a brand new year
you'll need valentines day to whoop this one up
there'll still be snow
and smoke from the haystack
the needle still hard to find
the red snowbird elusive too
'you better not offer a song~
or we'll sing you one too'
vocals not singing
anyone will do
to rhyme with 'don't, baby, don't?
thank you, no~

just in time for valentine's day - send your personalized panafrid of threats today to see-feel in february 2015

pure license plate stink supposedly banned by the ca dmv (may be pre-owned plus is naturelli or not thought of ever too - le crap on out our streets~):
/ CJR/88*
BLT 1 4
PSP 88
ROLN 666
SSHIKSA/ (look at this one: 'so, you're not coming home')

fyi, the state tax return came in last night by check, mail (despite any eight week for claim against as approved the saturday before last) for having been adjusted downward to $438 or so from $1,601 or so 'cousins involute' i'd say family shamed unmentioned hardships i can die sure who cares - you, right on the ol' blade a woman seven more years than god big deal to clean up first someone else needs a headstart taxes mean 'never to talk to people, ever' you pay to see the sun a memory of it then...last year came a calling, yet another letter to santa saying i think you took too much from the feds for it last year a third...nothing yet their figure locks down in summer or september for payment arrangement payment boofed but continue on they take that old sum playing it around - they just use something old and stare at it...2013 i hate waiting for its clause...we take anyway or maybe not...we don't hate people you are on your own here most don't pay or receive this guy is burdened with me still that is real you are not real ever 'we heard your pass & stowe | being as you never speak' the ol' liberty bell cut down only no break see it...thanks again we mean that...

the full-time workweek of forty (40) hours (from a sleepless total of 168 hours available per week) corresponds nicely to a general month total of 168 working hours as cost projection i just noticed...it ain't much to take but kills you still, huh ? plus less any sleep...that is just twenty-five percent (25% - twenty-five slices of theoried wonder bread outta one hundred equal slices less the hineys on each end of course) of the total available weekly...and you think i care this is playtime 'this used to be my playground' - madonna...p.s. i was thinking about making my own chicken rolls with plum sauce from chin chin (basically white bread with crust cut off rolled up with can chicken cilantro and deep fried in oil...maybe bits of mayo, garlic 'leaf', and bits of grass onion like rings? suggest and to dip in plum sauce naturally they are darkish but is no egg roll however~) like other restauranteurs they won't work or stock sodas...that's a bitch getting home with all that soda - bags breaking for no plan a bag each for a box of cans or pizza down the lane stopping off - at least they tell you what to take at what price reductions five (5) for $2 or whatever people do comment i say laissez faire to being both with and without you...i have plenty thanks...

new page soon 'cut the crap' - february 'isis' or incest celeste with moledad insists it's real good stuff for month 2015 cherchez la femme ('j'atame, bitch') 'c'est chic' as 'says she' robbie neville but first a message from our sponsor hedicure manufact of nairobi nad's grosvinann-pfann 'vaginex' for meloncobi and coral-bound anidsdale - just twice after that, and then once again for di-urea and pre-plausal necrosis (um, 'shit') 'still spry...'

flac: nothing in the marianas trench above the 'bridal belt' ('yeah - i'll bet' in japanese san sui 'fuck me now' i have a 'yen' for fishroll smegma and valeece but yen again~ p.t is their pu! as 'probes them') shits - fact that out 'we love ours - the truth hounds with a device we call 'red cherry underwear' acid talk or 'san sui' or 'no cum' but as rude to neighbors 'we are not rich' they say but what is poor but the old and as beaten scuba 'suzja' eggs your task as local meija ('garbage of it' a wealth to see at first 'two lubes') - we have it phone in fake orders for bok choi alot'...

  'you, are that'

this part of the the lost text all intact wednesday all satisfactions though lost by friday evening...the bbk cover hangs down from the spine - note that 'hirsute' all belly like stevie nicks grow with her thoughts
any thoughts? pfft. 'grammy.' a grand mal seizure...grab my labcoat, you be the fool xxx red gouvulet medic alert 'roosevelt-era' cameo 'not yet damn you to death you bard me' not here - no winnipegs - no acid corn - taking high indignation -
soon, remasters only like the first few listens trust that~ hope it's all true
no market, no mission, no minding your manners...audiophiles (two ears, two eyes know not to just seem) might agree publishing is a small job with some pay, the rest is mine to see a wooden nickel of-by indian-givers is a popular necrophage...

don't be a coward here liming my grave with sour cream...just cause i can't do it maybe you should 'be spirit' you bald faggot...bruce la bruce jenner - no man to us here joyce dewitt is our cause oily clayed up ears is making all your dreams come true nobody chooses that you could get fucked in a car accident an omen don't do it! no pussy but striving for that clean feeling the poop pocket shoved right out...wash nutbush [city limits] externally only you don't clean a toilet for too long (dirty is a month of wearing, unclean comes by from time to time...use soap while i struggle with vanity plates that say 'cum cum' like shakespeare...'urskginit'...'plmolve'...like 'whtonrice'....'rice' is my name for gwyneth paltrow she had a scar on her chin...like that...i'm 'doo-doo' um, didot...palmolive's vadge...vomit's 'josephine' not 'jean' the plumber...

'you ain't paid yet, nigger' studio chef at home in jail - less any interest of course you are that dumb tit for tat...what are you sayin' i gotta hunt old folks and god at night on christmas? give your gift bald fat...'milkboy'...nearly defacto as 'afraid to die'...'i'm not gonna drink that piss - give it to me' - heather chandler died asking herself if this is real so gross but here with me and you die too 'heathers' that's my cousin cindy btw and is that model with the the facial-type mole kathy griffith fuckin' gross you coulda wiped i don't know why you got brownish eyes...that helps me to know nothing? grandma nicks is moon again? 'this is for daddy' then someone's gonna lock me in a box underground and snatch my shawl back - again, fitting...lifting take a test for this...my father knows who's in jail alot...i don't know anything about you or jail bet that's right don't let 'em admit anything for cash later you don't have balls though eating bags of shit outta a shit or 'nada las vegas' spin that wheel outta orbit it starts there with cleaning the apartment for someone in your socio-economic class a woman...you took everything i can think of...

thanks to those scary fucks fighting in the street last night 02/07 sexy male-to-xyz very he-male and she did well too i listened to everything sexy someone's gonna die jumpin' in arrest that i fixed up the last bowl of shit after someone crapped in that black junkbag standing in 'til his asshole ripped was virtually bloodless i heard i'd bleed like a mother with cows ...scary fucks some died there more here though by twice i'd say silence of the pillows and shams...it's easy to drop the hat off at home...is that the facebook guy? a dumb certified zilliionaire so charming~ enemies everywhere...signed by no casanova toilet 'a cast of no-ones'...who's who or 'who are you?'

anything goes more or less - keep the change: first thanks to yahoo for $12.95 worth of shitty mother bullshit there are no snapshot recoveries if you don't act now - what are you a fool? is it us#1 again those fucks - i don't back up to make things easier for you everything solved and saved upon and still you are here with me doing my work...thanks, nigger p.s. wanna give everything away? someone sleek lifted a new money-pak from me pocket - this is serious you cunt - 7-eleven had 'em and that's one truth you international beggar i never dial france, ever - called the very eggheart of england and vance montreal apparently 'couscous is calling?'...go to your hell...rants renovates-pulls the curtains down pull their hair out plus...the new one the new $4.95 money-pak has no rub off pin number i'd show you but someone took it and keep all the small change you think to say i'm not you yet so invigorating as another cheap at fair play - all the same locales to cash up the jam so get a second card maybe north to south on the account and maybe black out the digital code on back then they hafta strain getting there with eyesight seeing every other bother but me still here i'm mad people succeed bothering it all too much at any rate up-down and i hafta help 'em out for it their efforts so oblique mine too...tell 'em whatever you want save it a same another liquis or heart to heart 'songbird - sings for a fart' ...i don't stop reminiscing with until i get what i want always with flair you are not in-charge here no matter how i reason 'pray fuck' and where's my fuckin' money i don't work for fuckin' pigs, bitch...fuck you...go to hell and be you without free will - same...i didn't suck on your rags ever~ if i'm not good enough it's because you didn't hit the ground running in the balkans never to ask but we meet...keep playin' it out...if it's not here it's because you didn't look that hard....it's still here...we bless of you the whole herd...news wart: 'xanthrax' (another burroughs-welcomb get better soon - or elf) the instant mexican slum 'so-go' is gone now the bull that crapped it out just died to give bruce jenner two new basket malls in bangkok 'near there some' actually a boat sinking and raising itself constantly while on fire a tarbox spinning place mats like magic...a 'lamour' like dorothy lamour as love sighs...you better ask me a favor...i'd still live here with full throttle activity - stars lubbed it 'so nyce' lazy piana and all - play it al over again, nance...that gliss~ i lived better when we had the stand-alone oven downstairs all them cakes...

alternates: green dot now has check cashing-depositing on their pre-paid accounts 'photo check deposit' and that is always rowdy (may be based on whether you have it elsewhere the first time was examined at a branch office over a weekend)...you sign-in take a picture back (as endorsed) and front and off it goes with its credit nearly immediate? is laughably slight - we usually use the ipad on our home branch-type account...otherwise green dot lets you merge with a handful of cash at a register that used to sell money-paks (scatch off individual lottery numbers that can be received anywhere by phone or e-mail without any extension of account or debit card numbers) as long as you have your card (you link the two the money-pak and the pre-paid debit account by computer or phone at their website is immediate and cute you enter just a simple user name you pick to enter the site no card number but link the last four of the debit card and only by radio or 'select one' button) - we want to firm up money from elsewhere first for no loss of this service (a second card is the answer to not)...these are the days for federal returns so slow is the going towards shield...

receive no food with my name on it: them '4 (4 oz.) caramel apple tartlets' from omaha steaks are delicious i ate the first one last night alone opens up to a brilliant showcase of flower-like petals each of apples and cinnamon sauce...very nice if...microwave leaves hot to hot each one fork to fork...$12 for four (4)...then $26 for six (6)? too light the wand~

favorite day? saturday 'samedi', probably friday is a winner here 'vendredi' - i never wake up on sunday 'dimanche' and think 'great' is reprieve purely...monday 'luedi' for getting it over with, wednesday 'mercredi' for no more of note 'xasis' or 'cestes' like 'ceres' roman god 'did you take everything?' on the qt queued tape...dinner out 'verdi'...thursday 'jeudi' for being a big general admit party night army-escort-bars 'zazerill~ fermez la bouche is firm the face to front...girl on the go? girlez douce rees...che mar geuritte somewhere else to be?

wednesday is like tuesday, but knows even less ('tuesday's child never knows' but now as presented forth)...

from the 'letters' to god mailbox: q: why pubic hair? a: so you can relax [editor: makes stink - like sight, asks you not to come...stings the eye]

pour, no? no, we'll thank you not to...just a sip then.

'life is like a box of chocolates - you never know if you're gonna get one'
'about as appealing as a bowl of tits' [powder milk bowl in africa? think implants~]
'can you spare the rice?' implants are like small balloons with liquid inside no apparent opening - baked closed as a translucent sheepskin, kinda - scaly, rubberish

add right in: 'life is like light - you, petering out at the end' + 'life is like a bowl of cherries - they don't hafta be real~'

this is the card that made think 'beggars at the table' another stab at the home of heart - completely acceptable i'd like an upscale-type drink too
i have a job - keeping you out of the half and half at half time
i had enough for both of us now you have mine or i ask if you'd like some first a clever psychological or reversing stance you with mine will seem
never to worry if i don't ask i can still be reproofed for being somewhat selfish
you decide - next up: you are the fat girl in high school pee plus self-effacing humours 'don't risk disfavor talking to a wall of sound'
it was me this time~ no - you

women are not as bad as faggots - they don't live on hope they are here with me to ignore my threats...asapp in your ass fer shure you bald skinless breastmeat motherfucker...'talk to me' - stevie nicks...on tumblr while i eat dust sandwiches on my letterwurst....gnachis...look at me leg a red dot out front? a peggy cass...drill as tooth...casio tech...sing!

coffee bean has these great gift card sheaths for beggars wanding tableside - 'may we serve you a cup'... 'hell to the no' i'll reprint soon - like an old bra does all the talking and figuring too plus $10 in guava-acave a free junkbag to boot you right out of line...feds returned our taxes bits early-fast how about that nipped a bit off the top for health care offenses 'you'll get it right next year, nigger' - richard priors, nares smokey joe a smoke and a pabb~ thanks to you a polyp to see you out and about...'your honor i forgot'...you forget it too...next year you to pay me some...at least $95 thank you again maybe $379 if you think it over you've been one bad apple billed au dou (win-win, my sin lavin)...what's the truth? i can get coverage here cheap a few more factoids make me part with a few pickles each month...living here is cheapest on the health net and all...no games you to play...balls and ass to be checked out first piss is drying up to have someone new look...wasabi funyons rule me water by tower...gives up a gel squeezed in belly for no long piss...

the ants eat the grasshopper if nothing's that personal...i ate his callehls right up the leg a blue-ish flower on the grovesnyr cake i ate it....

...and death - still spry - leapt out from behind the tree and hissed 'i'm here' though no one could see young or old...in the arsenic of mirror and behind the times to find another david lee roth legs split outward and in mid-air...'lock'...you don't need to see me shined of it, i do...

'fuck you' is coming across strongly as a mistaken 'thank you' is german et al...don't forget that...also the lyric 'i want to fuck you like an animal' nine inch nails is about charting people and knowing their whereabouts and internally, so to speak...from the side of a full-knowing...doctor do you hafta fuck them?

hints from heloise soap shards in old stinky panty hose (like milk you smell for pumpkin or greece acidolpholus first) for lathering emptying in sink while cotton panel removes makeup better than charmin is soft like fur too: use microwave for a minute to soften candlewax out of a dish or bulb - is thus melted and wiped clean use no metal though it sparks...next make your own maracas from gourds warts help with the up-tempo before you get thrown down...grease up your life...

nine inch nails 'closer' from 'the downward spiral' lp 1989
'when a word's worth changin' - i'd never use 'fuck' is unreasonably asking of its art
people in rehab talk like that 'when i see you i'm all impressed - what happened then? acting class 'i told her not to fuck around - we're here' and so is the black nigger behind you in six months time she'll have more fresh butt in the mix for my mind its tastes for a fleck at it...did i say it'll middle? mostly will be the best of bun to the bott...

you let me
violate you
you let me
desecrate you
you let me
penetrate you
you let me
complicate you
help me
i broke apart my insides
help me
i�ve got no soul to sell
help me
the only thing
that works for me
help me get away from myself

i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is pride
you get me closer to god

you can�t help my isolation
you can�t help the hate that it brings
you can�t help my absence of faith
you can�t help my anything

help me
you tear down my reasons
help me
some sex i can sell
help me
you make me perfect
help me
think of somebody else

a great rhythm machine
those candles at the end can't win - he keeps alot of them close together so they can't melt away
keeps 'em coming and going like the hindenberg down and around despite wets in the air

somebody down the street was relieving theirself of ikea's billy bookcase wall to ceiling, cut in the back for placing over molding, and earthquake or nervous-type straps to boot! i've installed these myself for girls around...people throw alot away here is largely abandonments...i can't take in everything but note the value onward...ivory color.

that movie with north koreans gets better - it's like the church tells you not to watch, however 'the exorcist shouldn't be missed' is for a later date or understanding - this one picked up [the pace] - i'm at the juncture where someone gets shot at dinner an extreme error....an old person with memory lane, abdominal cramps, and a gun - all nervous but heightened environment and after much enjoinment...the problem first labled is the americans their mouths they are broadcasting from australia somehow...see me...this however true to life is not offensive the korean showed his ass basically m.e. modern entropy ball in a sack is not human as yet...secrets...the interviewer died en route in the rock quarry of cyanide gas while hiking only three minutes the other one ran and had to be rescued is their rock pride no one asked to see is natural we blow ours away...like johnny depp in the sahara desert no reason but being there...anyway, his dream after death - the real royal wouldn't have it and as he says 'why?' no royal suspects anyone of anything (see the queen of hearts in 'alice in wonderland' you are a shock to encounter no one thinks of this i'm so interesting?) but would shoot you? after turning up...good night to all and thank god no one does anything like this - they have their rules and represent many the old ones die right after all...he kim jon elder says he was choked in bed by a woman one night 'another blessing to me' - a woman - and why not?

why'd we watch this and thank pu!
a) the news made quite a stink about it;
b) it's nearly free or you paid us kinda - no guarantee for the zillions of stars i see at night but as zooming past you or earlier said;
c) it's from sony or we owe it to our people to watch and discredit any sing-alongs or filths, any zero based reactions, or anything with katy perry in it - it may be her but is possibly someone simply attractive.
- dM, quite frankly north korea were charming look for more of the same he's hurt
north korea wins handily - there

back to glues, i've found elmer's pro-bond glue to be very helpful, however, in the fight against metals and plastic just breaking for no reason or then to be masked in some hobbyist pursuit...i use a cotton ball when using the pro-bond glue to have more substance involved in the mending (e.g. hollow pipe to hollow pipe end) take a tip...'get new'....

i don't know what they asians do for candles but i got tired of the electric sunlight working slightly and went full-glory with tea-lights basically
sure - got this in florida on-sale at target robbed some kids birthday party
had it hanging in my room on the ceiling fan a lightbulb cover screw and brought it home to face this a glorious rainy-type day - we're still waiting for fest date 01/26
my tealight one size up in plastic cup held to service by the inside of an old lampshade what grips the bulb but as turned upside down ring on bottom
what do they do? inscrutable design with no solar power for a wedding bell, good luck - whatever~

' - somebody dumb' - dM

that korea movie 'the interview' is at netflix now and appropriate as no big shit - i'm taking it in slowly to a burn (my new gambit is 'sons of anarchy' five seasons of mirth with their resident blonde man nice skin all sounds switched off...) - two whites 'forced' (florsheimed or left with their socks on) to try and get in and 'assassinate' (as a named person, only) a world figure - if you haven't already as cya 'cause you can't' is my surmise along with ground-troop rape and other necessities of living-dying (one senses the other is enjoying theirself too much - the gig is up now enter comedy-tragedy) the one true yang as unseen or enjoyed to no known maxims - is all gold emblem anyway (the helicopter rescuing one from a 'rare' qualitative nature has a red and yellow seal like mcdonalds ketchup and mustard or then a shiny gold standard to artists seen doing) someone misinterpreted joy to gift from-to quasi talk show hosts a sensationalism of odd notes or homemade hi-tech clips...eminem admits he's gay is but a sublime joke to me - his words and beauty suggest he wouldn't say if could is beneath you but mother-son an army against saying to no one who mathers (recommend flick '8 mile' under mother's guide it behooves us or moves us forward with steed his mother is kim basinger)...some are in-fact hate plus wealth and killers - serious killers...they hate being seen as doing...rob lowe takes lives and is best portrayed by michael jackson his threat received at home being seen without satirists the basis for a joke at all or a paid dump for professional esteems a wig under a wig is more truth - more later as women unknowing in me a chive more than you in a tooth...

please, this film is fucking obnoxious - we'll get through it...p.s. the real guy younger and older is on a float here on this site he has glasses on with robe jesus in-tow - see it june year before last or one before that...i laugh they're always here...the jesus as survivor is ondy's actor-type father who walks the streets like this at night when i go to the bathhouse twice a year forgiving you your sins (offenses to god) - may not be enough, actually me stuck in the middle~

a bit of '8 mile'...

photo courtesy of dougmoon.com june 2012

'the chicken came first - someone offered to eat one of her eggs and if she gets thirsty she probably shouldn't just lay there like that' - dM

'we are not polish, we are slovak - of the grave' - dM god's children, and with bright eyes, some potato skin, mole-ifs, moledads, 'moledy'...a mole~ 'poopie stains' oh, poopie! who the hell is that? and frankly...a hole it cost, holy 'macrame' cow...morticia, morticai, make-up or clairol the clairvoyant, neva labour, nevus bank...back to, we have french in us as the father (far) side and their dirty indian-type 'blackfoot' or then lenape, i guess - 'let, lend them pay' more as running always a jim thorpe (but not at night like the most hideous black nairobis with spears a' chuckin? no, we don't hunt the darkness with a highway to hell 'lights their food' nightstalkers seeking new outlying sources of fuel) but shy from its obvious glamours trying to govern an appeal they're there as french 'no maids? no spanish, them as language pointing back to you' you don't get seen living-doing with all them words seeming but without saying no speaking is no truth or what makes people 'poor' or what decribes itself most outwardly...addend: the singing sword kills without you sitting on it, but somehow lives on shaking the tree of its balls...its eggheart...its willingness to offend an implement of murals lacking 'how it should be' with you in the larder, that is...

a photo still of these guys sans the girl - for note 1952
she has enough stuff, no? no - i call her the mother then 'babette'
richard, me, my father? ok? ok. 'you flatter us' - dM
richard: 'no one knows me like you do. i'm flattered.'
me: 'is it right - can you see? i'm flattered.'
my father: 'i'm flattered. it's nice.'
me, once again: 'maybe you're nicer somehow - how the future shines any a thought of it.'
me once again and again: 'richard is lovingly portrayed in 'copper' with a leg missing - is him all esteems but feminine (strength as found in another...'fe' or iron in mine) kinda and younger - nice.'

better...it's not yours, it's similar only 'it's like that, kinda'
if each day made me better it's 'cause i waited too long for you to notice~

a good photo of me and mom at pacific palisades late 80's or so (then again could be after january 1993 when i started doing 'tina' - how 'bout you - still a fool?)
this is a good view to the beach down the cliff
then pch, the wideness of beach, then the water...it's like that
no, i didn't have aids that kills fuckers dead, you know - i'm still here kinda aids-chron with a heapin' helpin' of tenacity and a slight cough
i wasn't glamourous enough for aids i hadda get satin eurythritis - a pechole
if you really have aids, jews give you a handsome escort to ridicule you - fact-day
they swear it's all real in the valley and way up here in a glass of hot pigskin - for picklin'
so scary you'd see it coming in - heard in pro-player coffee house fool to fool: 'girl what's wrong with your face?!?' i still use clearasil skin avante (all colors mixed is inexcoriably white - see is nothing you'd note unless as dickens-difference) - to touch up scabs and perhaps that ol' weeping eye...

slogans we still think of:
'you'll love it at levitz'
'squeezably soft'...
'more park sausages, ma'
'huh-huh huhl' - just kidding - however, is charles nelson reilly receiving a 'brusque' woman and her latitudes
'you can't have just one' - 'they all in there' and pop right out like clowns in an ass kit

the coffee bean seen reinserted at sunset and horn (beneath the former of spago) - see no change
'keep the change' - dM

very next aperture: march 10 through march 18 terry in florida

made another orange meringue today same recipe no doubling up - was soupy last time
pie filling twenty-two (22) minutes then the meringue after cooling twelve (12) minutes - no pre-pie shell heated but bought
1/2 cup orange juice concentrate no water two tablespoons zest or rind - no lemons
appetizing the color? two drops red, two drops yellow - no more as mixed in a saucepan over heat where it happens
all seems well yet...wait for my report nice and firm it is but uncut
more: perfect, only -- perfect.

with luther vandross the original cut out janet jackson 'the best things' mo' money not right on the jj 'big ones' queue altered to be without me altogether
richard's mother plays janet and many others like taylor swift she's good at it -
both mother and father starred as the kids in jurassic park one - and amblin dump-off to me 'radio flyer'...he still went - now see that
katy perry is still out there to decide but she should be cocteau daughter number two, lucy belle (um, as 'loose the first') the first being with guthrie, second is 'lily' (allen by damon reece? 'lillipution' i'll risk it the world now twice as big to foods - see now the 'phantasm' beings resting at 'homoculeuns' and-or hominids no neck, brown bats kinda) ok pedigree...like billy joel's daughter renee 'alexa ray' more wanted than needed a desiree 'uses nads with a rag' - rolls her own 'black keys get a funeral kickin' - 'we're so sorry uncle filbert'...

eponymously titled dig it up: itunes has janet jackson lumped together career-wise as lp entitled 'number ones' - that's good to her...says it was out since 2009 i don't care about that...i don't know alot of her stuff yet...

i hadda order another black tee from american eagle don't let them fly away just yet i called in they're having troubles filling the order i got the off-black 'storm' version of black probably a returned washed one pure black is rare ('storm' is lightly charcoal - i don't want jet black is unkind)...my mother was right about sizes too 'xl' and all...bigger people wear smaller stuff it's a fact like they stole my paperwork from e-mail is a fact too...they admit it being late with it all...i'm here $13 later i have nothing...an older pair of cotton wall boxers grey with red band made me look really good - they don't make so much in underpant these days they don't make them except 'so shine' or novelty mets...more: i got my t-shirt right now at the door this evening 01/20 (after taking a zip-car over to ralph's sunset for their 1/2 price chicken sale they have not even one whole chicken but rainchecks - the people there refuse you flatly for unkind market management) there is no eagle on there anymore...i'll hafta stitch up the old one too...they saw few holes under arm (robin guthrie) and made me do it

the evidence of having none you can see

'you are going to hell'...you get a devil for talking to me with you in mind...a personal jesus? someone you like in a bar is that they heal you and you see me too - otherwise your father incognita will hafta choke someone to death if you're not already related that is...to pic and save...you don't know who you're with 'you might win.'

the $5 question: i went in the rooftop jacuzzi this weekend with my new $5 watch submerged fully and it came through lathers no problem (try a hot hairdryer otherwise)...one less bother to think of first...the last one took a drink but helped me be here today and on-time...someone sleek up there has our shower bolted shut (like they turn off the sink underneath often i use anyway by turning it back on it is electric eye too) i'd like to see that amenity returned for silver fact i gotta pee some mornings burning up with bladder while he showers here i gotta run up there (i don't like neighbors with me discovering flats, however, throwing cold cups on you as joke)...keep it hateful to the touch...no, i wouldn't like you peeing in my sinks or being in the kitchen cooking eggs in your underwear using my mother as guide 'sad' you don't call me and mine every night to talk recipes like you're fuckin' nuts...the next day? to end harbour only...even as free you still make me pay...no, these are not relationship-type people i don't marry in to have this stuff...there are people in vail, colorado right now enjoying everything in winter's halfway house to the stars they say...cold, cold but very luxurious on film...a hot toddy next week they say is the winter height and we think of nothing but going through valentine's day with the threat of snow and fun everywhere...very carnival don't bother me 'til after then...

flying lizards 'money that's what i want'

mostly is no gift: people get banned peeing in pools but that's surely funny the right kind of flash mob if you mask me - ours is always clean enough they do well i hesitate to go into my mother's rainwater if at first 'cause it's 'out of season'...no way...i think about having clean water up and down with liners or sand any way you slice it even in my yard - you don't keep filth anywhere around here...water you can't see through is a haven for having it - you don't do that here~

one good idea but used on me: on credit-debit cards someone handed me a card with the three-digit security code blacked out on the back next to the signature bar - that stunk but a black indelible says you ain't gonna see it no matter what light you shed - remove with alcohol and q-tip if you can't remember when but you'll be seen doing some....how mad are you? the code is used any time you telephone or internet a credit or debit dollar to...people here are such assholes bothering you in the red you need to know not too much and sit and wait unless stressed all comes through well enough if no bother...taxes can be filed today 01/20...

stevie b 'money talks'

prolonged sitting versus 'serious illness' versus implement at 150% time: what are you saying now - you can't be seen racing through town to get to your own grave? not so fast - does anyone know you're here still? less ten cents on the dollar gas prices are removing me again half my request to see you with it - that means no pay for you'll give your only gift not mine yet i don't make much from singing songs i choose backwards to you or as i say my mother seeing me with proof of another life on anus a good-looking man she'll bolt right out if he'll admit it and become what i am 'concerned' of talk not issues 'like retards they are'...more: you know half a belly is 'fatigue' bending your spine out to be fleshen - never let it be seen so well i'd say an insult you think outwardly of, you're taught of no risk some...a 'sedentary' (um, 'cemetery' - see 'sebum' semen, seize them) lifestyle they call it staying so still our english language keeps us right in place as we bark for them to bring to you a food yours as fended ordered up just as quickly...the tv talks directly to me sometimes but never pays for itself by staying around - why not keep it in a safe with proofs of citizenship and my own reposits (taking again what you thought you provided to me - unmanned ? unnamed favors) against thee and 'how am i [to be] different?' not saying it to you or asking again this is no success after all if just having to say 'after all' and then? i tend to lie alot like a purse clasped on some mirror to tabletop get-up - no invite to see it within, but some light of cause to think off...if that's what you eat, to let me be me at my rates that are calc'd to be just as attractive and while eating my type of bean - to the red kidney bean most praise - underneath me it's still going to be with you - and me thinking of how i might hurt myself once moored to some passing of ship to remind you of me being here with you again...just ask me or climb a tree...maybe one day you can't get yourself down...you've seen too much and with pay and me in mind still...maybe you get a new ugly dress from the boat before it sinks in an unintended shipyard somewhere living and dying while it burns to be with the filths you would never admit you've had made to leave you now...x

01/19 that direct deposit from linkshare.com never showed up for itunes sales beginning 2005 or any of those businesses listed to sell (an early green dot account alarm from linkshare signaled this $0.47 + $0.01 translated as it didn't show up on paper back in september or so but is dated for 01/15/15 - and why would i ask you anything? we don't have any 'sales' they'll say does anyone - here's mine) - i'm left with an advent calendar for next year - this year - again - and forget all that age fifty and investigating their character stuff from newsbags 'earning the right to try selling again' - what you wait for is crime or the grime of hands-on hopes voting - who approved me to their asset list this year? flat sales don't mean you had anything to say here - the feds pushing the male on the females again it seems...not to grant me the patience just once i don't like you waiting with me....'get a job'....get a real diet - give something of yours up...go to hell where you belong trimming the response to see who came to see me for real...let you stare at it....

see below - veterans offered their instrument up that's what i look to keep, sever along lines
blacks torture crybabies and after combing spirit right back into action without words
i hold them out if will at times and use the shiniest of bell scissors from the morgue (up the rib cage, ostensibly) to see the meat soud (salad)
p.s. richard still complains of the blacks that took his head off with sticks down the throat and a certain of dog spit poured in with more sticks (um, three - labernet or looking to keep all out) up front...gentled then the head comes off seeing still but dying softly? hardly too fast you boogers...
before you die unheeded to me~
never pray to them i'll pay them still 'ever intent' the above says - a moron?
'the children, for they are truly innocent of others' - dM

cute commercial mcdonald's 'god save us a miracle' (is now 'god gave us a miracle' - define 'us' ? 'god crazed by hunger for the flesh made my lovers meet and leave me all alone~' not really, 'puente hills') very cute 'you've done alot of great things, save us something great to do' they all look like the bible - like you did it - i still trust in that money-versus-them spending-it campaign they don't pay to see you saned you do i have more time to spend on you only and no meter means no accounting for your stay...that 95 interstate one i appreciate too 'woody'...one loose of interpret 'them': 'natural born killers' to mouth and complaint...the girl who delivered brad pitt, his dad's roll of toilet paper in the car? no further of detached discourse before dianetics and opening a can of kidney beans for an unintended heroin spike? i'd love to be your best man is no question, i'd add...for instance 'why did you ask her and when? what made you decide to do that and why - can you say? all oven mitts...just a peach pit (something great to come - or bees? both and bees) to the trash as respectful? unknowing, respectful...hate is hard to hold in the face? only as sold to be with it hating alone....another cherry pit hiding the macadamia nut inside its soft shell a bit heaven...

lobby (um, no deliveries) inside of devo's mutato office on sunset - caught my eye
said hi to the ghosts there the other night after asking the nearby valet (they guide happy-after-hour partels nearby) if it was okay to shoot a picture, so to speak

down the plaza a new real estate pomp (see chin-chin's driveway retail left at staircase in rear) had an opening party to massage lengths on glam properties held local and to be sublet as to rents
the valet there and i cautioned each other the light to be seen as met - the crowd appealed to me males on walk

punos (small favors - possibly offensive as 'peanuts'...penis) to that 'turn around' commercial about bite-size snacks at home on the moors for hunger strikes bourne at the olive can - someone pant (steward neat on present) solemn (alone in it, seen) about their caloric impairments while on a supposed diet...cute...i get pales mist at night sometimes and note kellogg's honey smacks as not inducing of hunger so much the simple sugar no breath or fiber water i still have it here...i suck on a $2 box of capri wild cherry juices for children and note milk blades under each bag transparent for their simple droughts of lactose spotting me...nowhere to end it all...glucose is simply the grade up with glucotic enzyme something stranged here loves the mess of the major maiming it...the wait before storm kills a theft of it now haven a woman...

01/19 blacks amaze flying james earl ray to the moon one-way a plane with push buttons for shooting at martin luther king....left leg stains on me jeans here with blooded poop a vision only...his james'...he mentioned pushing buttons at serial command no sleep but nothing about coersion...king mentioned a series of questions here on earth prior met politely with little response...he ate them all...now there...king also said something about ray making sure he king didn't learn about 'why we're here in texas' too much...ray said he didn't 'want to be here' at 'missions' and such...not congregations, 'to their house where they pray aloud'...'for givings'...

milkin' it 2015: we report only more death penalty shit from below so off you go into the abyss no praise so great...let hate cover your bill i'll be around removing the drapes that hide thee a home...god's law so fewer: no taxing a mind with death prior to maul...think of yourself how does it happen to be? no one's (noon) around enough....

life and the death none speaks of as prematurely fashioned in a cope: in substance and design there is an inverse relationship being coned in a level of eyesight the living and the dead - the height of substance is a clock or series of intervals-windows at touch laid flat that reduces its size once placed with these intervals or necessary imbalances of at once keeping and at an afford removing the extras that make this one clock a matter of size and it shrinks like a watch's interior of parts is baked of its design its discreets of wood-waxes to be just above seen or at the horizontal ground level as such is to be seen (our retinal sight panel has a spark i use to be light seen smallest to sight a single star the bloodstream revealed part)....as exert outward and to be seen thus heads below the line and becomes a matter of design only rounding with 'skezzes' or pulls of intricate network of strings more a thought of fabric and no such guards with the cone directly under and up to its maximum thought a wide base of no academics and no people to talk to or relay its talk (the one above subject to all as sight and seen should never have its hole on end as such filled with no talk but so it does and thus we 'see' its one true fatal flaw knowing of nothing i can see and but firmly its taste...academics or not solving the hole or as syndrome rounding a hole keeps it clear for the thought as hole in theory or what's thought...dropping down on-top of this green bell pepper flavor i make near any a bottom on side aswirled a sante fe-like afghan of black, green, white (and yellow ? in no such order but gain) is the dead who need to be 'big' or round enough to fall down on the exterior and read its values to a self no such see and of as unseen a nonesuch ensure...this cone of the dead and of pure waveform is eyesight related for sure its distance-widths planed for the telling of to no one who knows but fosters an understanding of it to the self and should be considered the very raim (as mistaken in ends, the silk preventing) of body and soul - enough...for its chow....

tip: if heat is light pressuring outward from a center axis, oxygen the atom 'h three o' or is simply then water the lungs shed us heat and exhaust - it's true two nuclei (dinucleic, sure) and one covalent bond as shared electron stepping up and flipping the zipper with each go 'round the center for the time taken...it's all there water surrounded by heat fezzing or powdering outward...autumn: the sun hanging in back on raised arm (enterprise ride) is a line of defense and keep winter in a bag most easterly north and south....the llft out is joined by chains as the galaxy go-round...p.s. no orbitals or two to cover nuclei they are hydrogen-like in oxygen but figure eight of the shared valence or electron...rope it up as the model for saturn us inside the middle or mostly said as neither rind sees...'give to me your clothes'...'i'll be back'

two of three little pigs and one foul-weathered forentz: roseanne barr reports - along with her denial of any playfulness leading up to her and mitzi shore's backyard beach melee - 'i don't fuck girls, i snorkel them' when she's not out collecting acid turds from the starlight foundation 'too bung to die' but heavy in vitamins 'c' and 'k' that's still free for the fakin'...faggots don't get abba's turds to sing but we try and ruin 'em with comet 'they're not real in switzerland' they say 'too many mountains to climb' they got schindler at home 'i don't serve lima beans' he said near the downstairs bathroom when shawled like count basie...anyways, says the new jurassic park is all outtakes from other movies that anaplex is still shitty in 'aeon flux' before moles were sprayed on judge dredd's red baron ordiff-to-platf in post-production 'ziz's tayback is one' melanie atrois and other goulpers at universal can pay one's outstanding bills when the catering at hat's-off comes in around nine 'skinks'...who do you owe - fantastic sam's in glendora for neil harris' seriotote of gray pubes at the height of enjoyment post-antigua of course at adventure west last week? his studio gandalf for the humus chefs at mandalay farms in bound brook - mel 'the void' labner? i call him 'brisket' for baking his dog's arm a healing agent for pigs ? pork belly made salvo - you eat it for pigworms on the side belly if the cigarette halos don't nutrify with the acids we shortly should speak of - don't be too loud it's no comeback maybe you missed her in 'good times' when janet jackson got raped 'with a pick-up stick' (ebeneezer green for no soft side at sears credit no washer-dryer combo for the maids room in a closet? hampers me) - 'what - to do it again?' play it 'til they say it...c'est chic...no ceiling fan cools us down hanging over my bed in a morgue....grabs the next rocket gown...we don't veldo after the fact...lunch is always serbed at two pee em when the stink rises to hang around your neck for being there livin' single with no catnaps or carpet interiors....i hate this place without having a yard...in an old potch of red yarn hangs oranges...no gift is 'cheese' cut out in a dueling knife once wielded by sting in 'spiceworld: fat famish'...signed 'shit's sliced - go now'...

someone sulu (seeks ugly leaving useless) crabbes 'you're gonna get sued' btw what stinks - thanks (quite frankly you smell just like a bag of corned shit), bitch...i tell people 'you're always someone special until i need something' - now i've got a list of things you'd do if i weren't able to see you at-once then possibly flee the scene...
keep the mange~
p.s. feminine isn't just bad smelling or source navel - 'fe' is element iron or 'strength in me, mine' not just 'famine' sulphur in potatoes - always shouldering the blame don't help me la luze the shelf with haley's m.o. a bad batch of onion hartley blasphers or french flavour rind 'egg-spinach hiney hole' perhaps a day-old huckleberry hinde from walter lantz the yellow-cucked crapping cow...father john's savorite he guesses 'i merely lubbed it.' ti and do, a dear...a female's rear braces with glum and sandfish supports out front, pumice...ho hum the hiney's mum...but um

anthony 'pee' smith (818) 251-1713 what is the urgent business matter about? they make it look like everyone gets to know a number dialed - keeps people stupid with sleek programming like mail merge 'doris jones fat ass fountainbleau old number' 'is this anthony pools in the valley?' this is valley pools, and tony's u-flick-it voulez vous crelage - 'is the mistress of the crablouse in 256?' not yet - she's ventilating 92 'it's more than a bath' she says from under the sezah...no prophends...she regularly uses the ulga gunamm bedbox with scant room vradizes by 'wicked stench'...millicent labwork 'who ramoned this?' glaphour and choce wigs sku-once-parmed by halitosis at 'ketone'...'oooha' - f. mercury 'you gotta be quick' it's not the speed that aged you it was cartoons with tea service anything can happen hiding in a pet rock while i shoot you up with cabbage a canadian drink and knuckled pig's feet....

geri got her prepaid stuff through to me yesterday 01/15 (national anal awareness day 'buggers cup and table tupp' no filching - reverend is for referendum? can't tax a novation (cancels one contract only to issue another - no less rope) but you can outsource the family fuel pump at quiq an-ez their milk brand 'euth-in-asia' and 'yuckmouth' bread - why say it's better off grabbing attention in a common grave like chicken's feet at the annual beggar's breakfast 'we got yours (but you work here too making flapjacks at home the 'how's the pope' - rev. father kim at children's west quotes us 'a barf bag from mussle shoals' [? see mostly short but in bigger sizes] uses wires from under a bra to make their points gnome 'guys and gal sizes' groan for it] - you can't see me a pee-shy) but hates me for it waiting in lines...jankpu! she could get an account send me the dmh card and fund it oncely umptly too...hesst mald burritz you old bald motherfucker the girl at cvs says it's serious in-between pap smears at 'mangina' sols (so, our ladies stink? sun, alamo - light snacks featuring asian slums, crapz-peffridge shulus, and french wigands made with bird shit)...now get out...'you-go-now and-stay-free' ethnics, ethnicities or stink mgmt. 'might they be giants' in bed again...with gull wings and a rubber in your mouth next time a mexican glove with leather and studs for smacking your mouth like 'bonanza' and more facial burls of wool 'wolfsheims' for eating babies is back on queue (eight ball sees it's not true before you say it earth and moon space and moog mini using the right-hand as one eye or balding pate the cow jumped o'er the moon while snakes sucked on her rhoids)...while i fuck the fat guy with the vest on in the hills looking for the moaning el tampaxa ghost of some indian woman ditzing off in the hills if each man seen in any radius is hers no hunger strike for me with poplar sprouts one at a time 'keeps you livin' and candy bars sewn in his vest - gold coins from passover really 'montavanni they guy who pains life' one for each tit they don't melt they are melted - you can't see her tits but they are raven (colored with streaks, blood) and smell bad even with her wig 'shrine' powdering off a fecund sight of sorts unless you're ricardo montalban (the devil? a farmer's daughter with kin, basically a seabag or manitou like poppers at a disco more gift than given 'shell bomb in me' carrots to gold at lakeshores) and mount her scent easily enough in crazed gray hair and corinthian leather as propered just showing up after his daily constitutional a swedish limerick checking your bags and trying to forget her mother's handiwork work in topaz and sterling...another haunt fit and fim...his banana colored el viro in the showroom having the seats repunged with that new car smell - vaginex mustache wax and grey poupon mustard 'could it be?' why yes, it's you 'be spirit'...and the french fries on the floor from 'murder ring' what got her dander up that one arm still bewarned wipes her ass with clawed crasp if should...order: another scud from israel when she finishes paying for the last one by brushing up on her tagalog in french 'fuck & me' her monkey...'you betcha'...'bread and butter' you better run you better hide you better leave 'be by my size'....

more niggers: my mother can't get any green dot cards to avoid you and your mail thefts with pay in florida - the big bucklers of alcohol restraint - because they don't pay people? i'm not yet paid under regimes...next...someone's lavishing their asshole in the real money they take in by debit-credit with no certain of default (stores, token for the weight they bear but see lots or criminals filling lots like funtowns make people operate rides)...where's that money pass-arounds? i tell people no guarantee with payment unless a fuckin' beggar that is a one day wait if no store how can we help...i have nothing but what's sent you talk to that...wires in-between? get off your ass and deliver that bag certified less jails...a ring around the top (like apple's dream home) says you're gonna get fooled one day representing your constituency of no cash but favors...trust that...you threaten me and you'll be legally advised off the set this wire is mine bitch you use until i can't be seen with savings...

tips: green dot want you to go to walmart's money gram desk and provide their visa number with expiration date - they have no more money paks per their agent but will money gram or will send your cash to the card you designate for a lesser fee - i'd do it for you gratefully...don't ask why so penniless we keep our promises and our spending in-check while permitting one option at a time (see the time value of money better to match up with more money then after a smaller of fee, and some contact prior to - cable, the local newspaper, and reading the mail are civic duties of ours, by the way - old women check on everything with no thought of not being able to pay, or pay for you to go then as homos use them back upward don't worry they are not both foolhardy a faggot will suck a cock at and after dinner - one dead bottom of it meets up for one a bit higher if you don't get my meaning to 'you like this little? it's mine too...' all owned by someone)...if it's no bother it's because i'm willing to do and do without hardly ever...a doggy you pet...and who will bite your face anyway, nervously - remember only people have small links in their skin to the bones in their face pulling new vasuoules open for heat, water...a man should never have a ladies job of spitting at people over and above paying them...you know my bills are unpaid and pressure them, but as dog, half your face was pulled off with a rake that's real...we'll help you it takes alot to cover up a bad time...'rake' you should scream near their asshole...they can't see 'aaaahhhh!' play a video of another dog with kids nearby...lights, action...they hate lucy in charlie brown - lights from motion and vacuums running people who channel hate vacuums they raise the volume and delivery real bad trying to capture all....

you keep that hat on...these are balloons now
when a nigger drives by it's all indians and buffalos
you don't honor people who had their heads, arms and legs pulled off by horses, do you? you don't need to after all
merely a thought guards a grave - if one pops open so does another
see the human (eat here, first) element when you can

quintessence: the right opportunity, the right time

mindless to exclaims:

1) mother of pearl: too much struggle for too little basket - a small black pea-like reveal in the burgess of toilet;
2) black mother of pearl: the mother died during childbirth - also see a below par(don) at remeet...

asked of: a 'cardon' won't have meat - made for special needs and in name; 'el carbon' made to be with extra meat - more energy and of heat is requested so since...

parity: look for it in the afterlife - the sense that when you speak and i speak it means the same things by weight and acceptance - why you ? wouldn't be welcomed here...'nobody real' here? no 'thinking of others' forthwith is being with them or 'oh, nothing at all, thanks...'

the greatest gift - we're so sorry:

aimee mann 'looking for nothing'...it pays to wake me
take a tip: my burgers - never left to be so fresh - are exactly twelve (12) for $13.99 unsale at flange 80/20 - so to avoids the rush
never one meal but nutz in the feather bed of winner

echo wants to ride
on the mouse and the tilt-a-whirl
can�t understand-adjust looking for the smile
from a pin-up girl
but i ain't looking for nothing
just spend the money i make
i ain't gotta do nothing, today

heaven got us waiting for the phone to just come along
they all got something they can learn all their feelings on
but i ain't looking for nothing
just spend your money and bake
but i ain't looking for nothing, today

i got high on a [double] ferris wheel [nearly illegal - you made it come, see the problem]
didn't like how it made me feel
so old
another cog in the load it zoned [a nutted wheel in the box it just helped count out]

�macca� [maccabee, wandering taking exception] went on home when the fireworks
and rides were done [pagans redone quietly perfect all dead, all dead]
�cannot get under� [canada] got busted with a girl who was way too young [something simple, forms you sign]
but i wasn't looking for nothing
not trouble, money or thrills
�cause when you're looking for nothing
babe [pray] it's not the speed that kills [not being there certainly helped me ignore the recklessness you cite]

oh, i�m not looking for nothing
just spend my money and go [on gum - my mind drifted away to the land of donating my parts to gott]
i�m not looking for nothing
[just] to put me in the rodeo

pray it�s not the bubble gum that makes new teeth - great
i�d have one more blob of two pieces still if the hesit of cracked teeth didn�t bark trying to be with me�.
think it�s over but isn�t so assured
don't play with my lyrics they say nothing to jews, ever - shalom
i'm not weird al or even al on happy days but thank jews who is donny most and anson 'william' - answer the fuckin' call when it cranes its neck
where are they now? get amber alert they'll push it together again
'i'm not dead - i don't care' - robert downer juniors 'less than zero'
'i'm not dead, i'm holding my breath while you search for me - like helen keller with a bag on her head i can see' - dM wearing tight pants so you can my lips
flac: helen keller never used bar soap 'someone used already used it - i can tell' give it a try redwood lathers

elo 'strange magic' by request not - was on my mother's makeshift list of who-will-do's (the other noted 'brandy', you're a blind girl wants a good life you can't see - maps up 'telephone line' then 'last train to london')
is this one you wanted? be sure so i can buy nothing more with confidence - enough half-ass for one week's bulfe
fear blacks~ some to clasp a can with title...no more ben e. king, no more 'i will always love you', no heart and soul...no pebbles flintstone, scooby-doo? no you -

rilkean heart (pray-see no milk box, no mossed valves) half-gifts (if i'm gay, why say it? are you leaving it up to me to be and be again while i wait with you?) privates and filmway (for to hear the last little bits of heaven, and vinegar - not to show you how after being in a remote)
why you won't matter - only berry gordy (um, georgio moroder) sells me used electronic syncopies to peel off downstairs and alone, cakewalk on tapes but only then
hurt...start at 8 minutes in no java box in my sheer of intent
what hurts is having true superiority over you (feeling bad for you and not saying) and not being able to get on-top in conversation (a suit pressing hagar slacks for the shelf) if that's who you are - sadly mistaken.
ok - someone (priced) 'naked' offering to show you around at nordstrom....holding the key cover down on the black grand piano 'you know, i lreally love this one [as melody playing]'...now there's not even a hanger to place but grommets...a 'rn' is no 'm' - now that's dirty poole...what is it? the strip of brazen red hair in my ass or the leg braces shaving down to my tomb...

some live robin guthrie at hand - the film is good at hands level we see no melody 'should i not sing?'
seen in dreams: covered cars black plastic a hearse ? along front of the house brick looking at south ~ east coast

answer junkbag, here (if you want to post anything ever just ask but deliver as kindly...be sorted...delivery to my door is yours to assure...know me i never assume i'm welcome in any way, but should assume a certain degree of civility and nothing harsh with no former of contact in mind)...

songs people hate hearing? play on~
curve_getmethroughthis.mp3 'help me, don't halve me'
curve_lowandbehold.mp3 'great evils, little places'
curve_midnightandroyal.mp3 'a prayer be forgiven for hurting yourself'

anne murray (you needed me, too):
'danny's song'
...and more

one last keepsake, add one more finery by note: faye wong (wongfae) 'amusement park' mp3 (3.1 megs)

see me for who you really are back in december 2014 the big chill - don't do it to yourself the past come a' callin?
breathe easy now.

plays without a sd card - simply questioning of me loinboffits
it contacted something...bluetooth - is all it seems? we'll see

the craig speaker box cheaped from ebay et al is pretty amazing yet...the sd cards don't matter it gets some songs somewhere here the apple early on?
we're still duking it out the thought -

the first box i bought broken handle distressed its battery with heat and i disconnected it altogether smoke to flame
thank pu! a frightful value at $12 met~
unplug after so many hours it says - now i leave all unplugged, so~