again)
one (1) teaspoon of sesame seeds
add and mix in bowl, put steamed florets in and stir together

remember broccoli and shrimp is superior to talk every time - oyster sauce is the link up

this is my favorite childhood book (we believed the title was 'mouses day out' - no?)
a brown titmouse makes a home in a discarded jack o' lantern he feathers it down and balls up inside
sure - the cold weather comes and closes the face up and then it snows on-top
like the dead, i worry about someone coming and stepping on us not...i used to love watching these rot over time, though
the book is a caldecott [childrens fiction] medal winner from early on - and that's a fact

'mousekin's golden house' on you tube - some old show
thank you for your beauty and cocteau twins-like song about...thank you
p.s. i have 'sweetkins', but not 'mouseskin' - means 'mouth of skin' or mouth is full today [as only]...

another kids book i wanted to add to my list of childhood favorites is 'mulligan's steamshovel' an aging shovel tractor agrees fearlessly to dig a basement for some construction and can't get himself out -- he winds up enshrined within like a smithsonian artifact...the little tug boat that could 'little toot' pulled a big boat out of peril to save the day - that's good too...from my childhood for sure...another one is the big ball of string i don't wanna confront that yet still savoring the likes of 'drummer hoff' and 'gus was a friendly ghost'...

mulligan's steamshovel is quite worthy but very mcgraw-hill (text-oriented) out

'little toot' by disney circa 1940

gabriel and dresden 'dangerous power' try and be peter murphy

'you're like a flower
if i want to be [i'll be here]
the sun
that you grow to
[there's] no dangerous power
between you and me
i long to change you'

me talking to job from the sky-sun - i really don't like his lyric morgue blades whirring in the background with heart-lung

i ain't heard nuthin' better than ru paul's 'house of love'
a $50k song

this letter is real...real to you

by decree - turkey and ham extend to feb 29 - i couldn't get one yet...if you don't reduce stocks, they kill more birds to make up for half-sales of old birds...

men's clinique at amazon...i need my men's bar from macy's

another lonely xmas in the making...

more neon - to end the confusion 'you buy some, then you sell some yourself' crossroads trading co.
you do it 'by yourself' - this is a vintage clothing store on santa monica across from city hall (la jolla is close by circus of books) - they don't buy much though
what they don't buy goes to 'out of the closet' sometimes - across the street

this tree-bush bewitched me...on fairfax between santa monica and fountain on the east side of the street

computer blue? you calculate the costs so rudely while i just ask for another and win some
you're just like the little blue shopping cart...i don't need anything, really

review and if not, advance to frame '6:25' (place cursor directly above that reference) and with 'zoom in' to blow up screen - it's better that way

more madona madness about me 02/16: 'the song is six weeks old and is mixed by reggie naulder a friend of doug's he loves it too - i hate its bass line, but it never asks me to know too much...i turn my back on music when producers get involved, they hate me and i hate them for being stupid and mean to my music and my past...i'm brilliant' - adds she turns her back on the camera when she can't remember lines what are right in front of her [on teletype] but she 'won't look' she says...what you see is filmed bits earlier although the game is live and it's noted she had only three 'working days' to learn just a song and model the new one in once it's delivered a day before the performance on teletype or 'telephone with nuts' and as agreed she says - 'hard to know, but i understand its key ['or wordform a young girl, i'd say']...she calls it an 'avenue' what you sing to people when you're leaving home for a date kinda - very queens-brooklyn...the tape you see is edited in bits and shown later - no fouls - a girl fell too'...

a brief tour of color mime alessi on robertson proves us out
spare the hair: this one is called 'fruit mama' and is only $35 (the regular one is $252?)

'villa' la rosa fruit bowl $85

'josephine banana' kitchen timer $57

'banana band' sugar castor $32, and the don banana kitchen box $56, and comparatively at amazon $53

'cindy' lamp at kartell
make sure you go to ebay for this stuff - that's where the jackrabbit fights first (the cindy lamp in green there)
kartell at amazon...alessi at amazon...bliss at amazon...parke & ronen's amazon link

big love ice cream bowl $60

this sewing triumph of a chair and ottoman is at the northwest corner of robertson and beverly

love these nickel back (leather sewn to wood) chairs and round table - at baltus towards ralph's on beverly

make your own lollipops-candy with martha stewart now using these sticks by wilton
as seen at ralph's fresh fare on the 'after valentines' table
martha's recipe (maybe now unavailable) was to boil a cup of granule sugar in a cup of pure water, add orange oil flavoring or else and a few drops of orange food coloring or else - she said bring the temperature measured to 160 or so degrees then pour in mold as hot...for hard candy...any white decor on top is reportedly some sugar and water mixed 1:1 and brushed on otherwise use a cake icing diluted...

a rolls-royce 'cayman', 'cammus', 'coronet' - something french?
rolls-royce takes over at yahoo images
robb report on the stands isn't what it used to be...
cavranet? cavarenet?

the rug doctor at anawalt on robertson is $24.99 for 24 hours and $18.99 for the liquid plus - you won't use it all they say but rent again...soon us and total is $43.98 to have diy...

to ru paul 'you're all tron' - watch 'drag race' on i will too...
says it's 'cp-30' from 'star wars' not 'tron' - 'i just do what i'm told to do' he says
his new show is great rag fun - tune in online - only ru paul dresses up a hopeless, legless man in make-up for a drag show about overcoming your personal obstacles...a ghost
dare to dream
p.s. disney's new day pass cards with cp-30 are simply charming for the 'star tours' ride - seen at pavilions

"Bandage clean every wound, burn, rash, pimple - it makes all go away forever." - dM

"If you need help, always ask someone better than you. Never ask people beneath your stature for anything - it makes you less." - dM who thinks it feels bad as naturally and is cowardly too

"If it feels bad, you got it right enough. 'Try not to react so sharply' (insist to see it for yourself, but try to turn away) is mine." - dM


this is 'popcorn'

"So she is helped alot by being with, but not as much as I help you. Be a friend to yourself and let her die of both being dead. Let her be with." Credit the above. Mine: You avoid being cared for - the focus of bother or care - by caring for others. I can see it. Let me win it for us.

"Fish it to links." - dM quoting the queen adversely, you keep pulling at the hook in water until its worms appear - a la a 'phylla'

finally and with prayer - how you do it

the many moods of 'flue' the maypole or mocking place

new chinese in hollywood with aggressive red collar ad-walks: mao's kitchen 'chinese country cooking with red memories'...731 great at it...

don't let bliss soaps off the hook - they have a big blue bar ($15 + ship-aholics) that will substitute nicely for the lemon + sage green bar of the trial pack - i don't need to be bothered at all, i need the real prairie grass it's like oatmeal, but the blue will help a mood out...i don't want $25 of skin tubes and their toilet tissues...

it's one of those days on 02/15 - walking down lacienega
the cvs i just left gave me regular campbell's soups for $0.59 each tomato and chicken noodle i got four (4) cans
plus a tasty $0.49 bag of red gummy hearts - delicious

the new rolls royce sans the 'spirit of ecstasy' hood ornament is not that bad - very gotham looking

this brown wicker set - very smooth to the touch - is reportedly only $250
two (2) chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table (upside down) at cvs lacienega and beverly
i'd buy a set for sure at that price...comes with cushions too red floridian or parrot-type

west hollywood put a new cement promenade in at the parking lot behind citibank
chases cars into the new parking lot and provides for more stabile (carts, baby carriages) and walkers yet
this citibank has fake grass outside now and more is up on doheny near the pumpkin patch and tree lot - need some?
it is told to me that only living eggplant makes dogs turn away
like eggplant and cucumber sandwiches, you'll mature -
we ate a grassland yesterday (i don't like alot of grass with my meat) - the breakfast 'delgado' daily number
fried egg, cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado (and bacon too?) on sourdough or white toast - mwa!
our burger hut at palm and santa monica 'la buns' will make you one as good as any roach coach (um, promenade) on wheels

the pot, and the plans

another farmers market on mondays - plummers park at fountain and vista in west hollywood...

i love the generous bags of fake tattoos being sold everywhere now - for kids?
i got mine at pavilions $2.99 a pack hanging in the cereal aisle, but i swear there's a hundred of 'em in there ('50+')
you cut 'em out, remove the clear protective plastic in the front, apply to clean of skin, and wet the back for half a minute to peel off - pretty
p.s. that's a new jug of nestea under my bed at left - i hate having it out when beggars are around ($5.99 at cvs)

fyi: starbucks will sell you a spot of cream cheese for fifty cents ($0.50), god willing
i bought a jalapeno (say 'hallah-peen-yo') and cheese bagel this morning and didn't wanna pay the man for a big thing of cream cheese right now
to all, the difference between having and not having is this
p.s. i was gonna put whitley from 'a different world' on my candle and under laminate paper yes - i love people who are genuinely stupid and unknowing...a malaprop

"I like Green Dot alot still - they never hurt people." - dM

"We're doing our ecumeniums [cleaning of house] now - four months the each." - dM who thinks of a gas station in Scotland only, every now and again

"How you know you're God? You go from midnight Friday until Tuesday six pm without taking a shit. Just a pot of air." - dM who swears the two mengels interchange nicely

tuesday evening (valentine's day 02/14) was a nice night to walk to whitney's compendium (worship place, small) at the beverly hilton
love the one you're with? no - but be human, be fed of it
some say 'why go?' we're friends always, but you need to respect yourself for having done stagework
or as i usually say with a candy bar from my hand 'we're not friends - right?' right
we don't know you -
this is most like going to see a movie - someone suggests and we agree this is it otherwise no speak we fight too much
as you know, there's only one thing worth fighting with people over and that's running a ride at six flags great adventure

the side or grotto of a nice presbyterian (females preside) church along the way on santa monica boulevard
the good shepherd catholic church further down the road was locked - both blessed on the arm by me, however

inverted fountain at wilshire and santa monica - this is where merv griffin's beverly hilton is (the red sign on right is it)
a fountain is usually held in a bowl or cup - 'inverted' means the cup is turned upside down and then drains immediately down and outside of - no pools
someone said the pumps are above ground - is not really mine to say, but water pumps are damned exciting and every hardware store has 'em

a different mood...

the barreline is simply guest beautiful - lets look again

whitney's outpouring of grief at the beverly hilton northwest side of santa monica and wilshire
like vegas, you just can't cross the street at the fountain - you hafta go left then over across and along wilshire you walk



street lights head down wilshire through westwood (ucla) and towards the beach
santa monica boulevard lets out right at the amusement pier and california incline on right
wilshire boulevard lets out to palisades park with fence overlooking the incline and beach
sunset - just blocks over to the right - lets out north of the palisades at will rogers park the gay beach...just north of that on pacific coast highway is malibu
trader vic's the gilligan's isle or hawaiian-style tiki restaurant (coconut-cup bras with grass felds) was right here the white slab overhang...
macy's-style shop 'robinsons may' (may or may not be yet) is in the background of the parking lot here

crossing santa monica boulevard to the adorn of's too early however
stop by over the weekend...i channeled her in the rodeo rite-aid and she was in san diego having a day at an attraction there
in my head, my sister said she went to the nyc affair and we expect that to be bigger at st. patrick's i guess or across the street at rockefeller center on 5th avenue
leslie (her whitney's mother of some sort) said 'people don't like her' and say it often enough
you had something taken from (by) you is all - get it right enough
she's gonna get it right too, but never stop asking (or then settling) for what you want - i don't

this sculpture on santa monica near canon drive represents someone found under a tree with their head missing someone said - by city hall
you can pose behind it for pictures i guess...terry my sole companion for the evening did
one of my boyfriends rode on my shoulders all the way and got mad for being ignored much - i'll kick your butt
i'm unhappy you fool, not poor
p.s. the statue is too small to be me - is 'pan' really - an antithesis (confused view of) to me

a backdated shot of the beverly hilton at wilshire and santa monica - the department store is the box at far left

leo's the flower shop at lacienega and santa monica (northwest side) sells these birch jugs for $40 (hollow like a drum, as capped with pine each end)
their new name is 'la premier' - that robot in the window now all white is listed at $6,500 shits
the alta cienega motel right next door (where jim morrison died in 1972) is $79 a night, by the way
a 'penny' is a single question to me - a thought in your direction [is this one? is this one? as slices of bread being examined...]
hi mark~

devo 'ru experienced?' for the singing to
search for 'devo's unthinkable cover' as apple tv won't pull it up to intense pecking - a difference be noted

seeing is believing - a tour through our halls at 930 palm avenue...
that's a brass nail hook on my door for wreaths, bags, etc. - from koontz
they also have little strips of grated metal for stripped screws - like listerine breath strips they are 'mr. grip' you clip to size
my application was a stripped screw for mounting a camera on a tripod from underneath - it worked well enough (use glue?)

keep sea monkey browser and composer in mind for netscape-type woes...i love it

rent kevin spacey: neil (as newt) replaced kevin spacey in brad pitt's 'seven' i was on cable lately and i think diminished too...kevin spacey was evil, but expensive - three times as much they say - nevermind watching gwyneth get what they play for...nothing, it seems...

be more like whitney - alone in this (see double cd the .pdf)
use avery labels template 8695 (use 8694 - it's good enough)
p.s. just think about that top candle showing up at your door at night like it lives life-size
...very ocean, very outer space, very french normandy, very 'nautilan'

mostly before now my symbol heart

to tree huggers everywhere: a sycamore tree...we think is the aging purple-heart jacaranda or cum tree (icicle dripping to make more?)
the pinenut or unsoaked of almond sent

BaRiLLA! 'popcorn' (some talk, some symbol say)...'bean' (always ready)...happy birthday to whomever was february 13 john ondy, fran ermi - whatever!

alternate line found: (310) 614-1607 call frequently bits less than $8 left at the at&t office

the fork in the road that is holloway and santa monica this am 02/14
i walked to 7-eleven to get a paper and $1 sausage biscuit my new love

collar & leash's moondoggie at night! the neon lines are green yellow and a pink-lavender, i think

whitney's being buried on tuesday evening in orange nj near her mother (dionne warwick, 1976 car crash...watapating, nyc - she comes back 'often enough')
her 'wartime mother' as she says (um, isabel sanford) is gonna make the body get up and sing for her, the newer mother says
she'll get it done too - embalmed and all (they're actually gonna torch the saint here)

these logos are for art's sake again - uses the hard back end of a bristol brush with white acrylic paint
...and as all good art is photography we'd say or miniature reveals of graphic art

green emblems, silhouettes at healthy spot pet-live babysitters - that's the name

the blue sprayed hands for victory in all directions are actually lucille ball on pivot golf (see the 'show and tell' page here) - both hands outstretched palms up say 'now [then - pay me]' all eyes on me...either way you win...use the door...'you gotta look with better eyes than that' 'the abyss'...'another set of eyes' is mine

from the la times this valentines day tuesday, february 14...
'symbiotic' means 'shows you it's eating' - is not real though as symbol diet they are friends, kinda
prefix 'symo' = signs on it, agrees with meaning...root value 'symb' as in 'asymbolic' means opens and closes right away 'people won't use it [as too hard to know]'
root suffix 'n-biotic' means 'every day needed or not [it'll be there]'

To Fool: HapPY VALenTiNes DAy! *v*

croutons? cubed bread brushed with melted butter and garlic microwaved for two (2) minutes total, one minute at a time...

a new nike reversible cap is in order...titleist? another nike knit reversible at amazon...

argon = argus (arduous) = 'our guess' as clouds, pure water vapor in light field or proto plus...

nitrogen = 'debussy' (the busiest) nighttime fumes starting off if 'helium' (healing ion) (masnia) is hydrogen 'abruss' (ables us) really...some

a roll-out twin frame from up on doheny - for study

you hide this under a twin bed and it rises up to meet the need when spoken

high falutin' - pavilions has c&h sugar the five (5) pound (is really four pounds - not noticeable) bag on sale at least until tuesday night $2 each...i got mine...and one more other...

the pharmacy near bank of america on santa monica at hilldale has these $8-$9
like that jack-o-lantern at koontz, you roll into the room and scare folks with it
the party's on

you think the guy on letterman is good: this ghost we call 'reggie' came out my sofa over last weekend to chat a bit (this particular weekend i was making snakes appear to me everywhere they enchant me with fright) - all black upright slender log body, round black head, and slender dipole arms at waist-length that fall to the sides - a good view - came out of blue fleece blanket from ucla radiology services no match however just his home away from home the ground...he says it was the snow up north that drove him down here...seattle winds he says...makes the ground hard...says it cost him six grand to get here over time 'a friend' he's hard on me getting taken in too soon or 'not fast enough to speak yet' he says people aren't real yet, he says...he gets the money back for him he says more a savings club...cute, kind...eight months just to know me 'a friend' he says...

look at the style here (at micky's in weho) - iron works that overlay somewhat forming a barrier - keep it clean
we don't necessarily believe in crosshatching or weaving - some is there vertical or across, some is new on-top

madonna in mind: don't get discouraged about madonna's new album cover - it's gonna be just like pet shop boys 'introspective' in 1988 - both quite right and turned inside out (one was yellow with neil tennant the singer holding a small dog, the new one was striped down with pastels or secondary colors or how you're feeling about it all then)...the record - not yet seen to be by anyone the names change too - is scheduled for release on elton john's 65th birthday march 26 (he was reportedly 27 when 'goodbye yellow brick road' came out in 1973)...the song at the superbowl (and i fight here 'give me all your love' - it changed to 'luvin' overnight in the sound-ear as agreeing to often stills us in head - things change the day issued too like pet shop boys' damn-mean song 'you're beautiful but it hurts') is 'give it to me' revamped beautifully from 'hard candy' lp (she loves hard tac candy like i do) but she agreed not to have or know about the song (a great 'banjoleta' or bouncing along song much like toni basil's 'mickey' or her own 'true blue' the title song) until a day before and then just wing it...i asked her to take a ride to kingwood, texas outside of houston to look around and she liked it alot ('not modern - i liked it' + 'beaucoup bucks' the queen made it in subtropical houston - all manicured grounds of reptiles, heavy nighttime humidity for swimming, and french provincial towers and with storms)...the venue she played was miles outside of town (um, to and up in dallas) somewhere she said and performers are traditionally jailed just before and after such to clear the air, and if so to speak...a $50k performance herself...more later...

keep these in mind at target - ours is from the trash still
in black, orange, 'intense jade', 'sea going'...beige? 'mocha'

our big grammy show - whitney and i, michael jackson - was circa february 1985 at the shrine auditorium in los angeles at the usc campus and the westin bonaventure hotel downtown: the production values were striking last night...thanks to all who attended me...loved the black girl with blonde hair...rihanna...mean...

i love miniature chocolates in candy hearts for valentine's day - i call 'em 'old lady chocolates' (um, 'petites' as in gourey or ape-like appetites of equal substance and water or then blood and then with requisite throwing up and with shames playing around) you gotta scub for 'em...russell stover...the last good one i had was in new jersey from mazzarro's thriftway in west trenton...the heart had an anti-mosaic type photo of roses all over it (like clip arts)...not cheap but creams but darks and nuts is mine...
serious stakes? godiva ('go deeper' into your pockets - russell stover? 'unless it's over' whitmans? 'we're friends' sampler 'on average')....acquiesce (as we asked)...p.s. strangely enough, they have a see's candies at the kodak theater in hollywood (hollywood and highland)...a big apple retail billboard there misleads, but there is a gap and an american eagle along with hard rock cafe and rolling stone restaurant and we assume...i got a 15% off coupon for the last mention and is coming due...p.p.s. our money is worth less when major retailers and restaurants aren't nearby...keep it closed...i dream of eating out of tin cans, anyway...firesides...arson reggie? i was kennedy and you were my oswald so handsome...when you can't get scott glenn to shoot you, that wake it all up...i sit and eat my favorite foods and then daydream off a cow won of amalase...

our own clafouti (um, 'clap for me') reminded one of lemon meringue pie and is custardy
benefit? change of substance made and consistency - very nice with whipped cream
valentine's day?
we just re-ordered martha stewart 'everyday food' $15/10 issues the paperback-size tome with great recipes in it


they still have have pre-basted gourmet turkeys at omaha steaks
i'll get one in the oven soon with all the trimmin's tuesday is only the 14th valentine's day plus a leap year is february 29...we're making a cranberry clafouti tonight...dessert?

a salad bowl at alpha gear on melrose $36 (oops! $45 to confirm and to now - same at amazon)
excellent kitchen timer is $15 (below) - our electric oven doesn't even have a lightbulb inside and the microwave ain't so smart if to be used
brilliant, regular oven timer at amazon

this timer at amazon too

alpha gear inside the shop somewhat

at soolip a stationery mulb around the corner on norwich is this - featured is a 25-sheet punch-out party or kitchen set for kids $36

'moon' paper clips at soolip...$11.75 (someone said feed to a dog - kills them? not so fast if you too eat one)

issey's pour homme set at macy's is $86

my man at macy's beverly center if he's not the guy in the bakery with blue eyes and blonde moustache on 3rd
p.s. my man (a son?) has light brown dimetapp eyes half closed like abe lincoln - see it here

issey miyake 'cauliflower' hats on 3rd somewhere >$200

message in a bottle on 3rd hair, waxes $17

phones of yore on 3rd

1:45 shining through the wood $150

1:46 a minute later...on 3rd...'146' is my apartment number remember that

anna's linens on beverly at crescent heights has this great drink faunt $20 - some are actually clear, but more money

anna's has expanding-up hampers for $20 too and in colors...

anna's has eva (rubber and plastic crystals of spirit) lamps at the signed price too

factoid: having been asked re steinways, elton john said he never paid more than $12,000 (actually about $12,500) for a piano excepting 'one outspoken' for $33,000...he settles now on this figure

international silk and woolens has the call of the wild on beverly

got me a new skin for my solar chinese lantern $4 at lightbulbs unlimited on beverly too
you can unscrew and change the battery inside it is just a rechargeable 'aaa'
i made the folks at koontz undo it the screws for me...

marshalls now has 3-packs of calvin klein white briefs all sizes for $12.99 - the very same ones retail at macy's for $27.50 a pack and are stamped as such...i bought one pack last night (in size 38) my extra flim size...we think my real waist size is 32? 34? 36? 34 waist...32 length is what i have on now and is comfortably in levis...

think, posit: kohl's online - i want sneakers with an arch now...the la times gives you $10 off with coupon on some days...

orchard supply hardware (harvest house of switches and their candors) has that water hut again now just $149.95

one last diminutive tree with furtive (or not noted yet, a bargain unseen) light set on our street 'palm' this sunday morn 02/12

the plans for the aforementioned starbucks - i've been robbing ralph's fresh fare of $2.28 'simply orange' juices daily
grapefruit juices, that is...we note all oddball closings, btw

lamps on beverly west of robertson with skins that zip up - you can make your own

pillow talk same shop - with thick 'chrinc' (um, 'syringe') piping

where the name hurts most 'roche bobois' - it means 'while you lay around' or about that in italian some
'roche' means 'you see me with it this time' as caught in the act

new paladin or routes of switching out lights (and if platinum is for switchplates): rejuvenation

mac mall inside of can save one dollar on apple tv if you're like that...the unit takes in one itunes account prior to reset, and if signed in with 'home sharing' on ('advanced' menu in itunes), pulls in all of your songs and podcasts, etc. for playing on a remote hdmi tv...will charge this account freely for any movies you buy whether or not you're signed in...uses the last account prior to system reset and redoubles back to computer with saved, purchased, or then noted items...we expect 'icloud' to make sense soon...they want $24.95 per annum to make itunes match that to expand to two or more accounts? yes....better to buy another unit? no - is synching...illiad march 10...

'sanguine' wants you to remember why - 'sang, when?'

the levi's zipper pockets i want 'speedbump' - about $45 ($44.99) at macy's now

ben sherman's st. tropez-looking (um, san diego) stuff is big at macy's now too - it's everywhere in the men's store
issey miyake pour homme is doing well too - the fragrance pack now has two bottles within - one small like mine from ebay (priced at $86)

these pastels celebrate or candor (no speaking of this, they say) chinese 'lunar' or 'year of the fool' new year at creative artist agency lacienega and melrose

'on the eve of our awakenings' - russell sprout

oscarette: brad pitt's 'moneyball' is about an orchestra leader who suspects someone is messing around at the table of his composition and he orders a no-one to intervene and see what the problem is...he - the broker - gets busy and finds the players of flute and contra-bassoon are trading places enough to cheat him of his awares and rob the orchestra of flavor enough...he sues both orchestra and foundry or flutemakers there and makes them play alone to find out who made who a bargain...the flute did it...more later...

whitney on whitney - this right now 02/11/02 1815 'i'm just hiding out...i don't wanna work yet...they do this to to florida yet...see me to you, doug'
thx...solemns no change

former wordplay: 'mongolian' - is blind, asking to see with you, a baby bird awakening

apple tv alternate and as maxwell (of 'maxfield') speaks out: roku

another art to form - at the old lafabula on santa monica now a bbq hut

a heart in pieces...

the heart told at the pleasure chest on santa monica...disco fever

the carl's jr. on santa monica finally laid to rest this saturday 02/11 - i went and bought target mouth rinse today (up & up)
since day-one, the mcdonald's in the background was nicknamed 'mcdonald's palace' by me - the biggest one ever, but not notably so
(elton john says he calls it 'king mcdonalds' like 'kids mcdonald's' - add or subtract at will)
note: the starbucks at beverly and robertson is no more and yet no more yet

soon we decipher vitamin mixes at trader joe's

soon...and enough:
omega-3: opens blocked arteries, clears the eye white of;
organic spirulina: opens clogged heart, bypasses surgery - not for blacks;
st. john's wort: opens hands fully;
supervision: cleans the eye of all junk, and fast too;
sam-e: clears speaking up, real fast;
alpha: opens throat after song surgery;
anti-oxidant: makes speech patterns form more clearly;
vitamin d: good skin, fast at that;
airborne: opens lungs too fast to speak;
b-100: never a dull moment, apportions (opens to) sleep;
b complex: energy fast, no need yet - eat eggs;
co2 enzyme: opens blocked arteries fast as hydrols acting on - a high too;
co2q: opens eyeball to sneezing - not recommended ever, not here;
cla: cloric phosphorous, opens heart to breathing - not recommended for blacks;
vitamin c complex: no need, opens lungs more;
orange c: same as above;
vitamin c crystal: opens heart to breathing - fast walker dying of;
vitamin c 1000: for dead people seeking sight again, [administer] in fluids.

efa: opens the skin to loving touches, is made of velvets, really - one per day;
esfroven (um, 'estroven'): for men, makes the hard and soft too at will;
oil of evening primrose: opens the heart valve to lovemaking and asks for no one to touch before you do - a mask of love is all i see;
flax seed oil: one per day makes hair shine with vitality and sheen or greasy having me over - a pig's way home;
grape seed extract: opens the lungs to heart or makes heat surges go away - no blacks, please;
glucosamine chrondroitin enzyme: opens pores to making one seem sweaty and vigorous - never for blacks;
very green: opens hair follicles to interpretations of shine - more or less bald people use;
gummy multix: no charge, just youth and vigor;
melantonin: sleep aid no disorder (drug induced stuff) will be helped - no blacks;
milk thistle: opens head to making love again - for enemies' sake only;
multi and mineral antioxidant: no talk too great - a horse chow;
joint support: softens feeling towards children, mostly, eases their edge on you - never for blacks or water solubes;
joint support: same, but for women: less or green is more for them;
men's once daily: useless, but provides an energy shakes-worth of melantonin or sleep versus waking activity - an enzyme or insulin-made body shaking of it, overeating some and is excited;
men's formula - for shaking up diabetes or thoughts of - makes it plain here;
msm: modular sames making, destroys thinking types when making too much of noise - a battle ax for feeding in slimes-slurrys, cures them of thoughts racing;
prenatal: all you need when thinking of pregnancy unattended - is that;
pycnogenol: calms nyc types from thinking so fast - makes you ours quickly and with anti-sun block or lets you tan some then none;
resveratrol antioxidant: opens the lungs to speak slowly some - not for kids or blacks a speaking mix some;
wild salmon oil: for sperm and runners - makes sperm calm, too much of to too little said is it;
saw palmetto: opens clogged pores and in the heart, opens breathing too - not for kids or blacks punches the heart and palps it too, a fighter for you;
senior once daily: opens the heart up makes a bag though - to clean only, then rest it off six months max no kids or blacks here;
colon cleanse: works heavily to rid a body or filths held downward by the liver - drink oj with some and advance your cause, removes stinks too;
super crusade: to destroy your liver once and for all - removes it proteins daily and renews, no kids no blacks;
women's once daily - to open clogged pores and renew skin, try egg whites two (2) daily also fry an egg of yolks;
women's formula: opens the heart and clogged pores both related to oxygen mass - builds muscle fast too if sagging;
women's high potency: for vaginal woes, cleans the socket and the eye of it - nice to all who venture;
extras some - -
jojoba oil: moves the turds out forming new ones nicely, for vagabonds and other smells - just put a few drops in their foods;
vitamin e oil - for normal types, cleans them also...put in your food, and for cats (no cat should get jojoba unless ill).

chicken tortilla soup from the very first trader joe's:
one (1) 32 oz. carton of tj's chicken broth - $1.99
one (1) 12 oz. jar of salsa verde (green) - $1.99
one (1) 12.5 oz can of chicken breast in water - $3.29
one (1) 16 oz. bag of roasted frozen corn - $2.49
to garnish:
one (1) bag of white corn chips - $1.79
one (1) 12 oz. bag of mexican four-cheese blend - $3.29

mix all and heat in pan - garnish with tortillas and some cheese on top of a bowl or crock - see
more: made this exactly on 02/14 for 'burlita' - added one (1) broth container of water, two (2) teaspoons of salt, and one carrot cut in-half and chopped up then cooked in the microwave for three (3) minutes - perfect, but is not cheap to make almost $15...$15!

the new 'kitchen 24' on santa monica is doing well 'round the clock one assumes...update: 7-11 is their trial of business hours in weho
every breakfast is about $9 or less (meat is rare here - add $3.50 a punch) lunch-burgers are around-about $10
a $10 breakfast is duke's on sunset at san vicente

great cloudy day with moondoggie at 'collar & leash' on santa monica a la keith haring

they have coloured cat bells inside on key rings for the sound of $2.99...'i'll be there with bells on'

a neon sign at 'unphogettable' the vietnamese soup noodle on santa monica - for art's sake
that's 'koo koo roo' across the street in object identity or flash pane

Prince And The Revolution The beautiful ones 1984 by HARDSADNESS
prince 'the beautiful ones' from 'purple rain' lp (1984)
the purple reign

i wanted to share this exceptional value from ebay - a brown cordouroy jacket with wool shell (a 'sherpei') from american eagle
don't ask how little of paid - just know it was cheap enough
my mind says olivia-newton john is the unmasked seller 'anne-marie' - thank you anne-marie!
thank you - the look is influenced by a male friend who visited long ago with a levi's model

tears for fears 'watch me bleed' a big perform for me from 1983' s 'the hurting' lp
the cover is at columbia university in new york city - a lancaster pa (psb, eastcoate) formwork here
is supposed to be mavens of the sixties - who missed yasgurs farm (woodstock)

we visited electronics maven ametron (one block east of vine, just north of sunset) yesterday too 02/10...they have a great selection of discount wires, speakers, and stuff...our quotes off page is new with a favorite al bundy quote and is dedicated to sound vision again...yes, the bradfords episode is where tommy (willie aames hi hi) gets a gift-wrapped book by 'e cummings' (mentionjng a feeling as you feel...'not bad' he says now 'but chinese in nature' looking to make happy 'everywhere held by held' - 'they're unwelcome' in feel he continues) from his dead mother 'joan'...he said she had a heart attack walking the dog one day...they found the book in a brass-like chalice, not the coat closet near entrance - that is where this final confrontation with gift from afore (another place) takes shape...willie aames dresses well in levis and plaid shirts and is ours only, but is an older boy to me (if not just me) and is mean to me for having given his, sheba, run...

diesel fuel? all grapes (any kind, mix some) ground up inside a 4' x 3' container and left for six (6) months is it - fill it up to leave again and, potatoes are 'ethanol', 'etholene' is carrots only...methyl-etholene is potatoes and carrots (um, 'bedknobs and broomsticks')...

slightly small but $5 at the each

pavilions has lobster tails for $5 fri 10-tues 14...sign up online for their 'just for u' sale items very nice to me and you and to keep a home fluently from your old advice...ralph's has red seedless grapes for $0.89/pound, entenmann's doughnuts-cakes are $1.99, and a 'simply orange' clear karafe of juice is $2.28 all on a three-day sale fri-sun...see no one around has frozen turkeys out but ask for one from the back at pavilions if need be...frozen to be fresh...lobsters are maybe frozen thawed...fanned out all shrimps on the barbie-q...

after registering with us online using your von's club card number and newer e-mail, you pick a few grocery objects at sale and print with color
everything is already there on the card by chance and as you buy (i hadda scan a few cheeses without my list to clarify)
now: get one dozen eggs for free for registering right now, both doing as being with

the new 'w' lobby at hollywood and vine across from the pantages theater and with mta subway outlet at the corner of and is nearly inside

the round capitol records building is in the lobby view here, but is obscured by daylight

the hollywood spa on ivar? remember the hollywood farmers market right here on each of sunday morns

after church, sure...observe the rules no talking to us ever - or else cops

the inside of is top secret and is still a thrill
however i still owe the desk $34.25 for an extended late shift one past night long ago

rodney dangerfield's own star - the 'y' needs a fix

remember 'motel 6' on whitley as a great vacation spot and is tres cheap
or the 'best western' on ventura in studio city
bad-to-almost good experiences to me, both

supply 'dick' sergeant on hollywood has great canvas-type bags $29.95

and white dickies the pant, and with the whole damn spectrum of color

and shirt to be with pant - $23.95 at the a-both

anne b davis one of grandma moon's stars - she deserves them all
nicholas is also the balding jewish cop in the bradford's christmas show - don't ask me why
doug (re the marcia's nose episode) from 'the brady bunch' is in there too (um, scott kerrigan)

just got back from a fast tour of hollywood 02/10...thai genius pink pepper is still open and thriving (recent gun murder plus one) and we couldn't find the kodak theater-area apple store...we'll be back...

apple retail store search for the '90046' or hollywood zip code - ours is '90069' west hollywood

how? timed screen shot (um, ten seconds) with 'grab' in the utilities folder, the screen saver selects apple itunes art under menu
get to the screen saver menu under 'system preferences' and make ready, then activate timed screen shot, press for 'test' in screen saver - one and then the other

'bewitched' takes place in connecticut, yes - the x-mas special with tabitha (um, lindsay lohan) being black is on (channel 13 kcop)

you read my mind with cherries and put fur on the leg

my aria having been sung alone, you dashed out (these sunset, at viper room and aah's)

my favorite room in hamburger hamlet doheny - the leather chair or bar room

to be half chinese and half mexican? visit la curbed

a greystone golf-lawn cart (a new drinking-dance club on lacienega is 'greystone manor')

the retrofit pool now found at greystone

some say my mother's house is that being built behind the pool ? to check that
she was locked down for the superbowl performance as too
it was her for sure

newfound pool terrace and view

my turtle and fishes pool shaped like tonto's mask or just a pool

elf: soon we honor sister twins 'omni' (trenton, nj - near pat's diner and where hit screen movie 'phantom of the paradise' filmed interiors only) and odyssey (los angeles at lacienega and third the current loehmann's say 'laymans' site)
both black and white space-age clubs and of white plywoods and all...very darth maul (say 'mahal' he says)

retroview 02/10: this today on santa monica boulevard - a vw ('type 4' we believe) trying to get away
there's a camera symbol on the side of my phone the lg900, but pushing it doesn't make the lens any quicker to note

you can eat a bit outside of gelson's on santa monica now wolfgang puck and all
not to mention labrea bakery freshen products
la brea bakery is outside of disneyland on a strip too - their parking lot of speed on katella?
the '2,000 leagues under the sea' ride is now open and that was never true (at the very least not from 1985-2010) - honors us
nevermind 'matterhorn' - they never change a thing, not ever

despite the noise, amc theaters still offer their silver passes for $6 each minimum of fifty (50) or $309.95 sent your way via fedex sign and date
you hafta create an online account - that's all

by the way, we're using 'aim' toothpaste from cvs $0.99 a big tube (sometimes they have 'gleem' cheap too - i love gleem 'you don't get white with a color' - dM)...remember the 70's...the bradford's x-mas show was truly touching...i hate those bitches for taking me right back...i paid for both halves at itunes now you one came...will geer (the grandfather in 'the walton's' who died at the wheel - the sawmill wheel that is) guest stars as a reader of the father's column in the sacramento press who decides to rip them off for the holiday and take their station wagon too...betty buckley stars...see she is younger in there too...blonde...before 'cats' and all...may god rest grandma rest...

figure serif (ends on letterface) and sans-serif (no ends on letterface) with me

i love gunslinger stuff - but hope i don't get shot
'a well-armed militia' is it
link to buy/sell

the ak-47 lamp...i love this shop, doug
link to buy/sell

this, here...a cross in the dirt no two truths (worded truce on it)
seek diva furniture me a deep fan

Help favorite clothing haupt Block Party WeHo (else link) celebrate new signage - right out front!

madonna's triumphant and romanesque return via superbowl: 'vogue' + 'music' + 'give me all your love' (new album - link starts here) + 'open your heart' (bits) + 'like a prayer'
docce luce (don't love me - i'll love you back)
thanks! pre-order madonna's new record now at itunes...march 26? better get busy that's not real
i'm watching the bradford's 'eight is enough' from christmas - their whole first season is now up for grabs there
lani o'grady = grant goodeve?

from target anyway do your own math-a-search $269 or then ten dollars more (+$10) , no ad
seek link at westinghouse digital (same model at best buy)

You Kept Your Head Above Water In January 2012 - To Sink Me Again
You in trouble now.

the facts and one brushed up at 02/12

upper leg history:

santa monica boulevard in west hollywood - north side of the street where the ramada is?
dukes cafe is on sunset now at san vicente...

lacienega north and santa monica boulevard looking east

doheny and santa monica - northeast side

i got this by g.h. bass at ebay too - another is in jean fabric too from aeropostale - all mine now
you gotta vie for things on ebay - all are good, but easily lost to a higher bid


one last extra at fairfax and wilshire looking south