If This Isn't Up To Your Mamplur Of Expectations, You'll Get Nothing More In February 2010 So Be It So To Salve

we kids had nightmares bad over this stuff - real coffins just home from school? thanks

People ask me about daytime soap opera "Dark Shadows" and the vampire Barnabas Collins. I always tell people in mock jest "he is real" because he (as actor Jonathan Frid) attended revivals and fan shows and was hard to discern as a truth. Jonathan or Barnabas became a vampire during colonial times when a gun duel between he and his elder ? brother Joshua Collins and over a woman resulted in the brother's death. The woman played by Lara Parker was certainly a prize as Angelique (like Olivia Newton-John she was) but Barnabas is cited by me as seeking identity mostly and the girl killed herself over Joshua's death (she by poisoning or falling from a cliff - a suicide, but she says "he chased me there" angry again "I didn't mind him" clearly a latent homosexual seeking shimmering prize and at what cost). True? We'll check the facts later as I love my storytelling and its fates or the way it poses people with pith or just saying and having to answer no questions further. Barnabas got bit lamenting both deaths, it continues, at the Collins family mausoleum facing south. Maybe to rob a hidden wealth no feature too great, he was bit after walking about inside and among but by whom? The highest insult a well-wisher among tombs. Joshua returned one day as Quentin the werewolf (actor David Selby).

here's a bit of angelique and i leave you off for now - the colonial stuff is hard to get but you see her fright
she is their mother but left early on due to diseases everywhere they all died and she lived on fighting herself
i watched the series in part or in-full on nj network (trenton) during 1984 a sponsorship paid

Ends her conversation: Bang-Olufsen phones need your invention. Neil says use Smarter for links. I hate indirect bothersome - put it back together yourself. We need a new phone - scratchy line. Someone says turn the phone upside-down for a while has static in the line and will clear some.

stevie nicks 'two kinds of love' and with bruce hornsby from 'the other side of the mirror' lp (1989 or so)

Stevie Nicks Rocks A Little...Then Some Street Angel, Exit To Eden
(Before we begin, we both preface-note she may be the woman I've walked out on a few times while working temp at separate agencies-locations for offering her tongue a little too sharply -- "let her explain the loss" I'd add to resultant tooth decays? No - and don't blame her. Those missing teeth on the sides congratulating the amateur of freaks on those horse's-ass singing shows were like her shaw - bitterly taken from Olivia Newton-John who pointed at fans to sing refrain with hard gay rings and manly foil in West Hollywood while singing "Physical" at Gay Pride...is real "israel" only.

"What if we're all heaven's children?" - Boy George
"Um, no." - me)

SW: Who's there ain't fair.
dM: Fair warning means?
SW: Fair warning ain't nothing new - it ain't.
dM: I love criminal justice terms - "OK!"
SW: What does that mean? You again fancying yourself stupid.
dM: My latest thoughts - all that's left to think (how great things are not being too advance or too exceptive or not interesting due to finer points made to be at a personal). We've done it all twice (and want to know why it's still right).
SW: Do you need a break yet? From me?
dM: Like you're on-top, devil-wise?
SW: Yup - you're still stupid too.
dM: You had a perfect Jewish upbringing, now you show me (your certain-to-be place in this).
SW: We're not Jewish yet. A Jew? No.
dM: I toss it out there like a compliment me.
SW: No - not good enough for any all. Beggar.
dM: People like Catholics.
SW: Yeah, but they don't love them.
dM: No one cries for them - they (Jews) do.
SW: Jesus was big on stark decisions. You could do it his way, only.
dM: Like what?
dM: Bitch couldn't read, thus there were no books on reading. Writing in stone, basically.
SW: What is it about us [as to be quote, she'd say]?
dM: You are really perfect and funny. Share it some, or I'll embellish with lyrics.
SW: Who am I to you?
dM: Big singer, friend-of-a-friend (links up with other performers, networks), makes magic out of nothing at all (hard of overdubs, singing with self). Very funny (to witness as hurting-making others know).
SW: Do you think I'm fat?
dM: No, but people feel like they know you better for having said. Success is fat in the face (after all).
SW: What is a fat ass?
dM: These items color you down like using the word 'whore' to compete openly - a bore, one secondary to talent.
SW: Tell it on the mountain - forever talons in hair.
dM: Enough for now.

-- This installment was while tweaking late at night and has that connotation. Be later for it again.

SW2: (for "Still Waiting") Who makes more money than God with music (and answer fast)?
dM: Radio, impresarios featuring many...
SW2: No, I do. I make and sell it to you - that's who makes money.
dM: All too often they (artists) don't have the money or ability to get heard. "You don't make money with my money" I'd say. Also, sales of lackluster but determined are paid here.
SW2: Say something nice to me...
dM: You've done your part, do no more unless you want to. If I were that, I'd be draining the noodle always and marveling at self. I'd have the cash too. As for compliments, your stance is beautiful the other girls around not as lesbians ("senorita must see you" - Madonna "Who's That Girl") but serious in acquire and the men rumoured to keep company the finest money can buy from money or willful sustain.
SW2: Don't say that - they are rumors.
dM: Somehow, I've seen home photos with pink (balloon valance) interiors - not the usual 'Old Spaghetti Factory' (western and velvets) look. Real shots like the Engelbert Humperdinck house (the 'pink palace' on Sunset winding up - very coveted, very personal...may have been torn down now).
SW2: Those are not all staging - and hopefully seriously condoning of me and you. We don't like people showing [my] private stuff.
dM: I don't like people being mistaken for castle but see the need for trap doors unseen.
SW2: Why would you be there - to ridicule me?
dM: Not as energetic (or doing with you), but no threat either. You need me somehow and I fit in by class-stature. I have mine too.
SW2: How does Lindsay [Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac's resident guitarist] live? Like you it seems.
dM: You worshipped that person and he plays guitar like a motherf*ck. He lives like Barry Manilow to me: a high window over boards facing south...in Bel-Air over grasses it is raining some.
SW2: We don't get that - never had wealth ever.
dM: Ever since Burger King? Is that rumor true - guitar lessons?
SW2: No! Never ever true. We're poor. Go to hell now and then later some.
dM: Fine - that was supposed to be someone special's son. The mother was wealthy somehow. Lady Charlmagne or something sensual a luxury product of women at home.
More later.

culture club 'heaven's children' may forgive you for being less...than honest
stevie nicks wrote this 'a big break' she says, though never how paid
me and my mother (no one to you still) waited to meet boy george at tower sunset but failed in our resolve after half an hour or so...
ozzy says his show went well but no one special came 'a blame outward'
one book fan (an old woman 'with claws' he says) suggested he shouldn't be there - 'too much hullaballo ['halloween balloon' as scary? hell above it? 'hellboat'...hell to pay!] in town'...he replied 'no bother yet'

My favorite criminal justice terms from learning at me:
burglary - having your shit taken while you're out, not home;
embezzlement - you steal from money that's entrusted to you;
robbery - someone orders you around at gunpoint or at personal threat;
assault - you're made to fear for your safety, changes your way home;
battery - you touch another with intent to harm or change their way home;
credible threat - you have reason to think they'll really do it;
larceny - you hide shit on-site hoping no one asks to see but bring to the fore if so;
pilfering - picking through things and stealing small items, shoplifting;
duress - you did it 'under duress' because someone threatened you with information on who you are or what you've done;
statuatory rape - you fucked someone under age, they say you forced yourself on them no matter what;
loitering - littering public places with your body - no lawful purpose to be there;
littering - a lettering to others as some say, lets people know you were there with trash and codes outward too such as a paper bag to say 'no one home';
trespassing - wandering on a property as a letting of your hair down, to be as the mood strikes you;
libel - you bad-mouth a person in print as a newspaper, etc. to interfere with their economic;
slander - you bad-mouth a person with your speakings to others and in-person to interfere with their economic;
felony - we couldn't believe how disastrous the discovery was by extents - you really don't care about us it says;
tort - really business law, is an assault and battery brought on in a business context for failing others and thus their deliveries to others depending on them + the gay man's wedding cake - see same;
civil - involving money and its exchange among others as changes are made as and we all go for the ride;
criminal - for one who touches ours before we do (a grime), and how we might keep them from touching ours again;
taxes to or both for stepping on the street in the name of personal gain or advantage.

more later?

a retrospective video of 'pur'...a funeral for hope-inspire closes each record we hate you trying on hats

cocteau twins 'pur' from 'four-calendar cafe' (1993)
daughter 'lucy belle' is the four-year old as you eat of me here...
i'm glad you are a girl
i'm pleased
to know you
all i do for you
i'm happy you're growing up

lay your soul to sleep
destroy the object
in the sky
but know why
you won't let me in
and that's okay

for there's no more pretending
time heals
what nature won't feed
what shall i offer to?
what i do, carefully

lay your soul to sleep
destroy the object
in the sky
but know why
you won't let me in
and that's okay

i am not afraid of your anger
but do you need more?
love will haunt you
fearful and forgetting [for having me die of you]

'pur' is the 'greek' fire in people that makes them want to live, supposedly
a funeral pyre threatening of sorts?
marketing-wise, she is talking to her young girl about her doubts for herself after being hurt so much in relationships - not a big deal
'if this is all i get to know' it says 'why are we here?'
back from me it says 'a vampire is made as a last kind gesture from god to make one happy'
'you can be who i was' it says 'if you think it will help'
it did, it did
p.s. witches pray on godless types for romance and fortune - godless thanks no one
p.p.s. i channeled a greek mind of the time over this word 'pur' - is the fire of god that knows everything and they resent it for no joinder it burns them
more like the fat that burns away with the reasons people don't like you instantly and as stated

Next interview: Stevie Nicks...no prepare. We'll keep 'em up although the house is in flames I decided to haul people off to jail and keep 'em time after time. In the Madonna interview, the "one voice" is about buying the record she makes (delivers only) or just listening to the one Kennedy voice that made it any clear to you. The one you listen to, only and pay $15 a pop for. No extras.

Walked to Crate & Barrel today on Beverly in Beverly Hills off of little (South) Santa Monica and looked around our annual lookfest. Lots of China shipped in there...that's the Chicago connection they ship in up there says my Aunt Jeannie. Stopped by Pavilions and robbed them of some colored tealights on a raincheck from 01/13. They had great clear-plastic bottomed 'Vanilla' scent that burned forever these are different somehow regularly $3.99...I got 'Jade' and 'Cocoa' two (2) boxes of $0.99 at the each. Add also a mocha frappuccino (size: le 'grande') with a powder-based whipped cream at Starbucks there (yes, they still sell that stuff Dream Whip though some say it's bad breath itself, I love all milk products killed first by if it powdering) my coupon for $1.00 off 'oatmeal' or a 'panini' sandwich expired when I checked yesterday at a maulb...the writing so small make them read it off if so keep $1.

Ozzy Osbourne and purlegend Patti Smith both coming to Book Soup (Ozzy is February 2 @ 7:00 PM a huge-scale mess, she is at the register today although January 29...looks like Gwyneth Paltrow, kinda). They have yellow Rinso gloves in the window and that suggests Andy Warhol to me. Ozzy's son/daughter was working nights at 7-Eleven on Holloway but denies this to me yet.

Mexican = 'next of kin' someone is older usually only

Velvet Underground's Nico (Nicolette) is Debbie Harry of upergroup Blondie

Corporations don't attach to your personal assets (as opposed to sole proprietorships, partnerships what dissolve right away no more orders checks)? More like your debts don't follow you into the grave - they keep workin' for ya. Birkenstock of Philadelphia make candy that swirls (those huge colorful lollipops) with tomatoes for sheen and corn syrups or orange juice boiled down and strained boiled down (they say 'onions' the red ones).

Saturday, January 30 (with thanks to our dealer who kept us up waiting for non while he showbiz'd us...this month end wait was intended to be painful by all spanish and blacks): Apple has introduced iPad and that is just a gloried iPhone they won't mention it the dial tone and you have another big expense at intro price $499. Where's ours? I haven't been paid a penny by BMG or iTunes yet. Is internet fraud to continue this way and while I have transfers of funds by wire investigated thoroughly? Do you want to be the one who tells me I didn't make any money while you did? Go ahead, Bitch, you'll do dentistry in jail like priests exorcise half of Africa...you won't invest your way to pleasures ataken. Like the many of Apple's OSX applications, I won't do jack shit for you when the time comes - just be as hearing impaired and colorblind. "You think you're fucking funny." You didn't make it to year 2010 - you know that.

Thursday, January 28: Went to Carney's on Sunset for dinner (the double chili cheeseburger plus plus $1.50 taco night by recommend - all night) and did you know the Brooklyn Bridge (a standing place for daily mass) burned down with 911? That's what I heard - a day later. I've never even seen the bridge live...

Video Games | Return of Alice | Debut Teaser
XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Our "Alice." in wonderland coming due 2010.

We signed another lease here for one (1) year in exchange for $1,000 off next month's rent. Read that in...Terry on vacation to Florida February 13 near midnight for one (1) week.

got some great boxers from hustler hollywood on sunset...i wanted pink ones too but they're bonded with stripes
you get one pair of solid plus one pair of pinstripes as a pack, the navy is dark or midnight blue
they are but $15.99 in-person right now...i'll get my solid pink ones yet (check that - i have mine now and with ladies strut dancing on the second pair)

just for today...what i've seen
cocteau twins 'milk & kisses' + lush 'spooky' + beck 'the information' + tears for fears 'the hurting' + pet shop boys 'alternative' + stevie nicks 'rock a little'
the pretenders 'get close' + nirvana 'nevermind' + lisa shaw 'cherry' + cocteau twins 'lullabies to violaine' + david bowie 'the best of 1980-1987' + elton john 'songs from the west coast'
cocteau twins 'head over heels' + berlin 'voyeur' + cocteau twins 'lullabies to violaine' + cocteau twins 'eggs and their shells' + cocteau twins 'milk & kisses' + cocteau twins 'lullabies to violaine'
shakespears sister '#3' + olivia newton-john 'greatest hits vol 2' + foo fighters 'in your honor' + pet shop boys 'yes' + audioslave '(eponymous)' + stevie wonder 'characters'
cocteau twins 'melonella' + saint etienne 'finisterre' + cocteau twins 'victorialand' + macy gray 'the very best of' + linkin park 'hybrid theory' + fleetwood mac 'greatest hits'
i've been singing nirvana's 'on a plain' alot - 'love myself | better than you'

nirvana 'on a plain' from the 'nevermind' lp (1991)
start this song
without any words
got so high
scratched 'til i bled
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

the finest day
that i've ever had
was when i learned
to cry 'i'm a man'
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain

my mother died
every night
stayed too silly
a chromium light
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

the black sheep got
blackmailed again
got too good
the others were gone
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain

i have heard this before
in a dream
my memory's stored
as defense
i'm neutered and spayed
what the hell
am i trying to say?

i use that time
to make it all clear
to write off lines
that don't make sense
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

and one more special
message to go
and then i'm done
and i can go home
love myself
better than you
know it's wrong
so what should i do?

i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain
i can't complain
i'm on a plain...

please, i'm not really with you - i can be with anyone i know
a chromium light is up all night reading, fantasizing alone

Never fear the living horror of Benson's fruitcake for the holidays and often sold door-to-door by pleasure-seekers and the like (Lion's Club and Boy Scouts) has faded from memory and view - they're still here wondering about you too (why? buy one now). We had more than a few boxes left over in our garage while I was growing up in the 70's. Meanwhile, we recommend the panettone (for 'pass it again' in Polish you say 'panit' for 'pantie-time' they say in Poland I asked) a bit late - a danish-like culinary expert, we think its margins are greatest held. Sold in a clear bag in a box. Nice and around still perhaps at Trader Joe's. One or both is blessed? We never bless food right, but the monik "Pareve" is on it if so. People say what about actor Robbie Benson? Became Betty Buckley and ad-hoc is still abroad learning to live with America he is from Scotland.

Some question Bobby Brady's underwear and little basket while at the washer in the episodes I linked up lately and at earlier at "November 2009". Why knock twice? "I doubt it [matters]" says "housemaid" Alice now.

Q: "Are you a bad person?" A: "At best, you could do better. No one told you see it."

A watched pot boils in 1988's "Willow" again with and beconjure a twin making the shelf shine. Good must give the good fight to live and to die if time is to be taken and to end it if at all again.

he's back...did we fight bad when we broke up? did you hang yourself over it? no? good...forget it, all is forgiven you
come back to me unless dan moon is in there...something stinks here another woman? john denver really went to space, fyi...who's the fool?
you are not dan moon yet...the underwear is really nice...had to fish that out twice now you too website p.s. no dan moon (john denver, rob lowe, etc.) again no discover cards
is this you? sanit, dump - the women i had to brutalize and finally kill are hardly missed by my sense should someone have it to be seem
the finest woman

'pumpkinhead' is good too 'eye for an eye for an eye' - see 'need-fire'
two punks run over a little boy with motorbikes and his distraught father curses to life a swamp witch atop raving cornstalks who makes them pay as dearly as soced
the girl crying at the scene is unforgiveable just as i am - your little nearsighted bird with a broken neck lying on the ground...really ugly thanks
this is the ed hardy (harley) you seek - he don't hear nothing 'they killed my boy'
i thought since people-sex was messed up you just eat well 'you feed one hole or the other' - we don't take a charity
my grandmother moon - much like the elegant of that witch - says 'you feed one hole to the other' lol!

'niagara niagara' about tourettes is on hulu
they really tampered with the hysterical store scene (the female lurches at the black salesperson and he withdraws comically in mock consternation) - all serious and ugly now
faggots seek a black barbie head to avoid being a bore (is 'piquant' or drawing your attention as to be in an annoying way) while styling her hair...no two cuts shall baird
little black girls should choose their own of caucasian to alecht at any of anvill complexion
buy a black barbie head here at amazon
back to, he shoulda jumped the falls - he knows he don't look good (i'm sure she tried to get him there)
he writes from jail never-the-less undoing the damage done somehow with cents and no you...looks like change has been added he's no longer ours
the title is from where it happens in niagara, canada there is no 'toronto' really - they lie it seems
i was there - when you get to niagara falls across the border in canada, buffalo ny is on the other side with a brown tourist sign that reads '14 miles to toronto' essentially so 'no' that's not us?
niagara falls the canada side has a space needle and also a madame tussaud's wax museum (um, circa 1986) - not likely there is more for venturesome but okay
laredo over the border from texas from (neuvo) laredo has a regine's disco suggesting noneother than mexico city really (um, circa 1983) - see same in argument

'precious' is here too (and as if forgive these the margins...)
precious' is lovely however i can't stand her being treated badly (wash water in the face while sleeping is not as yet as to getting repaid if getting up sooner is seen as to be and just so)
is about us, really

we got jack daniels candy around the holidays from goldkenn
not bad - like choclate-covered cherries they are with a nut inside instead
buy it here and after all

catherine wheel 'black metallic' has that feel...the white guy is michael jackson in make-up he made the song happen it seems
reminds me of late rainy nights out in dark hovels with you: all is possible, all is this true...circa 1990's for us

Coke Rewards has gone up to thirty (30) points for a bottle of Coke now. It's not bad enough payday falls on Monday the first, we can't get the state on the phone for West Hollywood again. They owe us two (2) returns still while women we hate still use and sue our money. The feds say thirty (30) more days and a new return waits for the pennies they withhold and to file. Don't talk to me about Haiti fucking thieves.

The Magic Jack works on the $600 Mac Mini as "Intel dual processor", but you need to check the bigger stand-alone machines what perplex me. A firm believer in getting what you pay for, it doesn't always hold true especially these days with phones and other pay-as-you-know equipment. I interviewed about ten (10) actual buyers from various locales and in-front of others and most stated they think the size is relative to strength, to doing the right thing ultimately. They don't worry about the machine's cost at all - they have it to bespend. If we think that telephony (the computer and processing is remote and not in the box with time-date limits unexpressed but imposed unusually) is as a real threat, they think not having to know as express limits purchased is bountiful. I would buy the big box if could. We have in-fact ordered and received a Mac 6800 250 when and if as new with full A/V screen and all...no mini was there to seem yet. See TracFone has 30 minute cards too online for $10 and now doubles your minutes for the life of your phone with a new card just over $100...or at $20 you see. They know me better, my phone doubles minutes and cupes for life, but has that lame USB camera to fanx. Let me up again.

"Remember, Hell is on the side. Left out." - dM who rarely hears you laughing and cares...be sane, sanit

Extra day - I thought yesterday (01/17/10) was Monday. Still raining well enough and I just got back from Pavilions where shopping lightly ("spot shopping" I spot stuff on the shelves and remember why then how...nutrition is costly up-front but consumption is hardly yours that's 'time' others are in there too be friend yourself and we still have to kill you who's to blame with me). The awards briefly last night: Martin Luther King won for "Precious" but you see how everyone is a sympathetic character somehow. Be that too - at least. His speech involved being buried up to his neck in a cornfield with another nearby he says (never say is symbol cruel, kinda...like him chastising me at a party over the word "nigger" all night he went on...that nigger that's not right I take that one back is not funny really kinder people showed me). It didn't happen, but you speed the plow. Then, I watched bits of "Avatar" the lead is cute, but the transfer through space to the space station planet-wise is brutal to my thoughts like NWO no choices made at all. They are under the sea and are camouflaged for it - I like the idea of having a cartoon for you if art is bigger and with fewer details. I sense people have so many details because you wanted the difference made like me "turn the lights on" made me clear to me anyway. These are suicide dead being lived as else (me again? no). The script is dumb-down (as opposed to the "top-down" is your belly below belt in jeans - pour, no? with drinks in fluted glasses...monogram) and Sigourney Weaver that's cheap shit girl (if now mentioning his elation meeting her if at-first on the 'other' side - the audience falls in love here she a 'vonnegut' or water-dweller now). We'll continue soon. That's supposed to be James Cameron and the world is possessing of no beauty.

BTW, if this stuff sounds stupid (um, like you did it) it's because my thoughts are interrupted constantly with talk from others. Is that how you win? Otherwise, thanks for stopping by it's not your right to have that audience I get nervous writing hateful stuff but laugh loud mostly. You?

Beautiful rain...oh, Brother! I tried to donate $0.03 (remaining cents) on a credit card through PayPal and they wouldn't lick the stamp. Do you have that too? These faggots get away with murder using simple stupid rhymes...maybe a snake bites you on the tit one day. Imported people are used bad here - I'd toss that shit. The world is hard enough threatening pigs and I have them next door. Toss you out in a cage fucking asswipes. Working for the dirtiest people...white people...we'll see you down in there wiping me. Throw you around if not sense.

"Someone said if you have a 'Discover' card, you don't have a degree (fully accredited stits, no national or sex university need ply their trade, don't foreskin credits easy). Like me, you don't even remember bankruptcy years ago but the rebate checks so small I'd have that." - dM says no, then again, no

"Rights are only 'til you bother someone. Better to ask, be the first." - dM wouldn't bring it up your damn fuckin' right

michael jackson's 'this is it' while supplies last

Movies - better to have the exposure, no? Stop and start...guilt. Someone will beat your ass for showing us that stuff. Ever since Disney stopped paying stars? I finally returned that long lost gay video to Video West "Anal Worshippers" or something from the renowned "BALLS" studio - yup - on New Years Day. Shit was so good, but some of those $5 videos on DVD are stinky at any price. I mean stinky - would kill the best of all-natural enzymes so stinky. One with tits I flipped right back on top of a soda machine that's not mine. Even worse misleading title I don't give anything away unless borrower should ask. The ol' ragbag.

Thank you, Precious and as still at Channel 131 (representing the darkest money days of early January from having it year-clipped December 31...MJ's "Now See That" or then "This Is It" is there too under the 'movies' header). The movie ends in a traipse it seems everyone can cover their part of it even Martin Luther King himself as mother (even though that vladmir over the lefterly lip seen suggests you eat too much pussy, the other races to the washroom to see if hers is stuck on -- see you later home address? we have your checks? you must be rich doing charity work but within your own measures Precious is going to kill you one day -- trust that). Haiti (we drew blanks on the name - hating it all on any one day they'd say) is like any black awareness - they're getting paid see their problem too many ships on the horizon being blanketed around them a sunami or majorus water fill ripping up their homes. No hate should see...they won't look at us 'until the fall' of Britain one assumes blithely. I won't assume a powerage there just water over the bridge one shouldn't look too closely at that either or become loyalist or something a debt. We remember there is no further ownership without debt and then having to come back to life. Precious, at about age forty-nine (49), eats live bees in bread she says to sting her insides up to quote she feels nothing but hunger sustained. Live hearts of children in the butterfat skillet keeps them dumb "they don't need 'em" she says. "Have a heart" while I wait with you, Dumb, my name for me as us. Teddy Pendergrass just died? AYDS ate that up long ago...now he does them Allstate commercials "just before the accident" he says "why you know"...why?

Denoument----------------------------------------->they knew more


Dear Anne Franks (gay, lesbian, trans-gender, trans-fat, obeulen-rex orator)
The place looks great, did you just fart? My eggheart will go on...if just pleased pass the yolks.

Still in the midnight harmon of having razed myself greem, here's a bit of the forthcoming Cocteau Twins tapes that have moulded to my hand. Wilder Bros. exits nomen forever on Friday - half that sash back. "To fuck with them all." Thank you to the woman clerk who scaved me two bucks - it mattered and how and for all the waiting for no one seem.

Cocteau Twins "Cico Buff" MP3 (3.2 Megs) is from the "Blue Bell Knoll" LP (1988). Finest source is the 1990 HOLV tour and for all. About a gentle wind blowing away all you don't see to ask for again.
Cocteau Twins "Crushed" MP3 (3.7 Megs) is from the 4AD ganglia LP "Lonely Is An Eyesore" (1987). Don't tell people you're happy or sad if you're having troubles yourself...a feeling state.
Cocteau Twins "Cherry-Coloured Funk" MP3 (3.7 Megs) is from the "Heaven Or Las Vegas" LP (1990). About AYDS...and what about us? Still we hang close.
Cocteau Twins "A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat" MP3 (3.6 Megs) is from the "Blue Bell Knoll" LP (1988). Blue Bell Knoll is Burger King. There's no making you any happier.
Cocteau Twins "Whales Tails" MP3 (3.7 Megs) is from the "Victorialand" LP (1986). A major study of mine this, the last line says "bring no harm"...Jews running to Antarctica to avoid the fall.
Cocteau Twins "My Love Paramour" MP3 (3.6 Megs) is from the "Head Over Heels" LP (1983). Your greatest love to live up to, but no one sees with.
Cocteau Twins "Mizake The Mizan" MP3 (3.1 Megs) from the "Iceblink Luck" EP (1990). A lullaby to a dead baby that would not give to life unless given to. Japanese.
Cocteau Twins "For Phoebe Still A Baby" MP3 (4.8 Megs) is a decent radiocast from "Modern Rock Live" recorded on 06/25/96. For the vocal arrangement it is.

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