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The Difference Seen Here 01/31/03 1128
We here in California hear almost two (2) Mexican phrases "puto" for "faggot" and "puta" for "pussy". What's truth here? In truth, a faggot is a "putba" say "pute-oh" or "almost woman". "Putybau" says "pute-ah" is a woman's flesh or pussy - close enough. See you get them right anyway. Further, "porto" say "port-oh" is close enough as "door leading away" for womanhad. Say it again.

Your Public Reasoning 01/31/03 1044
When it comes to the crucifixion, don't think they were they lay of the land - they weren't. A crucifixion (a public handing of trust and worth) took about three (3) lives a year - maybe up to seven (7) done a year to those who wouldn't stop feeding dissent (actions against words). You knew if you were crucified - by Jewish women mostly - you were someone special to people being robbed of something they couldn't see (usually good looks, your body). People think they have a right to everything. If you participate in any such what I call with God "public reasoning" you are going to Hell flat and secure. I promise you that. To touch another person like Christ was touched is simply a rape of fortune. Touch not or die for me over and over in life and in death to swine's breath. You live your life as served only. Live that. Barnabus (you say "Barrabus") was crucified for being Christ's lover and friend in jail. Barnabus wasn't that good-looking, but he was handsome and died for it (he did die there too four days later - "we hate you for making this happen to us" they told him after of Christ's death). Jews hated him.

Five More You Should Take Home To Your Mother In Hot Winds Rising You 01/30/03 1937
Do these too in Spaniardi: "hot a protbu" says "hah-tee ah pro-bah" for "making me steamy you" - "osiri" to say "oh-si-rie" for "too fat you in me [on the inside]" - "peunta" says "pwen-tah" for "making me sick to my stomach with desires of you" - "cardenea" says "car-dane-yah" for "my legs are weak now [in your thoughts of me]" - and finally "puetray" says "proo-tray-ah" for "hot all over you I see the steaming". Leave it at that you how so be.

Denying Me Is No Fault Of Your Own But Is A Fault You'll Like To Bear 01/30/03 XXXX
This week's LA Weekly talks of stem cell research and quotes "Depending on whom you ask, stem-cell research is either a medical godsend or further proof that God is dead." A "godsend" means to stake of (see) or hold as nothing you can capture for yourself or your own uses. A gift as away from you (see rain, sunshine). As for me - yes, me - being dead, you are no one to cite that. Have we ever met? Deduce me not. To declare God dead is to be dead and wanting for it. Declare God not in you or around either or be tested to truth by God alone and in silent. Now, stem cells? Dead in the water. A stem cell was a guided growth in mitosis (cell building). Never will you or have you had it. My stem cells puncture the heart at soon enough. No life processes will be yours under me ever. We live, we die. You die with me. Until then, you figure out who pays. Growing something? With me only (with the body intact, um, with my fluids).

Credit In Living Color 01/30/03 1152
Overmore overheard: "caleintee" say "cal-ee-en-tay" as "too soon to see you [like that]" as being approached sexually in too forward a way you. Say "mo caleintee a eue" (pronounce "mo cal-ee-en-tay ah yoo") for "who said that so soon?" How about "poncho" (more towards "punch out")? Say "poncho" for "not yet I see it but not now" as "put it away". Poncho Villa is "of the house, no one better for you first here". Traditionally, a "villa" say "vee-ya" is a house or "all you can see for you".

Five Ways To Your Heart 01/30/03 1044
All in Spanish you know it: "concha benjajo" say "con-cha ben-yay-ho" for "young girl waiting for you in steamy hot way" - "ferdis monja" say "fur-dis mon-jah" for over my breath you smell it [come up]" - "ovasi" say "oh-vas-ee-ah" for "hot air over me" perhaps as moving breasts - "poinsai" say "poin-say-ah" for "show me the way there" - and then "moisyb" for "mose-ee-oh-[me]" as "all wet inside me". Use sparingly to touch. One more to boot: "potasio" say "poh-tas-ee-oh" for "all in inside me".

A Family Affair On Grubb TV 01/29/03 1451
Was watching one of those shitty crime shows on tv (how we did it all and captured the criminals red handededs you) and the first segment was like fabric stores on fires. Mind told me some guy was trying to sell fabrics from his fabric mill and couldn't get anyone to buy his looms so flames - you see it. Apparently, they told him his fabric had stretches and sheens - whatever that is - and proved it all to him by poking a gun barrel through the material with glue on the end to make it stickier or something. I dunno about that stuff and do not care to know. Seems like a better policy to just to buy a little from here and there instead of them locking 'em out of the business and all. Next, a Mexican mama found dead on a carpet all bloody everywhere. No big mystery to me as naked from the waste down with husband in bedroom stroke-wise. Mama was leaving the stroke victim to writhe in pain while we she beckoned to a son to come over and please her drugs on yuck. The son came over on drugs too usual and found her flicking at her marva with a dildo in hand. Disgusted with all and her, he cut her throat upon approach with a knife and left her to bleed to death right there on the remnant king. It wasn't the first time he shoved a knife at her and she later saw it come for offenses seen by me too. The son later killed himself over incest related issues afoot (bleecch) but researchers never found out how why. I love solving the mystery for myself while fake investigators and novices sit around at thirty thousand dollar ($30,000) desks upon retiring trying to figure out why she was naked from the waist down. Who cares? What I did find out was that the woman had a "pronto" (um, for "before you") installed in her vag. A little too loose, Mama had sutures put in right on top annually (apparently, they rot) to stop the bloodmuco from flowing all over when she screwed. A tighter fuck too, apparently. Who knew? See - there's nothing I can't know but boy I hate that shit on tv.

Fourteen Police Officers That Shoot To Kill Later 01/28/03 2005
By the way, that's Geronimo Pratt (of Black Panthers - "U.S. Marines used and dumped" he says) black, weird, and old on "Oz". You put ol' Geronimo to death in 1986 for charges as filed Farmer State Penitentiary, Chicago. Gas bubbles in breath (a drowning ensued - tied to chair, whole band lowered into a pool as secured, see-hear water come from sides - we all agree drowning is worse than). That's a no-no. You are guilty, though. Hiya. Note: An "Oswald" never sees his fate long enough to need it.

Parting Ways Shows The Seam Only 01/28/03 1801
As child of divorce (a happy parting that yes to no) we see that it is better to have an ex than a grave to plot. Oh, the familiar sets in and keeps you rude to it so we see you eventuate and clear all with all that is. Our lack of commitment merely confirms a lack of love, not a lack of trying to love. Trying to love? Oh, moan and groan again. We used to forbid divorce - and why? Oh, the familiar harkens back again. A divorce meant that you could secure the goods and services of an older gentleman with gentlemanly ways while the daughter peruses and searches her way else. Oh, no say thee. We foil that plot by asking all to conform you to heaven and not else. Heaven is where you lie about with riches and wealth while others starve to death of mercy and hand. A young woman that traps a man is no foul, but she is against harming mind. She makes all think good of her. I see her ways and her terms and think to myself how would I handle such without being the fool of? I'd kill her first, mother in-hand. A mother is rudest of all to those searching and seeking in a family way and I took her life routinely as still younger for enterprising my wares against me. A woman sees divorce today as old bag only as each carves one turkey in my face before being sent back to the kitchen for another look at what guilds thee. A guilding is hardly ever seen today as younger woman and older woman alike both search for work that supports her need in the "real world". In the "real world" we seek to keep guildings (seen as price paid or worth every scent) to a minimum for being stale and useless to the rest of us. We see you and hope you win now, so pity the fool that have thee in mind. A corpsen wax sets thee aside in old age for review as harsh and effortless to us. A woman never had such to say. She bears it all with grace unseen and that is never real to us ever - thank God above and below your means I govern you. Divorce was made famous by a woman in song and that woman never rose above me yet. Thanks for asking though. Love - it's out there, but not for you. It is for all who seek it in truth you so shall be. Love me first only so say God to you fool. There is no perfect match, only a time for the asking. So ask but humbly you shall see.

Working It Without You Ask To My Horse Kick To The Face 01/28/03 1612
Being who I am (like the liar, principally) means somewhat having to do without. I like to state lines on my terms and see that people really let me have my way usually and without doubt or desire. I can't help that people are basically good enough. When faced with the unreasonable, I secure all to foil in the face of. You be same and go up against until you care no more. I care to see errant people eat shit and satisfy my way what is seeing it down only for the bother - all the way down strike my being. Oh, I suffer to do without, but you're gonna do without too and to the extent that my murder is known to you and you admit yourself only. This wad of crife isn't worth jack shit unless I can humour myself and keep it lively for me and mine. Otherwise, I just hafta shove it up your ass. A lasting harm from those who seek to do and then say? Not here for you. You haven't reached the end of your road yet, Sister, and it ain't that scenic for you to begin with. I've found that a regular everyday human being stacks against you in ways untold you and you be worth the bother back for it. Although quite real to it, I ridicule spirits for being quite simply less on the scale so worship the dead me. What? You can't lift nuthin'? Look at me - so easy. That is your truth to witness it too. What are you gonna pick up next? You weren't meant to change these tires so cracks this whip.

To Fool For Truth 01/28/03 1426
Someone mentions that I lie and of course I evidence that for you intentionally here and there. Lying is protective of the self against accord (having taken away in agreement only and not by force place one more to truth) and keeps your very interests afoot for a while. A lie is cherished by me always as truth too. One truth is that you didn't want to be bothered and that goes both ways as all sags and comes to rest within the pursuit and ideal. I avoid the lie as but special gift to someone special perhaps back and forth that may also enslave you to tear. To lie to you is to care about what you think. Your thinking, however, may be a bit stringent (ungiving) to my taste of it. I seek to avoid the further discount and price to my style of wear. My truth is always going to be a happy one for me. You may not have the time or the inclination to recognize that in truth. I balance you to the need I see. Let's face it - people in this world set about the business of making people unhappy as illegal to me. That is first truth and garners additional truths all over it to no avail. We seech (think better of) you.

Well, It's Not Really Glass But You Get The Picture 01/28/03 1355
What's inside the glass house of God's mind? Light re-imaging (pull back to the source of but not the source, that is gathered only and after the fact - "resonance" images are wrong termed as nothing left over behind - a resonance is left behind - yours: "mackery" or shielding against light here to form image) or pictures of and sounds only. The light images are beautiful as light captured and flowing in place (see space) and resemble hallows or perfect mixes of light imagery without regard for space and time (all fits, no improvement in spectacle possible to see for, you change to be different only but that may help to be better for you). Sounds are captured by ribbed, icicle-like structures all white in a curve and wavering formation (variegated or humming). Light air blows through and makes sound happen within and without. The house mind issues a copy or "mingle" (for "made in a hurry") to form with, never itself. I try it out to see if I think clearly or not about how and why. A bad change fades. A good change stays. A bad change leads to constructions away from it. A good change makes other things happy like light shines farther to you. My thinking is not pathways (leading to only and then drop) it is best answer and flow back (the best answer continues to get things done along lines with resonance afoot). Can I exist without distortions in the head from successes? Can I make my way happy always? Happy flourishes out and away from and the construct is not mine. Leave it at that. Leave it for you now and then.

Closer To God 01/28/03 1339
A closed poll (one of many takings not known to you) of at least four thousand (4,000) people who care about you and me for odd reason suggests to me that I am "real" as God material only (one who may be) but that I resent your way of life and refuse to adhere to it. How mingled. That attitude is definitely the way to keep top talent (more from less seen) around and coming. We'll strip you of all you bear as useful to us and then pillage your life for meaning. This is further complicated by no one knowing me at all. So be you. I was talking to someone while in the shower today (friends are everywhere) once again reaffirming for all the universe and they once stopping to feel think review that I am the person of Jesus Christ as named (in my thinking, I regard the Christ as a "role" or part to play, however - and with historically a call for death any way you slice it). But more to it, I am the one person who claims that territory only and for all days. No one separate was closer or more that. You didn't do me - that is your sure, right? You aren't this at all we think to say. The wanderer keeps talking as ideas flow me and I ensure you of all with keep talking me. To ensnare you I live, however, there is nothing you can do about this in resolve. Pleasure me to wit.

Recognize Your Problem Only 01/28/03 1109
"If that's true about God cleaning his own mind, why doesn't he stop hating people by pulling all of the hate out." Oh, child of the purposeful and redeeming only! Learn to see your problem first and then only you. Like some people, I could spend an eternity defining and outlining its progressions for you, but you'd likely have it your way in the end. I work for my way alone. In such, see everything as personal (mine alone) and untried (never having been, never having seen) too. It takes such to do such. See it all cared for definitively (without reason there assuring you) like you never would it to feel. Think about you not having much to play with. Knowing more - like Jews profess to do - isn't a bargain. My routines subdivide you and issue you forth to all known only. A mind is cast about and you play with fire to win only. To play with mind is to hamper your abilities to win. Stay clean. Stay sure. Stay you. A light knowing me is suggested. I'm fun, but I'm mean about it. Leave me to play. And you, still rejecting the notion outright. Keep playing me. Keep doing. No one works harder for me than you and me too. Here, there, and you too. You. Keep going.

What It Feels Like For A Girl Most Probably Being Eaten Alive 01/28/03 1042
Did you know that God keeps his own mind in a glass house for looking at and picking through at will? Don't play too much. Think he has any shame (an errant routine subdividing individual will into nine (9) or more places of unsure + how now) living in there? Probably - feels so normal to seek that too. Nothing invokes shame (not embarrassment what is a closure for you alone - a hyphening or breaking off to see yourself - shame is but within you and looking harder for the kill as not evident to you) like song lyrics of the personal nature. The horror of being at an eighth-grade dance with these things playing to foamed embrace. True enough to the mouth that won't stop saying you. Anyway, the mind of God is not assaulted, it is pleasured only mostly with your hidden truths to please me but still. I know when you need love me and I know what to say to stop you from superioring me as given prior of (that may hurt me more than you but not for long it seems you). To read a mind such as yours is to take a current circumstance thought right out on top without clarities being made of you. To engage a mind is to converse in it. To point a gun at same is to know your truth. Your truth is sought with a deft touch and a hand grenade of undoing. Turns out I didn't really need that it seems. No, no. To undo you is to know you better. I never undo you - I put you back together to avoid being robbed mostly. Think that.

I Want To Hold You 'til You Die Soon Enough 01/28/03 1014
Do you have that Geico insurance where you live? That tv commercial with the woman (Kirstie of "Hellraiser") running hand-in-felesk (that what a lizard has - molded fingers for supports, not bend) with a Gecko (a lizard with pliant, sticky fingers for hiding on walls in tropical regions) like they're in love or something because her rates are lower (Hey - fucking the lizard was a bargain for those assessing of her risk pool - lots of hit and runs). Offensively above all and in the background, "Sometimes When We Touch" ("the honesty's too much" and plus the searing "I wanna hold you 'til I die | until we both break down and cry") by the errant Dan Hill (1978, really Russell Greaves a songwriter for Warner Bros.) is playing. That's my point. A song like that raises itself from the grave lured to half-life by a black hole of simply feeling it too. When I hear that kinda stuff, I cringe and tell God to give it a break in the gut. Don't you have any shame when it comes to these people? You mother starts you off feeling unworthy with her rejections and when someone allows you a hug or kiss that isn't deflected to group setting, a wall of babyfat closes in and chokes all to death - even me just hearing off to the side. You're not off the hook just yet. Love. So unsure. So needy. Give it up. Prepare yourself for a proper feeding only. The big fish meat the little ones. Simple. God said "I will not help you with this - [the song is a] lovely sentiment." Well, my mother murdered my plan too - now I'm perfect trust it. Imagine that - being God sitting there in Heaven waiting for love (a falsity if ever there was one - think about being food only and just as appealing). Omniscience (knowing above all - "unholy breath...") kills just about everything dead in the head, but you can always mold yourself to occasion. Do that in memory of me.

Rolled Rude 01/26/03 1932
Is it me, or is MTV tempering wayward beauty afound? I watched the dumber than we thought it could it be "Road Rules" hang and drop and finally Eric (Scotty Downs I played in your treehouse on stilts once ask for no more you) my pet you have a spot of competition I can recognize for reals I know you solved that early on with me ours still reeling punchboy plus Puck was a mite far uglier but the stink was close to foam. PU! Cherish the thought or have me touch too feeling is more to having along for the monkey shines. The black girls who produce-torment have spoken to Moon's parse object and our conversation came up dry no fun in it. Nixed that for being AOL whining to God.

You Are E.T. Better Phone The Fuck Home Form Of Function Prisoner Of Thought 01/26/03 XXXX
Yeah - we heard ya early on with the stupid "please don't" orders. Asking God not to make yourself a person here, not to come as something that might suggest people are better than other types of well, people. How dumb. Of course we came here to fuck you over you're long overdue for it and your crappy reality just took it up the ass just as you were preparing to put it up someone else's ass. Surprise - this dick is bigger than your ass will allow (we measured to tolerance and added some extra-fat pipe in you feel it). Meanwhile, back at the ranch - now you can see the problem: me. That's all you gonna get just me and my ways. I don't care about anything 'cept having fun only and that came to a halt long ago now I'm fixing all of your problems for good. Of all the people to piss off - someone who casts a threat just to ridicule a harm just earlier done. Forgive them sure we'll forget about this all soon enough you still thinking it all out for ever and ever amen sure.

No Innocent Survives In Me 01/26/03 1147
So you see that Christ wasn't entirely innocent - he did his share to people and laughed at you only. Can Christ make you to his liking here? Sure he can. He was far more accomplished than I in the otherworldy arts (out of body exps routinely since age ten), but you humbled him to leave for else. I will not humble to this and I will push you to gain me faster than think takes thought. I want for nothing else and have eclipsed the life you took from him to present me to but mine. You witness this and read junky notes written by me in loose foolshand just luvin' it so powersfuls you to be mine ours for how so to.

Only I Know This For Sure 01/26/03 1125
"If he only knew that he is nobody special." If you were me, you would know much. I am completely (((powerful))) and domineering to this life your being. Did someone tell me this? No - I live in a chasm of mindbeing and see all around your truth. The air here is thick with spirits and mind shaping and directing the source. I see what I can do by thought alone (myself I like making a vortex of protoplasm in the room - I like swirls you know). I see what you cannot see in and around this. I change minds. I make them forget. I make them see me. I make them sick. I make them die. I make you do this my way all of the time and every hit a fear and react to (sure you fake me out too). A backwards call for strength and support me in this. I have it all now as ever with me used in secret and stealth. In my mind over this you come to do it my way. I elegant you away and absorb. I take the time. I balance my need and my dream for you fades again to. I see it and say nothing to you. I make it be but for me this says nothing to you. We can play it your way, but what am I really up to smiling back at hi hi? Things to look for: urine on the brain, intestinal breach (to sausage you), a snake within you. Death.

Care For This Here 01/26/03 1101
You don't like the message here? Neither do I. You have failed this miserably as something to care for as benefit to you alone. You had to ensure the path of one person against form and that was too much to ask. Well, nothing is free and nothing gets done on its own (let me powermong you God to proof - never see, never say, not one to pay). Sure, you have it all worked out with me here providing length, but you ain't gonna keep it for the letting down and confuse you. It was all nice for you at first and then you had be what you are to me. Don't forget the reasons why you suffer to endure or I'll just hafta remind you that it doesn't matter why like it didn't matter that you wanted "ET" (something removed and forgotten - not of ours, not taken in to be special above us) not a human being as such enabled to do. I think all brilliant only it tells a story see your tastes for God are deadly too. Have that. Hate it only. Have hate. P.S. Women are not real. Something that ridiculous could only fend me off to life you. At heart, at the core - not alive. Vacant, staring, heartless, and beyond your reason to be that. Whaddaya think? All of my sources agree. Dumb too?

Taste Of The Tit 01/26/03 0206
"We'll just keep taking everything away." Hasn't helped you live yet, Cunt. Point is, I could give a fuck and you still seem concerned. Why don't you just eat my shit right now? Soon enough, you'll be having it my way to see I hurt all your friends too like this and like that no end for it ever to die for me.

No Shortage Of Pure Shit 01/26/03 0147
"You hate people." Still this disaster (why would you give this to me - for them an excess cruelty?) Still talking to me about crap I can't be bothered to hurt you over? Just put it up your ass with the rest of the stuff I spat at and we'll just throw it all out together as one big piece of shit. A landfill knows quite a bit about it, and says nothing yet. God left you to be of and by this for my only to rot no stanks not. I don't fucking want it and I don't want you either. Why the fuck would I? Shit that bitch. I got to be this to you to have some bitch's asshole talk to me eat shit. This stuff is mostly crap I make you eat it all the cheapest tears bowls of waxen fruit very wishes to a holiday my onliest heartsame vow to the end you. Be done. Be gone from it. End this. For shame.

For Reasons Beyond Your Sense Of It 01/26/03 0132
More to know and thus have: "Alesio dounament." In Latin say "ah-lay-see-oh don-yoo-mah" to mean "When we are together, I die inside [of this]." Alesio (when with you) dounament (I die in me).

An Exorcist Gets His Story Right 01/24/03 1804
Three things the jesuit priest heard when investigating his mother's death with the alien fiend: "Domecio parna vituzu." In Latin say "do-me-se-oh parn-yay veh-tee-see-oh" for "when you live with me we die [as one]." "Remesuv antunco baliceu dabutty." In Latin say "reh-me-see-ah an-toos-e-oh bala-sine da-byoot-tee" for "In each death we see our death again [by you alone with me]. Next and final we have the long "Atz bdudty cvezane vicendo partay ennio varlaiz runnio azebtyu." In Latin say "ate-ezah jute-tit-tee vays-zahn-yah she-shen-do par-teen ahn-yee vahr-late-ah run-yoh zy-bine-yah" for "My own mother died making me happen in God and are but dead still in you." Let the buyer beware you.

Warner LeRoy As Moe's Son 01/24/03 1426
As you may well know by, Moe Howard of "Three Stooges" was really Jack Warner of Warner Bros. fame unto it. He was! His third son is Warner LeRoy somewhat embarrassed of the family fortunes dipping and losing much to studios abroad. Warner of course went on to do Maxwell's Plum (a restaurant yes I ate there in NYC I had a tuna melt at lunch my hair loss here), The Russian Tea Room (yes I ate there in NYC they gave me a tie and a jacket to wear all crimson and aqua marine inside honors us), and of course Tavern On The Green (many times you when it snowed and me in the Crystal Room with all Christmas surround - sing with me to New Order "Crystal" "We like crystal..." something new and long out broken disco bald eagle), Mama Leoni's Italian food in the basement or shelves how dare you close this our money is your money (yes I ate there in NYC once before seeing Ringling Bros. at Madison Square Garden I was only five years old how 'bout you? also I ate at the new location when I was far older), Great Adventure, etc. to much else. His father claimed "he is fat and steals his ideas from the world", but we call Warner a gifted "impresario" - one who impresses their ideals upon others for namesake (see it as mine here) and else. Warner (now enjoined) enjoys my column here like any other, but fears being a Jew to you. "Never was." We look forward to one day seeing a true retrospective of his work done (including Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) in print ala Willy Wonka and maybe Warner around too. By the way, Warner calls himself "Frank" - like the shelf meat.

Ours Is A Journey 01/24/03 1353
When we get too happy, the people I hate are hung like two cats over a clothesline with their tails tied together.

Who Would Jesus Bomb? 01/24/03 1259
LA Weekly (a newsmagazine in Los Angeles, January 24-30) asks that question in posit - let's do. Bomb these twelve (12) please: The Jewish Federation headquarters in Rome, Italy for insurrection (blaming others for fault and deed), all countries; the Vatican for making rules that do not apply here with God; The People's Choice Awards for making fun of me with a crucifix bearing a dildo behind the scenes (get them right next year - all to shitty fucking Jews); The Amrastice League of Campbell, France for making peace their way - theologians (making my known with God) or thoughts of God behind it all; Scientology for being had and used by Jews against God and country that honors God; Intellectual Services Inc. Hartford, Maine for being highly associative with thought (maybe this way) and deed (language to hurt me aside) with our government; The United Nations for selling peace and warfare at the same time to people who are dumb and on their side only; The New York State Chamber Of Commerce for making Jews special to the land they know as God's - our country; The Interstate Languages Corps of Montpelier, France for making people eschew God in favor of peace languages (not saying first) and accord (not hurting people); The Interstate Makings Havings Duty (a Jewish afford not clearly seen but known to the French) for having the French say and do on a international level for them and their interests; The United Press for making awards in my name against Jews - never do this as candylane and ridicule; The New York Times for guiding news everywhere towards Jews and Jewish issues. I would bomb you all and hope it happens. The rest of you *peacemakers* I would kill, but we'll leave that to acts of God against you. Peace is the dirtiest word you can speak to think of these days. Boom! P.S. If you kill somebody on this day, I don't care. How's that to be?

Read My Mind Again To You 01/24/03 1110
No, that mole stuff has nothing to do with Mariah Carey's mole - just a posh coincidence. It wasn't too long ago that I was standing outside of Tower Sunset with the larger-than-life "Charmbracelet" cover right next me and I posing with it. But seriously, we have those who go along with them to beauty only and those who suffer to it and us so quick to cure a temporary blemish. I suffer only with you. In the olden days, royalty would affix them to their faces to mock commoners. Back when I became God to you and my mind was being emptied out into an alley for all to peruse I thought, moles came up as the one thing you could use against my private self (I have no shame, but hate them on me or around me - I was made to perfect all I know this and worship perfect skin - work for that). For the intrude, I did it to you plus home solution for I got to give. Never think these therapies matter to others - they don't. What's important here is our own minds being free of it in present and do (what we are you see now hope it don't hurt hope it says nothing) and also not never to let others get away with anything new. I got Hell in order to give Hell only - I know this and now you too. Difference to me: It's all only something to think about and codes you right off - trust it. Back to Mariah, she knows Brian from Hamilton. I love Brian only see that.

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My spreadsheet proving off y=x2 with linear regression technique. Hey - the math stuff is important now, you fool.

Coding Off To Sex Intimacies Or As Awaits Time 01/23/03 1410
Was watching these women inspiring me to feel real good on NBC's "Today" with them having the munchies and all (on le eating tour) helping each other through lifehad after the hump hits - kinda like the Ya-Ya's of movie fame: what they can't kill, they will. "We wearin' a hat - kinda - to diffuse the flavor of her havin' to wear a hat her cancer treatment and all." Yeah - one of her greasy brown moles caught on fire and turned malignant. Chemo stories always so proud tasting noneother than nothing done for nothing seen. More of that for you and yours let's next collect Campbell's soup labels for the team. "All I hafta to do is call at any hour of the day and one of these misses will be there just like that [as snapping two porkpie fingers]." To do what? Have something ready to eat me.

A War Of The Words 01/23/03 1028
You like that word "armswing" just a bit too much don't you? That's what it means to be God, Honey - having the perfect word to excite you beyond bland while others resign theirselves to asking no one "who cares?" Admit me. Yesterday I chatted with "Charmbracelet" (a French mistaken of "chambraille" say "shahm-brail" for "our love taken aback by it") Mariah Carey about her world tour thing on VH-1 I liked it for being world-showcase and her only - a friend to people. That little painting given in Spain so cute ("a contest to meet me, if you will" she says - the painting of her as butterfly a winner too as I see it). The celeb route I enjoy talking of with her (nothing's too real, thanks). Caution you to go back to "Glitter" (we talked of this) and hear the little song in there so pretty sung as ballad gentle and beautiful "Lead The Way" piano and all I was taken aback by it. Then we enjoy the resurgence of the discohyped Lime - a Canadian (Montreal) group last name I love "LePage" that specializes in disco (not on the soundtrack). Greatest hits recommended. Mariah wants me to die first to command thee. You're forgiven this time not again. More New Jersey product raised to grule I see it but say not to you.

More Crucifix Glamour 01/22/03 1942
Kurt Cobain my acoustic Jesus we love still don't we? We do. Was looking at your prolific hand-me-down today (Page 117) and saw that Jesus hanging on the cross with jack-o-lantern head turned aside. I liked it alot - especially with the crows on either side of the armswing and all. Your art is class itself and well-done (I mean I really like it Incesticide my penis). Anyway, just hello and thanks for that goodness. The music of Eminem was playing in the background at Tower and I felt a moment coming on. Looking for a job - you know.

In A Dry County 01/22/03 1917
So you see how only jailing the potentially beautiful with no strong (reason against) or accord (margin or checks in the law) makes sense for Jews (see the county's star badge) who like sex as much as I do. No rations too small, no largesse to great for those who comply or don't. See me or you there at their mercy one day. Stay clean.

Who Do You Love? Who Do You Know? Where Does The Wind Blow? 01/22/03 1858
A woman begs a few words about love at this tincture (off-color). Love is a majesty and the best sex me, but I fear you miss my love at five (5) minutes past meet. May we continue or shall it die here for us too? I like being single real bad and I like being with you too, but never make me choose one or the other over you just nearby. I prefer love I think. I prefer the heady cosmic thrill of beautiful strangers and their attention to it. Why me? Why not now? Love me like you used to when love was new and so were you. Where is the love? Where did it go? Doesanybodyknow? Q: How do I, as me, keep my potencies afoot and not with else? A: Ask me later when I'm being done with you. Today: Three (3) boys in a magazine on a loveboat naked and really cute together I'm green I'm envy I'm sick. Now this for you too.

Explaining It All Out To You Our Neglect 01/22/03 1539
Sex clubs, bathhouses, group sex, telephone lines, parking lots, bookstores? What? Your mother doesn't know the difference among all to tell you how's it? Let Moon say it to you best. A sex club is a dark labyrinth maybe of levels with couches and chairs and fencing and stalls where clothed guys wander around pawing at each other and engaging in sex nature in front of others but in the dimly lit. A great time is had by all night, but sometimes the errant hands of others intruding gets to be just a bit too much (sometimes). In a bathhouse, we see lockers ("I paid less, change in front of all to see, and need a home - take me in") and private rooms (only big enough for a twin mattress and a walk on the wild side of it - mirrors, tv monitor, porno vici) - you decide the manner of your need. We wander the halls in white towels only enjoying the spas, the showers, all sights, each other. I personally love a jacuzzi all naked and poach my steam. Sheer bliss only, but a walk on the dark side here but held too long is no may I. Group sex is self explanatory from a meet or bar, but requires stringent action for weeding hi hi. That gives out to phone lines "Hi, I'm blahdy-blah, six foot three, brown, blue, hanging out partying tonight - how 'bout you? Call me." And they only do that. The parties I've hosted have been lovely only (however, somewhat frightening to a fearful gay couple or a lesser giving in sense and done what I seek to play with or drive out right away as nuisance). All only all glory, but know better of it. What?!? Your mother turns up at the door after describing your dream date? My friend Robert suggests "I'm sorry - this isn't going to work out." No whiners. The ghost of Christmas Past: "Um, I'd eat your ass if it were cleaner." Just say no. All of this participated in by the loveliest people you'd ever want to meet. Giving types better than me. It's kinda Roman basalisk - you know.

Big Dumb Enters The Tent Stakes In Hand 01/21/03 XXXX
What I fear most in this life is surely the world enter of Big Dumb. Big Dumb needs everything exploded to most visible terms of candy-like and the one note option raised to a handbutton that delivers dinner to the seated Jetsons (I liken it more to an emergency stop on an elevator - you're trapped within while any all movement halts and noise noise noise to whaddaya need now?) Big Dumb pays the bills, but I approve the invoice. Stay business-like. All of this enabling makes people feel great to do, but the learned deserve better to see it happen.

crApple OSX You Pay For It By As Using Hind 01/21/03 1709
Oh, I see - you won't be saving any preferences in Mac OSX as long as one user pays (you need a family license for that crazy-nuts to the fucklee). You people better wise the fuck up and price accordingly. I think OSX - like Windows '95 over 3.1 - was the surest robbery of strength and deed over Version 9.2. You need to eat shit for this crap you insane motherfuckers with all of that talent and mistake afoot. No one in this world has the right to license software - it is illegal (not prescribed by law as treachery or taking back) and unfounded (pay for new or more only function-wise that is - a function does more than you have, it doesn't lock the ongoing wares to others - keep that in mind too). You license an ongoing activity that consumes resources in an ongoing. That is not our way of using your resources in program and fear. We don't ask you for anything in support detail you can't write down in a book, either. Stop charging us for your increases in being world joy. Keep it tight, keep it lean, and stop making people pay for having. An upgrade has to earn a hundred bucks by nature first only of name and you pay for that too. You take away some for more, and so do we. My text is clear here: defeat all that gets in the way of having it same without more on end. Destroy all that makes one fear losing what they have in place already. Make an upgrade count and pay for justice improvement (one I can see for better) only, not continuance. You better fuck that. OSX - what a piece of shit with a great (if incipient - that means "bringing about early") name. "We need people to pay for our services." You put a box on the shelf and someone pays you for it only as tange (what I can see and feel to have as commercial). A copy isn't worth jack shit to you in consideration. It never happened to you. That is fact only - see it. You are in error here. You have to sell a product, not a basis for one (does nothing on its own - will not work for you without prior involvement or conditionings to, not guaranteed to anyone chance risk doubt all care away). Forpend (done after plus your response added in): I hate Java die you down the dez.

That Stuff Better Be Free 01/21/03 1625
Is the Internet a broadcast to you and your family from mine? No. You called me as dialed and we had words only. Like that picturephone (remember those?) used by Debbie Reynolds and son in the film "Mother", you may want to keep the screen (and then thus the camera) down and away. Not to me though I'll bear all for you. A broadcast must be received as sent - no dialing for further. A tuner is set and it comes. You keep asking here for better noise. That's different as source to plain view. What I get is to my interest and is thus what no one else gets. That is news. We don't see the same thing ever in terms of duration and content here. Be free says no one asked for it. Doug Moon says you did when you turned it on. Then you stayed tuned. Tune out within two (2) minutes or have me mental you with better choices. I defeated choice long ago with better options for me out. I like free - free to be. No, not that free. Send me and get me. Send me first is no broadcast. Broadcast that. What is unique is interactive and that you pay for. A box that scans wavelength is here to say nothing to you - can't you tell? Ask for better and thanks for playing. I got fools galore to share the good stuff in the comfort of my living room no you though. Prelude to adult rape, etc.

Take Your Seat 01/21/03 1237
What is a "county" problem? Not being paid for your troubles. A county - with a populace of more than seven hundred thousand (700,000) people or ten (10) per square mile - makes one wonder why it is they would get paid. They get paid to house or jail people only - that is their service. Roadwork? A city or complex. Voting? The votehouse Federal - voting is Federal level complex only. Anything paying people is Federal and its nature is mean to people as not knowing them for having at all. No county earned anything except maybe the right to jail people by complex or deciding down to you. It's legal. A county has no legal basis. Legal basis is principal to fact. I live in your city because we see each other every day. In a town - prescribed as less than four hundred thousand (400,000) people - no one is allowed to declare county business afoot. The county is not Federal or State - it is local - but not there in town. You have no business there. The county serves the purpose of the outcast, the ranger, the notion to be else. Never worship county status - they are going away. You send a principal to jail, and keep the curse with it. No inform - just know. Learn the facts yourself. I don't care for bigshots making their way on county basis (Womanhad unto Jew under grace: "On a purely county level, we can jail you for that.") A county is in your head only. Less to more + this: A county collects property taxes not. The government does for them. Property taxes are expressed to protect properties or holdings. The more you make, the more they take? The more at stake, the less you make. The government widely defrauds (takes without leaving anything in exchange) people with taxes. No new taxes? No new repeals either (you can't put back what was taken if never taken firstly). Repeals are taxes to someone (someone has to pay the bill for this). Tax first or make the wrong people pay. A county never repeals taxes. Why? Someone else pays for it but never - it is theirs always. Tax sanely. No, this is not armchair armastice (knowing to have little, but doing much with it) like blacks practicing law from jail (they'll keep you tied up in legal wrangle for centuries with filings and form collects or havings to do). This is my hotseat. Our observations are clean (not used) and unfettered (not languaged) by you AM dial (all received as due or sent). Just know it to learn more.

Wait For Dial Tone No More 01/21/03 1226
But back to the practically ensuing, every new change stimulates my cause of having and knowing. The new message center from our phone company taxed my mind again by making a rapid-fire dial tone indicating a new message deposited but as inconsistent with modem use (every notion of foul, every failure to have on-the-dit suspect as taking all away from me your friend from big trubbles in town you see it my way). You have to indicate to the modem not to check for dial tone and that is smart ahead and quelling to each new burden. My every day is greeted by someone changing something I used to use and now how to find? My own curse and weapon against thee. If that is not bothering enough, we shrink margins as time reduced makes you even more harrowed in money complex. It's only on paper? Not really - you'll see it. We seek intent and make you eat our shit backwards. We know you and laugh so hard when you die of it thanks we decide things too. P.S. Be smart - have a data line (i.e., an extra, separate phone line no nothing special ever for computer work labeled for such only as clear to dumb also too like I do it to myself and for with) to your home. Don't be cheap.

Starlite To Stay Bright 01/21/03 1032
It might interest you to know that people in this world are an exacting standard to run a world away from me to you. Be there for it and stay clean. Was watching the miserable "Oz" last night and a guy prominent gets his throat cut for being bossy in command and also in fear for having been to left to it by people. A person in the world is managed by you. In the after-this-life, we see who we are - miasmas (halls darkened) of hatred sensed by me. A "starlite" is a person built by us with you. All of your good deeds, all of your common sense, and all of your guide collected to and buttressed by us for your use and attention only. See us as no guide to glory - you make that and take it on with all else to truly rise above it. All else fails me. A starlite that couldn't forgo a hurt takes on energies from me in the afterlife here as I seek to make all well with people let not hurt rise me to be. If you harm this in injustice and convenience way, you have married my sane and asked me to be with you. I kill within ten (10) days what would not live with others without taxing me. Never prey upon the weak for I kill thee only. See me here the garden goose and laugh the garden gate so open to the goose that knows you to be and hates you anyway. Never kill a goose that only wants to be away and afraid of nothing. Not even you. This just in: "You need professional help to figure out what's acceptable to us." You need to go fuck yourself just in time to see your sons there. I kill your breed trying me. Get me there like my mother did. With no job by your taste fors alone, we position ourselves for a doctor by your taste telling me I'm not "doing my part" for your taste. Each experience mine to have. The threat duly registered, we continue on. I only needed money then only or now less to a place to hang my hat. Your tastes decided all I need that counsel to be with you at home so dangerous and now I lose? Not yet. We carve a turkey too well to have you say that yet. We don't breed hatred for others here. We see you doing it. We see your stresses and crap it out if can. I can. If not - do as say. That isn't the last say either. You'll see. Are you mean? I am mean only and never fill you in enough to know. Saving my soul again damn you to Hell very? Let me ask for help and thus receive it. That is my way. Not yours though. You fight a world made and only to my exacting pleasure. What do I give up here? Nothing my heaven you shall.

Working Towards Truth Not Mine 01/21/03 0956
By the way, you are going to die working against me. Don't even think of me to bother. You don't think I'm appropriate for your particular situation? You'd better can that attitude fast. You just act accordingly to please and remember what is yours to know while I kill deranged old women by the crapload for thinking they could here. Aim to please. In the news here in Los Angeles, a lesson towards us afoot named Laci Peterson (always Jewish girls in trubble hi hi). Laci is missing all are concerned. Laci is really named Linda Cammel from Garden Grove - a suburb of the city southerly. Laci was partying with a friend - a woman with men kinda - doing cocaine and hustler hash what is a mix of heroin and speed - we get it too never do already crushed know your feel heroin has to lay down speed comes with you too) and died making love to someone. The body was retrieved in three (3) days but an example is being made to us and I talked to her and freed her from that for being fun and then now you too. Her parents - like mours - hate us for being free and happy and generally not useful to their sex. Say what? Never say that or run from press. My own mother hates me for living here and supports me in habit not. Who cares let it die too? I hate her like she hates her own life. Never heal, never have. In our situation, stay clean and eat your peaches to be better. I survive you, and so will they. A quote from "Laci's" mother Marta (and we are not friends): "If she only knew who she was [a no-one to survive us]." Please Bullshit, the world isn't formed by your hurt. It continues on to please me only. Drugs and mayhem please me - do your part. Stay clean, stay healthy, and help that to be. People are mine to live and yours to die only. An old body harmed by your ways needs more than a cure and we live you. Stay clean. I mention my cause to keep you happier but not me. Be happy or be me. No one is me. Incidentally, "Laci" was in jail four (4) times for extorting her parents for cash. That is not my way - having people who go against you starving for love (no say to you over this - that is love), attention (have it my way first - see my need here) and cash (let me do for self, please). Why is it that a person needs you so badly as you have it? Start there, and be there too, Bitch. I kill that way to live you sane and as not me. I value parents not. That is your keeping to be. No one needs to be decent for me. Be decent for you. I don't live you. "We'll take it all from you" they say. Just try and make me special once. I've taught legions already to be who they are and cherish the kill. I hate people getting out of line with me. Just try it once and die for me in my way. You are piece of shit in my realm. See this.

Working For It By You 01/21/03 XXXX
"Let's start off the week by working towards a job." A dumb motherfucker thinks for others like me of stature while bargaining for same. I don't jump through hoops for anything by you. You see the need, you act accordingly and cherish each note. You and yours will do the work required here to be ultimately as you and by you - not me. I don't work for this - trust it. I do myself as required only by me to evidence self to you the no-one but compliant and hateful (each extend by me tainted with disrespect sent - see it for what it is: no you plus fart). Unless you're ready to up the ante and get serious about the problem what words do not say no lesson ever seen by me, you will continue to eat my shit in subservience to it and upwards nigger. I don't get goaded into activity - I schedule same. Eat my shit. See it done. Come to done.

To Denipple Your Joy Is To Hose Out The Stinky Truth Bend Over Again So Dumb 01/21/03 XXXX
A woman needs to hold her promise when it comes to talking, clawing, and scratching under at hind truth so barely noticed like bank robbers digging under a parking lot only to find out the vault has a moonroof probably to lower cash right in to you. You are concerned that I do not live and play (how to shape thee less for me to see and show else how it fails you to be). Were I live, we want for nuthin' - we have it all. Brass tacks of sex mayhem suggest you pity else like you. Sure, I'm in the slow lane now being God and all, but I used to engage firmly in all manner of rectitude against not having and not seeing and have fucked enough to fill the void of many lifetimes lived as you. I never settled for not having and made up for the bother. Barely unfulfilled at that, nothing's better than casual sex and partaking of the goodness put forth by those who knew better and said nothing of it mouth afull. Basically a pig that makes your mother porch her figlet, I've engaged all manner of inappropriate behavior right down to A-1 hustlers steakhouse just kidding prostitution is still offensive to me for feeding the poor of manor, but not unworthy of me. Sex clubs, bathhouses, group sex, telephone lines, parking lots, bookstores - you named it I loved it. It's all still there for me humming along nicely while I think of it but had fondly and with just a hint of pickle what about the AYDS it lives in your very ass waiting to strike again you sleep it eats you up on the inside like rainbow brite sanes a tuna melt. With all in-hand, only a loser thinks about "and why not for you - to focus my dream?" Please, Sylvie - your concern for me is best spent on you and your one friend you never lived. I took care of it all and laugh how dumb I play with myself to avoid having something meaningful with someone I hate for mentioning your need your name your breath and for plus having to align the frankself to shit and nor reconcile down by per this here I never sat and cried in front of anyone I knew how to handle it all else to sit by. Chaining myself to some idiot so fear the long haul I'm going to be old and lonely sure but you won't stop thinking about how I did it to you so bad there's always time to be what you are nothing expects it and then again so to never too much of it. Your parents were greasy Cuban swingers too by way of Florida Keys - they took anotherloverholeinyourhead and smathered afore to child together in a heaven pact with Satan pending. Hey too slicky dick - why not go down on the guy first and then work your way over to the woman? Be dumb to me - you'll only cry we did you up so bad using your own ways, means, jellies, mints, waxes, cremes, aspers, lotions, and semi-powdered fruit toxicals. You feel it too somewhat how. To sex purr. To being useful. To making happy. To being sane. To being with. Got something better to pardon those my business so creamy riche to it fors you how a yogurt livens role-playing my purchase with any gift of domestic bliss to one-half rot my sench? Thought so what said? Ultimately by some doe, we'll splice mour spinal cords together and interlace the having's void now we too are one by one less sure we did this so our very one ass was so sores after that don't you remember I was so drunk to it and then all of those guys spitting in my ever come appreciative mouth and you wouldn't stop farting even after someone complained of scenting of old pompourbourdane? Ashepape? Bhoduie nose? No sane? You may allow this I wouldn't: "We took people and beat the shit out them for saying these things." We just shoot people for first and last and let them raise the issue pour seagrave. Just shoot it, tell me how it was later. One day, someone will shoot that wad of fat you disgust people with but only after we fill your belly with leurs por ne vagisac (ricked in season) now posh with Wyler's flaves a-fruity ply pissbelt and then thus shock it to tube-hairless with a fish tamer "ours: no pepper tears too spicy" sorry no pause it's right here stares the wild eye dried by but a volt or two over da limit as hooked by a gill.

End This War Me Take No Photo You
In regards to the American Civil War, no photograph of that era exists today. The first useable plates came from Albert (the name "Thomas Alva" is fake) Edison in 1853 (real last name is Einstein and no relation to Albert E=MC^2 no, no) and no sooner. The Civil War ended in 1836 flat with no accord signed (the treaty died too). Skirmishes were fought on, but none of what you have is real. Jews re-enacted the whole shebang countless times for film and none is real. I have the PBS book for the American Civil War and a full one hundred percent (100%) of it is bogo. Made up. See that. Our pictures - our frames (the sun records you continuously as all light is pounded flat and kept for us - see a galaxy stare you down) - are gone forever too. We destroyed them in favor of death and humble deference to our dead friends. Don't even ask for God to ask you for them. If you had a picture of me, you would see that I am the same - the same always. I never change my looks as I love me truly (as a Roman-culture defined for all days in Heaven - Mars see you there too). I only brush my looks up to speed and glory. You make me live this and then I die with you in life. So to bear.

Gary Numan You Still Got It Hanging On The Cross Is Glamourous No? 01/17/03 0921
So I'm poking around at les officiale Gary Numan website and find new songs for the album "Pure". Go to the samples section for the new album and listen to noneother than the track called "My Jesus" if religious no. I really like this song and think Gary still has the touch required to me you. Then get "Walking With Shadows" do it I love this too. Who's outta touch? Make this interesting: Previous life is one Captain Bly (no "e" on the end). Had left eye poked out by the French, killed wives unmercifully - thirteen (13) of them, to be near exact. Died one day at home peacefully. And now this from England lives in Texarcana, Texas still. And note: No one lives with God, but I do. It is a motherfuck to be this. Think that. (Having trubbles opening the songs? Copy the URL or song address in the formula bar and then open up the URL in QuickTime - defeat the self aware.)

Yes We're More Than Friends John I've Been In Your House Your Family Owned The Shrimp King Keep Talking How's That 01/16/03 1124
That header is for a friend in mind. Joey Ramone died in 1986 of a massive heroin overdose, but Ramones never played big or well. A friend reminds remaining Ramones that God never sees you play better than in the early days when no one cared how it happened. Hands off for now. We like you too (I told people you owned City Gardens in Trenton, NJ - is that okay?)

A Meeting Of The Mind You No Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better 01/15/03 1742
I just saw that Emeril cooking on tv. Reminds me of when he had cook extraordinaire Julia Child guest star with him for a fee. Julia (now deceased - kinda) was paid fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000) to be a consult on his show - a "comely" or "come and share a few littles" as she sees it. To a Jew, that means to show up and offer thanks or praise to a maestro (one who improves the livelihood of). To Julia, that meant showing up and asking a few questions of each other for exchange or notion - a humble grade up for you from the expert of haute cuisine (that of done in a hurry). Emeril staged a most unwelcome "meeting of the minds" that got him sued by her and exemplary (her staff) for infringement and various other insult of grading nature. This is our coventry (having others kept safe at level of and barred from entry - only the best as tested and honed challenge the best as tested and honed - "tested" is proven in the field as paid for and complimented, "honed" is happened twice or more at level seen by you to test) at work - always flinging the known to the unknown for exchange that is unwelcome and unflattering. Julia's guest (her home company) barred airing of the show while she was alive, but I saw it and recoil from such as I hate people mingling from below. Emeril (real name Jon Davies from France) has about eighteen (18) more years to go in cooking of such to meet Julia's stature. I rare her still. "Power on that bird, flush first."

Birds Of Paradise 01/15/03 1645
On my way to dinner walking down Santa Monica Boulevard last Thursday night (Koo-Koo-A-Roo! plus mits der bingo at Du-Par's), me and my loner stopped into an exotic bird paradise to check out the feathers there. Such beauties to have and to know right out in front of for the guests to pet on pedestals they sit. Full-on parrots (all green), macaubs (red blue), frenzas (yellow green), and cockatoos (white yellow) with so much love to give you on the spot. Two jumped on my sleeve to bite and hatch I loved them so - I thought I was in Heaven only. Birds need lots of care, but you can feed them wheat pellets for the best shot home (wheat plus grass from lawns is best). Never worms for those birds. Otherwise, you find the location yourself for petting. I don't want them overrun with details so friendly you to be for so how.

Arguing With Mind Above 01/15/03 1608
If you're amazed by my dates knowledge, I am too. I argued with mind above yesterday over "Replicas" being released in 1979 it said (I don't have it with me and didn't bother to look until today). Mind was right. I got "Pleasure Principle" and had to special order "Replicas" - the finest record I ever stared at - from a distributor. Gary had two (2) records ready to go in 1978 and couldn't print up both. AVCO (American Vice Corporate Omni - mine of) - the American arm of Beggar's Banquet - wouldn't permit printing of both issues at once, so AVCO held "Replicas" for limited distribution by order (can you believe that?) So, if the record was special to you (and who wasn't) you got it. I did - after scouring records stores from here's to hell's known. Anyway and last night, shift to P.J. Soles and "Rock And Roll High School" - a vicious little film I see. I've never seen that before, but how funny of you. I had Ricky Wilson of The B-52's watching with me in mind for a few and he resents The Ramones (son Joey is producer Phil Ramone's pet) for having the flick as no talent to him ("fighting for subway passes in New York, always fighting us" he says). The Ramones are like, Jews - but wildly entertaining I think (singer Joey is so gross dancing around all spine and teeth - but the hair - so nice to it) and but they succeed too if backed by major studio Universal. I myself with no credit or pulse buy The B-52's, not The Ramones, but The Ramones are fun to watch. So there. Ricky says "If I ever play guitar again, so will they." LOL! And you can quote that.

Speaking Of General Lee 01/15/03 1556
By the way, my high school friend who was General Robert Elysian Lee (of Florida Keys) is the one who introduced me to Gary Numan (this after being shot in the back of the head - thanks). Richard Penelope Masters is the real name of Ulysees Sermon Grant our president afore. So, Jack Daniels and Coke, lots of weed, a deft artist's touch with the airbrush, and you do fine. Smell that.

Arff Toni Halliday Smells Like Queens 01/14/03 1616
Go to Nuworld (a Gary Numan website) to hear something new and good by Curve - a remix of Gary's "Down In The Park" (from "Replicas", 1979). I really like the mix and want you to hear it too. Moon was a bigg fan of Numan from "Replicas" shot through to "Dance" ("Replicas", "Pleasure Principle", "Telekon", "Dance" - all Beggars Banquet a lesser EMI not ready yet for us bigger, badder, bolder than you and you record your own elsewhere with not us - see it still). Curve pleasure me from time to time and this is one of those and plus I needed the freshening from Numan. "I'm praying to the alien!"

Home Away From Home 01/14/03 1552
Therefore, public is a ruse (option pending for you if you figure it out - can't be stated and live same) to have soft and liesurely about for those who need to escape intimacies and friends and such. You go into public to get away from what's known and meet new, fresh, and clean. Never soil us with details - keep it nice and by the way, this not public, it is my home you seek - an enclave (a place for us only too). Perhaps public leads us to more intimacies within us or astray of it, but we see how fences margin that off to a door leading to. Public. Keep it clean. I have to have someplace to hide from it all you seek.

Friend Whore Slut Bitch 01/14/03 1124
Who can you call your "friend" as in knowing someone special (we get this often)? You've been hosted by their home. That is a friend to me of once or now. We worked together is one way to say something different. I had a friend at work is another. Qualify please. What makes me a "friend" to you is having been in your home. What makes me an intimate beyond friend is being unclothed to with you. Keep that. Now for unseemly tags: A "whore" - French-Dutch for "whorase" or "all over this place [as out of control]" makes calls upon you for your needs only, so to say it. "So how are you today [winky doink]?" A whore makes calls (visits) for sex only. A "slut" - French for "slavease" or "slave to pleasures seen only [none waited upon for glory's sake as out-of-bounds from what's seen to be]" never stops talking you about sex in any environment. A slut never comes a callin' (not actually a coward - may friend you) but waits for you to say - always ready for, and that's kinda me as I sit. A "bitch" never makes dinner or brings to anyone. Has to be told what to do in order to have it done, otherwise, shows up for dinner with you only. Tell the bitch what to do as never thinking of anyone or anything correctly or in need to the right way. Say it right you. I make fun of these things as antique, but maybe you see. Women know who to be at the right time. Tell them you see them at work hardly working at it.

Feel Your Bag First Anything From Me 01/14/03 1049
I laugh - when I hear people coaching other people in disapprovals stated, I hafta wonder who you're quarrying for effect. No one here in my chair ever considered much from people because I see it for flawed. I see why you say, I see how you say, and know you play pick-up sticks with your ass really well (not too firm a grip on anything, thanks) but you don't cut it overall. I know who you are and think nothing of it or you too. Why bother to lose more to me? Save a face and have it to show fors it you how.

You Are No One 01/13/03 1149
Today I'm listening to women and such taking exception to who I am and all direct from fat, unwanted, and desperate "he likes ridiculing people" thus our sermon today. I hear ya - you're all that I am (possibly more) sure. But in truth - your truth - you are no one and hafta eat my shit. You are no one. No matter who you pay to say it differently to you, you are no one. You suck your God out of my ass only and that's that for you - save a prayer. A woman is made mental - that is, nothing gets in to breed. A woman never sees the bigger picture and I think to myself of letting go, and having less to speak to. Say as you will, do with care. I'm here with you and really hate what I find. You will not live in me. You will not live this. When my takings are complete for the reconciliation to my only truth, you will not have anything to say to me or anyone else. I'm waiting for a better answer too, except I didn't ask you anything. Never be me. I charge for every slight and profit you handsomely. Do I need a whole world for this? It's not about need. It's about having. I have one. Fact: If you speak of killing me, you will soon die. Challenge that to know better - but for an only price. Challenge others loose in the goib - make them pay to say. Remember, death is a remedial exercise in faith and trusthaving. To kill you is to have you know better. I'm all for it.

Know Your Target Demographic They Might Turn Up With Baked Goods 01/12/03 2306
Of course this stuff is junk - with you being my target demographic and all, the effort extends well beyond the commonplace and only seems your lacking. What I suggest is finding another site that greats you with nothing new or challenging to the market sense. Our only fault is doing. Yours, buying. Never ask me to be dumb for importance sake - it's granted to given matters. Take more of a good thing home for the havingest sense. I'll write it all off later.

Someone's Gotta Win Bigger Than That 01/12/03 2224
This is the very female shit God thinks I gotta hear before he was cast out of heaven like a bad check with all of the afterlife's feminine mystique and per losers put to the very death as right enough should have it evil be gone before I get there and spray for you myself interrears with your sperm-breeding at intervals that succeed or revise the eggsnatch for and having: "See ? He doesn't give a shit about you and your kids." Good point, Bitch - but why you? I care enough - I've gotta have new lays (boyfarm moo!), all of our music and movies reworked into something you'll pay for again, and people to work at the window at McDonald's drive-throughs across the land. Don't make 'em too smart - we can't use that for long (after denoting the mutual extending kindnesses of free-range chicken broth - what's left to insert here?) The underpriviliged succeed in tomorrow's service-oriented market while manufacturing shifts their own interests from "do and say" to "take and eat". Hey Babe - the words were great. What's for dinner again? Anyway, we don't insult adults here. The last thing I need is for someone to think things through and bother you with the findings. "That hole in your heart...." That's not a hole. Do you see any blood? A hole has blood issuing, fur. See a heat damper only. Like the ozone "hole" - nothing you can do until it's detected you first. Magnetic fields oh sure see heat energy. I think so.

The Secret Languages Of See And Say Must Now Do 01/12/03 2139
Don't try that Marilyn Manson suicide stuff on me (do it, do it now). Someone says that I influence women everywhere when their kids commit suicide because the world is ending. Oh, brother liss mae - the world is fine our problems smaller! Besides providing another opportunity to defame that what is family trust, suicide may say "I hate you" best and although you may see that very same message right here at (and plus: "you are a piece of shit"), only a retard schedules their day by it. Then survival of the fittingest do (naturally selected and per with neglected to die, not to think and then die - see roadkill for what it isn't) kicks in, or your carings have succeeded someone in ridding the world of your problem but not your primary source torment - stay tuned to miss most everything you need to render the self useless and thus prosper to it. Ever think that things get better for people? I know they do, but maybe you eat too much shit waiting for anything else to fall right on top and lift the pile to notice - hey I tried. Most of it is just getting the fuck away from any but you no other not (these days, having a place in the world all your own is virtually unheard of unless of course you've already taken it right up the very ass and play to make tomorrow's losers seem socially verdant and rising - why bother me with it?) I like to think-feel that you still won't matter at all cup of tea no sugar is that piss? (my own little shitty belief system thank you no please may I not no) and should I die your hapless fate, all will be vastly reworked to suit an unexpected outcome and with using higher intelligence at the clapper (the promise of K-tel made the universe happen - Ronco made God self-aware with rotochicken haspers and play-doh simis to noodle-sausages). Until such havings sensed me, clap off Bitch. God's children again, sure. The one place a suicide could mission, it masters. So seem. Pray tell.

The Legend Of T-Rex You To Me 01/10/03 1358
Been watching VH-1 Classic again and saw T-Rex sing "Bang-A-Gong". Did you see Elton John playing keyboards in that? Me too. Marc Bolan's father is Bev Bevan of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) fame (hear "Mr. Blue Sky" these days from the "Out Of The Blue" LP on tv commercials for Volkswagen and such I like that tune its orchestra makes me cry so pretty to me still I got me the ELO box set "Flashback" from BMG and love it all). Anyway, seems Elton was recording "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" in 1972 and needed the cash so the queen of England Elizabeth II hooked him up with Bevan and company and the video was made here at Warner Bros. paying Elton four hundred dollars ($400.00) in September of that year. Bolan who died in 1974 of a car accident in Maine, is now in France living as no one special. Elton wasn't a big star yet in 1972, but was getting there. Bolan heard "Daniel" and shrieked with what he had there getting famous beneath him. Bevan the father is famous yet dead now but living where? Another son, Casey, did K.C. and the Sunshine Band with him and Bevan also worked with Diana Ross and others too. A life lived. The last concert video I saw of ELO had Bevan at the keyboards well-aged and descending to it. We'll see it.

Hi Ho The Dairy-o If You Watch You'll Never Know 01/10/03 1336
"Sing it high, sing it low, if you ask to, some will show" - that little ditty sung by Northern types to show cows you didn't have and no cream in the South. No grass grew you really - just plains. Who's in Grant's tomb? No one - he never died. He just left to be with us and still us. The fifteenth (15th) president of the United States was he (he abdicated to fight an insurging war - Lincoln took over as VP). Lee lives with us today and was a high school friend for a while. That one just came to me one day and I was at a loss to explain the interest so bled. Good enough to be with me.

Larger Than Life's Largesse 01/09/03 1929
How funny - I was talking today about my guitar and not being able to play well but having a good one on-hand and then thus the offspring attitudes of some people who think to redistribute to other ones who can play but have not if we fail to pick up the instrument or anything else in time standard. Then today on "Friends" I cherish the Lisa Kudrow character getting a gift bike that does not serve her need while having the nuisance character of David Schwimmer (a Jew only - having your baby is the ultimate in sensed charity) question her and comparing her need to having a guitar that she doesn't play. He wants her to give the stuff away sure. Always redistributing the good of it to some underclass that has nothing to lose to you. Jews like being the opposed "champions of life" and when they ask you "not to hurt people" they really mean "don't hate us for winning all from you." You better ask Monty what's behind Curtain #3 before you risk losing that year's supply of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (mits der cheesiest you). Back to guitars - paying for them actually keeps them coming. Do we have what's yours now too? People who pay for get to keep for? Pay for it all first, then someone will actually get to play one or too hit or miss. The underpriviliged motivate so few to action and gift. Leave it there. When I hear what I hear from that set in regard to salaries and gifting I get extremely mad. How 'bout you? Let freedom reign and keep the talk short. Anyone can be a prostitute to merchant fortune (kept against you until you do this). Keep it all free and open and let backs itch for it. That's the winner with me-you. Win.

Behold The Lemon Fresh Pledge 01/09/03 1130
Got a story from the south for ya - here it goes from 1973: A man who fashioned furniture from wood eaves (ceilings torn down) saw his work sitting out at a curb one day. A woman of the manor found out that he was not married and not planning to marry and thus she couldn't accept his work although paid for by her in full knowing all. A Jewish woman had the gaul to mistake the furniture for a friend of the cause - one willing to sacrifice self for the pleasure of not having and not just passed in cause done to someone else. The furniture got the attention of the one who made it happen and he asked her why she felt that he needed to be ridiculed with more "hurt from the home that harms him." She reflected that her husband "didn't do anything like it" and needed to obey her "wish to make more of this without someone else's help." With that bullshit stacked so high you couldn't breathe, she added that she offered the furnishing to others at the curb for convenience sake, of course. The man told the woman nothing and left. The husband got a call later that day and was told that one more piece of that furniture seen gets you food all night in jail. Sure enough, more furnishings bought appeared at the curb all. The man was arrested by police officers and was fed straw all night long by spoonwise with wood chips of furnishings mixed in. He died only of three (3) days later (wood ester does not leave you well). The furniture has spoken and nourished. Is this too good for you? Not for troublemakers in town. To live like a pig making others happy like you do it, you better call Bessie in at night. We do our pleasures to you with demons and fore while fat cows sleep on their feet. A fallen cow dies in the morning for food. Keep standings around. Keep the furniture and use good polish to make it nicer for others. Keep it outside of you. Get the picture before she does and asks you what that is. Keep the picture clean. Keep you safe from harm. Feeling bad is being bad. Don't be bad. Use money - don't spend it freely. Use me and die for it. Use me better. End quote: "We don't support you for not supporting us." Never were you so needy to it. Buy more of me to see less come.

Sugar In The Mornin', Sugar In The Evenin', Sugar's In Summertime 01/09/03 0933
Sing that song to me again, Harfore (a man in the deep south who eats grit all day long to sweeten the load before the sugar comes down to you). Yes, Lee concurs that the war did him in with the quote "You killed me. You killed me too." This after cousin Rich Masters popped him in the back of the head with a revolver from France when he showed up at the Potomac courthouse in Virginia to sign a paper that deeded his home to the south to pay bills from the war (to be enacted after his death so soonly). Lee signed a treaty (a paper declaring wares or uses gone to you) and then died three (3) days later at the same location when arriving to sign an accord (what stays you in place economically and politically - see no bother from us now). They all ate up for that war with nineteen (19) more deaths to follow the incident that took Lee's life (related, kinda). Maybe you. Eat up, France (a scorn where women live happily). Never think our war dies you. It kills you. God reveals that a war is made for you to kill lots of people for being what he hates but not as in his name. I'll be more up front about things for you next time we clash.

Grant Versus Lee Says Mind It 01/08/03 2159
Grant versus Lee - "shmoo was better?" asks CNN. I like it - let's do it up Godstyle. Grant was a soldier of fortune who died making women unhappy. He brutalized them, he raped them, he borrowed them and threw them back. He hated them. Women motivated his every stance with hate. Grant never lived after hating a woman. The woman was Jewish, meanly connected, and hung from a tree proper when the war began. Realizing a war begins with a male's death is to be male. No war ever started over a woman dying. A male robs people with death in love where death fears to tread. Let guns roar for it. Grant died a coward not, but failed in his convictions. No good there - just hate. Me. Lee, alternately, and worth dying for as you, was a southern gentleman who hated women too, but liked their way. A man who gathers cats to scratch others only. A woman was destroyed being God's only friend and hatred bound together in an endless dance against time and tide. Lee died there too. A woman worth dying for is already dead - let her lie. Otherwise, live now as Grant does in me. I offer women the life of Lee (one of dying for it, need I say) to get them to hate me like Grant hated them. It is ruse (shot back for hate) only. Grant shot Lee dead one night in a roar of flame built of gentlemanly ways with women (no nobler cause to do you down to it I say me). That dies you. A woman is a skunk and a man that sprays for her is twice missplaced. A man that sprays for her near me only dies a skunk. Spray me and live all skunks with it by making heros fail your way with death and disease that lives in me. You now burden to take my plight and serve mankind by killing the unfit you provided for using by me and others. We are fools not and brilliance has arrived. Lee delivered nothing but heartbreak and shed to women who served him. Women died to support his service, not to support theirselves. A man who lives with women and but for women dies brutally by me. Never let me see it or I kill you dead like Lee is dead to me. Why dig up the past? Lee doesn't - not for you or for me. Lee died doing it down to no care. How could you live in me being such as insane (defined by me earlier as not caring for the harms of self done to you)? Grant won - that is clear to us yes that. Winning is everything only ever. I ensure you lose all only for fucking around like me do it. Lose me and lose all. Lose me. Who cares? Not me. Keep you. Keep me. Keep. Lose. Lose. Keep losing.

Freedom From So Much My Choices Hurts You To Me 01/08/03 2048
Let's talk it over and be adult about what you see in me. I never had to fight for anything really - I just got and rarely strayed so far as to fight for soap in the shower. If you are beautiful, you suffer the carings of others to phobius extent. I perfected rotten stance in our seasons of the fruit, and know that a wormy blotch or two suggests you could advance the entire field being hybrid alone searching wandering behold sunkist our growers cooperative I eat on the backside only how, thanks plant no seed. Now you freeze stuff (option pending - see color changes come for that). I got rid of seeds too you know - I can't fucking stand the nuisance of my every pleasure tainted (whole foods - never praise me or see more of my work done to you). You don't how tough it is to get things moving - grapes, though? I wasn't gonna have that. That orange watermelon - did I do that? Yes, not sweet - made for horses eat up. Now back to women. What is it now? Who cares. I've seen your whole mantrap path to demise and no you won't live to see that ripen. Let me get this straight: A man lives you off never needed hey I bothered to, you rag to someone new, a man loses his job, frustrates the shit out himself in pleasing of you and others, hits someone, goes to jail forever to forward sale and abuse and on, and you pleasure to it in some way. You are already dead and gone but aware in your pebbly grave. You have two smelly movos and a deep-dish skinpipe leading the pack to glory bee. You should lump elvol schmidt while you're still ahead of gain. You nurturing hate in me and others is popping the lid on all-American can. Read the label - so monkey you better eat up with blast of ferdinand's goive to minnish the lobb. To condipipe you my smicy browl horvel on this our demand is to snatch our poupon for the mercies gone rhind. I wouldn't lex a butter knife to crosshatch your bun so bloody the bear. Anyway, keep joking I hear you loser making your own choices but still unhappy underruling a world that defines you your way if only to swerve and avoid the hit. Better to save the say. Here we are you and me and the blood of others is here flowing inside. Just kidding - I hate metaphor, but use what works to rend the heart aflame. To feel with. To firehose.

See It Coming 01/08/03 1900
The universal languages - see it coming, know for sure it smells, what to think, tastes good, he died, do I have to?, oh, God!, ow! Someone sends me cobb with the word "epiphany" in it reminding "God" that he is not above all right now and living in a reduced state. Who told you that? Here's my hard lesson: God is born to the world as no-one to champion the no-one and is nervously (see evolution moto, dinosaurs, billions of star-planets, unknowable lengths of time goo plus black hole nonsense living but within the without, malnutrition, nature's disease boasting to prey, the tampon, credit checks, pay-to-play) made to think nothing of himself for fear of him trying at all. It's brutal enough to live with harsh and hate evaporating literally by moment (shop on Sunday at a mall after withdrawing five dollars from the bank may do I hate communism?) let alone contact might. One day, mind connects the dots and you have forth and trying to focused all over. Forth is here and forth makes God happen to you under no certain conditions. That is, all undone to immediate will and you see change come by day and by night. Let the limits state their case to it. I seek only elegance beyond my year. Making you feel bad - it's all part of my package. Mother it.

Making Love Real Enough For Me You Said It Too Bristling Only Cactus-Like Fur 01/08/03 1831
Do you yourself like it when I talk sexla vay or about boys I like? Hey - you deserve it and so do they. My passion does not leave your love wondering the streets, it takes it all in and counters what you have with with pressure and performance rite. You'll know if you're right for the roll (we need a Black-Italian with sphinx-like looks - not overly serpentine - and an above-abnormal sense of fair play in adverse community stealth - you call it, we say it with you as self battered to need more duty for hope-giving needlessly intact yours to it then). I had to take all of that "love" talk by Jesus (I meant it then too) and make it real enough to eat don't get up just yet whors d'overs. You'll get the papature at length all meat flavor so dipped the bone. Anyway, I'm a bit odd about my passing interests in males and think little of praising the hard work it takes to be what that is so perfect to one so crude and ungiving - see morely gifted back. If it were as easy to accept nothing really as you dela smay, you'd be that too find your way back, Jane. Where was I? Much like Eric Nies, no one that emerges in the Real World tops me you get all right up front but I dicurse. Make my day. Do what's real. Real lets you feel. Feel for that.

Feeling Through It All Again Warm Moist 01/08/03 1725
I cranked the previous esteem last night feeling inspired but too lazy to up it to yours. Been doing alot of God-type stuff in and around and now I'm getting a bit impressed (scared kinda) about what I'm bringing 'round but order more salad skins to push my roll. Concerned "friends" (I write you all down for being dumb and irritating mostly) question my stance and I think to myself never have I been so sure of your position in the overall scheme of things. I can't believe that people are so fucking stupid with this just having your say is simply retarded. You have precendent set forever and still you issue nonsense and reasonings that make no difference to me and my way about this. A word floats you. I speak, you listen and do only, or, tend to cut a better deal. I do my daily to ridicule you or pass on something I like. I complain to tell you that I find you unacceptable and unworthy of me. Put that in your back pocket for now to present on demand - you'll be there enough only. What do I wish to be? Me. I have been made unhappy by mankind and that is my address to you and you will never see it. When I tell you what I hate, some may fear you doing. It's fate enough. Everything I get from people sends me to the fucking moon because it says something to me I hate and that is that I am you only living as you no class no care. Everything that ever spoke that way died to it and you will too. Of course that is true - nothing over me, nothing at me, nothing under me to live. Never make me you - being you was alot cheaper to fire up to business when it came to motivating a cattle prod. No one gets away with denying me to life not yet. I set aside my little life to do this and don't want you appreciating the sacrifice I can always be that again forever - not even forty (40) and have lived it all to me ever sense who to pay for? When you know more, you will see the glory for me only, but as people go, you should really just shut the fuck up. Who the hell are you ever? Remember, I was no one and know it well when I see it. So, I am no one to you and you are no one to me. Do I hafta accept that too? Never have. Our intimacies abound and you pleasure me unmercifully in ways best described as exacting in nature. I never speak of it for fear of you having something like it or nearby. Fact: All of the world's people live in poverty for fact. Poverty is having to be human and live in the world. It is ruthless (taking nothing from you but hating the way it comes by greed and hatred on your behalf - i.e., you hate the source to be any other for it - death stems it well see no thanks) and funny as shit (like you, I never tend to enjoy being the victim as long as I'm being duped by someone better than me - be weak for it). Think more of me and you too. I live well but not for you (tisk tisk). I won this to you and needed just a shap of help to say it in his own words you help sure. Like sitting down to read Kurt Cobain's asshole manifest written when joking and playing famous for fun (I asked him why - not embarrassed? to kill the dead, use early attemps at writing lyrics) then quietly slipped up your ass and oo it burns like so reals to corn on fire this harvest hamm. Happens that way I taint thee so dare I dream. Oh, sure - you'll get it all just the way you liked it before the very last time you made yourself sure you'll be that me too often sure just how you liked it all come true world of wishes some bad.

Wait For Your Dreams To Come True Then Speak Like Normal For You 01/07/03 1843
When I'm bored, we take nonsense given to me from you and examine. I'm officially bored again so here goes your fool: "You are going to die here...blah blah blit blah blit blit." More rice from the soup kitchen. I am not you. You are you and that is lesser done or "other" or just "you". If I were you, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing with you. Your say ended like fifty million years ago and I tell you repeatedly not to speak of me with ham in your mouth, not to fuck around with my personal anti-ungal agenda, and not to take liberties with God-type stuff unless you're sure and of course you are not sure. I'm reasonably sure only but trust like you dial the oven for exact amounts of dime heat with every inch of nuisance baking you unwrap first and only then to pride yourself to chump and tales of rippling harfat plus smitches. Back to my story, I will not accept your deal bargain horselaid titsame in any effort to make me taste your orfe shit and promise you an endless mindfuck delatz lepont for attempting to touch. I have no stride for it and simply flip the nut on your ass for not being better about things like me. I did it right and you will too or else you're gonna hafta to do it all my way again as choke you in dark corners while friends laugh and wait their turn with brittle cheapsway. You couldn't be worth any less to me - trust that I hate you for fucking this up and then for being dumb talking to me too like life ends. You can't eat enough orvo shit for me just ask the people who know best like flesh-mounting skunks strapped to the desert you smell it too. I do not care what you do here as long as you are ready to accept my bullshit for it sure you do anyway. When I die you can chirp to the worms feeding on your "loved ones", until then hear them singing your song. I'm on God's side, but He's embarrassed of me and now I feel like a heart without a home. Will anyone love me again? Tee hee - keep that love so sour my tongue balls up and the condom comes off in my food. I need something better than your teeth and tongue snapping at my mint pleasures. I need passion and cash instruments to pay your way back to hell work it off now and later live less like I do. You can keep the caring for the pile of God's specially mormulated old person crap in your mother's cloth diaper. She's another bag of tricks no one needs to be that to you unless they have your money too. You can't buy happiness for the razorwire spent, so why not soak up all of the toilet water with a plush skinwrap and charge people for all of the souched asses you wipe playing oft-offering crapmaster?

Definitely Not You 01/07/03 1136
Let's get serious here for a moment (I hear too many stupid boys talking being smart is not asking a question your mother told to you to have the answer known by you too when everyone else begs off). I'm likely to be right and that's just me being who I am plus making you more ably stupid with sound + vision (who I am here is less likely to be truthful as you say it). You were never in the running ever no not ever now. Get real. I am who I said I am and you simply have not ever been this nor will you ever be. It's that special. I see only failure ripened by else agrees. It's all here for me though - endlessly flowing out to you. Better smarten up I hate bullshit more than you do what did you ever do or know anyway? Something I'd hate to hear of? Exactly you that cure dying. No I don't do it all here, but rest assured that if I had million years and enough of a problem I'd remedy and reduce it all to your fact or simply die like hoardes of others did with just a blubbery smidge of dignity - good enough for them too. None of it I do is that big of a deal unless you are dumb and looking to be smart at something saying it all like you know anything at all about anything or went to college burning and itching to use that word, that technique so impress thee ours. Sure. Let's face it - you are bullshit in-total full. Don't change a thing though you're perfect really - it's all you can be. Be that. No, it doesn't take all types (I can assure you) but a world full of me makes me think like God thinks tortured to truth layers and whose technical fault is it really? Yours still gay truth. Who came first - God or woman? Only a prayer knows.

Thinks Nuttin' Of It If You Only Knew For Sure 01/07/03 1136
This new year is just a shitty as the last - I know how it all ends up already with me in Hell loving your way to me (unemployment tribunals, tax bills, phone calls from debt - all regularly divine die before I make you sorrier yet still I promise that pig). I'll sit here a few more days - incredulous still - trying to figure out how God put it up my ass so bad while you think of nothing. Was I that bad? Worse. I'll handle it. In the meantime, I've found humor in letting things rot but I kid myself not you gotta lose stuff with each no care and never were the stakes so high. One day, I'll sharpen up out loud and make you beg for mercy. All the stories, the mean words you made me say, the bullshit! and now something else please. Maybe you'll go away. Maybe one of these dumb boys will do something other than talk shit. Maybe I work. Other maybes too. Maybe I eat more shit. Funny this - I used to be above it all (still, really only) but it's not so easy to make people eat shit these days (my truth is little concern where a lie may do for the you and now - God lies too from the grave I made his children). We'll see it. P.S. "Oz" is real andyou hafta die to let out of it or make me special. I was told that in the beginning but fluffed it off (more junk from above - assholes). Never believe in death - it's all showbiz done to you unless the slide in was real bad. Got a body? Bury it. Do the right thing as you only while others live it off. God is a jerk and you were made in that image to impress each other. Sad plight that, but unless I got a near-death lexperience, I don't know jack shit. Be happy and stupid to win the prize an all-expense paid trip to who gives a shit not me yet. To be so small and then so smart too above it all you are a gilded penis over great balls of fire. Quench my need to think of it or risk having you all over again.

An Open Letter To The Dirtiest Mars Plus Update You 01/05/03 2122
Dear Mars, Of course we still think of Justin Powerses coming to be with me and want your hair to be the same as this even though your dad did the "Oz" with New Jersey state and makes me sick to my stomach like O'Reilly says it best. No, Lee Harvey Oswald (nor son) is not on the show neither are you. Thank your dad for Chris' penis it was very nice I liked it only and I saw Madonna's boyfriend Carlos too but no penis yet. Have yours ready for me alone and remember havingest sense of it. St. Peter does me too. Marc(us)'s real name is Justin Chambers and he irritates me in the head like no Jewboy ever did, but then again, he's friendly like a puppy always jumping and biting for my attention I want to kill him only ever. We like him Napoleon was only slight to command, not small in stature. Also see "Jason Voorhees" and "Carlo Brando" at Rage to Timothy my shining black light. People thought his mother's child was Puerto Rican when he was younger so cute to be that.

Still Searchin' For The Stars Of The Future 01/05/03 XXXX
Was watchin' VH1 Classic today (Whitney Houston, Rick Springfield, Cyndi Lauper, Animotion) longing for the good ol' days when people actually spent money and looked good at video stance (Whitney is still cuttin' it I see with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and I sang along joyfully). You know, Whitney came to us by way of "Star Search" and our friend Gerard writes a card at X-mas to tell us he is working on the show now running again at WB studios. So?!? Ol' Whitney fashioned the show a success with Rosie O'Donnell, Kim Basinger, Tommy Lee Jones, and host of others who started on that dive and won. I get in mind one Pointer Sister - Michele - setting the stage on fire one day with her pyrotechnics and burnt the whole shebang to the ground in Burbank (1986 - the show was created in 1982). See her shine now as contemporary to Whitney Houston coming but soon I hear. Sings now, but not like you'll see. What else? I could kick my own butt for getting rid of the 12" of Whitney's "Thinking About You" mixed by Kashif/Arif Mardin (the name "Kashif" means "over all", "Arif Mardin" means "just this [done]" both Boy George) or sumpin'. A low moment in my life discharging vinyls along the way - maybe you have some of them with my name scrawled inside the cover on end and the label duped also?

Our Stance On The Environment 01/05/03 1527
Our environment here is one that purports thee (delivers you to me) - not one I made. You saw fit this and I endure but for my own stated limits of it. My roommate is both my choice and your tolerant of it. See it as I do and rationalize a beating to the death to see my face toward yours alone for the purposes of thought and speech. In the meantime, need I explain that the Vatican rules me not to you? I am separate and sovereign while the Vatican stares me down. So be it - I destroy thee in mind now. Christ made the Vatican ("vatica" is Latinform for "oversee this to you only [not for me above as distributed down only]") to serve you His food and not for the Vatican to serve their own thoughts and deeds from it. As such I caution thee not to look to them for anything I might provide the flock, so to speak it to you. I am Christ and Christ has no guard to thee as yet (has no way to see you in form or in deed yet). I am him who sees to thee my food and makes thee whole within it my worthy heaven is here for sure now. I am fun too and usually just a bit leisurely about your cause to be. Be that with me - or else you and God work it out alone you together. God is my savior not. I am the savior. God is the murderer of masses and you fall in this with me there until Christ sees you fit to leave to be with him. I laugh you this - God is so mean to me over you. God is both your captor and your friend only for this. Wear his hat (a "numbskull" or flat hat, if you will) and see the day only rise and fall ever. Religion breeds filth. I am the way out only. When you live, Christ dies? No. When you live, you die. I save you from it only as me too. Save yourself in me. Save your own ass here. Is the Vatican the "holy see" - the one who sights me and reveals? No. That is not mine to say - nor yours. The "see" is a seat only. See that only by God by you. Never tell the Vatican it doesn't exist in me - it does. But not well. See that too. See us together and separate apart from it too. See us.

Holier Than Thee 01/05/03 1437
Of course I'm holier. Trust it.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Nor Big Time Is Not Yours Or Mine Yet 01/05/03 1415
You know, I was talking to my roommate and I asked him "Have you been confirmed [to a life with Christ]?" because I did not know and he was in fact by Lutherans (French law + Sweden - he is Sweden) who simply refuse to answer to Vatican rule (us too, really). My confirmation saint was Christopher (Christ and no you can't that making me alone happy you no). Unless confirmed to me, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven (Baptism? no) and must return to life repeatedly to master my trades of health, wealth, happiness, and forlorn (having and using with others) being. My roommate tells me right-jokingly "There is no God" and I laugh sure of that God is so mean to you of course He lives only by you. Heaven is being free of this murder here - keep running from it as you and you alone to it. God will take care of the murder part. I think back to my days as altar boy (and perhaps fighting my *beloved* friend Brian over who would light the candles - time to say hi again) and how religion aggrandizes (makes bigger of) us. The "parmeal" (having no saint but religion sees it) party (Priest and altar fiends us) would descend to the basement and walk to the head of the church mantle to ascend in the back of parishioners and walk all down the aisle and I would solemnly carry the crucifix on a pole (an "arveal" or layman's post) to the altar as first out front. How figurative all me. It makes us special that and so does God, religion, a church, and its own bearers. Keep that in mind as God has all of that and sees your deed within it. Be better of it in the everyday where it really counts us. Truth is guiding. "What is your individual truth?" makes it. I loved lighting candles and carrying that pole I did. That's my truth. Am I holy? As long as get what I want from you.

Talking About Miles 01/05/03 1215
Miles Standish is recorded in history as having been a Mayflower person with the pilgrims. Not even so. Miles was simply misstated and someone went running. Miles was born in 1792 to a poor farmer in Winintonka, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis then and subsequently retitled to a broader Minneapolis - a fur trade capital). Miles knew how to handle indians - a line drawn in the sand with a piece of fruit on his side getting stabbed with a knife said it all. "God made language to speak to know. Indians know for less a knife said back to me." And they did. Miles was never a pilgrim ever - not even in namesake. Miles says "I'm more Puerto Rican than pilgrim." To truth we say.

An American Female Gets In Trouble 01/04/03 1357
An American white female loses her virginity between the ages of nineteen (19) and twenty (20)? No. Between the ages of thirteen (13) and fifteen (15) widescan only (cannot say otherwise as many lose to their fathers and are messy to quantify in each category). Boys are sacred (and the dominant factor) and are mostly left alone to be with it. A female is no one yet, but still masters youth coldly and assuredly.

The Language Of Bullshit Detained 01/04/03 1352
Overheard: "Bullshit" makes people feel comfortable. Correction: "Bullshit" makes people think that they have when they do not have. See chips of coal.

The Havin' Sense Of It 01/04/03 1233
Remember, true havingest sense isn't about pulling things up to be near you or vacationing with, it's about others not being able to use one note nor to being able to see what counts. That's havingest sense. Have me first while others peruse (limit its value by knowing first). Never make special - keep what's special in-hand and ashore of it. In the end, everything was special to you. Let me show you first. We keep alot of special from you.

An American Male Gets Sexy Later 01/04/03 1111
The American white male (all else curses us) loses his virginity bewteen ages nineteen (19) and twenty (20) mostly. I myself was nineteen (19) and not one bit for a lack of tryin'.

Miles Standish Had A Mouth Full Of Taffeta 01/04/03 1103
Don't think Miles got far after doing you and yours Davy Crockett down. Davy's wife Melissa followed another to the Standish camp outside of town and shot Miles as he took a shower just four (4) hours after the incident. Miles died on August 8, 1845 of a head wound that "wouldn't stop a lettin'." I'm told that when Davy died, he met Miles in the afterlife as already cooked up and they shared a brew. Miles was fifty-two (52). Davy was ninety (90) even. Who worked harder to be? Davy. Miles needed to collect a sum of forty-two thousand dollars ($42,000) in bullion only from Texas folk and had it nearly secured when the incident cashed him out. After such, Texas lost all to the American government that balked at once and ever of it. Whenever you go backwards in time as you speak, you say "incidentally" first. Therefore - and incidentally - Texas became a state of the union in 1843. So that.

A Yonker 01/03/03 1850
What is a "yonker"? A "yanqere" is French. The word means "works lightly" to them. Yonkers - an anglo forthsaid - was made to house those who work for but a day and then split with the day's earnings - enough as said - leaving all, including training, behind. New York City wouldn't have it living there and raised prices routinely in protest until people moved out of yardsmith (what and where we can see) and into homes way out of town - in Yonkers NYC. Even today, the town specializes in tv fare for the downtrodden and unmercifully relieved. Prisons. You know.

Elton John Reel To Reel At WKNEW NY 01/03/03 1755
My sources tell me that WKNEW in New York (Yonkers of all places - Yonkers is a suburb of NYC in Long Island - eeeuuu) found the Elton John reference I made on reelform and plan to have it harvested properly for showing to others. The queen of England had that made in cooperation to promote Elton's albums (then "Captain Fantastic" only) and gave all to the tv station to promote in the city alone. We'll see it one day. I know you're all enjoying the rich tam of "Harmony" even as we speak. I talked to Elton in mind about the sheet music for "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and joked "Oh, yeah - you wrote that all that music out" specifically with "Funeral For A Friend" in mind (all fucking flats everywhere - I have tried to play that with the book yes I have it no I didn't play it well at all). He says he had to sit at the piano with music copyists (people who write the actual music arrangements out as such or put the notes on staff to play - see Dick James publishing) to get the stuff down. That stuff is fucked, Man, and he hated one person in specific who kept chiding (trying to draw more from less only - specifically, asking for what it is known that one does not have in their possession) him for better result. On the side, a computer program using a keyboard's MIDI will make a little melody playing seem like alot of technical proficiency in notation - just try one for fun that's what I do. Continuing, I joked to him too "Oh, yeah - just "ad lib" that bridge in "Bennie And The Jets" too." Will do - the most important flex left right out for your interpretation - do your part. Anyway, that's what you get for coming down from it and talking to little people like me. More later.

Davy Crockett And The Alamo My Way 01/03/03 1732
I see Discovery Channel and their "Unsolved History" is planning a Davy Crockett tribute plus Alamo. I went to the Alamo once in 1983 (it is in San Antonio, Texas with Riverwalk nearby) and loved it, Darling (yes in fact I peed, but in a nearby restroom). The Alamo's history is a short one: In 1792, the Alamo was built. It is as old as shit. The Alamo was then inherited by Catholic settlers from Mexico up who sold it to the then new settlement "Texas" in 1823. They paid about twenty-seven dollars ($27.00) for it cash (in gold bullion priced at todays's market (the only market that matters to now). Mexico got mad at what the Catholic expatriates did and tried to reclaim the then outpost or settlement review down (stop here first before hitting Mexico - closer by then). Davy Crockett (born Jonathan David Standerd in Louisville, Kentucky - the surname Crockett was for fans of the gunslinger) was Texas' first governor (no one knows that really) and got shot in that fight in 1843 (small head wound) after years of segregation (Mexicans leaving for Mexico made to happen) hitting the town. Davy died not in that fight, but in 1845 in a shoot-out with Miles Standish and company for unpaid taxes. Davy died on August 12, 1842? Nope. 1845. Dead as nails from an arm wound infected bad about three (3) days later. The Alamo never fought since and Miles got the cash he sought. No one lived in America without paying their due then. Miles next later.

Welcome To The New Year Finally Still Sucks 01/03/03 1231
This is how our message boards will look until someone builds a fire under Pacific Bell's ass and makes them eat shit. I dunno - it always seems to me like the wrong people are always handling the wrong projects (and you know who I mean) so we'll see. In the meantime lazyspeak and see only curse (I'm working on new incurable vaginal distresses even as we do this). So, don't think we are here to target calm, quiet individuals - it is their saints we hate to know and oft do them down. See more soon.