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If Finally, Let That Be The End Of It - A Precarious March 2006 Awaits Us If Better Had

"Euripides" (say "yoor-ip-a-dees") is water that is pee'd in, or has an oily sheen on-top (like the water passed through turbines at Hoover Dam - we call it 'bakings' while here on Earth, thus a salt). Thus "flows like euripides" means that someone else can't wait for you to have it and know why with them to no gift. The Greek dramatist - a black man of the same name - used to oppose saints by peeing in their drinks first - a real jerk that died by a hanging one day from an oil or olive-type tree. Saint Martin Alica (say "a-lee-see-ah") did it to him.

Neil Young "Old Man" Old Man a great one from the studio without replacing to please others. From the "Harvest" LP (1972).

Pass The Casket Another Bad Idea 02/28/06 2030
In this the latest vision I had - or maybe one earlier - there's this party going on in one room like this one in somebody's home, people standing around having drinks or whatever and ushered in from one side quickly and to no one's notice comes a gray casket to be opened flatly amidst crowd and aghast. Sure - two (2) or three (3) attendants dropped it off on the probably-carpeted floor, opened it right up proper, and said in a public way 'there's your [guest of honor].' Apparently, the guests - and there were many - wouldn't have come for else made so far in advance or then opt out. It was white people, a drug death or something else unmessy you could show others first then ask what of to no prompt. The truth? A fireman on drugs rotting in the box for six (6) weeks - he was popular enough nineteen (19) people there the party held to gather money for the already burial of a young son the father too distraught to see you. Massachusetts, Sunday evening. Have fun, not glory it said. David Welkind, 52, and his kids who laughed. Thanks, with "a dead body is quite possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen [with absolutely no life in it and against all expect...]" - that's me - usually parents try this for someone younger maybe you. To the "nobody came to my funeral" file.

Another Visual Delight These Aren't Cheap You Know Read On 02/28/06 1230
To Neil...we never meet because you know me already and no one cares. You are a star, you suffer unduly, have nothing I see as miraculous yet, and still people question my need to be known. I kill them and remind you your grave still holds secrets you can count on seeing again. People meet me to note nothing I need to see them for: "desperately nothing I'd see in myself" seeks "you're fat" and "you wear a baseball hat to conceal you're bald..." Yeah, like you wear a bra to conceal your breasts (yet reveals lint and skin tags under the sister recommends a bit of noose dental floss - mint, unwaxed - around the offending werbler to see it off on its own - perhaps to be seen lying next to you in the bed one day). My best jokes spoken to be by you yet...a slag to be wiped of clean one day off. Meanwhile, yours and other's embalmings described to me again and further: you stand there with someone else a hired person doing it and every time while your family of up to twenty (20) waits in seats further some stand around you not too close or crowded and watches with you the treatment is horrible only they say but "gets you done and outta there." Somehow we know nothing is real around us they'd say - but is actually happening just the walls faded. Above us always being filmed all of it is noted and there are flashbulbs going off in squares of vision horizontally and vertically to note you being watched as celebrity and holocaust. You lean over a white church of rail to reach in and get objects in a body cut long and about "three times" (3x) bigger (really five times 5x). The objects are seen as organs painted some by clinicians they say who already looked at it all only no 'dirts' yet. A preview of times taken and seen. My voice as lamented to no one and special overhead "We don't learn you, we don't learn anything ["like blacks" Neil says] - just get it done and get it out of here. Not now...not now...ask me no questions" and all said quickly. A torture for having said me again. I like the flashing above like harsh celebrity and snaps it off topic. P.S. The hat keeps to you a sharper note and from granting yourself object in no sincerity extended - I don't live to confirm your findings from higher sought yet an unseen pill to me your dick may say it best your probe your further to no interest. See yourself made less when reveals slight as truer to hardships seen if then dances naked on the lawn for police three coins in a fountain. I don't give people gifts against myself readily or without seeing myself as then seeing a little something for myself your liberty meets to my freedoms negate-negate. You work for each you may see. My father ever artless relates convincingly "They take it anyway." To no further note we hope of. A soivaela - eats after others have eaten but with another corpsefucker not seen by me.

We are not all the same you know. What do you joy to? A pervasive sense of loss I'd say once an excess of need is attracted. Vision this: This woman comes running out of her home to touch a drugged sexperson another maelstrom "David _" with an electric-type taser at the driveway side exit. Someone finds the second victim dead soon enough on the winter ground nearby, and after careful consideration the woman is snap-taken like a larch to the ground and extinguished at heart-flame by a toweled choking of some sort made her from behind thus samed (a jar full of vaseline on the neck ? so no vow is there - you can't get it off the neck or then off the mouth either or "you cup the mouth as bites hard..." it said oh I originally thought a jar up the tooth would tongue wide). For whom the day closes this and but well. Another box of well-chosen ground-fruit meets Harry and David at home.

∞ signals a keyboard "maker" to stop making sense or asking the keyboard to repeat itself twice to and dial these numbers without brackets or area code mark-offs "8675342";
§ makes you know that this quote that follows is no one's choice - unerring and yet uninforming too as credited to no one we know; dials nothing, a whirlwind off and away;
≠ not equal to, but suffices in some cases - equal to "=" means always right, this is sometimes right and is never {null} or what never solves this way as {empty set};
≈ approximately equal to, is not equal what means the same no matter what this may be slightly off - "equivalent" is weights only as equilateral or on a scale balanced;
∆ to be filed, to be retained - marked up above on paper only, does not say why;
¥ never ask if this is right, it is only - we know it is and a famed question - a layman's choice for asking, it is their knowledges only, defers this question to else;
ø logic is off, we see why, quote it anyway - we don't think it's good in any measure, however;
π mathematics are dubious or questionable here - use your own figures, places, places to be - fix this up to be yourself in argument.

and as all nipped from the keyboard viewer - search on same here at this site to see it done your way if, "§" means check the phone number that follows it may be wrong as we don't update this type thing and as we know to dial, thanks a fancy pants...

Don't Get Mad 02/25/06 1608
Don't be dumb - I'm assured iTunes has sold well over six point three billion songs to date but they remain in quandry or having not been settled to accuracy's sake. The number they choose is what sells them entirely as having been "finished and morgued" for no discussion. I sit and think a billion - sounds pretty stupid to me. I reveal things that are not nice to consider but then again you should see how little runs things and get so scared of volumes seen. Obliques: It costs thirty cents ($0.30) to send or network that shit each time no matter what. More like forty three cents ($0.43) we think - costs are aberred or taken short (they pay certain taxes to get it out of the way). Whatever! Just bought more proto-printers (laxes the song - or else noise, a remaster to fate really). Any complaints? I never answer the phone for this type stuff - why would you?

"You're never gonna get paid." Is that you or me and both? One of us sees you dying first. You say that to me and I'll strip of you everything you own overnight. Watch that opinion - I don't favor that ever. You'll do the right thing no matter what - to trust in that. Thanks again to everyone who gave to it freely - I appreciate the shit out of you. Help me make it more spectacular to see it true....that's pretty funny against losers. You?

What - nobody called? You better fuckin' lie then and say something better to yourself. You ain't gettin' out of the hot can but spray.

"You rage on." Keep playing, Quincy. Meanwhile, let's (let us) see how repeats fare. That sucks. "You're scrappy." Nothing sadder than appealing to likes of you of being that - so sad to me. Where's it all going? So sad. I'd strip you naked and throw your ass in the street - one good lick and then a quiet little daisy. This black on the bus cracked me up talking to this little girl who just got on - he goes "Hey, Shortie..." and I died of then truth. Someone's future oppressor made thoughtful to yet. I approve you.

Elton John "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" This Train Don't Stop There Anymore from "Songs From The West Coast" LP (2001). Another real good one from the past taken.

Just bought the above from iTunes myself a dollar three ($1.03) no one paid my tax or - very lush sound on this system I have I sing along beautifully a little hurtful though don't feel sorry for yourself there'll be plenty to cry about in time. Meanwhile, back at the bank, the complete videos from "Schoolhouse Rock" are available to pull you out for now. My favorite is:

"Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here" Schoolhouse Rock - Schoolhouse Rock, Vol. 1 - Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here - see all under "tv shows" not album or songs.

From the "Entertainment Weekly" of February 24 a "Best Of The Boy Bands (Since 1990)" list with Take That as #8. You was better than Take That? Page 32. (Psst: The joke being 'anyone more attractive then [and now]?' See it come...and go).

As one proud affiliate, let us have a hand. What was the number one #1 song downloaded on iTunes we ask?
Some say Elton John's "Sacrifice" at two million eight (2,008,000) plus ten million (10,000,000).
What do we think of that?
Remember, a billion is one thousand times a million (what is one thousand times a thousand) - not that big of a deal.
The Apple site has "Basic Instinct 2" for preview now too if the official site.

Happy Birthday Mom. Sixty-five (65).

Back to sense...

'Til Tuesday "Coming Up Close" Coming Up Close another one you must have from the "Welcome Home" LP (1986). I listen to 'Til Tuesday all the time because they only released or made three (3) albums and all are really good. More importantly, this, their sophomore effort - the critical one your first batch performed and exploited fully as hungry - was very strong but under-received perhaps knowing of my rule (like Curve's second record "Cuckoo" of 1993 - without flaw a receive, people hate success they want you with them dying again ok they cheated Atlantic too to be with Capitol-EMI instead and in-secret - these one's too from Atlantic Warner then to Epic but not seen yet so fast or something they hate). So important to get it right my languages use it anyway. We defend sounds. Others you may use here on their little retrospective but I hate my favorite right now "Have Mercy" missing in action: "What About Love?" still real good, "David Denies", "(Believed You Were) Lucky" but you are not smart at all. Adds "Long Gone (Buddy)" I loved that to death too from the third LP "Everything's Different Now" (1988).


C'mon Billboard retorts your stuff fresh out. We thought they the records were great and listened to death all of it. Says they "We don't have interviews, you don't have a record to us. A release only. Who cares less than us? You come and go with us then like we have to come and go." They do not pay people to arrive, and that sucks too. Quotes Curve "And we don't like them anyway. 'Who's the star?' is their game. Not you yet. Perform for us first."

Made last night at bedtime "Nobody ever hooks a fish by the asshole - and that's a fact."
Oh, sure - they always just bite right in.
Um, never a mistake seen.
Seems biblical.
My grandmother, a southern-type, says it cleanly this way I remember something - "No one ever hooks a fish by the mouth."
I know it was her - I channeled her just now and laughed hard thanks.
A laugh? Now that's impromptu.

Just an opinion? Per the above "That's not real. We have truth and it shows up somewhere else."
Sounds like an opinion to me - where's the math? Highs highs, lows lows.
I tend measure it all, but at twice. Cut once, but forever seen as cut.

Steely Dan "Do It Again" Do It Again from it "Can't Buy A Thrill" LP (1972 - get the dates right will defend itself). Steely Dan are evil...see "FM" and "Josie", and other quints "Rikki" I love that "you don't want to call nobody else...send it off in letter to yourself." Is Stevie Wonder singing the queen's verses. More to be, but withheld yet. Steps to enlightenment, if so to speak.

'Til Tuesday "J For Jules" J for Jules from the "Everything's Different Now" (1988) who unseemly and died making up his own rules perhaps avoiding others. I brought him back - if dM, say to off-parent never cares too quickly enough "What kills you, gets you brought back too." Or then "No one dies more, no one lives longer." Or "Hard as it may seem, nobody's proved it." Avoid the arts made of it a point had to the silent it is said. Say nothing until you yourself see, or risk being to that a repeat of me. The song, is the song. About this. I often play and sing Neil Young's "The Needle And The Damage Done" when I'm high outta my mind to connote you too a jerk-off to it overheard and seeing too much. Maybe you'll live too long of it as too short if when partially pubic. Good song...hurtful...I sing it to you from all known...also "On Sunday" from previous set.

The Needle and the Damage Done

One day, I'll be happy again. Know that. Avoid the switches flipped in these or cry too hard for yourself no one sees you now. Kills drug addicts in a one-two snap I've cried at one or all.

Publish or performance? Bitch, a copy all yours of anything is publish. It's written on their paper you stole a ream from work (one of distinction nearly pays at Staples, Office Depot, SavOn has paper now - be that belittle then)? If so what you did it to them for them for on-demand alone in places making others nothing. Gets paid lavish if once one pleased at a time. What we can know if had pays more. Niggers wanted to charge you for each listen at home like tissues blown in. See their home is paid for then - nearly gone with having heard many not wanted to be seen. A kerchief of it.

We pay for isolations to us only - singled out and a few twenties. Trying to capture the expense only, if so to speak. Value received versus cost is no argument. You're willing to pay how much for this? Not again. One day you'll have to take one more from us - what then? "The hair that I felt on your back." Pass on no savings unless friend. Honor ownerships that were turket unless told before soon. Pay to the loser, or must help yourself to the winnings.

"You have accommodations beyond norm." Mine: "It took God to keep me [someone a bit wily with the word of it had you] down." Seek same - you're gonna need it in a family sense. Suck back often.

Remind #1: We translate lyrics because you won't say. But that's not the point - it's about what I get in the head, Faggot. End you to me. What do I fear? Knowing more.
Remind #2: Niggers can use Crisco oil to unkink their hair it said - twenty-four (24) hours on under rag. Butter plus salt whitens skin - try these not mine. Hell, I used a Posner Perfect(ly Greasy Ruins Your Headrest, Pillows) product - a "relaxer" search on that - to straighten my unruly hair in 1985 or so to a permanent laxative result I feel better only. Just for sense, your target demographic (a word from a college-level 'marketing' class that means 'specific group' of people to sell to in ads 'white males ages twenty is thirty' is one recognized but not here - get the two or three special words down is all you repeat and for pay) is sometimes not seen a man getting tits. His mother's tits hewn from the grave and a nipple bologna sandwich while he recovers from a local beating.

Sure, I had kinky or really unmanageable-type hair and a proud algonquin nose that would have put me your savior to rest with sadness had not helped back to sent. No, we're (Neilsy also had a bad one) not Jewish, but something unnamed I feel bad for no one else from that and other excesses of ugly left about me. Fuck you - some nose jobs are so bad I hafta laugh quietly of course never truly thankful or is not mine yet though. Now brains plus untamed beauty (no one stammed asks for much plus meet either, Cunt) meet at one and kill thee with thanks off. What? Please Bitch, scratch and sniff. To the file named "disease" with this about head lives better was provided for the writing sent lick a stamp in my ass.

Don't change for me, you're still paid up, Bitch. Don't come here a helpin' the self I'm still milkin' it to death you see as framed, don't you?      

Seven Plus Two Help You See What I Do To You And To Me 02/19/06 1128
These confirm your every suspicion and just for fun you knew some too - the slide home down out and has names for it too:

Teleprunch: Makes little of your household belongings gives some away takes some to truth;
Givensky: Helps you out the door at work and afoul of such makes people forget you came, wonders about you some more;
Heprunch: Opens doors that others merely fall into you work the center of dome trying to know more than your share of it heard - a foolsway to the top or bottom of it said;
Revetubd: Helps others to know who you are and immediately some more opens the mind to your talk and a as yet reversal of fortunes seen here a lie is never told once you cover for it no matter what you said how bad how untrue;
Cudacet: Opens the heart to afoul and wonders why no one came awful nice of you but no one answers that call just yet some more to learn of you bad breath and shadows around you still;
Candeytud: Makes many more of a flock heard but you seem beguiling yet have too many bothers to be known by you alone stakes the heart for others with too many unheard of sayings noises about you and your person farts burps belches rags at it galore;
Teleginp: A rags to riches story about the head you know you've been famous and wanting of it too still no one makes you drink water yet water is all pure and then nasty with it too spits barks at the moon;
Redubchd: Makes people think the phone hasn't rung if this abnormally and stays open all night a watchtower of giving sense out and no back to electrical burns the house down  for makes this type thing;
Eldprek: Makes you think your handsome friend is no bargain reduces your fate to having no one special around a feeling about you too.

For drugs drug users unfriendly unkind. Get off note soon. You can't win this ever or then never or then never win ever ever ever.
Why? You know how secretive bitches can be hiding the produce then bringing it with the shitbag...toadstools. Think to me having it all and then I'm first.

That stuff above - I loved it hearing with initially, but then seems like it's about me what happened here and as I'm writing. That's a Jewish-type humour of lesser beings making you guess who this is about we're all in here together, that's right and we won't say? Simply ignore the question I'd say of a bitched-in lord over who sees me not these are readings from the past we build in front of you with hardly a pass over, no pun intended yet. What does this pay for ? in a world so sweeten to me before this yet so cruel to else and do I need to extend every pleasure mine to you first still thanking you for the bread eaten then to no comment you enjoyed this to me. I was never convinced you see colors or the sunlit of white clouds like you're in have two masked orneal dots in their place each time and yet so beautiful to me heard also. Your mind is full of dicks - just one a diminutive a white one being mouse-mapped all over you drag your hair with. Signals moderate interest in corporate affairs and merely.

Is this me? So what. Let me be the first to notice if however that slight. To the above, remember me - you can't live a day without being killed naturally for it - I see to it that I know. You come for me at least one bullet placed at then and find you only - a murdered god being murdered as the god who died being of murder as soon as that's noticed by other murderers sent you. We switch places just then if reading I'd assume nothing to be yours just this yet, Nigger. We die to see you to it. Be natural there. Be someone for it the need stated.

Don't say any more we are not one, you are not here. You are on the outside with others left to be outside a day or two makes this. Within me my walls all balled up and being kicked in the ribs for crying in front of me again. Do I do that to you? In the ribs? You know I don't do anything for you either - not really the gift given one twice three bowls of rice nuts.

We don't prove anything to noxil-uneducated no-ones endlessly removing a resurface doubt. We get rid of the question and presentor quietly if unseemly again then will eat rice dinner for having prepared fish heads to me. Prove yourself open to nature its wounds that last laproscopy was a doozy. If I said my sister is Sharon Stone and it is my sister because my mother paid thirty grand to, you accept that graciously. I couldn't know that - how good could it be? If you can't tell Doug a big fan-type, it ain't worth knowing much. Is that yours too? We take only the good stuff - see it here.

"You exceed our resources." I am someone special (not even with a gun to your mizzle head could you seem). If you provide for assholes - a merely to contend - similarly, you are left to be with and alone for there. Is married and with children that are yours only. See you there.

Names we love: Ken Wilson -  always welcome. A high cunt seen and known. Ken Olson starring in - you still rag me. Nice enough we have the name it is pursuit ugly then. We hate talk after the fact too. So what? We people tell me to fuck off, I do. So do they.

We love the perfect ones for us too. Each message in a bottle uncome my end proven not once but twice to you. Not ever yet.

Confirms Universal for today Friday 17 a fifty-six dollar ($56.00) value. Before noon some. Hours are 10-6. Just loving Thomas Dolby's song today...I'll have just a bit of your heavy water so as to not obligate myself too strongly as in your direction.

I can trace my history-misery down one generation to my arm-heart. Lying low to see mine, not with yours with gift attached.

Did I give my heart freely or was mine lead to or taken? It matters some. I didn't make any babies for this and ride out with. War Of The Worlds (cool! tram travels through the actual outdoor set of the plane that crashed overnight in a neighborhood - a whole 747 ripped up with actual seats still awaiting us - real actual-size homes and donated garbage everywhere - right from the film itself, no expense spared, very nice), Earthquake, check, King Kong, check (that cheapened foam brow honors me - where's the hand you sit in?), Terminator 3-D, check. Van Helsing haunted house (a bit much of it...hard on nerves), check, etc. What wouldn't I? Back To The Future, no. Missed Jurassic too. We had an open offer for a season pass, would not use it but feel obligated. Bought new shoes on City Walk Skechers (Style 4296 "Scholars - Harvard" in black more rounded-like in the front for work if, no retard blocks out front...Cool Cats Style 4477 no longer featured there out on the racks I get tired of buying online the wait and cost extra, so). He the roommate (the language of exclusion, is like law but even uglier to contemplate as you further denied in tricks and trade how to be poor yet upwardly assuming to you - what doesn't please me, never lives just beyond - trust that simply) gets a new pair, I get a new pair tagging along fifty bucks so cheap why not splurge? Then the bitch gets another pair - that's my life scared of consumptive behaviors making me unwelcome with excess thoughts about me and my other splurge habits about you another retard. Oh, fuck you your methods ways. I still get to everything I want and if I don't have it, it's truly yours begging me not to say so soon an idiot savant with latourettes. We don't need anything that bad, but you say it hurts someone new in ways you could not express without a doctor nearby? A shitbag woman lives to eat my next pickle in natural nice. In fact, when I step outside all I hear are gripes about how good I look my dick what? Let God help you with that and have you over for it. In the meantime, every wipe up is yours at fifty percent of, and still I run to and fro dots a cancer to escape your surer scrutinies until soon you too die for having said so well and for no extra points. And with that, we relax Madonna and Liz Fraser both back down into atmosphere to remind everything that sucks dicks that I will not have you not a minute too soon or for hate practices at me. May die - stay off the tv with that open face telling people how you feel again. A fuck in you. Who will die saving you? Not you.

"Who Kill'd You For So Little Feeling?" The Update: Just Nair'd all chest (belly) hair around above the navel sculpting that awful naughty line of hair down just below from the actually navel faggots so crave and women die in the head of. Finally someone told me it's not natural or real you hafta do it to yourself in private at first and I am bored of my natural stance so change have come.  Takes a litle arting and perhaps regulating dieting but count me in, Faggot. Please, my age is here to hurt you only like my full name or any other random note you get from me. Be playful, hurt someone soon. Secondary hair is a reward-signal for being a man I prayed for mine - that's true. You can always remove the genitals, but you can't make that come well. See women left beside herself again me a worshipful only. That is an enlarged clitoris with heart weakened by pills - not mine. Smooth is fine sometimes who are you ? each a lie untold back to you again and again. Well, I just love Neilsy all shaved down like a Jewboy usually like a Puerto Rican blacks in there or something me too another gifting only from people who loved people but not now. Give them a little something or they hurt you above us - be safe they're dumb enough and bite right in seems them a wornish black rubber only. To yours. Forever yours.

Universal was fun enough - we ate before the tram tour. Three (3) hours some shopping then, now rain, puff. Some freak blew a blast of air at me across the walk inside the touring park with a plastic gadget like a pink bucket with rhorns (plastic handles, knobs of - to pull back on from switch) on - thought it was a fucking ghost touching me privates. Scared of that. Feels almost like a square pocket of air hitting you, not just a hairdryor. Like a bag of it - unprecedented, simply evil.

More stories from the queen and else coming soon! One:

A historical Elton John is asking her at a table for money or support to pay for recorded songs to be published. They, the songs, are literally published already (as visualized to me in stacks right behind the man - has to be a joke of some sort) and she declines him on-the-spot with words about his use of women. "No one pays for this word. You use us unkindly some. Not at all will I help - but these are good." For note, "Daniel" is one already made, and so is "Your Song" the top quality stuff. After declining officially with no word, it is noted to me that she buys in privately and at stance for having heard. Is already involved that way and it is seen. "Artists hurt sometimes" she said "but not with me hurting." Whatever. Know your odds of not having things your way, but having handsome returns made privately if else. Who owns is not yours and usually to say. It breeds hate...poor people some (like my any enemy, describes itself to you instead). It all works out? No - matters not to you being hurt some. Have that, an odd note. Then:

"No one [from another country] can buy your money [as object] outright" or pound-for-pound (is sewn up in hide-leathers by an angry God on velva horse pump if quivering lightly in vasculars some a welt of need). You hafta buy coins and papers at auctions - fancy stuff unsold and from collections you'd say - and have it bought back quietly at their mints some. Has a team of experts well-paid to do so and too for her, and at cost. More later. "Exchange rates cheat us, simply. We make all of our lost funds back and this way" she says to my natural interest each little telling a treasure but typing some and a re-telling for me "with sexual pursuits mounting up to me and then" she adds with me in.

Trying To Get A Boat Out Of Anchorage 02/16/06 1425
Going to Universal Studios Hollywood tomorrow for their complimentary tour - and for sure. See ya there via MetroRail. In the meantime, was watching that show on A&E where people are trapped in an airport somewhere trying to get home that day each a session of crying and having some known of them. One of my guests here asks me before answer shortly-on kinda "what does she mean by russian roulette?" I said "some other-else gets seats while you wait" is all I answer without knowing (today it was what's in the bags to be packed on Lucy's trip to California e.g., a golf case looks like a big blowhorn or traffic cone ...what is that ? we ask now plus others odd and overstacked for the trunk of their car - had to shut that right off when she pulls up after hours of driving to the same place just left --  turn that off right now!) Like any Fleetwood Mac reunion, you have Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks playing roles with others I can name easily, but none as such known to you. One of Christine's characters being mocked is what others call "Judy Tenuta" - bobbing left and right while making points with hand out and long scraggly hair (a "wallacher" - makes the walls know first). I call her "Judy Blume" - exciting nonetheless patron saint of fat girls everywhere. More later all of those freckly drunk belly dancers from the army coming back after a day with the maud.

P.S. Author Judy Blume is Gwyneth Paltrow's actress mother Blythe Danner in real life. She made mention, I told her we stole her pet name "Socrates" for our siamese cat and also used "Aristotle" (his assistant or son, kinda) for a wild duck found in a springtrap by one leg...some other boy set on chain in our backyard swamp having frozen up in winter) - one better. Her real last name? "Denir" as from France. 

Instead of our ritalin mislead, may I suggest Mother's cookies barley'd and as frosted in the bag with pariels or dots on them each of a holiday? The milling puts 'em - both adult and child - right to sleep for days. I went and bought me a regular seven ninety-nine ($7.99) box of Russell Stover gift but on sale yesterday all dark chocolates for the date served. Still we dine often. Plus: Got a Valentine's Day card from my mother with $50 bucks one-piece cash in it - a police officer made me happen today.

Pet Shop Boys "Don Juan" Don Juan as originally from the "Domino Dancing" EP (1988) and as produced by Expose producer Lewis A. Martinee (really Vicki Sue "Turn The Beat Around" Robinson and in halfway house a jail) and now from their "Alternative" CD comp (1995). Others here: "I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)" from the "Heart" 12" and "Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend" from the "Where The Streets Have No Name" CD single a U2 remake.

This is about? People (of least noted, a woman - picture with me in bridal gown with dried flowers in-hand...a 'wraith' or woman left at the altar and who died of it then to pronounce it but ghost?) who keeps going from person to person having theirs to speaking only and never hearing anyone else - dies trying to have theirs said only. Whether a starlet or someone on the street, no one takes this home and dies softly on its own. Is that me too? Hardly. Them: "The man who escorted Don Juan was his bride" an erudite or booksmart leaving one's notes of. The name means "does when asked to [usually and only]". Don't wonder it.  

Thomas Dolby "One Of Our Submarines" One of Our Submarines is missing...tonight...since she ran aground and as from "The Best Of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectacle" LP (1995). "No one surprises us with gift." This originally from the "She Blinded Me With Science" EP (1983) - a formula perfume - I had that both.

To Take The Upper Hand On You Again 02/14/06 1838
The origin of speaksay "takes the upper hand" - what is it? I thought it meant 'grabs the reins' on a horse-driven and steers with right hand only as two (2) pulls-tugs at is a left turn to note in training, the left hand relaxes if lowerly. Nope - good one though, right? Then there's 'guides your hand' manually but as if by placing theirs on yours as it's done by tool or club. Shows you how to - or else none by you seen, perhaps. That's definitely a second reach in the darkened bag of half-thought. What's the answer then? In France, a person takes the first few cards to show you how after the deck is sorted - all from the top. Those cards having been removed as such reduce your chances of seeing it played well or fairly. They - the sorter-takers then - are ostensibly disgusted and asking you not to notice they played it all out for them and it is their bargain to sit out. Now see that some.

Somebody said "in a handout, their flattened palm is higher for to note and for being paid and at first..." No, and most some.

Happy Valentines Day - that stick in your ass makes you move it outdoors some. Remember, a 'valentin' as said the same, kills you for rejecting their offer as said. A card or flowers - 'keep us in mind' - goes to people who will not have you, so it be said. A warning if you.

Got my Federal tax refund today by mail (as scheduled by issued for Friday the 10th). Isn't that fast?

Stone Temple Pilots "Creep" Creep from the 1992 LP "Core"...nobody was who they are too - maybe Garbage was. So good to me, I had this CD for "Crackerman" and "Sex Type Thing" too, I got this song walking past a gay bar patio today on the way to a bank and just loved it again. "I'm half the man I used to be" because I hurt someone special to be with someone good-looking and better than me. So what, I guess. Soon: "Nobody cares less than me." A feeling explains everything - we can't say it well enough and you won't see it for long. Life is cheap and thus.

If As Ever-Indignant For At Neglects Seen To Be Here, Your Performance Needs Are Meant To Be As Granted - My Need To Bleed Not So Great 02/13/06 1949
Alot of folks struggle with what doesn't seem make sense for you or me, know I didn't go so far as to ask for the change. You keep what little cents makes a difference for you or I might hafta do things differently. I might not perish for my sorrows, but live on to see through this and so to fade. Make it hurt, make it real while I get back to what I hate no matter how you slice it up adding within your hurts like we were never meant to share but do somehow. Breaking cloth, we veer over to a short essay given days off by the Queen Mum of England on hurt and having it hurt. This old woman of regal status returned to her boudoir at Balmoral castle in Scotland one evening in 1973 after having broken plans again with the queen and her sister. She was tired, she said, and offered her complaint twice - "no one came to see, no one came to know." In retrospect, and no one bothered in other words. In her soft words, the hair dryer at her vanity exploded and so did her curler iron - a vast watchwork of iron sticks - and two (2) sticks of rounded dynamite placed her on the floor and bleeding badly from the dress breasts. "My tits [so is said "tiffs" - ours americanized or purely norted for the noring saned, or re-ignored for the same saying said] were nearly ripped to the floor" she said ("hung in rags") and she also said she laid there bleeding and crying quietly among glass and shards for the better of three (3) days time, then returned to her wounded feet still among rags a later on and walked out of glass shards cutting feet and crying still. The queen and a servist accomplice did it to her for making statements that were tart and hurtful to people (like those of the queen at breakfast, each sconce mentioned against times taken already and with breath woes) who cannot change or manage their time well with channeling and its defects (ex-fact: one [1] in ten [10] do this liberally in France somehow, then now reduce to it severely - change none yet). She recovered in times taken again, but now knows that people get threadbare and ugly making no choice for you or against you either. Have yours made then. The end, yet curls to be made of locks leavened to me. Somehow. Edit add mine: "For heaven's sake - no one need hurt an old woman of esteems to be like this a genteel - not for heaven or glory." So for too that I might see it once said? Bombs? That's a big-shot in the real world for ya - you never know what's cooking the downstairs at ya.

"We deserve this - we hurt people so bad and they want to die." I know it to be true, but insist don't call for the care. So that kills it too, and I understand nothing until you say. If see and they just do it too.

Another pecks hot light out of a tear and wins it nothing against itself. If proof: Better to try it anyway is mined and alone. Your move.

One less: I play checkers, not chess. Better to king if at once and lightly than to end a game to be played and as if to be mentioned when too soon.

See new Coke cans honor our commitment to phoning-wiring excellence (or "the olympics" thank you, no), yellow to black - the blue in apartments only may be to black it thanks me to speak kindly yet and again. 1a) Polarity (what comes in, leaves) does not matter in phones, thanks - only wires know.

More: Universal wire comes into the home from black cabling outside - is within the black cable itself. That cable fans out in wires to be spliced on a wooden block in the residence usually inside a garage or utility entrance - four (4) bolt screws, one for each color named and brass couplets to suit. You hafta match wire of "tag line" a gray or white for interiors to be placed from this one hit or connection. Only at the jack do you need to know what goes where and the colors are stated with wire inside once you buy one you'll see. It's all in there some. If the phone rings while you're dialing wires, you'll get shocked but it ain't nice. You'll live probably someone you don't want to hear from too is calling yes I got buzzed once ten (10) volts a ring.

Roberta Flack "The Closer I Get To You" The Closer I Get to You from the "Softly With These Songs" LP (1993). So many good songs, I chose this one more to see it later. I had her earlier greatest hits release looking glass on vinyl and pretty much enjoyed it all. Stick with my song immentions I took the time to note it one-fold - you should too. Any others to be found alone or on our own, so to be said. Let others know who paid to play theirs it matters somehow usually often enough or why not say once. However, the truth in number-one-track-on-down-paid-for lists sometimes stinks real bad and they change 'em to make sense when the first version of truth makes you look elsewhere for a second-better one on that opinion if recommends being amputated. So every now and again the stump may itch - pay for your own truths yet let the record show you don't hafta deliver it down cone. Others: "Feel Like Makin' Love" good two-beat or rumba'd back step..."The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" a psalm before the norm from "Play Misty For Me" that creepy beachcomber woman (Jessica, Hope Lange from tv's "The Ghost And Mrs. Muir" doing a down-turn and playing a madness) calling in over Clint Eastwood and all a la Phoebe Cates in "Indecent Obsession (You'd Hafta Pay Me)" (overheard: "Doug was [also] hard on the flight [if it's] spineless...")...snipped your fur up in-between times the two-prong TB test said 'never again bring you to me'. The first time ever I saw your face you was weird like John Wayne Gacy was weird and I let it to go down with the sun to see no further in sand. A further dM: "No one obsesses about me.,," not even for five (5) minutes will you be there loving me, Chris Ondy. His mother: "[If you don't let 'em in] they'll be back." Not to that house.

"The iTunes Link Maker is provided by Apple as an accommodation only.
Apple assumes no responsibility for your use of any links, and makes no representation regarding their accuracy or performance.
Nothing shall be construed as permission or a grant by Apple in relation to the use of any artist, track or album name,
and you agree that any use by you, or result from your use, shall be solely your responsibility.
Apple reserves the right to de-activate links at its sole discretion."

Ricotta Explained To Me Then You 02/11/06 1240
Was watching "Queer Eye" just now and this Italian-type person (says he "I learned from 'the master' [an old man standing right by] and now he assists me" maybe you die of a poison he would if adds) is making hard ricotta cheese in a roundabout adding hot water and stirring a shiny mixture pet and pull. What makes this? Milk and corn cobs ground up after cooking corn more food adds this. Two (2) cups milk for each one (1) corn cob mealed or one more cup to three (3) days in the fridge covered, Cook mixture one hour before. Add salt and some grease to flavor some. Lasagna...stuffed shells!

No Class Bites Back Pinches At A Trust 02/10/06 2005
No, we - my roommate and I once clearly labled - sent my mother a greeting card on Tuesday for her retirement (a death knell in some circles without modifying its key - she's really one hundred twelve and ejaculating in my daughter's boyfriend's mouth and her mother who never lives so well ever pinching tips, I'm worried about me somehow our fortunes fading are more? no? what - another dirty little trick for them savoring me a death again? hrrrmph!) - we wish her well. In the card, another (gift) card from Red Lobster for twenty-five dollars ($25.00) just a bit pinch at the ass who then some of your meal paid for but both of you, yours a meal alone but to top dog, a couple of 'dry rob roys' at the bar after pimwork (not just sperm - bacon grease on the dick stirring in it down the ice) - how best not to say how little said? We're cheap with ourselves but you know how a gift can be underappreciated if seen and done to it as simply as what's to be seen. The gift of guilt-free once it is given to be. Then, we coordinate it all beautifully said for the showing without having to say ourselves - if I'm made to do. 

Parent trap (the kids of kids meeting again and 'for real' this time) so sorry they lived: "American Idol" is the kids of stars singing and shit. That's a hoot. Yeah, sure - with Stevie Nicks congratulating the winner of slimy Subway sandwiches and a free naked car wash with no brittle pubes to scratch your mats. Jews are cruel only. I can't tell you how many unwanted faggots sleep with old hags and eat their poop to get something newer to eat but you. Bleccch! My point? Stevie was missing teeth on the side that natch of hers? As a foremost performer of match-to-date and on tv just now thanks that's mostly crap, I was thinking karaoke should have the real track subdued somehow let it shine in wicked perfection. Like the real jerk-off a no-one is there and sounds just great. Not your own crap - matching two for one a cruelty but no fun with you here. Men doing women flawlessly. Soon, seem two eyes staring right in your face a feeling on left  - I continue it on one more song to hear as it's heard.

We joke about replacing you on a master. We do this to have better if it seems.

"I'm Gettin' Paid And I'm Gettin' Laid" Why Doubt That Too Miss You Much 02/10/06 1759
Don't get mad when I'm not here - I'm off playing with myself again and that's the truth. I've been had again! Just getting by as usual with lovely ghost sex from many of erstwhile friends - many of them hand-chosen, if so to speak - by me and myself. Some of them so fragrant yet - keep yours, you were all simply beautiful and no, I don't push people (other males known) off on others. There is much to enjoy within and without, and little minds with little however hopeful experiences in adult matters have little to reckon with. An pure idiocy like that? Here? We're caring types and never let this happen to me. Meanwhile, you got notice to me - with all of three sex partners your whole entire life unliving to me - that you are getting laid, have all my friends, and generally live better in every way a douche couldn't be neater of it that hole nagging it a feeling. See and I hope I die beautifully of you. Meanwhile, any pleasures served you like my food made by me half-assed half-heated help you to be accommodating to me only I'm sure. Whatever I show you is no hurt of mine, just another bad boy, a little black tooth.

Like two mirrors trying to show each other - waving left then right at each new to tack similarly at once moving outward up and over each of a hill to unseen by else.
Like two heaters raving mad hot but at each other slight at distant placed hoaring a hole in it but at equal volume strength on and on.

People try and let me know they disapprove of me my efforts made with things missing. "You gotta work harder to have same" they'd say. We'll see it all in a gun. Meanwhile, if I thought you'd like me, you woulda had more of it what am I asking for again? Not from you, thanks off. Pick up your junk sometime.

No - no payment to me yet, no one comes, no mail no nothing but me caring for me and staying out of the way unnecessary to us both. What ails me is your not having the facts - I hate what people have done ever and express my hate as per Doug's usual - right out the fucking face. No thanks, Pig. No gift to me comes wrapped with your name on it too. Fuck you in the ass. Meanwhile, no complaint sees you talking to me about you ever. It's all about me yet. Fuck that - I'm just like you.

So - basically, with it will be you. If anything, don't ask me. To hurt you again: Why are octopuses made? They fly in and wrap around the rudder of a boat the propeller of a ship and form hard calciums on the now-puff blade and make it useless while squirting dark inks that make waters cloudy and very unhelpful. What's the word said to me? "Murky" not black or saying you. You can't get the gum off without blades, motors - risk. To shit you out. Hate here is real and beautiful, and casually murderous. A cherish benign. That's real too.

Still, I take in things - visions - and have nothing to say your son choked to death with black cocks in a bathroom somewhere. So what? Lives better than me that sperm so precious yet. Live on to fool me again. "That's really kind people." Latent (has the feeling, not the firm of form to say so - a lack of interest is not only ours?) cocksuckers are always the same - always telling the wrong people they love them but with my note. Care for me not again. Everything tainted with yours cold farts and a bushwhip to the face. In all seriousness, I only worry that people have been denied theirs and properly. Have some, and be with us a truly known to be. No one asks if they live, you simply didn't.

For the dead have no such rules - trust that back to me once said. More than your lawlessness - it's a whim made to be truth. No one chooses that shit for theirself here. No one is looking, and we know this for to be sure.

God bless it with a bitch. May it never speak unkind to thee or else be to you.

Black On Track 02/16/06 1609
More from New York providence requested: "Bronx" - both babies born together. A mother young and her young child - white all most. "Yonkers" (LaGuardia and surrounding area, we think because "nobody goes there") - you and I against each other. We are from jail and have second starts here. The most blacks? Used to be "Ephram" or "taking and receiving and at once". Now, just "Queens" a mother left with her is all I see. Harlem (#1 for blacks) is in Queens. All are in Manhattan proper - no Long Island at all, no Staten Island (where the Statue of Liberty is - homeless in other words). See map.

Another moment in Black History Month...
Sandra Roberts takes exception to her role being called in "Basic Instinct 2"
"Are you sure she says it like that - with deeds and claws inside?"
We're not sure of anything, Sandra, but ours is here with you. Good luck.

Fleetwood Mac "Think About Me" Think About Me from 1979's "Tusk" double LP. I mentioned it before - have the link, 'we' just sang it aloud.

Our Last E-mail Together For Now 02/06/06 1114

I just emailed you and it was returned because I had the wrong email address.
Great timing.  They are having a farewell reception on Weds. afternoon for
internal staff.  I was supposed to have a formal party two weeks ago at Jasna
Polana, a golf resort on the J&J estate, but I had this vicious stomach virus
for three days.  I was really sick and weak for at least a week. Anyway Weds is
my last day, and actually I am just coming in for a few hours each day and
leaving.  I just want it to be over so I can move on.  Love Momma

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug Moon []
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 12:05 PM
To: Geraldine Moon
Subject: Retirement

Are you having a "going away" type thing this week - a party or whatever? Or
is it like leaving jail - real quiet?

Someone Asks Why The Exorcist Was So Good? 02/05/06 1915
Because it's modeled on radio-at-night "teleplays" (listens, not feels) - you hear every approach is what we'd say. View again if will...made to be us.

Bored with watching movies or you've seen? Put it on anyway and listen to like radio while doing else. The story gets through better and you're going to be surprised pleasantly by what draws you in. I recently did it for "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" (I bought a copy on DVD from Columbia House to help satisfy MY END of our agreement) and that German kid was so good at bringing me 'round over chocolate and then the Hindi guy - the 'svajna' - in the melting chocolate palace was still hilarious, but you'd hafta see that with eyes bulging...the DVD encrypted yet, or here. Suckers. "We don't want it right now [as] Christmas is being returned."

If being heard is a "teleplay", what is being seen and heard on tv? A "teleprompt"...a play is only heard and congratulates the Steelers from last year 2005 (in April, Tampa, Florida grounds). A Superbowl is shown one (1) year later always and only. Only the army attends ever. Trust that - or one or two re-enacts in 1976, and 1979. Nobody won next year's yet - say that please. The time found is like any funeral planned - gets the players shinier and together for one night's esteem.

"We don't have the Superbowl on tape - they beam it to us from France one night before, adds one night or two." The song comes over by teletype (specially typewritten characters only) words yet until received properly and how is that done? Since MCMXL or so.

Terence Trent D'Arby "Sign Your Name" Sign Your Name from the "Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby" LP (1987). Say what?


March 31, 2006 "wide release"
If you le must de francaise...don't worry, eight stars! See George Michael (Steven, 1992) the singer in drag at bottom with loose hair. Trailer: Take little - the final cut ours yet a switch-out but rightfully banned by jerks objecting to our humours of...see blast in. We transmit data no film copies to USA what lives in a hell of no new seen like this our ridicule to you for having said. Mine and yours soon fourteen (14) years after date we note - PU! to hell X.

See: Sharon Stone is my sister Leslie in third person roundabouts. See her soon enough.

Sample Notes for "Entertainment Weekly" Oscar batch Feb 10:
Page 70: Bobbie Gentry (also the real Donna Fargo, died of cancer 06/79) is with Sissy Spacek-Loretta Lynn...Gentry is her mother only.
Page 74: No, "Gone With The Wind" is not my grandparents...groomed for effect. Everybody looked like that. They hired better from abroad and threw them out. Jennifer Lei from Scotland. Harold Myerson - an Asian, really.
Page 77: Dustin Hoffman is Anne Bancroft's (a man) son in real life. Puerto Ricans again.

"Brokeback Mountain"? Are you that desperate for gay sex? "With somebody better than you." You deserve to watch k.d. Lang as a man with scattered, ridiculing moles on the lip (um, "laymol" above the lip plays with food often enough puts things in it, "lavein" on the lip line spits in food). We hate the idea of it have it for real. "Sideways" - I endured that shit here faggots to be seen but tired losers with a pale winery dream using women like scorbs. Neil directs a post-script at "nobody wins anyway". I liked Truman "Capote" - he defends some homebound faggot to the death in a murder rap just because he got validated by him somehow. A winner among fiends. "So what? You lose and you lose. Then, you win somehow. Not yours yet. Keep winning, Bitch." Remember, winning is not having to think, to know. Somehow, like all faggots, he just knew. "Someone lives, someone dies. It's God eternal."

"He hates faggots." We marvel only.

Starts here ! 02/04/06 0900
We're still a bit shitty this day - that dumb bitch keeps talking to me over and over a foul, desperate cunt learning what it means to eat shit even though I suffer your things flowing out the window you're fucked talk all you want hate is real so am I. Remember, no one cares about you I certainly do not while I erase your stuff in the world over and under. Never think to me. Keep it talking, Bitch. God would simply snuff your ass...not me. You live in hell I show people naked pictures of you with each comment we laugh. Look at that! Made by the dead for the dead I don't want you.

We are not crazy, these are criminals, only. Jail them ever.

Say what you want, Pig. I have all that from you if and so unsure. No one lived through me yet - then the dead get to theirs some but at cost. See same ever same. Same.

Your Love Again? Take Me Back To The Escapisms Of January 2006 Else To Vow
Soon...revisions, revamp - something anything else be it new. Like grass.