Having Read Sorta, Click Right Here To Exit This Month and Leave Such Prose Firmly In The Behind 03/01/05 2219
This in e-mail I at once wrote it down in heft my promise to improve, redo junk no one need see unless interpreting to other once seen reading: "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." Simply joyless (basically an assault, makes you fear for your own safety as seen by others basking in it) maybe possibly real who'd ask it of the desert languages all rich and sunning of their filthy lucres basically a fish in cakes "look at the eyes - they say mine as well as yours" firmly a greeting (bracelets were the real math they'd say arguably for having asked of them - all like Madonna with black-rubber cockrings on a wealth of knowing you then and now actually copper). A dollar, by the way, is real as upward swing, you have none as poor or getting by. The rich know this already from you they'd say if poor wakes up in their bed. Lending is its own reward for trying to have more of it but letting go at once. How so? The quote supposedly in preference to philosophees (a theater troupe of wannabees in Christ, Greece) or those who may know, Proverbs 22:7? No - see 22:12 somewhat altered yet by Jews who know and say less they wrote some and wait to bargain you as 'in' or 'out' by you. Out then. The rich and the poor are one under me as poor. We have nothing in common yet. See less. Say more to be dispelled. Stuff like this is blatant to me and makes no sense just junk see it first like I do it. Can I heal this unwit reasonably? Never to such made this - not my concerns. The rich (always have, known for) have thank-you notes (dollars) from people above and some here and pay with to see their view applied longways (it mattered somehow - always a good life to so seek why bother it until you need to know how this works and not by saying stuff like that, investing, or perhaps saving - manufacturing a new good for us pays richly no one has personal wealth over seventeen million these days - no one and we mean it that's alot too). They get mired in compliment and thanking you back so to be poor or then much like you - just as nasty as being ripped from who decides not you. We like your version of wealth too - so a vanity I'd pay to peek just once a film ensued 'how they did it' they hadda have help over to that. What? A movie these days just playin' or your story muted for effect (meaning: I'd pay too, if even as slightly) is damn costly these days - might as well film on location with and without star power the personal losses are somewhat compelling. Those who go on from such must become angels I still call that needy they were rich people I believe in angels, having them, a place to go - you don't just make it up on-the-spot, you have your response a name for it all. Rich? Me? In many ways a 'yes' never, but in conventional terms 'no' again. Oh, alright - you can buy your health back one more time and I do have the premiere of every show seen but bored at length. That shit I would shoot live and send once hope you got that for free I turned on the words for the deaf to see if they actually typed that shit out trying to convey theirs if an art something to know you better here, but in mere words "oh oh merci! je defeale". Trying to keep yours afoot before being bothered, before having to know of less heard. Before you were decided, focused on. P.S. Nothing enslaves you like lying. More than a servant sends you back to shame.

More About Thoughts, Heating - As If You Were Dead My Eulogy Never Practice Never Learn How Could I Know So To Fool 03/01/05 0829
Rather than start a new month (you're still waiting for perfect, for you, your authored version, no thanks from me), we're going slip back into Tori Amos a bit - someone finely polished to set, a big deal to me, but somewhat mouthy and stupid still (a person unlit in the head, a woman yet, asks me questions like a mountain of foam - you win me). The mother of these people her name was Jocelyn will know now in print that I felt only favored and priviliged to know them and be in their lovely home all the time (yes, see a Methodist ministry at the top the father is Brigham Young but soiled bad, nervous, reduced as diabetic perhaps), and that we have talked since in my head only to find out she is no one to mess around with as I knew -  a joy to me, really, and proponing (the parents may understand my needs too). Apparently, this girl Kerry threatened the parents one fine day like is every nightmare seen (very scary your kids unwelded - brothers, sisters too) and this woman put something lovely in her food and said 'now what?' to her upon she learning how it actually works (she had a few prized possessions in others younger we see it too a girl favored less we see we see). These people were old, caring beyond norms (no sugar in the cookies for her she baked, only honey - the kids all fine to form and I could see) and really nice to me an intruder only ever who worked all to my advantage, but their kids all went crazy one day simply and under their hard rule (with me, "oh, someone died" feel less). Am I making fun of these people? No, the kids reject me coldly (parents interfered again and never to my gift still sexually and competitive - see if yours fit my father takes what's intended for me to see if the wand worked once if first, what I get is to be unseen as pleasures, then ruled) and still I enjoy people who are meaner and surer their interests are being met no matter who dies. I go out of the home for that, staying within the family's unit in for a murder as interested in it only. Here, in this case, a simple life rung in first. Better to die at their hands than being left to wonder what hit at me (again, you here first) and then left me to decide once again anyway the height of selfishness rest right here with parents see all come due you still the student (one kid adds of their parents "both died viciously"...no maybe not? be sure of less "God knows no bounds to it" the father). I left to be with all I wanted but without guide (thank God they knew better still....or, again, someone dies). Remember, my thoughts aren't about knowing all to truth (my father with his own father finally dead or must be near that commanding a boat full of nevis neo-gay down the coast to Barbados only to be shot-up with real hurts mid-fantasy - keep that junk on the side I was priviliged only in my not knowings a charm actually - yuck! people died? that somehow breeds with you still with corpses lying around and you ask "what? what?" I bother it merely so strange these superstars of fate and glory - a superb once now seen crying in private heaven - what no one need sees - unless the furnace wasn't the actual source of illumination again someone said something about your breath or "breasts" misheard not people are gross! trying to take the good but only you see it and thus standing around flocked at the ol' trading post with smells they still bargain me but with lower totems not the higher-ups they only see your fur in wet gloves given not taken for the self in actualed, mind you), it's about what I was given, what I was allowed to see, and finally just plain ol' living well. I know nothing useless and perhaps angering and it showed never say that to me ever the yet I can pretend yet and thus still will have it better for me yeah but I see it anyway now you go look for yours and have that simply without me having to say another bother I know. I'm never picked for these things I scream bloody murder at the slight thought of intimacy (a fart? have the good sense to drug me down there, please) having had yours too many times to breathe your heaven now private again. Meanwhile, I never dream of the day that people extend hate to me in my home to no care....I care still somehow but ridicule freely when freed to do so an absent thought. It's getting hard now I'm not pleasing you still but you have adjusted with enough ugly undercurrent to ensure my place as resting comfortably above. The song given below is the drug one pill you take it to kill yourself off mine hate for you no one cares what you think still unless and of course you like us the good with the bad no we know we are greatness and that's hardly done you would all have and know then thanks we in-fact do hate that is not powerful yet and a bomb in red stone only this song worth all done here as just this good to me still many plays many days the damage is done you I'll try and understand you as you are mine only and just as easily remade to rest sure as mine, play the part well do it over with flaws inserted none to certains junk junk find out how it all works simply kill it (we say it like this to confuse "die" - "I will die you"):

The power of orange knickers (the wisdoms collected by people not cared for or then made with yours as with yellowed teeth...left to die as actually and figuratively)
Under my petty coat
The power of listening to what
You don't want me to know (no decision made, actually - you bear it and badly a human being made to know of others a disease yet)

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist (who's to fault? is it me? yup)
Those girls that smile kindly then rip your life to pieces?
Can somebody tell me now am I alone with this
This little pill in my hand and with this secret kiss (suicide? 'we hate you' it says back to me many do and personally none to you no - a nobility yet pay my price then talk less)
Am I alone in this...(never, but you push all away.....keep your mouth friendly to me always when you get there as if you see me too - or *you to be alone soon enough and as made to me*)

A matter of complication
When you become a twist
For their latest drink
As they're transitioning (poisoned you, now what do you see finally less to a clairvoyant)

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist
This little pill in my hand that keeps the pain laughin'
Can somebody tell me now a way out of this -
That sacred pipe of red stone could blow me out of this kiss (a bomb is this reworded better see pipe blow away bricks or see hate shining at you - never learn if you can't blow up)
Am I alone in this...(now and again nothing see the world plain but call me cut deals left and right you never mattered to me ever like this a story finely made)

Shame shame time to leave me now
Shame shame you've had your fun
Shame shame for letting me think that I would be the one

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist
This little pill in my hand or this secret kiss
Am I alone in this kiss
Am I alone in this kiss ("no, but your breath could be better" - be me I talent all to you no matter what - only a scumbag hates it to you by mentioning these - is yours first? a dying ember fanning?)

There is no Damien Rice that makes reference to me (an Asian god of outright murders and simple counting - thanks again it's only true; who to impress first when they all show up demanding and counting but in mine? keeps thinking, keeps doing - see the simplistic made these in names again who can say for sure what that means and no one thanks it to know take less) is it me thanks to fool I sound that good never ask how again you cannot know take the tip live in my world it's simply better for the mothers of the world we don't care flatly you must know no gay no females no niggers just people I think and are willing to play all niggers at roulette I throw up my hands to signal aircraft landing in at too hard to know I'm easy simple no you not ever. See us all knowing better.

Sexcrime: Sex will never pay for a murder ever, pre-plan. See more sex instead. Stink and bother? Yours still. See the signs, yield. Always playing right into it at least once you bother me. No keep thinking me out. Sex be better for it that counts.

Finally, what are you going to do about me? Never will you I add subtract you have yours challenged sufficiently I hate being in your care let's talk again later all know more days collected by you. Everyone knows everything they made it why bother to say? Are you sure resting right there in it? Be less. Be sure of it that one thing I humble right down to me.

Finally again - having the knowledge? No - my walls to burdens thick, see few opt. Yours samed or drugged and dying too. Hmmmm? What else? Being resourceful or knowing where to look is important but start early the library ain't what it used to be a warning like that is real tell another of yours planned but optically or half-done better yet. Go kindreds, but see a big easy target of yet a fume of it. My advice? Stay good to you but you make no decisions, really, where's the above guide? It led you there with what you don't care about. You'll be perfect better spent to me. You said it didn't matter after all - be sure.

The Below Once Made

*B* thank you for being, biting liz fraser the "wormstock"
                                                                at the horsetrap - her horse "a vaginal odorform contours to your mind"
                                                                came in lost but sped to the finish *B*

Tori Amos "Sleeps With Butterflies" - it's that good, until one day a graphic sensed [come right here] Sleeps With Butterflies if once also see "The Power Of Orange Knickers" MP3 (5.0 Megs) MMMMM I liked it too hear me sing ? drinking cola eating waxes ? Happy Birthday to my mother vacationing in Florida all probably drunk I'm out of my mind as per my own device to you will call later. Time to freshen a bait. *B* just adds an intro lending a design - *B*B*B*B*B*B*B*B*...the bee keeper anew. Aside my anger, realize that we can't get to everyone without chance reasoned. I feel fortunate to have any contribute from and if at all - best left off. We just don't have it within us yet. Make it come to know you better. Keep lists small, afforded of. No offense ever to smay a god-like plus your covers squander my attention with nursings and other stuff I simply don't want to know. May the music defend your vasts and of it. I missed nothing - I'm sure of that, no. P.S. You play piano like Elton John I like it seventeen (17) tracks for that single instrumentation alone. Mind over says to play this way use in a cooler. Soon - clip art piano lessons right here - online! Anyone can do it - you'll be all "there is no middle c". An octave may say "can doubt [with] everything for god argues [it] best."

a keyboard primer is no exacting lesson - now you try

Dear Tori Amos (an egglover?),
Your stuff is odd....mind says plays for drunks in Kentucky and the like. Let's review - I call you a "wildheart", by the way a good joke still was that you in the market - yes no thanks - the first album I bought because I had to have it on day-one was "To Venus And Back" for "1,000 Oceans" - I really liked it alot, but maybe I'm the one being 'sailed home' yet again? Cry me a river only to drain off any commerce then cry me a canal for travel back upstream away from this now a harbour of talent. Cry me some Deep Moods "Off My Tit!" too. Anyway, I know people like your friend and mine Jason who owns everything you've done and everything Debbie Gibson ever did too but that's not me. Chances are, I won't even be inspired to listen or even hear of it. Not true of yours, I got a little something special with "Cornflake Girl" and then "Blood Roses", but I don't feel like I'm qualified to speak on anything you do -  not even now. I can author Cocteau Twins as having singlehandedly delivered that to  newfounds of success - no one knew them ever most even reject the notion to know better of me. Who made the spiny urchin? Who made a wasp? He did. I just lack the exposures and well other people hafta to do their part carrying this load of it too. I pay for everything cash and sometimes more than that once for formats and that means rarely just picking something up - never will I do this. These people own everything you have too they are the worst to say any of it they don't mind listening to undercooked shit I won't have it - I skip their pictures as naked too another insult to my best left. Their reasons? Unsound. Maybe they won't buy the music of people who get too slick sounding against regular type people no one cares less you couldn't starve to death licking rubber stamps I need something beautiful on tape only nothing I would ever do for myself as that gifting. So, never get offended by anything but you have a zero chance of being with me - a person who never lets an album play - if you ain't hittin' it and largely enough said so. I don't want to think about anything especially those album covers, names - I have a hard time with money spent ringing sum total damages in my ears against good judgment left to decide yes or no that cover no. BMG eases me into having nothing I'd pay for and nicely, but see all shelved nearly at that point I didn't get far. You need to hurt people with religions cast, and I need to employ your services to convince anyone of my name being true would I play that ever? Not even after my funeral would I rise you. My path illuminated. By the way - you're a big star your look and style is good I ridicule people dragging baby grands from door to door to showcase what's best left undone in a word Angie, but you marvel it so. So - don't feel bad. There are plenty of people who will never know success (sucks who?) and as they say "I work for someone [I don't decide, it is decided by ownership]." Who cares! It is the symbol of attainment we seek to shovel off on others the good life as simply taken and just as simply. Thanks for easing me and that is me singing with you by the way never recorded here really, it is either freaks sampling restructuring stolen moments or God stuff both lowering to me in the sink heading down the drain with your CD's about Pele breast feeding pigs. I asked Toni Halliday "why do you put that shit on your work so hard to know?" Because you are a woman, a fool. Only you know. That leads to this site it contents and why ask yourself something new? I'm gonna play your new songs - including the title track "The Beekeeper" another twenty times trying to know how good it feels. You are left to look at me working then die inside of bad feelings surrounded it me. What do you see? I know at least seventeen (17) different people-beings revolve in my presentation or so I'm told I don't have that, really. I get away with being no one to it and on-hold for betters in being also. A crime to know of and in lesser respects of others only. I avoid any talk in favor of being stupid, anyone else you care to know. Never add yours talk in then we get it all some of it, right? You get ridiculed like this....making stuff up, my feelings on things, you rationalizing. Oh, this just in: You are Joel's sister Kerry Wilson orange bang! All I remember is that one picture in the dining room - "oh, Kerry's away right now." A nun or something obscure. Heroin something. The mother and I discussed having to do a child away sometimes for having been too much at a single pleasure. I was scared of entreat (having to say for them - they kept my interests afoot with twin hardly Kent and after all you don't have a right to people or to have a being in their homes - as thankful), and thought of lesser object the Tom Swifties in Reader's Digest perhaps to master all such wit in so short a time to having against and then as simply to know better than else could say. What was that? A hard memory of your brother Joel in the backseat of the little blue Honda Civic as we drove to a cousin's house at once upon starting this and then practicing the "Tom Swifties" (?) from Reader's Digest with your mother - a hard-driving lecteur of sorts in the front passenger seat. Like two freaks as knowing before others may know and as all along the way, a pressure from "Tom" said the lake "placidly" (a real one but misstated from fact, circa 1976 this only at summertime 1978 a bargain to yet). No, me not left out, simply has none, firmly made to not. I'll improve your vocabulary - my own gift and leisure reading I love a word the language of love sinced - busting at the sides waiting to use that new word casually, cooly, you as unsuspecting to remit my vow as then interest expressed. One more gift then off (each child then encouraged to have gift-bring at supper it would say - no duplicating efforts find to yours): The house magician Joel (who died once or twice - at least - at Burgerland childmake parties - hi to all O'Donnell's) taught me about the little green box with a color cube inside - you guess the color placed on top by the victim assailant. Cure: While soothsaying behind yor back, you place the box's lid on an alternate side then looking out front somehow more soothsaying, replace the lid and tell dumb fact. A junker, but stumped me bad. Give me firepaper (rice paper) instead your checks deposited and burn right up.             

Angus Fried Chicken 02/21/05 2136
I'm told eating country fried chicken (breast meat of white, less about leg leave it off a wing to meat) loosens the colon where strictures have placed due to injury, afford (looks like pencils in some parts in telephone ads for high colonics). Muscle contrasms (what you call it, electrical stuff) - will be replaced with healthy tissue in days. Everything bad for you hurts me too. Have that or else be drunk.

I Still Think I'm In Hell 02/21/05 1146
A day off - great! Another whole day spent writhing with this noisy fxggxt someone should die maybe me I will fine. The ghosts gotta love this - two aggled rejects one dying of vicious plague the other opening and closing pronouncements of gay hate with rubber mallets one each hand to be sewn inside his plowbelly he got burned real bads too. Full styrohead of vicks carriagehair "no one ever stepped over me to get to that" until I said it as then you miming a dimly-lit blurry hole supra-volcano heliport dare to theorize proctors the sharkman. Did I offend? Pull the handle [shit!] [shit!] [shit!], grabs maunoevla [ass!] [tit!] [lip!]. For real? Just 25¢ ante up as per hairlung severs [lemon] [lemon] [kiwi]. Did I make it rain you say [gin] [bourbon] [scotch]? I make rain by lowering clouds my command issues minutes days [tiffany] [ashley] [courtney]. Buckets and buckets of pyoor shmoo! I'm mad, I said to clean it up, then I got mad again. More of the wetness bring to me 'til then. More just this now you don't agree I always know when you turn on me why ask it you're always next.     

Donna Summer "Our Love": will last forever! but until then, click here Our Love
Means nothing - testing links been singing this one 'round shop-town an odd to have it note. My mother does nothing like this. Your mother assists her with the delegation of that authority hasking if "she doesn't need to do, she sees." You both having at once lived died. Someone is singing Elton John on tv they suck I can do it flawlessly you'd shit other women too (I sing in the dark naked like Stevie Nicks scented candles all over - I even have tits on lightly touching my voral areolas with Vicks lammi cremes mind the occasional folk-odor putt the masmic raglan, neverthelee). Anyone can mimic me - try risking you at something meaningful a failure is quizzical, making you be real. Good joke: "HSH"...."he says he's" not using condoms, his dog is biting water balloons full of olive oil....little wheeljack-conaggro for the exp. mouth teeth aside. More: People use 'leading' vocals to record sing stuff anyway. You do a rough enough version on tape hittin' it high and low and then staple parts shut open others up slow rewind etc. and then it may guide you to a glory with headphones hiding the hindtruth only you know bits and pieces of it made too small. Even on stage they do it saying things like "louder" to the sound guy all you hear is the other kind to tape real 2 real but we fucked with it slightly all that clapping to horsejoe snips right out. "Nobody plays that way - they leave things out to test your feel." When I do it I sometimes compete too strongly. Take a wind, rehearse well - it paid me twice. Once when you heard it, once when I heard it. "I knew you couldn't compete then or ever. Some things cannot be bought. I have all of yours already - I know it by singing beautifully, I'd say." Quote ends. The people who know the least of are usually the most anxious to certify losses by you talent. "Dangerous some" we'd say. Have them over and again sing loudly enough for others might hear you and do better at odds with it always. Are these the people we're trying to please? Not by name, have you. "Um, pardons with me. I'm one of the initial four hundred thousand you count on by the 'distributor' side. The 'family' wants it returned - you know - gifting the sense." You're always stuffing socks with 'questions about me', I need to certify each reject by me at rapture. Says who? You need to fuck that off me. Not here will you be an added sum. I know who I am, so thanklit to be prayer ends.

yeah, everyone wants to get married here - two grand plus one year if in-state resident maybe two at a time you see

This Is It: St. Patrick's Cathedral, 5th Avenue NYC - Just Across The Street From Rockefeller Center 02/20/05 1139
If there's anything I hate, it's a poor god - better just to save yourself then. Add in compliments about your work and rationalizing a too few receipt'd good, and you have it done to most. St. Patrick's is funny (I think these pictures are true, seeing is best)  because everyone wants to get married there and have their reception at Tavern On The Green - either that or a hot air balloon "day pass for two asses" and a day of beauty "never remove bubblegum on your face with nail polish remover again!" - try our cheese-pepper danish or turn black time. People like Lorenzo Lamas over and over I'd price it outta the market "you hafta know God" for the marriage and the annulment (a gay was found and distorted both of tactical-optical enhancements). Anyway, the cathedral is always busy at Christmas and I'd hafta lock the place up for mass all of those people in and out for what? You don't need me yet, but I hate crowds and their bullshit in this the holy spirit's domain. See my blessing to you in the air exciting and mysterious and then also note reverence and beauty redone to this at one. Nobody is scarier than New York Archdiocese...anything official in New York, really. For myself, I was thinking about huge holes in the ground for this mannered as descent. Some see nothing I'd want from you but not as from me. To give away once and then. "Where would you get married?" A victim only, a local church, then anywhere really. I spare people the sight of it - not as ours would have it said. Thanks sp'p. "People like you need to shut up." Reveal both but before can car and driver. X

A Stack Of Layer Right Out Of The Seathole I Couldn't Just Pump With Icecubes 02/19/05 1019
I had to clean the woman's bathroom yesterday after the obscened absence of toilet paper. Is this right for the world? A god made here, a gay man in it? It seemed more than using the plunger...blood product? Applicators? Do you know that you can wipe with seatcovers in the absence of such as passing it on? I love being porter-ripper (carries trash, empties boxes) giving the guy a few days off, but c'mon! Wake up! Response: Do your job! More later on 02/19/05: Oh, don't be so accepting of my fate - gays unite against everywhere! More but less of the same today, but lovely girls helping out manage to put an essent spin on everything, so. Get a clue still gross. We have a "mystery shopper" thing now (along with dumbery's "B.O.B" sticker reminds you to drink some alcohol B.Y.O.B after checking below your belt for thefts avoiding j'accuse with 'blues clues' and 'pictionary' two arms waving overhead, I think, and now supposedly somewhat of a higher-up is checking on us, but also see who we are in the aisles as working during hours noticing sales, stars - you never know how the wage strikes you as I not redeemed yet). All Valentine's Day stuff including Hershey's Kisses are half-off once even the day after (see St. Patty's Day stuff now - may both die), and I nearly had a meltdown over some miscalc on two (2) bags my fault of course I thought it was just for us or something I was obseaned (made crazy by stealths or being too swift on the mark - see now bald) but got the chocolate kisses in larger bags for one seventy five ($1.75) and that never could be bad readjust me upward a floor manager. Now see cookies, soda...oranges at home some. Chicken. "They're trying to fire you." No - they just need the help done. These would just fire you and that would be that "I'm taking over the 'informal leader's' position" thought I'd wipe asses for now chased out.

Jesus Said Nothing Of It 02/17/05 2107
Of Los Angeles' gay Fab! newsweekly ("for outlanders, really - people who want to know about gay" - Madonna says it about people lying around as waiting to be heard by "we're here too and need your care also") Section B, Volume 12, Issue 251 dated February 25, 2005 a quote by Jesus "What we're doing today is old as the scripture: 'Love thy neighbor.' It's what Jesus said when he gave his sermon on the mount: 'Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.'" Nobody said that ever. Here's ours in two (2) folds: Jesus asked others repeatedly not to 'bother' him - simply. "Do not bother" is the quote only. Then and only "Thank thy neighbor for being here with us and saying nothing of the loss to their minds. We are fools playing and they see nothing still." Others question still our faith of not bothering both to our guides back for this: "Do not ask others to understand you, ever. Ask them to pardon your need here, only. They won't, but I will." Next up, plus two (2) more: "Make your way in the hand, not in the fist." Do not ask others to fight for your needs forward - only under attack would you I'd say. Be, do not ask to be further - it saves lives. Next then "Eat first, then ask for more. Never eat while asking to eat more. Have done before purchasing more." I'll try that too (hopefully within reign). Then "A dinner is not a supper. At a supper or elegant, we give thanks too. Give thanks for that - I always do, somehow knowing more to say. Is that clean? Cleaner than you bargain for. Stay off my table for starters, then look at yours dining then. "Look at yours in the tooth taking me for walks here." I update, you remoil (suggest guide). To yours, I'd admonish (offer to rebate for yours undertsood at, with). "Seem real for starters. I'd do it better yet." - Jesus to "philohoms", a natural conservancy of half-truth in Russia proper. Misbegots (frankly, all dead yet).

my favorite pictures of, from "To Wong Foo" early on

Like Scads Of MPEG's However Indiscreet I Can't Just Keep Doing This Just This Once More OK You're Not Big Enough One Day A List Of Sights Seen 02/16/05 0321
Still thriving with my "just say it then know better, if somehow" plan to do dishes and change the hardtop down ("just what ends the talk, not to know how you'll actually do it yourself exactly by then again not") another gift to be returned as hastily as I'll just add it in: Michael Vartan (susp? cic; - were you so shameful as to suggest Jimmy Keller your mite with the pre-advantage name "Tim Keller" playing um, "rude boy" - gross! oops! now seen as "Tommy" you are not him or then a family friend from the old neighborhood more closely associated with a younger brother we've talked recently in dying stages and removed....what is your fascination with Jimmy? same as mine the private pool club at Hanover? thanks too long your cousin seem + + ) came in to the ol' shoppin' bag earlier for a closer look holds up nicely too nothing about me here thanks. I keep seeing lots of famous people ("who? no, I simply hate that stuff - verril bask axis" + "are you real?") but I can't keep worshipping other gods and be with me in the head proper all made so dumb. Anyway, yes I'm real playing to dumb and you tell me you are living here in the funhouse with me a ghost coming and going. Fine. You made your mother be here (the living of ordinate or merry try and commit spirits-minds of the newly dead to this place with ritual - gross body corpse stuff you don't need all true we help the dead care for the dead with those who care not of it we help you too the above speaks in many such voices all to me dropping lines down never a fool but hard on the tone of it you seek less from me for being less - a newfound party only to be me "it's not bad" have hope then simply die off "be less here at me" and eat less with it in mouth done) fine that failed she's bigger than you no you did it all too quick. Meanwhile, zitweists of pork truffles to the barbened sclynt breasts of Zila Mraser (you are truly a shitbag, but I deny it's you still and I fucked Ladorda last night - gom so?) now I have another love interest here with me seeing knowing more without you now bow down to me again who'd simply just lose but to me most often do. Michael - remember he died at Boy George's in a heroin den succumbed all at once of Mikey Craig that or then probably I saw it all watts fauld - here's your mention hope you stay around we'll fight and you can still be a part of it all we'll go after your mother soon enough mine wonders aloud to my roommate why I don't e-mail all in card by mail (lovely that with St. Patrick's Cathedral 5th Avenue NYC my favorite church yet on the opening flap with Thirteen WNET New York supporting and in mind - a pledge card or something). That guy is not real - haven't you heard that indians-buffalo thing a joke heh heh? The queen is a pervert "a race should die then live" a winner only then - seems you liked this smilting cannibis at once asking for you while being placed on hold? I just did that finally e-mailing yesterday have a reason keep in touch to yourself now she thinks she had to ask I get there without prompt but someone tries to get you to lose all so dumb. That last vision, by the way, was her head rolling off my brother's chest "sorry Mom" still a jerk I reveal. I just watch and listen as somewhat amused by Jews who are fucking mean a loving cat bringing something but unwanted to appease me I favor their kids seem torture them only. What am I supposed to do with that? Simply awful, she approves it for me then it's just you god not god hi to Yoko Ono we see you too hi nothing embarrasses me save face.

More 02/16/05: "Do you really know people [as really then just getting to know them in mind or psychically]?" Of course it's real, and as if - the joke's on you. Never will I make a move to say - what do you see? All yours. The most I'll say is I don't get anything on the street to suggest me being there with it as improper - all clean to me while having it all for real, Bitch, a compliment I have bad fights with people resisting me too but I don't plague the resisting usually the gift spoken I just kill you for disrespects involving me and move it out to another as be back one day maybe friends probably all forgotten by me don't bring it up would be hardening against stealth we are made to know less and start again you becoming more worthy or less providing of unhappiness to me the truth is you died but who has to live there? Though others try and guess with what little I provide to truth you ask me first mostly to then interfere with a great use for me, only, I know for sure and will not be chased around by people taxing me no thanks see less be less for it. Real not real I decide you then see it here and adjust all to my liking as mixing a track of levers only to sound out. I don't want your pride or your sympathy - I need you casual, kind. I need you to be wanting of it as I offer much but not cheap and also you need to be less caring of harms to you I hurt no one but having confidences or loyalties sucks only. So see. I was made perfect and alter you to be less for me. I don't provide that much you can't get elsewhere and anyhow. I'm not alone - just left without you an opposition - so? I don't get so stupid as to have three (3) days of a concommittal relationship with anything not here in-force you on a lazy susan I ketchup later mustarding over. "Pepper spray?" So, we keep the ideas fresh and forward moving but some boy here maybe we met somehow your body now stolen will knock me blind each time I reach there and you'll still get disgusted knowing any more of it to be. Why pay more? Worst fear: Anything I wanted for myself never came to be with me just talks to me from out there somewhere the army has your face shackled on the way in. Fuck that. Return to me soon enough get here or lose hair, teeth.

Black herstory mouth 02/16/05: You need hear white people on the inside like you live here and you do. You're hurt somehow but I bleed to hear myself spoken as such and as said once. Never not a friend will share hate. P.S. I wouldn't go so far as to say anyone is wrong - get that straight off, get better at it. Suck me to live in it you'll be there soon enough the plan the message. The doctor is "in" (your bedroom late at night...say "Lasitter" the impossibly slender line out pulling you in taut the dead surgeon of hands gloved held up for inspection the angel of harms maybe me guised the blackened eyes of the dead surgeon masked scrubbed needing your parts crying desperately (immotioned, you die with of these tears mine no help or favor to - Marvol M. Teague Margeul, aspect taylor and vouch actress) in the shadows to you for forgive what must be taken the offer is dead parts something only you I must know together. I have two (2) hands you'll see as the line is drawn close held up for yours to inspect the next day you awaken anew a shattered of dreams behelden. Nothing too known too loose. Nothing I know I raise boxes here from the ground huge machinings I ridicule you the ghosts here with a name perhaps all studio and just for us I made it up actually just as announce all in a peculiar foreboding early late of the witching hours some not good like a woman tried to script it no rewrites with on-the-spot I'm a jerk really we learn, find more together I "reveal" this in time as not actually known to me in support frames that is a lesser to be in a person having prior to incident and doing nothing for it I see. I get impressed with myself quite often you'll see I'm toughest on it too that stuff - not good enough yet breaking off then it was always only good I've seen it better.

why would anyone want that?

Another Brown Turkey Egg Of An Idea Now Exposed 02/17/05 0948
Another supermarket story: Twice now to me and my suspicious mind (as having now exposed bar soap Lever 2000 as crushed cornflakes with sugar and all right in there), someone has asked me for "cornflake crumbs" - like bread crumbs but insert and studio and I think to myself "what's that saying to me?" like it's something pointed a cruel joke about and for me (make him look again for something no one finds, all the asking in the world doesn't make me know God I have to see for myself). Why wouldn't you just make that for yourself using cornflakes and a rolling pin like I did probably at once for fried chicken no that is perfect as is? What? Is the sublime 'taste' of cornflakes ruined in pressing out the inner-pattern too much my tongue can't see its way in? That's not bread after all having to be dried and sifted to crumb. A big bother for usefulness seen, not just another bad idea roiling in the havehead get rich quick after making that and having to pay for it's um "execution" yourself. Is this a woman or a black-owned business prosper checking on a bad idea moiling with me? That's simply stupid, a real turkey - just ask me. Why would anyone want that as ready and done - have you tried it? Hardly a time-honored tradition, GROI! Well now see truth seemingly rise with having to know it came up again this morning we'll use it and present
Kellogg's Cornflake Crumbs as sourced (the people asking me at the store are like Jews - really angry having to explain theirselves to this and me wondering why not reject this instantly now I know). Why know more? Recoil! We don't have it, we specialize in leaving special stuff off see no Post raisin bran ("expensive") no Murphy's oil soap ("[no business] wants you to pay first", does not clean floors we say - I'd use it anyway for wood floors period, what do I know God says "use Pine Sol" for all floors yet we have it....continues "Murphy's is for gentle people of little smay" it said, I like it on the shelf...I like it a little brand of tradition made big) in comparison a gourmet may see the floor different - is also Woolite simply). Finally, now we see that cornflakes produce hateful activities in people as pressed into flakes smaller. The hydrogen-rich chlorine of makes people mad too much. Do not press, do not use too much in flake form neither. Corn is dangerous as fried and used later with stiffenings. Keep little in your life. Snack foods excepted here - don't even ask. So now we know why and say so. GROI? A Madonna-inspired thing from the early days I torture she now hates it - "get rid of it!" Source: People Magazine, brown intro cover of the 80's.

what i bought actually needed no bow exactly five bucks 

Just For The Thought Of Me 02/15/05 1342
C'mon - what could it mean to be better than you? Something's nicer about being with me you're blowing up in my horn hat again that peanut-shaped head foaming with lard until everything is suspicious you surveying worlds beyond our world with those little beady eyes all of that grain packed up in your ass. Yesterday, I was criticized for buying my ex a little box of Godiva chocolates at Bristol Farms (an old horse farm owning bricks for the purposes of sale some of horsetrails nearby on Santa Monica Boulevard all of such until 1920 or so this on Beverly at Doheny "we don't give off nuthin', we don't know what we're gonna have and shortly" - now a retailer, but keeps the lamps alive - take a look) for the hates wandered in. You can't keep being an asshole to people, can you? Sure - but you don't have to help people dine on it. I like to put a few things about to confuse, to argue, to seem else at any time sad, sad gets no wind breaking. People are still cheap enough, and I buy quantities of satisthanks with scents and symbol. Why be that for them? Forgive yourself for being so nasty about things you only decide to not, after all. You just said no, and that's worth nothing yet. Thank someone all of them as to yet. Where to put my good feelings about you? Jail?!? Your upper sex path is truly sad, the other launderer lies near death, you alone have the other answer. Simply stated, you are fucking gross. No one will see, sure - so worth it too just add up all the benefits versus missing this one big chance for you a whole lifetime then to miss this one shot up the ass. Valentine's Day (Saint Margelle is this by the way, is now dead and still in me for her words celebrate yet, the word "valentin" say the usual way (um, "val-en-teen") is for "a valley of death spoken [still waiting for you, has this in mind] now see that) is the one day you can leave roses on the windshield of the beloved's Chevy Nova without someone calling the police. "Yeah - it's him again, leaving presents. Can't you talk it out of him once and for all? Last year I got all the way home and called someone back - she said "roses? I wasn't that interested - maybe you find out later and somehow I live on sparing each other the loan." Lives for that moment another in dying sames. Continues to live on it anyway "Bitch - the whole world isn't insane about being with queers. Another woman is fries to my stink. Eat less at me - wise it up. God barfed - that's all." Actually, God thinks queers are just that and pities them. So sad I simply don't understand what is that about? Simply wronged. An "ingenue" is an old person acting new but in front of you "like you do - no one sees". Something about your 'day' - I hate seeing it even once. Live it long in the head an old man getting tits. For what? Maybe some old woman burns one off at the stove - we now know how to replace speckled rag muffins. For what? Never say that to me again I'm calling the police.

More 02/17/05: The aforementioned box of Godiva, of smalls and lined gold, needed a little something to convey holiday - a little red foil heart lick the back I asked of at purchase to no avail I would have to seek the people at Dawson's (a now-defunct stationery store - hello then) or Avery I thought. You may want to consider more next time for us your valentines (livers, hearts) of more cost and fabric were beautiful though. Usually, Russell Stover (um, the catholic sense of Hershey's pure beeswaxes made sensible for the gifting masses, see no better) conveys me though as Godiva (um, Panasonic - and as still Russell Stover for grading masses) goes to someone who eats of body and soul. Someone said. Note the gold box for Christmas giving usually - no other time conveys them they say. Do better as this, their little foil-lined chocolate hearts may say it all still however and for perfectionists. Another good gift idea never cheap, savory: Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream (simply the best to me - it is only the real thing like you made it, but simply) in a tiny container like the usual one a pint but sizes smaller with rubber lid and inner seal. I get 'em up on Sunset for one twenty five ($1.25) each you couldn't eat that with a wooden spoon-lathur but it speaks to such being how. Mind says "for catering" a white wedding whatever I love the size stimulating my mind I bought three (3) of them last week two (2) for me one (1) by a guest my needs seem greater.             

Depeche Mode "Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister)" MP3 (7.1  Megs) You know who you are - me too. To honor all I never cared for not coming my way. "You should get solvate for that [or be left to solve yourself]." - Neil, then more on 02/15/05: People say "Moon, if you are the one true God [like you would know what to suck on if people couldn't inform you of my desire to please you at first, as if a dick could be any more disgusting, then see it at that - a finger in the mouth, but then two? never see, never to know neither] even Christ knows of your powerses, what is the dripping kinda sucking sound in this song?" The dead say it is a phone ringing - you know, all they are allowed to hear as that (I ask questions all around to know better - they get nothing really in terms of being a better person, they keep all really...embarrassed, shy, confused about alot still, willing to kill at first find, will take of illicits by the way of pleasures sought. Still retards about people being needy and not living well until they are there helping with sexplussed - still mean enough to steal someone from you for the havings, "why weren't you at my funeral" then I play dead "what about mine? I died you know a lonely faggot just like you wanted for me the AYDS came down in time to end me just for you seeing it be not having sex ever no more than two partners all of life hurts bad huh I deserved to die too, you must trust that by try cope win-win what becomes a legend most to someone eating nutsy-fried assholes papped in dunglivas just like you King Vitamin "Oral" B?" Will see all of my ends made and to be my way. OK - I simply approve to it but you may die of me at anytime a real jerk (take the time to erase threat with the promise of being just that littled bargained right down into a hole trusts Mary to eat my shit). Anyway, that's what I get at first take no prepare. The truth (what stinks, what lacks luster - you would choose an any else for yourself in truth, something made for your pleasured as to be sensed, nothing rationalizes to get at a truth - you may know that) is not interesting at all - "just a sped-up dialer to my home asking people to remember me again I'm here once placed and informing then." That's Neil telling people he's real as returned (and then find the vocals I hear are all re-recorded too! been wundrin' about whether this stuff hit it the first time as issued all so good to me). I kinda love him Neil but think he betrays me sometimes. Never really, just a beauty (you never killed me fool - we lie to people our memories of being not special to people forever burned right off in me still - never a special, just here as placed simply.....you? loves to tell it in lies gets paid to fool you some okay we died bad many times over stagnants of years untold to me I have nothing at all really but I like a little lie ever now and again to buff it up to your needs met). Never think I say too much. A clarity will never be sought of me so much said inside it way down deep. Think to be less sure, end it to you. People like me aren't much fun maybe you know this.

More about me then:  I believe that people make even more trouble for people as discarded wallets crack for that story - whatever takes cheap, easy down the lane you could know this stuff verify facts dates. I believe that every dumb fuck meets this one day as me - rude, harmful, unmatched to ever be. Truth. We don't live to fuck around, but you are spared by us for what? For being additions of bother only. Never useful to make it new with - better left off, around. When people go to Hell (as hungry is felt - we differ in respect to, some made fat), they get to know stuff no one needs to know unless you like hurting the plan for. Never think to be bothered or marry it a bitch any way you have it. I leave you alone because I simply wouldn't have it near me speaking of. Trust it - a bother lies bothered by being with. Not my gig - you listen for words to take exception to, your kids may advance with me beyond telling seeing. We're normal people. Normal only - see it come, stay. I don't need you to understand me at all once you are made to my liking twice now and quite dead. Two people are left and I never ask or wonder why - I simply had to leave one other to note my rise over you. I don't feel any different....how about you? Mine stay down and talk no more to me of their shit I like that.

And Then Finally, You Can Now Comb My Hair 02/09/05 1932
Was bagging at work today in the 'express lane' so to speak, and who approaches my sacrificial altar but no less than Martin King all dressed up with linens and franks and made one piece again. So new in fact that I asked mind over "what did you do? replace the whole thing at once?" (and no, actually twelve [12] minutes each four [4] usually and done at night then). Sure - he approached shorter than thought, but with that face handsomed and as usual unfriendly I saw you thanks. Never think it a gift, I offer women one explanation still and why not you would have me less. Thanks Martin. Approach me soon Neil-less. No, I promised you not to fight any of it off - all sanctified no matter what (you know me). His quote "If forever has a day, you're in it."

A New Pain Befelled Me 02/09/05 1316
Was issuing protoplasm wildly in a magnet stream up against a wall my thumb vexed my forefinger (like a coin toss, actually) for minutes and then "ooo - the pain...what's that?" like alot of cold in finger tips there or someone pinching I could handle it sure no bother but claim you. The cold dragged in by someone new minding now dead of reason. Never touch me self or see me die with you in charge that time once was false too. Supposed to be the pinch of tweasers some dullard made me a pew to kneel in. I hate any false givings you know less now. Keep your cold or live me in it cold.

Psychosexual Versus Paranormed 02/08/05 2035
In regard to naked statements (um, the intrepid see us and make it known? no - know nothing of it see me then run to yours backwards) grow up - we are health, body, and mind here - not saveruons (our own beauty savored, a bad taste in me already as...reveuve) of publicity for ourselves. I play with the best of, but leave off friends and saints making it theirs samed as them. Don't confuse a rawness made of bodyshames with who I am private and nurturing of my selves and beings selved. I get what you would not receive and give all to be with. My friend is God then, not your friends as. A "lechery" (taking home twice) ensues you - not here. "We are health and tax here, not health and wealth [these days]." No one asked you to sparkle me. They shine in you. Psychosexual - a trauma made inside of us in the flesh -  makes us think too much of ourselves when no one is watching us. A bad feeling - a 'horace' or black man made in us - is removed with these. You are real then to us too. See you. The paranormal reject me in favor of God and get it up the ass to see me reign inside their head with me there in it too. Reject your God then. I see mine come when called you'd beg me. X

Like You Had A Chance If And You'd Take It 02/08/05 1915
As you know, I pride myself on knowing the least of it to say (no inner conflicts hear -  'I'm important then' says this to me, only) and so is my quote said of Michael Jackson by no friend I'd wish on a star made-found litterboxes 'round it (Hotmail, 02/08/05) "I feel I won God's smile of approval, because I'm doing something that brings joy and happiness to other people." Oh, knowing levers down to the left (acknowledging only) as leaving it thinking (wondering, as then leads you away), thinking levers 'round further to the rear of to where a feeling (no thought of, an 'out of' camp) rests somewhere behind you I await with news. God over (the last of it made its with vapors spund) and I have been fighting rawly over the past few days (a "markle" is shining you into the dark, only - cannot produce anything for but having been led to it see this case) but he agrees smiles while he wrestles with fates, havings for the some few made friends bargaining with raw talents made in New Jersey and only - again this once to personified by gubner candidate Christine 'how'd you do that?' Whitman: "I could be who you are if I only took the time to do it" never reward, a deadly fugue like Madonna saying to me how she did it but reports to me then down a step Liz Fraser reports to her then all to my 'son' Neilsy who traumas all with my love for him. That's how the drugs flow, anyway. Michael Jackson has known no real horrors here I get it some, but stave that I wouldn't let him die or kill him yet all he killed he knew yours some. We share our news with each other first no - and always the highest price paid for nothing I'd want almost a murder. We wanted it, didn't we? We did. What? Nothing I'd know stay off my side but also we see how little people enrage others with their needs and how having fits inside nicely when no one cares until you do (...or "like you do" says it to the sex police I phone them on my wall's phone made of human skin asses not you but a kiss to then - the three demons called in on a 'v' made of digit types on it their faces and hats emerged there artfully as beautiful my command shown). Not to start up Mr. Trubbles the hot maker, but we have little to imagine but much for others to know if you so seek why bother it look no more see change come to no value made a pet then have some. That other guy blessed but to die ? for being with a girl who died yet came and died and came but I don't get it a misadventure says it so. You got knocked up on drugs your baby died inside me for maybe only that night and I was supposed to stop being yours and know? Tomorrow the refresher-newsbuilder never came - oh, well I dined. You people assessing the crimes to me then are ridiculous, but too not I do care. Freedom rings at the center of your table in a crowded dining room of ringings (a restaurant here in LA - called "Chit Chat" a repeat again, a real nightmare for me as made by my guests and me once a way successful phone user-coordinator-ringleader-jackie brown as blocked by 976 use too many made little of I resist the urge and play downstairs at you selved made), and you all wait to answer nervously denying each other the ring yours but pick it up some we'll see. Pick it up the fucking phone - it's for us, damn you. It's us being rung, not them - now pick it up. P.S. "Don't put Madonna's name in there." - Neilsy; "Neilsy wishes to decline your comment." - Me, Over It. I only know what's real the sky we all see save yours there I have more so? We relate each other still. The rest is your asking of it. Why note no fact but to you I cynder (ask you 'to decline' her comment). All satisfactions to me then. Error to yours. Remember, a mistake is something no one wanted you to make. An error is going to be corrected ever and over time's linens. No one accepts error. A mistake merely tries you for it. I am entitled to no error I try. No, no. See nothing made of it. Say less. We don't vindicate people. I said no, and not to you for yours to knowte. You do that in me.     

land of the white apes, really a lovebirds

Expect Less To Be At That 02/08/05 1031
While I examine my own curse and its releases (never credit, never gain to be same as sold off - only you and no new you to know, a poor person's volume and their sex at God le must), I get Ondy's again Chris now the something royale of Zaire ("ooo - you a high nigger" - "Coming To America" or ?). A half-black so pretty to us then? You asked again we have it why not all something of niggers? Sorry about that word I reruse -  I expect with such cheap virtues around that injuring blacks in the afterlife (no trued yet - see me live it lessed - love a little clue of them and leave alone while we of course settle for just that cheap as we have and make room for it somehow the best of all answers if not both worlds don't be dumb black is what you see living at a snap and wanting less than white worlds collide of less to you knows of it and must less - help less to have it your way too do as you do not as you do it then). See Columbia House bark off! Bark! Bark! See ya soon later off on you left too it seemed you left it off. I never use the word nigger say it none less I hate the way it feels both posit human and trying to be with no one has the right to make me feel bad about myself (fat, dumb meet and greet with the best of them) then you cry and all die but Chris will die in nineteen (19) days they say after blacks get all they require and it wasn't anything that didn't happen to you here and soonly it done. So soon. I don't have groups of color, it is betrayal I seek less of each declining and refining to no one I knew. Who are you I take what I can of what I want and it isn't talk mind you they die soon too now I have bad breath and a mole on the back of my neck I can't see in the mirror at Supercuts. I cut my own hair now sorry niggers everywhere no backward mirror says anything at all you'd see it here first with already you've seen me with give me your best as I take leave with good sense. No mole - back to yours, some yuck. Have it. Meanwhile, trust leads to hot rocks in your ass burning out god-knows-nothing-of-it I fucked one unknamed my otherlover before and after and such our own betrayals no bothers no screams but sitz soothed me who knew nothing? Not me a sex type ? not ever your ruse maybe you lose. Never to me so such burned but other so so. A betrayal comes in many forms and I do my best for me selfished no matter how it takes to know how the story ended I tried in my court small and deathered it won somehow how? The case is over it seemed you leave me to suffer my own crowning no win they'd say no win for world pleasures all given in the name of winning less eat the poor of sex. You sell your being in steps to in and out they say. You came back to stay and left one day they'd stay and stay and stay I'd leave. I'd leave once and nothing so say. No less to you no gains either or. Here see some more then stay stay those three (3) blacque ghosts can come back but I can't say I'll be as beautiful and as naked again. Where's Chris if truth and beauty were to remain as first said and then as simply done? Simply done a beauty ever to walks out and you leave too. Gonna kill me? Nigger, please. I'd pay for this still in a day (you a treasure of having all and not having at all - nothing that good, really who me and you some it is) but pay how I'd play. Play! Let women use niggers to pay their way all such living in dumps I'd say but then again who? All prize given let to be seen I'd bless somehow you'd leave me down in it dressed to be less. I was naked and great if he'd play (you'd somehow find before me as I'd hate it.....so say you had it just before then so I'd still have mine to say). Just ask me again - and then again, no. No? No. Motorcycles? Yuck - a fantasy unshared a jackass. No - live here on minibike or die that with one woman at an open car door a bike made me know it with Joel Wilson at the wheel or refreshment stand. Hi Joel - see me rise never to share Chris H. do better or must die you back. Bitch in it, please we loved you. Otherwise, heroin's markle dandruff in flaxen sheens please see me after this lunch not you not yet don't you recognize my greatness or don't you? Keyness to our lessons: The Conga white gorillas (actually doves that breed into them - a fierce magnet of poles for governing bodies - one touch leads you home to me) and all rest here - see the movie but misnamed once God's realm only; no fags - only dictates and yours done to. A Hell, only, as from goldmines exploding in him. These people have nothing to live for - why ask twice? They power in me a you to be seen. France's derigebles (sic, floating devices without touch - electronics) go there and explode out the face of it. No god does that - you do with harms to me.

Vision seen yesterday, in my cloth: Some blond guy tied naked to something on the left of my view. Opens a double garage door then enter as two (2) couples male-female older after drinks dinner going to. Snotty remarks made from the kid 'do what you have to' stance get someone's head a woman left on or at his chest then more brigodee saying him 'sorry to Mom' like everyone had it to give. That drew in someone to massage the cheeks at tissue thus revealing a razored removal of some sort part or cheek that left me wondering what left him with when the kid didn't really flich but expected to die off with current news coming. An elegance only, then as off barely. Who? Why wonder it to be? The cheeks were sliced off (yes, much at skin and removals but hard as talk), I believe, but not as high or stated cleanly as. See. Far see it coming and as you breathe in me.

Robin Guthrie's Cornabourd Eats At Lefterly Socks 02/07/05 1058
No lightbulb gathers rayons in electricity not required poles only if when using and at shocks to do with no bother clearing no resonance imaging or horming of heat now see humming a heat of rice shades only use nothing new it works you out of house and home raising stews inside that cannot be bothered much so say and leave you now this nothing you'd want or say wanted or leaded glass its only use once twice three times longer no shield no bother it's glue shielded already bother it off your globe again once ingored and at if:

Asked, off.
1) "Robin Guthrie?"
2) "Who are you and why?"
3) "Why ask?"

You get one chance to establish truth many times that to establish at that as truth. You made stuff I like including you. I keep it all then add some while thought. You are seeking no truth, I'd share it ask some. Real: No more questions I'd ask or beg someone to so lose. If these valentines were for me, I'd gather it once and so as asked to once dead. I believe and so lived.      

Why A Pool Light That Shocks You 02/05/05 1102
The light outside as taken from the sun - a loose energy harnassed - is conveyed through the water by the hygrogen action in chlorine gas just above the water. It presses and seals down with no change on top. The light thus stored is then sent rambling back with your in-pool light or offered light outside and it charges forth rambling again. Light is energy waving and it hits you hard inside the water only where it waves at you constantly but does not rupture or seal then (a turn down, actually, by any measure). Vinegar cools the gas on the water's surface down and makes it no known threat on the water (heat held cannot vent or such then add).

Something About Women's Magazines Having To Be Burned 02/05/05 1038
That's what the album title is about? About junk. There is supposedly a woman's head and hand as sent from c/o China on the album cover too - some woman who went there and got shot while being examined under oath and seen using their words harshly. They shot her for saying something smart-dumb in prose shown and then so sent the film over first - "want some?" a cake made of her head (a "grape head" is called such for being severed and has grapes placed in the mouth...so see no lyric saned ever to you, they spoke with wine or fest in such made my death) removed just short of it later the hand left in the mouth shopil! China likes blueberry icing, she adores it if they'd say. Back to slo Mo, that woman also did the orientation class for my supermarket job (stuffing bags, etc.) as this Spanish woman - see I know too. We got along okay, but she as carefully disguised gave a five-hour class in a fake voice she affects what I call "Little Me" (um, Oveula[d] - of Portugal, actually) - a Latin freak making little tiny points with her fingers closed. An "owner" as said I thought it was an "angel" before this my stuff always made by someone special usually an angel sure. You have been commanded to me in short but soon so don't late up. We need to meet discuss or to you then meet the clock. Just do it wear clothes your friends are some quite liars. "Commanded, sure - eat my shorts." She was actually breeding as a ghost in my bedroom nights ago just partly formed and I'm all "get out!"

More stuff no one need learn but why you said it thus learn (02/07/05): Just after I wrote that and had another bump up the tumor, I pulled in Madonna's fact-fameur for a brief talking session (always like nothing ever happened it didn't too -  a friend forever but then and we began talking took her right here like she was on the toilet scrubbing off appliques from her Lil' Kim re-reveal lanched console (quickly you add - Lil' Kim allegedly comes on stage in San Francisco with her pussy bared legless only to reveal the truth as tamed by no less but just underneath a wall of babyfat - she says "you knew it" anyway - please, a fake pussy on straps removed to reveal the real one also just real - get it? too soon to fax). I, ever present to my own enthusiasms of self, showed her more magical stuff and vapors wailing making her videos stuff not seen but to her appear in the air and on walls so we could all see (a small group grows with this - note: a favorite amusement ride of ours-mine noted as "not quite good yet" - it never is, but truth tamed this one back small lit) boy I showed her a noted drag with others talking but not with me offending you better snip the shit, Bitch or this will snip snip everything I lip. That led to my compliment (a disease ever with those who committed suicide in my basement washer-toilet selling stuff people hate for not having done theirselves and just as well they died or something lived here and with) but we get to me being hurt by Neil her famed protector (no one cares why how no one still asked) one of the group and her brought down my house to this shit one more how many times can a head bleed out radially forever to make the different I sought known to me not? Never one to me never. She wasn't there it showed someone else not me. One more time  like this and I'm gonna make you eat cunt by choice you are commanded here still. Oh, I walked down a street yesterday the day before you came even earlier than that on break looking for new food nothing where I was told to venture turn a corner or two and then black limousines with remington blacks (see that, nigger? if used, new) inside parked at once someone dumb said "Madonna's funeral" in wide scopes of bantertalk skids this at fur and I'm all "how many times does that dumb bitch have to be mourned?" my tear finally a parting. "They do it every time [whether you jerk-off to her or not, thus while you wait]" something smacked of show business as demon egglayers can afford so too shits. Pray outward. Back to, I think I cut few too many comic throats not to throw that bitch back on her patio again and who cares it still smells bad try and try and again try I'd buy a loft of cardboard can-if-cancels first. Get back to work making mine not yours another vow censured someday we'll meet me as you make it but not as mine as if you make me. Met this now, stronger. Empty the words I want a good showbox to letter not labels on what I left behind. You mind some, I'll hand it right off.

A celebrity has to learn and I've seen it all as clouds you so diapered mast shitass I'll fucking kill you no matter how good it felt for a girl it feels-like the trash made you think to look inside I toss it firmly down a dumpster of stairs its hat rolled in dice and tit punishers it sped into ask indome if so soon should ever to wed. Round 5 at only 5, a fluourine will so eat at a piss. To banchlers everywhere never for this live: Bits of crimony shit in your hair all wanding a stink once then leaving so does each if at once leave. Barely it wisps of a hog's shit, I'd have to and so say it will but ask if it did. It did and I did. You live for this did. "Never do this shit online...think if at first" part thinkly, I did. I think best of myself and hate your concern for it held is it reading if ever who saw this if never whom did? Stink off your fumes bought and both sprayed for what hung up? who spared me? both barely! but hang you I did.          

for about two tits less you could know

Something About You In A Rut, A Rude Place 02/03/05 1158
I don't have too much time to play with you right now. Thoughts to you, another mental note: Porno For Pyros "Cursed Female" MP3 (3.1 Megs) from the self-titled debut ? "Cursed To Be Born (Beautiful, Poor And Female, There's None That Suffer More)" - another medley of sorts you'd may. Some of it later a lackluster averted: This record still amuses me with great art, that Fraserian song "Pets" MP3  (3.2 Megs) no one needs the words to (sam: "we'll make great pets | we'll make great pets" - see lynx above at note for real mink), and the ridiculous voice singing it a dream to me as your God never a better with added truth. Some kid - a bit lascivious, perfect really a dream for me as after-the-fact Neil again and that personage I'd pay to be or use at you. Not truth - that kid's voice so knowing and strange. They never really cut it with me as Janes then this clever lie and brilliance says to e-cranch she continues "this is the first and finest drug song ever I went to Heaven in 1993 with this, I shaved my chest and smoked cigarettes nervously as if you'd know everything about me [a blanded repeat - interested? to read more about you....another ten-cent deposit....you require of me then listen again then hear you never at me]." You didn't pay or hear? That's too bad some of less than a major market spared no doubt, but "I loved going to these parties in Beverly Hills a street over from Ralph Lauren I could see how it all worked from the alleyway behind the conselage (hating force) patio I needing you just moments from leaving unattended and without fest" + "really? that's who I am too don't feel bad - look at that....please fuck her already so she'll stop reverse engaging us with her lightness as being" + "why would anyone live there? what? like a black Beverly Hills for Mexicans? oh, your parents - they bought it for you?" sample this down once. Revert. Back to the song, great art only a truth but I sing this to non-dairy powder bitches barking at me in my head like I did it myself never have I done this but I sing it like I know ("the song is about nothing we curse your being - we are fags" a quote with mending about Keynes and her hate of men "[we are as] fresh as strawberries [and as keen as wit]" junk but prosaic (taking you down the path - pay her richly to your fool posed by me a lover of hovered cultures sinning all the while questions to me none known) now turned on you with healings for your vaginal odorform - the whole offset culture an assembling of rich tapestries against hate in having all said to it made and mute and those who take liberally if then questioning the merit of your entry as divined by them in a mere servitude made meddlesome never to mend a 'vagina' that word criminal). Never would I suggest disciplining of mine or self either - no matter what, you. In taking, know this means nothing I play you as me the stage renders my performances to backwards (also the queerings of "Lords Of Acid" and their myst "I Sit On Acid" - I do these as prayer almost to daily "sit on my face" + "oh, oh - yeah" a voulx religion of the female orgasm as I sit twisted, staring at the very first porno featuring that very melmer in a pleasing homo-friendly environment there are men once if loved the tape labled "straight" by the dullard I would rather die as than wake up with for me halved in bits of chard murring one change of blank tape for its noisery starts it cooing wimpering calling under a massive cold front in stocks, barrels a sending from yours at once to be rejected like the destruct of any marriage, like the heroin you slipped to me as precis pray-see precious little, as [the life of the] tetse teat-see odd ephemeral if for but the moment - rejected ever off I know who I am not once wrong ever righted bly the word off - but I indulge you I am that only you mimic to me but I'm concerned you fail as me only adds now with them even a kiss distorts your placing of it I fear - not here yet not once a drug talk - thanks we're here, very nicely done - drug talk). Run through the village! As naked within it the founding of forests! Run for it once! Will run! Run! Run! Temping, I don't ever get so arrogant to seem people are wrong about ingest levels of body fluids just unfortunate things not having enough of the corpse to fly home. "I was never wrong - you thought I might be right for it in passed. I ever sensing higher placement for me suggested three (3) new lyming tokens of adjustment like I knew more of it (us, then you and us too, if only us, then also and you) and then advance into the palp of unbeing (neither home nor heard of). You gave everything away rationalizing with your famed foibles into an outer round of morge hole." No, this song means nothing, but I love it and seek it in return for my own good." Truth we all see (like "blue" - yup, that's blue xy2z, here, then there, a yet marriage made in perfect of matches made if and in-fact it does and matches). Whatever that is, you seem to like it as I said and briefly. I wouldn't be so quick to the getting parts. Every time I needed to know what about me you'd buy, the bank calls me and asks who I'm with. "No one - but that's okay. I'm still enjoying the most made of myself and I mean it. Ask as if I were you again and then we'll see what's what." P.S. Thanks again - all creeps. Typical Madonna. "What's with her and gorging fags - I mean, what do you get out of all of made like and in this [as having dropped-wormed doughnuts into a hole of sharks sneezing at bloubers]?" that will never sense in you a fool as never truth-in-loaning for advances in formed-wage feeding we all may see but stave you that at-onced truth an unwhole to me vending if to you yet. Mother Theresa is the same way never a rescue just one day you wither and dry right up of helping others to understand creme vented but as me cursed with giving in to the onced gift of self if at once it's to be made your gift seems like something I have. Merely, now know me. When I come down, it's a harsh boot-landing among simple at-hand truths offendings in my sense. I can't afford to staff my latest bondage in fulmer plagues just yet or kid you while exists in one. The press is forming flowers just this yet (better to symbol asks a flag than flown around to see for yours once it's selved with you - no woman needs to fold she flies at home if raise the gay rainbow flag one remembered in code) and I need to stuff a few more oily rags into the porpils of the mitted upholstery to keep my swanines from simmering below the belt fastened up by tight thighs and the hounding by holes near its groundings if by bay. I style endlessly one a single of hair lax, then straight. Nothing coded was worth it when knowing you'd code. If you'd must, I'd pay. Tip of: "People need to feel good about who they are when they are with you." A winner of sorts for those who think nothing of blank checks to be drawn on someone else's account ("what? you have me free and clear no not this to me but again"). Mine are never accepted, however, I pay my balances right off for fear of me owning you more. Nothing here says I could do more with my money ask an ass if wouldn't want more from might wonder. "How rounded can I be?" Platter: "Pu-pu" is will "put push" whatever it is lies dead there but in you rotting as hand helping to it. Say it with me and note nothing to pay the highest price for nothing I'd want priced just this for this nibbled thanks. One more made mine of two (2) issued: Porno For Pyros "Thick Of It All" MP3 (5.4 Megs) from the "Good God's Urge" LP sounds like Led Zeppelin's "In Through The Out Door" LP.

to make use of what's left - to eat first

A 'Guilty Pleasure' Takes No Time To Note, A 'Trifle' Is What You Paid In Fear And Loathing To See Without Yourself 02/02/05 0112
Soon - something smallened about you maybe. A 'trifle'....you know, that sounds like something about you. I had this dream the other night - a dark storm on the horizon the ground shaking badly like I was gonna kill us all. Kinda junky - thought I'd mention it. I can't make more hair, but I can control your entire world system with my mind. Been thinking about more hair.....how I look.


Goddamn it! From one to another so sue eats it up the butt. Chase zen my ordt - veldt narv. One link suggest to made me laugh - "State Of Fear" Michael Crichton and all (hone right in on that one, pennies to cents - to hone is to approach center by whittle or seek yourself saned - not like 'homing' pigeons never that 'hone' or sharpen). I said to mind over "what's that about?" and it said directly back "it's about the fate of reason...preserving the mind[s wastes in forward acts] - like you could help it out." That's truly me in having me back - just a sweet bit of irony with my humor, always a cruel knit.

See all of Doug Moon's iTunes rejects by banner and code - pay me to see!

Rather others I'd use (experimenting with codes still - buy nothing to me unless you use it then):

So see Tina Turner with "Open Arms" we like it press here Open Arms

Meet the neighbors at the "47th Annual Grammy Awards" last year - press here to summon Stevie Wonder and guests "Across The Universe" Across the Universe

But back to, see all of Curve shine with one click forward to advance me instead I had to name one song Forgotten Sanity then Cocteau Twins have one too A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

Remember, iTunes quality is better no matter what and you paid for it I'll allow that once to twice.

It's A World Of Trouble, So To Repeat The Life-Lesson Of January 2005 What Satisfies The Self So To Most
No, napkis. A fraud doesn't live up to my expectations, if I don't hear from you I assume I'm doing fine. Expect it to be said less.