other folks use the flag
only i think i know what it means


office depot and office max keep on offering us top-quality sales and service
no matter what!
take another look - i will too
you should do a little spending a little saving have both but you have bigger problems
i'm still reeling over the last bag of 'moving on' advice i gave broadly
i need to think abut some of that stuff
a motor is already a power generator-reducer with aggressive shifts in polarity or electro magnets?
it's lights that suck it back up? use too much energy?
spend more to pay less - it's a better thought reducing prices overall (you get both advantages then)

off to february a deep shame yet? nothing shames you.

so, chinese subtitle 'parasite' won for best film - we'd redo that

saturday, february 8: still checking the news to make sure the trump debacle is over and we have him back finally...people are all three impeachments ever 'nixon, clinton, and trump...' and i think to myself 'yeah, kinda that's right' i guess but clinton turned in two successive terms and we decline further involvement for fear of having any at all...the week a triumph yet as he invites people for dinner in la soon via contest entry - just come by the trump-pence campaign very weird but appropriate i'd run away first...the weather and bitches killing me stride...oscars tomorrow...best picture 'once upon a time in hollywood' was real good if location oriented...i woulda never just seen that and its moral 'doing all you can for us will live on'...some say christ himself was manson - subbing in a junior tate no one knows...pretty though.

the whole affair was just supposed to be spanish-type people being used for their wherewithals, shelves...they got too mad....

a clip...'once upon a time in hollywood' packed!
the song stylish playing in the background is by vanilla fudge 'you keep me hanging on' - it's my favorite supremes song bar none
p.s. the woman carrying on is supposed to be who i moved here with - a su lang?
the quote is 'like a dog - it comes back [at you, a shapeshifter]'...yuck.
p.p.s. 'helter skelter' theirs: a hell to pay and one who will see it dead...mine: health in itself - makes you climb the walls if you're not up to it~

[ ] wednesday, february 5: just paid me cable and wi-fi bill - sometimes it helps? trump's speech was good enough last night and it's good to see him doing well no shit! goto facebook with me to see it shined more later "http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92"

monday, february 3 all that is monthly and obligating is done for now rest assured: trump people write via the crossroads that is mobile messaging (addresses to your mobile phone number versus e-mail - complicating much i might add) that my contribution of $45 not yet released will get my name in lights during tomorrow's state of the union address another proud fact...that's cool and specifically for just see me-types, no? his current goal as fast or so-last approaching is three million dollars 'ok' or nothing yet 'nyet' but see it come - 'you pay for it' i think that's very much attainable and within bounds...the wait for 'more money', that is...maybe so...[ ] your dad isn't frightened or concerned for you....

our latest feature is engine liters - my jeep was 4.2 liters our cadillac in florida was 3.25 or 3.3 how best to connect? if the engine has three (3) basic liters or quarts of milk expansions without peer (doubles in size without any effort seen) you add one more liter or volume at going around (a circle or handing off) speeds and the virtual piston of push is to be added at fraction weight i.e., three (3) with one more is four (4) altogether or .25 the each and we add it in as that the fraction itself...so, 3.3 not really...the 4.2 is okay for the fifth virtual cylinder...end of the road, cadillac. p.s. we love you if a black army hearse, never to carry scant belongings to the grave....marooned?

someone said i didn't mention kobe? we watch it unfold a curiosity sometimes he's ok for us trust that...pictures everywhere signal us...wife too? could've been nicer...we'll leave it at that they're all 'never fly with your family' why? it's no safeguard - trust that - 'there'll be no flapping of wings...' bigod 20 p.s. blacks don't fly much, to the beach?

utah saints do 'something good' with kate bush 'cloudbusting', i guess a junk? see 'this woman's work' ooh it's hard on the man now his part-work is over
with all due respect elton john's mother? nyuck! gets you nothing
'sheila.' the name 'utah saints' means you 'come here to see me and there's nobody else'

more stuff about what's real only:
was watching kate bush's video about 'cloudbusting' to make sure it was correct and i was surprised they had that machine to suck on clouds!
all sources say is not real but i thought for sure they had one as england or whatever - busybodies to say the least
my experiences are real you should know that and what falls within human interaction - the scope of it all right here walking the ground
you rub clouds as with a rag to get them to dissipate as shown
you ask them to come while pulling on them - i ask if its ok because they may have something hidden within if they're transporting a car or whatever
will come to you (all the way i guess) as downy flake and as surely seen each step of the way
i've done this walking the streets in hollywood and elsewhere i don't want people around they bitch about stuff alot - trust it's real for me if you stay with it all will be seen within minutes to a half hour for boredom's sake
i thank them like pets always
as elton john, his personification of a self within clouds has been pulled down by me while soaring a midnight sun or lit up nighttime with julie andrews
these aren't my mentions - who was there doing - they look around up north
stars and names get really clammy for me - i like 'em enough but i'm just here living as promised? why not...a dead man by virtue.
stars are worlds away i reveal to others 'we all see the same sun' i have no memory of anything prior to this life trust that kindergarten up
with my head so smallened by talk i think it's all shit sometimes~
nice enough to me.

rule held: all clouds are made by hot pots, not evaporation, and that gives them a magical sheen made of neither heat nor light - something else - you can call heat per your strength...we get clouds low here but you might avoid breathing the fog?

don't forget online tax service olt.com for doing your taxes for last year i don't have anything new to report but i don't go there to meet other people so let's just say this service is nice if you work and pay and then see how it goes up the tree...fast, reliable always....

the pet shop boys introduce the 'monkey business' promo vid nearby for your consideration or plight
despite my initial reaction to another record (the cover is good) this is pretty 'damned' good or expensive stuff thank you terry jackson for sending it here though i called too late for florida just now i don't care
i'm here

loved the nuisance that is 'rocky horror picture show' saturday night $14 at the nuart (405 at santa monica)
my mother's 'abnormal psychology' textbook taught me about 'transvestism' long before i needed to know 'gets aroused wearing women's stuff'
i never wear their stuff but enthuse with catalogs and offer england's note about their women crying like chickens unbearably and ours trying to appease them or least get their service at breakfast
the live stuff probably makes 'em an illegal proposition for no fortune when found - be smart they were all here however very nice ! i thought once a year
we note 'frank' as taking a stand and then doing better he wasn't eaten up but stands in effigy to this day as a pod of others working too hard to be with us...amazing stuff anyway
'it's easy to share the good times' but i can't tell you more sorry 'bout that.
the flashlights of live performance were magical like they were for me alone - why say it?
i'm not you~

expectations, the greatest evil: i went to this film little in hand expecting to see just a film i've neglected no bother if still there
i don't live in a vacuum, but brushes with vhs and you tube over the years produced nothing but a need to see more and in the theater as shown
in-fact this is the only thing i was denied by parents growing up - high school late at night driving
the person who asked me to go shouldn't be too broken up i woulda been there - it is him somehow
are you sure this would have paid me the way i get paid - at home?
it pays still trust that - your girlfriend ('she is the rain' - dM) hosted 'ellen' today 01/24 another great from the behind past
'never talk to me.'

right from my private enclave - it's no beggar
a roll of white 3m paper and crayola paints for kids expresses me to us

here's another inside track (change forces us to do nothing well-vented - you'll see that too)
for people who don't work and panic at play ('school daze' you don't know the day-date ever by sound)
the x's must never be placed until the entire day has elapsed - my rule, as others are my rule
you can get locked up in the things you mandate 'shower each day' - never one to rationalize why fit, you avoid ongoing bother and you submit regularly to honor the pay
more: the circle says 'yes, and again it's today only' without violating the 'x' scheme
if you took a day, how would i know?
i don't want anything but i catch myself before it's too late
there's no helping someone who knows they're wrong - you'll hear nothing from me ever a solemn
contextually, 'it's okay if you're bald' - try both as you need to hurt when seen, not agree on sight (see rogaine - it used to work factually but then you enthused - why?)
'you've kept to all of your promises but you're enjoying me' a woman asked to forgive you somehow
face the facts - you showered
p.s. the 'oop' is about a black woman with an over-the-shoulder bag in an airport - out came a hairy ol' snake that bit obama on the forearm is the rumour told
her response was the completely laughable 'oop' like you were stupid or it was your fault...
who would know to relay that to me so well it's difficult in a matter of comedy and words
i use the phrase over and over as wildly stupid but funny as shit

pardon our all-new shtick for 2020! soon....

get poised to strike with rare bird the weather channel set to fits (i'm west hollywood, ca 90069) - i noticed they were missing in the hospital 'cedars' weeks ago...all seems to say 'it's better to ship' [and repair or replace on the make or mend]....

just to sample my new ikea tumblers - they are a bit one dimensional (you can't tell their relative size easily enough) but are perfect really juice, water
if not as clean and perfect as rice or party cups, we try and reduce their use somewhat
the colors honor ucla-westwood i just drove around there yesterday by bus wondering...wilshire boulevard and chick-fil-a
the changes are appalling, but they still have aah's novelty stores i see westwood boulevard and peet's 'harry potter' coffee at the old trader joe's rotund or mount mia?
the first olive garden ever (nestle, no windows at an old great earth) sits vacant at the bank of america ucla healthcare (usually raging, century city) building

visit dougmoon's facebook (and remember '92' means nothing you can change yours under preferences while there) and while we wait for an ensuing rain-winter storm? i had a beautiful pilldrop evening waiting for it last night...i slept and slept....

think i picked out my new skechers when due size 10 - i love this style can't get away

the old ones, still


elton gets our first musical position due to one one racy lyric - good stuff
'the bitch s back' from the 'caribou' lp originally
he sang this for cher on cbs originally when she split from the above her suitor

lyric bug:

i was justified when i was five
raising cain, i spit in your eye
times are changing, now the polecat's back
but the fever's gonna catch you
when the bitch gets back

eat meat on friday that's alright
even like steak on a saturday night
i can bitch the best at your social do's
i get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue

i'm a bitch, i'm a bitch
oh the bitch is back
stone cold sober as a matter of fact
i can bitch, i can bitch
'cause i'm better than you
it's the way that i move
the things that i do

i entertain by picking brains
sell my soul by dropping names
i don't like those, my god, what's that
oh it's full of nasty habits
when the bitch gets back


more catholic mass: 'corna' where you light candles, 'dorna' where you kneel and light....

scamadviser.com see that dougmoon.com is 99% reliable and accurate....

today, we resubmit xtc's (jewish, christian, and muslim that) 'making plans for nigel' - a great song anyway
it's as if against all wars, plagues, and tribal concerns this where it all sorts out - nigel - who we wanted to be bothered with and why
like there is no one representative person color and trait wise - we are that kinda in pieces - we welcome nigel
if that's who you are 'a handful'

for all days - and though nobody asked - this is who taught us reading 'ann and sam' and their dog 'ralph'
like a farmer demonstrates what's important in life, they ate 'ham' and 'jam' mostly - no jelly
ultimately, they would segue into roman gods the whole story up a hill and you learned about them, their habits through third grade only
scholastic and 'programmed reading' while a slide rule for cheating as width is the publishing company as ultra-rare to find these days

back before you knew why not, someone else asked why you? why now?
now you ask something

damned-pitiful treatment, but nothing to date all lines open
i need money! apple itunes. bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, a target of sorts?