maybe you?

go to february now~ put your cursor here apple made the mouse any windows too

i am (i'm) watching phantasm 'remastered' on itunes to help know all - is basically no reveal but now i know it - still good the way we overreacted to the overheard '71' (movie now free on spectrum on-demand) - nice enough people but a satisfying bomb in a hostile ? bar left one man dead and the other scared i guess there was a dead kid so what ? arms blown off you know the type 'serving' hitting-slapping nuts to see if all works still as perhaps overheard - the rest is overreacting to see what they can get for it - the bombed kid whispered 'i'm still here' while being carried for show awful neat though no big deal - hands off for me that ain't a little feat but okay one didn't exit as agreed so he dropped dead coming out...oh, well the hurt one was nice enough looking and not faking wounds as i thought also that pig who shot someone in the mouth - real impressive the queen says for $400 no one hates. german? scandinavian ok.

achtung ! or more ado (to do now) about nuthin': i got a double cheeseburger at 7-eleven today took it home and placed it in the microwave thinking the hot meal could be reheated without that foil it's real and flared up over my equation 'pressure plus electrocuting' equals a hot that real foil who am i to say? with a hammer is krypton a radiohead? thank you 7-eleven anyway quite possibly the greatest food ever if it's just pieces of you via the liver or skinball tied up at navel and making the stink in the 'stinker' outside and thus noting 'agoura' means best placed among woes there as messy...a dog usually...maybe 'a gorgon' fat eats the dead as unusually dead? other than, turned the place upside down looking for another bag of 'p-nuttles' a favorite snack here...peanuts babied in milk and sugar tots...delicious....we got 'em at ralph's but for how much? forgot to price at & final has big snack jars of them...p-nuttles that is...

i couldn't keep a $10 a month checking account to recieve apple itunes money by direct deposit: note i've been placed as dependent on someone's taxes for ten years easy now - i worked until may 2005 from december 2004 being garnished for something at 2% no new bill here is $2,235.43 from the state as new and unforseen with a charge of $125 to my innocent wells fargo checking account as fee you can't just call in to get the now official lien off of my back - good luck - studio types take and remake at will this is hand-in-hand with mention of no pay received by me since the itunes etc. 'work' (you try and sell that crap out of print - i had to enjoy the stuff too and i do - we used to look for new stuff that's the very mother making money and is your job dried up at the teat - i don't rush out with my last few dollars for this stuff i'll have it along the way maybe) was done 2005-2008 getting people in to a new system as affiliate formally now buying billions of sound and vision burgers from this crap-head a rolling bank as government paying for us even the banners changed back to 'millions' from 'billions' to suggest wealth guarded but by dumb blacks - how long do you think this bullshit is going to last with me as bad guy with a gun? forever~ i owe the state nothing yet perhaps see tutor-perini my last full-time employer as tutor-saliba the subway construction team saying no state taxes were paid i don't publicly endorse paychecks with no taxes with a job showing up every day to take now people have some right to live here while you walk on and that is purely crazy...i'll be'll be back in the saddle last word for fee 'it's not gonna get any better' - dM thanks for listening off 'late' but exempt as senior person

watched 'happy birthday' that film on itunes yesterday starting at $2.99 'cause you gotta pay to see and isn't that the best reason ?...both males looked good enough to me in underwear and i'm unforgiven mostly rating the calvin klein white briefs 38 only i ordered on ebay before they even get here (one pack so far says it with greed and hope) anyway the whole mexicali (cabo i'm guessing - otherwise 'tampico' i'm told - ixtapa or calypso calico i know nothing i'm sure of that) thing is damned interesting but along the way scattered women, odd hurts in life, and culpable (blameworthy as in aggression and stance) death get in the way...a bit of stress (like finding out that east-coast heavyweight actor jonah hill ('the sitter' supposedly free on spectrum on-demand? if you subscribe to 'xfm' i called this on 02/22 save that) is one of the 'boys' here is disconcerting me he came off well even better than) but all ends well enough catapulting a dead goat over the border back to america they'll get back online there by theirself a day or two later with candles surround...this is god trouble and as such may draw to a firm close no death is a big deal here as seen from the valley but mercy is afoot usually and that isn't ours to relay - boys get really mad and that's not ours to weigh out either. B+ or even better if you hurt alot - can't pay itunes? i wanted to watch once more before dating ensues...hence the grade.

feb 8 fed return back on the dot: perfect service thanks one for the both...back to utopia yahoo's letting some fuck edit my page again - see ya soon, another nigger for women probably...protect don't serve take it out be gone...quick note warm bodies' free on spectrum on-demand most are tv...porno? you don't speak for me ever your money versus no pay 'informal manager' yeah yeah yeah....end up here with and with out some to none many more...some...

just called mom (sps florida) this monday, february 6 - all's well it's raining here it was raining hard too last night again trying to enjoy the winter flats the closest we get to carnival (eating your pets) likes trump we won't mention hillary soon to congress etc. news is not enough for positioning and to be reflecting...see ya soon....

another still life from a hell within hells my trick - a god thing 'come on in'

gary numan 'a shadow falls on me'
i play this you too
gary numan is ultra-successful in the return to sense (pick up where you left off) market - very welcome

today we honor those who aren't easy to please - you are special in a world worshipping (a word-ship) and wondering (wandering in thought) about you...say more for it...

for walkers here: gelson's west hollywood is very nice about pricing chilled cans of soda most around fifty cents i love stopping in there...labrea bakery, wolfgang puck soups-meals, other else lindy's is one with italian ices...

depeche mode coming out with new soon see itunes for no pay as yet~ one more mix of 'barrel of a gun' i love them at any rate too many a little girl in a 45-grave (where you keep it all) many old time favorites there mastering me...marilyn manson thank you for that last trip great stuff we make your eye makeup lips like the cover of talk talk's 'the party's over' someone lost an eye per the artist neil's eye for an i? use the lollipop exit to wait with for any correction...maybe honduran eyebrows one of three pieces...the flat in the middle~

that one guy - a couple - on this home improvement show made me one of the greatest pornos ever (mistaken? par chance) - rape van type you'd get your ass kicked by infirm...some girl with tits is there hanging out~ try 'franklin' here no the file is corrupted too bad...try 'mikeylikesit.mp4' this for great glory only at girl? why? nadia comenici is what i got theme and all...awfully purty no 'speak softly love' hers id damned good - vlc media player use if i got it to work here you'll get it enter full url...circus of books nearby (i just saw the one in silverlake recently at sunset junction...nice near el pollo loco?) has these dvds if you like being burnt off the map with prices and all i rent 'em and spool something's funny - now see that if any shops close up shut down 'god thank you woman' boy george? we'll see you at spike it's all elegant with laughs now 'now boarding' is its name...lose nothing to me...$$$

try windows the latest for their in-house photo edits - lots of color and sun to be had just press edits when you have a photo there from the file app and experiment freely...

have a nice day this yet on feb 2

golden ruled collegiate: too many questions provide too many answers to those so bothered to be with me - say less, it is man's right to let others hang theirselves with nagging doubt but to hide and foray? health in itself is no prayer...say less while i endure hearing it out and about there is no all of us here. i can't stop shopping for me oak bar appealing to me with an assortment of after-dinner mints.

re snitch: don't get teary eyed just yet - that guy in orange is paid to go stoop someone and then come back up: a truck trip with a departing shot back helping the same...there is no justice 'just this' with clarity in one's mind 'you do them, or i do them and you' - you and me

regarding madonna's thank you (fu? cheap and bothersome) message in german blob, did you know you may be getting the message wrong?
having no class or at least the assurance of not lifting standards, you might litter with your body to say
fingers: thallus, index, fore, aft, pendleton or maybe what's run off the side? better watch yourself it's not ok yet the aft not known to say and as much
potheads try and glamour me to judgment i was thinking recently~
next 'maybe you too' class: making a fist

don't want to tip at starbuck's? go to the target or supermarket versions - i never carry (vour?) cash so tipping is not only the amaze of the fatuous (can't get enough with nods versus my seeing to be done plus persons remoting) it's not necessary for our kinder quotes...a word or two never kept anyone outta jail either pay for excess servitude you couldn't see it coming any way you'd say it. grimace with eight cups but is still wanted a catepillar or horse? the trash man. visa checkout is good too for getting thing done less the offsets of those under another's employ - no christmas card yet? check the address at least we want mail delivered as addressed only no peeking at who it is living there while you don't pay to stay or stare yourself...see it come. come to done. come come. thank you india (for showing us a kindness to others, bobbing at the well-dressed in the airport). kwanzaa: did you make this at home and for more money-effort usually? i don't play computer games until i can strip down (rape) and kill at first - no one knows me earlobes as cut and sewn.

so proud, so few, so far nothing - now bend over so tonight that i might see nothing's coming to renew ties no matter how bright the english of prospects: i think my state tesla return filed with olt for ol' honey bun here the dregs but still no retirement cashed out or was submitted before i hadda admit i did it anyway $10 later - the whole problem is he mighta got it in the mail and paid off a loan at the credit union under his own volition (paying off is like quitting a job - and your answer-aneurysm no one sees? five year plan: no extensions, you don't get enough from registers on any day anyway trust that while women neat up placing their pants across my side of the dead sea no fishing either you make me make ice leaving trays to say 'can't pay, but is welcome' no hanks i go early and fight before you notice your genitals don't sell to beggars even in china) - they said it the check was on its way last tuesday but a paper in twenty-five days direct deposit ignored or carefully avoided see greendot maybe so is hillary coming (no one smart but not gay either a ruling class need note privately all moneys dried up here in ca for your bated breath and the tone wasn't clear but all should be back thursday yet (no loans for you? who cares a day after a dollar earned away from our home) - any headlines bold but not interesting syria gets a 'yes fine - pretty nice looking anyway' from me what's the problem no women? who cares - saudi arabia south of florida making the sleepy half of the gulf exciting again with kerosene in our heater and the very bane of existence everywhere even in your coffin they help you end it all - we never let ours out the rag bag lower the top anyway and i never hear anything about them just cooking shows have it all i do this is good i guess 'what i can make without shopping' say my bags coming in to the trucking bay and is mine but can't i handle it? never do saudis as grease bags you can feel but not see and cum hither but sorrows...they speak to me as germans fighting in the sand so clean now? are we beggars? i keep my waters chained up, however bright the shine, and i never need them thirsty but close by and at-hand too. last night was from the heart. this morning i added you in. satire is always second to be no second person speaking ever. still defending the david kaufmans (brenners...maybe you to) of the world let me see it first. you don't see me naked around town. you see you in the springtime of your youth the heat leaving ice as air-water surrounded by cold up-down the little plant for lady di avoiding sight or salt saline still there but turning always ruining the clear of sight that's cold enough a place really - environment is everything here. i'm cold.

oops! that was amount due this month only $101.36 or something something that's what you get? no the command was to back it out to the homebase tetra the checking now closed and why not you...each a growth positive and yet not expecting so much to be...'the root of all evil? expectations' - dM or 'let the music play he won't get away' - shannon

helpful advice: the refund arrived via usps on 02/03...tell no one

no disrespect intended trump - imagine that a businessman type 'make shame pay for it with a cuss' least of poorest paid late senses with a 'literal' president to form a resounding 'no' again 'no, you don't vote without having money' you choose reasons to spend 'cheap bitches with piss sumps at christmas parties' and ask for those who will make a case for it without dropping the ball 'can't get to zero deficits with no beats in the housecar band' that tar sound for no's all true saving money makes you broke (twice with the light, half for the flame underneath beating as shutter) they got it all from me a whole range of pinatas filled with fruited plains thanks cigarette with a quick flick at and a new tail for pinned pool donkey less anvil down for no real prizes seen...'paris' trump (any more family to spare the 'happy at home' value pack - a shot at the old sear's central on western sparing vermont?) needs to prove he's a running mate worth splitting the votes with his own republican hopefuls you don't just pass her on the way in with nervous lady died glances 'no notes' - people want to know what happened 'you'll only ask me to do it again'...nippled skinsuits, one clown for instant win-cash cones 'is more to see you with no spending plan afoot'...'no long legs grabbing lunch in exchange for gussed-up lates will chet 'cockiwatch' getting an extra moilet of water for legalized 'newegg' pot - we'll bite the apple placed within demanding its skins be organic' itart charring glans or lamengrass pothos sides with stinks of mennen.

message from our completely renewable dead christmas tree farm: 'not so fast'
the cash (perhaps as our own pet 'm1') comes and goes like seawater or a pig that gets called by their name (our office 'kitty'?)

know that the cherries reasonably priced by the can (<$4 at ralph's), duncan hines-comstock made the grade this time - loved it
although noticeably missing via sarah lee (about $5 at target yet), the whole mcdonald's thing (hot pies pictured as perhaps false advertising) isn't true enough to be count
the cherries aren't the point, they may or may not be there - get when you can they alone are hardly spoken a dessert i ate some and floundered

'alcohol syndrome' (what makes people perfect to you socially-sexually - my coin as purely a phase in bank terms) versus? the all-encompassing 'all apologies'~ then ask what is 'pennyroyal tea' is it 'if i can't have what i want why would i have anything at all?' if you don't agree is it because you know better but again can't say? every detail is important enough to be left off as not just considered - 'ordering for me as my own offer to not pay' see 'snatching'...

this just panned out: my ipad-recorded christmas eve 2016 address (MPEG-4 42.2 megs as .m4v) like flapjacks on the next table over, i also gotta note a breakfast meat a little something for me...'there's a million lies around everything true' it's hard to know the place - 'little miss pita' chrissie hynde

more to do: action, crime movies 2017 full english HD - [ snitch ] - dwayne johnson, susan sarandon (no less than the devil and mrs. jones) specific link right here - a bit personal here, but another good to watch this like russian stuff compelling someone attractive all light affair but my type of blend the extras explored enough my hero is 'me' the guy with shirt off and clowns around declining my offer to be as free enough a cubans that boy risking all to be free for me see that. real police stuff and your russian sunmother in the sky as refuting her memories a real mother never sees her as a challenge from the grave 'misgiven' a gift...waiting to be. to be me not with as such no compliments r=the money helping them see...plainly good.

that new flique better be all you say it is 'la la land' lahdy dah could be the next loofah and pad to challenge the heat-evaporator chemo with tight welds of udder palm featuring ron paul's text 'handle-it-handle it' grappling with potfeld canchres (even star trek gets 'em down in hot water looking for drinks foolside says avery guide tiramatsu 'print with some scents') and there's dancing - you said 'crash' was good - someone had to calm me down i didn't know my edits made the final cut 'show them money the ol' heart-shaped rubber plant while growing it out to be me fruited' and more or less socializing 'moralizing' you see how it ends with finger paints alot and after all 'we had a right to litter and pollute getting there' evita is a lesson to life 'no dumb songs and with eyes dancing - unless it hurts bad'...mascara? that's me...i act to hone my skills and perhaps to taste that pretty pee-pee...the star? shining his craft all day...i can be that and all for no money wondering who some dead black turpaholic was - me, quite frankly - will reprise his role as 'old nigger west' ~ what's the working title? 'big red' the biggest offence yet 'blackguard' blackyard something fishy...get your hillary fix with 'brimstone' guy pearce is my father too...pearce vision center sequed into sear's then purl...that's dad...purty enough. check out 'birthday party' um make that 'haopy birthday' instead all's well that ends well. nice looking boys, violent girls, bad situations, israeli stuff maybe more violence-hate crimes, skin dogs let's have it it...

this looked good too - no junkbag and-or dialogue all violent let's review afterward
two thumbs up - siskel won't admit it

marilyn manson strikes again - look at this shit!
love that...'deep six' a la gary numan

was abused by movie '71' one dark soundtrack there...
protestants versus catholics? faking people to make a point - all die well we'd say and are reborn to me help you
'til then, i'll help myself~ 'there is no beauty in struggle' - dM rope, hot house pray seem

sieze madonna's speech at the anti-republican 'women-only' march on saturday - she says in 'new brunswick, england' trump is no match for her, we'd say...i need money! more: make no trouble for madonna i'd say i'll hafta start trouble in the oval garden - the difference a day makes! you're all erin moran 'you're all going to hell!' you gotta take 'em and pay up to the flame...zzzzz...i'm impressed...

even more than what you wanted for me

sunday 01/22 12:10 pm raining hard as hell~ now see that...dropped into the amityville house while dreaming last night rain, rain, rain

the oddball color assort of candles at 99 only stores are superb if the price is misleading - long lasting and nothing more than $2 big ol' alot of apple spice though...

curve 'nowhere' a song from a movie about japanese fiends who barely have the time for playing with outer space threads
ignore 'fire burnt and london fell' despite adp being around with the bells turned down
i like singing it alot, but don't know why

ol' trump sat down long enough to see obama care down 'cnn' says 'they made him run [as in jogging]' i'm told
nothing more popular than scheduling an elective (three-month to post) surgery i'd think
the coverage there is fun - who'd of thought i'd have to back off on caring
note: this roundabout near our corner for the police and target nearby one assumes - pictured for a dead xmas tree or two lying on it
makes you think someone's out in front parking the car all the time

presenting the first lighter ever i was able to refill with butane - the eagle jet torch stick of flame or lighter
some sold at amazon, i had the unit apart by the screws and hadda put it back together myself not knowing how
see the results the ronson fuel of type vindicated now - usually i take 'em back and leave for the clerk to refill - no waste

what it looks like unheld - a lovely gift
you gotta push hard and make sure the cold butane gas goes right in the fuel reservoir - push down hard the straw lain over the top rod and hole
with thanks to instructional folks at

still raining today i guess friday 01/20 at 1:20 p.m. ~ the inauguration pleasing to folks...

check and see if still serves us online half a loan outstanding but one sits paid off too keep it lean...more: never cite failure for yourself - the service was supposed to allow rescheduling of due dates prior to without talking to someone on the literally hafta fail to avoid 'the program' what watches phones and credit cards like a hawk the money's good but shames people outta micromanaging accounts (a raise in-fact) what can you count on? greed. ten percent subdivided into thousandths...see the point is 'debt service' or no principal to mind making money happen. you're not smart i am to the point of being a beggar who cares who's sworn in...god is like a plant now pull it out. see ya later itunes $19.7 million in revise gifts...i have dreams too never do you mention it first there's no risk of not being at dinner you'll vomit anyway...

you wanna shoot? give 'em a gun wrapped in fish and newspaper of course while i play with their don't need to know both of us~ i'll run right home

to fool the aftertaste: we admit it's late thursday, january 19 now and again and it's raining cold once more going out for a walk you'd say...a few less cents in my pocket 'no friends in banking' the bills here largely paid save that $10.25 for gas on the 24th, cable slightly i just asked that to link to my site via linkshare (for what you ask? why are they there i ask) of trump's 'billionaire friends' in banking 'she' says i love their service anyway the phone itself $18 a month but it works for both of us right chip...see that down...alternate? consumer cellular, motorola too...neveryoumind aarp the haarpsaacart i don't supper you meals the finistierre or last word 'before dinner' or for now...

so cold out~

--------------------------------fat from phantasm don't pay me - get 'er done i need more morgue after the rain

to fool: it's raining hard again here in califon...nice 3:42 am the 19th

does brazil mean bra-less? someone's been demanding to know me mind if africa fits right inside the quote as more to france? that's ours america and mercedes? heirloom makers la crueset (sp? le crueset '[everything i want to] the last crumb' crucible...'as culled as a witch's tit in a brass bra' rca victor the russian tea neck trap) burned me hand with one once both sides same in the oven a white wedding gift? hemorrhoid cream worked if not the soap in the shower shit and hair a box for soaps from china...see lanacaine or works the throbbing out at night... you see them (swallow their keys?) no bloodlettings thank pu it more than hurts as only so much to glow around...look for your sperm lately purple light? what's sperm? could be the largest single cell to the human eye...giraffe's balls? rectangle means water is drawn up the single cell sucks on with three like eggs but not so sure for you...water and soap or all covered then is gas is wood in boiled out water a saline? poached keeps heat nice...makes light on the way out...

try windows 'magnifier' yet? blows things up in different ways (one is a lens blown up as box) to get rid of outcast but demanding of me (the bother is lamplight adverts on (filtered for no fucks something old, rotten half-eaten and necessarily gay decides a dollar passed through the bargain at each end i eat) providing and denying sane at once while you study at drop-outs it is attractive but stilting too phones train to this too both look yourself a screamer...try one on apple? no one knows what you see i don't want to know either as having something in the way - me ('you don't hafta buy from me' - someone's husband a car dealer possibly we listen too)...see broadcast if tv shows you shelled tunas...popped eggs still sell to egg sacks...a female has only...each shit

99 only on labrea answered me this 'five cans a dollar'
that's generous this rare now and tastes good enough
tip: just pee'd in your shampoo - trust that

friday the 13th how? the rain kept it coming, girl - more thursday why be mention of it the caprice

heart at kennedy center with led zeppelin's 'stairway to heaven' or whole lotta love
somebody here played this at-length and the production is quite thorough so here it is again i don't get them gay-ish ribbons
a favorite song about people aiming to please women if they come up bits short at times...'after the rain' yeah, that's it
'a woman doesn't want to be with us' they say - i'm all 'get out' for lobbying concerns while i study to be just who i am
i care more with the things i have...five minutes later a firm resolve to enjoy them all again as it happens to be
don't mention that 'zofo' crap again ('make your day, make your way') - use 'come see, come say' french, simplist you don't see anything
'don't ask me, you don't know' neil says that's arguably the master of trades

just a bit from james bond and favorite charm pot 'moonraker'
today i was lured in by michael gore's 'terms of endearment' theme
the above says she the beauty that is debra winger had like four abortions in a row but she is lovely throughout somehow her husband barely there john lithgow covers
what to say? james bond somehow steals your lunch once safely here
we forgive fandango for being a noisebag we see 'silence' is the next craze thirty years in the making - get it?
you in china now~ our legal arm

the inauguration? friday, january 20 per apple's calendars - all day (she'll be there...ask me not)

today, regarding the view 01/11/17
looking up north labrea just past santa monica boulevard the a&m complex in the distance
ralph's opened a new clubhouse to the left here - 'loreley' ('lorelei' the german siren luring on the rocks) is vague yet but open enough
p.s. i have a hard time with meteorologists and not pissing people off - see anything new, the news?

made sure i had the 'icarly' episode 'i first lady' or whatever ('season 5' i believe with a white todd bridges as government probe, the black a decoy of sorts another plays 'the fool') - alot of nervous laughs as others watched with...kinda...good enough...their father can't come to visit as scheduled but is lax with security surrounding a base when they tap in for a video conference...they military nurse burns in afghanistan as post...they own the internet crossing of borders? not good stuff...i never make international calls ever i go nowhere too...

the rain is glorious but taking a break right now clouds everyhow...january 11, 2017 lets cell phones abuse the illuminated 'h' or hospital emergency function on bandwidth...another emergency

this year - 2017 - marks thirty consecutive years for me here in california with a few small stints a few months back in new jersey is all you could claim...early july...

getting taxes going for 2016 at annual favorite olt - first filing day is supposed to be january 23rd....

still nothing for the pipefitter...

a newfangled construction near here on detroit - thought you'd like a look-see (don't bother them)

some of the properties here are precious~
quiet little resolves making plans come true but i balk at children going to school all is playtime
nearby, school-type housing all finished moves at night while seismic rockers are installed underneath - not only easier, i hear

you're like three streets to the wind back in december 2016 but you take a wrong turn anyway

btw, your asshole was pronounced 'tough enough' so you can take a seat now~