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sitting at this computer staring straight ahead a veritable cyclops is formed - i am of one eye now as too close together seeing it...
i am clairvoyant as two headlights merge to form one stronger and i can almost see the future of it said to me but backwards
so see...the sundance festival is really in pinecone, georgia...we repeat others for theme and in thanks to

So see...March 2007 this on the 9th.

Tracey Thorn "It's All True [Radio Edit]" Tracey Thorn - It's All True - Single - It's All True (Radio Edit) her brand-new single (2007) I liked it alot the video somewhere at Apple...via us Apple then. Some say I am Tracey Thorn - only you know. You should hear me do "Apron Strings" again - very mothering of me.

Who am I selling your record, if may? A "retail" firmly, and is no business yet of yours. A reputable (named to you) person selling what's made by you at yours only and with display made yours too. Answer to that. 1) Nothing is sadder than shrink-wrapped records on the shelf all hopeful with real money locked in there thinking they'll sell to much. 2) You are a big deal making songs, but others all along the way. Be respectful, however - you are no one unless we recognize you and pay you to do (produce me soundly with cash as on loan). Here, Pet Shop Boys may add " i love you | you pay my rent " by buying my records and letting me stay for while " we never calculate | the currency we've spent | i love you | you pay my rent " now see that.

"If you're a retail, where's your shop?" In your hands always - you pay me to represent you in the face of it. I hate you too. Hard bargaining always. A building is rented to me to sell only - no one owns ever - see that.

I Can't Let You Wonder About Me You Will Know Everything And Have Little To Say 03/04/07 1258
Just a little reminder against your wage of fantasizing me that I'm still here interfering wildly with hateful wishes against you in your home, but running a line straight out with petty nonsenses and no bother to me to make change. A lot of little unresolved issues in your direction (not one but two would suffer me mine) and you need to just sit by while I do nothing but weekly and at hour no benefits may claim downward at once tumble but peace of mind spent well. Alternately, some say jet-lag for up to quite possibly six (6) weeks I'll take that rag in against burnishing me toward more meaningful product and service another lecture on meanings and your lackings toward masturbation. Personally, I believe in people reaching a stasis of no more satisfactions to me - not by my hand anyway - and you need to just sit by and think of little new. That's where I am: still thinking about how I might hurt you with more stuff you hate hearing of and later on (you could be in my home and be subjected to search and seizure daily a police state if not for women unsure). I've reached a 'stasis', sure, so here I sit wondering it off. Returning here was nearly seamless (within days, a usual fight about tooth loss and decay, me mine - and per your wishes none among idiots), but these fuckers renting to us have started what amounts to what I call a 'new construction (not again)' with screaming noise daily underneath us in the garages hammers and whirly-gigs and I don't know what keeps mankind alive while I devote energies. It's like people hate me, but in this and again, comforts seek yet. "We don't want people to get mad - ask for less rent then. We hafta upgrade or close [as] the toilets leak underneath." You have maintenance destroying your lives and I am no proper to you. Get a plumber, get the job done right or I send Dionys and that has been done already. He is only black, I guess, and will never let you repair anything well. Not here. Noise is so unkind I could die - yo.u a.r.e no. .o.n.e If you were as nuts, it would be personally as offensive. So be less talk. Don't tell me each word isn't meaningful xtm...I only worry about being misunderstood like blacks are often misunderstood and at gunpoint.

PM: Yeah, I grew up getting ashes and of course, but didn't know what that was I thought it was wood or something clean now it could be someone's dick, but they eat that 'bon appertif' (or 'after mous'). I don't attend religious services (unless brief because I want to and for no say too great) because that makes me you and even by loose of suggest you should be fucked to death. I am not you yet. Keep yours - I am unholy to you and do not purchase statements against being me to roll the dice over to yours. Conversely, I don't take stands against simple people simply done - you fill in the blanks privately as not just meaningful to me. I don't want to seem as yours, only, and suggest I'll die with you. Bury me in the trash with your family after I grind their bodies up with bags of my garbage and added pieces from other corpses. You should sort me my tail grinders whirr daily do, and at step. Process me to you. In the meantime, a twenty-dollar $20 bill to everyone who likes us on a rope keeps reappearing in your hand as you go with me...spend as you go. No one knows and is greedy to me. You pass me on for rejection as same on the sides you receive it and deceive no one will be you. Having at-whim counts while we worry about what will to be spend?

Review wastes...I haven't sent my mother her lights even yet I'm burned out on her. Maybe tomorrow for these atoken of me. The picture doesn't really do them justice - they are smallish grapevine grown in balls and clipped off for extra-nice beauty hanging in a tree outside like evil hodgkin nests or similarly just suggesting a foul play is yours to aseem me. I only saw one box and grabbed them right off. I have to get a dimmer switch for the other ones as simply too bright no carnival lurks here just lives ebbing from as to be with me sund crimping my style always. You hafta have shopping here among stuff that is bother we weave stuff in to keep levity and you propsering one another against your wishes of at each. One day you live in one of my balls the light dimming in you down we have to observe a litany of conservations against you and of course I remain ebullient.

went shopping yesterday at my mother these great wiccan grapevine balls with lights inside for her birthday
i took a half an hour to choose from up to two (2) sets - one other for me too
i got a string of twenty-five (25) frosted globe lights for our terrace but see other soon a whole of great selection to ghostly welcome $9.99 or then $19.99
thanks, target

Still, not much to say. Unwinding, getting serious after two (2) months of eating strict horchow. I hate being routed toward sanity all of that eating is steadfast. What? I stopped the heavy winds for ya like God does it with his own behand soon enough seen done if adds some heat...who does that anyway? Then late at night another it sounded like somebody drove a car down the sides of many parked on street. A bad person maybe a recording played live. Was it you for me? Thanks to it again. I loved the rain and got out and about over it. Love that weather to me a happy day.

Booker T. & The M.G.'s "Green Onions" Booker T. & The MG's - The Best of Booker T & The MGs - Green Onions a fabulous note of from their "Best Of" compilation LP (1968). An alley cat (wander in dance along lines), I try to capture these staples (quality endurings) of sound for myself and in-name to bring 'round a particular setting in time-space. Rather, you create from scratch. Modes, feeling then a firm resource in of knowing better. The name Booker T - my father bought this stuff on label "Stax" two finger snapping up always and why - is for Traffic, Steve Winwood I guess with the queen interfering too much but as then "mostly givens" or "gibbons" old monkeys getting booked again softly. So. I heard this in my travels around and about and had to know better for you. A "green onion" per se is done with the dead - they get a little something from me to make better of it as in the world again placed a gift to. Leave it off.

The Cars "Drive" The Cars - Heartbeat City - Drive from "Heartbeat City" LP (1984) their very first sell-out record to me as young fan but very popular sink or swim (The Cars never needed to meet anyone they had fame - everything they had now videos and other crumb settles in I wanted videos bad or I wondered alot about you). This song is for adult minds I think we hated it and now has resonance and I love hearing it and singing to. "Who's gonna drive you home tonight?" is not a question for me to one is there it seems a downer did I do something wrong? You're so sick and sad the voice within strikes. Do you care? I don't want to. Written for Grace Kelly - "don't be so mean" it says of her when she died "we'll help you later" - that daughter of yours killed you deader than dead no hospital stay of (many see this - keep it off and away always) and still you cherish that in her. So then...a person who cares when no one will. That no - not so much about your lays and seeing you down alone and broken afterward. Alternate with my favorite quirk from this "Why Can't I Have You?" so bust.    

Update Us This Thursday After Ash Wednesday The Crushed Up Blackened Remains Of A Pope As Delivered Each Year In A Silver Paint Can And Passed On We Had Pope Pius XXI Only 02/22/07 0949
Before I left for Florida that a.m. I fed wrens or whatever - finches - black bird seed so tiny. That is the very seed for wheat so have you. Rye or fennel seed is like that, but has been oven heated with salts and will not grow properly.  So, tiny black seeds for finches will do and cover that with burlap or cloth for a while too until grass is seen when wettled. In Jensen Beach, Florida, note we ate at a fine place called Crawdaddy's for cajun-type stuff on Valentine's Day itself (a single rose to my mother on entry was very classy for the women at-hand...thanks) , but note I only wanted to taste of Killer Shrimp here in LA - a bowl of cajun oily (creole) with pick-and-peel shrimp and bread for dipping in its greasy-topped sauce. I doctored theirs with hot sauce on the table after sending one back the shrimp presented cold in tomato base and all was good enough but not as such sought. Treasure ours - my mother went back for Fat Tuesday she says what was the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday what is six (6) weeks before Easter is sold to us again. I left Crawdaddy's feeling like a real celebrity-type getting in the back of the car...

Keep Chin Chin on your list of our finest destinations Chipotle honors my mother's birthday tomorrow February 23.

We're nearly quite near this opporning you February 20 '07

Culture Club "Don't Talk About It" Culture Club - Waking Up With the House On Fire - Don't Talk About It from "Waking Up With The House On Fire" LP (1984) - a quick skim by mention frees that up.

--------end taxis

happy valentine's day to smarts everywhere
'two hearts beat as one' is the plaque now u2
we all will meet sgt. pepper one day...pfft.

seen: a vampire bat-type sampling it crumb from the side a day off

U2 "Two Hearts Beat As One" 
U2 - War - Two Hearts Beat as One from the "War" LP (1983) again and as mention. Oops - that favorite to sing was "New Years Day".

The "Pink Panther" animated tv series The Pink Panther Show - The Pink Panther Show, Season 1 - Pink Panic / Transylvania Mania / An Ounce of Pink - this link for the haunted hause episode called "Pink Panic" is my favorite. Thanks for synopses Amazon and the Yahoo! search team.

I shipped a bunch of crap home yesterday via UPS $80 for a big FedEx crate box (about twenty-two 22 lbs.) and a canvas to be wrapped...on the back 'made in china' and '$16.99' the frame only...later we shall see. All to die of.

Duran Duran "I Don't Want Your Love" Duran Duran - The Singles Box 1986 - 1995 - I Don't Want Your Love (Lp Version) as currently from "The Singles Box 1986-1995" (2005) you get the rest on your own and I quote once more " i don't want your love | i don't want your love "... 

Hole "Awful" Hole - Celebrity Skin - Awful from the "Celebrity Skin" LP (1998) what still pays to her handsomely, I'm sure.

It's Tuesday here February 13 tomorrow is Valentine's Day we're going to dinner somewhere nearby that features creole (I want shrimp in a bowl of hot sauce with bread to dip) and then maybe the space launch on Thursday, but that presses me time I'm shipping some boxes already with vendory of art and plastics. Thus, no Disney to this yet (I always fancy myself driving across from California anyway and with friends like Madonna would do but no more travel this would yet). Here we have a couple of pieces of 'real' looking art on canvas one by "W. Gacy" on the patio a bunch of flowers, white - at high school level - another is M. Escher a red background with pointy spurls and a baubule lizard kinda, made out of browns and tans. That goes home with me for cherish as among other seen. Other seem. I spend my time looking through drawers anyway...   

Depeche Mode "Death's Door" Depeche Mode - The Complete Depeche Mode - DMBX5: Policy of Truth / World In My Eyes / I Feel You / Walking In My Shoes / Condemnation / In Your Room - Death's Door (Jazz Mix) from the movie "Until The End Of The World" (1991, we think to say) - did we see this yet? There is no 'jazz mix' only one I think.

<<<  Was it me was it you? Visit You Tube often to see Justin Timberlake "What Goes Around" rise and fall off properly noted of as (the stinky inline links quim in a day thanks but to offer) Ricky Martin pictures of me sent you we fell in love in the middle of my rolodex conversations and like me with as todd everly it took five or so days to fall from tree as ripened to me and now I know who I am as dumped next to me. That is seen a jerk-off for his Scottish mother abroad her little frankenlover...just now repositioning her loans as scot-free no longer seemed begging. Mine is to be her own son made her and no such bargain is made to me then. We keep the peace only when with - all other up to you seem as be made. P.S. That girl getting the shit beat out of her in the director debut as cut (music is like porno - no songs playing during sex to please unbet geek) is real...why would I have that and for being with her? Be beaten up - be mad is me. Junk - she's junk too not that paid my father says. All I ever get to me is Boby Jo Sisteen - two older legs smoothed up to a mugla pussy (um, an external cissporl punga) covered with no hair but vaseline and match heads with two stockings rolled down to be in support of her traded off.  >>>

[I can't keep loving you every day to be made - now it's my turn to take away gay boy stay outta trouble - Janet Jackson tit was about him acting fey 'o-mi god!'...and to quote Dizzy "please put that away"]

The Grammy's were fun last night Sunday 02/11 - all soul, waxworks (all outside on the face of it nothing personal or person-to-person to you), the show must go on. Mary J. Blige was hurtful and funny with all those cards thank you. The Justin Timberlake segments were great (
YouTube has an alternate live performance of "What Goes Around..." that is greatness too (stance: someone said to me "all poor people" and I disagree - people who gave all they had to give...and still they give, and is hurtful...mine). I watched that earlier he commands the stage well and as all devote...they took off the "This Train" video feature for Elton John, and however as I sing). I'm so proud. All the blacks were fabulous this year end. And what else? Nada. Yours said offscreen:  "1) Commitment 2) Pride 3) Levendusky died, that's why." I was in and out, but the family stayed bolted. Justin says he was Shannon we have to hurt you again? Blind Melon indeed. You better run from the grave. Meanwhile, the new video is Brothers Johnson and that ain't cheap, Bitch.

my mother yet doubled this past year, i guess
for her 'obituary' she says...that's what she thinks
just as big as shannon hoon remade you neil fears her bad 

to all who sing my name, sing it for me again...28,925.
doug 'diesel' hat from bloomingdale's , chris, leslie, ricky, geri, skylark, and mr. ed on september 24, 2005
ed is not my father, no...that's his father number '34' albert einstein and all on the go-round
he embalmed people that an early heart-attack death
his mother was greta garbo...the little girl is all that is left of actress jill clayburgh
ed is supposed to be tim matheson and i don't want to see him as old on film not even once again

Gary Numan "This Wreckage" 
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Premier Hits - This Wreckage from his "Premier Hits" comp (1997). Originally from the 1980 LP "Telekon". Lyric " and what if god's dead | we must have done something wrong | this dark facade ends | we're independent from someone '...aca aciado..."eye-ah a-saydoh" I see you anyway as in my house and clothes robbing me of mine...Spanish inflects, not just a Japanese.

Lush "Light From A Dead Star" 
Lush - Ciao! 1989-1996 - Light from a Dead Star and originally from their "Split" LP (1994) but now from their compilation LP "Ciao! 1989-1996" (2001) and lyric (credit Berenyi) " he | lives his life | in a world | full of women | and he takes | what he wants | from their love | and he throws the rest away " because he (supposedly Elvis) doesn't want you.

Tom Connelly aka "The Bri" reveals about acting on-screen "I don't get paid. I lie because I don't care what you think." Doug adds your opinion - senseless ever senseless - is hard on our hearts. Play well, be fair. What else? I get to know of stars and real persons on a metaphor (my name for it) staircase to a landing. The real person sees all and is on the landing above. Come on up the two review. P.S. The fake tattoos from the dollar shop last for two (2) days and nights fully - even with showers and soaps - then hag off like candied underwear in Japan. Not bad - long-lasting is scary to us here. 

Soon: Seven (7) or so (&)
Aesop's fables as paraphrased and by me...from last night's winkings...and all on a page of their own! Titles like "Rockbird", "The Flatterly", and "The Old Man Medit It Death". Soon enough.

Even If You Do, Then 02/11/07 0734
I helped work on the boat dock yesterday morning and I can't believe it - I get tired and hungry and leave, and the others do shortly thereafter. I go back and see no more progress then when I was there. This is the second time now. It's supposed to be like them Jesus stairs - you come back in and a suspicious-type angel has it all done like elves at a track meet. Supposedly the queen herself is working with us, but we think it's Princess [and actress Ann-] Margaret (with Yeardly Smith of
"The Simpson's" fame - sounds just like it...both nice girls but hard on the task). Someone dropped a hammer in the water and I told mind over "I hate this shit - get that back to him sometime" as bother me. Then someone gets a fat little rusty magnet on a string from god-knows-where and retrieves it from the water just like that, heh heh. Note that as done. We toured downtown Stuart (Florida) yesterday arts-crafts and then not much more but a train runs through town solidly each and every day some with trucks on them spelled international bargaining lately...nice enough for shopping everyone you know has a little shop there ("you take our kids for showbiz etc., and you have to make it nice for us to be here after then" it is said...nearly is a dullard like Palm Springs but ocean, breeze, and happy people everwhere). Not bad...we bought an old perfume mirror from one of Gloria Vanderbilt's little must-sees ( buy it and a new one here , Cokehead - I liked these alot too all balls). I didn't have much money I didn't really see anything I wanted either. Not a thing and it's like shopping with your mother for bras at Dunham's ("a reversible bra? does that mean I get shoved?" + "that's like a bra you can't soak in the sink - why bother smelling it?")

Someone at iTunes - "Lesley" - was lovely and gave me back all the songs I was missing by note. You go under "Store" on the iTunes menu then "Check For Purchases", enter your password and the songs stream right back in - so that's nice enough. "Thank you, you are kind" I wrote back ever happy that others don't join me on my madnesses although clearly and at fault. It might have turned out that I just removed songs to my MP3 player from the desktop ever the careful and forgot about the iTunes folder, but all is maddingly suspicious when we just spoke of having not been paid by credit card accepted so by. So seek. All is fine now although as pay twice I want to transfer those songs to my iTunes folder at home with password as key...and plus I wanted bother over these artists who are hated fervidly for being instantly brilliant (shining among a shine) always, but who are unwilling to teach hate acts how it all happens in a pleural sea of same said to. Honor the gold and also "don't try so hard to enjoy us" it said. Siobhan adds in the head (mind you I know no one personally and sit here still) they want to "charge me thirty cents ($0.30) over and above each sent for over a million negotiated as sent (how Jewish - you know more as felt "we don't care - we made the sale...otherwise you sell tape.") I don't care - people don't sit by while you cash in by traffic. "It's a loser" she says but I add "no more work by you plus more fee" is mine said. People don't like to see you cash in this way something's wrong still over and above all.
Sell you too. "That song could keep going on and on." Someone cut their hand working with us yesterday and that's on every wire stretched around us. They hafta sell too a woman stretches few wires well - not around men that is and as sneaking around with hot minds while you bother it ferv.

Economies are trade imbalances itself: You can't keep spending with no sales of your own to. You fail in us that way. Sell to us also - crack other wallets too, and but all in a world "where you can get a blow-job for only thirty bucks..." Is that you me too? 976-PHLM.

P.S. We're now using
"Screen Capture" to remedy ourselves new to you by photo. Follow along same. You get these by alternately searching at Yahoo! with the right calls afoot a "screen capture" I teach you and I learn with you too. "All I learned is that you can keep doing what you're doing while I get punched down." You're not me. You're just like my mother's husband - you want to be me and live my life by example. Grow up. In my best Evelyn Sanders, "You're not ME."    

"Everybody is all sterilizing their hands these days - clear-to-green santizer lotions in each bathroom and at whisk. Me myself I wipe the toilet seat down with gummy white moisturizers - I think oil cleans it best even the skin so bright." - dM who thinks homosexuals need an extra margin of change left about...yours, mine. "Hate has your home." + "Leave it to be there."

Justin Timberlake "What Goes Around..." promo video world premiere and all What Goes Around...Comes Around (Director's Cut) his stuff never I love this song.

Oh, Brother! They're offering "free" Slurpees (the brilliant t-shirts so cheap are a muss see...then click on "Sharing Our Love One Cup At A Time") from 7-Eleven again 2:1 if you'll just die at CNN and install their crap coupon software on the side (I just uninstalled you). My advice is just pay for it when your printer isn't supported as HVAC systems or something smelly my certificate is being checked and all "say yes". It's like gift cards in your shoved up your own ass they should be dead from it. I'll see what I can do...

In the meantime, a jail is paid only sixteen dollars ($16) out of one hundred real dollars ($100) with their credit while working at
Target. That's the amount of their plastic's value against real purchasing power the dollar. So, the jail worker gets equivalent or "equal" then goods and services - toothpastes, hair gels, underarm deodorants - only personals plus radios, etc. -  but at theirs cost alone - never as a wanton dollar out there on the street. The savings in employment by jail is passed on to the real dollar in matched or greater value - the worker's dollar against taxes made very sane again. That's how it works for us all of us and no one is cheated or bad news then. "I can buy shirts once a week too 'after they get theirs' they said." Same with their extensions of gift cards - your one hundred dollars ($100) exchanged then for sixteen dollars ($16) of their own purchasing power but added with extras and value ('how much is this worth to you?' but alone and in the head). So, see no losses anywhere by machine and codes run.

Message then: "Don't be a pain in the ass expressing value to us. Be Target - that lean and mean." - dM

Update From The "I Don't Mind Making Mistakes Going Out On A Limb To Get The Right Answer" department: You just need to delete the extra printer on your control panel to get the right one set as default - ours an
Epson Stylus Color 660 - and thus to be your current as default. We had something funky there "Microsoft Image Writer" a Microsoft cleanup for you it was suggested only it seem. So there - I now have my coupon I don't even like Slurpees but my mother does the whole thing a ploy we end suffering here by extolling (sending out blind as in bulk mail) another virtue (way to have yours stay) ;-) yours-mine seem. Now I'm next to trying out fake clip-art tattoos from the dollar store...Stuart Beach has bees, black rocky and with seashells but sand of shelf before sea. Is okay - many more people, but fully is oldsters. Um, "spry" (a willow as can bend still) is also from "sprite" or sparkly oldster in the sun. P.S. The other coupons could be nice if you can get 'em...

Our Last Breakfast Notes You 02/09/07 0951
Just got back from our weekly man-type breakfast at the local "Tina's Cafe" what thanks patrons on a Coca-Cola sign with signed "Tina, Doug, and Teri" - get that (Tina, Christina, Chrissy, Crystal...). We think our one waitress is the recuperating Christina Ricci hi girl you're odd here and then CBS chief Ted Templeman is with us as unmentioned too. We know the type - right? Looks the part, couldn't be any more right for it, is extra-mean to you business-wise, but nice enough. So see our last venture from Fridays. Gonna scan some particularly good pix while I'm here today and then we also need to mention an earlier visit in New Jersey with my Uncle Eddie (most notably is singer Glen Campbell). He lives right around the corner from the fairgrounds in Trenton their old place on Nottingham Way still for sale and unchanged, but the new place is worthy of stardom (his one son is Eddie Vedder yes they practice in a hole next door but anyone could stay there and feel like they had real good trappings to be with - my opinion - and where is yours exactly?) All finished beautifully inside of home with workout places and entertainment stuff, lightings and all - a very perfect life. Finally we see how all comes together and very well. P.S. We saw his younger son Gregory set himself on fire early in the morning and on the news or actually The Today Show what filmed at Universal for a week...he laid down to get them to put it out a stuntman, kinda...and he is a singer you know who don't make me say it twice. "The pills [for weight loss] make me scared, kinda - all of us." In our opinion, our people need to keep some weight on for prison-like systems we didn't choose to be with you and other junk. Insubstantial but pretty gets used and bad at that. A little weight makes your martyrs think twice as bully yours bad. Always trying to fight in the executive suite goes back down to the lobby to collect your prize out back and you go back to your mama, same. Our boys are nice enough but to threaten you is this mean.    

Yesterday's tenders about Anna Nicole she hates you too (and noting some strange blonde woman with hat pulled down sat next to us at the restaurant in Palm Beach - is it you?): 

"I died, but it don't mean nothing to me - I walked over here. Tell people to come see me [in my grave for social]." Adds "I went downstairs and waited for something to happen, got up, and had a heart attack on pills right there on the floor. Someone tried to revive me and they stopped - the guy on tv he's distraught anyway and caused this with accounts and battles" she is fifty-three (53) years old. Is going to take six (6) months off before she re-emerges here. Was in Stuart, Florida today on the beach with me she says. She gets around by optical eye (she is newsworthy, and sees how with us). Anna Nicole will return this happened yesterday she is rich still, she says. Fine.

More on 02/09/07: No comment yet? "I wouldn't come to yours [know that before saying of me]." Is Seward Johnson's latest and Dorothy Parker's ? only daughter. Get it? On me she says: "You're cute, but you're not kind. Thanks off." Fine...thank you. More I get 02/10/07: Anna Nicole is supposed to be my childhood friend Joanne Lentoski who graduated with us 1982 (we drove to school often I was always there). That means her sister Brenda who is "Angie" or Donna Pescow as jilted from "Saturday Night Fever" and Philly's "Angie" paid in somehow. Nice girls. They moved to us from California or Texas somehow early on (all covered with stains from doing shutters on a home) and are evil and older sets. This family twists together somehow with Schweds the father and son from "Sopranos" and I leave it all off for now. Each bitch that gets to be a star thinks better of me then drops down or lives in the pool in the backyard for a while as unseen...

i was very surprised upon entry of this place - my mother purchased a sectional for fare
we've never had anything like this although mediterranean in style always - notice the cleopatra on end
this is alot nicer than it looks a pea-green naughahyde that is very neat and conditioned like suede almost
so seem - there's a pull-out bed inside of ours any
i personally don't like others sleeping in my living room and offer guests a blow-up mattress instead as ever unwelcome
if no guest room and bathroom that is...
on parts of this one must be careful just plopping down is hard
we have a pottery barn -type mirror above very claering (a high purchase price = clown mirrors or better to seem all trapezoid behind you)
mirrors lie ever with cheap parts...also we feature black woven pillows with painted circles seem that are actually woven in by color
very classy, classic, may be to the standard we seek and after all
other pillows are crimson red cloth with green palm trees woven in...others too with chinese tassel silks red on the side not to be used

"So evil, would glue hairs on a mole..."  

Apple iTunes

"Nevermind 'what it feels like for a girl', Madonna. With a small needle at-hand, 'does this hurt? does that hurt?' will do nicely enough. We check for it sensitivities only and that will do for me." - dM...good song though if ridicule

West Palm Beach
02/07/07 2009
Drove down to West Palm Beach today to lunch with Patty and Larry Masgay my mother's only friends (he is director Joel Schumacher among others...Merv Griffin...he won't say, neither will she Princess Almadolva of France mother suspects nothing McKnights) and had lunch near Trump's famous keys hotel "Key Largo" (um "Mar-A-Largo" or "majorly left behind" as the moon is seen) and it's just like the Beverly Hills Hotel but on the just don't enter this either. The restaurant was called Michael R. McCarty's we ate outdoors I had my traditional crab cake appetizer and chicken caesar with fountain cokes. And afterward we shopped a little at an army complex full of Chinese-type arts from Mexico's hand a whole emporium of (we looked seriously at a red wooden box with lid called a 'lyrah' for storing a miscellany of hand soaps for picky-type women who bathe at - $114, but not just be yet...Patty later chewed it on down to $68 and still a no for the assume planter why bother it here) the whole place is - how shall we say - barely a' breathing. Nice enough the airport is there...thanks again we had a great time. Now to Brazil ? no calls, no else truths please.

"We just get ours done. We don't care - we live, we die." - Just them as them.

California's recycling matz from e-mail - do not enter as other-else. We hate recycling, but cash. Tip: Keep glass in the dark to rid itself of light inside and then brittle before flaring or melting down. Is ash glass then and ready to melt. In a box. Melt in hot cinder block too if foil underneath. A duraflame log melts well it charges with pot too or barbeque. Consult none just try one.

Our ship calendar for February 2007 and while I'm's about time.

we have hard stone tile in our homes everywhere you go even here and i love the look and feel - like a roman palazzo or open air home
just can't keep it inside: kitchens, hallways, patio - with hard, white grout in-between as professionally lain 16" to 18" each square of
someone says 'will take your teeth if you fall' as holds the heat to...i don't dress for that
so? recommend to me...and these days cleans well against shitty waxes and other crap building right up


Curve "Fly With The High" Curve - Gift - Fly with the High from 2001's "Gift" LP and again hurt me. She asked for a song called Curve "Storm" MP3 (4.1 Megs) ...not yet, not here (from 2001's "Open Day At The Hate Fest" LP as internet release and only...we used FreeRIP as then Windows-only to generate MP3 status from a disc copy I have here in my mother's stocks and nobody to pay...then go back to to get all seen in their merchandise store even cassettes). You know those last four (4) songs I bought from iTunes? I bought five (5) altogether on the same travel card and they backed out the last four (4) AND HAVE TRIED TO BILL ME. YOU TOO? I GROUND UP THE $25 TRAVEL CARD AS UNRELOADABLE IMMEDIATELY IN MY MOTHER'S CHECK GRINDER, BUT SEE WHY NOT YOU TOO WITH THESE CARDS - WHAT IF THEY WON'T AS SAID? PAY TWICE ON ACCOUNT WITH THE SONGS REMOVED AS SLYLY? IT PAID FOR THE FIRST SONG OKAY AFTER YAHOO!...AND ALL FOR AN AFFILIATE OF THEIRS LIKE I'M NOT GONNA MATTER EVER LITERALLY A GOD-TYPE ISSUE WITH EACH PURCHASE MADE MINE AND AT HOME. NEXT? NEVER ANYTHING FOR ME BUT TALK OF YOU TOO.

" you find yourself in the middle of a | storm | you thought you were hard | but you've been barely been formed | see who you are as your future is faced | it's not that far | no step is retraced | today you're safe | tomorrow who knows | guarantees are fool's gold | thirty-four turns to forty-three | see my mistakes | don't become me "

I met Toni's mother in Florida, briefly, lives in our complex...'Gabriele'...nice enough some the say the queen too I left her my movie ticket lying about thanks. Under aseems I am my mother's son you do the rest if privately with me. No questions if.

Again, and they are:
01/06/07 Siobhan Fahey "Bad Blood (Alan Moulder Remix)" 
01/06/07 Nirvana "Something In The Way"
01/06/07 Smashing Pumpkins "Rhinocerous"
01/06/07 Shakespear's Sister "Singles Party"

Update 02/07/07: I just paid the folks at iTunes again (for nothing I have - we don't actually believe in replacing songs...just buy another of it so cheap to hear well) and we'll leave it at that (note boxes below with fix...I write erratic when so maddened but starts it all at small...I live on averages me well, not seemingly well each of). Note ePassporte as the next left taken for that and you can now print up deposit books at a local bank (mine will be Wells Fargo) to up the ante periodically or twenty-five (25) times - it's not even your account - and all for nine ninety-five ($9.95) by them and directly from your ePassporte account. Seems ePassporte is getting to be good enough for print payments now at iTunes etc., and we'll see more of this later while dialing the sun a full-on zodiac of cards and accounts over no credit to seem (note again: even if you pay every well, one day you can't pay - so what? do you die at then? I paid everything off monthly and forever and look at me even if you're God they sway off and around while trying to gain at theirselves). Remember, "debit" is no approval but some obviously still with your cash in account. Debit is yours made as pre-paid in. Credit is theirs to say you, not cash advanced to them already. Credit borrows the future from you or staves yours back while they try to pay for it all so save. The credit is theirs yet so to confuse.

"Like Captain Hook wiping his own ass, you don't mind poking through the papers for a sale."- dM

Like the fingers of the right hand a review of our November 2003 (11/18/03 ) feature sense:
thumb - 'sure, let's give it a try'
forefinger - 'is this it, mine?'
index finger - 'an elegance ensues'
aft finger - 'not this one, thanks off'
pinky - 'still, if i must...'

I live well whether they accept my $25 Vanilla Visa at or not - obviously someone is paying and Accountemps has measured contact again.

"He fed them another book." - Neilsy

"Forgive, you go back and act like nothing happened as just before this item appeared. Forget, I agree to go back and receive as just before this and not mention it again at all the offender taken in." - dM
 who forgives you, a contingency item pea soup I can't see why but okay maybe me.    

"Talking to the truth is like a bowl of Cool-Whip you wasn't supposed to open. If you take your time touching with a spoon..." - dM who smooths it around masterfully "it'll sell like new."

Apple iTunes

I haven't picked a favorite at Sundance - not yet, Ellen. So far is "Dad" (an old man naked rubbing around in a bed next to someone else old - dirty, but provocative that means stirring you adversely or without care), I guess to not. Is MIA (a mite influential) as missing now. David Spade was not Kirk Cameron ? - it is his younger brother by two years ago Philip. We hafta keep track of who is who lately. "Answer-quiz." A briangame.

Testify by me: I like MS Internet Explorer for allowing to me to zoom in on a page easily enough, and more importantly to zoom out. Proves us well in the head...try lower right corner of window and also does not wrap texts zooming out. And Netscape's share price (as the studio standard)? Tip: If any odd sticks, return to 'text size' under 'page' upper right and lower text to 'small-smallest' as I only do. Another internet application will show you justify or what's actually happening once then.

cooking up trouble at world's fair new york city 1923
no one else we know is there...christ is in bermuda then 'charlie horse' is his name at
'you don't do the right things and i'm here - can i do the right thing?'

Madonna "I Love New York" Madonna - The Confessions Tour - I Love New York from the "Confessions Tour" LP (2007) - I was reimpressed with this edit of. Pretty good shit. Also, "Lost In Space" the tv series is there dying of it too...

Lost In Space Lost In Space I collected them all on video cassette from Columbia House Video Library forty-three (43) stylishly packaged VHS tapes with two (2) episodes per X $25.50 at the each. You do the math.

"The Space Croppers" are hillbillies featuring Mercedes McCambridge as a rockabilly mama who resents Dr. Smith's affections - Season 1; 
"The Girl From The Green Dimension" floating outside in space making weirdo sounds to Dr. Smith - Season 2;
"The Colonist" is a woman in black leather sheens with spikes on her head leader of "the amazons" big girls, big times - Season 2;
"Trip Through The Robot" as he is very large and on his side dying of it they get out just in time - Season 2.
(others are "The Android Machine" with Fritz Feld who pops on his mouth - Season 2, and note "Visit To A Hostile Planet" sees their John Williams theme song played out well enough).

Coupla weirdos: Gary Numan's "Metal" done by Afrika Bambaataa - also we wait for the real one. Get back to Filter "Take A Picture" dropped from us before...28,044 we cracked code here.  

Scatter of notes: Went walking today too far trying to spend my twenty dollars...nearly that. What to do if alligator should approach? "Run in the street" it said. What I need is a flaming can of
3M Spray Mount (a gummy backing for spray painting with stencils-templates or mounting forms in a frame) and in your nostril-eye. Stinks to high heaven in an office stairwell. Until then, we seek the services of the $1 Downtown Trolley Route 4 when I come to leave I'll know everything yet. Visit Harbor Freight of tools and look at their great ideas under "hot" or "new" items often are you bored to be like me? I like knowing much in advance of need maybe you too and at great prices. Kevin Bacon mentioned needs of others on ABC's "The View" he said it was "philantrophic" concerns that led to this place called DG Domain Glue and you can seep from there. He thinks "Women and children aren't playing along with us and this helps keep us sane with [computer and business-type] transfers that are reasonable and cheaply applied." Furthers "It hurts your business if you talk - it's apparent - so we wait for better together. Let yours talk and then bleep out, but away with friendlies soon." That means "let us handle the dump of it - we'll do well." Also, if you're cheap, you can see wilted bits of Madonna's tour at the YouTube.

Yahoo! Avatars

Can you believe it? The stillness of having won me? Congratulations Colts to both of us! I finally watched a Super Bowl to any meaning at all, but number forty-one ? like you started in 1953 ? 1966 ? Well then, that explains the sixteen I kept seeing 'XL1' excellent one, your excellency, OSX . Anyway, I dressed up my avatar late in the first quarter or so (yeth, this is it) and people just didn't seem too happy to win with me my mother and husband all silent at end. Ken Russell is king for a day (the owner I hear). Other than that, see the horseshoe is an 'omega chi' or sun and moon to me...greek. I also won $20 (each here chipped in five $5.00 X 3) the kitty paid me in the third quarter we picked five squares each then hat draws ? someone called here and I went to collect at the community center (I got tired of watching my mother skip lasses and went home about midway "Is this [the win] real?" I asked fearing a charity sake of one hundred blocks randomly signed by each dollar the hat-drawn numbers 1-10 and applied as so?) So there - I'm happy enough again. "Praise be." Love that. Yes, I watched the entertainments and all with others thanks again and to make heaven come some.


Check out Post-It's little "Digital Notes" program for making virtual notes on your screen with bells and all - you can put photos inside the yellow blocks (example from web: type in under the 'add image' field to see this site's banner made and in-place live - waits for any changes to occur for you...thanks Neil "I made your whole web page in there...") - all is free for thirty (30) days or so. I have mine and for now looking around for free samples of stuff and by mail...can use for nudes of yourself to other makes. I keep mine [in the] safe I've got the secret combination.

Apple HotFlash! iTunes Store Tops Two Billion Songs Sold...
Really, more like eighteen plus billion...but unpaid here as of yet. They have color iPod Shuffle clips now too.
One popular electronics store in the Sunday paper BestBuy gives you a fifteen-dollar $15 iTunes card with purchase of and at price (new the color units included, yes). A sale is then. Conversely, Apple v'schmetz will engrave the stuff "v.c. updyke" in no sale as in-person. Otherwise, for the idea only I used to type these up for work at Great Adventure. See others too. We muse that they iPod have all possible combinations of letters-characters made ready to go by math's side. It's true. That's only 38^40 (thirty-eight to the fortieth power) for "oh john oh john let's fuck let's do it" A-Z, 0-9, an apostrophe, a quote mark, a single dash or underscore (or then a blank then). Any more a comma and you're on you're own - let's say no, no.  

A billion is one thousand times a million. A million is one thousand times one thousand. So, 1,000 X 1,000 X 1,000 X 2 (um, 18, really). 

Ace Of Base "All That She Wants" Ace of Base - Singles of the 90s - All That She Wants as currently from their "Singles Of The 90's" LP (1999) I guess...this dropped as earlier a kingboat of it. One of my favorite songs ever, you get into trouble talking about girls being holy like this.

Another Day Of Good Friend With Great Eats 02/04/07 0751
There have been a few incidences of vultures eating the last few days - the first sighting (both from cars crapping, essentially) had a cracked boxer turtle large on the sidewalk nearby road being consumed viciously (we are near in Africa, nearly), and yesterday a bunch of them had an opossum (really, just a single "rat" all grown up and masticating itself with you nearby a pet now - no marsupial is this read up no tits in the bag...a small one very cute running on the road in West Hollywood, CA would get you shot at for bothering it at all - it came back from the dead small that's all...a "tasmanian devil" they screamed at us as cornered in our garage once in Allentown, NJ the only light bulb taken out by someone and of course the switch to be notes) linked up to the cord while they tapped its spine and length all neat long. Right here in the complex near road at tennis courts. I passed that particular of afford on the way to help reboard the boat docks just south of us near Madonna's and Neil's rentals (says she "I own mine" on the back road his gray hers pinkish or "labender") on the river-bay. Both victims routed by here spoke of being blacks who deliver a feast for the bother and leave just before as tapped on the head with newspaper it's time, and the birds are younger guys a girl single from up north Tallahassee who change into and fly as sitting on top of a tractor with buttons and then return to an apartment complex near there to take off a coat. They say eating the meat is like taking a small clear box with a handle on the upper left-most corner with their right hand only, and putting the meat in a coat nearby flat on the ground (where it's stored to re-emerge one day as young again and as fit for the climb). No damage done, but great glory we see. "We don't see anything [we're doing] as this - we just know it's there 'radially' they say. We pick at ourselves, really, it makes 'fez' or fettering at." The birds had a mask on like Bartholomew a "B" they were very nice like that, but better looking. "We wanted the birds to have a real life, but it's dirty. We know it's dirty because people chase us away. We are not wanted and that is dirty living for us." Adds "We don't think right as this - don't expect us to love you...hard on the ears you are only. 'Rummles' or bad noise then." Two (2) of them say that here. [BREAK] A coupla huskies (older femmes) worked me hard at that dock yesterday while I channeled the dead everywhere in haste I left soon enough not being paid and after all just seeking a base welcome there with no boat to see although Madonna and Neil harbour some light and airy of skinboats with just tarps on-top. "Old people - we rest." I also went to some flea market B&A Flea Market south of here in Stuart, Florida and picked up some more fruit and other junk (see lots of ugly-type dolls who are soul reminisce with us everywhere we are here - take two home, you'll need to be thought of). Happy to Superbowl...kings (people who can pay others well) win only. Who's King? --

now at target at valentine's day how appropriate - a little world just like yours dying of it
my friend philip kwan (of hong kong gold man) - who also introduced me to paperwhites growing in glass block halves - showed me this once
it was on his desk at work ucla...a whole ecosystem feeding on itself and all for only $59.99 right now
there's no one i won't mention - trust that
he had the oval one starving not the sphere - "not for that price" he says joyce iwamoto is cathy dennis
p.s. i also loved the small red-glass bowls blood-red i got at target for the paperwhites maybe they have both look see

Soon - only three (3) types of beans ever! Pinto (Navy), Lima (Soy), Kidney (Horse)...soon. Maybe that's all besaid? Painted befish on CNN is lipstick only no permanent "tattoo"...thanks. Harmless, but they don't like it. Navy was made for cats and dogs - period. Lima for fish only. Kidney for us (the "horse" makes reference to hard work won here). Eat each at but your own risk. I hate lima beans - period - and eat the others randomly. P.S. Lettuce (iceberg and butter - not romaine as that is lemon only) has meat-quality proteins often enough. Is more than diet food, you contacted us and made sense with it. Thanks again. Lentils (or peas only in grade of growing satisfaction) have much too. That's it - then wheatsworth. Wheat has some too. No sugars ever you need it. You can live on sugars, just not well enough. Eat meat some always I'd say again and again yet. Be clean about it though. We kill to live well.

Key: Pinto is green only. Lima is white only at nature sense. Kidney has three (3) sizes soaked and to eat and is brown only. All beans you eat are kidney and lima only. The rest is cat food at Purina. Lima should be cat food so pasty. Tofu is wheat margins or grease (as no bean produces oil) and kidney beans only, but soy is their name for it all. Lima is in succotash (with yellow corn), only and "is for dogs, really."

Pigskin, BTW, was made for luggage only - nothing that touches the inner skins on you. That's all - maybe tires in France. Otherwise, feed it to goats as dried in mix or fried up loosely. Feed people if you want to - that's okay.   

note before link: you hafta get the card in a store, not online
this is clean horsethanks giving to it and is here again because the card is damned clever
i get these by 'u2' i speak of mine, then you speak of yours and without giving me, a moonie type
'each child a prodigy'
p.s. the foil is sarcophagan or contains a person's life...turned sideways is a metal coffin
is very doug moon

went to the little orchid show today at jensen beach my mother bought three (3) of them for's like that and always a vampirella
i instead toured the docks there and it rocks bad on rollers surrounding square cement pillars that rock
it rocked bad i got right off no one was there either...madonna and rosie dock here she both owned the building upstream
the map is for your concern - never mention hutchinson island again it is nothing to me
we went to waveland at jensen beach...the orchids smell like anise-licorice and lavender i smelled only anise, no lavender
my favorite orchid (pure death-ladings that do not wilt much the flower lasts and lasts a firm heroin source) at the show was buccle white
it was many petals arranged to look like a dead baby in swaddling i loved it over and over - most are reasonably priced
they have great plastic stem clips everywhere too - colorful, clear dragonflies, green stem clips with soften springs, etc., for sticks 
weather is threatening us now...spirits...ants crawled in my sneakers yesterday while i picked oranges in our little orchard here
no bad bites but unnerving me the juice was exquisite although the oranges blackened with frostbite
no, that was because someone pee'd in it on the way there oblongata odoweiss orowell meteswell
i spray my room and foodstuffs with raid i'll be in the hospital dying of breath
i feel itching on my legs mind over says it's the 'computer heat and the fan' above does it
see me spraying more, only
dirty fleas? i'll spray raid in all of your tiny mouths...i'll be spraying tiny plasmas (frits) too

Our Colonial Update 02/02/07 1453
Went to file my taxes for the prior tax year online at OLT Online Taxes again and while in New Jersey and they wanted to charge me seven-plus bucks ($7.95) to file my federal-level return after we both determined nothing was due or to be coming due. I only 'worked' two (2) days last year - and both were for the voting commission in Los Angeles. Sure - the June Primary (one hundred five dollars, $105.00 with certain trainings included) and the November seasonal vote (eighty dollars, $80.00 no too train) and that was that. So, no W-2 or evidence of having worked by employer-state, and no taxes taken toward it neither as 'gift for it' only seasonal and barely, or then commissioned sake ("for our benefit, not theirs and already"). I thought I'd get the workers-type money forth credit, but no they have their thresholds upward - you had to work, but and be poorly received as such hired for that work. So there...Tax Year 2006 for Douglas C. Moon: $0.00 and to report as free at sometime. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL, but don't complain too heartily or as work it may seem. Tip: If you don't have your W-2 yet, just use last year's employer info and codes if all's the same and with last paycheck of the year figures gross paid in tax. That works, but you should have it all by now...also you can decline the state return within the state-form routine - that is, you can uncheck the state filing box once you start filling out the state return online. So, just select it as if you would submit the form from there and uncheck the box within for just a federal return as paid in. This place is the IRS and them state anyway as negotiated through. OK? OK.        

a repeat feature from our message board - the screen as sewn by me, yet all torn down to be as else (hi all whispering)

Just had breakfast with George Bush Sr. (his father was Bing Crosby it seems...look for that) and Paul "Baskin-Robbins Rankin-Bass" Frees...others named already and all in a local diner under the premise of 'men only' (as sucrets homosexual, I'm unwary of hug clubs in the woods and all "i love you man")...Richard Haskill of Gloria Vanderbilt fame yes we see you scoping us anyway as Dicky Betts numb. This on 02/02/07...the president's, the vice-president's (is bigger) boats are docked nearby the one Madonna and Rosie died on off the coast of France - sure, right in the back of it where mind showed me fish flipping out of the water. We're gonna do the whole Jesus thing tomorrow and nail new board on the docks as from the hurricanes here and mother hates the look of sewn thread (then water on it) and Elmer's glue on the patio screens being patched (though I love it still - very arthouse, very suture, very interesting - very Haiti), so maybe we repair those too with a roll of brand-new screen (although Toni fell from hers and through nearby like the fool dancing over the cliff - it curses to me yet). Meanwhile, I think about how screen can be pushed out to patio length and not be on sliding doors, how if I were blind I would push a wall down each hall on rollers (say to the laundry room) and always to then exclude mishap (a bag left in the way by idiot) and build radials or computer-screen plans in my head (I think red in the dark of it screen, Mark my friend says it is blue actually...), how I would find the surface under water is I ball up and wait to know and other stuff not recalled easily enough yet...stick your tongue out ? ...try these in pools anyway. Let us know be nothing. A new carpet makes small rooms seem liveable again - expand nothing new carpets only. The Elmer's does work "ventrilly" or "up and down [lengths of something]" - I say "vertically" but that means "poles only" if will. Last time we laid the screen flat.

This condo - Gwyneth and I talked - has a laundry room across the hall that doubles as kitchen with its closets too when others stay. I like that...electric appliances and no mixing of other here as in kitchen and room bathroom. Storms then nearby. "We love it" says her of one stay with us here.      

M People "One Night In Heaven" M People - Elegant Slumming - One Night In Heaven a repeat me from their album entitled "Elegant Slumming" (1994) and Shirley Bassey sing..." one ni-i-i-ight | one night in heaven " and that's that.

Madonna "Confessions Tour" Madonna - The Confessions Tour - The Confessions Tour looks like it opened to God be himself - check it out but price the wild horses and all. To date: 27,823...lucky number you.

Uncut Movies @ iTunes
"Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home" Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - i love the story: produce one good whale, or all die of me big black in the sky drinking up your waters; BTW, Stevie Nicks is the girl in this and remember how cathartic - you laugh, you cry with firm resolution at the end and all like the original "Superman" movies - it's that others to be with me yet plus plus stay with the message board - our foam away of foam - while you're here and i'm away as i can't keep alerting to this page for asundry of thoughts numbers for hits get false that way...costs rise...i die of it but worry and i god? i want 'the musketeer' too...coming soon?

my sister's kids each have this and with cards you insert yourself
it only keeps tabs on amounts typed in - the drawer below locks, but cash-of-coin inserts too easily if the bills just roll in and drop
madonna (susie) adds "the real thing is no better" - touche!
still cute though, and i thought to myself a little loan might be in order all w.c. fields during a demo by the older kid and his card
further and seriously, i told my brother chris age 34 of funds available yet...this when i got home
those kids have alot saved you'll see - with the girl's own unit is pink  and maybe cheaper at link
on sale now at the
sky mall planes, trains, and automobiles not withstanding john lithgow is the real bill cosby
he mocks his son by evilee davis..better known as rocker angela davis

the nokia 2600 was my famed unit...hate that base ring at list $49.99
you can change the plastic of face and all uses a wall transformer to plug and charge as lying flat 
mine played madonna's 'beautiful stranger (william orbit mix)' instead as ring-tone then 'a bump in the night' features these ringtones and still in their own little tit-ring called 'ringtown'
however, the midi version is gone, you have real music now...midi - isn't that the point? get midi
it's the only thing it's good for anyway midi - annoying people with your way
immediately, i reject you but ok  

The Very First Day Of February ! Is In 2007 Sixteen Days Gathering Dust 02/01/07 0731
Here were are, and on-time. Someone asks "Do you like 3M Post-Its?" I do, but they don't hang well I use tape still (and God Bless ! the peel-off satin glue on the back of new credit cards). ALSO, I WAS THINKING ABOUT MAKING MY OWN SCRAP-PAPER MEMO PADS WITH DRIED ELMER'S GLUE AS THE BACKING "DOUG & GERI ASK YOU NOT TO:, NOT AGAIN" - SURE, CLIPPING UP 8.5" X 11" INTO FOUR (4) SECTIONS, MATCHING ENDS FOR A SMEARING OF TOOTHPICK SOMETHING THICKER THAN PAPER AND UNPRINTED IN BACK FOR COSMETIC TEARS...MAKES GREAT FAKE WINDOWS IN ENVELOPES TOO IF DRIED ON WAX PAPER OR OTHER SERVICE. Someone else asks about the caveman commercial for Geico Insurance - what gives? It's about people who can't read [English] well - all flattered that as gross as they are, they are pictured well and doing. The guy is cute in his way (a caveman depicted using a computer signals one traveling in the airport on conveyor and he smiles bashfully - a she? no, a male), but doesn't see the insult - as "even you could get this right." Teaches people not to rock the boat on them so much - they don't get it anyway and I'm like that too: simply appreciative of the mention - thanks it to fuck. You'll be seeing one, it says loosely (here's Geico's video center with all of their commercials added in by video - great idea for any online of business, Norwegian Cruises la da di di dum...err, what was that little song?) For me? My quote "You can't give a cellphone to a caveman. You hafta have the capacity to hold or keep one running and in good condition." In the meantime, we have women and other nonesuch walking around in supermarkets and malls keeping all lit with their banals while I can't afford one reasonably. Oh, I loved my Nokia 2600 too before smashing it to bits in a parking lot, but that particular basic of ringtone stills me to this day like unpaid bills, like joblessness is haunted by "The Devil Wears Prada" (see once and for all that Anne Hathaway was Meryl Streep's daughter in a world of nepotism or hiring one's own hand - get that right now...the bald one with winesap breath was hers too, her son). See that one ringtone die off, but I heard one on the way down here in a supermart...chills issue. Meanwhile, Post-It's are only second to that awful ringtone in handwritten files and other slame retentions at work - a veritable nuisance, but well to be said as providing a neatness count on the way in, up to. So be there.

P.S. My vagina monologues as months ago were from the first women who popped in my head as stong and as self-assured (not so asking of others to be theirs). Maybe I quote a few more right here the Rosie O'Donnellses - "Three words: stink, stank, stunk." You are not on my list yet. My own monologue entitled "Mine Red Eye: Verily Starkiss A Becoarsen Hairb" issues "A delicate rose of petals multicolour perhaps in my bath like something behostile painted by Georgia O'Keefe...a living art in the desert of my love...pistils, stamens...besmells alike something working too hard to live but managed as some say....after episiotomy I wipe up as back to front you scan my card but decline for purchase." I owe the overall wealth figures of some stars, too. Who? Savior: Michael Urie, as seen on ABC's "The View" thanks again, is the guy who does Justin Timberlake and on singing though.

P.P.S. What makes this again - on-time and ready to greet as before you? No drugs-drink, plus a quality coffee in the morning with regular half-and-half, walls of sugar. I hafta rise by six a.m. these days my own little bed is a 'king-size' here like a hotel and then somewhat shorter than that o.p.u.l.e.n.c.e. - a half-king I like it. My mother cooking meals is another factor, but bitching often 'i'm not your husband - wrap that fish outside or I leave' press play...last night it was because we drank her diet iced tea in cans on her...thought I'd try and enjoy some if you're importing that piss against us (fat-free equals fat - your body retaliates against and with me but you can say to doctor-friend you ate well but had a diet on them). Then I thought at home no one else drinks soda, only I do and how that is nice for me...we forgive all and in this way 'she's just like me and after all' but threatens to keep powder of dinners in her car's trunk again. Aptly, her car was 'the Caprice' or 'the unpredictable' - you never then knew what was next for dinner.

P.P.S. She doesn't have a car here. Her husband does but no actual trunk, and with her at the wheel unfamiliar with texts my god... 

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From Harpy To Heartbeat We Understand Why Not You, But Sometimes Need Just One More Olive And Grape, One More Bit Of Wine From January 2007
Life is full of disppointments and all of the younger people who theaten to kick your ass while paying are still here with me. Can't you feel love? Can't you feel good? Maybe I'll get to pay for dinner sometime and thank you all. I tell others who ask to pay "You know, paying [for the check] means something, you know." Be ready to pay - for the challenge of paying for all had by us. You actually hafta to be able to pay, and that means no further mention by you or your friends - that's all. That's affluent or kindly said back to me. I paid for everyone all the time 'oh, let me get it' while wait for your own boat to come in shipz. Buying drinks at the bar wasn't so easy, though - you can't just rush in and buy the others a matters some if and individually. Pay me. "It's a harpy, it's a lovebeat." - T. DeFranco & Family    


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