no, i don't snore
i sleep better
i fall asleep faster
you burst in during naps and hate being ignored
i hate waking you and cringe at the thought of your voice
after getting up to pee two to three times at first night
well before i'm overseen rejecting your crude advances
i know you want me to leave -
there's a fine line
between hurting someone
and making them cry
you'll hafta care
and it gets serious
keeping a clean mind ain't easy
comedy ruins your looks
like an old car
no - love lets someone else go first
me, usually
if you play it right
a grave rushes in
you won't let me eat without asking for some of my food
i won't remember anything with you at the asking
will you at least be to me
but not so much with me involved?

Skin plate February 8...none the richer! Shift gears to February 2012 hast thee no pride?

apple tv $ mobile me is converting to icloud
buying at the apple store in beverly center is very personal...
i picked a guy on the floor, talked to him a bit, he got the box off the shelf, i paid him, he took my e-mail and phone, and i walked out alone - no register

when i dropped my muffler can in indiana in july 1987, this is where i went - meineke
cheap, too

when i was found to be aloft - then friday evening through tuesday afternoon thank thou for my own werx against thee
flood waters anyway
getting a pizza before 12 midnight the price went up but not for six months...
this photo actually taken on harratt between palm and larrabee north side - did it move?
this street becomes cynthia if you keep going straight and to the left

"You don't go puttin' out caramel apples hoping to have a candy one." - dM quoting the above about 'farts'

From the grant:

"When I smell a fart, a know a shit can't be far behind." - Grandmother Moon, about lying, and me dM about taking the time...right then

"If that's all you wanted, you could just be that." - dM about the girls you date

"It's the one you'd never be with that gets off you and makes you hate your own guts." - dM

"You had your nose done and your teeth straightened to be with people like that." - my mother...maybe misses the point I was the invisible man then all ribbons up and off and I comfort no one now

loose sight - what fails us least

this a through street now on robertson the library - kasper street?

would you use this andy gump, politically speaking, at street-level while walking at night? we wouldn't risk it and he pee'd nearby
should be padlocked if not, but is dome lit by streetlights through pale white plastic

steinway on robertson - what, six grand?

remember warm tap water for aids stuff - it has lime in it (along with feeding sugars through the navel it misses a few layers of cronbum or hair and that helps you some...never insert hand, but needles some and wheedle out fragments if thing is whole ripe lemons always they kill everything solube or sticky within...for fun and sane yourself you too...

grapes of wrath? wishing you knew people better after badgering them...the story is about a young man who runs a shop (a shoe store yet) into the ground and he can't get up from debt but he starts making his own shoes again and recoils from the expenses he margined before - about do-gooders and problems with their stance of relaying sales too easily...satisfactions here? no - we ask you not to be mad with us yet, they ask you to make them sorry too...ask stores if it's okay if you barter them it isn't...we buy alongside them...

apple tv is the one-shot answer to tele programming $99 - i'm getting one soon - you peck out a keyboard on-screen with remote - good stuff!

frida kahlo's art is like the vatican - a great thing for children who are inpressed or scared or need to express theirselves this way.. good stuff!

think about stocks being how much their constituency wants to pay each week (not by month, by week) to keep their looks shiny - we looked at pep boys this morning and said it's worth $30 a week to me in pay held's san francisco freaks will pay $60 a week easy - think it stock retails for $73 today and it's worth $92 if you buy now and sell math declines me...pep boys (problem stock in the paper this morning being threatened with no public sale) is retailing for an all-time high of $92, should $60 and cut in half (split twice once along dollars, once along mainstreams - not all america is here some in pesos as debt ladder to buy) - is worthlessly mean as company to retailers and the like as too cheap...value them though they hate people asking them anything...mexico mostly...america should buy all they won't though too cheap a margin between having and selling...again, buy the ladder from them with dismissals and pay everyone who pep boys $92 a share for six (6) weeks and profit handsomely soon it's worth $92 today, $96 is worth $62 to a buyer today then...sell in six (6) weeks...

more: at the bus stop route 2 on sunset a sign 'rs70' with nails in it (blue-green gold letters) - rj nabisco - buy at $70 today (posted at $76) is stable should be $112 overall they make modern money every day like itt (wonder, oatnut) what should be $80-85...

eight nails only honors the thought (one ain't real and one bolt in the middle)
we spoke of this during the day then terry cited it to me

got my new wi-fi router modem with antenna (brand: netgear - you can use your own, too) from time warner cable yesterday and if you take your old modem in to get this new one and as provisional, remember you gotta call twc to activate it...$5 more a month, four (4) ethernet ports for the new tv or whatever whenever...when...waiting for our federal refund due today 01/31/12 by way of their fancy tomorrow then 02/01/12...we used olt to file again...

my next trick is very cuniform (can be drawn in the sand for understanding's sake)
we call it an eight-ball - you write 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', probably not' and 'sometimes' and other such-type things inside and weave it around on your fingers
the other person asks it a question and picks a side to then answer it

make a whole wall of them is mine to see
sloppy - but not yours to know

like the game by milton bradley 'twister' - everybody gets a strip of colors they have to put their hands, feet, and head on like a cartwheel and then spin the wheel carefully to get either one of their own and no scent or another person's color and has to take one of their dots from them (maybe a blank one - there is room for an alternate view and no you don't hafta use shoes or hands at specify - makes it dull alot too - for kids who argue, only)...the loser is left holding the bag, so to speak, the others are off the mat already and what as spinning the wheel...'round and ' lose at 'twister' - only - by staying around like in a tornado and being too good at it too...too touch...

study: massive attack 'protection'

just tried new 'frosted toast crunch' from the makers of cinnamon toast crunch just $2.50 a box at pavilions maybe with coupon too $1.88 then
nice stuff i really liked it - very vanilla
the original cereal is supposed to be like cinnamon toast - i love cinnamon toast (um, buttered white toast with sugar and cinnamon sprinkles)
i want people to make 'trinkle tots' too - little sugarcups of lemonade with yellow crystalline sugar sprinkled right on top - you to eat the cup too
hamburger hamlet at doheny shut down for renovations? they pulled the sign off the wall...
p.s. trinkle cuts are sugar and water boiled 1:1 in both cups and then pour over smaller cups in freezer for a minute or two - they won't melt or last long anyway...

"Money is to be neither, and is no object." - dM to say is not where its all going, is enough easily retrieved per another of day, and its having is no reason not to

Eyewatch on Starr Tours

you can rent the 'r' rated version of 'caligula' right here at amazon seven (7) day rental $2.99 or own for $14.99 a la itunes...that coin on the feature is to nick you in the face for prices unheralded-unheard of...'caligula' is said to be name 'california', by the way...and 'circus world' (1964)? no but they have monty python's seasons...the first thing i ever saw by them was a retard race like they all had palsies with their hands pressed curl up against their necks...i couldn't stop laughing...

this is my favorite origami from my youth: a 3-d box made of a single folded paper (origami means one fold of paper) - lessons later
...but prepare for with an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper squared by folding one corner (lower right) directly up to one edge of the sheet (upper left)
then fold the extra margin at the top of the page (what's not doubled up) back and forth and lick lightly along the crease to then tear off gently and toss
the idea is from the 3m site - we wanted note that 3-m mounting tape (eggshell white with green backings) served us well with carpet squares
no move or lift up for quite a while now...
we think cb2 has that bested with another adhesure of product, but this can be a common solve for a common use
the black spongy mounting tabs with soft pulls come off easily and well, but don't seem to hold well - use for walls only then
also, their two-piece adhesive hooks (slide and mount) for the back of doors stand up well against no hardware needed to affix - try that one out i use 'em for heavy towels to no fail yet
the tape won't stick too well under the carpet squares, but put it there anyway and thus walk on for best results
iomega super dvd drive for mac mini use

make 'em lamplight big, girl

send their stocks rising too forty percent (40%) now

pavilions has oroweat oatnut this week $2.99 to get that before tuesday closes...oatnut will never be less than $2.50 anywhere sold - not ever - and retails easily enough for $4.99 (my ass)...i think my tolerance for price at full flush of cash is $3.99 a loaf...but that's pushing it...also i note 1 liter of coke and other premium vodas like dr. pepper is always $0.99...always their brand notwithstanding is excellent too and very cheap to the wallet...madonna doesn't think their brand is very good, i careful buying the hawaiian punch soda bottle however it is soda not juice drink that is anomaly...pine nuts? baby almonds as picked before soaking...oatnut uses the brown scabrous hazelnut or 'nigger toe'...what?!?

the above said there are rings of some sort around her face as postage stuck in the middle
...speaking of the upcoming lp cover - this is very lisa gerrard
psychically, i get a reddish surround with her nodding up as facing and to the right - smiling at japanese looking...a letter sent...the first quick stab was a gray-black shrouded downward look

achilles + antigua

at the 'out of the closet' aids donor shop on santa monica - sold for $250 they say
a shop owner wants it posted to be from the aids healthcare foundation

wrath - excessive anger outward and at will;
greed - excessive taking from others with;
envy - excessive longing for the material possessions of others;
lust - is openly pursuant of others sexually;
sloth - excessive laying about;
pride - excessive consideration to how one looks in the eyes of others;
gluttony - excessive eating beyond hunger.

revise (messy some - all are errant speakings to me now):
holding others to a forfeit - wrapping it all up and tossing away;
taking from others to the extent that you have theirs - makes them live in the woods;
you watch others come and go and talk about it too much as to impede them;
acting as if lost in anothers' own home - sucking on the last of it to be noted;
asking others not to do so quickly as if to make others pay more of mind;
not speaking when being spoken to, to be looking for one's self only;
serving others their food to the extent of curtailing their own takings, and so to appear provident as to be feeding another.

the above's""":
exciting anger among others - no two minds, won't work with others well;
having nothing to say or eat until others leave you alone - a pig for profit;
walking alone alot as not to be making friends afore or without nothing new - no news is good news;
appearing as if new but lost again too - walking the dog alone is mine looking for partners while others labor too much, e.g., lunchbreaks all the time;
making do when no one comes or thereafter - a pig for-profit or laying about too much;
openly pursuing ends with others - talking about them too much;
eating their food while away - taking the time to prepare lightly while they whittle at debts made by you.

madonna to give hers here… all are tired now

shortly later: thank you for being she says….now onward:

making do with whatever you have and wherever you have it - wrapping yourself up;
taking yourself too seriously - not asking and again;
walking the dog alone - taking my time watching again;
being a pig for sex - be calm here - you eat and take nothing too;
walking the dog again, but under my fence as if to be talking to me;
opening my bags to see what i bought you so you don't spend too much on me;
overeating - period.

* just to see what she walks through life with - no comments.

biting another's arm while they take;
eating in front of me;
barking at a dog - you're mindless;
parking your car in back of mine;
over-acting to me, yelling at me;
making do with my money at hand - no cash from you;
asking me for food - i can't enjoy mine then.

guest ken kragan (no meter or changes after the fact - agree? agreed):
eating grapes too fast - i can't knuckle in;
taking mine for a ride - i can't pay now;
taking my (recreational) drugs home and to babies, i'd say - you wanna be me;
smoking my cigarettes with a girl in your arms - i need a friend too;
making me fart in bed - you hate it anyway but look to flatter me yourself;
asking me to look at you too much in the mirror you seek of yourself;
feeding yourself to make me look bad always - i can't pay.

my mother now just channeled by doug:
opening up argument when you hate people;
taking mine home to yours;
waking me up in the morning as i sleep;
opening my legs to see if there's anything there;
waking up dead each day - you take too many drugs and hate your hair too;
acting on one's behalf at court - a fool for it;
eating my food at supper (when i'm tired).
thank you...your hate.

the queen of england, esquire:
throwing people into a fire, only;
asking others for too much;
knowing yourself better than you ask;
opening your legs too much;
opening your legs too much;
blacks, simply;
opening your legs too much.

when asked to place jealously 'is feeling, a hardship' she says.

my adds: jealousy is to be wrath - you wouldn't do it if your mother was there, a bird of prey...jails us both acting out...envy (en vis as you write or enter doors at will) is sweet, but never to be understood either...dinner is finistierre to be the last word then a fulfilling of obligation to appear supper does it your way supplements and as friends take is relax time no welcome in the kitchen after dinner, however.

when i grow hair i want to do the lion look the combed back domo with short clasp along the shoulders and the 'strawberry fair' - strips of hair as pushed in fat straws to the scalp to be cut to different lengths for light and curls...

visit west elm and anna's linens on beverly boulevard across from international silk and woolens and light bulbs unlimited
...just east of lacienega - west elm is a huge showroom for them and is new (8366 beverly)
anna's is full of great stuff too - more than you think - it ain't target, use it all
p.s. west elm 'mozambique' has their own recliner, their own la-z-boy - 'the sedgwick' $699 in 'licorice'

note the body pillows (and at anna's) are attractively priced between $8 and $16 - stop in to know for sure

parke and ronen feature another great set at $77

a plane flight over los angeles - the truth is friday night

finally someone does cala lillies well!
like snakes they are (at pavilions west hollywood)

great cigarette lighters from koontz - $9.99 each a fishing pole, a rifleman

larry speakes

you gotta chain an engine block
you gotta oil a pop-lock (to prevent bolt cutters easily and enough - i hate that though)
like the engine, everything is timing element or delay in apparent theft - there is no source of prevention
i still want wallet-size keypads on the dashboard that fail the engine after fifteen (15) minutes of driving south with wiring madnesses in attribute (a 'collar' collates the engine)
non-violent approaches to stealth

larry speakes ii

very marlene diptych (dietrich) - two sides to my personality like k-mart art

single me out?

Madonna's new record "MDNA" in symphony, in sympatica - I won't leave 'cause you're still here, kinda. Film, news LA Times Sunday 01/29. "I hate the record [produced by Regis Ford, someone new - 'we' call it "Calico" or then 'calixca' um, for 'scary night'], but its gonna be good [to me]." - Madonna and adds to dM "I'm not Madonna anymore - you are. Thanks."

cnn (or was it yahoo!) tasting supermarket orange juices: odwalla we just had one gallon was great...never fear fresh squeezed either i love tweny-five pound bags of oranges from farmer's markets too...westwood's is back small on thursday afternoons and every sunday in hollywood at vine roughly... valencia juice at pavilions was very tasty too...the best one to me? tropicana...lemons in there...odwalla too...the valencia...never a concentrate unless you make it at home they water down too an ice-cream to at hand...some...minute maid is tops regular, florida natural is also good - have them all, but getting on-top of minute maid?

we're in the market this week and simply: the news is a 46" apex hdtv at target for $379!
'we' sum wanted to be true to westinghouse the first thought ever for a plasma (program or liquid) screen and samsung also our current beau
god says get the biggest you can for the money, and the corresponding 37" westinghouse lcd hdtv is $299 this week (probably us)
i laid around last mlk weekend with a later model self (but with a few peppernells like light brown eyes pariels) he had an impressive 40" screen on the wall with internet inside the remote - very brand
we shalln't kiss once even or again eyes half open (but not unlike a heroin addict - more like lincoln a great beauty) until i see the yellow energy sticker for too bright a room
i was finally foibled by lcd screens made too bright - it reduces their quality to make a difference seem unknown but at a cost factor
one fine example is radar or colored every-other lines on ascii sorts like at yahoo - they should be evident along with the color of any light-colored scanned-in 'post-it' pad
most on display say only about $18 in electricity for a whole year in consumptions as i looked a day or two ago at target
i always look to inform myself better while others never take the hint and keep smiling all the while
now get out
p.s. i'm not rae dawn chong (um, 'tales from the darkside') - you are
p.p.s. i'm gonna order your stuff on ebay for this - i just got someone's brown sherpei (sherpa) from american eagle on the night shift

just nice as nice as the 'knowing breasts' hoh that survey our work for standards and a bit wounding too
mocks politicians for being unspoken (wounding), yet apparent (taking from among)

we don't care who makes it, we'll take the time for this (music versus lyrics, hated your pretzel-logic mushroom by the way - is hate, 'talent this'):
1) napkis 'til see - good stuff, but we'll tell you more later;
2) extemporaneous - thoughts of a spoken (the artist: 'a four-leaf clover folded' but i also see a woman taking eats and at left);
3) bake sale as is juxtaposed;
4) hitching a ride, apart from no cause;
5) good times expressing a greater thought (the artist: not enough tablecloth he says simply - how so to proceed?);
6) old versus young arriving late in the sun (the artist: they're always seeking mine and not so much me);
7) political activisms (the artist must say me here: one is new, one is not so new - both hate my guts);
8) a plane crash (the artist: a leg that won't work right - um, the hind-knee?);
9) something you'll like, just for you (the artist: something i don't want yet, but get anyway);
10) something hard to handle coming your way (artist: the blues come and go but are heavy 'here');
11) a place set, but not for you - not this time (the artist: the mother backs out alot - won't pay).
-----------more artist faulk later

my favotite seussian tale is 'the lorax' coming soon
as if its misnomer isn't enough to pleasure me
the story is heavily antagonist driven - the 'lorax' a bit piece, a wondering of to the god-like protean 'onceler' (one-use, or watchlar)
um, the one who tells you where it all is complaining about me
a guy new in town chops down trees like crazy for their as-of-yet unheralded fuzz and knits a metropolis of it while the title character bitches the environment to no wit (with, width)
i don't know how they stretch these short stories into long vales, but they do
remember, the cartoons are perfect only...some say it's because it's all you have and you were nervous about the adaptation

we ate mcdonald's today in the william s. 'roddy mcdowell' hart park in west hollywood replete with dog pen and all
an aids-can't serve devotion of some sort
this tree takes my pride with helvings to keep it so nice
i hugged a big fat sycamore (sore boards, generally no bark) tree last night on san vicente for being nearly absent to mention at greystone - now i know why

this is one serious eraser set at aaron bros.
like the 'play family' villages of our youth, you just can't leave, you know
'it takes a village'

rose petals near the billboard strata on sunset that rises through the roof like a chimney and on left
like blacks with car jacks raise radio towers on federal lands in texas

a placemat near the scheduled demise that is carl's jr. today

vicks resounds at target with new vaporizers - i always used these ecalyptus vapors in my youth for chron and cough
ours was a round light-green plastic with an electric black oyster on-top
you shoulda seen our red douche bag-hot water bottle with screw-in attachments

target offers little cascade packs three (3) or four (4) pegs (for no rinse aid) and each for about a buck
'trial size' they say

the beatles or ac/dc drinking glasses a set of four (4) about $13-$14 now at target
rolling stones glasses may be more...both for mouth and tongue?

"There's no leavin' the scene in a Cadillac..." - dM who swerves to avoid a cheap

"A lie is like a purse lain. I can't wait 'til they start spending." - dM who sometimes both likes to think along lines

"I'm like the sun - I don't wanna meet people, I just wanna see 'em shine." - dM about celebrities

another movie to use today (if not actually available to itunes and again): 'the legacy' with katherine ross and sam elliot and as sponsored by the folks at grey poupon...a 'poupon' is a parliament in french, by the way...they're hard on meat buying and purchases as such...'eat it all' they'd say

a lone wreath marks a door on san vicente heading south toward beverly center - thank you

we'll talk about nature's green pan soon enough - about $20 at cvs lacienega and beverly

ross dress-for-less has these rare red samsonite on-board bags for $60 and also anti-bed bug mattress kits too in the glorious sheets section for $30
beverly connection...see levi's jeans now have zippers above and on each rear pocket 'speedbump' - good style i see it at macy's about $40 a pair
p.s. we have a beautiful swiss gear bag seen below that has excessive wear as though it were in the silks line
our bag (about $100 at target way back then sez tsj)
it made me unhappy to see - airline people ripped a black side hook off my favorite giant blue nike bag in thin rubbers, but i intend it to use always anyway

like the ups truck, don't say it can't happen - one day, the flue

kitchen 24 on santa monica makes me dream of my old home economics room in high school -
many small kitchens joined by awarenesses learning together (one washer, one dryer then for the whole place)
in my eye, you cook in one of rented space there and serve your guests not in your home, but at one of corresponding tables nearby
they - a team - clean up for you
if your are less than this, don't say it

a box of three (3) act ii popcorn mini bags are just $1 at cvs every day - only you know why 'light butter'
to orville redenbacher 'you are aggression' that popping of late

dionys thinks i can't see him, but i can
is cuter with being trim and with yet reaching out at night vine

we argue here what a 'glitter bomb' is - i say doing poppers (amyl nitrate brown bottle as beer can up one nostril) on the the dance floor while twirling around to the cure (see then adds the cars 'cruiser' 'beat the heat' and sweat one argues)...the above says queers tossed frozen whole ice buckets-worth of water at senator jesse helms' feet from an above window...and say they wouldn't care if they hit the man...both wildly unpopular...a disco ball then? a dream last night had me approaching pockled (grass squared) land high on choppy waters and in a pt boat grey - i, in my skin then, begged god and said i would stop being this immediately for on the potomac...maybe not? we'll ask another dream i had last night there was what looked like a too-tall ashton kutcher naked - no noted genitals, however - and stretched like a corpse the body slightly turned too in the torso right to left...definitely a barbary of some sort as he was coming at me and his eyes were fluttering upward as almost to be poked out but no blood then wake-up other on the memory trail in and maybe...

no, i didn't party last night in the absence of your gift...others care not to, also...had a few shitty hits from my glass oprah yesterday afternoon and i can tell you the balls don't leak but thwarts the body's notion that i cheat it daily with small talk...cold turkey? avoid the cold shoulder is more like it better said is a bad judgment resigning 'i have guilt, i have fear...' - dM

word(s) for the day:
paragon - you can't help seeing (like a polygon facing obscures view with an odd side, i'd say);
paradigm - i can't help making reference to this but often enough - a fine example is fine, but this shows you how, too (a dig in to sight down).

god says seminarians 'study me and have no questions - i like them'
for art's sake...

take until february 15 (that from friday, january 27) to make your whole turkey or ham dinner once again - our status here honors the president eating off on people or simply enjoying their company or affair while others talk it out...he is noted for liking olive loaf (bologna with sliced green olives and pitted in it) i ate alot as a kid along with ridle or thin-wrapped liverwurst my favorite 'til then...the red moon rising at samhain was a direct response to my call for another turkey and ham they hated it but it saves lives in a day, fool - they buy more and use it less and thus - no mcdonald's vouchers distributed yesterday friday 27 the first friday of lent, one assumes (fasting for us is on friday and is partying - see it now) ...the vouchers we remind are given between 8:30 and 9:00 each day in the st. victor's courtyard on holloway...i had turkey sloppy joe' s last earlier manwich can purchase...$1

"Like a lit cigarette in someone's ass, the pussy's out-front panting it all out." - dM

"You could be smarter." - dM to mean when conjuring the happinesses of others being alone alot and as it were

"The hardest part is no answer ever." - dM something silly about writing on the 'net...or is it truly a publishing?

"Always a hurt, never a sad." - Rosie O'Donnell, ESL and to mean you always seem to know why, and why not

we still enjoy: crystal method 'blowout'
we call it 'gunboat' - to ride a radioed pontoon (fan propelled) boat in vietnam (um, the australia keys south of florida, mostly)
political-pollution monsoon, with intentional of flooding

welcome matthew marks gallery - i really like the style
c/o tsj

tin alloy - exciting with upbolts (um, 'lanchers')

I asked about the embryo - crania and spine tail. Is the tail two legs as split? No, one is - the right leg only as forward movement. The left leg isn't the tail of spine - the tail - but heart-lung a bag, basicially. Sauropods (alligators) swim and use both legs at once to propel they'd say, but the legs as alligators are dummies or limp for the ride. We fit in. For fun? What are reptiles? Beings that tweak really between life and death - a head injury gone mad. Six (6) weeks and they're back at it somewhere on land as all died to get in air somehow something breaks. More later...the babies shed oxygen. "We were so big" it said "and shifty too."

Reprise March 2011: To consider from CNN:
1. Lincoln was a simple country lawyer. A: He could try (or litigate - known, unknown to trials) anyone and wouldn't. "I felt lost at sea, often" he said.
The above says is not a country lawyer, is a top lawyer. A top lawyer tries top lawyers and wins. He always won. Always - I see to it. He's mine."""
2. Lincoln was gay. "We don't make gay" he said "people do." Adds "They like me and hate me too much also. Never, I'd say." dM: Is institutionally economic - not for smart people or and-or.
The above says do not ignore me - I am gay. You are trying to be me. End the talk."""
3. Lincoln was depressed. "Never depressed ['lacquered' is his word] - sorry I killed so many, I'd say. I don't know what I'm doing and to whom too often. Have a break of it, I'd say." dM: We're left at the top no bargains either. Is mean to the thought.
The above says depressed is being badgered. Say that to me and end the strife once and for all. I badger a fool. A fool does not get badgered for long, I'd say. Tell me again about who [and] I'll end that permanently for you. No one badgered him but me."""
4. Lincoln was too compassionate. "By whose accounts? I'd still have you killed for saying it." dM: The fear of being heard...
The above says to me 'ignore'..."""
5. Lincoln was mortally ill. "Right - I drank too much. It killed my spirit." dM - I swear that was 'morally ill'...made people see it my way even when I was wrong enough to know it. To "do it anyway."
The above says he was not a lawyer for people, but one who tried civil liberties and unions - that is, taking one and another for granted all of the time. One wonders when one will have nothing and nothing to be with and all the while assuming a place out in the middle of nowhere. Take each others' hands and see what little you have left when I am done reckoning to you - no cars, no agencies of bother, and no forwarding addresses. All shambles - and he had this too. When each other have had and each other and again, you take mine on and then you see there are no obstacles to love and friendship, only hand-holdings beyond measure. Take my hand then - old Lincoln - and have me with you for a day. I love you too. Love me back. I will love you too."""

two cameos - pete is wearing hokkaido or upper jacket with lace - he says a 'breza' (cambrian) - that's right under the tit you see...

"DJ hit that button." - dM by way of Pete Burns and Dead or Alive and while eating my multi-colored candy stick, $0.17

Remind on 01/27: Those Krispy Kreme coupons for six (6) free coffees-hot chocolates and six (6) free glazed doughnuts expire on 01/ purchase necessary. Maybe then to walk around Palisades Park...

word for the day: 'pandering' - playing during

on a stress or soda-doctrined budget? kool-aid is 3/$1 at pavilions right now...also pizza dough by the fresh refrigerated ball is 2/$3 or $1.50 at the each at the deli counter...making your own pizza this way is more than romantic you add some (one whole cup?) vinegar to the tomato sauce (safe a 16 oz. can, two 8 oz. cans, usually)...kool-aid takes one (1) cup of sugar for two (2) quarts' worth we just made 'black cherry' flavor a favorite of mine, i guess...

you can't rent or buy 'circus world' or 'caligula' at itunes right now - but the uk shop still advances the rare beauty of toni and curve...
change your store briefly at the bottom of the home screen if will and then change it back
video west here in west hollywood has these rare movies on vhs it seems maybe more - that's where i rent rare stuff and they keep 'em all

Another movie idea is "Caligula" with Malcolm McDowell - a bit sexy, however. Sir John Gielgud j*rking off in a bowl? OK! The death of Caligula is impressive as shit. Michael is the bald one as threatened to leave and too as Claudius submits to a 'hanging of himself' he'd say. I am deposed with Nero as Tiberus.

approved snacks and at cvs for the big game? pringles personal size cans at $0.88 in case your team wins and ranch fire planters
planters at $2.50 a jar is something to say about - i like honey roasted meself, but kepple-hot nuts keep the plate welcome

cvs also has the 'discovery kids' pottery wheel with clay and all with some of the other play huts for $20 at the each right now
you're all like 'ghost' pumping water and spinning it out for a man
'not him....not...him' the wheel in the sky shuts down


all on lacienega north - a nighttime walk alone...
used for the bottom of a pool - 'no diving' at san simeon for one
this would balance perfectly on two wheels like a ball would and i'd haul it out of a lake with a horse at night
an evening rising with wheels of water as shoulders - a grave beckons

store: urban hardwoods

at mahin oriental rugs, kinda - for 'manhattan' a place company or barter, really

i found louie's number on the street today just like that -
i think louie sells fruit from in his own van to older women who live around?
terry brought home a plastic canister of fresh fruit from a guy on the sidewalk in westwood (um, ucla village) that was simply to us that sweet-pea
watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple wedges, honeydew - cucumber slices, even - no peels
nice - ask louie
p.s. not in westwood? someone usually sells the fresh fruit canisters for cash from a hot dog cart on the east side of beverly center just past escalators or at the cvs across the street at the corner of beverly

Kotter's Robert Hegyes is aka Mario Lopez of kidsville psyche (seeing no thinking with, or seeing without you) 'Saved By The Bell'...Mario was just on "Ellen" two days ago showing pics of his daughter. We like calling the odd alumnus survivors of 'the bell'...

our surprising new streetscape takes shape from across the lane

coke is introducing an eighty-nine cent chilled hand-held bottle today - lots of fuss at the old am pm on san vicente and sunset hyphen or virgule? virgule ('am/pm') as possessive trait or not caring at all one or the other
the hyphen says is 'one thing' anyway...e.g., old-fashioned and is negative always? not necessarily
simplified as opinion you have to 'tight-lipped' and not necessarily true
thank you, art young - your head
i ask the queen alot too...

i like the old cabana style of hollywood all french and paint brushes - this on harratt a secret street

the progress awaits us today on 01/26 signs on-board say things like 'the first time ever i saw your face'

a texan-type tree up-close - a message in the making


"Like teeth swear to the gums." - dM, and by way of the above

Both the stick pepperoni (slice, peel, and eat) and movie 'Cronos' are excellent fare - and I mean it. BTW, iTunes has 'Cronos' with visual details as-to-fore missing - an exciter like 'Hellraiser'. An old man cheats an art patron out of buried treasure in the base of a statue that is actually a winged angel of Michael and gets his just due...talking for another to another is it. The simple death of a 'parlatot' or push-away - one who speaks to children and only because the answers are better. Pair with an animal lover - another-type scratch to the face. "We never thank people for doing the right thing" but hurt them. - dM

Is Apple rich again? Just a 'big brite' to people - good stock talk. Up seventy percent (~70%) tomorrow - you'll see.

the who 'baba o'riley' the 'teenage wasteland' song from 'quadrophenia' (um, 'hating the long view')
always on pain killers...
baba is hard on the lung 'bhadasivata' (correct to say 'bada-shiata') bodily odor from god they say - the song quadrophenia remixed they say
p.s. lexaphenia (lace a friend, offend of yours) is fear of smells
p.p.s. the prefix 'en-' means no milk from - eats itself, 'enigma' eats it young as egg-to-be-shot-right-in among eggs

Space hymie 'Sheldon' on 'Big Bang Theory' = Barry Williams

at cvs and again: i know you're jealous of electric lady studios here our fireplace - this fireplace also helps shime during inclement weathers
we don't use heat or air conditioning much, but have string lights year 'round (very festive)
$99.99 you see that now...

this travel cart at cvs $19.99 helps make up for the fact that someone clipped the straps inside my on-board travel bag
'tis executive black still, i keep my coleman air mattress and electric pump inside...
cvs has new ones - travel cases - around too some in red, etc.
we also bought a colorful trader joe's lunch bag in vinyl and slip-gauge for $3.99 - nice with business card slot and all but no bottle
...see their water per bottle is nancy cheap at the check out center around nineteen cents or so less as no fridge

you can't believe the heart and feel of holding these fleece hats $14.99 with banbers or lids talking out front
if you smell really good like i do, you have an obligation to print some up
it is rumoured that 'scan designer' issey miyake makes these...domo arragate
literally, 'don't move - i [have and] wanna look at these again'

someone fucked around with my beautiful aqua-marine 'essence of beauty' loofah-on-a-stick and now i'm at a loss, some - exactly $7.29 at cvs
up in-between the leg for heavy walkers and around the boot some, these are not yours to keep without asking - it's simple
i hate beggars in my home, but understand how wealths (that being well-off) can attract
this unit reminds one of olden days - a rag and bourbon on a stick for the 'w-c' (say 'dougle-vay say') or 'water closet' that's french
the ol' 'do as they say' closet

miley's day out from the roommate this morning and the bellhop at tmz
'it wasn't mine - that's all that matters' she quips
apparently 'liam' has his very own to pilot and she simply 'hates that' (um, you'd hafta ask)
people 'like' liam
as long as it's not liam from electric factory's daughter search
i know a good time, she's learning about me still...

Kellogg's has a new cereal for chocolate lovers and at Pavilions called "Krave" (here at Meijer). Three bucks ($2.99) introductory price (maybe it was $1 more) we like the name. Like the Trader Joe's cereal we see (Barbara's 'puffins' with birkenstocks or heavy grain I feed to fish and turtles but they openly prefer day-old bagels and but with egg) a bit hard on the palate...still, i'm krazy with a 'k' for choco-puds...

Was talking about kamikaze pilots last night before I want to bed pro and con along with Ellen DeGeneres who said her charity art party is in the same shop that was used for "Sanford & Son" all on Hope Street. Very cool. Very Ellen - very thoughtful a countenance (a thought with). Maybe we see some. Anyway, Americans would chain planes full-throttle with both wings flapping back and forth to the anchor chain of a boat and the plane would torture the boat for hours on end very hot and excited. All over the boat gas would spill but never crashing until the end a heat death. Brave souls would climb the golden gate bridge gage-width cables with gloves and pads and still back off from three hundred feet (300') for having no way to avoid the tail what was also flapping around. Answer: Sink the boat some and pray...the boat (up to PT or mid size) would travel seven miles trying to get off. Another methodology is to chain boats together by hot anchors too with clips that bargain every step of the way...cut chains immediately and float endlessly I'd say.

From the 'I know I'm someone special when gas prices are over $4 a gallon' file: We asked some guy literally dropping off a newer car onto Sunset Boulevard - a small black jet-set Cadillac from a garbage truck-like rear closure (the Estonia?) - 'where from and how much?' From Miami, Florida he says $1,000...his gas for the truck he said was $4,000 with eight (8) cars folded aboard with three (3) days travel. Not bad - think it over three thousand (3,000) miles he says. I only dropped my muffler set in Indiana when taking the I-70 across in July 1987...I channeled the driver of the car and he said he didn't trust people along the way 'they take too much' and he just wants 'his car and his gas' and he'll be here three (3) weeks or so - 'two payments' he said 'so what?'

Did I tell you I watched the Estonia (car ferry, Norwegian) taking on water? I talk to them all the time...some friends kinda live there still underwater. The rear gate is just poly fiberboard white and blue-ish and it had margins way too wide on either side (a good two inches, at least - sick). The waves very choppy kept spitting water over the gate and around some too. Just choppy water.

sunset boulevard parking lot near san vicente gets a lift up

some say a speaker box loud to the across from the roxy on sunset

from the side we see all a sight

morgan-debbie bender is having a party this weekend...
great chinese-looking eyes this might benefits actors pride charities
ellen says the building is sanford & son's old shop
i knew it was down near the convention center somewhere...thank you ellen
security said 'no touching' of the actress - she'll be there maybe, and i guess

why people die
a heart? (v)...*v*...@@...(!)...

just returned a bag of flour for a bag's that nice here

cvs has these one-use grills near the coleman propane bottles they sell...little wire legs and all
fire in the sky

aah's has all of their xmas candy attractively priced at 90% off - i.e., $2.99 of candy canes is $0.30
none will they last

these were $0.49 now are $0.05 - six (6) larger gummy bears and are simply (you'd still hafta ask) tasty too...fresh like jello they are

Bill Gates says three (3) things to and about Steve Jobs and his living will: 1) I can't pay and you will. Why is that? A: Because I don't work. It helped not. Working is paying, I guess - now I work with you. 2) Why don't others buy into us more if then and when? A: They don't have money [now] - you do. 3) When do money matters take on significant costs to us? A: When you manufacture and don't pay. The usual butt of affairs. Take one, make one is my note. A publishing is this. To D. Moon - stay out of us. We made more of it. A: We made it together somehow. Stay there with us.

the citibank commercial 'somebody left the gate open' is dorothy lamour again
from 'into the great wide open' her movie title only -- otherwise the song is 'into the wild' by lp
still, i can't get the gentle sunshine song from norwegian cruise lines
p.s. a great dark movie i always liked is john wayne in 'circus world' - try it again (preview)

$20 robots 'ii' at cb2
for laundry clips, etc. - do your part

hanging pole clock at cb2 that forms an '8' in my thoughts $149 or so then

bold is rare at gelson's now instant 'no-clip' $2 off to be at $6.59 a box

rupaul hittin' the 'drag strip' circuit tonight at '11' restaurant
the old gaucho grill on sunset is closed again - south point or whatever no tables inside
'i used to eat there every wednesday night and get a new cd at virgin' - dM as wednesday is dinner-out night

popular mechanics 'home handyman' - we had a few editions growing father sold 'em
maybe he sold 'em - ours were 'green' and 'brown'
they write like i do - really for a german tech (if see at ebay)

"A republican works for pay. A democrat can't pay." - dM

'cronos' the movie (1993) a hard-to-find fable about michael's golden machine of heart (it looks like his upper vestment all gold and golden circles in raised relief)
psst: his head is a swarm of black bees and are stateless (unmoving in the air and as moving)
actor ron perlman (late of 'hellboy') stars...the 'targa' relieves a high-blood pressure or pounding of the head only and as a bloodletting (tissue drop)
however mistaken is diseased of the heart muscle - no threads anymore from drinking too much
it burns the blood plasma or tissue on the way out too as making itself inside again
a hot iron will do some say

reprise: chatelaine 'killing the feeling' a curve spin-off
we talk alot, and sometimes feel like friends

these from trader joe's weren't bad - now $2.29 a pack of two (2) frozen but no chicken or beef yet, just put thai green sauce (a jar is theirs about $2.49) on top like i did
with pepper-jack a recent-type discovery for a breakfast cheese, these fit in like chile relleno the egg dish with cheese and watered-down jalapeno - not that hot
keep these in mind - i eat them often, but with chicken inside
a tamale ('tell me of your day') is evening fare a waiting for dinner-type eat - corn meal and husk steamed to no further or bother
the green curry sauce is the ace card on pork carnitas (theirs $4.99) and garlic mashed potatoes (theirs also about $1.99 when available)
all to be heat and serve - it's grace to rinse the jar and keep it clean in the fridge
add'l key: burrito ('burrita' - breakfast), enchilada (no meat, ensalad), taco (to tip toe, to leave quietly), relleno (eggs and appetizer, to rein them in...cats), fajita (for eating, finger food), quesadilla (a case of ideas, in case they drop by)...
p.s. the stripes in the sauce picture are candy cane jo-jo's or oreo cookies by and at tj's seasonally - the box honors the haunted mansion's foyer and wallpaper at the disney park(s)

weighing in on tuesday 01/24 santa monica and lacienega - why is 01/23 so special to me?
maude's real name is mary pasternak - she's in the family 'hi'

scratch board arts - we did these in school always - honor me with one $6.99 a set aaron brothers
a black wax you scrape off with tool to white base, then perhaps some color on roller for stamping
reminiscent of german woodcuts...the acrylic sets i showed you are now 75% off twenty bucks ($5)
meanwhile, play with diazo paper is yellow ammonia-type when out in the light underneath hand or shadow dries blue
then you can use for serious ghost looks somehow - transfers ink from yellow, we believe
is not cheap but used this often too - 'for flowers' someone says 'their shape is hard on the eye'
you lay flowers on these sheets 'and they dry beautifully' she says
then one more mention is rapid-o-graph pen and ink arts - my favorite tip is beige 2.0, then aqua marine impossiibly small almost useless

psychic pies at pavilions 'i know you want one' $5
then you also know i want a cherry pie most of all?

the spirit of ecstasy 'gabriele' from a 1980's rolls 'silver spirit' in white - when money was real
again, the 'silver spur' is slightly longer the limo

cosmo (or captionable as however little) diy place-and-still fences are the rage with me still - this on doheny north at sunset
a little bit you, a little bit me...

at the newly redefined hustler on sunset - great big spangles and a cute bodily fireman in white
the store was just overhauled for style - more blend between the coffee shop and merchandise is it

Chinese New Year is January 26 for real Thursday roughly - the 23rd is a rough start of it, but no one admits it yet. Year of the fool - the rat again with turns of head. Xiang say "Never to ask me why."

rite-aid has these 'discovery kids' playhouses, tents, and castles, etc. on sale for 75% off christmas prices or about $24.99 less ($12.50 + $6.25) or about $6.25 for the each
i love the arthouse feel of the one pictured...pens and ink
people make fun of me sitting inside for private-type conversations with the kids, but as usual, i'm all theirs then and very careful
they grow up so fast and the hate that's left for no christmas and no help with thoughts is abutment...yes virginia and thank you providence
p.s. jc penney will sell you one or another discovery kids playhouse for $20 if to no avail

Visit Fingerhut while u wait...

a kiss on our wall in the hall bears witness - could be anyone (for art's sake only, jennifer tate)
'a kiss is just a kiss...'

just a few more days left to chrissie hynde month at!
wc fields? we're taking turns sleeping on the bed and the blow-up mattress in the living room
i like the living room meself

Saw Harvey Fierstein (um, "Torch Song Trilogy") in CVS LaCienega and Santa Monica over the weekend...

book soup has this great volume on guitars - the whole legend
price? you're on your own - been wundrin'
$1,500 for the guitar collection we see
none have made an effort on a definitive music database a la imdb yet - is google i guess
what is 'google'? the worms in space - the sounds they make...water running through everything
what seti (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) listens for

fanzines and their product illegal and confiscated by the fbi for promoting self above others - an english phrase
'nothing we share' they say 'we don't like 'em'
morely, nothing we can have with you code and speech - 'someone favored you is best'
set: kim wilde 'you came'

the cover of the book - test and scan yours
fans love this for at amazon

ripley's (also at amazon) is another winner here - a big ol' king snake inside nesting with a baby in a crib
'i was gonna eat her too' to which i add 'i hope you didn't get hacked up'
it said 'it happened' and shrugs
none to be confused with 'you asked for it!' and their ghost puff on the stairs in a castle that scared me half to death when i was young

presenting the official 'hello kitty' microwave at aah's $130 about
we are big hello kitty (sanrio) fans, but don't have the leisure to be so piquant yet (shop for at amazon)

they have all-chocolate (necco) sweethearts this year $0.59 a box at aah's - it's new for you too
not to mention the requisite boxed valentines for lik-m-aid fun dip and wonka nerds among others (lemonade wild cherry and apple watermelon is new)

Two (2) catalogs in the mail today no fish: Williams-Sonoma (sunshine only and massachusetts types - the valley here fabrics their stuff) and Wisteria the grapevine-ish for witches and such. Both look.

for the weather, let's review the candles in the floral department at pavilions...
underneath they are stamped 'floral' and have they have price too $8.99 or $11.99
i bought some on sale (the fat ones, red) and they burned forever
in fact, if you had to wait with one you'd cry over the duration of minutes - so long to you

how the candles burn - alot of service, no splitting ever
the name brand is 'debi' like as in debi mazar

It's raining hard today Monday the 23rd - don't miss that - go for a walk. Still sick and but loving it though --

this is olivia newton-john's fountain she said on our way to the 911 memorial yesterday, 09/22
so many beverly hills at the gate of santa monica and doheny - she wanted it sunken a bit for raindrops she said 'they get there'

rexford drive is right at the police station but at santa monica boulevard - you to go up from sunset boulevard
another exciter is benedict canyon as yet unseen where cher lived...

Toni = Gabby

More spellbinds from the Dr. Pepper site...Ralph's has their $0.88 alias now "Dr. K" for Dr. Kevorkian - "he deserves it" they'd say if could.


Milton Bradley's board game "Life": You get a colored car and a blue or pink peg to sit in it depending on who you are male or female - and as in life there are but three (3) other seats the rest u-haul. You spin the colorful wheel and go around the institutions of life as they present beyond starter cash ('the law of ten thousand' as in cash is made by us here - what is 'ordinal' or ordinary and then what lies beyond - me and Neil discussed this stuff early on playing - is it inclusive or exclusive to counting money, i.e., a thousand dishes times a thousand set of dishes is then a millon dishes and is yours to know while eating - 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 and then etc.) You get to marry and have babies, and as all are told you with that wheel of fortune, so to speak, along with going bankrupt and promissory notes to have borrowings from the future and getting old. A game about getting there and getting out. P.S. Homos? Play it straight to the bank.

These are supposed to be off-the cuff - take it easy here. Hi Mark.

Ongoing: I asked Chrissie Hynde what she was laughing about on the first album cover [the back side of]. "A joke [I hated hearing] about a cat leaving home..." Next video cut is "Lovers Of Today"...same album...then, "Private Life"...same album make or break her. Then and again "Never Do That" from 1990's "Packed!" LP and have "Hymn To Her" too.

my favorite color rose is the august-september...gladiolas, the death flower

a three-wheel cart on beverly west of robertson near ralphs fresh fare, south side of street

another gigolo or furniture nut near there...

checking in sunday 01/22: some rain, some sun...quite sick with a cold (made it meself)...if will

exceeding the grant of cvs' $3.99 bottle of vodka, is the 200 ml bottle at $3.25 all-told to be found at john and pete's package store on lacienega - a few brands of this available... sun bee liquors on sunset exceeds all taste with a modest bottle of vodka for $2.29 at the to note that

vive le day! seur de couer...yet and yet again
as wife to her child 'don't speak so much - i'm enjoying the day [fed to dogs everywhere]'
vive = sing for me, we've met already
le = leave it around, and gently at that
day = one more, if you don't mind
seur = one day at a time
de = shoved at me, verbally too
couer = dog at reach, always laying about

by shrewd advice: pet shop boys 'love comes quickly' - you on the up-swing

button-near: 'i do all my own stunts'
yup (you'll pay)

pretenders 'room full of mirrors' on the road from 1986's 'the pretenders get close' lp

elton john 'dirty little girl' from 'goodbye yellow brick road' lp (1973)

Prince - Controversy by Master_System
prince 'controversy' circa 1981 with a bit of the 'our father' prayer
cocteau twins 'treasure hiding' from the 'milk & kisses' lp 1995 is that to be restated however is restated
who 'art' is who 'oughta be'? to me is 'how i think of it' or him as being there with fewer details, larger than life...don't educate me
'the heart's the soul' or center of its being - each person took a piece and ran?
don't make people special, they are permitted to be and as such are not permitted to be their own god among is people
earth and sky...i am sky...and the earth too
the 'our father' asks us for more than what it takes to makes one more day

these will please mothers everywhere, but are fish and chips quality potatoes - tasty enough and not sogginess around edges where it lies
back to fries - cut 'em and put 'em in a plastic bag for shaking with a little oil so they don't stick together and freeze overnight
next day, into the vat or of oil -- the freezer rids the water excess into the hot oil with blob
keep playing with me...we think hard rock has the best labor fries overall

01/13/12 1342 on 'Friday, The 13th' a day when Christ died: Got them cornstarch fries in the oven right now...will report later. Used fancy non-stick foil underneath however. HELL to Heather Locklear. The rest are gonna get jap-slapped by a gorilla sometime soon...the mother inside.

"No choice means nothing to say." - dM don't add it up so fast

My tv (8" x 13", 15" diagonal) is bigger than my computer screen (10 1/2" x 13 1/2", 17" diagonal). See why.


NBC "Today" show - your present was charming. No, Gene Shalit is "60 Minutes"...

That's not a civil war-era submarine - it's a pipeline to freedom. Very smart. "You don't get away from me, I get away from you."

If you have the Net10 LG900 and it goes on the fritz (my second new one is being delivered after stresses by FedEx on the 17th or so...and while I use my ol' standby the TracFone Motorola w376g at (310) 272-6392 exclusively) you can get your voicemail messages by dialing your own phone number on another or 'land phone' and pressing the asterisk '*' key during your own greeting. Then enter your personal code. If that doesn't work, try pressing the pound or 'quartney' key '#'. What does that mean to me as dirt indicated? An extra layer of something on-top of regular placements - or as scoring-charred or burned wood sure. To 'julienne' is to slice something longways and then make smaller immediately with cuts across - all long, then criss-cross diagonally as would with carrots. Only carrots - helps them breathe and go long with you.

Note the bed charges from Macy's (total as all sold $362.54) fanned and flexed together like a deck of playing cards and all went well. The business is done and is correct now. Never expect to apply Macy's gift cards after delivery. Never. I got mine in just a day before...they get authorization from your bank account the total and then apply any credits of card separate to your bank account at the same time or at any time before that. No hanging on the telephone.

Visit Long Beach's world-class aquarium "Of The Pacific" sometime and we'll go again too. General admission? Twenty-five bucks ($25) seniors and students may sheve less. Combos with the Titanic, Queen Mary for $36 or so...take the blue line in.

the moon was a big ol' blood orange rising late in the east...too many others mad at it too
the observance of 'samhain' (the end of times for saying, for jews)...january 15

these hardballs are at petco but are not for sale - they are hiding their animals yet...
make your own this month - use muslin or canvas, do it better stuff it hard...for the thought and have no eyes or nose

that new retail building on sunset i showed you near chin-chin is clever because they built a shop around a billboard pole - it goes right through the roof a fat one, a 'fatwa'
they have a sign on the sidewalk in front that says 'you are leaving sunset plaza' now, too

Great font to memorize backwards (I can't keep anything): "Monaco"

Command: When things are more clear, make another full ham or turkey on or before January 27 - we need the help around town...I need meth now.

somebody better pay...a 70% sale reveals these the 'holler short - silver sateen' $32.40 at parke & ronen

"People who pay, pay for everyone." - dM a trickle-down or top-hat routine 'ftp' fights at the top

my after-the-drop sale things from cvs are (and by the way their kettle corn salt-sugar in the oil is great $1 a bag i hadda return one as burnt though a heaven of it):
green light-up gift box was $3.75 but is very elaborate inside - a white 20-led light set hangs on a hook with green extension cord to 'd' battery box and then further to a watch battery set with push button tester - a very expensive rig
a flameless cinnamon-smelling candle is red - takes three 'aaa' batteries underneath, has two flicker settings on a switch - very nice $1.49
a pack of suction-cupped 's' hooks for windows a pack was $0.99 - we got two (2)
got a long stick of bridgford pepperoni for plain pizzas - is that related? $3.79
pavilions is gonna have their deli pizzas for $5 again tomorrow - i argued with staff whether or not the 22 oz one was the 'family size' as offered their last bother of a coupon misstated but i bought it anyway the mid-size
the 'family size' as stamped on the box is $7.99 yet and i wouldn't give the bitches away ever they're real good although the first big one was $5 as offered from cart 'round town like the bread
also, you need to know that the candles in pavilion's floral department - the fat ones usually available 'strategic global sourcing' $9.99 label - are real troubadours - they stay lit forever and burn up not

$0.25 got me play money along the lines of monopoly almost free - if each bill has a pad of thirty (30) copies, how much is here in sum? guess fast! ($2,580)
a note pad at best - an i.o.u.
make copies of your own cashes, cut to size, and stack to make your own note pads with elmer's glue on the top side of the stack - smooth with toothpick and dry under paperweight to peel one each off later
in monopoly, i wanted to note you put green houses and hotels as red on your lot to increase rent to be charged as specified on your property card
the sewing seamstress is a thimble, the shoemaker has a needle in the back of shoe...a mortician?

i like everything perfect (prefect - as specified beforehand) - and sometimes you gotta pinch the tip

"Primavera" - a great joke. "Probably very expensive" like a long car. "Primadora" is a car too? Should go up and down in lengths. Probably took a long time to make - a gown mostly. Neil says "Is too hard on my head - too much to look at." Very "premier"? Needs to be seen as first. "A first-time, a first-timer" says Neil. "Premier means rising above others, and naturally enough." - dM who adds primavera demands it fresh, primadora demands to get exclusive of person. Primadonna is already there - do not ask them to know more.

Liz Fraser Speaks "On This - A Subject" :
Primavera: "Only the best will do."
Primadora: "I won't know people who aren't good."
Primadonna: "I don't people who aren't good."

Alert! Bid for Kenner's Hugo at eBay right now...exactly two (2) models available today.

an earlier handlebar version of mattel's 'v-rroom' is of interest too at ebay - a mind-blowing favorite toy of hot mornings in late summer
just turn they key until mornings dew leak the batteries to no more fun
okay, and the black speaker-wire cord to the key box was ripped too - later on though i guess

this was my v-rroom - the one i got for my birthday just so - 1971 or then
i was going to stay with grandma in middlesex and it was rotted out that morning, warm and overcast, sexy but drugged up kinda

Clouds? 'Cirrus' (ice-whipped as curved), stratus (with you as San Francisco? low lying and of mountains), 'cumulus' (regular as puffy), 'alto cumulus' (thunderheads, puffy straight up)...and? "Mecurial" - those around a fence, no bargains - a fog. 'Nimbus'? Is a San Francisco fog, but as curls away from mountains. Clouds rated as how far they stretch? How high they go. "No colors matter."

Some questions with Chrissie Hynde as ongoing - this on January 12 0735:

Q: "What does my mother think of me [as singer]?"
A: "She wants to be that, she works too hard though."

Q: "What does your mother think of you as God?"
A: "Is that, but works at it. It's a shame."

Q: "What does Madonna think about me?"
A: "Is open to suggestion, but not to cleaning it up. She needs to clean it up."

Q: Someone here asked about Robbie MacIntosh --
A: "Is my hero, always. A lover of mine."

Q: To the president "Are people safe?"
A: "Not yet. Next week they will be."

Q: How many times did Elvis fuck his wife [once believed to have never consummated his marriage]."
A: "Once" he said. "She hated it."

Hynde notes "I am a sad clown. Don't listen too much."
dM says you are 'brandeis-levendusky' - dark looks, hoop earrings, pregnancies-motherings - a friend to men growing teacher!

---------------end that for now

Toni Halliday wonders aloud what her mother thinks? "Has to make it, and make it wild. A fool for it."

Then the obligatory Liz Fraser? "Is no one special to me for too many crimes. A blessed creature, however. Works at it not." One more thing: "She will never sing again for you. Gets paid around it somehow."

Pat Benatar's mother: "Is a thinking gent of it. Not real ever, wants to be real somehow. I teach real and she failed me bad. A classic beauty, though. Have her."

Olivia Newton-John's mother: "Has no gift to bear if you don't have one. Is singly unique." + "Has her gift."

Neil says add Virginia Madsen why? "Opens her heart to others and has her gift to play out. No one remembers what she remembers."

Madonna's mother: "Is her own girl and hates me saying, but she could do no better. Is my girl always for succeeding like no one does. Is mine always. Love to her."

Annie Lennox: "Is no one real. Someone else is in there." - Neil asked.

Barbra Streisand's mother: "Who's asking? Is it the familiar with her? Woke up one day asking to do and then did it well enough. Is no monarch to me, but has her gift. Give it to me."

*No disrespect intended of a dead mother or to me - we have them all and both. "Don't try and sell me another's pain. I'm cheap with a guild." - dM who has his own makelings to sell

the new post out front - very 50's and architecture style

a roundish toupee of a window suggests square glass inside hole-cut frame - was a hot sauna no purr


What do you call it when you're out shopping and have crumbs in the corner of your mouth 'cause you just ate? "Cracker barrel"...get it? Like you're full of crumbs and bulging at it too. For The Cars a lyric "risque mouth"..."risque" means "risks saying" to someone as offhand and quick to note it. Slim-lipped.

another ikea great we missed: the round metal cooking screen - about a buck?
spaghetti? a teaspoon (1) of salt in the meat of skillet and before sauce, two (2) teaspoons in the pasta water

desk shot - been glueing shitty magnets from optic centers on the back of pads to no fail
the freezer!

of the kirkeby estate of 'bevery hillbillies' fame

The "Beverly Hillbillies" estate was on Rexford north of Sunset - left at a fork in the road to enter the drive on left Audrey Hepburn says. The estate - like Fort Knox one bemuses - faced east its backyard was at west for sure (it originally schemed a south view as common, but no). The same guide as Beverly Hills hotel nearby. Someone says it was the "Dynasty" estate too - similar in look.

Subscribe to Cook's Country "learn a few"...a how and why to like Consumer Reports.

wash cut fries in the microwave and then hand-dry and then with some cornstarch?
martha stewart says 'use sugar only' - cornstarch is from lemons, actually like corn syrup is from oranges
anyway, we're looking to promote the betty crocker legend of style and not so much protective speak of its products-ingredients
they wanna cook food right here and not bother with sum making of your own then
wolfgang puck writes off the 'moss in [self-made] bread flour' claim saying 'it's not useful; you hafta dry the flour in the sun - they won't...'
he says you can't put a price on the friends and fore bread has made 'all very fast forward' + 'it opens you up to friendships' he says

the people under the stairs and from coleman called...the dog slipped outside
these tents are available at target right now

CVS (LaCienega and Santa Monica seem) has major candy bars (regular Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix, etc) on sale for $0.29 each...right now and with Christmas extras like crazy...limit four (4) candybars then price resumes to $1.19 each. Use the 'green bag' scan-leaf four (4) times one (1) scan each day equals $1 in Extra Bucks. Do it, do it now and don't take the bags after-all - they are $0.13 a-piece. P.S. And confirm Cap'n Crunch is there too in the $1 aisle...

an indoor tent - why not rent it out?

Russell Brand - what does that name mean to him? "Just woke up" - he says. His island paradise movie (um, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") disgusted me with the jilted lover and all. Russell and the girl are in jail on this vacation (she the army down and around her luck, he is in jail flat out for murder - his wife by strangulation), but the fatter guy who is slyvold (skinned around the neck too much and the mouth has orthodontic 'gross' planks and cribs on the side - said 'old' say 63 years was also jailed for extortion three years in the clink a half-house where he met Russell as counselor for AIDS he said both have it - his mother was crimed here) is trying to get the girl sick with AIDS and that is why he is laughing and crying at the same time. He is not gay 'but I hate her guts [why won't be said here - you are mean only]'...etruscan (entrusted by Jews with money - German finance-banking, Deutsche Bank). A modern short story only, dreamed up by Richard who says "I think about doing it to women" - yeah and you pee in them too. That's love.

More thoughts....later. Ralph's (immediately Fresh Fare) has (cherry) Dr. Pepper and others 2-liter 4/$5 this week that is $1.25 each and also two (2) pounds of navel oranges $1. Driscoll's blackberries and blueberries 4/$5 - I got mine. My shampoo 'Herbal Essence' is $1.99 each aqua-style bottle with green push top...regular Campbell's soups and Manwich sloppy joes $1 a can.

i love this aerial shot of greystone...all the fixin's

Greystone Park due to reopen tomorrow January 12....a friends of Greystone site. No cell phone works here today...I ordered another one. The second this one week...and I just straightened out my 4GB SD card yesterday for pictures I took...everything appears to be central in switching and green advice. More: A walk to the park reveals a one-day extension to be through January 13 (Scott Moon's birthday '67, to slugs) of being closed and the park reopens on Saturday per their park officers. So, Saturday then - all day.

I asked mind "If I had a one-arm bandit (slot machine) that squirted water in your face (as from an emerge on-top), how would I tell some customers and not others?" It said put the stand number on balloons around the shop. If I wanted to sleep in the open air, how would I do it? Only on a patio with a fence, it says. No dogs around, either. "No pools either - they drag air around the face too much." For asthma and only. If I walked a dog at night? "Only to well-lit homes - they get scared too easy at night." No food outside either. They don't want to chew in the cold - take them home to eat, no eating after seven pm they'd say. Their digestive tract quits and the shits get shiny with no liver attachment [function] handy. What if you want one friend to meet another for a romance? Only in your home, otherwise they follow you around and annoy bad - is ours usually. "We hate guests being mistreated during sundowns [bad shows at night - no quality, no attention] anyway."

What about 'flags at midnight' or flags blowing upward from ground? Tie strings - about six of them - on the end three feet (3') long - just strings. It will keep the flapping down. "Is unseen at light center." Otherwise, clay dulling the ends as across seam. Flagpole almost horizontal? Sticks in the flag itself the seam on end. Zzzz.

Ricky Gervais = Alec Baldwin

surprisingly enough, cvs has this box of cap'n crunch and others (um, 'honey bunches of oats') for just $1 - six (6) whole servings it claims
no, it wasn't from the '99 only' store, but its quality is berosed
neil says 'you don't know a bargain' meaning buying full-size is correct at its unit per price you get more for less there
maybe you just need a little for now a dollar's worth and then this is more correct
'you can go broke saving money' - dM or thereabouts


some pics along the way - probably 12/29 or so
they're so bad because i take them of myself (like i wax my own back)
'there is no beauty in struggle' - dM

on lacienega: see my style, my name - very st. tropez

that orb lit up at night - i lost use of my phones sd card for a while
if you have problems as such, call them
i had my phone replaced by mail and the old unit was required by them with battery and cord usps priority packing no postage necessary
i'm gonna try and get the 'opera' browser now too...

looking down my banana republic twill pants - two black faces as wandering babies

in the road near ralph's fresh fare...i like its style the 's' for 'sanborn' buried there (david)

Remember, In-And-Out Burger is the first of McDonald's form ready to seat and still. Combos are cheap too about $5-$6 for their 'double-double' cheeseburger, fries, and drink and they have rootbeer handy too to round out the taste (no charge on soda refills). McDonald's is serving Dr. Pepper now too...

LaBrea Bakery - a bit of history here: Stems from restaurants Campanile and City Grill what are related somehow. Campanile was run in effect by serious studio-type women who worked the bread themselves and put art back into breadmaking with those trained by trade or accustom. Simply said, no write-offs or fluffs and back to basics as in chefs in France. One major article was how food as nutrient is destroyed by pressing too hard aka how flour (actually a small light yellow seed within hard husk or germ) is milled in a world not-so-welcome (maybe just a seed then). They didn't want shiny metal rollers hounding the wheat value and used hard wood rollers to press instead. Q: Is this why I'm bald? Hardly...sebum is sex made and then tuna fish is everything anyway, chicken also a close cousin with corn all moving out from from the sea a vapor of...go with the bread they cared more still and is Nestle mostly now. Tip: "Don't use butter, use margarine - we died for you." A joke? Don't use salted butter on bread, please. Use sweet cream butter - I do. P.S. Mark Knoeffler quitarist-singer of Warner artists Dire Straits is the film at Campanile...

Some girl asked me to add her website for economics degrees etc. as resource.

presenting our new sealy mattress queen 'canal' the last few nights on that mattress were comfort city - a parting shot, i guess


If a can of diet warns you you're running out of soda and at reach: I just bought a 2-liter bottle of cherry Dr. Pepper at CVS (um, Cassanovas - both sitting on an 's'-shaped loveseat waiting for different and same things) and let me tell you that stuff is real good - hold the phone on that. Reach for it even though a black label makes me write it off at sight as a diet OK! My t-shirt at the Pepper site and with picture added? "I'm a...never messes with perfection." I order the same at dinner each time. As paying? You to add to my plate slightly as some.

ready for the world 'slide over'
ralph tresvant does this well

the box from terry's parents just got here yesterday 01/09 - fact that three (3) weeks later ($14.10 postage on the re-used cb2 box)
inside the box, the lunchmeats (breads) were moldy, but a few good stella d'oro-like cakes (almond-cake biscotti) remain
we got a bag of 'giada de laurentiis - for target - ' coffee 'giada's blend' as in-fact from target too
and a $15.99 sealed-type one (1) oz. clay jar of 'herbs of provence' from carmine's in palm beach, florida
and a $200 macy's gift card for the new queen-size sealy bed what comes today 01/10 at noon $362.54 all-told (they reimburse a debit or charge card only)
note: the 'canal tight top cushion' we bought as queen set
adds to box three (3) nice long-sleeve gap shirts - none of this mine

someone said alaska steak is their thing...

arthouse: i expect you to dick this up with cut and paste but only if you have a sealy
theirs at the site is somewhat bigger...

this mouthrinse antiseptic at target really whitens a tooth - no scrub just rinse half a cap at sink
we've had the bottle forever, but use lately with coffee stains and has proven a river
i always tell people 'you don't get white with a color' - not true? we get rid of food deposits mostly to get white
coffee helps stain it out and along for removal too and by amalase our lye in the jowels and in such time

The Mayfair-Jon's at Fountain and LaBrea recently demolished - all dirt, all down. The Ralph's Fresh Fare at Beverly and Doheny was a 'Westward Ho' and a Jon's (Russian fare - tri-color jello foams and bins of traditional stock and fruit) too I think. Mayfair became Gelson's.

hms - honor my son
many button eyes, blue ribbons and as found on santa monica near gelson's this am on a sprint to smart & final
got a woundage bag of split peas $2.39 for five pounds of but heavier and a big bottle of caesar dressing
the caesar dressing was smackin' - i made a chicken caesar yesterday for lunch with croutons, a half of a chicken breast from dinner nights before kept in a bag, and a wet egg yolk on romaine plus some egg white, and grated parmesan myself, and the dressing 'california classics'
i also put a capful of vegetable oil on the hand-torn (wolfgang puck) romaine lettuce before spinning dry - his both tip here 'makes it fruity' he says
romaine from the 'ninety-nine cents only' store three (3) heads in a bag

a holy trinity of heavy duty motors on santa monica - 'you, me, and (s)he'
'what we gonna do, baby?' - mtume
like monkeys they are (now then - surface 'happy') + (the system 'don't disturb this groove')
we had a motor removed from our furnace that wouldn't turn on ac connect - from when we had central air installed
remember the steady warming heat of the air-less electric oven: two hundred (200) degrees and cracked but oven the door

i love engines numbers '7' and '8' - others - they all honor me with shine
the stamp-up metal is called 'cabbalae firm' in steel - say 'kabbala' for 'overly wrought' in france
'quie avale' is french-spanish for 'not quite [it's true enough, though]'

mini radio flyer as cake box - $25.99 at koontz hardware
toys-r-us has for $19.99 - some say for a dog to pull around

grave muncher of trims on our street today 01/09/12 palm avenue

harrumph! now to grab on - we too move you back in

ethel merman sings 'everything's coming up roses' from 'lassie's travels' i hear

A while ago, and on request, I re-enacted the Titanic disaster in the middle of my living room. A few notes (and I nearly got sick and passed out doing this as it was in the air up near the ceiling): The ship was heading from east to west toward land I'd say and ran right up something one guesses an iceberg and I mean it ran right up it. It came back down after almost turning on rear end and began to adjust backwards when it was rejected harshly as very hot and it circled forward fast 'round and around it went on its side like a backwards clock. Its stacks eventually settled under water (explosions? not as such waited on) but a bunch of people headed for the rear of the boat as upside down and began ripping up large pieces of metal sheet as though they were only plywood the fan facing west. It seemed as though the blade was too hot and they raced there - why I don't know as no talk. All the sheets around and before the huge golden propeller were being ripped up almost a half a quarter of the length back - I thought that's what they were going for the blade, but it looked like bankers getting to hidden cash stocks and no matter how hot it was. I couldn't tell...such heroism?

More games to describe (you hafta do them from the top of your head):

"Old Maid" pays to if you get an 'old maid' deck (see Amazon) and shuffle the cards. Eight (8) cards to each player and you ask each other for matches to your cards one at a time after retiring any matches held to the bottom of the deck. If your friend has no match at call, you pick a new one (you say 'go fish' for a new friend, nor is beau) from the top of the deck to hold with others then. The object is to get all of your cards out of hand and under the deck. Pair them around if will. More strict go fish? Maybe next time.

"Checkers" has you and one other opposing (as red and then black) push your checkers to the other side of the board (red on red only, black on black - both loaded two lines in to the center). The winner touches the other side affacing with one checker. You hafta move on your color always a diagonal, but you leap and 'king' an opposing checker if it's somehow underneath a leap. Your kinging checker caps one of your own then as diagonal cut and you move in to further. No further kinging a king then is either. Remove opposing checkers from the board as you king keep 'em on your side and is object.

fleetwood mac 'thrown down' from the 'say you will' lp 2003

One Late-Night Fright Alleviated: Sears And K-mart The Closings By State

Sears Full-Line 1250 S Hover Rd Longmont CO 80501 CO 80501 CO
Sears Full-Line 1801 Nw Us Highway 19 Crystal River FL 34428 FL 34428 FL
Sears Full-Line 3661 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon GA 31206 GA 31206 GA
Sears Full-Line 2109 S Scatterfield Rd Anderson IN 46016 IN 46016 IN
Sears Full-Line 2727 Iowa St Lawrence KS 66046 KS 66046 KS
Sears Full-Line 1357 S Main St Adrian MI 49221 MI 49221 MI
Sears Full-Line 18000 Vernier Ave Harper Woods MI 48225 MI 48225 MI
Sears Full-Line 2121 N Monroe St Space 300 Monroe MI 38671 MI 38671 MI
Sears Full-Line 15 Crestwood Plz St Louis-Crstwd MO 63126 MO 63126 MO
Sears Full-Line 1400 Metrocenter Jackson MS 39209 MS 39209 MS
Sears Full-Line 1404 Old Aberdeen Rd Columbus MS 39705 MS 39705 MS
Sears Full-Line 1722 Veterans Blvd Mccomb MS 39648 MS 39648 MS
Sears Full-Line 1100 N Wesleyan Blvd Rocky Mount NC 27804 NC 27804 NC
Sears Full-Line 1689 E Broad St Statesville NC 28677 NC 28677 NC
Sears Full-Line 5167 Hwy 70 Cypress Plaza; Ste. 90 Morehead NC 28557 NC 28557 NC
Sears Full-Line 921 Eastchester Dr Ste 1002 High Point NC 27262 NC 27262 NC
Sears Full-Line 1400 Nw Garden Valley Blvd #1 Roseburg OR 97470 OR 97470 OR
Sears Full-Line 150 S 69th St Upper Darby PA 19082 PA 19082 PA
Sears Full-Line 351 W Schuylkill Rd Pottstown PA 19465 PA 19465 PA
Sears Full-Line 1057 Broad St Sumter SC 29150 SC 29150 SC
Sears Full-Line 200 Paul Huff Pkwy Nw Cleveland TN 37312 TN 37312 TN
Sears Full-Line 363 S Illinois Ave Oak Ridge TN 37830 TN 37830 TN
Sears Full-Line 5244 Hickory Hollow Pkwy Antioch TN 37013 TN 37013 TN
Sears Full-Line 880 N Military Hwy Ste 1086 Norfolk VA 44221 VA 44221 VA
Sears Full-Line 1631 W Rose St Ste 2 Walla Walla WA 99362 WA 99362 WA

Kmart 51027 Highway #6 Glenwood Springs CO 81601 CO 81601 CO
Kmart 1525 Sadler Road Fernandina Beach FL 32034 FL 32034 FL
Kmart 1724 State Road 44 New Smyrna Beach FL 32069 FL 32069 FL
Kmart 225 S Tyndall Pkwy Callaway FL 32404 FL 32404 FL
Kmart 1605 Buford Highway Buford GA 30518 GA 30518 GA
Kmart 9550 Wicker St. John IN 46373 IN 46373 IN
Kmart 101 Town & Country Lane Hazard KY 41701 KY 41701 KY
Kmart 951 By-Pass Rd Winchester KY 40391 KY 40391 KY
Kmart 66011 Van Dyke Washington Twp. MI 48095 MI 48095 MI
Kmart 17625 Chillicothe Rd Chagrin Falls OH 44023 OH 44023 OH
Kmart 2960 Derr Road Springfield – N’land OH 45503 OH 45503 OH
Kmart 2601 S Main St Rice Lake WI 54868 WI 54868 WI

Nothing to get hung up about - no? Thank you Microsoft Excel for the extractions by state after zip, you darling. I noticed you won't do second string sorts (sorts within one column , then within another, and then one other for a total of three columns of sort criteria or focal on point) either in Mac..."=right(a1,8)" to get zip plus space plus state, then "=left(b1,2)" to get the state only...then sort and group..."=mid(a1,6,2)" works from left of cell text only.

curve 'men are from mars, women are from venus' from 1993's 'cuckoo' lp explains it all
'...and we won't be happy 'til we | kill each other' + 'never have i known | such a liar'

just my size has red and ivory hanes thermals in one piece just $28.99
we're interested...'til there's a law
at we home we call 'em 'long gatchis' ('long got-cheese' in slovak - get it?)

Freezing food or foul? Immerse in water first to exclude the air - it hurts the food chasing heat around. Try on your own, and softly. Cold water, then the freezer some, then cold only. No air.


westinghouse - a brand i like like samsung and lg...general electric
target features a 32" diagonal $249 this week (we're in the margate soon...) the 40 " eye-popper $399
meanwhile you can cut $20 off their 40" price over at best buy
i don't live can't see that

Visit again The Berry...eye candy palace.

long line at pink's on labrea at melrose last night 01/07/12

blow-up tomato spray can on labrea near willoughby - photo op?

pigeons bathing at santa monica and roberston near pavilions this am 01/08

'dream house' for rent across the street

personal-size 'resolve' carpet shmez from the ninety-nine cent store last night $1

vacuum tube to remember me for using the plastic wand-stick

franco hotel (sofitel) at san vicente and beverly - 'makes me wanna eat'

'last year on earth' pit in 70's labrea north, east side near target

small suits on sale at a shop in beverly center called 'premier kids', everything small less than equal to <=$150
some have black ribbon collars...
i've been eating panda express on the third floor of beverly center - try a single entree of orange chicken in their small fold box for $3.25 plus tax
quite filling, it's enough, really (their magic is tamarind) ...$0.50 refill on sodas, however...fortune cookies...they have water fountains near the bathrooms too
i really like the cabbage stuff 'chow mein' (usually is oyster sauce and hard noodles a la la choy and chun king - lo mein a soup), but the rice as peacock side with peas-carrots underwhelms me
get to chin-chin on sunset instead or a good thai palace

new january moon as full...why ask me?

of interest at osh are pratt & lambert (undercoat or labrador) paint samples $1 each and big white paint buckets dirt cheap
osh is on sunset in hollywood just past the 101 freeway heading east (across from home depot)

a car hood on sunset

'shalamaya' (um, 'sheva') is a him on sunset at a tattoo parlor (near horn)
'for private prayer i am'
botswana is the many hands around the eye...botswan
baddhastiva is buddha or fat man

the friendly restaurant 'le petit four' near clafoutis we mean

that cinder block wall across the street as nearing completion...follow suit

corner window is an $1,850 2-br 2-bath we looked at today 01/07
phone (310) 424-0365 serious only - beautiful

at ross beverly connection: kiddie mats i'd buy $11 or so

a great faux alligator in pink hoss $50

at old navy today - their mascot
a dog pooped under a rack in a store today - cvs at lacienega and beverly

puppet master 1-3 on dvd at ralph's beverly and doheny $5

the great ucla shirt - we got two

Motion sensor: The Kentucky Fried Chicken on Sunset at Fairfax closed sometime in the last week - is all painted gray. That and the Blockbuster next door now. The KFC shack in Beverly Center is long gone, but the Panda Express and Sbarro are alive and well. Old Navy is featuring great UCLA tees (the greatest ! some would say blue and yellow letters on white shirt) for only $1.97 - don't dawdle all sizes Beverly Connection. Also, there is a Subway at the southwest corner of LaCienega and 3rd Street, too.

We made (Ellie's) breakast burritos to the letter from Food Network. Pretty good, black beans pepper-jack cheese and all. La Brea bakery tortillas too.

join us for a 'too close for comfort' amazon 'the bag lady'

the jeffersons 'a date with danger' florence dates an ex-con
these are always on my mind...
china say: 'canton' - shrimp, 'mandarin' - no noodles, 'schezuan' - whatever i'm serving...
moon say: 'canton' - city sweet and meats, 'mandarin' - fish and rice, 'schezuan' - arted food thai noodles, 'hunan' seaweed-type soups...lots of potstickers, a kitchen green talking;
mind over says 'canton' - no noodles, 'schezuan' - no fish, 'mandarin' - no noodles, 'hunan' no fish plus "no talk either - just eat."

Chrissie Hynde Master-Smith Of Pretenders Speaks It Out January 5:
CHH: I'm not real you know - what do you think. Say it fast.
dM: You're real mean...
CHH: What does that mean?
dM: A curmudgeon with the bangs and all...
CHH: My style - warns you.
dM: Right - I feel at home though.
CHH: Serious issue here. Are you God?
dM: Yes.
CHH: Why do you think that?
dM: I'm so immobile.
CHH: Could we leave it that - for respects sake?
dM: No - we're not here to talk to me.
CHH: It's by force then - force to me.
dM: I don't feel bad about it yet, let's say.
CHH: Your lyrics make me laugh - I don't want that.
dM: Too quicks: You're not supposed to know Pretenders lyrics and end the talk. I never could as big fan (every record since snapped up). The "Isle Of View" songbook started trouble with repeating it.
End here for start again:
CHH: What record do you think went gold most?
dM: "Last Of The Independents" - you gave in to market there.
CHH: Not true it was gold only. You are false then - tell me what to think we don't know.
dM: "Pretenders II" is the finest moment to me. Honor your guitarists. You really came down on the Scottish one in concert as teaching him to play...(Robbie MacIntosh plays with wedding ring and all, circa the "Get Close" LP 1986)
CHH: Let me think about it all...
Interrupts now...then back again on Wednesday, January 11, 1422...
dM: (as prepping within pages - she needs five minutes - "now just two" she says)
CHH: Nevermind now - I'm at the ready for sure. What's the next question by you.
dM: I saw somebody with face mask hanging off - is that you?
CHH: Yes again only. Why ask?
dM: I don't wanna be sorry I asked, but I get confused and don't want alot of questions - leads to trouble with enjoyments.
CHH: Leave it at that for now. Any pet you loved?
dM: My cat 'Pfeiffer' - a perfect (seal point) siamese, no cross eyes.
CHH: Did your mother kill it?
dM: I hope not - that family! One got run over at the townhouse in Lawrence. He died in the litterbox and that better be true. Fourteen years (right on time).
CHH: Nevermind about interviews now - I'm dying on the cross. Come back later.
dM: Sorry for missing the appointment around 12 noon. I was eating 'alone' again (my roommate popped in).

jan 6 or the 12th day of christmas: be at the ready next year with a christmas club coupon book - $5 a week per coupon deposit could spare you the embarrassment you feel now
feelings tell you you did something wrong - always you always wrong
these insprired by the ones i got at central jersey bank in allentown 'a check before you write' they say dec 10 or so start april 10

that community garden on san vicente between melrose and beverly got raked over recently...

on the day we went to krispy kreme - the verdugo mountians are glendale
the high ones in back - you want big cliffs? go there they're real big up each street...beautiful
101 north to right on vineland to first right onto the 134 at immediate left
keeps entry clean and exciting next to disney studios buena vista

Charlie Brown once told someone they couldn't go with him to his grandmother's house because she is 'convalescing' my natural state of thinking, it was right to convalesce or withdraw working against further speakings to you if were hurt by stressful activity and-or you could afford it. Who can these days? Maybe you can. I certainly try to stay outta the way, but that's not your business. The guy in the wheelchair on "Family Guy" is convalescing and I agree I'm not you after all deeply wounded or frustrated by trying to be with no one's...give it all away.

No news is no news. The dead sea scrolls are devils towers in the red desert. You live up there.

The state supposedly garnished** our check (if you're gonna lose your job, know why: the paycheck was $3,000.15 and there is no note of on the stub sent and if the AFSCME (a clerk-cluck usually only, as has to 'ask for me') union for 'admin specialist' has been dropped this pay person-to-person upon complaint to employer of no benefit-see and they remitted $2,218.32 + strangely $85.34 by ACH transfer and note the difference is our spending prior to 01/01/12 as posted to the university credit union it was there to use Friday night after business closed makes it the 01/03/12 bank day - these niggers take too many days anyway this is all on 12/30 and we did take well...see the cooperative tri-max between Universal, UCLA, and Pavilions - my sales happened, this didn't happen yet and any money granted any time before is 01/01/12 will disagree with your W-2 so what is gift by the lending institution has no bearing should employer 'what if the feds find out?' my favorite quote from the administration at UCLA in the highest office, a wearing of the highest hat - what if?) and we spent heavily as scripted now no rent just $1,100 or is late $80 (total is $1,435 with cooperative to renew at same for the next year is unattended me yet). I want a house and money - my've been warned, I'll wait another day. The house across the street is renting for $2,300 per month (310) 770-5086 the beige one I've pictured (oh, I can't have but you niggers can we Terry owns this building by the way - you prove it) and I throw bitches and asian pets out always and unemploy them all too and lock up their cash drawers. Never reason me beggars with an ACH connect and women-identity sexual nonplusses. BTW, our taxes are filed $3,000+ from the state $2,500 from the feds this year...usually we pay nothing to the state all returns are net of them. No one makes me special but I do. P.S. No auto sales after January 12. No interest on checking. No public seeking elections. Host me. One more: See for a day, see it always no speaking of it. "You don't have half a chance. Your life stinks of it. I can smell you." No one changes for it.

**"The state has no right to tax" some say is usually around 2% of annual pay - is 'franchise' (our rich person's desire, a copy-cat for dying only or sole proprietorship we say no checks writ upon death only with cooperative benefits some with the corporate or non-dying parts upper - you don't have at&t here with faggots and women barking you have franchise and pay more until death do you both part and part again for me) and also is equalization or redistributing income against pay - is related to the advantages of making high minimum wage count and their employ by law - the midwest gets less because it's not right to pay their low costs of living-astute we have it hard but wait for you too) - they look to see what it is by the feds first but are showbiz freaks-criminal liars and are in jail also. In China, that is a 'republic' Texas, California get that done too. The are collecting monies paid out - we don't owe by paycheck it seems and is screwball paper anyway. Tell the doctor when he's taking it the paperwork concerning out of your twat - don't tell me. I'm personal each time, but I won't know names ever. It's not like I don't ever take a piss and not wipe it down your throat anyway I spray you and your things with shit too. Quite often you fart and stink - entre nous. Notice one more: State checks are not drawn on a bank - people in jail have to buy them by name and keep them. Jail could be next door, however, wealthy people buy and sell you and keep you inside their boxes locked up a supermarket is one such. Wanna be with niggers downtown? You are not wanted there...UCLA red brick will be county hospital soon enough - never fret. That's where I go when I hafta pay unless turned away after triage (a nurse evaluation, per se). A professional with oath that tells me anything related to money gets their guts cut out one night and thrown in the street. Know that. Know that beheadings are by van too although I like a cement shovel on the grass in the backyard at night. A machine does it to you within travels on the van itself. And no, it won't be easy enough. I hate beggars around me surround no gift. Stink, hunger. "Just kill me." - dM

Someone (Neil's father as almost black nigger) I went out to Silverlake (a place eastbound on Sunset past Hollywood, is known to be leather and gay s&m is shit and piss 's&mnop' oh, pee - shit and piss stuff...I like a wet underwear contest, meself...but a pooh bear? no women) with (I need to get out too) spent $60 I left with him instead or returning cash or fare?? Can you afford to keep it (310) 968-9254. We don't care if you die. You should get snuffed, I see about that car wash service. People pay niggers like they pay women - for the says. Otherwise they're with you still...I'm tight with a wad, not a lift out.

LiveJasmin (caution the car if harangues a topic weiner to be skinless, dildo) is a Russian name that's hard on the recall (something so sacred, profound yet titbox) - help protect its name recognition with mini me the peuter...women need the same economic but for the here and there it's hardly ever real. "Take a tip." What? From somebody so fat you listen to Napster when you sleep FM-3^'s. Snoring - another folsom (fag-daddy) trick - makes people you hate hearing from think you're serious about sleeping. A cheap candy heart of plints-redman shins that sasses with facial mole at one am and picks at it over many boogers and cooks silently so tool the shelf. I don't choose to be me...not ever...home is where heart usually is, I pray it too should be cedars at a bake-off...I too mitt the oven for anyone be it a handid love. "Get new." - dM littlest the jnj bulloche 'oh, mister rush!' to your nancy dussault...

Check out home sci-fi (ocean, air) 'Wisteria'...we'll order their catalog for us too. Then try for other stuff concerning storage and handling of home decor. Take a look.

went to krispy kreme santa monica today by bus...
four creme, four chocolate creme, four raspberry jelly less one new try: ny cheescake
all glazed
they give you a beautiful coupon page for six free coffees-hot chocolates and six free doughnuts before 01/31
no purchase necessary the bill for the dozen was $9.50 or so
it's worth the wait

target has cascade pellets on sale this week - two twenty-six packs for $13
cvs sells these for $6.99 - i know because i hadda buy 'em recently but with coupon reduction somehow off sales tax and other stuff
we have cheap boxes of dishwasher powder soap from pavilions now their own brand $3.49 or so
...but i love the pellets still for measuring it all out at a cost is cheaper somehow by rate (by ten cents a load, some would say)

Like darlings, CVS have their Extra Bucks ready for spending right now and from Fall 2011. I got $4.50 myself. I scan my Extra Care card every day when I enter and get their $1 credits often for no bags taken (one bagless scan a day only, it takes four scans without bags to get $1 in Extra Bucks). We buy alot of alcohol for $10 a poop and never get anything for that but one day a $10 check from a vodka they sell at Trader Joe's 'Burnett's'. Somehow they make it up to us. I rumour that meth is vodka dried too. Some of it with Ducolax (dookie relaxer) too? We bought our mattress set described earlier for $269 ($369 all-told with $70 for delivery) and boy ! they fought to get outta that...the shenanigans ! before it the Macy's sale price expired at midnight at 12/30. The girl who took the order was all "Your card was declined, so I'll just wait while you call the bank and find out why not." Bullshit...this was at or around 9 pm too very casual the mention and also she was concerned that her scale of for firmness be cautioned to me '1' to '5' with '1' being 'the firmest' or our mattress*. I took out the cash immediately at 7-Eleven (another early bird and to thank you all) and put it on my Green Dot in two leverings or Money Paks (there is a $250 max for $4.95 card) for no more testing at me. We have a gift card(s) involved also and they first charge you your bank and will reimburse to your account after or before ten (10) days. We only had $50 so far but more is expected. Terry's parents are fudging in the mail still...Swedes doing fourth class again while the daughter sells her body-mind in the army for class codes or actual costs versus prices mixed down 'if that's all you wanted have this' a godot device really. You can go too far selling an idea back to friends matter be bother. I worry that mattress and per propagandas is from a newsworthy hotel closing downtown - people are fucks like that. No more to tell yet. I can't violate myself in advance of clear shots, you see.

*I have a buttfolk behind me on every master call objecting strenuously as I explained to that clerk somehow living in my basement or nearby (the guy sleeping in our dumpster by virtue of stink got a fish blast of hot curry powder by the trash down to** - I was looking for pieces of rug I threw out earlier and hopped right out of its scene - is firmly a ghost unfolding at best but it stunk) that there are two men lying on this bed steaming it its coils of zinc open every night and there are laws - even in an apartment two fat disgusting polks rot a cow off the sofa and you should get the best stuff to prevent it wear...

**I don't intentionally hurt people but this bad idea came from noise from the other jerk sniffing a full bottle of spice and nagging me over it again - acting all cosmopolitan and there. Forgive, get it all again. The dead collect and use the shit over making sales for theirselves and the demands put me out alot. Then they work too hard and get bitchy over eases seem elsewhere - same old shit.

honors arthur treacher's and look in quakerbridge mall lawrence, nj when we growing up
seafood shanty...the gloucester (say 'glaw-ster') fisherman in yellow raincoat and hat fighting the fog and b.o.
i was raised on mrs. paul's fish sticks and tartar sauce every friday - fact-day

Two things: 'Factorial' or three (3) cards ('3!' or then '3x2x1' inclusive and-or to do the last step anyway...or is portraying us as not just smart enough for you too) I use to find a meaning within - not to achieve its symbols. An example is "dougmoon" = "um, no good" - it's in there to find as meaning what ? an anagram or word puzzle. Two (2) to the eighth power (^8) or '2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2' is used to see how many times we can attach meaning to the smallest verse a 'byte' or symbol of light and dark as single switches (on, off) and of eight (8) switches in a row (byte). Not appropriate for alphabet but numbers not either as long as you're not figuring how many stabs at a single code you seek there are (a logarithm or wavelength pushing at a window of opportunity to speak it in and only). They are not the same pursuit, but don't get bogged down in meanings no one transfers person-to-person - these are paychecks, not paychecks paying for once earned. The human kind do by having problems and solving, it then solving for cheaper or no pay or then for backing out and around only. The whys are not yours to have so readily, but it defeats you somehow a leisure or 'when the work is done' pursuit is here.

I told Terry today no cash should flow when stores aren't open or open to flow a question to myself. What do I mean and so to correct? Don't spend when people aren't working that day, kinda. For paper and uncertainty, it's not cool - someone is being left out again is it you? So, work also on Saturday and Sunday and bury glass jars full of just air in the ground to make Oxygen into Nitrogen after a few weeks (with lid on most would say to it to understand with and is a keeping then) but don't think after four (4) weeks is necessarily true. No lids ever...Sue Mengers is back mean but true to it. "Never mind me, I'm here [and flowing]." Furthers "I'm an agent only" she says to Terry's collect of being a "superagent" an 'uber' really. Don't walk away just cause I'm here...

says she was being 'shaved' as embalmed or dismembered we argued it doesn't hurt but 'it doesn't feel good' either 'it pulls' i say
six weeks ago for her and 'for the children - no bad news yet'
sue mengers info at wikipedia - you send to me money, bitches $1.5 million my ass

My interview now: "I met Sue Mengers really Nancy Doll I call her at the Emmy's three years ago -- she was really male and had no advice but 'get dressed and do it now.' She said 'I'm a woman, by the way' and she cautioned me not to speak of it. So I spoke it anyway with the Jesus flaw around [relates 'no one cares anymore because of its sours to us a real-deal and we can't say why'] - not good-looking enough or caring enough to stop sneezing at me publicly with no comment I'd say and so would she. We are in jail that's it. That's all. My mother met Sue whiles ago I'd say making the rounds at a hospital where she - Sue - worked not as an agent, but as a friend to dying guests who were big somehow. She is not young looking, but is still the part to be played. Sue is not my mother, but is close as my [own] mother died when I was ten. We club over this regularly as misfits and juniors to them, still. Sue is [found to be] the same - her mother died she said when she was ten 'no bother' is her quote. As for my mother dying, the presence was felt, but not heard. I never really cared like divorce as we hardly knew each other. In closing, I'd like to say I love Doug Moon's writings, but the meanings are not always clear here. He calls me Adrienne - why?"

A: I don't want to be the bearer of secrets or burden - one such burden is being understood as not being able to speak. A burden of a person is here dropping hints. Three levels to telling (streetwise, press truth, bits and pieces obtained) and none of them come through me. I overhear for you or relay what I hear and to no translate. Not from me - people hate me and why is of no interest yet, really (but be assured I pussy fast). I hate being unwelcome, but love the hurt extended to bitters who don't think I'm worthy of talking to but asked in this way of telling me. Adrienne was short and I never talk of others or bodies a caution to meself, but I'm sure I deduced her correctly at a wait for a local bus tour near a McDonald's here (I was drinking their orange drink waiting with another pre-passenger a black guy). I never ask, but sum up over many askings over many times taken. "I don't have to be right, but I do need to be liked somehow." - dM

You could also wet and bury natural sponges too they are all nitrous the point. Make a home for it nearby like plants use light at night with gentle lightbulbs that let light stay around if light attracts light softly as home for it. The sun delivers heat with what must be fought with water vapors (a needle with some thread I see white thread joined in an eye shape) in a bucket nearby (cover with mesh against snakes) and live a little well (also have a stick or board nailed or bolted to the bottom across as buried beneath - makes it hard for incidental or eye-level to just remove like a tree grows). They say crystal multiplies in that glass ball at CB2 if little is left a while. It's against my rules of using all I have on-hand, however. My rule is against the hiding sort or then being 'poor' myself described and hoping someone special drops by. Too much to ask anyway...let's meet elsewhere. A party next door with death threats afoot?

The world exceeds its treatise (where you end and I begin)? The world has to be careful not to exceed or then extend beyond it parameters or absolute fences or tolerances. If all known was made with a place to be, and then one other place to be - that is like two (2) eyesockets for one eyeball and maybe you say it better - we have to be careful not to extend matter in hateful (hat full holdings, anti-trust) artifice beyond its two (2) lengths. That is the concern. Asking and as taking too much from swings around. I cite anything swinging as problem with over 490 times taken mass, but the density is not elegant or true and we are talking about making the most noise for the matter so it would hafta be hot too (remember, true plasma holds heat like a mother). Or then, taking too much space up checking back with all the time - so, mostly intercept is the problem or its traffics. So seem.

all on january 1 - my favorite hearse? i love a hearse...

winchell's is like all the neon signs arting santa monica boulevard: misleading
a mammory lane now, the are no doughnuts by winchell's anymore and the closest krispy kreme is near 15th on wilshire boulevard near the beach
maybe tomorrow i ride

these syrups of all kinds are at bevmo! for about $6-$7
i love a real package store some won't buy unless they say (i loved the one at mercer mall in trenton, nj)
you don't buy, you don't get - soup yourself

blecch - for a 'pink strap' they say
'bacon' syrup? i think a 'dry rob roy' needs more sperm than one can give sometimes

extra fine sugar by c&h - i like the look of caring too much about, something new

this bubblegum face caught my eye on sunset - alot of things scratch my eye
it's like underwear found in the laundry room - why should i cast my spell?

rusty bandera on sunset - i love wearing garbage hats from the night before
(but not without a knit hat on)

more can-ams from the future - this boob said $29,000 each and i'm all 'oh yeah?'
like japan's horohito was god incarnate - maybe

you lay rebar across the inside of cinder blocks for pouring it seems a few driven down to link
note that

blimps don't photograph well my point as 'all taking' - would be on the bottom of my cylinders in the above story

your host discombobuled by too much talk - not green with envy, hate photographing hurts me too much
have others over alot - it hurts them back

Don't Keep Romancing December 2011 The Other Side Or Find Yourself There And With Aplomb Or Choosing Your Words Well But Ultimately Causing You Some Sort Of Shame
The three halls of kings spin around very fast taking from the shell and forcing us together at some point of sharing too much (like a tv left on at night no signal - the only true rip in heaven, where it all began as never left to you)...each portraying on fat cylinders to the rounded eye so near and where others will not be and but obviously not at the same time. The figure eight of ribbons are rolling diagonal like vHS for a swing shift in steps and a blanded tornado of light in some center. The light is steadfast and anchors pulls endless - as panty hose may sheer - on the dark the only true communication of happening. Like walking down the street, your eyesight pulls you down in anticipation and fatigues you of a trying. We walked you.

join us for curve 'left of mother' from 1993's 'cuckoo' lp (it's high-time then)
i have no one now that my mother's dead and i want to know if your're still mad
of course you are...
i call the fruity behavior here 'rockbird' for singing into screen-microphone lowering in back and forth - it breaks my heart always
like the glass windowsill birds of the 70's filled with red liquid that used to drink water
the character of the album is jesse hondura - my mother used to do it often t-neck and shirts
tank girl...

pretenders 'up the neck' from album #1 (1980)
like fists up a broomstick and i'm too tired of playing me out

now anger and lust
my senses running amok
never on to tuesday ['delivered and deluded' is great, but no - you laid around all monday a slag]
like i've been hit by a truck
when my torn magazine inside is filled
like i did time in the womb
but i woke up with a headache
and smeared mascara
alone in the room

i got
down on the floor
with my head pressed between my knees
under the bed with my -
would i do something to my own
i said 'baby -
oh sweetheart'

lust turns to anger
a kiss to a slur
something was sticking [and alts 'mistaken']
i'm ashamed when i look at the time
i remember the way he groaned
and moved with an amorous skill
but on his face there was sweat
that ran down his chest
it was all very
run of the mill
but i noticed his descent
started to change somehow
his face went berserk
and the veins bulged on his
i said 'baby -
oh sweetheart'

bondage to lust
abuse of facility
blackmailed emotions confuse
the demon and devotee
i was sure - his intentions received [and alts 'were sweet']
and that mine was as well
but a wish is a shot in the dark
when your coin's down the well

i got out in the hall
with my teeth in my head
up to my neck
and i said, said, said 'dead' [and alts 'sad, sad, sad - say it']
i said 'baby -
oh sweetheart'

are you there? barely...oh, sweetheart 'not right now'
alot of this is hand jive - not being able to say but waving you off as someone's there
my mother used to say 'you have a chive [a bit of green onion] in your tooth'

'ftl' strikes again via ebay - i love everything i bought by 'ftl' so far
for the record ftl is an 'oop' fruit of the loom with sleeker bandwidths
usually hanes persons for everyday (not working) wear, we just bought their white t-shirts at target - nice again
p.s. there's no pisser cloth (um, 'art-fold') in female panties

'the forest' is what's cut off at right and by scan

rsvp bette davis: in the future, warhol said, fifteen minutes was because everybody goes to the library he says - 'they film people there'