To February 2006 And Hopefully More Of Better Stuff

Madonna "Take A Bow" Take a Bow from her "Bedtime Stories" LP (1994). Madonna performed this on the MTV awards so good to me her in chinese dress racaim (sp? - fuck it). My friend Byron Patterson (aka Kenny Edmonds) performs as Babyface in the background (not on film though). He committed a crime against nature and she welcomes him for this. You never needed to know...this is what someone said maybe you care. Byron is super-smart and loves performing for people as attorney-orator - he doesn't need this but he gets three cents ($0.03) from each sale. "I hated doing it - she is stupid." Can you imagine taking this stuff seriously? Suicide was ruled out if at first then...I like the song.

The song in iTunes isn't highlighting in Netscape or but Safari. You again? Make it matter. Start having your say with mine and I'm outta here.

My Payment For Tagging Along Bras
02/01/06 1745
No new month yet. The above underwear is what I picked out on the weekend for tagging along on a trip to the Gap to redeem a gift card ($100.00) - and they obviously suffering bad with post-holiday blues and reviews. I had a fight with my roommate after leaving the store over monies spent carelessly like faggots do (some over as his and carelessly remitted for nothing special I'd see - my tax refund is due Febrary 10) and he took the receipt and my underwear back to the store for all of twelve-fifty ($12.50) as I rode the bus home alone from Century City. I wanted to go to nearby McDonald's on Santa Monica Boulevard too across the street I'd walk, but would beat him home after his lunch with him standing outside the only keys mine as yet "do not duplicate" says one perimeter key. Today though I went back and satisfied both urges but had to get blue "aqua-heather" instead of "orange-heather" (I may get online) after my lunch #2.

While at the Gap, a summary voice told about their woes "We might close up shop" (substantiates the Beverly Center and Kodak-Chinese Theater outlets? hmmm). They invested their monies earned - a family-type entity - in "arenas" they said (Staples Center LA, The Warfield SF, others) and of course that is suffering now with the stately plaque that is showmanship failed. What to do?  They agreed to wait a week or so for their gift card credits in useable cash fashion and that strains payrolls weekly although sales hardly fly. Keep one eye on what's missing too. I didn't get excited over much there - see that.

The underwear looks great thanks. It paid somehow.

Lamb "Gorecki" Gorecki  - you can't fool me. Is the original "Hunter" by Bjork she would not-could not pay for this (the self-title Lamb LP reworked to fit this one dub in, original issue 1997...I have the original "Alarm Call" too - is that important?) Check out the release original on Bjork's "Homogenic" LP (1997) if you need to. "Why is it that people keep mentioning these things?" Sorry - you've shot your load on this one. We've seen the latest stuff...but am unfamiliar with. This song is worthwhile yet. And once remember, the important song here is "Lusty" - see that one too.

Because the sample misses the bells: Lamb "Lusty [once known as 'Gorecki', now this]" MP3 (5.7 Megs) from their self-title debut LP (1997).

Judge Judi Dench
01/31/06 0958
By the way, actress Judi Dench is my aunt (the one who is Barbra Streisand - Aunt Jeannie) playing a role for the masses again. She does this to "relax and be with friends" she says to others. In the "Entertainment Weekly" of Dec 16 2005, she is in a picture page 64 with my cousin Cindy her oldest daughter around my age (she is Marilyn Monroe reborn to us - nice girl). "Care for a spot of tea & A?" it says in caption. What to say? Cindy hates life and marriage but plays stiletto (spikes only) for her on film. Somebody said it's Sherry, the next youngest down. No - no. We loved "Yentl" a spiritual journey, but my favorite role of hers is in "Elizabeth" about that queen - good stuff only (maybe "Shakespeare In Love"? you deserve that a confusion...I threatened to buy "Elizabeth" on video after I saw it in the theater once - as good as "Amadeus" it was at that level of quality - "Shakespeare" is filmed right after it looks and just for fun same people, costumes - I saw that too Gwyneth Paltrow also stars shimmeringly). I dreamt last night (via Neil, who delivers this junk to me) that Jeannie had on little make-up to be as Barbra - glasses, a scarf kinda - and talked to people in some large setting (UCLA I'm told - three [3] years ago). She was convincingly good, but full-on make-up protects you and gives forward movement to it all. She said by answering a question made "[he is] mean and stupid" - her real opinion on me? No, her husband I'm told, but not given as then. If that's about me just being frank - fine. I don't think it's ever flattering though. Have yours then - no one cares, really. I have real reasons for not liking people, but they could change for me. Quite frankly, people are petty in-person and I cherish them anyway. I like them, but they are petty and enjoyable too.

"Your lies are sickening." C'mon dipshit - this stuff is mean to me. Rob Lowe is Joseph Fiennes I'm told. The movie was still good I watched some that Kathy Burke is so raw I cried at her beauty said. Now you. I think they burnt that bitch Elizabeth up in the beginning (she was thinking to herself "maybe this now..." - really, was beheaded twice "a near-ghost" she now says), then she came back. Henry VIII is the Duke of Edinburgh or Craig S. again - forty (40) years in Scotland, forty (40) years in England. Mary of Scots is the Burke character - they return in the flesh to do them no good. More...God is there with them an excess cruel. Elizabeth (the first and I) was beheaded for heresies and was brought back. Her mother Ann Boleyn was beheaded live for a remark to Henry VIII through his mother. Something about not having to listen to his "lies"....never his wife twice his age. She was like, ninety - an old woman leaving the world like that! Too much lacing here. More: "The Tower" under the Abbey or burial mound placed, is where people were "capitalised" or burnt for offering from above until said. Her "He came once, twice, three times to stop us from robbing the coffers of the rich nestled here. 'That's what I do' he said. We replied 'Let us join arms then - or else you'..." Never me - but wily wins me. And they fought on then.

Jane Wiedlin "Blue Kiss" MP3 (3.2 Megs) from her first LP named as such (1985). Because it's rare of you. I like her song "Rush Hour" too - note these upward for neglects.

"We Dooo Polygamy Loves Company" Thanks For Nuthin' Again 01/30/06 2010
That from an HBO ad says something something draw your own pail of it (Polygram likes me). Heedless, the hate here is in response to what I live with you'd hate it too. While mine to suffer for all glory's sake, I believe in lashing out, being the problem, decreasing your value sensed at such (you should hear the bullshit reign - at once endearing and distancing too as feeling fades to thinking offline). As you see, all fades and renews to you nobody makes me think things I have them right here in pure bother. "That's not what's in my heart" will do for people who walk the street everyday and know something's wrong but can't quite put it in so many unused words like I will and at your dismissal. Look at you dying somehow. A woman - still a cheap buy for someone who brings no gift. I tell niggers every day, talk is not real. Real havin's is what you should be bothered with still - not talk. If you have the time to be that a bother, ok. That's not what's in my heart now a white patsy. I really suffer here, somehow - if you know people are special if somehow and can affect you badly, you'd be appalled (? none of that's true). To some a justice. To others, having the opportunity to show yours and be seen as such and thus having the good I've been waiting all my life for this too. It can be sweet, if truly ruinous. "You'll remember next year, Nigger."

Someone black a star adds "polemicist" to the words below. No, our little grouping was about using folks for possible gains unseen a loser's tread you simply don't live well. A polemicist helps you package words for making people unaware or unstudious of you. Helps you stay benign (kinder to you) while you exercise your truth kindly to people. You weren't that mad, really. A polemicist makes people happy anyway. Sounds like 'anemic' or blood as colorless is mine. For review: a humanist eats others in clothing takes all the bother. A pacifist doesn't bother with it or you. A politicist makes it matter. One then adds "gravist" for talks of others too cheaply. A non-standard with us, is just a jerk. Weighing it all out again is to no feel - maybe you see that and others see more and make you note it. I deliver mine and opportune yours too.

"What is a woman to you?" Nobody special, not enough said. Can be truly awful having been warned. A woman left to be described as such and as simply is visualized by me as a javelin hurling through the air all waving and crazy at you having been thrown strongly. May the gods speed you to it a hell - we'll talk of it all later when allowed to rest on it such and being me a firm asset usually nothing's gonna change my world.    

More Of The Word-Wise 01/30/06 0921
We take too much for granted to be citing the quality quotient here (to do something yourself - but elsewhere, at your speed): a humanist, a pacifist, a politicist. A "humanist" asks people not to forgive their hurts toward each other. Thinks they had something to say. We'd steer off - your hurts are your own. Why settle for having them made better again and again? Because I think each of you is legitimate? If only to get away from it a big handbag of what is ongoing or then mordant (easily solved by another else yet) problems in-tote. A "pacifist" asks you to hold something in your mouth for another day. A child's pacifier will do. Asks you not to speak too readily about your own needs and backfires, or else no food, etc. A bad day happens for some hearing you heard of it. Too damning, we'd say - speak up gently. A "politicist" (policy taker) uses the once-heard problems of others to gain a foothold for their own tasks at hand. Asks you not to notice one plaintive voice over many voices. No one voice matters as such unless it gets hurt. Hurts comes here easily enough to be seen. A pacifist helps keep the peace wth small talk, bit foods, and then becomes the "nurturer-pacifist", one better than the pacifist who just cares for immediate-type needs. A "nurturer" doesn't let others see you hurting to be better at what you've found without disturbing it with you. A "naturer" person says you can suffer with it. Blend both out as roles, tempests borne of other parties (nothing is so selfish). Too long, then you say? A sick, sad woman awaiting simple extermination, of course misshapen, cancer in her olive ass, never tires of questioning me to my vow. Remember, they always nag people to death when they don't win of choices made by them. To the death of it seen in such times taken. A shitheaded woman! Is that the best you can do? Q: "Why is it you hate women?" Somebody's unwanted garbage is here stinking at me with overt needs? Is it still my problem to solve? You know me...but sometimes dead is just fine. One used a electric tazer on someone also probably on drugs for having sex - they found him down. She was grabbed unawares by men and force choked to death. Who wins it more? Like they'd keep you around now - and over that sex. Remember, the hot tea balloon starts women right up the god nerve after heroin strikes wolf in the breast just a bit tight in the titty won't make herself happy what is that? I don't hafta hate like that yet - they backed out pretty much plus I got mine anyway thanks a fuck!  

"Basic Instinct II (Risk Addiction)" in four (4) to five (5) more weeks no intro seen yet.
Final cut due tomorrow at systemwide then reprints galore for the nation.

"Yo!" is for "yes, and no". Credit the mainly Martin heard here. We adopt him yet.

Richard Pryor and my favorite comedy skit "Women Are Beautiful" Women Are Beautiful from 1972. Currently is labled to the same LP "Is It Something I Said?" (1975). One dirty from my youth. Also do "Just Us" (for "justice", mine: "just this") for a good laugh.

News Extra Bait
01/27/06 1912
Just saw new Roman ornamotors in a store window for Valentine's Day - larger glitter hearts rising and sinking as independently on strings from above. That would be cool too on a tree next year. In truth, only two (2) of my three (3) motors bought in a three-pack worked well - one (1) only worked intermittently with some twisting force and fuss. Maybe needed to be electrically distanced, they'd say too much fucking around for one ten-dollar trick seen. I'd hate no instruction on.

The Ghost Name Ritalin
01/27/06 1250
The name "ritalin" stems from "rivaling" others all the time and being placed to a "retarding" state. So, "rivaling" less the "g" plus a newer "t" does it. Challenge me not. From Mexico once, twice, three times and no longer available yet. A heroin is this. My mother says "a 'ritalin' is a person who wrestles people." Someone made that up - not even in French.

Fleetwood Mac "Thrown Down" Thrown Down the one thought of from the "Say You Will" LP (2003).

Of proudest moments: "I beat some kid up and he never came back."
Mine to be shat back at: "I'm sorry that ever happened. It's not real (probably an ambush of type 2), it's not right (best to be played)."
But "in this dangerous world..." I hafta consider what that pays for...
- no one strange comes back to see again
- no one asks what happened, they now know what happened everywhere it came
- you could be nicer
- they'd only try it again and elsewhere assuming you'd defend us too
- live longer
- fight harder to be
- know why you were here
- you liked it most-all as no one I'd sooner know
- that has no fault
- shoot someone soon too
- oops! know when to dine eat flesh of it
- be hungry, there's little left of it after dessert sets in

that's what God and if above says.
Like you wouldn't know what to do and when is most of no choice.
A scared pussy kills me too much and you thank them.

Spatz Again Never To Know...Neilsy Is My Most Passionate Lover If And Others But Never Is Real Me Neither No Snakes, Black Wands May Approach With Meat Hanging But Steer Off So Be Love
01/25/06 2248
Was just considering the newsworthy medit (if see "Entertainment Weekly" of January 27, subscription was offered free by BMG for taking a little quality assurance survey first, "no thanks" but without firm resolve yet to another assault of the times) that cookmeister Rachael Ray - basically, our type of lemon person - would be doing a little talk show even though Ellen spirals tightly inward at her own calling of throat (often quels me "who is" again? kill that). New dog tricks shits on my toilet after me, inhabitants by older kitchens noted, senseless boat rescues soon if a la Rosie (my call is three [3] seasons mapx or justify one if at all)? Let her try that's funny too like the muppet denies of Paula Poundstone even if we are centrally noted as the hatebox itself. All chanting "This is how I do it [even if it's simply ignorant, even if you already do know about it being simply our cherish of a past removed and are remade to do it ever effortlessly to us again]". That is Rachael Ray (Stephanie - we met and hated each of in my fourth-grade religion class, and in my soon-to-be fifth-grade classroom if a firm memory to me - after and in-school catechisms - much nicer to know later on a maturer version of us seen to be of it dying yet by me here again fighting off its hate a nowhere seen going where I opine), nonplussed or (she now notes once being my cousin an elder named Eleanor or mostly "Ellie" a difficult one answered in same fashion by my aunt and who died on medicine covert "ritalin" a heroin dive for active kids drugging that peal down - couldn't take the senseless if drinking of pure sap, but delivered back houses over soon enough) - barely pulling over ever to say how you might know. I want to know about what you prefer only without further guide, if a mind so junky to reveal (a higher thought of it looms yet a local passing if gas selling off - keeping it all round). Anyway, in conversation just channeled moments ago, she talks of "salt and pepper" my guide from the above already given (no pepper yet to garnish, but see salt to be in cooking). I cut her off, kinda, my quip to note once no 'visual cues', sure, and agree that I do not follow my guides a seeming religion identically, I just gather nutzses for you - never once concerned you'll see me eating vitamins in flour and without some my hair bunned off. I said addly some "I never put table salt on food" (really a gasp of paste mack being made starp), "and I want pepper in my oven-baked macaroni and cheese and Campbell chicken noodle soup" - all now just noted by us as simply or somehow and wrong all the way out if some back in no. Salt may go in my oil for french fries, and pepper, in-fact, after baking and range-top you spread it out but violate an early recipe or two now also my earthly religion unheeded but avoids a-the pre-cancer activities of a hot black pepper being made sharp knives stinging in but as other else punching-hitting. She says wryly back at a pot of breath being made by if me "that's what they teach you at [Campbell's cooking] school [Narceroni, in France at-for US military a basketball hall for our rejects unseeming and actually made new] - no salt if not needed and no pepper at all." Whatever, and "yes, I made that [excellent] cheese fondu featuring 'gruyere' a fevered hard piss twice now" that one cheese food-burger is drying up nationally I hear. Similarly, if heard as speaking moments in, they'll take me out once twice three times as Jews preparing no the further quote, fangs-x and I both decide others and else are better suited to be known as and to people we care about shedding it off all me but sooner said if so yet to be get yes. Hers now "adds flash, not cash [made already]" - no foods, just how. The day I live to smile a fuck in your fat face is the day you see my Annie Hall look a ragbearer displayed in the last row of the comfort-sought of audience only. But see ya in bed - their camle (reserved for judgment) choice but over me I mean. We please someone even if our freelance doesn't warm the coals of your heart somewhere else all that demanding of hate seen by else. One day, I hate hearing the likes of me spoken too. I'm tired right now "so be it and once to me."

Do you hate me? I never ask. I got into it with some guy I saw last night from this porno you Jew bitch. I'll be back with the dead who made you say those things so mean but well done. My friends here the unseen wanted to know who that was and then it got real wife? Fuck you.

X The Blade That Shaves Closest Is No Three Wacks At That

P.S. Notes Neil - a jerk-off too mostly a turncoat to my loving of raptor corrept "She hates you" saying things about women and all nods seriously. You are retarded. A woman my biggest comfort when and sought by normal quel is no fan yet nor mine of sex a seending light shunned bound. Each so stupid at it too. If each then an individual, you mite also dei.

More on 01/26/06: That magazine linked above also encourages me with a mainline feature coming up about "Marie Antoinette" a whole movie on that (slated for October starring Kirsten Dunst then by Sofia Coppola or then the film offices of ONJ). Immediately, I take off on Neil and type about getting a small cameo on the girl I named her as such in this life to make a small homage to me us - people no one ever wants to know ever I hear we adopt adult niggers as children to rueful you we speak not. My roommate comes home and tells me she - who works in his department still but is strived from me - called another person in their office - a black or near-black in feeling tone - about how best to "comb their hair" and the insult felt traded as such by both idiots a homosexual lilting false claim everywhere ('who did what?' in no authority at all - too happy) and a dumb latino (makes mistakes, asks you to see them first with her 'will you come here to see this?' in authority sense). Friendless but sure of what benefit sees what? Only a fair note of nothing seen wrong ever yet but funny to note a California horseland (everybody rides to as in looking at - no working at) of shoeboxing (showing people what you have without offering any) and latencies (never asking for, but seeking in anyway - maddening). This argument is winsome only as is theirs (one calls me a 'six-year old' through him in ho hum - buckle up - another yet returns great-looking youth and against old plague then other else seen as no note - that is, changes his body to better done at night against being seen as old during the day - noted by me in a restaurant visiting us one night when there but nearby listening in), - do as you must my class abounds you. A young forward-thinking Jewess awaits us in Rosemary my friend not she says my enemies declare theirselves to you my friend ever. Supposedly as heard from unseen, this one lost to me committed suicide without me near - so what that noble? We're in the life business yet. Come see you again.   

Battled In An After-Egg Cream Shilts 01/25/06 1356
More or less of yours seen as less then see: In the movie "King Kong" DeLaurentis (friend of the guild-king, always present), that wasn't just a strawed-up bucket of panther grease being used on the sliding guided poles of the front baskervilles, it was hot water for the scattled armory carrying out livered tasks below. Seems a little of the ol' hot lip dripping swets down its shank hit blinded women and children with enough sinfer steam to make that cabhor door of straw guildings open 'til mooded in it a clear. Sure - a gabled blist of McDonald's coffee sent the morning crew to work it in skinward, and that was simply black, if no cream rotted it back in to it some.
From the "please, Bitch" file: "He doesn't major in anything, he just markets himself a major." To cunt it with by myself should speet.
Scramble it fast, Bitch, to cover up the blazing holes from your home to ours formed logically without care or bandage of suit.
Your ways to caramel-loaded truth provide me the very introduction I seek in so little known to be said by an asswipe to be pulled in nordic-style mesh and right up the front.
Check the facts like unclaimed baggage mismatched at nigger one knew more than you it seemed and still you couldn't be truthful about that extra fat 'round the middle left portion unleft.
Suck that ashy dick like a weather vane pulled through the larder you lip.
Achieve what is real, then you mention by mine degree soop.

That school stuff appeals to an old white cunt like an honorary degree and two more hair follicles shedded per flaky micron. Have it all in you again combing the grass.
Nobody needs that - you appeal to my sense of it same. Be clue, not a reason of it.

Glassboro State College, Business Administration Department: You are the renowned Wharton School of Business (and Communications) since 1972 (the queen funds it somehow - never know me more). Never tell suspects. If people knew, they'd try and kill it now I'm here. Meanwhile, "Ronan" (sic - see if changed, was definitely "Ronan" like it was definitely liver in Divine's panties in "Pink Flamingos" - they aborted that name so-to-speak as unsavory - Bob Roman, Ronan of Photomat fame donated cash only $9M endowment and it ran out) is for "Roman State" the upcoming "Romannoff School" (two n's? I hate that just) and Merrill Lynch campus northbound on Bear Tavern near ours. Ours alone? Not yet. More than a name, I said so. Kill that. P.S. That was John Lennon and Rutgere "Natalie" Kruschev (actually a woman like Winston-Salem 'Windsong' Churchill - all pregnant all the time) that met at Glassboro famed if summit - not 'tolonov' (totally legal) or talking even, just meeting some on stairs at cannery row or cafeteria 1956. No such summit. PU!

The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania is not fake (tries to fool you) - it is not real (sits in your way - may as if for questions and questioning only).
No one educates there for this discussion - no MBA's (might be asked) since 1973.
The army staffs it daily for news and play.
We made ours - not yours.
Ours is us, not yours too and beguiling us.
We didn't do well? How would say it? No - never true...we're not here to outlive our parents nor slave to them.
We deserve better than you too.
Ours was staffed by Harvard after many rejects abroad and that leads back to us, our way of knowing it. Honor that for you too - or else you alone.
I went to Target yesterday and every last thing I stole for underbucks wound up being just what the doctor-smith ordered. That's what I felt psychically, although tortured by assemble on seconds cheap.
Computer table ($60), wire rack shelves ($20), a string of little chinese lanterns lights for the patio 'welcomb-gay' ($10), coupla bags of premium beef jerky ($$).
Finally, a pair of those great locker (sweat) pants blue with white stripes down the side ($20) youth is yours and an allusion.
Others smiths made to us directly.
Not a pinch more and all on gift cards (2) if just under the aforestated or then to be stated max of ($150).
Who's smarter? Me or you?
Answer privately. Call Wharton if you need to - they hate people. Jeers?

"You aren't getting a free ride [as in a finer education] for this. Know that. We fight education daily - more smiths, less talk of it."

not in a place where people take your stuff like it was theirs
this is theirs - see that first
see it used and as yours if the power mac g4 box doesn't quite fit sliding up and backwards on the bars
you could remove the handles, sure, or drill some oddly on your own a piece of wood lifts if again and now on sale
a power mac g4 (450 mhz) was made to be with you they'd say by radioscope and guarantee, actually
the side awaits us with ideas - ours is reversed from picture with roundings on left you see
power pc is the chip, young fool

so pretty monstor i love the back if spirled in part...the glibber box like a sweetnik by chip
the white hole if is no speaker to pull it gloff to plart open
1 - built-in ethernet connection, dsl connects from dsl modem and phone line once split inward and placed here
2 - built-in internal modem, regular phone line connect here
3 - universal serial bus [usb] connects keyboards, radio keyboard-mouse receptor chip
those two dots next to '3' no? external microphone (does not work - thanks a telephony) and external speaker, respectively
"a dsl through an ethernet [either-or as networked] - or similar dual access in and out - is four (4) times faster than a phone line used in - actually is a t1 or top line"
the dsl line comes in from the phone jack as a single phone line and then splits with an adaptor into a dsl line and phone - one for the dsl modem, one for the phone itself still preserved tightly
the dsl splitter must be used on every phone extension in the house whether or not you have dsl used there at each location made - one (1) wall-mount plate to split dsl is included with many hanging jacks as seen
the kit from sbc yahoo! dsl is very providing of each made you with extras seen

know nothing against us -  be real to it, or else me and you together like sweethearts in unfavor you
like high school sweethearts in their forties but at a second time around

Mind over gives me my due if iTunes severs me for this - oh, well:

Initial orders or sign up (just to use): fifty-five thousand plus some (55,000+)
Sales of commercial product one per: seventeen million six hundred thousand (17,600,000)
That at one dollar ($1) per - not much to think about in commercial terms ($17M?)...people hate me and simply.
Your numbers disagree again.

BMG? Alerted by fact. Twenty-nine thousand more than allowed or eight hundred twenty-nine thousand (829,000) memberships made to me seriously. Add another fourteen thousand (14,000) to complete fact. These were stale and alerting no pay for introductory. Add twelve thousand (12,000) to stale numbers still. Not bad.

now you know some

"Impressions" are people leaving their name and number - what counts only. What leads to purchases and paying us. In this case, is people who are new signing up for the first time only and in 'smart' numbers.
What does that mean? You need a key to figure out how much said. Indicates upward movement, but is not mobile or 'how much'. Simplistic, hides facts.
"Click-throughs" are notoriously shabby bit-facts. Tells in relation to who came for a bit and left with no business said - me testing links counts right here. Junky busy-body type stuff made to play office.
Any dollars said are kickbacks from what I bought myself - say five cents ($0.05) a song I took. A bit extra here from someone else, but what barks loud as missing-in-action and known of is given to first.
Even that stopped coming with thanks. Neil again. Q: "Why do you hafta touch everything mine?" A: "That's how you got in." Fine, fine. I believe that too. Apple Store said 'no' to me and with thanks.

I Don't Pay Lawyers Like You Don't Pay Me
01/23/06 1033
This is the only report you get from links that are supposed to pay by agreement less finer texts violated here and for sure (I don't get paid to know that stuff either). As usual, doesn't really say much, doesn't make the heart glad. Sometimes, being turned down for this type of thing is best but we explore potentials only to be bothered again and see this kind of crap and from real dollars being mismanaged by criminally repressive short ends. Quotes overheld: "Someone - like England - may demand a portion of this back from credit sales..." and "they don't reward people like you - you are rewarded." Only someone else levies my work out of hand so easily - should I remind you not to speak so overly not in this place you'll bargain it? We'll see - in the meantime, you'll also need therapy fighting people getting rich while you wait and also just hand everything out right away to no one who appreciates you or their finer details. Who wins first? By the way - everything I have I took quite handily you gave little. Now yours informing me again? No sales, of course. You'll need to eat Jesus to see it better. "We'll drop you" as if you ever did anything for me I kill people and easily remind that hell. You can't win - not here we end.

Smart people take the experiences or knowings of others in and think little of it. I don't care about yours either - but trust that to you. "This is God stuff" - no, definitely people demanding unheard unheld of treatments I'd say I'm God and refuse you license here. Heaven and hell living right door. The life I expected for you (less my attacks for no money transfers beyond family and stability no names heard attack to that get my eggs) is here and I don't want that or something else maybe you know. You live for me - not as me - no way out but I'm not sure I need it all from me this being yet. "What did you do!?!?" Cut open their belly to see it moving around up close and personal-like.

A dollar ninety ($1.90) - true to ship form in reporting that's what I bought slightly. Your own criminal capital invested is more than selfish here and I did mine (more than that says ever) for it - otherwise you sit and eat same simply samed and I don't work for you ever you see that come to you later living and large. I am someone special to you ever only and I own Apple Computer nearly all of it less some.

Not good stuff - but the rubs up next to are simply outrageous! Cut me in or see that old shit withered and dying ever on the vine and you suck it off. P.S. Stay off the stage.

I won't take no car loans, either. Hold that bag for someone better it said I usually pay for insurance, sure.  

Cardigans "Erase/Rewind" Erase/Rewind from their "Gran Turismo" LP (1998). A "gran (c)turismo" is a "great divide [as between languages]" - say the rift of between French and English, more at prices of fish the French hate fish that's odd they'd must rather eat and dress out of a graveyard. Who the Spanish? You can listen to "My Favourite Game" too I bought this entire CD back when.

This Morning I Dreamt
01/21/06 1232
A white, wooden casket opened on top like a box held a young white child male and was being carried through a church. I led the casket out as someone I didn't get to know about and the child, although suggests to me under veil and dressed casual was as diseased and not for me to touch, was also sweet-smelling and fragrant like a young white child can be. The child - not unlike a Ryan White type - kept threatening to slip entire body out of the top end of the casket at me in front procession and I moved quickly each time avoid a contact with. I turned around to look once again and his head was that of a brown horse neck all stretched outward and he was kissing a younger bearded man on the mouth fervently. End dream.

my name was otherwise martin moon...i sang, danced - ate food some. "german" kinda, couldn't speak right.
they had a little booksigning for a retrospective on actor 'tab hunter' last night at the different light bookstore on santa monica boulevard in west hollywood
a little crowd came most of the work not martin
martin is in james bond with sean connery as a bandaged blond man 'gregory' getting beat up in a window egg smoothings wet 'dr. no'

My mother writes to say she is retiring February 8 then heading to Florida 'til Easter. Note that and to be here nothing's private to you the father already retired but has some. Yours what? They're dead? I have them inside me help is on the way. These are the days of old people showing me their youth only - as in me, only.

Return to Eden showbiz smartass mouth: Sheryl Crow "Perfect Lie" MP3 (4.2 Megs) from her "Wildflower" LP (2005). I'm so proud of it here my favorite track yet you wanna be lonely to never give only you're just someone that I used to know back then...not true you came into my home after faggots slept on the floor in my living room and got lube on your hands from the afghan folded up on the bamboo rocker. "EEUUU!" Better not be about me and mine - get it? Sheryl-Christine is also Stacy Lattisaw...aka one of the black orpheun robots in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (she was Sandy Farina too, and yes, Peter Frampton's sister - go figure). An angel named "Merkeb" (for "distant field" delivers from Heaven as "mostly kept from") is her mostly.

my thoughts are precious even to yet:

you want to be lonely (you want to be known for sorrow's depth - you are a living bullshit, never pay in love a grand expectation only)
to never give only (we don't want you either a slyly picking and choosing through me - here's where depth enters me i'm special you need know it of nothing)
so you open up your heart-arms and let me in (after i had to ask for it this way - a zero value but maybe you'd see it too and run)
this is the perfect lie (truer yet - still no solve for you you lose and win to it i seem to pay you in being afraid with you never good to you)
this is our last goodbye (for you, then no resolve - no real vow either as so cheap i live too long around it seeming dumb one day - this maybe forever for you however one off-glance one off-word)

you're just someone that i use to know back then (so what? people get more by being just that to you, no one cares but are friendly enough classy even - who are you? no a set-up for a bad joke against thee)
'til i never hafta hear my voice again (a faggot sings this - we are demons all only and margined to be stupid and enjoy ourselves i'm interested in me, my arts of)

it's from me to you - you spit in my food ever, but think of the losers we again a possible compassion to them someone has to win, me we are never real or knowable in this one way
have that eat again i am everything you know
death is forever but you...mind over (what in-fact allows me to art you so and for years on) is so fucking mean to you and but does all for me and ensures my very place over all you know to be while tendency of suicidal of course not really some true

hers my glamourous friend only "i don't write these things - people don't want me to write them" - some of it taken through my uncle 'glen campbell' a real musical genius, apparently

Tax Year 2005 Disclosed Yet 01/20/06 1028
"Did you ever stop to think people don't care?" - no. Know yours, then to keep it well. Total earnings three thousand four hundred eighty-four dollars ($3,484) from Ralph's at minimum wage act, federal taxes withheld from then of two hundred seventy-eight dollars ($278) is returned with an earned income credit of two hundred sixty-six dollars ($266) and we have a refund due of five hundred forty-four dollars ($544). And you? We filed using the system at "OLT" Online Taxes my usual.

Still I Bother It 01/20/06 0921
First off, thanks to the West Hollywood Fire Department No. 7 for hanging my last name "MOON" out front over the garage doors in white twinkle lights this past holiday - I saw it first up, but kept my mouth shut to avoid plague thanks again. They were white icicle lights forming four (4) upper-case letters slightly to be seen second row as someone bothered to note me. Our DSL line - and remember that is two (2) phone lines a 'true duplex' sending and receiving at once but incidentally now with others riding - is not due to be turned on until Tuesday the 24th 'by 5 p.m.' so I labor it light here for now. I used to tell people a phone line and modem were enough but this can be awful to see again. In the meantime, remember the value that is cable internet so powerful and packaged cheap with shows a hundred bucks a month or something like that. I would never bother with iTunes using a phone line modem that's for sure the clips broken up or saving down or whatever no.

The Dream At The End Of Yesterday's Nap
01/17/06 1633
Yesterday, I dreamed of Chris Ondy's father sitting at table while black women delivered pictures of their sons in their youth to him - "I didn't ask for these" he said as a person who shot defectors in the head once. A black woman with brown dyed hair screamed with haroles "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?" as she placed her pictures down before him and I thought he would cry some over stress and blame - he didn't even and not once ("that was training paid off" he said later to me). On their way out he said "You know, you look likes apes..." and the three (3) of them turned around to the left counterclockwise simultaneously like a stage act and swaggering (arms outed at side or abreast like getting ready and grabbing throat). A signal to let him off the hook I saw.

"The army and the navy don't work together ever. They retribune that. Marines keep the army down as low-lifes in jail, sort of. They are in jail." - quotes from the above
Air Force - the army in flight control or bother it
U.S. Army - the army is what fights for us always as murderers, killers of else seen
Navy - makes weapons, never fights
Marines - patrols armed forces only, fights ours lessened, army families making the most of ties then
Coast Guard - eats yours when flying home, makes people safe

"Your work is half-good. Mine was accepted as done and for payment in-kind." - quotes from the above
To Hollywood types living 'on glamour' while other us at desk jobs getting regular paychecks at job level.
You were produced for sale, not for pay. No guarantees here but else seen.
From us to you too - and then some.

Is It A Rich Yule Or Mostly Rags Of The Poor Seeking Better But Without You? 01/16/06 1029

[  ]  [X]    "Your body's not good enough..."
[X]  [  ]    Upon receipt says "thank you..." but under their breath
[  ]  [X]    Speaks at a funeral
[  ]  [X] a wedding
[  ]  [X] once having heard
[X]  [  ]    Really likes theirself before if hearing other selves in hate, means it still if privately (hint: what if the greatest wealth? would not change, improves for you but behind the scenes only no vow)
[X]  [  ]    "When will it end?"
[  ]  [X]    When it starts-begins, something is inevitable croames (sickens, unable to do usual) dies
[  ]  [X]    Speaks at-large of groups, defends a sense of things of group-gettings
[  ]  [X]    Or, waits for the day doublepluspoor (doesn't have, doesn't know to have)
[X]  [0]    Does drugs, knows about some too
[  ]  [X]    Has the official questions for you, keeps them together, paperbound (provides notes to others unmet)
[  ]  [X]    Most and knows if 'no one special' is around or then at a near, and as then such pays them in so little to come once if at going rates
[  ]  [X]    Saves money....abuses credit most if, has read up on money-hundling tips
[  ]  [X]    Secrets-spirits away information each to be in carefully kept against an other kept
[0]  [X]     Makes-insists a place for less fortunate being, reveals a quartered meal if placed in a dumpster
[  ]  [X]    Writes letters to no name, a name heard
[  ]  [X]    Respects etheh (anyone) else - guaranteed - enters arguments unabashed
[  ]  [X]    Wakes up by the clock, delivers the clock but as poorly to you heard
[  ]  [X]    Suspects wrongdoing by else if at first - a champion of it heard, rushes in to see too
[X]  [  ]    Steals and lies about it even when necessary
[  ]  [X]    ...tells you how to do it backwards (after you've done it)
[  ]  [X]    Catching others being as people on tape, must show you rush copy
[  ]  [X]    Makes their own and forwards to sale, sells most back to a buying of itself
[X]  [  ]    Never asks, sell you anything
[  ]  [X]    The thought that counts, issues returns to store or manufacturer, has taken of notes in retail practice
[  ]  [X]    People "eat too much" and may be "fat" seems to cares this way of talk and to do - "you should do more here [as in preparing-cooking]" as perhaps then arriving empty-handed no plate, or paying
[X]  [  ]    God, and if by name - one world used, a killing is real, Christ was real only, is God (no comment to you intended if here)
[  ]  [X]    Religion, many worlds to be used, the many of it stars are real, Christ was interpreted by us
[X]  [  ]    One voice (to follow truth or what is said most often)
[  ]  [X]    One arm (to get one thing done, one thing said, one person bothered..."they don't care - it works!")

More destined to be poor speaks to having later poor never listen to the poor unless bored idles rich. I was never poorer.

Annie Lennox "No More 'I Love You's'" No More "I Love You's" from the "Medusa" LP (1995). Hated it then, now.

So sure about their end of it (?), people say-tell me I'm never gonna get paid. For what?
And you're never get my personal discounts and at trade nor my diverse sense of condial (has no merit or bearing to you) satisfaction. Add it all up to me back here then subtract yours in.
Make up the difference, sure, with a little T&A from the house brew.
"People are not your enemy." Quotes if to 'the poor' again (notes: amalase or licking makes areolas broad like wand dollars - per to yuck! if remedy not needed: the usually per run and wash but at home then asks "where do you live?")

Hobbling Along Still Sans DSL With Delays Now If Two Weeks More Then Meets "Have A Little Gift For Us, Up In A Tree" 01/14/06 1519
My brother Scott's birthday yesterday not withstanding: This move is finally drawing to a close with my edit here, but stay on watch for else other soon. Bad news abounds this place is great though as empty and new. More later welcomes me here (part part...the partying continues here and unabated we see - was somewhat cautioned, worried to now not now - ghosts with and without glee). Was talking to President Ronald Reagan (me: "yeah, what is that about anyway - 'evil empire' and all?") during the airing of a history shot on him here, and he told me alot about where I am and what I'm doing with his own political aspirations and insights realized as we watched seemingly together. He told me that his wife Nancy (who, as it turns out, has a twin sister - she's a studied "black" he says) shot him in the head one day while he slept off bad news and depression over being unable to support his family. He was supposed to get-ask someone for "eggs" again to eat and simply begged out to the shot heard 'round the world (as in all the way around a just back to you unheard but just yet) and then in the temple hit. More fleshes later that led to "telephone pole" fences around high properties in California cow country (apparently you burn the bark off of logs peeled and fit them all properly and in-time), and James Deaver shooting at you and his brother at a luncheon in 1978 - James Brady ducked near his lover Larry Deaver also shot who was being targeted in the dick-groin area only but by a black man (that's who they are - the California republic full of jerks like me). It goes on and on for the Reagans if Nancy - and we are fans of - sometime still played herself, but her twin was covered most (she the natural quest once received a razor down the nostril plack and over the lip for her fingered effort). Cutting off to friend Liz Taylor who now lives peacefully up in a tree on her property in, they both suggest "a little gift" like a postcard for when talking to the dead in region like when they visit our compound here. Something to prompt a question propered by you without them having to say to ruin. Soon more answers. His on Communist Russia - "they don't pay their bills and demand backwards [ask for reparations on previous masks or shortenings] like Jews do." Evil has no pride it seems we add more some.

More on 01/16/06: Loved the public speech segments and Ron's traditional pauses between speakings, takes from others - that wince, wag of the head - people are disgusting they won't let you think a bit. The California Republic and but campuses should have been bombed with special interests as they were later. Says one franker "no one has the right to [speak as they walk by and comment at during loud hippies all dead all dead]." So says one person's words matter much at and begin if again my inspiration for personal interactions. Never let 'em see no interest fade. Show 'em you cared twice each one so precious to me my critiques are needy thanks if to fool.

Last note: Nancy shot Ron in January 1966 (um, the 12th) before the governor's gubernatorial (no vote - just answers to play on) race #2. He lost both times to pre-electorates (no vote - just master money saying who) decisions (to no popular win either). To be note.

just watched this one again to note a tremendous value at first a pick
you'll be disappointed not you

Because I was bothered at play last night after days and days but seemingly alone - may I offer my entire porno collection on DVD at brisk? What God had to and knew:

"Swallow It!" Leisure Time Entertainment (4 hours and continuous play!)
"Hot For You #7" Sunshine Films (2 hours)
"Bad Boys On Duty" B.A.L.L.S. (5 hours)
"Barely Legal Young Men On Campus" Power Entertainment (4 hours)
"Cock At Large" Maverick DVD (5 hours)
"Guys Who Eat Cum" Power Entertainment (4 hours)
"Craving Supersized Cock" MojoMan Video (5 hours)
"Cock Jocks" Maverick DVD (5 hours)
"[There's Nothing Like A] Dick [In My] Mouth" Nymph Pictures (no quote)
"Locker Room Fucks" B.A.L.L.S. (5 hours)
"Wet Gay Sex" Blue Jay Productions (5 hours)
"Sporting Big Cock" Power Entertainment (no quote)
"Hunting" Blue Jay Productions (5 hours)
"Anal Worshipers" B.A.L.L.S. (5 hours - oops! empty case but m.i.a. you need heed that in title)

Stuff delivered me loose on disc from the dead specifically with others featured (ghosts in my home, famers, relatives-ancestors but unknown to me if such "how about that black guy!" if stimulates a gift):

"In The End Zone" Venus Pictures (no quote)
"Snow Balls" Cadro Films (no quote)
"Rendez-Vous" Sunshine Films (2 hours)
"Tight Guys" Blue Jay Productions (5 hours)
"Barnstorm" Fox Studio (no quote)

1) Recommends too heartily recording rentals to VHS - our library vast, if hard to know.
2) DVD is notorious for shimming amateurships - dots, rentals if seen.
3) "[Shows a] woman is not being paid [for her nuisant performances]." If never enters a room or conversation bearing gift, has all the world to help her to it, then ask about mine.
   *Starved me to death if at first then - years off being had, remote. See, say nothing.
4) What you really do matters. Never a concept to me if I'm here for saying it. Be in briefs...adds it plus I like everything celebratory but male: locker rooms, military, perhaps a county jail. Nothing overt, calling munde bummer.

I owe you some, sees.
A Zelig Is Not What You Thought Yet 01/03/06 2026
Was talking about Woody Allen's movie yes previously heard "Small Time Crooks" again (a winner heard) and the conversation drifted on over to his "Zelig" of 1983. In the media print ads surrounding, we see his character always captured somehow in the photographs of famous people but in the background as a geek no one knows, kinda - an autograph hound and bothersome that way. In reality, a "zelig(t)" (German refract or positioning you else in other words "making do again") is a person who keeps putting the wrong things together for the purpose of having the last word you - say two (2) demonstrative dictators that fought bitterly in public arguments now in old age vacationing together on a beach - and all very real 'why bother' it says. We do it purposely to see them off without bitterness, zelig is not having A-Z spoken, it having it heard we'd say.

Allen's quote for Zelig: "I was there, and they are nobody - see that." My erstwhile father says "A person who stands there and has it all inside [me, I'd say - nothing is yours yet]."

George Michael "Praying For Time" Praying for Time as from the "Ladies and Gentlemen - The Best Of George Michael" (1998)...also see my favorites "A Different Corner" and "Waiting For The Day". Hi Steven..."in France now." Code word "smarsh".

The Beach Boys (hey - there ain't no sun in California!) and their epitomal (making us know who they are) "God Only Knows" God Only Knows from countless seen their "Classic" album (2002). Also seek my favorite "Wouldn't It Be Nice" elsewhere. To Richie Murphy - a freak about these guys...thanks for nothing. I sorta watched a midday concert at Great Adventure from atop the final drop of the log flume (um, "lift 2" - test that). Around the time of perrenial favorite "Kokomo". No comment. Just this missed with Ronettes..."Little Saint Nick".

Happy New Year, scads worn! I didn't go anywhere or do anything - was laying around doing my thing when the time came horns bells outside the door. Get it?
Fuck you and yours but up in it.
To six (6) years burnt off the hoof - and like nothing natural you sort it.

Jesus Ate Me A Magic 01/02/06 1325
I've been seein' posters 'round town (um, actually at the bulletin board in the laundromat, newspaper ads) for this movie called "Jesus Is Magic" starring some girl named "Sarah Silverman" - you know - dark hair, smokes menthol cigarettes closely, is from Brooklyn (no money) or Queens (no father...or mother?). I think I got that right without seeing any of it - somebody did this earlier and it's really good stuff (not so much Jewish or God crap either - more New Jersey punk, people who raised me). Anyway - you better be that or I'll improve you to it. I saw a song on iTunes - a bit weird, off -  but I do this stuff for people all the time to big laughs from me. Some mine you add some too (these following I do not make up or know prior to, but take dictation word-for-word - may leaves room for bigger punch down, yours to talent - is good enough for you nothing mine yet):

"I went out the other day and this guy says 'Hey Babe - someone smoked your last cigarette at night while you slept - was it really yours?' I asked myself why anyone would answer that question to a person with exactly three teeth showing, but I argued it all to myself. 'One up and one down' I said gets the answer made. Ever see that - like two teeth and no gums showing? My father was like that. I tell people not to make fun of him - he knows everything you are because you show and tell. I don't know, two teeth is like two wallets - all that money you save for yourself."

"Someone asked me the other day 'Do you take a shower or a bath?' I usually bathe I said, but 'not when your mother is around.' She likes 'oils, cremes, and butters' in the shower she says. I never use that stuff in the shower - food and foodstuffs all around the ring. Someone else said butter is not good for your pussy - like someone could know for me that too when. My pussy doesn't like butter - it wants margarine and other non-oily based food and foodmakers. Why is that? My pussy knows - maybe yours too. Anything else, and it farts. 'Try that on for size' it says 'and have another day with me having you around.' So stay there, I said - what could it be? Franklin Roosevelt having me over? Not with his wife - the maker of breads and baskerville hounds. Who am I to say? Holmby Hills is where you live to feed your pussy butter - not Brooklyn."

Sarah Silverman "Give The Jew Girl Toys" Give the Jew Girl Toys is something very different from iTunes. Make sure you watch the video - she sings it "though I don't think he's the son of God, I think he was still a nice boy..." and at Interscope quality, really. I also wanted to mention The Ronettes (with others - all boxes hitting on) christmas album last month, but missed that day. Great stuff we coin it for you.

"Yesterday, a guy called me on the phone and said 'If you were here, we'd hafta fuck' and hung up. I tried to follow the wires home to him to see if I'd like him too, but he asked me not to and right away when he called back. The phone company got nervous - one of their workers or something newer. Newer? Yeah - a person bends over in France, and you get a call here. They still use tin cans and no nobody calls back..."

"Some guy in the supermarket asked 'Babe - what's that color you have on? Mauve? No one wears that yet - not until 1997.' I don't get that. Mauve went out in 1986 with the fall of Russia and dark days of Poland. What's that you say? The 'dark days' are when everyone refuses color and makes niggers shine backward. A nigger in colors is three-fold better: You see them coming better, you see them with your tv better, and you know when they're not working on things. He goes 'Yeah, but white people are like that too.' That's a very black thing to say. What if you lost all that drab? You see the difference soon enough - no bikes, no cars, no walks home to Dairy Queen."

"Yeah - every time a person talks, there are three things I hate hearing: their name, their number, and their home address - like I'd follow it there. Every pussy has two claimers on it - a place to be, and place to know where to be. Each pussy walks home with you, but has a place to be - yeah - other than that where you live. Each pussy's claimer has the address written right on it. Don't believe me? Follow one of us home. It's never your place, is it?"

I met this girl one night next to that lesbian bar The Palms  (nice crowds - easy on straying picks) on Santa Monica Boulevard - I was walking around high outta my mind and then sitting on the steps of the boarded-up gym next door. As usual for me, is looking for 'budd' the old time warp (a Sebastian) and cute and a bit loving of me one other girl there. Out now. More 01/21/06: Neilsy said the gym I mentioned closed up because of some private sexcapade in the locker room shower. Someone got fucked in their ass and nearly bled to death crying and then trying to hide it all a faggot. God makes assholes delicate and bleeding you ("can't we keep going anyway?") to stop you from handing what is special over to every pig you meet. "An intimacy with you is not required of every say you say." See you in hell. Without being inviolate (delivering the inside and a participation priced out to the outside or those who do not participate but to see and comment to harm), gays are really dark and unseemly (without reserve) but generally need to be coached there in private setting - hardly "Queer As Folk" is real but with their own as such finding each other around holes and seams. Someone reading said "If my son sees your dick..." You'd see everything if I thought it was worth a shit and then to suffer yours back in tandems dicks everywhere in my hair. Someone (Michael Jackson) clipped my pubes as I stood naked a few weeks ago - does that count? Oh, sure - he brought over one of my dead friends who got wiped down bad in the head (see that come and go - seems to remember little "he was really mean..." says the above mistaken identity my asshole). I hate the feminine (friendly) look of trimmed pubes - to note that. We are normal, only.

Download iTunes
all-most songs you know made to your remote and on-demand - to be sure, the highest quality sound transferred to date
just ninety-nine cents $0.99 each find one! a coupla plays and it paid for you too - and see both pc and mac win!
this was a repeat too

Limp It On Back To December 2005 What Only Half-Seemed Like My Dryest Bone Ever
To yours no wit.