still the same for the new year or forever
what you've been waiting for all this time
this is it
happy 2021 by the way
it's important to just be here these days
shove you in the ass on the way out
our real flag ideology to ideology
merle norman on the $20

support our troops elsewhere not here
they're coming back
my friend terry used to work in the ueberroth building at ucla before he got invited to leave after twenty-four years
that was the headquarters for the 1984 olympics in los angeles
i hear bank of america owns it or whatever
get the ol' team back together
only earthquakes and fema stimulate my cause

like you, i have been using online ordering more than ever
i hate getting boxes
i hate checking for them dowstairs
back to, getting them downstairs - i hate it
used to be i didn't live but i was a hell of an orchestrator
i quote it as 'nwo' - new world order?
'no way out' - what did you do this time?

now! we're more personal than ever - jump the heap to may 2021 the future not so bright!

update for april 2021 with thank you's to prince philip (they wouldn't let me cite stand-in camilla parker bowles (bush) at twitter - always on the watch)
the queen is ninety-four publicly stay focused
hmmm....doug moon at facebook
psst: you hafta have a facebook account to view facebook - small in its request no $

still working with terry to get his qr (acronym? 'quick response' ) code up and working at paypal we'll let you know when success rings true...$10 our fee each....laborious!
more: despite our relative losses, an ebay gift card gets entered as paypal at check out - remember what's important here - its not you
more yet: remember the evil median ages of the us, the uk, and france i gave you: 92, 96, and what 82? somewhat sad, cruel (checked 04/10/21 for our update).
median is not the average - the greatest number of responses saying that age is theirs to be halved usually...a bandwidth.
my dad and terry's parents are all 84 right now...fact...he is one month younger then me

-'turn it off! turn it off! it's dead' god ever patient listening to two minutes of a song with chrissie hynde in her studio gorillaz 'dare'
this is your egg update for 04/21 - correspondence the seller says as late as june ? we're in no rush - kinda scary still but he's had water fiend tru-alka to drink with me
see your way out

movies and tv shows of note i've just seen or have been enjoying:
cobra kai !! like clocks turning they are - charming alot- never saw karate kid but they honor 'happy days' pat morita alot i simply like it here
nomadland !
roseanne all of season 9 starters - james brolin defeated his chippendale's look and won again...finest chippendale to date? greg padovan (sp)
the big lebowski (jeff bridges really has the money for the father, hires the demands out - donny died - nobody dies like that must have been one of the germans or the dog - human ashes are silvery like drain cleaner i think)
i care a lot ! ! ! on netflix
judge dredd the movie again
han solo reviewed
the little girl who lives down the lane reviewed jodie foster love it love it love it
more later.

beastie boys 'eggman'

not so artless the ghost of hand beneath

more soup to the nuts - more nutz - right here >>>>> our template style to remain for now
makes me wonder about other places, other times, other advances in advance of ours - something to dream on

you can't afford not to ppe (personal protective equipment a nurse maybe) etc. introducing 'rec specs' seen at my optometrist at target but only for kids...branch out here with me
personal with an enormous touch of style - where to go? who to be?
for elevated sighting types you can't afford to blend in so disappointing!
we here at dougmoon.com know the seascape of denial - you should kiss my butt for this research!

thank you again, target!
it's clear

today marks one (1) month for my lizard egg (um, 'veil chameleon' with roly-poly eyes, mittens for hands, and coil of tail) having been delivered to my door on christmas day - i know you've been wondering...still waiting to see more...this on january 27....


here's our update my lizard's gestation (forming in the womb or egg as it were) for 03/21
i keep him on my work desk for spirit and interest a round make-up removal pad his blanket in salad cup with instructions on it - just add water some
the fur you see upper left (at 11 o'clock exactly) is all i focus on it gets bigger and bigger but these are witchy to me little signs of life everywhere
the seller says maybe as late as june for fruit in madagascar (africa east) to give forth - fig, whatever
we'll be here....

remember nothing spirit (flowers, plants) wants to be with you a victim of sorts
just let them go i do for no obvious fault of mine

we here strongly advocate amazon's fire tv stick with alexa voice - we have yet to master the voice unit of the inexpensive backyard stick that uses wi-fi and hdmi receptacles on your tv...ultra small footprint (space the machine - especially a computer or other dumbhouse - takes up) too!

gay? more like two little boys who do not sleep elsewhere and get along well enough to sleep together in the same bed - don't overdo it the talk it's not real

before your next protest blt, target has these george foreman burger presses for the head of your organization
just $20 gets the job done!

a power present from my facebook page
never fear! dougmoon.com is here
(conserve, conserve)
p.s. remember the '92' in the url is utterly meaningless and subject to change by you alone as author
the internet came online in '96, you had it at home in '97 at earliest (like me october 1997), published your own site as recognized and bonded in '98, and then the millennium hit (um, 2000) - who knows why

new music from spc eco a curve spinoff 'here i am' damned pretty for the living room i imagine in my head - yours
you'll be singing along in no time
hi dean

visit us at facebook ("http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92") for quick quips and things i couldn't be bothered with getting 'em full fledge in here is alot more work...they have excellent search values by the way give it a try

saw this metal step stool at tj maxx for like $15 and mind's all 'pick that up'
i'm thinking of the bag and all 'i'm not gonna carry that on the fuckin' bus' i thought
actually an ideal height - no more required generally - and very, very sturdy i won't worry about breaking my ass too much
this is like those eiffel tower french chairs target proffers all brown usually
i lie and say they recycle the metals constantly you know
hence the look
oui oui monsieur may i presume?
got me a ben sherman pullover knit too - very stylish with raised plastic letters very chic in maroon and noticeably my style
french capri
makes up for that $5.99 tj maxx price sticker i got on a box of bliss soap from ebay

goes with the ultra-stylish fred segal boutiques at the corner of sunset and lacienega...others

today we openly celebrate the top tech of six flags great adventure's 'roaring rapids'
very african safari in feel!
we rode it many times....
next up 'parachuters perch'
six flags and a very proud pour!
that's construction language for a large amount of cement being put into place (shotcrete for pylons, accucrete for formwork, etc...adds creosote for church walls resists radio)

these are proud moments for six flags
the parachutes matter not - the cables attached stop and start only
pretty scary
i like the words six flags written in 'bellafont' or western style on the side

although a permanant resident of los angeles, california you made me very proud this year six flags great adventure - keep up the good work stay alive and vibrant i say my command! no one is as nice as you! signed doug moon alumnus 1979-1982 each of seasons made of fond memories....p.s. i was there in 1974 with grandma just back from china-hawaii we just entering the ride-going age...my deceased mother wooden white rode 'rolling thunder' backwards with us a great, great place for divorcees and their kids to get together via season pass we always had 'em i had two dates firmly on my 13th birthday hers (a handsome friend) and mine (my dad)...thank you! six flags magic mountain's 'colossus' white wooden dove over being too scary in the dip down one day remember that - their solution was to burn it up! valencia is simply a half hour north i drove it every day working on the subway stations headquartered in sylmar ron popeil distributions the vatican etc.

q:who takes care of more blacks annually? a quality mark.

funny name, that.

coupla funny memories:
1) this tool used to provide 'free' games at skeeball put it in and pull the lever - we don't give 'em money, ever;
2) this tool a long metal strap used to open car doors electric/regular with keys locked inside.

click your dirty ol' heels three times then run run run back to december 2020 - you're lucky it's still there i guess!

dragged to 2021 my labors sincerely unrequited i work so hard: